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www.thieme-connect.comMedOne. Empower Yourself.

Research is done differently today.The Internet has caused a significant shiftin the way medical students, residents and doctorssource information, with an increasingly greateramount of medical knowledge now availableand being accessed online.Our solution, MedOne!

Thieme MedOneMedOne is a state-of-the-art multimediaplatform, perfect for students, residentsand experienced specialists alike.It currently covers nine subject areas:Communication Science (Audiology),Medical Education, Test Preparation,Neurosurgery, Spine Care, Radiology,Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology andOphthalmology. MedOne is designed asthe destination for clinical education andreference, essential for users to develop andrefine clinical skills. Established practitionerscan stay informed of the latest research andmaster complex procedures, while residentscan review essentials, prepare for boards,and strengthen skills. With MedOne, thehighest quality medical resources areavailable to everyone in your practice,anywhere, anytime. E-BooksGet the benefits of print books plus electronic featuresin these extensive e-book collections, where it’s easy toexpand images, watch videos, and write notes. Whileyou stay up-to-date with the library’s frequent contentupdates, you can customize your experience withversatile viewing modes or leave the screen behind whenyou download and print chapters. And don’t limit yourselfto the e-book: follow links to related articles and keepyour research going.Each platform lets you expand yourknowledge through e-books and e-journalsand offers manuals providing guidance onthe latest clinical techniques, surgicalprocedures, and must-know cases that areenriched with exquisite illustrations andquality video content.MedOne’s easy-to-use environment makesfinding information easy, efficient, andquick. Use on- or offline, or with the mobileapp so you always have access to theinformation you need.MedOne is designed to advance knowledge.Save your most relevant documents, takenotes, and even build virtual binders toshare with students or colleagues. Contentcollections, curated by experts in their field,are available exclusively on MedOne andprovide you with master insight onspecialized techniques and treatmentoptions. MediaImages and videos are at your fingertips when you zoomin or make notes on media from a vast databank. Roundout your studies and practice reading each modality, bywatching video clips or comparing images and slices.For presentations, simultaneously download more thanone image complete with legends and sources using themultiple selections feature.

Content collectionComSciEducationTest PrepNeurosurgerySpineRadiologyPlastic SurgeryOtolaryngologyOphthalmology E-JournalsFind the one-stop solution to your research needs whenyou perform an integrated search of select Thieme journalsand the PubMed database, then read full articles. Cite thearticles you need, whether you’re using sources for a paper,catching up on innovative research, or writing your ownarticles. And, if you’re on the go, you can download articlesto bring along. MedOne@HomeFor a personalized experience, all departmental licensesinclude MedOne@Home offsite access. Once you set upyour own username, you can start to create personalnotes and highlights, bookmark pages, and track yourprogress in the training center. SearchSearching is effortless, effective, and productive withrapidly updating responses and a contemporary, intuitivealgorithm that auto-fills searches. It’s simple to eliminateor filter the categorized results: from the home page, yoursearches include the entire platform, while search filtersautomatically apply within content sets or books toremove unrelated results. MedOne AppCarrying around heavy textbooks is a thing of the past.The free MedOne app offers you online access to all thee-books, e-journals, cases, and procedures on theplatform. Available for Android and iOS, the app lets youdownload full books and journals for in-app offlinereading. The only limit: your device’s storage capacity. Responsive DesignAutomatic screen adaptation lets your users takeMedOne along as an anyplace platform. No matter whatfeatures they need or what device they have, they canuse web-enabled access to get the most out of theplatform. Researching is simple when users caneffortlessly transition between computers, tablets,and phones. MedOne PlaylistsTake charge of your learning by making a playlist onMedOne. As you discover key content, add it to one ofyour playlists or create a new one to easily find it again.Stay organized by uploading your own documents orlinking directly to online materials. Curated playlists letyou create a private study guide, compile course materialfor students, or share a playlist with all MedOne users.

Our mission:To improve health and healthcare –by providing key information at the right time and the right place.

