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COMPANY PROFILECOMPANY PROFILECreating FiltrationSolutionsFSI is the industry leader whenit comes to manufacturinginnovative, state-of-the-artfiltration products. As a fullyintegrated operation, we maintain complete control over theentire manufacturing process.No matter how large or smallthe project, FSI achieves thehighest levels of quality for allof our filters and vessels!From our beginnings in 1972 in Michigan City,Indiana, FSI has grown into a worldwide supplierof both high quality and economical filtration products. We now serve customers from our productionfacilities in Europe, South America, China, andthroughout North America.To maintain the highest quality standards forworkmanship and materials in the industry, we haveestablished advanced laboratory facilities in SoddyDaisy, Tennessee. All of our materials and processesare submitted for regular, comprehensive microscopic and chemicalanalysis to confirm they arecompletely contaminant free.FSI is committed to remainingat the leading edge of innovation,as we continue to develop filtrationproducts that revolutionize theindustry. We were the first to introduce the Polyloc bag ring, whichcompletely eliminates the needfor under-basket gaskets, as ithermetically seals to prevent liquid bypass. Our groundbreaking Polyweld welded seam filter bag removes therisk of unfiltered bypass that needle holes on traditionalfilter bags allow through.Our determination to lead rather than follow isone reason behind our vertically-integrated manufacturing process. Our emphasis on innovation andengineering expertise has helped us develop world-classfiltration systems. The reason we do all this is simple –so that our customers can achieve the highest levels ofproduct quality.3

COMPANY PROFILECOMPANY PROFILEOur Experience Enables Us to: Assess the processing requirements of customersystems and fulfill them to our customers’complete satisfaction. Provide the highest quality filtration products,filter bags and cartridge filters, and a wide range offilter vessels. Design and manufacture custom products to nearlyany customer specification. Offer advanced filtration products, like the FSI BOSPolymicro seamless design, and our Extended Lifefilter bags, which provide at least twice the dirt holding capacity of a standard felt bag, and which featureour no-bypass, welded seam design. Maintain a completely ISO 9000 certified NorthAmerican network of manufacturing sources, wherewe create all elements of our filter and cartridgeproducts, including the fiber for our in-houseproduced felts. Manufacture ASME code-compliant vessels designedto meet the needs and requirements of our clients’most demanding liquid flows.4 Manufacture API compliant and NSFcertified vessels. Meet custom filtration requirements bydesigning and manufacturing products to yourparticular specifications.The FSI Quality Process at WorkOur worldwide FSI sales and distribution offices workwith clients to determine the best product for their particular fluid application. Our experienced engineersand R&D staff then set out to create the best filtersavailable on the market.Next, our manufacturing locations in the UnitedStates, Mexico, Brazil, China and the U.K. take thatdata and create the perfect filtration solution to fityour needs.Even after the sale, we continue to work with ourclients. We continually check on how our products areperforming, taking the feedback and data from thoseuses and applying them to update and improve ourcomplete line of products. You can rely on FSI to workwith you on your specific application requirements.

CONTENTSPages 3 - 4Starting in 1972, FSI has earned a reputation forinnovative designs and superior quality. Ourpatented Polyloc ring system has set the standardfor hermetically sealing collars, and the PolyWeld process eliminates needle bypass.Table of ContentsCartridgesPages 23 - 30Choose from a widevariety of cartridgefilters, including thePolywound and Vorexseries, which providesthe finest in nominaland absolute cartridgemicrofiltration.Pages 5 - 6From bags to cartridges, from vessels to adsorbentmaterial, it’s all here.Our Quality PolicyPage 7FSI is committed to quality, from our ASME codemanufacturing to our ISO-9000 qualification.We meet or exceed all quality standards, and arecommitted to maintaining our quality.Filter BagsCONTENTSCompany Profile8-910111213141516 - 171819202122CONTENTSFilter Bags OverviewPolyWeld Bags and the Polyloc RingFabric Qualities and Other DataStandard Felt Bags and SizesPONG and PENG Felt Filter BagsPOEX and PEEX Extended Life BagsPOMF Polymicro BagsBOS Polymicro Seamless BagsBOS MAX Extended Life BagsMAX PONG Extended Life BagsPolyWeld Monofilament Mesh BagsOther Mesh Filter BagsOther Filter Bag and Custom ProductPages 8 - 22Our popular line offilter bags, includingour Polymicro seamless filter thateliminates unfilteredstreams by eliminatingneedle holes.Filter Cartridge OverviewPolywound CartridgesVorex Filter CartridgesVorex HP Filter CartridgesCustom Cartridge ProductsAdsorbent Media23 - 24252627 - 2829305

