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/canassistafrica.caTwitter— @canassistafricaFacebookgrouppage— oolinfrontoftheirCanAssistwatertank5

CanAssistinitiatedthefollowingprojectsin2014: ls(Kenya) ool(Kenya) l(Kenya) )DesksatKamserSchool LatrinesattheMureraPrimarySchool(Kenya) WatertanksatBansiandGodKwachSchools(Kenya) ols(Kenya)NewlatrineattheWambosaSchool ols(Kenya) hool6

ania) nd) sgroup)(Tanzania) a) ThreewatertanksattheOlocoiClinic(Uganda) ranewschoolatKabuhinzionUkereweIsland,Tanzania7

s/groups: TheSasamatFoundation,Vancouver,B.C.Canada TheOntarioTeachers’ Federation ElementaryTeachers’ FederationofOntario OntarioEnglishCatholicTeachers’Association MackenzieFinancialCorporation RBCGlobalAssessmentManagement BridgehouseAssetManagers GreygatesFoundation,VancouverB.C.Canada PerthRoadUnitedChurch MayerInstitute,HamiltonOntario PeakGroup,MontrealQuebec AnglicanChurchWomen(ACW)DioceseofOntario FriendsandfamilyofthelateS.P.Geddes8

ivalents 103,061Attheendof2014CAARTcashandequivalents 96,741 136,151 133,2192014Expenditures,notincludingProjectFunding tedtoProjectsinAfricaDirect project expensesCanadian administration expensesAfrican administration nsuresuccessfulcompletionandarepaidtoAfricans.9

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stsinAfrica.Wearehappytobeabletoprovidepart- ‐timecontractemploymenttoahighly- successesinthepastyear.Thanks,Dan.11

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THANK YOU DO DONORS TO OUR JULY CHALLENGE - 2014C ANASSIST AFRIC AN RELIEF TRUSTTHE WATER TANKS SHOWN ONTHIS PAGE ARE JUST SOME OFTHE PROJECTS FUNDED BYCANASSIST FROM THE JULYCHALLENGE CAMPAIGN.Oh, my goodness!Our field representative in Kenya, DanOtieno, has a favourite phrase when heis surprised or pleased. With incredulityhe will murmur "Oh, my goodness."In July, CanAssist launched a campaign toraise money for some of the water andsanitation projects that we intend tofund in the upcoming several months.Through generous gifts from individualsand groups, we got 18, 852.65 indonations to water projects in July. AsUNLOADING NEW WATER TANK KASWANGA VILLAGE, KENYAASANTE SANA!promised, all of these were matched bySasamat and another donor. This broughtthe total July water and sanitationdonations to 37,705.30. Oh, mygoodness!these improvements will be incredible.CanAssist thanks all who contributed,including many individuals, the MayerInstitute, Peak Group, and the AnglicanChurch Women, Ontario Diocese.All of this money will be used for waterand sanitation projects at a Ugandahospital and several schools in Kenyaand Uganda. Literally thousands ofpeople will benefit from having newaccess to clean water. The impact ofWe have already started to disburse thismoney to East African communities.We will share regular updates on ourwebsite and Facebookpage (CanAssist African Relief Trust)INSTALLING A NEW WATER TANK ATKAMSER SCHOOL (KENYA)AT THE KAYENJE SCHOOL IN UGANDA BYTHE NEW WATER TANK16

OCTOBER 2014C ANASSIST AFRIC ANRELIEF TRUSTCANASSIST-FUNDED LATRINESAND HAND WASHING STATIONAT THE TWIGA SCHOOL, RURIRU,KENYADoing what we can to improve school water and sanitation.CanAssist supports infrastructureclinic, T.A. Crusade VocationalThe objective of these projects is toprojects in East African communities School, Kyabazaala Elementarylessen the prevalence of gastro-and one of the most significantSchool, Kamser Elementary School,intestinal diseases. Our partnersimpacts we have had is in improvingObaluanda Primary School, Kayenjereport success in this regard.water and sanitation resources forPublic School, and NyandemaLiterally thousands have benefitedschools, hospitals, and villages.Secondary School. We have builtfrom these projects.In the last year CanAssist haslatrines at the Twiga School, HopeCanAssist will continue to initiateprovided rainwater catchment andstorage at the Olimai Clinic, OlocoiLATRINE AT THE WAMBOSA SCHOOL(KENYA)School, Obaluanda School, and inNyatike and Osiri villages.KAYENJE SCHOOL, (UGANDA)new water and sanitation projects inKenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.TWO OF FOUR RAINWATER TANKSINSTALLED AT OLIMAI CLINIC, UGANDA17


School, Kyabazaala Elementary School, Kamser Elementary School, Obaluanda Primary School, Kayenje Public School, and Nyandema Secondary School. We have built latrines at the Twiga School, Hope School, Obaluanda School, and in Nyatike and Osiri villages. The objecti

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September: 2013 33,391.18 9/24/2013 October: 2013 33,391.18 10/24/2013 December: 2013 65,031.50 12/20/2013 January: 2014 33,099.37 1/23/2014 February: 2014 33,099.37 2/24/2014 March: 2014 33,099.37 3/24/2014 April: 2014 31,662.23 4/25/2014 May: 2014 31,662.23 5/22/2014 June: 2014 31,662.24 6/26/2014 392,881.03

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