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Emerging Jobs:IndiaThe fastest growing jobs in the country

Table of contentsIntroduction01Key Takeways04Demand Intensity in India15Skills over job titles17Talent Intelligence22LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

About this reportHow LinkedIn datareveals what’s emergingOur methodology for this reportThis report has crunched LinkedIn’s uniquedata from the last five years to identify the topup-and-coming roles and the skills needed for each.It looks at what roles are on the rise, where thetalent has come from, and where it resides today.We hope this report will serve as a helpful resource that talentleaders can use to: E ducate hiring managers and business leadersabout the challenges and opportunities that existin the Indian jobs market R eference in executive discussions to givea bird’s eye view of the hiring marketplaceWe looked at all LinkedIn members in Indiawho included work experience on their profile.We then grouped together the millions of unique,user-input job titles based on common job roles.This involved clustering job titles together.For example, our category of ‘Machine LearningEngineer’ includes user input titles such as‘machine learning software engineer’ and‘Machine Learning Engineer II.’We then counted the frequencies of job titlesthat were held in 2013 and compared the resultsto job titles that were held in 2017.Our ‘emerging jobs’ are the top five job titlesthat saw the largest growth in frequency overthe five-year period. Understand what skills to look for instead of job titles G lean insights into the nature of emerging rolesand the individuals that occupy themLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA1

Tech becomes all-pervasiveTech really is king when it comesto jobs in India.This will come as little surprise as,for a generation, expatriate IndianIT workers have provided muchof the know-how that’s led to thesuccess of global tech giants.Today, however, multinationals are rushingin to establish Indian hubs. Meanwhile, asthe third largest startup hub in the world,entrepreneurial Indians have created theirown thriving indigenous tech industry.It’s not only tech companies that want techpeople. Pharmaceutical companies, banks,insurance, retail, transport, and industrialconglomerates are all harnessing the powerof technological advancements to make a bigdifference to their top and bottom lines.All these companies are hungry for people skilledin the emerging roles identified in this report.2The top tenemerging jobs:1 Machine LearningEngineer2 ApplicationDevelopment Analyst3 Back End Developer4 Full Stack Engineer5 Data Scientist6 Customer Success Manager7 Digital Marketing Specialist8 Big Data Developer9 Sales Recruiter10 Python DeveloperLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

The challenges forHR and TA professionalsHow do you hire for jobs that did notexist five years ago?How do you attract and retain talentwhen industry lines are blurring?How can you predict where the gapsin your workforce will be?How do you upskill & reskill your existingworkforce to rise to the challenge?This is where LinkedIn’s unique data comes in. Over50 million people in India, and 575 million aroundthe world, have a LinkedIn profile and, as they network,they create billions of touchpoints.As this enormous living, breathing dataset evolves inreal-time, it gives organisations a powerful source ofinsight as they plan the future of their workforce.LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA3


1Tech jobs rule in India,but not just in tech companiesMachine learning & Data Scientists USWhat degrees does this talent have?Total professionalsMaster’s Degree 43%Doctorate 32%Tech roles are dominating the jobs market, but notalways in ways you might expect.In India, more and more businesses are shifting focus and resources to big data anddigital products. Leaders across BFSI, manufacturing, media and entertainment,professional services, retail and consumer products, technology-software arelooking at technology to drive scale, efficiency and growth. So Machine LearningEngineers and Data Scientists find themselves in massive demand.Where are these professionals coming from? While machine learning and datascientists in the US come from academia or have a master’s degree, over 50%of these professionals in India have a bachelor’s degree and are trained on the job.We will be using AI and emerging technologies acrossthe Mahindra group and we are taking it very seriously.Many of our businesses generate copious amounts of data.Years of operations have resulted in huge databases and weare now aggressively embarking on optimizing this data to drivepersonalization for customers for business out-performance.Bachelor’s Degree 20%O ther 5%New graduatesMaster’s Degree 66%Doctorate 17%Bachelor’s Degree 15%O ther 2%Machine learning & Data Scientists IndiaWhat degrees does this talent have?Total professionalsBachelor’s Degree 48%Master’s Degree 37%M aster of Business Administration 11%A dministration 4%New graduatesPrince AugustinBachelor’s Degree 51%Executive Vice-President (group Human Capital and Leadership Development),Mahindra and Mahindra.M aster of Business Administration 14%Master’s Degree 32%O thers 4%LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA5