MedOne ComSciThe vital role that audiologists andspeech-language pathologists hold in facilitatinghuman interaction through communicationmeans that students and faculty alike deserveaccess to high-quality, comprehensive resources.MedOne ComSci offers the means to elevatecommunication science with up-to-date text,cutting-edge content, and detailed images,videos, and audio.For the specialist Boost clinical skills for cutting-edge topics Tighten understanding of new ideas Diagnose cases effectively and confidentlyFor the student Digest difficult concepts clarified for students Grasp interpretation and diagnostic skills Prosper in a program with practiceFor the instructorSpecial Features CasesWhen it comes to applying information in a clinicalsetting, cases are invaluable for transitioningknowledge into practice. Each real case walksreaders through history, testing, questions,diagnosis, treatment, and reading, so students canlearn to handle patients. Online-first cases meaninstructors can teach the most contemporaryinformation without a delay between the screen andthe real world. Includes access to the following Thieme Journals: Seminars in Hearing Seminars in Speech and LanguageOnline-First Cases Enhance patient care and student training Cover an array of communication science topics Pinpoint how to contribute to the fieldFor the institution Elicit interest from prospective students Distinguish the program with online access Upgrade resources available to facultyWith online-first cases, userscan stay ahead of the curve!Sign up for a free

MedOne EducationThe Thieme E-Book Library is now a part of MedOneEducation, providing users with access to Thieme’scollection of medical textbooks. Covering everycourse in the medical school curriculum, MedOneEducation is an exceptional resource for learning,review and research in medicine and the life sciences.Users have access to illustrated full-color medicaltextbooks covering anatomy, basic sciences,clinical sciences and radiology.For the medical student Instant access to medical textbooks Ideal for quick reference or in-depth review Perfect study companion throughoutmedical school Covers the clinical and scientific topics youneed to succeedFor the instructor Provide titles with no cost to students Easily download images for lectures Create custom playlists for every course Add notes for future referenceFor the institution Invite students to learn at anytime in any place Improve efficient teaching Appeal to prospective students and faculty Establish a system for constant learningSpecial Features Includes test titles for the USMLE: Learning Pharmacology through Clinical Cases Medical Histology and Embryology Q&A Medical Physiology Q&A Pathology Q&A Additionally includes:Osteopathic Techniques, by Sharon Gustowski,a step-by-step instruction manual with access to160 videos introducing a spectrum of osteopathicmanipulative techniques incorporating principles ofpsychomotor learning that enable optimal skillacquisition during both independent and supervisedpractice by Sharon Gustowski. And optional access to the followingAnatomy titles: Atlas of Anatomy (Gilroy) Anatomy for Dental Medicine (Baker) Anatomy: An Essential Textbook (Gilroy) Anatomy: Internal Organs (Schuenke) Anatomy: Head, Neck, and Neuroanatomy(Schuenke) General Anatomy and MusculoskeletalSystem (Schuenke)Sign up for a free

MedOne Test PrepGet more out of your exam prep experience whenyou use Thieme’s comprehensive question bank.Thieme MedOne Test Prep is for medical studentsstudying for exams, and currently offers over 6,000 high-yield USMLE style questions anddetailed explanations for comprehensive examprep.For the medical student High-yield image-based questions Detailed explanations for comprehensiveexam prep Monitor progress with session statistics Filter by difficulty level, topic, or organsystem to choose the study options thatfit your session goalsFor the institution Promote constant learning among students Balance in-class and online resources Increase your appeal to prospective studentsSpecial Features Subject Areas Anatomy Biochemistry Cell biology Embryology Genetics Histology Immunology Microbiology Neuroscience Pathology Pharmacology Medical Physiology Q&AQuestions can be selected by basic science topic,difficulty level, and/or organ system. Choose areview session and receive feedback after eachquestion, or a practice session to simulate an actualexam. Base your study session on number ofquestions or length of time. Questions can also befiltered by seen/unseen, with/without images, andanswered correctly/incorrectly. PerformancesPerformance is easily tracked, by simply clicking thestatistics tab to show cumulative statistics for allsessions completed. Target your studies afterevaluating your weak points from your progressresults.Sign up for a free

