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KIA ORAWELCOME TO THE FIRST INTREPIDADVENTURE TRAVEL INDEXWe have crunched the numbers and quizzed the population to findout the true meaning of adventure travel, from the price of a pint tosoul-searching solo adventures.With this inaugural report, we’re excited toprovide a snapshot of all things adventuretravel – including Kiwi preferences,behaviours and motivators when it cameto getting off-the-beaten-track in 2017.As the world’s largest adventure travelcompany with more than 29 years behind us,this report aims to share insights in to the fastgrowing adventure travel sector by combiningour own travel figures and industry knowledge,with externally-commissioned qualitativeresearch.And what better time to introduce the Indexthan when we have more of this data thanever before? That’s thanks to a record numberof Kiwis travelling with us to a record numberof destinations.The world over, tourism has now become oneof the fastest-growing industries; seeing a 7.1per cent growth in passenger departures lastyear1. Globally, we’re investing in experiencesmore than things, with every diverse cornerof the world becoming more accessible,affordable and sought-after than it’s ever been.For a travel company that’s all about providingsustainable, experience-rich travel to the mostopen-minded, curious or Intrepid among us,this only further cements our commitmentto the cause. It’s no coincidence that ourimmersive, small group tours are gearedtowards those with an appetite for genuineexploration – not only by visiting both thetouristy and lesser-known destinations; butby learning more about the local culturethrough our local tour leaders, how to travelresponsibly, and how tourism can benefit localcommunities and economies.Happy reading!James ThorntonCEO Intrepid Group21Source: United Nations World Tourism Organization.3

HOW KIWIS DEFINE ADVENTURE TRAVELWhat is adventure?Travelling ona budget5.8%Other1.2%Over the past 29 years, Intrepid Travel has seen a shift in whatadventure means to the average Kiwi.Seeing and doingsomething new19.7%Getting off thebeaten track42.5%High adrenalineactivities30.8%It’s changedIt’s wild and it’s mildIt’s no longer solely based on high adrenalineactivities.The survey also asked respondents to definethe most adventurous activity undertaken onholiday. For some people, simply going overseaswas their greatest adventure whilst othersmentioned camping in the jungle of Borneo orroad tripping across the United States.To capture a snapshot of how Kiwis describeadventure travel, we asked the question to1,000 people nationwide2. This is what theysaid: Getting off the beaten track and goingto places less visited by mainstreamtourists - 42.5% High adrenaline activities - 30.8% Seeing and doing something new - 19.7% Travelling on a budget - 5.8% Other - 1.2%It’s personalLet’s start with a story. “It was 1988 whenManch and I took off on the expedition of alifetime to the wilds of Africa. The experienceinspired the idea for Intrepid Travel, which isnow part of the Intrepid Group. Collectively, theGroup takes more than 350,000 travellers eachyear to more than 120 countries, on everycontinent,” Intrepid Travel co-founder DarrellWade said.4“We knew very little about the travel industryback then. But in the past 29 years, we’ve seenthe word ‘adventure’ used in many differentcontexts - from adrenaline to ‘soft adventure’.We also encounter people daily that declarethey’re “not adventurous” - when in fact, it iscompletely relative to an individual. What’sadventurous to one person isn’t necessarilyadventurous to the next”.The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)defines adventure tourism as a trip thatincludes at least two of the following threeelements: physical activity, natural environmentand cultural immersion.2Kiwis name their greatest adventures overseasas backpacking through Egypt, canoeing inVanuatu, climbing down a volcano in PapuaNew Guinea, building a house for locals inUganda, altitude trekking in Nepal, kayaking inHalong Bay and zip lining in Costa Rica.Overcoming a fear of flying in a helicopter ride,getting married in Las Vegas and getting atattoo all rated a mention.Adventure has meaning beyond thedestination. It is also found in the way weexperience a place. Many people respondedthat trying new foods and taking publictransport is the most adventurous thing they’vedone. Overnight trains in India, motorbikes inMyanmar and 4WD’ing all rate a mention.Third party research conducted by Pureprofile and commissioned by Intrepid Travel. Sample: 1,000 Kiwis nationwide representative to the national population.5