2Upskilling is gettingmore importantThink bigger by looking at skillsand not just previous titles.The top emerging jobs areall in extremely high demand,meaning there’s a hugerecruitment challenge ahead forHR and talent acquisitions teams.When talent is thin on the ground, the ‘perfectcandidate’ will be highly discerning and veryexpensive. HR and TA teams already know thetalent market is tight, so creativity will be the key.The shift in thinking needs to involve hiringfor skills, rather than hiring for job title. In thisreport we’ve broken down the skills candidateswill need for the top emerging jobs, and lookat the possible previous job titles candidatesmay have held.In these times of rapid change, the companythat will succeed is the one that makes itsworkplace conducive to continuous learning.The ideal candidate for a role could already besitting a few desks away from you. Perhaps theyjust need some training and a bit of belief frommanagement to take their career to the next level.We are living in a VUCAworld. At the same time weare fortunate to live in veryexciting times – times whererapid technological changeis sweeping the world and isredefining the rulesof business and value creation.This offers a unique opportunityto us to further leapfrog andscale to new heights. A criticalfactor to this is that all of usas torchbearers of Reliancecontinue to acquire, upgradeand refresh our skills knowledgeand competencies.Hital MeswaniExecutive DirectorReliance Industries LimitedLearn how India’s largest private sector conglomerate, Reliance Industries,partnered with LinkedIn, to bring world class learning resources to thousandsof employees across multiple businesses.6LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

3Rise of the CustomerSuccess Manager (CSM)While technology-focused jobsstill top the leaderboard in India,the fact that the role of CustomerSuccess Manager has comein at Number Six on LinkedIn’semerging jobs list showsthe growing importance bothtech and non-tech firmsare putting on making theircustomers successful.The rise of CSMs is a terrific example of howjob candidates don’t necessarily need to betooled-up with hard STEM skills to be a usefulpart of the shift to tech happening acrossthe economy.As per NASSCOM,1 SaaS is the preferredmodel of over 50% of Indian productcompanies, with cloud growing at 43%.The rise of the Customer Success Managercan be attributed to the proliferation of SaaSand subscription services in the market overthe past five years.While traditional marketing and sales rolescontinue to grow, it’s CSMs who are seenas the new critical function to help onboard,influence, and retain customers, who are oftensubscribing for years at a time.1st4thCustomer SuccessManager was thenumber one emergingrole in Australia.Customer SuccessManager was rankedfourth in LinkedIn’ssurvey of emerging jobsin the United Statesand it also rates highlyin other industrialisedeconomies.A N N U A L G R O W T H R AT EBY I N D U S T R Y: C S M s I N I N D I AThe table below shows the growthin the past one year:Internet41%Computer networking36%Information technology and services27%0 10 20 30 40 50 60 7080 90 100110 120Growth (%)1Nascomm: Catalyzing the Ecosystem for A Trillion Dollar Digital EconomyLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA7

02Deep Dive:The top 5 emerging jobsLinkedIn has crunched its enormous stackof data from the past five years to identifythe top emerging jobs in India.Our data shows us the career paths mostpeople have taken into these roles, as well asthe skills most commonly associated with thejobs. Identifying these leading emerging jobsgives HR and talent acquisition teams a uniqueinsight into where the jobs market is heading.843xMachine Learning EngineerApplication Development Analyst32x23xBack End DeveloperFull Stack Engineer18x14xData Scientist01020304050Rate of Growth (2013 – 2017)LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

1Machine LearningEngineerHow can companies harness the vast swathes ofdata they hold to be more efficient and profitable?How can an online retailer or a subscription TV service create a uniqueand uncluttered experience for the individual customer, based on theirpast buying or watching habits? How can banks recognise patterns thatmight indicate fraud or money laundering?This is where the Machine Learning Engineer comes in, using a branchof artificial intelligence to produce automated data modelling.WHERE THEY WERE FIVE YE ARS AGOSoftwareEngineerLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS niorSoftwareEngineerWe looked back at the career paths of professionals who hold these top 5 rolesto get a sense for where they were in their careers 5 years ago.DataEngineer9

