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North Central Missouri College2015–2016 CatalogNorth Central Missouri CollegePrepared July 20151

ContentsContacts .2015-2017 Academic Calendar Final Exams Schedule .Main Campus Map Barton Farm Campus Map A Letter of Welcome This is NCMC Getting Started Admission .How to Apply for Admission International Student Admissions Classification of Students Residency Advising Orientation, Advising & Registration (OAR) Advising Services Accessibility Services .Testing .Costs & Financial Aid .Tuition, Fees, Payments & Refunds .Student Cards .Financial Aid .Employment Assistance .Loan Assistance .Financial Aid General Eligibility Requirements Application Procedures Other Financial Assistance Programs Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Disbursement of Funds Acts of Fraud and Abuse .Registration & Records .Course Registration Academic Conduct Grading System .General Transfer Policy Academic Standards Student Education Rights & Privacy Act Graduation Requirements After Graduation Campus Services 04041424243434646545859606364

Library . 64Academic Resource Center 64TRiO – Student Support Services . 65Computer Labs . 66Website . 66Bookstore . 66Cashier & Student Accounts Office . 67Campus Food Service 67Ketcham Community Center 67Parking . 67Residence Life 67Student Activities 68Student Conduct 72Programs of Study . 84Degrees Offered . 84Developmental Studies . 84Transfer Programs 87Associate in Arts (AA) Degree Requirements 89Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) Degree Requirements 91Associate in General Studies (AGS) 94Associate in Applied Science (AAS) 95Career Certificate Programs . 96Agriculture & Natural Resources AAS 96Crop Production Certificate 98Equine Management Certificate 98Applied Technology AAS . 991 1 Program 99Business & Technology AAS 101Professional Accounting Certificate 104Accounting & Business Technology Certificate 104Business Management Certificate 105Marketing Management Certificate 105Business Technology Certificate . 106Criminal Justice AAS . 106Criminal Justice Certificate . 108Early Childhood Development AAS . 109Child Development Associate (CDA) Component 112Industrial & Energy Systems Technology AAS 113Industrial & Energy Systems Technology Certificate . 114Industrial Maintenance Skills Certificate 115Manufacturing Skills Certificate . 116Welding Skills Certificate 1163

Paraprofessional & Substitute Teaching AAS 117Medical Assistant AAS 118Nursing Career Programs 119Practical Nursing Certificate 119Associate Degree Nursing – ADN 124Pharmacy Technician AAS 128Pharmacy Technician Certificate 129Health Science Partnerships 130Dental Hygiene AAS 130Diagnostic Medical Sonography AAS 132Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic AAS 133Occupational Therapy Assistant AAS 134Physical Therapy Assistant (AAS awarded by State Technical College of MO)136Radiology Technology AAS 138Surgical Technology AAS 139Other Educational Opportunities 141Articulated Technician Education 141Business/Industry Training & Certification 141Community Education 142High School Dual Credit 142Upward Bound 142Course Descriptions 144Course Prefix Meanings 144Accounting .146Agriculture & Natural Resources .147Allied Health 151Art 154Applied Technology 155Business Administration 155Biological Science 157Business Technology 159Early Childhood Development 161Chemistry 165Criminal Justice 166College Skills 168Construction Technology 169Developmental Studies 169Economics 171Education 171Emergency Medical Technology .173English 173Foreign Language 1754

Geography Health Care Management .History Health Information Management Humanities Industrial Energy Information Technology .Manufacturing Technology Mathematics .Music Nursing Occupational Therapy Assistant Physical Education Philosophy .Political Science Pharmacy Technician Physical Science Psychology Religion Social Science .Speech Theatre .Welding Technology .Student Handbook .Student Code of Conduct .Student Cards Emergency Evacuation Procedures Rights & Regulations Board of Trustees NCMC Emeriti .Administration Full-Time Faculty Management & Professional Staff Classified Staff 236

ContactsTo reach one of the following offices or people, call (660)359-3948 and enter theextension listed. Add “” to e-mail address shown in parentheses.6



2015-2017 Academic Calendar9



Final Exam ScheduleIf your class normallymeets on:at:then your final is:MWFMWFMWF9:15 am11:45 am2:15 pmMonday 9:15 am to 11:15 amMonday 11:45 am to 1:45 pmMonday 2:15 pm to 4:15 pmTRTRTR8:00 am11:00 am2:00 pmTuesday 8:00 am to 10:00 amTuesday 11:00 am to 1:00 pmTuesday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pmMWFMWFMWFMWF8:00 am10:30 am1:00 pm3:30 pmWednesday 8:00 am to 10:00 amWednesday 10:30 am to 12:30 pmWednesday 1:00 pm to 3:00 pmWednesday 3:30 pm to 5:30 pmTRTR9:30 am12:30 pmThursday 9:30 am to 11:30 amThursday 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm*All night classes will meet during their designated time slot for finalweek.Finals:If an emergency occurs that prevents the administration of a finalexamination, the student’s final course grade will be calculated based onthe work in the course completed to that point in time and the facultymember’s considered judgment. Final exams will not be rescheduled,and a grade of “I” will not be given as a result of the missed exam. ThisFinals policy does NOT apply to online courses.12