Why do we chase adventure?what is the AGE OF ADVENTURE?It’s a good question. When we startedbrainstorming this at Intrepid, we cited howadventure travel punctuates life achievementsand milestones. Reaching Everest base campby 40. Cycling Cuba to celebrate graduation.Trekking to Machu Picchu to recover from abreak-up.It turns out there are no cliches to be had here.The older demographic are just as adventurousand outgoing as the younger demographic.When you marry Intrepid’s top 10 destinationsto three Kiwi age groups3 (18-29, 30-45, 46 andover) you find that the popularity of adventuredestinations are equally spread.“Anecdotally, we are experiencing moretravellers booking an Intrepid adventure withus to mark a special occasion like a milestonebirthday or anniversary. This makes totalsense as doing something new, and in somecases getting outside of your comfort zone, isthe perfect way to put a stamp on personaloccasions,” Thornton said.To explore this further, we commissioned astudy into what motivates us to travel and thisis what we found: Adventure as decompression: More than half(51 per cent) book an adventure to rechargetheir batteries because they feel busy, tiredand stressed. Itchy feet is rife: The results indicate that 19per cent choose adventure to satisfy theircuriosity about going to new places. Thesame number of people said they get itchyfeet if they don’t travel. Party poopers: Perhaps birthdays don’tmean as much the older you get as twice asmany 18-24 year olds (14 per cent) are mostmotivated by their birthdays to book a tripthan 45-54 year olds (7 per cent). Gran is doing it for the ‘gram: 65 plus yearolds are equally as motivated as 18-24 yearolds to take an adventure in order to boaston social media - let’s call it smoasting.11 per cent of the youngest and oldestdemographic rank smoasting as theirmotivation. In total, eight per cent said itwould be their number one motivation.Below we have mapped where the agegroups sit across the ten most visited Intrepiddestinations, and you’ll see there’s not muchdifference.PERU30451101829Breaking upwith a partner4%CAMBODIA1046 MOROCCOI get itchy feet if Idon't travel - I'mnaturally curious aboutgoing to new places19%1304518291046 318291046 CUBA30451To recharge mybatteries as I feel sobusy, tired, stressedall of the time51%INDIA6304530451To have somethingfun to share with myfriends and familyon social media - 8%Birthdays - thethought of turninganother year oldermakes me wantto travel - 11%Myanmar is the twelfth most populardestination for 46 year olds but doesn’t rankin the top 20 for the other age groups.46 WHAT MOTIVATES ADVENTURE TRAVEL?To challenge travelling to climb amountain or do somethingoutside of my comfort zone - 6%Cuba is most popular for 46 year olds (thirdmost visited) compared to ranking number fivefor 30-45 year olds and eighth for 18-29 yearolds.Thailand is most popular amongst 18-29 yearolds (fifth place) compared to eleventh placefor 30-45 year olds and thirteenth place for46 year olds.Vietnam is at the top of the list for all agegroups, proving New Zealand’s affinity isconsistent across all ages.1829India is the second most popular destinationfor 46 year olds and number three for theother age groups.182930451New Zealand passengers travelled in 2017 with Intrepid Travel.107

top 20 adventure destinationsKiwis are a loyal bunch. Vietnam, Peru, Indiaand Cambodia remain New Zealand’s favouriteIntrepid adventure travel destinations from2016 to 2017. There was one movement to12Vietnam Cambodia8be found, as India overtook Peru in 2017 forthird spot. Nepal is new to the top 20 list in2017 proving Kiwis are committed to aidingNepal’s recovery from the 2015 0Thailand EcuadorThe USA dropped from eleventh place in 2016to fifteenth place in 2017 suggesting Kiwiadventure travellers are experiencing a ‘TrumpSlump’. Italy and South Africa both climbedtwo places in popularity. Malaysia climbedthree places. Argentina is strong, clocking in atnumber 19, which reflects good air connectivitybetween the two nations.11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20TanzaniaNepalSouthAfricaSpainUSAMyanmar MalaysiaLaosArgentinaChina9

