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PART 1SophisticatedTechnology Marketer’sTheGuide toVolume 3THETAPPING INTOEDINPOWER OF LINKPART 1: Why does my business need LinkedIn?1


Tapping intoTHE POWER OF LINKEDINrevenue. We’ll teach you about ourvariety of products such as DisplayAds, Text Ads, Sponsored InMails,Sponsored Updates, and LinkedInLead Accelerator, and how they worktogether to generate high qualityleads with our accurate targeting fromwithin your target audience.As a technology marketer, we wantyou to tap into the power of LinkedInwith our exciting and innovativevariety of marketing and advertisingsolutions. You can engage your targetmarket often and share insights aboutyour company’s offerings in the bestand most effective way possible.This guide is the third of fourvolumes and was created to providesophisticated technology marketerswith an overview of LinkedIn’ssolutions that will help expand yourreach and drive traffic and qualityleads to your site, ultimatelygenerating more pipeline andReaching the right professionalaudience can be hard. LinkedIn letsyou easily reach the right people,at the right time, with the rightcontent, and keep them engaged.Learn to effectively strengthen yournurturing efforts with your targetmarket, and provide useful contentto educate and engage until they’reready to make a purchase.This guide will ensure you’re usingthe most effective mix of marketingtools to communicate your brandto the largest professional networkon the planet.Kelly KyerGlobal Marketing Lead —Technology VerticalLinkedIn Marketing SolutionsTapping into the Power of LinkedIn3

Expand Your Targeted Reach:ADVERTISING ON LINKEDINBy combining mass reach withaccurate targeting, LinkedInadvertising solutions allow you to: Engage your target from amongthe most affluent, influential,and educated audience onsocial media Increase awareness, credibilityand impact through the powerof social proof Drive traffic and leads to your siteLinkedIn Display AdsThrough LinkedIn Display Ads, youcan reach a professional audience ina context where they actively seekadvice and recommendations frombrands and companies. All LinkedInDisplay Ad formats leverage theunique depth of our member profileinformation, offering targeting bysector, job function, seniority, locationand more: a targeted approachthat drives engagement, relevanceand response.Here are the LinkedIn advertisingsolutions at your disposal to helpyou achieve those results: Display Ads Sponsored InMailExpand Your Targeted Reach: Advertising on LinkedIn4

LinkedIn Premium Display Advertising for Awarenessand Consideration at ScaleWith LinkedIn Premium Display Ads,you can target the exact audienceyou want in a premium unclutteredenvironment. That makes it easier touse existing ad creative to drive brandawareness and consideration at scaleamong LinkedIn’s audience.Display Ads give you a fantasticshare of voice. That’s because, unlikeother digital publishers, LinkedInonly serves two visual ads on a pageat any one time. Combine this withour powerful targeting capabilitiesand it’s a no-brainer.Here’s an example of how MarketSharerealized these benefits. The marketinginnovator wanted to increase awarenessof their solutions for marketinganalytics among marketing decisionmakers, and increase the quality ofleads in their funnel. MarketShareused LinkedIn’s accurate targetingcapabilities to identify marketingexecutives at companies with over1000 employees. They targeted thisaudience through Display Ads thatemphasized accountability and bigdata that included relevant contentdownload links. These Display Adsresulted in clickthrough rates of0.10%, which doubled MarketShare’sexpectations, new vertical leads, andmore engaged high-quality leads thatmoved further down the sales funnel.The Senior Manager of OnlineMarketing at MarketShare applaudedLinkedIn’s targeting abilities in findingthe high quality leads their salesfunnel needed.Engage Professionals Often,Wherever They Travel OnlineKeep the right professionals engaged across the entire Webthrough LinkedIn Network Display. Reach them with accuracyand scale on LinkedIn, business publisher sites, and beyond.“From a marketing standpoint, the targeting is unprecedented.For marketing campaigns, LinkedIn can identify who to send itto and when to send it but with precision we have never seenbefore. The success stories are still building, but we will seemore B2B marketers drive success via LinkedIn over the nextcouple years.”Craig Rosenberg, The Funnelholic www.funnelholic.comExpand Your Targeted Reach: Advertising on LinkedIn5