2ApplicationDevelopment AnalystUsing a suite of software engineering skills todevelop, test,support and troubleshoot computerbased applications for internal and external clients,the Application Development Analyst is the personwho keeps the show on the road.WHERE THEY WERE FIVE YE ARS areEngineerLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

3Back EndDeveloperBehind every great website or mobile applicationis a successful Back End Developer. They’reresponsible for building the “server side” inweb applications and important functionslike the database.Usually they’ll work hand-in-hand witha specialist Front End Developer who willdevelop the experience on the “client-side”.WHERE THEY WERE FIVE YE ARS AGOBack EndDeveloperLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS orSoftwareEngineer11

4Full StackEngineerA combination of Front and Back End web andapplication development, Full Stack Engineers arethe Swiss Army knives of tech talent – able to runa project from start to finish.As well as building the “server-side” functionsof a website, they have to make it user friendlyin the “client-side” as well, their versatility meansthey are in hot demand across a huge swatheof industries looking to add tech capacity asefficiently as possible.WHERE THEY WERE FIVE YE ARS loperStudentPHPDeveloperLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

5DataScientistD I D YO U K N O W ?22% of Data Scientists who have migrated to Singapore are from India.International headquartered companies continue to look at India for theirgrowing talent needs.These days business is driven by data. Whetherit’s financial insights or understanding customerbehaviour, people who can make sense ofthe enormous quantity of data being generatedby modern organisations are in high demand.Confirm imageThe promise of engaging work and the scopeto drill down into interesting data are draw-cardsfor the curious and intelligent candidates datascience tends to produce.WHERE THEY WERE FIVE YE ARS AGODataScientistLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS ftwareEngineerSeniorBusinessAnalyst13


Where the jobs areW H AT D O E S T H I S M E A N ?Knowing the supply/demand balance in your city can help you decidewhether to look for your next hire in your city, or to tap into talent willingto migrate, or set up a satellite office in a city where competition isrelatively lower.So now that we’ve establishedthe top 5 emerging jobs in India,the question is where do you findthese people?LinkedIn has crunched thenumbers looking at the availabilityof these in-demand roles in thenation’s major centres.The graph opposite shows you the demand intensityfor the top 5 jobs in the different cities.Demand intensity Demand for the role based onhiring activity / number of professionals with that title.Competition for that talent pool increases as youmove from left to right in the graph.Demand Intensity: Top Indian onDevelopmentAnalystBack EndDeveloperDataScientistFull StackEngineerMachineLearningEngineerDemand Intensity % (Demand for the role based on hiring activity / number of professionals currently with that title in India).LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA15

Case Study: Novartis IndiaHow talent data helpedNovartis choose a strategiclocation for its new office.For months, Novartis debated internally whetherits new India office should be in Mumbai orBangalore, as each city had strategic appeal.By leveraging insights from LinkedIn, therecruiting team was able to compare eachcity’s talent pool on factors such as mobilityand employers.Career level was also a key point of comparison,as Novatis successfully recruits most employeesat mid-career. In the talent report, Mumbai wasthe clear winner over Bangalore with its muchlarger population of mid-career talent.Once the data was shared with all stakeholders,it only took three weeks to reach consensuson Mumbai.16T H E I M PA C TFaster decision-makingTime is money, and like most companiesNovartis is constantly trying to move faster.So to rely solely on its ATS and application flowto choose an office location would not havebeen practical, and would have taken toolong. The talent pool reports acceleratedthe company’s ability to get alignment andtake action.Access to passive talentThe report also exposed Novartis to new poolsof talent. To meet its demand for clinical talent,for example, the team had to look beyondpharma. Talent pool reports highlight the bestalternate industries and companies to target,such as healthcare or insurance.We knew Mumbai had agood population and Bangalorehad a good population, butwithout more insight into theirdifferences in talent, it washard to make a decision. Butonce the data came in, it wasrather easy.Priyanka ThatoiAssistant ManagerLeadership & Campus HiringNovartisAbility to educate the businessNovartis has an internal team that does talentmapping, but to get a very detailed view ofthe full picture, the third-party data helps.Especially when the hiring team is fromdifferent parts of the world, it’s a good wayto communicate the local landscape.LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA


As the blurring and meldingof specialist roles picks up pace,the key to attracting the bestpeople will be to focus ona recruit’s skills rather thantheir previous job titles.As one leading Data Scientist told LinkedIn, hisjob title didn’t exist when he was at universityless than five years ago. People in his area ofexpertise were described as being into “analyticsor machine learning studies”.In these times of rapid change HR and talentacquisition, professionals need to keep itsimple. The emphasis should be on looking foremployees with transferable skills which enablethem to adapt to changing workforce demands.Is your company prepared to invest in furthertraining-in-house or external? Could your nextMachine Learning Engineer already be workingfor the firm as a Software Engineer?Career paths should be looked at in termsof skills the worker gained and how theydeveloped, instead of just noting a checklist ofjob titles. HR and TA would benefit from lookingfor aptitudes such as adaptability, resilience,and entrepreneurial skills.Will that young graduate from the best universitywith the right “cookie-cutter” CV actually add tothe workplace culture?Or will an existing employee, with the soft skill toengage with clients and understand their needs,be more suited to the role? Can they be taughtthe technical skills they need?18LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

Top skills for the top 5 emerging jobsMACHINELEARNINGENGINEERAPPLICATIONDEVELOPMENTA N A LYS T PythonBACK ENDDEVELOPERFULL STACKENGINEERDATASCIENTIST Softwaredevelopment Back-end webdevelopment Node.js Data science Algorithms Stack Machine learning Data science Isas Web development Java Analytics Artificialintelligence Programming Java AngularJS Data mining Salesforce.com Node.js Ruby on rails Big data Deep learning Business analysis Mongodb Javascript Hadoop Analytics SAP products Back-end Html5 Python Data mining Application support MongoDB R Nosql Maintenance& repair Softwaredevelopment Python Management Jquery Django Statisticalmodeling React.js Matlab Back-end webdevelopment Statistics Big data Python Natural languageprocessing Accounts payable Javascript TM1 MySQL Hadoop Java Start-ups Research anddevelopment (R&D) Ruby on rails Predictivemodeling SAP ERP ABAPLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA19

Case Study: MyntraHow are companies winningthe talent war for emerging jobs?P I P E L I N E B U I L D E R C A M PA I G NTarget audience:India, Singapore, UKWith Machine Learning Engineers, DataScientists etc. becoming critical acrossindustries, companies are constantly tryingto nurture and expand these talent pools.Skills:Data Science, UX/UI Design,Product ManagementMyntra, India’s leading e-commerce company,has always taken a pro-active approach to hiringand creating talent pipelines for key skills. Theyused LinkedIn pipeline builder to take their valueproposition to relevant candidates and capturedinterest for open job opportunities.Metrics: Total leads: 1416 leads Landing page view to lead conversion: 35% Number of leads that had not previouslyengaged with Jobs: 68% Campaign duration: 60 daysPipeline Builder Page isa great way to target, attract,capture, engage and managetalent leads that matter the mostto our current and upcominghiring needs!Amit MathurSr. DirectorHuman Capital &Head of Talent AcquisitionMyntra & JabongK N O W M O R E : W H AT ’ S A P I P E L I N E B U I L D E R ?It helps your company build a talent pipeline on LinkedIn by reaching the talentyou need to hire, engaging them with rich messaging about your company andopen job opportunities, and giving them the opportunity to express interest.It’s a self-serve tool, giving you the flexibility to create and edit landing pages.Admins can also monitor the number of landing page views and interested leads.20LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

Case Study: The AI Academy:How LinkedIn is scaling AI2While the increase in computingresources is helping take AImainstream, universities are notproducing people with expertiseat the same pace. To address thisproblem, LinkedIn has createdthe AI academy.five one-day-per-week deep-dive classes, anda subsequent, one-month apprenticeship withthe core AI team that takes participants fromunderstanding how to incorporate and maintainan AI system to shipping one for their team.The goal of this program is to equip employeesacross the company – in areas like engineering,product management, etc. – with the knowledgethey need to optimally deliver impactful AIexperiences to our members.After completing those courses, participantsbetter understand one of the hardest problemsin applied AI: knowing which problems aresolvable via AI and which ones aren’t.The AI Academy consists of different courses fordifferent job roles and business needs. Engineers,for example, take a course called AI200, “Buildingan AI Product from End-to-End.” This consists ofFor product managers and company executives,there is a one-day, deep-dive course thatfocuses on the specific domain knowledge thatthey’ll need to manage AI products.Beyond these use cases, we envision extendingthe program to employees that work withpopulations who use AI, such as sales peoplewho work with technology clients and recruiterswho work with LinkedIn Engineering.For us, success with the AI Academy looks like every engineer,product manager, and other employee at LinkedIn knowing theoptimal amount about AI for their job.LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA2LinkedIn: The AI Academy: How We’re Scaling AI Across LinkedInWe want AI and machinelearning to be a part of everysingle product feature wedevelop. The supply anddemand in this area is highlyimbalanced. Our training isnot focused on teaching themdeep theoretical aspects ofmachine learning. For that, werecommend they take somecourses outside and we supporttheir effort.In the AI academy, we want toequip our software engineersmore via a vocational trainingprogram where they canlearn how to deploy end-to-end machine learning intoproduction.Deepak AgarwalGlobal Head of AI at LinkedIn21


