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sraeY52gntiarbCeleCLAY BRICK RANGE

Celebrating 25 Yearsat!ergskoo“Lick.”rBdnaMidlebtsuM2020 marks 25 years of Midland BrickNZ and we couldn’t be prouder. Brentbegan importing clay bricks from MidlandBrick in Western Australia in 1995 and hascontinued to supply New Zealand Familieswith quality clay bricks for their homesever since. Midland Brick has grown to bea trusted and well-respected brand in thehome building community thanks to Brentand the team who have worked alongside him for many years. Throughout thegrowth of the business, whilst becominga national supplier, the philosophies haveremained the same, superior productsand quality service.“I would like to thank you all for your support over the years and we look forwardto continuing to supply quality clay bricks for your homes into the future.”Brent Whalan (Managing Director)

01SUBIACOBUILD YOUR DREAM WITH MIDLAND BRICKCONTENTSWhether it’s a contemporary house, terrace apartment or your very first family home,Classic Range. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5Midland Brick have the style to bring your dream to life.Aspire Range. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Explore our 7 distinct ranges containing a diverse pallette of colours, numerous size optionsHandmade Range. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9and varying textures providing you with the freedom to create a truly personal look.Estate Range. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11Manor Range. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13Euro. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15Aztec. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17Render Brick & Painter Brick . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Designa Schist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21NIEVEGREY ALPSVol 5:19Colours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selectionCover image: Handmades - WoodbridgeBack Cover image: Handmades - Sandalford

03WHY BRICKAs one of the worlds oldest and most trusted sustainable building materials, clay bricks create an agelesshome that will protect your family for generations to come.NATURALLY CREATIVELOW MAINTENANCEA creative range of textures, colours andsizes, make clay bricks a dream materialfor your home. Clay bricks are enduringand will not fade.Clay bricks stay looking great without anypainting or other treatments. They arecapable of weathering harsh environmentalconditions.ENERGY EFFICIENTThe natural thermal insulating propertiesmoderate the extremes in buildingtemperatures, keeping it cool in summerand warm in winter, reducing energyconsumption. Clay bricks increase thecomfort of your home by blockingoutside noise.A NATURAL LOOKNo two clay bricks will be identical which iswhat creates such a unique and natural look.The natural raw materials they contain as wellas the kiln firing process creates variation intexture and colour from brick to brick.SUSTAINABILITYSOLID INVESTMENTMade from organic minerals and naturallyabundant sources of clay, they can bereused and recycled. Clay bricks are thesafe choice for you and the environment.Clay bricks are renowned for their strengthand longevity, giving security to yourinvestment.

05TERRACOTTACLASSIC RANGETrue classics perfectly at home in bothtraditional and modern architectural styles.48.5 bricks per square metre230mm long x 76mm high x 70mm wideLimestone HueIvoryTuscanRuapehuDesert OakGreyBanksiaTerracottaBANKSIAIVORYColours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection

07HERITAGE REDAMBER GLOWASPIRE RANGEClay bricks are a natural material, fired in a kiln,each with a unique character and distinctive style.48.5 bricks per square metre230mm long x 76mm high x 70mm wideAmber GlowHeritage RedClevelandHartlandsSubiacoPearl BlackTraditional RoséTongariroSUBIACOCLEVELANDColours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection

09SANDALFORDWOODBRIDGEHANDMADE RANGETimeless classics the echo the bricks of centuriesago with natural colours and deep rustic textures.Caversham48.5 bricks per square metre230mm long x 76mm high x 70mm s shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection

11FOSSILESTATE RANGEThese colours offer designers versatility to contrast,compliment or focus on dramatic wall colour design.32 bricks per square metre230mm long x 119mm high x 70mm widePalm SpringsPumiceFossilBlackwellPALM SPRINGSBLACKWELLColours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection

13AUGUSTA LIMESTONEAUGUSTA LIMESTONEMANOR RANGEWarm and cool colours with the subtle textures ofstone are captured perfectly in large format clay.Augusta Limestone19.5 bricks per square metre290mm long x 162mm high x 70mm wideFlorentine LimestoneSliverbirchSILVERBIRCHFLORENTINE LIMESTONEColours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection

15CENIZAMETALLIC BLACKEURO RANGESharp clean lines and smooth surfacesperfect for modern architectural style.MODUSGRANDELARGONeiveBlancoPuroWhite GlazePlataArenaCenizaGrisMoraToroNero41 bricks per square metre290mm long x 72mm high x 70mm wideBLANCOINMENSOMetallic Black32 bricks per square metre230mm long x 122mm high x 70mm wide51 bricks per square metre230mm long x 72mm high x 70mm wideNOTE: Ceniza & Plata for consignment only in South Island.Atlas20 bricks per square metre290mm long x 156mm high x 70mm wideColours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection

17GOLDAZTEC RANGEWe have an exciting NEW Aztec range fullof earthy colours and rumbled edges.GoldGold, Copper, Rustic Stone and Bronze:23 bricks per square metre.70 Series (255mm long x 156mm high x 70mm wide)Prospector Gold:44 bricks per square metre.70 Series (255mm long x 76mm high x 70mm wide)NOTE: Not available in the Waikato.CopperBronzeRustic StoneProspector GoldCOPPERBRONZEColours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection

19BAGGED PAINTER BRICKRENDER BRICKPAINTER BRICKThe look of plaster with the security of clayEven though Clay Bricks come in a varietybrick veneer. Our Maxi Render Clay Brickof colours, textures and sizes, sometimeshas been made specifically to be plasteredpainting your clay bricks can create a costover and in conjunction with our Clay Lintelseffective and unique look.provides an economical substrate.The Maxi series, which comes in both 70mmand 90mm, provides a cavity between theclay brick veneer and the framing whichWe supply a variety of clay brick profiles suitablefor painting in single through to double height.Check availability with our representatives.allows for any moisture to escape giving youpeace of mind in your plaster home.SMOOTHMAXI RENDER BRICK 70305mm x 162mm x 70mmTEXTUREDMAXI RENDER BRICK 90305mm x 162mm x 90mmTEXTURED 120 HIGHRENDER BRICKPAINTER BRICKPAINTER BRICKColours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection

21AUTUMN HUENATURES DESIGNASCHISTThere is nothing more durable, more naturalor more breathtaking than stone producedby Mother Nature.AUTUMN HUEZ BrickIntroducing a modular stone systemcombining the ease of brick installationAUTUMN HUEExternal Corner Brickwith the beauty of Natural Schist. Modular brick, block and panel systemsalready proven worldwide. Developed and tested for theGREY ALPSZ BrickNew Zealand Market. Virtually maintenance and fade free;GREY ALPSExternal Corner Brickweather resistant and strong. Adds Value, Character and Natural Beauty.Autumn HueGrey AlpsGREY ALPS & ATLASGREY ALPSColours shown are indicative only and should not be used for final selection

