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adis.comAdis Journals andNewslettersThe premier collection of drug focusedmedical journals – with expanded contentfor 2014Learnmore

Adis Journalsadis.comClinical PharmacologyAdded in 2014TitleImpact FactorAdvances inTherapy2.125Description Dedicated to rapid publication of studies in clinical medicine Reviews and original research across a broad range of therapeuticareas Evaluation of existing and new drug therapies, diagnostics, Clinical 9 A journal focused on clinical investigations of drugs and drug devices Efficacy and safety data from a wide range of clinical trials Outcomes research and pharmacoeconomics studies included Making sense of pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and CNS Drugs4.826instrumentation, and related fieldsEnhanced features such as summary slides and animations reinforcereader understandingpharmacogenetic dataEmphasis on clinical data in special populations including those withhepatic or renal impairment, women, children, and the elderlyEvidence-based authoritative reviews on new drugs and drug classes Drug developments in both neurology and psychiatry Seminal reviews summarizing wide-ranging and complex originalresearch findings Succinct guidance on the place of new drugs in clinical practice Publishes important original researchDrugs4.633 Setting the standards in reviews of all aspects of clinical pharmacology Drugs & Aging2.646 Focused on clinical management of diseases with particular relevance Drugs & TherapyPerspectivesN/Asince 1971Definitive reviews of drugs and drug classes, and their place in diseasemanagement including systematic reviews and meta-analysesPivotal original researchto older adultsComprehensive reviews and original research promoting optimumdrug prescribing and utilization in older patientsClinical implications of age-related physiological changes for drugtherapy Authoritative yet easy-to-read review articles to aid drug formularyand prescribing decisions New developments and international consensus on drug therapy Guidance on management of adverse drug reactions andinteractions Pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research that impacts on clinicalpractice2

adis.comAdded in 2014Adis JournalsEuropeanJournal of DrugMetabolism andPharmacokinetics0.944Pediatic Drugs1.884 Comprehensive journal covering all aspects of pharmacokineticsincluding drug interactions, bioavailability, and biopharmacy Original research and review articles on special topics Conference proceedings Clinical issues affecting drug therapy in children and adolescents Efficacy and safety of drugs at all stages of pediatric development Addresses optimal formulations and drug delivery in children Includes issues surrounding drug access, pharmacogenomics, andcostsPharmaceuticalMedicineN/ASCImago Citesper Doc. (2y)0.821* Disseminates the latest information on the optimal conduct ofclinical studies Contributions from top industry physicians, regulators and academics Topics include regulatory science, pharmacovigilance, ethics,pharmacology and trial designHealth Economics and Outcomes ResearchTitleImpact FactorApplied HealthEconomics andHealth PolicyN/ASCImago Citesper Doc. (2yr)1.894*PharmacoEconomics2.861Description Guide to efficient resource allocation and decision making Economic assessment of various healthcare interventions, systems, and policiesRange of perspectives, from individual institutions to whole countries Original research on the cost-effectiveness of drug therapy Authoritative reviews on issues related to scarce allocation ofresources and formulary management Allows decision makers to critically evaluate and comprehendcomplex pharmacoeconomic reportsPharmacoEconomics &Outcomes NewsN/A Concise summaries on the latest issues in health economics andoutcomes news Economic impact of drugs, diseases, devices, diagnostics, andscreening protocols; prescribing and drug utilisation trends;quality-of-life effects of drugs; reimbursement decisions; and healthpolicy and reformsThe Patient:Patient-CenteredOutcomesResearch1.565 Ground-breaking journal published in association with Johns HopkinsUniversity Illuminates what patients value in their treatment, and what drives adherenceProvides the latest research on patient-reported outcomesCovers risk communication, shared decision making, and healthliteracy3

adis.comAdis JournalsSpecialized Therapy AreasTitleImpact FactorAmerican Journalof CardiovascularDrugs2.069Description Strong focus on clinical management of cardiovascular disorders Evidence-based evaluation of novel drugs and new targets Original clinical and pharmacoeconomic research useful foradministrators and decision makersAmerican Journalof ClinicalDermatology1.844High BloodPressure &CardiovascularPreventionN/ASCImago Citesper Doc. (2y)0.658* Content selected to promote evidence-based therapy and effective patient management in clinical dermatologyDefinitive reviews on management of dermatological conditionsClinically relevant original research articles Expert commentary on guidelines and clinical trials Time-saving reviews on research into cardiovascular diseaseprevention Insights into socioeconomic issues surrounding cardiovasculardiseaseProceedings of scientific meetingsAdded in 2014TargetedOncology2.764 A journal for all healthcare professionals in the field of oncology Reviews of new treatments including monoclonal antibodies and small moleculesInsights into the clinical implications of research into new targets forcancer therapyPharmacovigilanceTitleImpact FactorDescriptionDrug Safety3.408 Reviews by leading physicians and academics on benefit-risk Reactions WeeklyN/Aassessment, risk management, medication error prevention, andpharmacoepidemiologySpecific information on drug use in at-risk patient groups,editorials and commentaries on topical issues, and originalresearch A weekly round-up of adverse drug reaction news includingpharmacovigilance, regulatory, research, and current opinion Published adverse event case reports, labelling changes, drug withdrawals, and drug safety researchFirst published, drug overdose, drug interaction, and serious casereports highlighted for easy reference*The SCImago Cites per Doc. (2y) measures the scientific impact of a journal using the same formula as the Impact Factor but using the Scopus database http://www.scimagojr.com4