Text Ads for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) PerformanceText Ads is a self-service advertisingsolution that allows you to placetext ads on prominent pagesacross LinkedIn to reach LinkedIn’sprofessional audience. Your textbasedad includes a headline,description, and can even featurea 50x50 image. You specify whichLinkedIn members view your ads byselecting a target audience basedon characteristics like job title, jobfunction, industry, geography,company size, company name,LinkedIn Group, and more. You canalso control your advertising costsby setting a budget as low as 10 perday and can choose to pay on acost-per-click or impression basis —all without any contractsor commitments.HUBSPOT GENERATES QUALITY LEADS WITH ACCURATETARGETING USING TEXT ADSHubSpot creates marketing softwarethat helps businesses grow web traffic,generate inbound leads, and convertleads into paying customers. Thechallenge for HubSpot was findingadvertising venues with the right mix ofmarketing professionals who respondwell to HubSpot’s offers of freemarketing materials.their businesses, or networkingwith other professionals.” HubSpotalso needed to accurately target itscampaigns beyond simply just location,keywords, and interests, drilling downinto specific professional attributes ofits potential customers — a capabilitythat other social networks donot provide.HubSpot first experimented with adcampaigns on social networks otherthan LinkedIn, but the campaigns didnot yield satisfactory results. “There’sa lot of distraction on other socialnetworks,” Dan Slagen, the company’sHead of Paid Marketing, says. “Peopleare there for reasons besides improvingUsing LinkedIn Ads, HubSpot has beenable to achieve clickthrough ratesranging from 0.1% to 0.3%with an average CPC of about 3,“which is actually a fraction of thecost of paid search advertising,”Slagen explains.“With Text Ads, we’ve been able to generatea clickthrough rate that is 60% higher than ouraverage across other social networks — and atthe same time, the quality of leads comingthrough LinkedIn is greater than through othersocial media channels.”Dan Slagen, Co-Founder & CEO at HubspotExpand Your Targeted Reach: Advertising on LinkedIn6

Sponsored InMail: Deliver Directly to Members’ InboxesUsing Sponsored InMail, you canreach high-value, targeted prospectson LinkedIn with attention-grabbingmessages that speak directly totheir interests. You can designaterecipients by geography, job role,group membership, company size andother criteria.These notifications are prominentlydisplayed on the LinkedIn homepageand in members’ inboxes for highvisibility that cuts through the clutter.Discover a new way to increase theeffectiveness of your email marketingeffort and drive leads from LinkedIn.Reach members only when theyare active on the LinkedIn site toboost engagement. Boosting conversions withtargeted product andservice promotions Promoting Content your audiencewants to see, like infographics,white papers, and reports Personalizing invitations toevents and conferencesThe flexible format makes itsimple to integrate content andmessaging from across yourLinkedIn ecosystem. Accuratetargeting ensures you reach themembers that matter most,from across our network of over347 million professionals.Sponsored InMail leverages the credibility of the LinkedIn platform so that,unlike conventionalthey are more likely to be opened,SponsoredInMail isemailidealcampaigns,for:read and acted on.Send a personalized message directly to a member’s inboxEngage your key target audiences across desktop and mobileDrive conversations by delivering personalized messages within theuncluttered LinkedIn inbox environment“With so many competitors going after the same customers,VistaVu knew it was time to rethink its strategy. Our goal was tobreak away from the crowd by really demonstrating our industryfocus and unique value proposition. For us, it was about gettingour message and differentiated product offerings to the rightaudience. Not only did we receive more leads, but the qualityand the promise of the leads was unmatched.”Nicole Baron, Marketing Manager, VistaVu Solutions.Expand Your Targeted Reach: Advertising on LinkedIn7