A Letter of WelcomeNorth Central Missouri College is truly a remarkablecollege known for its academic excellence and strongsense of community. We believe our educationalinstitution signifies choice and value. It is peoplegathering to investigate, discover, seek opportunities,and embark upon countless challenges for betterment.Our investment in teaching creates an educationalexperience that is intellectually challenging and has apractical value far beyond the classroom. Our studentsare instructed by talented faculty who invest their timeand energy to ensure individual success. Small classsizes and a variety of class schedules afford advantagesthat give students the ability to create their ownlearning experiences.At North Central Missouri College, partnership programs with business and industryprovide expanded learning opportunities that lead to career entry and advancement.Multiple outreach programs bring the learning laboratory to you, the student .Training programs that reach into the workplace assist students in transition fromthe classroom to a career. With classes offered at Maryville, Chillicothe, Bethany,Brookfield and Trenton, we have begun to regionalize our efforts to serve a diversepopulation of learners. We are proud of contributions made to our heritage thatinclude students from the surrounding four state region and internationally as well.Whether you are a senior in high school seeking dual credit, a recent high schoolgraduate, or a returning college student seeking advancement, you will find thatNorth Central Missouri College offers a world of potential! Please utilize ourcatalog as a guide to the services, academic programs, courses, activities, andresources available to you at North Central Missouri College.I hope you will take the time to visit our campus. We began a beautification effortseveral years ago and have enhanced the scenery of our campus with lush shrubs,lawns, reflective areas on campus and new parking. The Ketcham Center is thehome of our competitive sports programs, but also provides you a membershipensuring an active life-style while on campus. A new health and life sciencesbuilding, Dr. Albert and Vera Cross Hall; plans to renovate and restore ourlandmark Geyer Hall and development of the Barton Farm Campus create awonderful learning environment. Come join the excitement! Let us help you achieveyour goals and build a brighter future.Dr. Neil Nuttall, NCMC President15

This Is NCMCWhere is it you want to go in life? Is your goal to become an accountant, nurse,livestock operations manager, teacher, physical therapist, office manager, lawyer,reporter, doctor, secretary, corrections officer, engineer, pharmacist or businessowner? If so, North Central Missouri College is the place to start for these and othercareers.From NCMC, you can go anywhere! Our alumni have been successful in theseprofessions and many more. For some careers, you will be able to obtain your generaleducation courses at NCMC then continue your education at another college oruniversity. In other cases, you’ll find NCMC’s career programs give you the skillsneeded to get a good job.If you’re not sure where you’re headed, at NCMC you can afford to explore thepossibilities. We’ll help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to live, workand contribute meaningfully in a changing world.NCMC Has Many AdvantagesNorth Central Missouri College was the right choice for me! More than 2,000students make that statement each year. Why? Because NCMC offers manyadvantages, such as: Excellent faculty–classes are taught by professionals with masters and doctoratedegrees, not graduate teaching assistants as with many universities. Small classes–average size is 18 students. Low cost tuition–the average student saves 20,000 by choosing a communitycollege to begin their education. A variety of educational programs–nearly 30 options. Financial assistance–an array of financial aid programs, scholarships, grants andwork-study options. Professional support staff–here to help you with academic advising, careercounseling, tutoring and course assistance, testing, and exciting student activities. Growing campus–residence halls, community center, health and life sciencesbuilding, science/technology building, farm campus, beautiful central green,student center, success center, art gallery, plus Internet and computer labs. TheDr. Albert and Vera Cross Hall has been completed, as well as the Barton FarmCampus. As the only community college located in north central Missouri,NCMC offers convenient access. Missouri A Schools Program–all NCMC programs qualify for A funding.16

University Transfer ProgramsAre you on the road to a four-year degree or do you hope to enter a professionalprogram such as law, engineering, medicine or teaching? If so, North CentralMissouri College offers the basic knowledge and academic skills needed to succeedthrough our Associate in Arts and Associate in Arts in Teaching degrees.The university transfer program at NCMC meets a wide variety of individual needs.Popular options include but are not limited to the following:Agriculture & Natural ResourcesArtBiologyBusinessChemistryComputer ScienceCriminal JusticeEducationEnglishForestryHealth OccupationsJournalismMass MediaMathematicsParks, Recreation & Tourism AdministrationPhysical EducationPolitical naryPsychologySocial WorkSpeechTheatreWildlife & Conservation Mgmt.17