Making your dollar go furtherWhilst just six per cent of Kiwis define adventure travel as travelling on a budget, weall like to get bang from our tourist buck. To see how far your NZ dollar can stretchacross the world, we’ve compared some essential purchases like local street food,bus tickets and bike hire4.New ZealandJapanCambodiaMoroccoIcelandSri LankaUSA (NYC based)PeruCurrency: NZ DollarCurrency: YenCurrency: RielCurrency: DirhamCurrency: KrónaCurrency: RupeeCurrency: US DollarCurrency: SolPOPULAR STREET FOODPOPULAR STREET FOODFERGBURGERThis wicked stackhas launched manya pilgrimage toQueenstown. It’llcost you. 11.90 1 for cheese! POPULAR STREET FOODOKONOMIYAKIAn ‘as-you-like-it’savoury pancake filledwith your heart’s saltydesire costing youaround. 9.50 3.005.50Average cost of a busticket in city centre 20.00Average cost of bikehire for a dayAverage cost of a busticket in city centre POPULAR STREET FOODCRICKETSCrickets are atraditional delicacy,served deep-fried,crunchy & seasoned.You would find aserving of this tastytreat for. 1.40Locals measure aserving in an oldcondensed milk cansThis is the corgi of thehot dog world and itwill set you backHARIRAMoroccan soupwith plump juicy dates.It can be found for aslittle as. 6.95 0.600.65 Average cost of a busticket in city centre 6.20Average cost of a busticket in city centre Average cost of a busticket in city centre 0.60 22.4512.85Average cost of bike(also known as a“mama chari”) hire fora dayHOT DOGPOPULAR STREET FOOD69.50Clocking in as the mostexpensive average costof bike hire for a dayAverage cost of bikehire for a day6.50POPULAR STREET FOODKOTTURoti, vegetables, eggand/or meat, as well asa dash of spice, all forthe low price of. 3.50 0.15Bargain! That’s theaverage cost of a busticket 6.20Cheaper than anIcelandic hot dog!Average bike hire costPOPULAR STREET FOODPIZZA SLICENo cutlery allowed: it’sa hand only pizza andwe suggest you fold itin half. This slice willcost you 3.203.20New Yorkers don’tget the bus, they ridethe subway. It goeseverywhere 37.40POPULAR STREET FOODANTICUCHOSA cow heart kebab notfor the faint hearted.Don’t think about it toohard. 2.45 0.80Average cost of a busticket in city centre 13.35Average cost of bikehire for a dayAverage cost of bikehire for a dayAverage cost of bikehire for a day104Source: Local Intrepid Travel Tour Leaders. All costs have been converted into NZD on 9 May 2018.11

the 20 global beer indexLOCAL LEADER INSIGHTWe’re all about generosity on our small group tours. We consulted our on theground leaders to find out how you can shout your Intrepid group a very largeround of drinks5.Nothing tells you more about a destination than hanging out with a local. So to geta better sense of what’s happening across the globe, we asked 20 of our local tourleaders for their insights.MYANMAR 2.70 7 BEERSISRAEL 8.65 2 BEERSMALAYSIA 3.50 5 BEERS12GREEK ISLANDS 5.15 3 BEERSVIETNAM 1.47 13 BEERSICELAND 15.78 1 BEERAUSTRALIA 9.80 2 BEERSJAPAN 10.34 1 BEERBALI 3.27 6 BEERSGALAPAGOS 5.35 3 BEERSKENYA 2.65 7 BEERSTHAILAND 3.27 6 BEERSGEORGIA 2.88 6 BEERSNEW ZEALAND 6.55 3 BEERSUSA 9.80 2 BEERSEGYPT 2.65 7 BEERSMEXICO 2.65 7 BEERSTURKEY 6.40 3 BEERSThe overwhelmingly common theme from alltour leaders, from Myanmar to Mexico, wasKiwi’s curiosity about life as a local.The new Expeditions showcase the traditionsand routines of local women in eachdestination.In Turkey, leaders are most commonly asked ifthey speak Arabic, are religious, drink alcoholand if military service is mandatory.Unsurprisingly, where leaders were once mostcommonly asked “where’s the bathroom?” theyare now most likely to hear; ”is there free WIFI?”.In Egypt, local leaders are asked aboutmarriage and whether it is arranged or not.In Mexico and Central America, tour leadershave experienced a rise in questions aroundmedia, apps and tech that are either notavailable or aren’t common place. Questionsrange from “can I get an Uber?”, “does this geta good rating on Tripadvisor” and “what doesLonely Planet say about this?”.In Myanmar, leaders are commonly askedabout life under the rule of Aung San Suu Kyi.A desire to understand and connect with localwomen of different cultures led to the launchof Intrepid’s first women only tours to Iran,Jordan and Morocco earlier this year.How do yousurvive 24/7darkness duringwintertime?5Do you havearrangedmarriage here?What animalswill we see onthe trip?Source: Local Intrepid Travel Tour Leaders. All costs have been converted into NZD on 9 May 2018.What woulda typicalbreakfast be?13