LinkedIn’s vision is to create economicopportunity for every member of theglobal workforce. Executing on thatvision begins with mapping the digitaleconomy – or creating the world’s firsteconomic graph.LinkedIn has created the world’s largest talentmarketplace where candidates and companiesinteract every day.LinkedIn’s Economic Graph is a digital representationof the global economy based on data generated from575 million members, 50,000 skills, 26 million companies,more than 15 million open jobs, and 60,000 educationalinstitutions. LinkedIn has created the world’s largesttalent marketplace where candidates and companies areinteracting every single day. While 10 years ago we had arelatively small collection of profiles and some engagement,we now have a robust community where billions ofinteractions are taking place every day.The insights generated from these billions of interactionscan enable today’s HR leaders to answer some of the mostdeep and complex questions raised by the CEO and seniorbusiness leaders.This ammunition adds a data-driven foundation to yourpoint of view, your experience, and your decisions. It canenable your team to marry their instincts with these insightsto make the right decisions or elevate their position in theorganisation, while also ensuring people are a competitiveadvantage for the business. In the next few pages, findout how organisations can use insights from LinkedIn toanswer critical questions across the employee lifecycle.LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTAI NUDSITAR A L I A23

Final thoughts forHR and TA teams1MAP THEMARKETStudy talent pools for fast growing roles:migration flows, candidate drivers, careerpaths, etc., and your engagement with thispool versus competition.With technology enabling all industries,skills are now transferable.Find out more about the rise of data andanalytics in HR here.2BUILD ATA L E N TPIPELINE3GE T RE ADYTO COMPETE24Take a pro-active approach to talentmanagement. Build a pipeline of relevantexternal candidates and nurture themvia online and offline actitivites.Groom internal employees for skillsand jobs of the future via cutting edgealways-on learning initiatives.It’s about supply and demand, knowyour unique differentiators, preferablyby job group and articulate consistentlythrough your employer brand.Rally your leadership teams, HR teamsand employees to spread the word.LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

About LinkedIn’s Economic Graph575M MEMBERSLinkedIn’s Economic Graphis a digital representation ofthe global economy basedon data generated from575 million members, 50,000skills, 26 million companies,more than 15 million openjobs, and 60,000 educationalinstitutions. In short: it’s allthe data on LinkedIn.Through mapping every member,company, job and school, we’re able tospot trends like talent migration, hiringrates and in-demand skills by region.These insights help us connect peopleto economic opportunity in new ways.By partnering with governments andorganisations around the world wehelp them better connect people toopportunities.See full article50K SKILLS26M COMPANIESAuthors15 M O P E N J O B SLucas BunzelYuki MotomuraSuvendu JenaInsights AnalystInsights AnalystSenior Insights AnalystAkash KauraPooja ChhabriaMegha NayakData Scientist – EconomicGraph and Public PolicySenior Marketing ManagerLTS Marketing Lead, IndiaLINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA60K EDUCATION A LINSTITUTIONS25

Contact usLinkedIn’s data and insightscan help you make critical talentdecisions enabling you to buildgreat teams and make peopleyour competitive advantage.This is Talent Intelligence.Find out more.26LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORTINDIA

Talent Solutions

8 LINKEDIN EMERGING JOBS REPORT INDIA Deep Dive: The top 5 emerging jobs 02 LinkedIn has crunched its enormous stack of data from the past five years to identify the top emerging jobs in India. Our data shows us the career paths most people have taken into these roles, as well as the skills most commonly associated with the jobs.

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