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January 2021Early ChChildhoodHappyNew Year!rGeadteeBNooskdisThearnoEMver!KNowSendHome Paper orDigital FlyersNow Ship toHome or SchoolFamilies Can Chooseat Checkout2021EarnUp ToNEW! Valentine’sDay StoryNEW! Singand ReadExtra Bonus PointsUSPLHappy New Year Cash!30You Get Up To FunnyRead-AloudNEW! Wipe-CleanWorkbookTo Spend Right NowNEW! RhymingHardcoverWow!10COPIESFOR 10

Happy New Year oYou Earn These Rewards January 1–31, 2021Total of AllClass Orders Placedat the Same Time 25– 49.99 50– 74.99Judy NewmanPresident & Reader in ChiefScholastic Book ClubsDear Teacher,Happy New Year! Havingkids choose books they’lllove to read is now moreimportant than ever. In2021, we resolve to helpyou share a love of readingwith every student in yourclass. I hope you will takeadvantage of these greatJanuary rewards! 75– 99.99 100– 149.99 150– 199.99 200– 299.99 300 Send HomePaper or DigitalFlyers!Now Ship toHome or School!Families Can Chooseat CheckoutYou Earn 1 Point for EveryDollar Your Class SpendsPlus EXTRA BONUS POINTSPLUSNEW YEAR’S CASHTO SPEND RIGHT NOW501002003005001000 5 8 10 16 20 242021 30Rewards are valid January 1–31, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. ET and are based on your class order totalbefore taxes. After January 31, please check your February catalog or online for new rewards.Please sign in for full details: Book Clubs PlusEvery Family WhoPlaces an Order of 10 Gives You25EXTRA BONUS POINTSFREE Shipping on Orders 25 and Up( 6.50 if Under 25)Scholastic Book Clubs Plus points are inaddition to the regular points you earnon your order. Family orders of 10 qualify once a month.

f Reading Together!Kids can join thebiggest, reddest,friendliest dog ona parade throughBirdwell Island! Abeloved characterat his best.Gentle and loving,this reassuring storylooks at one mom’swonderful way to easeseparation anxiety at thebeginning of school.An all-time favorite!Item # 069864Item # 0698564 COPIES 84 COPIES 8Or 295 Bonus PointsOr 295 Bonus PointsJanuarySUPERSAVINGSTrying his best to be perfect,this charming little egg givesreaders an encouragingmessage about balance,self-care, and acceptance.Tip: Use Your New Year’s Cashon These Special Sets!Happy New Year Cash!30Use Your up toItem # 069898Item # 069872To Spend Right Now4 COPIES 8With lots of nonsense and abit of mystery, this humorouslyillustrated rhyme recountsthe winter antics of one verysilly lady!4 COPIES 8Or 295 Bonus PointsOr 295 Bonus PointsKids will want to clapalong to this engagingpicture book—as amischievous goatwanders the farmwatching roosters call,horses neigh, cowsmoo, and more!Item # 0698494 COPIES 8Or 295 Bonus PointsOne thing leadsto another and another, asthis playful pupcelebrates fall withdonuts, apples,and a seasonalgame of catch!Item # 0698804 COPIES 8Or 295 Bonus Points10 Books for 10—More Inside

ehtegoTdaeR10 Copiesfor 10Chick ’n’ Pug:The Love Pug 10-Book Packby Jennifer Sattler 32 pages10 Picture BooksWill it be puppy love betweenPug and Daisy.or will Pugjust keep napping?ITEM # 06983110 COPIES FOR 10Or 365 Bonus PointsLEX: AD310L GRL: K DRA: 16–18 AR: 1.910 COPIES10 Ful10 Books fscholastic.co25 BOOKSfor 25Grades PreK–KITEM # 069773 25Or 2850 Bonus PointsBooks will vary. Includes seasonal and holiday titles. Ships separately. 2-Day Shipping not available. If you purchase more than one pack, you may receive multiple copies of the same book.Teachers Get Exclusive Access to the Dollar Store!

e r as a ClassTeacher ReviewBrian SmithClaremont, NCBrowse thell Collection offor 10 Online:om/bookclubs“I use this book for talking about characterizationbecause each of the three characters have distincttraits. I love the ‘twist’ ending because the hero ofthe book turns out to be unexpected!”10 COPIES10 COPIES10 COPIES10 COPIES 10101010Check Out theBOOKof the Weekfor Special Dollar DealsJudyNewmanAtScholastic.comDetails at Checkout