CONTENTSStandard VesselsPages 31 - 46AccessoriesFSI is as well-known forour full line of vessels aswe are for our bags andcartridges, and we maintain the same high levelof quality in all of them.TechnicalPages 53 - 54Pages 55 - 61Whether you need to compare specific non-hazardoussubstances or want to find a chart for the flow rate inpipe, you will find it here.Atmos- Bars Dynes/Hg, In. H20,, mmMicronsPascalspheres(psi)(torr)cm2 (00C) (40C)Atmospheres1.01325Dynes/cm21.01325 x10 6x10 6In. of Hg(00C)29.9213 29.53 2.953x10-5CONTENTSIn. of H20(40C)Vessel OverviewBFN VesselsBFC VesselsFSPN VesselsFSC VesselsThe Easy Open Lid OptionX100 Convertible Vessel HousingX100 Options and AccessoriesSpecialty Products31 - 3233 - 3435 - 3637 - 3940 - 424344 - 4546Pages 47 - 52When your filtrationneeds create uniquerequirements, FSI canhelp. We make almost asmany custom vessels asstandard ones. Ourengineers are wellqualified to addressyour needs.PPV Polypropylene Bag FiltersSBF Compact Bag VesselsFMC Drum FiltersSimplex StrainersFilter Vessels Duplex and ManifoldedInlet-Outlet Configurations64748495051529.869239.869233.34207 2.458 9.678 .068046 4.7254x10-4x10-1 x10-7 x10-2 x10-3 x10-5Bars10-6 3.3864 2.491 9.8067 6.8948 4.788x10-2 x10-3 x10-5x10-2 x10-43.386x10 42.491 98.067 6.8948 4.788x10 3x10 61.316 9.869x10 6 x10 61.333x10 31.333x10 610 51.3331.333x10 3107.355 2.896 2.036 .014139 3.937x10-2 x10-3x10 2406.8 401.48 4.0148 13.6x10-43.937 27.68x10-2.1922.53545.354 4.014x10 4 x10 313.5913.59 10.19x10 31.934x10-21.934 1.450x10 5 x10 ?1.033227 1.01971.0197 345.3x10 4 x10 4 x10-2Lb/in.2(psi)14.69559514.5041.4504 .4912 3.6126 1.423x10-5x10-2 x10-3Lb./ft.22116.222088.5 2.0885 70.726 5.202 .2048 144.0x10-3mm of Hg(torr)760Microns760 7.5006 .75006 2.54x10 4x10 3 x10-525.46.9444x10-32.7844 2.7844 2.0?x10 3 x10 2750.06 7.5006 25.400 1.868 7.3558 51.715 .35913x10-4x10-21.01325 1.000x10 5 x10 510-1Glossary3.386x10 33.937 2.953x10 5 x10 47.0306 4.882x10 2kg/m2Pascals1.316x10-310-31.868 73.558 51.715 359.13x10 3x10 31.000x10 32.491 9.8067 6.8948 47.88x10 2x10 31.333x10 27.502x10-37.50213.33Pages 62 - 69From abrasion to woven, all the definitions neededto provide you with the fundamentals of filtration.

COMMITMENTTOQUALITYQUALITY POLICYIt’s well known that product quality and consistencyare determined in the manufacturing process. Byvertically integrating our production operations, weare able to maintain positive control, product qualityand consistency over each step in the process.During the production of fiber and felt, and thenfilter bags and cartridges, we assure strict productquality and consistency by exercising positive processcontrol. At each step, we monitor the process againstprescribed standards, providing the necessaryfeedback and documenting the results.All steps taken throughout our manufacturingprocess are designed to ensure that our customersconsistently receive the highest quality products tomeet their filtration needs.FSI filter media is identified and tracked with serialized,scannable barcode tags. Each tag’s information includestype of filter media, lot #, media quantity and date ofmanufacture, for absolute traceability on all media.ISO 9001/9002Filter Specialists, Inc. is ISO 9001/9002 certified formanufacture of specialized filters and accessories andnon-code thermo plastic pressure vessels, manufacture ofspecialized filter system accessories, and the manufactureof ASME Section VII Division 1 & 2, and non-codepressure vessels, specializing in high pressure filters andfiltration equipment.7