MedOne NeurosurgeryMedOne Neurosurgery keeps neurosurgeons’ bestinterests in mind. As the global market leader in thefield, Thieme stays at the forefront of developmentsto keep practitioners around the world informedProceduresabout the latest innovations.Keep a level head in the OR after you review keyprocedures onForMedOne.The attention to each stepthe specialistof the preoperative, operative, and postoperative Connect to innovative researchtreatment means that you can focus on every Develop additional clinical skillsstage of care during your training. It’s easy to study Prepare for an upcoming surgeryprocedures when you use the clickable images as Access up-to-date information from global leadersvisual aids and the linked references for additionalinformation. For the resident Prepare for board exams at your own pace Study a breadth of cases Review core topics before rounds Understand the latest clinical techniquesand surgical proceduresFor the hospital or department Promote constant learning among staff Improve efficient teaching and quality of care Grow individual competencies and understanding Increase your appeal to prospective employeesSpecial Features Training Center and Q & AWhen it comes to tests, practice makes perfect.MedOne lets you quiz yourself with a variety ofquestion and answer sets in the training center.You can monitor your progress and mark thequestions you want to repeat, so you know whichtopics to focus on in your studies.Additionally, prepare specifically for the ABNSprimary examination. ProceduresBefore heading into surgery, be sure to log in to MedOneand review individual techniques. With step-by-stepattention to preoperative, operative, and postoperativecare, you can focus on every stage of your training. Eachprocedure includes clickable images and source references,making it easy to study. CasesWith MedOne, you can work through real patient cases fromstart to finish, so you know what to expect in your exams andwithin the clinic. Learn how to treat the patient, analyze theimaging, and see the results, all as you test yourself using thequestions included in each case.Includes Greenberg’sHandbook of Neurosurgery !MedOne Neurosurgeryprovides you with additionalaccess to Handbook ofNeurosurgery, Eighth Editionby Mark Greenberg.The neurosurgical reference you alwayswant at hand!Sign up for a free

MedOne SpineIt’s easy to see that Thieme puts spine surgeonsfirst, and MedOne Spine is no exception. As anaward-winning publisher, Thieme creates highquality products that meet surgeons’ needs.A comprehensive platform replete with preciseillustrations, first-rate text, and innovativeprogramming, MedOne Spine offers relevant spineinformation to surgeons at every stage of their career.For the specialist Analyze new surgical techniques Pursue information on cutting-edge research Run through standard procedures Investigate revolutionary spine regeneration studiesFor the residentSpecial Features ProceduresKeep a level head in the OR after you review keyprocedures on MedOne. The attention to each stepof the preoperative, operative, and postoperativetreatment means that you can focus on everystage of care during your training. It’s easy to studyprocedures when you use the clickable images asvisual aids and the linked references for additionalinformation.Includes the AOSpine library Progress in studies and in practice Read essential and groundbreaking books Study surgical images and videos Bolster technical skills to attain excellenceFor the institution Endorse individual research and improvement Develop a patient-centered paradigm Attract acknowledged experts and gifted residents Establish a system for constant learningGet access to e-books co-published withthe AOFoundation!Sign up for a free

MedOne RadiologySince 1896, when Thieme publishedRoentgen’s first human x-ray, Thieme has beenputting medical imaging specialists first. Withan eye to this tradition of excellence, MedOneRadiology maintains Thieme’s place at thevanguard of medical imaging by bringingquality, cutting-edge resources to specialistsworldwide.For the specialist E xplore innovative topics in radiology Discover new modalities and approaches Research groundbreaking techniques Identify differential diagnosesFor the residentSpecial Features RadCasesBased on the bestselling RadCases book series, thiscase collection will reinforce your radiologyknowledge. Evaluate your understanding and learnwhat to expect as you identify differential diagnoses,recognize key concepts, and determine furtherwork-up. The varied histories, diagnoses, and imaginglet you apply your radiology knowledge across aspectrum of cases.RadCasesCheck out the RadCases site directlyfrom MedOne Radiology Master case work-ups and findings Brush up on essential imaging procedures Evaluate comprehension for test-taking Compare radiological imagesFor the institution Cultivate a culture of learning anytime Focus on improving patient care quality Appeal to prospective residents and faculty Build support for individual growthCan you identify this acute injury?Check Case 2 ofMusculoskeletal Radiology!Prepare for your boards or recertificationwith Top Score for the Radiology Boards byAlan Weissman.Sign up for a free