NEW! You Can ChooseShip to Home at Checkout!RHEROROGWhen you order 10 in books,our class earns 25 Extra BonusPoints to get FREE Booksand resources!Dear Families,It’s more important than ever to nurturekids’ love of reading. You’ll find somegreat choices in the attached flyer—please browse together and choosebooks your child will love to read!Your Child’s TeacherPlace Your Order By:CLASS ORDER DUE DATEOrder Online in or create an account.Connect to me by entering our Class Code:ScholasticBook ClubsPaper Flyer:Choose yourbooks, fill outthe order form,and return tome with a checkOR: Click Find Your Child’s Teacher.made out toChoose your books, pay with credit card or PayPal, Scholasticand submit your order.Book Clubs.DOG MAN / Dav Pilkey. and Scholastic Entertainment, Inc. Illustration by Hatem Aly, 2019 by Picture Window Books. Illustration by Frank Remkiewicz. Illustration 2013 by Joy Ang. Illustration by Tedd Arnold.

Dear Family LetterIt’s Easier Than Everto Connect with Families!Please copy for families. Attach to flyers. Letters in other languages online: IN SHARE NOWYou’ll get a link with a suggested note,Class Code, due date, and digital flyer—plus your book recommendations.Edit it as you wish and share via email,app, newsletter, or social media.Families Browsethe Digital Flyerand Place TheirOrdersPlace Your Class OrderThe items in this catalog areavailable from December 15, 2020,through February 28, 2021.Every item is 50 cheaper online.Bonus Point values for all items can befound online.Order by credit/debit card, PayPal, purchaseorder, checks, Scholastic eGift Cards, orcampaign funds. No need to handle money!No Online Access?Order by Mail:Enclose completed student orderforms, checks (no cash, please), andthe payment stub in the postage-paidenvelope provided. Be sure to include yourname and customer number and send to:PO Box 630446Cincinnati, OH 45263Your Account -6527)Scholastic GuaranteeShip Your ClassBook Box toSchool or YourHome AddressFamilies Can AlsoChoose Ship to Homeat want kids and teachers to love the booksthey order from Scholastic Book Clubs. If forany reason you are not satisfied with yourpurchase, you may exchange it for anotherbook or get a credit or a full refund.When you pay by check, you authorize us to process your paymentelectronically. Funds may be withdrawn from your account the same daywe receive your payment. You will not receive your check back from yourfinancial institution; however, the transaction will appear on your bankstatement.This Scholastic Book Clubs offer is presented for the exclusive benefit ofstudent groups and teachers in schools within the United States and itspossessions. The books purchased through this school Book Club offermay not be resold. Teachers, parents, class secretaries, or others handlingstudent orders act only on behalf of their students, without obligation toScholastic Book Clubs. They do not represent or act under the authority ofScholastic Book Clubs. Risk of loss transfers upon Scholastic’s delivery ofthe ordered products to its carrier.HOME DELIVERY: During the COVID-19 crisis, families can temporarilyhave their online orders shipped home or delivered to school with yourclass order. All orders count toward your monthly rewards. (Ship to homenot available for APO / FPO and US territories.)

Scholastic Book ClubsPRSRTU.S. POSTAGE PAIDSCHOLASTIC INC.2931 East McCarty StreetJefferson City, MO 65101-4468Change Service RequestedReturning Teacher: Log in at Secretary: If necessary, please route to a new teacher in your school.Share theBook Club JoyWith a Teacher Who Hasn’t Ordered This YearYou’ll Each Receive250BONUSPOINTSFor FREEBooks and ResourcesWhen the teacher places a first order of 25 .Scan Code for Coupon orDownload Coupon #: 110920LSBKit #: B58000So Much More Online! Apple TeacherAppreciation Program Family Letters inMultiple Languages Bonus Point CatalogFilled with FREE Resourcesfor Your Classroom Exclusive Teacher Accessto the Dollar Book Store

Scholastic Book Clubs. They do not represent or act under the authority of Scholastic Book Clubs. Risk of loss transfers upon Scholastic’s delivery of the ordered products to its carrier. HOME DELIVERY: During the COVID-19 crisis, families can temporarily have their online orders shipped home or delivered to school with your class order.

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