social media travel trends19:33OptusSearchIntrepid TravelIntrepid TravelJune 8, 2017An analysis of Intrepid’s social media community of more than 700,000 revealedthat travellers are tired of the tourist trail and that off the beaten track destinationsand responsible tourism resonate the most.April 21, 2017A timely reminder on World Oceans Day.1553 CommentsLike19:33TelstraSearchIn honour of Earth Day - here’s how you can make a difference on the road.1.2K14 SharesCommentShare18 CommentsLike203 SharesCommentShare4Intrepid TravelApril 21, 20176In honour of Earth Day - here’s how you can make a difference on the road.Social posts relating to carbon offsetting and sustainable travel drive above-average engagement,at twice the average amount of comments, shares and likes. Content generated on topics such asorphanage tourism, marriage equality and gender equality drives strong social conversation. Thepost on orphanage tourism below drove twice as much engagement as the average Facebookpost by Intrepid Travel.This trend mirrors The 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey6 that says 76 per cent of millennials regardbusiness as a force for positive social impact. The survey also says the strongest advocates ofbusiness as a force for positive change, are significantly more engaged and vocal on social media.Suggesting adventure travellers are open minded, social media posts on marriage equality issuestimed around Australia’s plebiscite received a positive response with above average numbers ofusers ‘liking’ and ‘loving’ the post - with just few clicking the angry emoji.14:13OptusSearchIntrepid TravelIntrepid TravelFebruary 19, 2017September 28, 2017An important read.833Yes. We’re standing up for love.47 CommentsLike480326 SharesCommentShareIntrepid TravelFebruary 21, 2017In honour of Earth Day - here’s how you can make a difference on the road.Just what counts as off the beaten track for Intrepid’s Instagram community? Photos from Iran,Jordan, Morocco, Antarctica and Patagonia receive the most engagement and around twice theaverage number of likes and comments.1418:35VirginSearch119 CommentsLove34 SharesCommentShareIntrepid TravelSeptember 27, 2017Vietnam is the hottest destination right now!46Survey of 8,000 millennials in 30 countries.15

TOURISM DENSITY INDEXWe compared the number of locals to the number of tourists, and whilst thefindings don’t consider landmass, they highlight where tourists outnumber locals7.OvertourismWhen visitors outweigh locals, it can becomean issue for their cost of living and thereforequality of life. In Iceland, there are almost 1.9million visitors and just 334,000 permanentresidents. Whilst tourism plays a major part inIceland’s economy, it is the ideal case study forovertourism.“Intrepid takes our responsibility seriously toget travellers into less visited places like the2.45%Locals: 8,084,990 Tourists: 198,000PAPUA NEW GUINEAWestfjords in Iceland. We also create trips thatcelebrate a destination’s off-peak season,”Intrepid Group CEO James Thornton said.Small group adventures explore on foot andpublic transport and Intrepid trips include lowimpact camping where possible. “We help ourtravellers to buy ethical souvenirs from localcommunities, avoid single use plastics and ofcourse, we carbon offset all of our trips” addedThornton.2.77%UndertourismFrom the figures below, there’s arguably anissue of undertourism in places like PapuaNew Guinea (PNG) where total visitor arrivalsmake up just 2.45 per cent of their permanentpopulation. Intrepid currently offers three tripsto PNG but there is potential for further trips.Other destinations open to sustainable tourisminclude Tanzania where visitors make up 2.3per cent of its population. Intrepid Travel has41 trips on offer here including a Zanzibar5.64%6.16%Locals: 48,461,570 Tourists: 1,340,000Locals: 95,688,680 Tourists: 5,399,000Locals: 80,277,430 Tourists: als: 31,773,840 Tourists: 4,718,000PERULocals: 35,276,790 Tourists: 10,677,000MOROCCOLocals: 11,475,980 Tourists: 4,002,000Locals: 79,512,430 Tourists: 30,907,000248.82%261.20%Locals: 46,443,960 Tourists: 115,561,000Locals: 10,746,740 Tourists: 28,071,000CUBATURKEY74.37%sailing adventure that takes travellers to smalland less-developed islands.Iran remains largely untapped by travellerswho make up just six per cent of the country’stotal population. “People who travel with us toIran are always surprised to the extent at whichlocals welcome them - some in to their homesfor traditional feasts. In 2018, we launchedour first ever women’s only expedition to Iran.These trips aim to empower Iranian women tobecome tour leaders,” Thornton said.8.32%Locals: 48,673,420 Tourists: 4,048,000COLOMBIA50.54%10.22%Locals: 21,203,000 Tourists: 2,168,000SRI LANKA65.30%Locals: 9,455,800 Tourists: 4,779,000Locals: 4,857,270 Tourists: 3,172,000565.74%1380.78%Locals: 334,250 Tourists: 1,891,000Locals: 4,170,600 Tourists: 57,587,000JORDANCOSTA RICA104.14%Locals: 127,540,420 Tourists: 94,853,000MEXICO16Locals: 60,600,590 Tourists: 84,925,000ITALYSPAINGREECE7ICELANDCROATIASource: World Tourism Organization (2018), Compendium of Tourism Statistics dataset [Electronic], UNWTO, Madrid, data updated on 15/01/2018.17