Nurture Leads Beyond the Inbox:LINKEDIN LEAD ACCELERATORWhen you successfully drive qualified prospects into the funnel, you’resucceeding as a sophisticated marketer. But your job doesn’t end there. Youneed to nurture those prospects until they’re ready to talk to your sales reps.Nurturing is critical considering that buyers largely hold sales reps at bayuntil they’re far down the path to purchase.The sooner you can move those leadsinto sales’ hands, the better. Thatmeans the pressure is on you to keepyour target audience engaged andmoving through the funnel. You dothat by sharing relevant offers andcontent at the right time in the buyingprocess.First off, you can only interact withprospects via email once you’vecaptured their contact details. Whatabout all those prospects who haven’tshared that information with you?Research finds that as many as 95%of the people who visit a B2B websitenever fill out a web form.Relying Solely on Email to Nurtureis Like Driving in First GearBut if you’re only using email to thatend, you’re essentially limiting yourfull reach and potential as a marketer.Email is certainly a proven channelfor nurturing prospects that you’vealready engaged. But, as a nurturingchannel, it’s limited. Here’s why.Plus, let’s not forget that on a greatday, only 20% of your databasecontacts will open your emailmessages. In the end, you only standto engage with 1% of your websitevisitors at best since only 5% providetheir contact information and only20% of that 5% will open emailsfrom you.QuoteFifteen years ago you could expect a 60% open rate,and today, you’re lucky if it’s 10%,” says Daniel Nissan,president and CEO of StructuredWeb.Why limit your potential and results byrelying on a single channel to engageand nurture prospective buyers?Nurture Leads Beyond the Inbox: LinkedIn Lead Accelerator8

Drive More High-QualityLeads FasterWith the majority of your prospectsbeyond your nurturing reach, youneed to go beyond the inbox andtake a multi-channel approach toreach them wherever they consumeinformation online. That’s whereLinkedIn Lead Accelerator comesinto play. Lead Accelerator makes itpossible for you to seamlessly folddisplay and social advertising alongwith content marketing into yournurture programs. In other words, youcan engage and nurture prospectsanywhere online with relevant ads andcontent. But that’s not all — we giveyou the data and insights that makeit possible to improve your resultsover ads anywhere they go online,until they become known prospects.At the same time, you can nurture allknown prospects wherever they goonline, without being dependent onemail. The result? You deliver a greaternumber of high-quality leads to yoursales team faster than ever.What LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Empowers You to DoConvert the 95% of anonymous web visitors who don’t provideemail addressesEngage the 80% of known prospects who don’t open your emailEvaluate the impact of your nurture programsA major advantage of LeadAccelerator over email-onlynurture is the ability to nurture youranonymous prospects — all thewebsite visitors who don’t sharetheir email addresses with you. LeadAccelerator enables you to nurturethem with sequences of relevantcontent and offers via display andNurture Leads Beyond the Inbox: LinkedIn Lead Accelerator9

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator in Action: Here’s how it works.1. Identify and target your highestvalue audiences, both anonymousand known. Segment your prospectsaccording to: Interests — What pages are theyvisiting on your website? Engagement level — How deepare they exploring your site, andwhere on your site have theyalready converted? Demographic profile — Are theymarketers or IT professionals? Dothey work for an SMB or Fortune500 company? Are they managersor executives? LinkedIn providescomprehensive data for over347 million professionals globallyso you can pinpoint your audience.Don’t forget to create segmentsof both known and anonymousprospects.2. Sequence relevant messaging basedon the profile and onsite behavior ofyour prospects via display and socialads, including LinkedIn SponsoredUpdates. You can even integrateLinkedIn Lead Accelerator with thetools you use for your existing emailnurture programs, such as OracleEloqua Marketing Automation.3. Increase conversion rates withLinkedIn’s Autofill capability, whichallows site visitors to fill out forms withtwo simple clicks. This cuts down onthe time needed to fill out your landingpage forms. Plus, the quality of thedata you capture is much higher sinceit’s based on the visitor’s own LinkedInprofile data.You can sequence your messaging to deliver the relevant information basedon your target prospect’s profile and online behavior.4. Optimize your ad creative,targeting approach and nurturestream design through platformsupported A/B testing.5. Measure program impact at everystage of the buying process throughbuilt-in reporting. Track and trendkey performance indicators includingactions and conversions, page viewsand visits per visitor, and more.You can even drill down to analyzeperformance of specific displayand social ad creative and calls toaction, and track which content andmessaging resonates with differentaudience segments.QuoteAmpUp Your NurturingBy complementing LinkedIn Lead Accelerator with personalized SponsoredUpdates and Sponsored InMail, you take your nurturing to even higherlevels. With Sponsored Updates, you can engage your target audiencedirectly within LinkedIn’s feed. And with Sponsored InMail, you can sendtargeted messages to the inboxes of your target audience while they areactive on LinkedIn. That means you increase the likelihood of catching yourprospects’ attention — and triggering action.Nurture Leads Beyond the Inbox: LinkedIn Lead Accelerator10