FILTER BAGS OVERVIEWAttention to Our Customers’ NeedsBAGSFSI is the leader in the industry for many reasons. First,FSI’s integrated technology manages the production ofevery filter bag, from fiber processing to the manufactureof the felt, to the final creation of the finished filter bag.Our state-of-the-art CNC cutting table produces aprecision-cut bag for a uniform, consistent product. Theincrease in productivity and the dramatic reduction inscrap and waste also result in cost savings passed on tothe customer.Second, each filter bag we make is designed to meetthe concerns our customers face every day: precise micronratings, consistent performance, proper sealing, fibermigration and bag removal.We also recognize that multiple filtration uses requiremultiple filter types. That’s why FSI manufactures bothsingle- and multi-layered filter bags in a wide range ofmicron ratings, applicable for either vessel or openfiltration systems.Our felt bags come in a variety of materials: polyester,polypropylene, nylon, high temperature, and Teflon .Our mono-filament mesh bags are constructed of single,untwisted threads, that are woven with evenly-spaced8holes for better strength, perfectly suited for precisesifting, straining and classifying.A wide assortment of collar and ring types areavailable to ensure compatibility with most bag vesselson the market. Most FSI filter bags come standardwith the patented Polyloc sealing ring, available inpolypropylene, polyester and nylon. Our Polyloc ringprovides a complete hermetic closure, and its selfaligning design eliminates the sealing concerns oftraditional steel rings. Our Polyloc process even locksthe fiber ends to virtually eliminate the possibility ofmigration. And we’ve designed built-in handles, tomake bag removal easier, which helps prevent spillage.For the filtration of liquids that contain more thanone type of contaminant, FSI makes multi-layer filterbags, composed of different micron-rated materiallayers, to filter contaminants in graded stages fromcoarse to fine.Features: Whether sewn or welded-seam, bags can be surfacetreated to reduce fiber migration. Glazed andsinged finishes are available on most felt materials.

FILTER BAGS OVERVIEWFSI Filter Bags come standard withthe Polyloc Snap Fit bag seal (far left),which creates a hermetic seal within thevessel housing, preventing liquid bypass.Polyloc rings are available in polypropylene, polyester and nylon. Many otherring options are available, such as a304 Stainless Steel ring (near left).BAGS FSI’s standard liquid filter bags of either polypropylene or polyester felt also incorporate thewelded-seam design and the Polyloc top forbypass-free filtration. Extended Life designs are available for longer lifeand fewer changeouts. Our Extended Life filterbags provide outstanding performance, twice thedirt holding capacity of a standard felt bag, andour famous no-bypass, welded-seam design. Itseffectiveness is due to the increased thickness ofmaterial we use, and a graded pore structure thatprovides much greater depth than standard bags. Multilayer designs for more challenging applications. The FSI Polymicro Microfiber multilayerfilter bag provides for high contaminant loadingand long service life. Absolute Rated filtration. The BOS Polymicro filter bag offers absolute-rated filtration down to 3microns, and offers an entirely seamless design formore precise filtration, better product cleanliness,higher flow rates and long service life. The Heavy Duty Extended Life seamless filter bag(BOSMAX) uses a semi-rigid cartridge inside alayered, graded-pore bag structure for much greaterdepth filtration than conventional filter bags andup to four times more than our standard bag. Another alternative to traditional bags is thePolyWeld monofilament mesh, which offershigh flow rates, long service life andconsistent performance.FSI Multi-Layer Bags feature 2 or 3 layers of felt or mesh, providinggreater depth filtration, as contaminants are removed in stages.The PolyWeld Monofilament Mesh Filter Bag offers higher flowrates, longer service life and more consistent performance, innylon/polypropylene.9