Adis Journalsadis.comBiotechnology and Personalized MedicineTitleImpact FactorDescriptionBioDrugs2.809 Independent, definitive reviews on the place of new biologics in MolecularDiagnosis &Therapyclinical practiceStem cell therapiesEmerging treatment strategies and comparative effectiveness A journal devoted to the field of personalized medicine Simplifies complex research on biomarkers, pharmacogenomics,1.692and molecular diagnostics Evaluations of drug / diagnostic combinations Genetic factors affecting response to drug therapyAdis Open Access JournalsTitleDescriptionDrugs in R&DClinical and preclinical research and reviews of approved anddevelopmental drugs across all therapeutic areasOpen Access JournalsNew to the Adis Portfolio in 2014: A unique portfolio of internationally peer-reviewed journalsdedicated to rapid publication of preclinical, clinical and real-world research in clinicalmedicine, including research on existing drugs, drugs in development, and devices, across arange of therapeutic areas.The Rapid journals publish original research, reviews, case reports, and shortcommunications, and are of interest to a wide range of pharmaceutical and healthcareprofessionals.All articles are published with a summary slide for a visual overview of the key data. Slidedecks, animations, videos, and interactive learning resources are also included for somearticles to aid interpretation. Biologics in Therapy Cardiology and Therapy Dermatology and Therapy Diabetes Therapy Infectious Diseases and Therapy5 Neurology and Therapy Ophthalmology and Therapy Pain and Therapy Rare Cancers and Therapy Rheumatology and Therapy

Adis Journalsadis.comAdis Journals and NewslettersAn invaluable resource for all involved in medical research, practice or teaching; drugregulation or reimbursement; or the pharmaceutical industryAdis Publishing Heritage Independent and reputable publishers of high quality medical journals for over 40 years Unique content from in-house, specially trained Drug Evaluation team Commissioned review articles summarize complex and broad topics for your end-users Cutting-edge original research in all therapy areasExpanded Content Existing portfolio now publishing approximately 15% more content annually PLUS An additional 13 established titles added to the portfolio in 2014Available on Springer’s Leading Research PlatformsAll Adis journal and newsletter content is available on SpringerLink , Springer for R&D, andSpringer for Hospitals & Health. These robust, mobile-optimized platforms enable your endusers to access over 8 million research documents anytime, anywhere, including thousandsof eBooks and more than 400 journals relevant to medical research.Adis Online Journal Archive Archive content from 13 high quality Adis Journals and Newsletters, spanningthe years 1971 to 1996 Content available on the same Springer platforms Complete, perpetual access for your readersWould you like to know more? Contact Springer findyour localSpringer today.representative!Wouldyou like to know more?ContactSpringerVisit to find your local Springer representative!Contactus!Contactus !A01002R CORR 77-A Images: page 1: Roman Ponomarets/iStockphotos page5: PTter Gudella/iStockphotos page 6: gualtiero boffi/Fotolia

Available on Springer’s Leading Research Platforms All Adis journal and newsletter content is available on SpringerLink , Springer for R&D, and Springer for Hospitals & Health. These robust, mobile-optimized platforms enable your end users to access over 8 million research documents anytime, anywhere, including thousands

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Adis Insight Edition mar dition Mini Guide BizInt Smart Charts Lite - Adis Insight Edition is a customized version of BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite for creating, customizing and distributing tabular reports from Adis R&D Insight and Adis Clinical Trials Insight. With BizInt Smart Charts Drug Development Suite, you can combine

Adis R&D Insight profiles are also backed by more than 10,000 evaluated Adis scientific summaries and 63,000 bibliographic references. Date Coverage Update Frequency 1995–present Weekly Geographic Coverage Document Types International Reports Publisher Adis R&D Insight is produced by Springer Healthcare.

22 of the top 25 journals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 14 of the top 15 journals in Telecommunications 3 of the top 5 journals in Computer Science, Hardware & Architecture 3 of the top 5 journals in Computer Science, Cybernetics 3 of the top 5 journals in Automation & Control Systems 3 of the top 5 journals in Artificial Intelligence 2 of the top 5 journals in Imaging Science .

The Journals of Lewis and Clark. By Meriwether Lewis and and William Clark, 1804-1806. Note: These Journals are from May 14, 1804, the day the expedition left the Mississippi River, to September 26, 1806, a day or two after they arrived back in St. Louis. It includes all possible Journal entries of Lewis and Clark. Most of the "courses andFile Size: 4MBPage Count: 1023Explore furtherJournal Entries from the Lewis and Clark Expeditionwww.lewisandclarkexhibit.orgThe Journals of Lewis and Clark, by Meriwether Lewis and .www.gutenberg.orgThe Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition Center for .www.unl.eduHome Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expeditionlewisandclarkjournals.unl.eduJournal Excerpts Discovering Lewis & Clarklewis-clark.orgRecommended to you b

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Adis R&D Insight. Adis R&D Insight is a drug pipeline database that . tracks and evaluates drugs worldwide through the entire development process, from discovery through pre-clinical and clinical studies to launch. Information is sourced from company contacts, press releases, international conferences, company websites, and medical journals .

Springer-Verlags unter Springer. de. Dem Springer-Verlag, insbesondere Frau Martina Siedler und Frau Rose Marie Doyon danken wir an dies er Stelle fUr die gute Zusammenarbeit und die Unterstiitzung unserer Autoren. Wir wiinschen allen Lesern der 2. Auflage viel Erfolg bei der Examensvorbe reitung und einen guten Start in die berufliche Zukunft.

Introduction, Description Logics Petr K remen October 5, 2015 Petr K remen Introduction, Description Logics October 5, 2015 1 / 118. Our plan 1 Course Information 2 Towards Description Logics 3 Logics 4 Semantic Networks and Frames 5 Towards Description Logics 6 ALCLanguage Petr K remen Introduction, Description Logics .