Career & Technical ProgramsGetting started in today’s job market can be tough. Let NCMC give you a competitiveedge. Our one- and two-year career programs are designed to help you build the rightskills needed to start work quickly. We’ll help you get on-the-job experience, which isjust what employers want. Ask our graduates. They are succeeding in their careerswith AAS degrees and/or certificates.Agriculture & Natural ResourcesCrop ProductionEquine ManagementApplied TechnologyBusiness & TechnologyProfessional AccountingBusiness ManagementBusiness TechnologyMarketing ManagementAccounting & Business TechnologyEarly Child DevelopmentCriminal JusticeCriminal Justice CertificateMedical AssistantPractical Nursing (PN)Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)Paraprofessional & Substitute TeachingPharmacy TechnicianIndustrial & Energy Systems TechnologyIndustrial Maintenance SkillsIndustrial MaintenanceManufacturing SkillsWelding SkillsWindNCMC partners with area institutions to provide the following programs:Dental HygieneDiagnostic Medical SonographyEMT-ParamedicOccupational Therapy AssistantPhysical Therapy AssistantRadiological TechnologySurgical Technology18

Statement of MissionThe mission of NCMC is to assist individuals in our educational/business communityto attain their goals through open admission, reasonable costs, and progressivecurriculum and services delivered by a caring, competent staff in a safe, technologyrich learning environment.Beliefs1. NCMC cares about the success of individuals and provides them with theresources and environment necessary to achieve our fundamental purpose:teaching them how to learn.2. NCMC values the potential of individuals and promotes their personal andintellectual growth as lifelong learners.3. NCMC employees model the responsibility and integrity we expect from others inthe college and community.Objectives1. Increase the availability of and optimize the management of resources to achievean excellent educational environment2. Form and enhance strategic alliances to sustain a dynamic organization3. Tailor the curriculum and services to help individuals meet the challenges of anever-changing world4. Attract and retain a caring and competent staff by valuing the talents andpotential of each individualStatement of EthicsAs representatives of North Central Missouri College, we share the responsibility toconduct ourselves with integrity and to act in a fair, consistent, and equitable manner.We value the potential of individuals, care about their success and recognize the needfor openness and reliability in what we say and do. We are committed to addressingissues in a forthright and professional manner and to separating people from issues aswe engage people in problem solving without prejudice.As representatives of North Central Missouri College, we are committed to personaland academic excellence in all that we do and adhere to the principles of ethicalbehavior established in this statement. The conduct of each member of North CentralMissouri College is expected to be consistent and comply with the principlescontained in this statement and with the Board of Trustees Manual. We expect eachemployee to model responsibility and integrity within the college community and willnever tolerate demeaning or endangering behaviors. All members of North CentralMissouri College are expected to engage in the following: Practice personal and academic integrity;Respect the dignity of all persons;Respect the right and property of others;Discourage bigotry, learn from diverse differences in people, ideas, and opinions;Demonstrate concern for others, their feelings and their need for conditionswhich support their work and development;19

Refrain from and discourage behaviors which threaten the freedom and respectthat all NCMC community members deserve;Accommodate students regardless of socioeconomic circumstancesNCMC HistoryNorth Central Missouri College is located in a community that has long valued thebenefits of higher education. College opportunities have been a tradition in GrundyCounty for more than 130 years.Grand River College, organized in 1850, was the first school west of the Mississippi toopen its doors to women. The second institution, Trenton College, opened in 1867followed by Avalon College, which came to Trenton in 1890. Ruskin College,organized by Walter Vrooman (from England), became the center of a socialisticeducational experiment. These early institutions are now defunct.North Central Missouri College, formerly Trenton Junior College, was founded in1925 and is the second oldest publicly-supported community college in Missouri. Inthe beginning, it was located on the top floor of Trenton High School in a buildinglocated on East Ninth Street in Trenton. The College shared facilities, administrationand staff with the high school until the facility became overcrowded. In 1967, theCollege moved to its present location in the former Central School Building on MainStreet. The campus has grown since then to include nine buildings used asinstructional facilities, community center, student center, career center, art gallery, tworesidence halls and a technology center. In 2007, land was officially given to theCollege to establish a second campus with an emphasis in Agriculture and NaturalResources.Trenton Junior College officially became an independent entity by action of the votersat a municipal election in April 1986; in July 1988, the College’s name was changed toNorth Central Missouri College.North Central Missouri College continues to exemplify the values of higher educationtraditionally important to the citizens of north central Missouri.Accreditation & MembershipsNorth Central Missouri College is accredited as an institution of higher education bythe Missouri Department of Higher Education and The Higher Learning Commission,The Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North CentralAssociation of Colleges and Schools, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago,Illinois 60602- 2504, 314-263-2504,, specific programs within the College carr

Whether you are a senior in high school seeking dual credit, a recent high school graduate, or a returning college student seeking advancement, you will find that North Central Missouri College offers a world of potential! Please utilize our catalog as a guide to the services, academic programs, courses, activities, and

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