MedOne Plastic SurgeryMedOne Plastic Surgery is centered on surgeons’needs, so surgeons can focus on what matters:patients. Curated content, direct from respectedexperts, means that surgeons and residents alikecan connect to resources, elevate their skills, andfind insights into every aspect of plastic surgery.For the specialist Advance professionally with new techniques Peruse dynamically updated content Incorporate articles into new research ideas Check what leaders in the field are doingFor the resident Attain skills based on expert presentations Train with resources accessible anytime E xamine fundamental and innovative topics Observe a vast library of technical videosFor the institution Invite students to learn any time or place Augment trainee and surgeon skill sets Magnify emphasis on personal development Design a program to appeal to residentsSpecial Features Training Center and Q&AStudy effectively using the database of questions,answers, and explanations. Formed of over 1,000questions categorized by anatomical region andprocedure, the self-testing page solves your studyingneeds by letting you mark questions to repeat,remembering your progress, and breaking down yourresults into easy-to-review statistics. Learn from the MastersThey pioneered the techniques you use andthe cutting-edge procedures you don’t—yet.When you’re learning the procedures they perfected,why not go to the source? Material direct from,world-renowned experts includes videos explainingtheir techniques, demonstrating operations, anddiscussing complications, so you don’t need to travelthe world to have the best among your mentors. ProceduresEvery time you walk into the OR, do so withconfidence—confidence in your skills and your abilityto attain the desired result. The procedures section ofMedOne Plastic Surgery has what you need to walkinto surgery prepared: quickly review a trickyprocedure with step-by-step instructions, readthrough various approaches to find the best, or watchoperative videos to get the details right.Learn from the MastersVideo techniques direct from the experts!Names You Know And Trust Foad Nahai, MD Christine Hamori, MD Michael Zenn, MD Patrick Tonnard, MD Alexis Verpaele, MD Rod Rohrich, MDSign up for a free

MedOne OtolaryngologyWhen dealing with the complexities of thehead and neck, otolaryngologists need to lookno further: MedOne Otolaryngology spotlightsinformation across the specialty, so residentsand practitioners can always find innovativeresources. Thieme brings award-winningcontent to otolaryngologists around the world,so surgeons can bring high-quality care totheir patients.For the specialist Gain skills with developing technologies Locate information about hot topics Concentrate on improving procedures Survey the field’s newest informationFor the resident Absorb knowledge about surgical techniques Qualify for boards after interactive studying Seek training any time or place Follow expert advice for operative casesFor the institutionSpecial Features Cases & ProceduresWhether you’re stepping into an exam or headinginto the OR, always come prepared. The cases onMedOne let you explore everything from history tofurther reading—with diagnosis, treatment, andquestions along the way. Or, understand theintricacies of procedures as you follow step-by-stepinstructions that include illustrations, complications,and contraindications. IncludesEndoscopic Sinus Surgery, Fourth Edition,by Peter-John Wormald a classic reference, a musthave for otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons, aswell as residents and fellows seekinga robust tutorial on the latestfunctional endoscopic sinussurgery (FESS) techniques. Balance in-class and online resources Update content available to surgeons Catch prospective trainees’ attention Encourage on-the-go educationSign up for a free

MedOne OphthalmologyWhen dealing with the complexities of diseases ofthe eye and their treatment, ophthalmologists needto look no further: MedOne Ophthalmology is adynamic educational resource featuring core andcutting-edge topics, authoritative videos and valuablecontent collections covering the field of eye care.Thieme has created an educational resource forresidency programs and practicing surgeonsproviding them with answers and guidance to patientproblem areas and important concepts of diagnosisand management within eye disease.For the specialist Analyze new surgical techniques Run through standard procedures Diagnose cases effectively and confidently Check what leaders in the field are doingFor the resident Absorb knowledge about surgical technique Train with resources accessible anytime Observe a vast library of technical videos Follow expert advice for operative casesFor the institution Cultivate a culture of learning anytime Appeal to prospective residents and faculty Improve efficient teaching and quality of care Build support for individual growthSpecial Features Content CollectionsFinding relevant information is no longer timeconsuming with the content collections featureincluded in MedOne Ophthalmology. The contentcollections provide you with direct access to compiledinformation from experts, covering specific topics, tohelp you save time when you need to act quickly. IncludesNeuro-Ophthalmology Illustrated, by Biousse/Newman, is an up-to-date, beautifully illustrated textthat guides readers in recognizing signs andsymptoms, localizing pathology, developing adifferential diagnosis, and selecting a managementstrategy.The Wills Eye Handbook of Ocular Genetics, by AlexLevin, Mario Zanolli, and Jenina Capasso of Wills EyeHospital, a practical, reader-friendly guide on thediagnosis and management of ophthalmic geneticconditions. Every chapter begins with a diseaseoverview, followed by relevant modern geneticconcepts, pathways to attaining the correctdiagnosis, and pitfalls and pearls collected from yearsof hands-on expertise.Sign up for a free