23THINGS YOU NEEDTO KNOWCHOOSE A MORTARIMPORTANT INFORMATIONMortar colour can be used to compliment orcontrast with the brick. Complimentary tonesgive a more relaxed and harmonious feel, whilecontrasting mortar can be used to create amore formal, crisp and distinctive look. C lay fired bricks have natural variation incolour, finish and size. Midland Brick NZrecommends that all bricks be deliveredat once for your project, from the samebatch, to ensure colour consistency. W e strongly recommend viewing ofthe product delivered to site. If there areany concerns about colour or quality,please contact your local distributor priorto installation. T radespeople should take the appropriatemeasures to ensure the bricks are keptdry and clean during storage on siteand installation. Y our bricklayer is a professionaltradesperson and should ensure that allproduct laid is of acceptable quality andblended from at least three pallets toprovide consistency of colour and texturethroughout the project. Product laid isdeemed to be accepted. M idland Brick NZ does not warrant thattheir products will match the brochure orany particular sample or display, as theinherent variation in the manufacturingand printing process means thesecannot be colour accurate. S ome minor chipping and breakage canoccur during delivery, offloading andinstallation of product. It is recommendedthis product is used for cuts and infills. D ue to ongoing development Midland BrickNZ reserves the right to change and deleteproduct lines and specifications withoutfurther notice. F or any technical information please callyour nearest distributor or refer to ourwebsite comprises about 15% of a clay brickwall surface and can dramatically change theoverall appearance of your home simply bychoosing a different mortar colour or joint style.For a maintenance free rendered look, oxidecan be added to the mortar to match yourclay bricks. This creates a very contemporarymonochromatic finish.Before you build your new home, discuss yourideas with your builder or a Midland Brick NZrepresentative.BLACK MORTARCREAM MORTARCHOOSE A JOINTThe choice of mortar joint can be used to helpcreate a casual, rustic or formal look to your home.Rolled joints create a clean contemporary finishand work well with nearly all clay brick styles.Choosing a flush joint will give a flatter appearanceand lighten the overall look of your brickwork.Whereas an inset, or square raked joint, can havea more dramatic effect by adding dimension andshadow to the look of your clay bricks.GREY MORTARFLUSH JOINTRAKED JOINTROLLED JOINTSTRUCK JOINTWHITE MORTARMATCHING MORTAR

contact usToll Free: 0800 MIDLAND (0800 643 5263)Email: visit our website atProudly 100%NZ Owned & Brick & Stone8 Cowley Place, RosedaleAlbany, Auckland, New ZealandPh: 09 414 1075Fax: 09 414 1073Hamilton:NZ Brick & Stone10 Karewa Place,Te Rapa, HamiltonPh: 021 640 047Bay Of Plenty:NZ Brick & Stone5 Kent StreetOld TaurangaPh: 021 021 49007Hawkes Bay:Creative Brick & StonePh: 0274 854-811Lower North Island:Creative Brick & Stone18 Birmingham StParaparaumuPh: 04 298-2235South Island:Brick & Stone SI14 Commerce Crescent,Waterloo Business Park,South Hornby.Ph: 03 349 5006Fax: 03 349 5002

Clay bricks stay looking great without any painting or other treatments. They are capable of weathering harsh environmental conditions. SUSTAINABILITY Made from organic minerals and naturally abundant sources of clay, they can be reused and recycled. Clay bricks are the safe choice for you and the environment. SOLID INVESTMENT Clay bricks are .

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Clay bricks vary in compressive strength due to the differing qualities of raw materials and the method of firing. The compressive strengths of clay bricks can vary from 7MPa for NFP, to greater than 50MPa for face brick extra. Clay brick products for load-bearing designs can be provided according to tolerances and strength.

Clay Specialists At Ketley we manufacture Staffordshire clay bricks and clay pavers which we make from Etruria Marl, the strongest clay. This focus and depth of experience is unique and enables us totackle even the most demanding requirements for specialist clay bricks and pavers. All Ketley products are made to engineering brick specifications.

water, 9% clay and 12% clay the sand has the highest value of 99.97 kN/m 2. This value decreases gradually to 49 kN/m 2and 45 kN/mat 6% water, then further decreases to 47 kN/m2 and 41 kN/m2 at 8% water and finally decreases to 25 kN/m2and 47kN/m2 for 12% clay at 10% water for 9% clay and 12% clay respectively. The trend for 6% clay was similar.

Birmingham AL Architectural Works, LLP; Derck & Edson Associates, LLP HMF to Brick, Brick to Brick, Brick to Wood, Brick to Soffit, Stone to Stone, Louvers to Brick 890 NST New Margaret Elementary School Odenville AL Lathan Associates Achitects PC 890 NST The University of Alabama at Birmingham New Alumni Building

prevent clay bricks from cracking. The clay brick is then shaped in a mould of almost any size or shape or by hand. The brick mixtures are then laid to dry in the heat of the sun for about 15 days before use. Clay bricks have several advantages over other conventional building materials, e.g., concrete masonry.