The elephant in the roomNICHE AdventuresOf the 1,000 Kiwis we asked about their most adventurous experience whiletravelling, nine people said riding elephants.We have seen a substantial rise in travellers booking adventures specific to theirpassions and interests from cycling to food adventures.Whilst 0.9 per cent implies travellers are bettereducated on the negative impact of elephantrides, there is still work to do in banning thepractice altogether.“In 2014, we banned elephant rides on all ofour trips and continue to focus on educationto both travellers and the travel industry toencourage more positive change.”FoodCycling“As a responsible travel business operatingaround the globe we’ve set policies to notparticipate in activities that exploit animals,wild or domesticated. In 2010 we lent oursupport to extensive research by World AnimalProtection into captive elephant venues andlearned much along the way,” Thornton said.“We are currently working with NGO partnersin Nepal to develop alternatives to elephantriding. Our ultimate goal is to eradicateelephant riding in Nepal,” Thornton added.Intrepid has experienced a steady 20 percent growth in bookings for their Real FoodAdven

defines adventure tourism as a trip that includes at least two of the following three elements: physical activity, natural environment and cultural immersion. It’s wild and it’s mild The survey also asked respondents to define the most adventurous activity undertaken on holiday. For some people, simply going overseas was their greatest adventure whilst others mentioned camping in the .

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adventure tourism (ISO 21101 and TR 21102)2 addresses adventure travel specifically, and none of these standards or quality assurance systems cover all the aspects necessary for excellent adventure travel guiding. In the absence of a global qualification and performance standard, a variety of approaches to managing adventure travel guiding can be

Adventure tourism is a rapidly expanding sector of the tourism industry internationally. New Zealand is internationally recognised as a country where adventure tourism and adventure sports are undertaken by a large proportion of the resident and visitor population. While the risks associated with adventure tourism and adventure sport activity are increasingly highlighted in media reports of .

The Intrepid II Model 1990 has been tested and is listed by Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The test standards are ANSI/UL-1482 and ANSI/UL-737 for the United States, and ULC S627 and CAN/CSA-B366.2 for Canada. The Intrepid II is listed for burning wood only. Do not burn other fuels

The Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI) is a joint initiative of The George Washington University and The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). The ATDI offers a ranking of countries around the world based on principles of sustainable adventure tourism

the risks of adventure travel. Adventure travel is supposed to be challenging. But regardless of your age, destination or chosen activity, your safety should be of paramount importance. BS 8848 sets standards to minimize the risks of adventure travel. Knowledge of the standard is important to anyone organizing, or taking part in, an overseas venture. 2 Hundreds of thousands of people take part .

Abbreviations xxix PC Carli price index PCSWD Carruthers, Sellwood, Ward, and Dalén price index PD Dutot price index PDR Drobisch index PF Fisher price index PGL Geometric Laspeyres price index PGP Geometric Paasche price index PH Harmonic average of price relatives PIT Implicit Törnqvist price index PJ Jevons price index PJW Geometric Laspeyres price index (weighted Jevons index)

1. Corporate Travel Booked through a UW contracted Travel agency listed on the Travel Services Website. 2. Athletics Travel Booked through Athletics travel desk. 3. State of WA Travel Booked through the following as listed on the Travel Services Website. UW contracted Travel agency State contracted Travel agency EasyBiz

AGMA American Gear Manufacturers Association AIA American Institute of Architects. AISI American Iron and Steel Institute ANSI American National Standards Institute, Inc. AREA American Railway Engineering Association ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASTM American Society for Testing and .