MedOne AppThe MedOne App lets users download and reade-books and journal articles offline. It is designedto make browsing, accessing, and reading MedOnecontent simple and easy.The app is freely available for Android and iOSdevices to MedOne users at institutions withaccess to MedOne content.Licensing Options Institutions can purchase internet-enabled access. Several licensing options allow for flexible agreements. All licenses automatically receive updated content as newtitles are released.For institutional licensing information, please contact:Europe, Africa, Asia and AustraliaThieme Institutional SalesE-mail: eproducts@thieme.dePhone: 49-711-8931-407IndiaThieme Institutional SalesE-mail: eproducts@thieme.inPhone: 91-120-455-6600For individual licensing information, please contact:medone@thieme.comThieme ConnectThe online platform for medical & chemistry knowledgeE-Books · E-Journals · E-Learning · MedOne · Reference Workswww.thieme-connect.comMat.-Nr. 1246. XI/2018. Printed in Germany.The AmericasThieme Institutional SalesE-mail: esales@thieme.comPhone: 1-212-584-4695

Anatomy titles: Atlas of Anatomy (Gilroy) Anatomy for Dental Medicine (Baker) Anatomy: An Essential Textbook (Gilroy) Anatomy: Internal Organs (Schuenke) Anatomy: Head, Neck, and Neuroanatomy (Schuenke) General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System (Schuenke) Fo

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Anne M. Gilroy Brian R. MacPherson Lawrence M. Ross Based on the work of Michael Schuenke Erik Schulte Udo Schumacher Illustrated by Markus Voll Karl Wesker Thieme Stuttgart · New York Atlas of Anatomy Second Edition Front matter_Fin3.indd 3 05.03.12 11:03. Thieme Medical Publishers, In

Gilroy AM, MacPherson BR, Schuenke M, Schulte M, Schumacher U. 2016. Altas of Anatomy, 3rd Edition. Thieme, New York. Gilroy AM. 2013. Anatomy – An Essential Textbook. Thieme, New York. Online Lab Component The ability to explore the human body visually is an integral

Visit to learn more about our products and special off ers. 5 New! Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy 3rd edition Block 2021/ISBN 978 3 13 242204 9

Machine Learning Machine Learning B. Supervised Learning: Nonlinear Models B.5. A First Look at Bayesian and Markov Networks Lars Schmidt-Thieme Information Systems and Machine Learning Lab (ISMLL) Institute for Computer Science University of Hildesheim, Germany Lars Schmidt-Thieme, Information Systems and Machine Learning Lab (ISMLL .

Thieme E-Book Library.) Download E-Books to your PC to read offl ine Select download next to the title you would like to download, or if you wish to download multiple titles select the check box next to a title and select download in the bottom left hand corner of the page. The Titles will then be downloaded to your computer.

Radiology Books Journals Electronic Resources 2017 Visit to order these and other new and bestselling titles in Radiology. 3 This unique book will guide you through the essentials of musculoskeletal imaging using a multimodality approach. The book's

titles in Radiology. Radiology Books Journals Electronic Resources 2016. 3 Contents 3 Neurologic Imaging 6 Abdominal Imaging 7 Breast Imaging 8 Diagnostic Imaging 9 Pediatric Imaging 10 Thieme eRadiology 11 General Radiology 13 Musculoskeletal Imaging 14 Interventional Radiology 16 RadCases