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Phonak Reference GuideApril xpeserseUmiTstFirtPorfolid DeafnessoSingle-SideAudéo VBolero VVirto VNaída VLyricNaída VRogerCROS IIBaseo QTao Qerser UsPowLyricAudéo VVirto VAudéo VBolero VVirto VNaída VSky VRogerCoPedcnsiatCoricsstiousTinnitus

Product portfolioRICBTECustomPowerPediatricsPremiumPhonak Audéo V90Phonak Bolero V90Phonak Virto V90Phonak Naída V90Phonak Sky V90AdvancedPhonak Audéo V70Phonak Bolero V70Phonak Virto V70Phonak Naída V70Phonak Sky V70Performance levelStandardPhonak Audéo V50Phonak Bolero V50Phonak Virto V50Phonak Naída V50Phonak Sky V50EssentialPhonak Audéo V30Phonak Bolero V30Phonak Virto V30Phonak Naída V30Phonak Sky V30*Phonak Baseo Q15Phonak Tao Q15Basic* only available in specific countriesPrograms & featuresPhonak VentureProgramsFeaturesAutoSense OSStandard50Essential30 Phonak Quest Standard50Essential30Basic15 20 16 12 ChannelsNoiseBlockWhistleBlockUltraZoomauto elax WindBlock Real Ear Sound FlexVolume ZoomControlSpeech in Wind EchoBlock FlexControl Acoustic phone auto ZoomControl Channels FeaturesStereoZoom Everyday AutomaticSpeech in Noise Calm Situation Comfort in NoiseSpeech in Loud Noise70Music90QuickSync SoundFlowPremiumTinnitus Balance noise generator ProgramsAdvancedNoiseBlockWhistleBlockauto AcclimatizationUltraZoomBroadBandBooster (Naída V)SoundRecoverSoundRecover2 (Sky V and Naída V)Roger and directional setting (Sky V and Naída V)RogerReady (Sky V and Naída V)Real Ear SoundFlexVolume FlexControl DuoPhone SoundRelax WindBlock EchoBlock Acoustic phone Speech in 360 Speech in Loud NoiseSpeech in Wind Calm Situation Comfort in Noise Music Speech in Noise70Speech in Car90Speech in Loud NoisePremiumAdvancedComfort in EchoAutoSense Sky OS 20 16 12 8 48

Color range01P1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8P9Q1BeigeSand BeigeAmber BeigeSandalwoodChestnutChampagneSilver GrayGraphite GrayVelvet BlackRubyPetrol062335BlackGrayTaupeQ2Electric GreenQ3M8M7T7M6T3Caribbean PirateMajesty PurpleBlue OceanAlpine WhiteLava RedPrecious parentPinkFaceplate colors14222628TanCocoaPinkBrown06Black (only for nano)Shell arentRedTransparentBlueTransparentHousing colors01062335P1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8P9Q1Q2Q3 M6 M7 M8T3T7 Phonak Audéo V Phonak Bolero V Phonak Naída V Phonak Sky V Phonak Baseo Q Roger 18, 19 Ear hook colorsR1R2R3R4Q6Q7Phonak Sky V

Hearing aid stylesPhonak VenturePowerPhonak Naída V (90/70/50/30)RICSPPediatricPhonak Sky V (90/70/50/30)UPRICRICPhonak Audéo V (90/70/50/30)10312312TMPBTEPhonak Bolero V (90/70/50/30)13MPSPCustomPhonak Virto V (90/70/50/30)nano10 NW O10 O1031213Phonak QuestBasicPhonak Baseo Q15MPPhonak Tao Q15SPSP1031213UP

