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BEADINGHEARTPurple, Fuchsia, and Gem-CutBeads You can jazz up a sold-by-the-packhair tie with a sassy yarn combo and a handfulof fancy beads. And it’s easy—you start bycrocheting around the elastic band:4. Join the first and last stitches with a slipstitch. Then tie-off and tuck in the tails.1. Choose your first color, and make a slip knot.Then insert your hook through the circle ofelastic and yarn over.6. Chain twenty-two stitches, and then make aslip stitch into the next single crochet on theband. Chain twenty-two again.2. Pull the hook back through the circle. Yarnover and pull the yarn through both loopson the hook.7. Repeat step six until you’ve made your wayaround the entire band.3. Single crochet into the circle. And keepgoing—single crochet your way around theband until the whole thing is covered.9. With a needle and coordinating embroideryfloss, stitch beads to the yarn as desired.2 Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations5. Choose your second color, and make a slipstitch to join it to one of the single crochetsyou made in step three.8. Tie off, and tuck in the tails.

» LOOP LOVIN’ The finished scrunchie is aMulticolor Neon You’ve seen thosefun, color-change skeins. And though thename’s a little funky—variegated soundslike something that describes industrialmachinery—they’re a great way to work a riotof color into your project without changingyarns. To make this scrunchie:1. Make a slip knot, and insert your hookthrough the circle of elastic. Yarn over, andpull the hook back through the circle. Nowyarn over again, and pull the yarn throughboth loops on the hook.2. Chain six and yarn over. Then place yourhook under the circle of elastic and yarn overagain.3. Work one double crochet.4. Chain three and yarn over. Then place yourhook under the circle of elastic and yarn overagain.5. Repeat steps three and four until the entireband is covered.6. Tie off, and tuck in the tails.VERYVARIEGATEDkaleidoscope-style collection of loops that bunch andcurl and go a little cuckoo when they’re wrapped acouple of times around a ponytail. Can you believe allthat color came from the same skein? Yep, variegated isreally that good!Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations 3

CUFFMEMulticolor Neon andRhinestone Button We dialeddown the crazy (but only a little) with thiseasy, un-scrunchie design. It looks great in asolid—think work, church and dinner dates—but you’ve just gotta do one with some kookyvariegated yarn too. Here’s how:1. Make a slip knot with the yarn of yourchoice—we vote variegated.2. Chain twenty-five.3. Work twenty-five single crochet stitches,and turn your work. To begin the next row,hook through the top loop of the last fullstitch. Yarn over and pull the yarn throughboth loops, leaving one loop on the hook.4. Repeat steps two and three until you’vemade six complete rows.5. Tie off, and weave-in the tails.6. With a needle and coordinating embroiderythread, stitch the button to one end ofthe cuff. And the yarn is loose enough thatyou won’t even need a buttonhole.PERFECTFOR GIFTS,PARTY ACTIVITIESAND USING UPLEFTOVER YARN!4 Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations

The next 4 steps will make the flower.1. This look starts off just like the Beading Heartscrunchie (page 2), so begin by followingsteps one through four of those instructions.7. Make a slip stitch to finish.2. Work six single crochet, using the magiccircle method.3. Pull the tail to close the circle.4. Chain three.5. Work two treble crochet, chain three, andthen single crochet.6. Repeat steps four and five to form the otherpetals.8. Thread the needle with yarn, and sew theflower button onto the pre-made whiteflower. Then sew the white flower onto theflower you crocheted. Wrap the yarn aroundthe elastic a few times, and knot to secure. 2012 Hobby Lobby - Photography by Sanford Mauldin Needle Art - 596320www.hobbylobby.com www.getinspiredbyhl.comDO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO COMPLETE PROJECTS ALONE. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED.FLOWERPOWERBlue Neon, Fuchsia Neon,White Crochet Flower, FlowerButton Freshen up your ponytail with thisgarden-worthy, layered scrunchie. All you haveto do is single crochet around the elastic bandand add two pre-made flowers to one youcrochet yourself:

The next 4 steps will make the flower. 4. Chain three. 5. Work two treble crochet, chain three, and then single crochet. 6. Repeat steps four and five to form the other petals. 7. Make a slip stitch to finish. 8. Thread the needle with yarn, and sew the flower button onto the pre-made white flower. Then sew the white flower onto the flower you .

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