Bricks are produced by firing materials such as clay, kaolin, fire clay, bentonite, or common clay and shale. The majority of the bricks produced in the US are clay, accounting for an annual production of approximately 8.3 billion bricks. 8 This report focuses on the source reduction o

Clay, Ceramic, and Refractory Minerals: Kaolin and Ball Clay Mining (SIC 1455) ball clay, china clay, kaolin, paper clay, rubber clay, or . Are there any discharges of hydrostatic test wastewaters, once-through non-contact cooling water, cooling tower blowdown wastewater,

Clay Bricks Raw materials Approximately 96% of bricks in the United Kingdom are manufactured from clay. Geologically, brickmaking clays are composed of quartz and clay minerals, the type of clay depending on the locality of the brickworks. In the Midlands, Etruria or Keuper Marl are used, Weald clay or clay from the Reading

Apr 29, 2009 · Local clay gives the majority of unglazed brick a red color, although brown and gray brick is also found. Glazed brick, which is manufactured by adding glaze to the finished brick and re-firing, can be found in a wide range of colors. Walls and foundations are laid in

the drawings. Dimensions such as bottom of brick (B.O. BRICK), top of brick (T.O. BRICK), or header, sill and panel heights, can be established from datums set at the finished floor or bottom of panels. These are easy for the installer to interpret and help avoid cumulative errors in Engineering and Designing the Brick Panel 03

The color correction of brick masonry by application of ceramic stains and pigments is a widely used and accepted practice in brick construction. Brick colors are corrected on the surface in the wall more often than may be realized. Color correction of brick masonry has been success

Whether it’s thin brick, face brick, structural brick or paving products that your project requires, H.C. M

The brick cavity has meant that most brick homeowners' managed to avoid owning a leaky home Designing and building brick cavities A ‘cavity’ or ‘cavity gap’ is an area of space between the timber framing and the brick veneer that enables sufficient airflow and drainage to dry any moist

Session ll, Paper 14, Flexuml StTength ofNonreinforced Brick Masonry wilh Age 11 7 TABLE 2-Average Modulus of Rupture Clay Brick Concrete Brick Inspected Non-Inspected Inspected Non-Inspected Age ft V ft ft V ft V Days

Nob Hill Rosewood Milwaukee Flagstaff Extruded COLLECTION Papercut Brick Another level of elegance. Papercut brick is an extruded brick that is manufactured with a reel of recycled paper that is rolled onto the extruded clay. The process provides an old world look with unique texture and

described in the Tentative Methods for Testing Brick (ASTM designation C 67-36T), Proc. Am. Soc. Testing Materials 35, r, 780 (1936). , SM, soft mUd; SC, side cut; EC, end cut; DP, dry press; C, clay; S, shale. d 2 bricks rated 3. o 1 brick rated 4. Each brand of brick (except 14) was used to build four panels, each

field, P.E. of the Structural Clay Products Institute developed, in Colo-rado, a new clay unit and method of construction that reduced the cost and allowed for the use of regular reinforcing and standard mortar and grout. This unit was a 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 11-l/2" hollow clay brick using ASTM C-212 recommendations. This system accom-

brick to those beneath. Traditionally a clay or lime mortar was used. However, for thin (105 mm) green brick walls, clay mortars with stabilisers are likely to be required to provide sufficient bond strength. Cement-based mortars are generally not recommended as they have poor vap

-ANSI A300 (Part 4)-2002 Lightening Protection Systems Tree Selection (Chapter 6) Tree Planting (Chapter 8 and 9) - ANSI A300 (Part 6)-2005 Transplanting Water Management (Chapter 13) Nutrient Management (Chapter 12) -ANSI A300 (Part 2)-1998 Fertilization Introduction to the "ANSI Z133.1-2000 Pruning, Repairing, Maintaining, and Removing Trees and Cutting Brush-Safety Requirements" Pruning .