Roger compatibility guideRoger microphonesDesign-integratedRoger receiverRoger X withaudio shoeRoger X with ComPilotRoger MyLinkRoger Touchscreen Mic Roger Pen Roger Clip-On Mic Roger Table Mic Roger EasyPen Design-integrated receivers forPhonak hearing aidsRoger 19 Roger 18 Roger 16 Roger 15BTEVentureCustomBasicQuestAudio shoe AS18Phonak Sky V-SP AS18 AS19 Phonak Sky V-UP AS18 Phonak Naida V-SP AS18 AS19 AS18 Phonak Naida V-RIC 1Phonak Bolero V-P AS18 Phonak Bolero V-SP AS18 Audeo V-13 AS18 1Audeo V-312 1Audeo V-10 1Virto V-10 O 1 Virto V-10 1 Virto V-312 1 Virto V-13 1 AS15 Phonak Baseo Q-P AS16Phonak Baseo Q-SP AS16Naída CI Q 1Harmony / Auria CochlearMed El iConnectNucleus 5 Euro Accessory AdapterNucleus 6 Euro Accessory AdapterBaha 5 3Baha 4 Baha BP100 / BP110 Sonnet FM battery pack cover Rondo Mini battery pack Opus2 FM battery pack cover Ponto Plus / Plus Power Streamer Ponto / Ponto Pro /Ponto Pro Power1 Roger X must be used with a ComPilot or ComPilot II streamer for this device2 Via audio cable connected to 3.5 mm Auxiliary Connector 2FreedomOticonMedical Audeo V-312T 43 Via audio cable connected to Mini Microphone4 Requires external Oticon medical TelecoilRoger 17 Phonak Sky V-RICPhonak Naida V-UPRoger 14 NeptuneImplantsRoger MyLinkPhonak Sky V-PPhonak Baseo Q-M13ABRoger X 1Phonak Bolero V-MRICHearing aidsPowerPediatricPhonak Sky V-MDesign-integratedreceivers forcochlear implantsUniversal receivers

Wireless communication portfolio compatibilityPhonakVenturePhonakQuestPhonakTVLink Phonak ComPilot Air II Phonak ComPilot II Phonak ComPilotPhonak DECT II Phonak DECTPhonak EasyCall II Phonak EasyCallPhonak PilotOne II Phonak PilotOneiCube II Roger X

SpecificationsPhonak Audéo VPhonak Bolero VPhonak Baseo 3131313Push button (Program/Volume) Volume controlWireless/BVST4 TelecoilIP rating 67Roger 1 1 1Roger 18 /AS182 1Max. Gain (dB) / MPO (dB SPL)2 cc coupler 56/125 63/132Roger 18 / AS182xS (46/114)SlimTube HE SlimTube HE58/129xP (57/127)68/13149/12470/13453/12851/130HE 10 680 HE 10 68066/13463/13368/134xSP plus (63/131) Phonak Virto V / Phonak Tao Q15Phonak Virto V-10Phonak Virto V-10 OPhonak Virto V-10 NW OPhonak Tao Q-10Phonak Virto V-312Phonak Tao Q-312Phonak Virto V-13Phonak Tao Q-13ModelPhonak Virto V-nanoBattery10Power levelMMPSPMPSPUP 5MPSPUP 5Max. Gain (dB) - 2 cc coupler404050604050607040506070MPO (dB SPL) - 2 cc coupler112112118122112118122130112118122130Shell styleIICAOV 3 10312CIC / MC / ITC / HS / FS13ITC / HS / FSITC / HS / FS Virto V-10 O / Virto V-10Virto V-312Virto V-13BVST 4Virto V-10Virto V-312Virto V-13Telecoil Wireless (connectivity & QuickSync)Phonak Naída VPhonak Sky VModelRICSPUPRICMPSPUPBattery1313675133121313675 Push button (Program/Volume) Volume control Telecoil IP68IP ratingRogerWireless/BVST 4Max. Gain (dB) / MPO (dB SPL)2 cc couplerIP68IP68IP68IP68Roger 18 /AS182Roger 18 /AS182Roger 19 /AS192Roger 18 /AS182 IP68IP68IP68Roger 18 /AS18Roger 18 /AS18Roger 19 /AS192 be HE(56/122)SlimTube HE(58/126)HE11(81/139)HE11(82/141)xP(57/124)HE11 680(74/133)HE11 680(77/135)xP(57/124)HE10 680(63/129)HE10 680(66/131)HE11 680(74/133)HE11 680(77/135)xUP plus(66/130)12345 Requires Phonak ComPilot II streamer with Roger X and/or Roger MyLinkRequires Roger XAcoustically Optimized VentingBinaural VoiceStream Technology Only available in specific countriesxUP plus(66/130)