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Case Study:WORKFRONT GENERATES OVER 640 LEADS IN THREE MONTHSAT A COST WELL BELOW TARGETThe ChallengeWorkfront, a cloud-based EnterpriseWork Management solution designedto help teams eliminate typical chaosand gain greater company-widevisibility, was looking to convert moreof its anonymous website visitors intoleads. Workfront finds on average thatmore than 96 percent of its websitevisitors leave without converting.“To combat this we’ve tested websiteretargeting with various vendors inthe past, but they’ve always missedour cost per lead targets,” says MicahBeals, Director of Digital Marketingat Workfront.The SolutionsUsing LinkedIn Lead Accelerator,Workfront nurtured prospects withwaves of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates,Facebook Newsfeed, and DisplayAds tied to nurture streams thatwere customized for differentaudience segments. Using websitenavigation, anonymous visitors’business demographic data and more,Workfront developed a variety ofnurture streams that were customizedfor different audience segments. ITprofessionals visiting the high-valueSolutions page would receive ad creativetailored to their product interests.The ResultsUsing LinkedIn’s Full Funnel Analytics,Workfront saw that in just three months,it generated more than 640 leads viaLead Accelerator at a cost well belowits cost-per-lead targets. “Conceptually,multi-channel nurturing makes sense —the sequencing and personalizationof ads aligns well with the B2B salescycle,” Beals explained. “We’re happyto see that the hypothesis has beenconfirmed by the great resultsit has driven.”Nurture Leads Beyond the Inbox: LinkedIn Lead Accelerator11

Sponsored Updates:CONTENT MARKETINGIN THE PROFESSIONAL FEEDOur members are already engagingwith high-quality content fromnews sites, thought leaders, theirconnections, and brands. WithSponsored Updates, you can jointhe conversation and appear alongwith that content. You can publishSponsored Updates with rich mediaand ensure relevance with robusttargeting functionality. And thatmeans you can reach the rightpeople at the right time with yourbest articles, images, infographics,PDFs, presentations, and videos. Plus,Sponsored Updates are the only wayto reach LinkedIn’s mobile users atscale, since they appear in the feedon desktop, tablet, and smartphone.Sponsored Updates area powerful tool to: Raise awareness and shapeperception. Send SponsoredUpdates to your target audienceto rapidly increase awarenessand shape the perception of yourbrand, products, and services. Drive quality leads. Generatequality leads by sharing insightsthat professionals seek. Watchthat content spread via the peersharing that occurs naturallyon LinkedIn.Think of Targetedand Sponsored Updatesas native advertisingSponsored updates are native to the browsing experience,incorporated directly into the member’s feed so as notto interrupt the stream of content. Build relationships with theworld’s professionals. Publish yourcontent with Sponsored Updatesto create value and establish trustthat sparks ongoing conversationsand deeper customerrelationships.Sponsored Updates: Content Marketing in the Professional Feed12

Targeting optionsSponsored Updates allow you to reach a targeted audience beyond yourCompany Page followers. You can define your audience using criteria suchas location, company size, industry, job function, and seniority. Remember,there’s always a tradeoff between targeting and audience size. If you targettoo specifically, your update may reach a very small audience.Performance trackingYou can promote updates in 20 languages across the 200 countries andterritories where we have members. And within a minute or two of publishingyour update, you’ll see impression and engagement metrics. And reportingon your post will be updated in near real time. That means you can track howwell your posts hit the mark and fine-tune your strategy instantly.“When we use Sponsored Updates to increase engagementand drive traffic to our blog via LinkedIn, we know we’re doingit with the right audience, and we know they’re following ourCompany Page for the right reasons. Not only are we startingnew conversations with potential customers, but we’recontinuing those conversations so that brand awarenessbecomes even stronger.”Christine O’Brien, Digital Content Manager for Aspect.Read Case StudySponsored Updates: Content Marketing in the Professional Feed13