Life is onWe are sensitive to the needs of everyone who depends on ourknowledge, ideas and care. And by creatively challenging the limitsof techno logy, we develop innovations that help people hear,understand and experience more of life’s rich soundscapes.Interact freely. Communicate with confidence.Live without limit. Life is on.027-0254-02/V1.00/2016-04/cu Printed in XXX Phonak AG All rights

Phonak Quest Custom Phonak Virto V (90/70/50/30) nano 10 NW O 10 O 10 312 13 Phonak Tao Q15 Basic Phonak Baseo Q15 M P SP 10 312 13 BTE Phonak Bolero V (90/70/50/30) M P SP RIC Phonak Audéo V (90/70/50/30) 10 312 312T 13 Pediatric Phonak Sky V (90/70/50/30) RIC M P SP UP Power Phonak Naída V (90/70/50/30) RIC SP UP

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Phonak Bolero V70-P Phonak Bolero V70-SP Phonak Bolero V50-M Phonak Bolero V50-P Phonak Bolero V50-SP Phonak Bolero V30-M Phonak Bolero V30-P Phonak Bolero V30-SP CE mark applied 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015 This user guide is valid for: 3 Your hearing aid details Model c

Phonak Virto V-312 V90/V70/V50/V30 Phonak Virto V-13 V90/V70/V50/V30 Phonak Virto V-10 V90/V70/V50/V30 Roger Roger X / Phonak ComPilot II Roger MyLink 2 Accessoires sans fil Phonak DECT II Phonak PilotOne II EasyCall II Phonak ComPilot II Phonak ComPilot Air II 1Phonak TVLink II 1Phonak RemoteMic 1 Phonak Re

Phonak Audéo P90-312 Phonak Audéo P90-13T Phonak Audéo P70-312 Phonak Audéo P70-13T Phonak Audéo P50-312 Phonak Audéo P50-13T Phonak Audéo P30-312 . exposing the hearing aids to rain shower or sweat. However, these hearing aids are not intended to be used i

Phonak DECT II Phonak PilotOne II EasyCall II Phonak ComPilot II Phonak ComPilot Air II Phonak TVLink II Phonak RemoteMic 1 Roger Roger 18 Roger 19 Roger X / AS18 Roger X / AS19 Roger X / Phonak ComPilot II Roger MyLink Gamme d

Phonak PilotOne II EasyCall II Phonak ComPilot II Phonak ComPilot Air II Phonak TVLink II 1 Phonak RemoteMic 1 Roger Roger 18 Roger X / AS18 Roger X / Phonak ComPilot II Roger MyLink Phonak Target 4.0 ya da daha yüksek versiyon iCube II*, NOAHLink, HI-PRO, HI-PRO2 Yazılım Arayüzler * iCube

Phonak ComPilot II: Phonak ComPilot Air II: Phonak TVLink II: Phonak Remote Mic : Phonak Remote Control App CROS B-312 CROS B-13: Call Absolute Hearing Solutions 614-452-4280 : Adaptive Phonak Digital Contrast: With the new Adaptive Phonak Digital Contrast fitting formula we introduce a slow compression option. Through longer attack

2 John plans a day at the park with his daughter John and his 7-year-old daughter, Emma, are spending the day together. In the morning, John uses his computer to look up the weather, read the news, and check a