How Sponsored Updates workGetting a LinkedIn Company Pageis the first step to using SponsoredUpdates. All Sponsored Updatesmust first be created as organicCompany Updates.Similar to an ad unit, a SponsoredUpdate is sent to a member whenthey visit LinkedIn. SponsoredUpdates are clearly distinguishedfrom organic content to make sure ourmembers can differentiate betweenorganic and paid content. Currently,they are labeled as “Sponsored.”Links in Sponsored Updates can drivetraffic wherever you’d like, includingyour content portals, relevant newsor articles, YouTube or SlideSharechannels, whitepapers, and eventregistration forms.Sponsored Updates are purchasedthrough a second-price auction.Here’s how it works: Each time thereis an opportunity for a SponsoredUpdate to be shown, LinkedIn runsan auction to determine whichupdate to show. For any givenauction, there can be many bidsfrom competing advertisers lookingto reach that member. That meanswhen you sponsor an update, yourcampaign enters an auction todetermine whether it’s shown to yourtarget audience. Sponsored Updateinventory is non-guaranteed, but youmay adjust your bid and content toperform better in the auction.Sponsored Updates: Content Marketing in the Professional Feed14

LinkedIn APIs:DEEPEN ENGAGEMENT, SHARECONTENT NETWORK-WIDELeverage LinkedIn’s professionalaudience and platform across yourother digital channels with a rangeof full-fledged APIs and plug-ins thathelp deepen engagement with youraudience and share content across ournetwork. You can use LinkedIn’s APIsto create custom branded experiencesthat allow members to sign in usingtheir LinkedIn login. This eliminatesthe need for them to enter additionaldata. Even more importantly, by usingthe API to access LinkedIn’s rich data,you can tailor the member experiencebased on profile data. You can alsoencourage your experience to go viralby triggering it to publish updatesabout a user’s activities.We offer developers powerfuloptions to leverage our content andconnections while keeping userson our site.Here are just a few ways youcan take advantage of our APIs: Invite members to sign up toyour site using their LinkedInlogin credentials Leverage select areas of theLinkedIn identity to deliverrelevant content Plug LinkedIn feeds into your site Invite your users to share updatesacross the LinkedIn platformTo add a LinkedIn plugin to your siteor app, visit developer.LinkedIn.comto generate the required code andadd it to the source code of yoursite or app. The LinkedIn CertifiedDeveloper Program (CDP) makes iteasy to engage developers certifiedto work with LinkedIn data, who aretrained and supported by LinkedIn. Wealso offer options for working with abroader range of developers as well.Samsung Mobile wanted to become the global brand of choicefor smartphones and tablets. They created an API-poweredcampaign microsite to connect with an affluent and highlyinfluential audience to be the first to try new, leading-edgeproducts and drive awareness and consideration. The LinkedInAPI and partner microsite drove awareness and recommendationfor the Samsung Galaxy Note II, reaching a target of 20 millionLinkedIn members across seven countries.LinkedIn APIs: Deepen Engagement, Share Content Network-Wide15

To lean more.DOWNLOAD THE OTHER THREEVOLUMES IN THIS SERIES!Volume 1ABOUT USRELATIONSHIPS MATTERLinkedIn members number more than347 million professionals. That’s overhalf of the 600 million professionals onthe planet. This represents the largestgroup anywhere of influential, affluentand educated people.With LinkedIn Marketing Solutions,brands build relationships with theworld’s professionals by using accuratetargeting to deliver relevant contentand communications.Professional Publishing PlatformOur evolution into a professionalpublishing platform drives increasedengagement on LinkedIn. Comparedwith other professional publishers,content on LinkedIn works differently.The rich data on our platform meanswe can deliver the most relevantcontent to our members.As today’s connected professionalsseek out ideas and insights from thepeople and brands they trust,marketers use LinkedIn to targetadvertising and publish relevantcontent in a professional context.Brands extend reach through thesocial sharing that occurs naturallyon LinkedIn, as well as by extendingLinkedIn data to their sites andbrand experiences through APIs.For more information, please visitour Marketing Solutions site.LinkedIn Corporation 2015Laying the FoundationVolume 2Building Your ProfessionalBrand on LinkedInVolume 4Content Marketingon LinkedIn

LinkedIn ecosystem. Accurate targeting ensures you reach the members that matter most, from across our network of over 347 million professionals. Sponsored InMail: Deliver Directly to Members’ Inboxes Sponsored InMail leverages the credibility of the LinkedIn platform so that,

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