PolyWeld CONSTRUCTIONAND THEPOLYLOC RINGBAGSThe patented Polyloc ring provides complete hermetic sealing, asthese diagrams demonstrate. The one-piece molded top is heat welded tothe media to further eliminate needle holes.IntroductionPolyloc RingFSI’s PolyWeld filter bags hold a distinct advantageover all types of needle-sewn bags. The welded seamscompletely eliminate the possibility of unfiltered liquidbypass occurring due to needle holes. The result is atighter seam, higher bag efficiencies and improved finishproduct yields. In addition, the fused edges of ourPolyWeld bag provide a fiber-free finish and virtuallyeliminate unwanted fiber migration. Since the PolyWeldbag is not constructed with thread, the possibility ofsilicone contamination from this source is also removed.FSI’s PolyWeld filter bags are available in several differentmedia: standard polypropylene felt, extended lifepolypropylene felt, and standard polyester felt.The top, together with the Polyloc snap-fit ring,creates a hermetic seal within a vessel housing toprevent liquid bypass. The patented Polyloc ring fitssecurely over the lip of the restraining basket,eliminating the sealing concerns of ordinary steelring bags. It is available in polypropylene, polyesterand nylon materials. To facilitate bag removal,handles are built into the Polyloc ring. They providea more stable grip to help prevent spillage duringbag changeover.The snap-fit ring can be installed in any new FSIFSPN/ BFN series housings, as well as previouslyinstalled FSP or FSPN housings. Made of 316SS,Teflon coated, it is available for size 1 and 2filter bags.Features of PolyWeld Construction: A welded seam means no thread, and therefore, noadditional source of silicone or other contaminants.10

TABLESOFBAG SIZESANDOTHER DATAFILTER FABRIC QUALITIESSAMPLE HOW TO ORDERExample:BPONG10P2PWEFabricCotton PolyesterGlassNylonNomexPolypro-pyleneType of ial:TensileStrength44 10964 124200 21558 12858 12850 85Abrasion& FlexFairVeryGoodPoorWeak AcidsPoorVeryGood ExcellentStrong AcidsPoorGoodWeak AlkaliExcellentGoodFairExcellent Excellent ExcellentStrong AlkaliExcellentPoorPoorExcellent Excellent ExcellentMicron Rating:Cover:Size:Excellent VeryGood entsGoodGoodExcellentGoodGoodFairTemp. (F )200 240 275 325 500 600 275 300 400 450 200 220 Ring:FILTER BAG DATASuffix:(eg: WE Welded seam construction)234NOTE:A sample How To Order chart is depicted above toshow how FSI part numbers are determined. Pleaserefer to the specific How To Order chart for eachsection to determine the actual part number.Surface AreaPer Bag (ft2/m2)2.0/0.194.4/0.410.5/0.051.0/0.9Volume Per Bag(gal*/liter)2.1/7.94.6/17.30.37/1.40.67/2.5Bag ag N-35BFN-14FSI Filter VesselModel NumberBAGS1Bag Sizeand allmulti-hole vesselsMicron Rating FeltFeltFeltFeltFeltMicrofiberMonofilament MeshMonofilament MeshMultifilament MeshMonofilament Mesh Material FiberPolyester FeltNylonPolypropyleneTeflon High 5017520025030040060070080012001500MICRON AVAILABILITY11

STANDARD FILTER BAGSPolymicro material is a speciallydesigned melt-blown polypropylenefiber with excellent oil-absorbingcharacteristics.Synthetic felts provide depthfiltration and higher solid loadingcapacity than comparable meshfabric bags.Our no-bypass welded seams eliminate the possibility of fluid bypass through needle holes. We providea variety of glazed and singed finishes to inhibit fibermigration. FSI also offers polypropylene and polyesterinserted felts. These inserted felts include a reinforcingscrim needled inside the felt material, to provide addedstrength and durability.Features:FSI Felt Bags are the AnswerBAGSWhen it comes to felt filter bags, FSI has the answer.Our years of experience give us an advantage over ourcompetitors, and our felt filter bags show it. Our feltbags are designed to withstand higher solid loading,and are suitable for applications using vessel or openfiltration systems.FSI’s “Comprehensive Manufacturing Control”philosophy insures that we will maintain our status asthe industry leader in all phases of the filter business.Our integrated technology and superior control overour manufacturing and quality leads to consistentperformance. With FSI filter bags, you can count onwhat you are getting.We start with the finest material possible. FSIproduces the felt material used in our felt filter bags inhouse, guaranteeing the highest quality. Our ExtendedLife filter bag provides superior filtration of all sizedparticles over traditional filter bags, as well as up totwice the dirt holding capacity of a standard filter bag.12 We offer a full line of felt materials andmicron ratings. Conventional sewn bags or the PolyWeld weldedseam bags available. Conventional bag rings or the FSI Polyloc ringavailable on most bags. Heavy Duty and Extended Life designs availableto suit your filtration needs.Standard Bag SizesSIZE 1:Diameter: 7” (17.8 cm)Length:16” (40.65 cm)Compatible with FSI Filter ModelFSP/FSPN-40,and the BFN-11.SIZE 2:Diameter: 7” (17.8 cm)Length:32” (81.3 cm)Compatible with FSI Filter ModelsFSP/FSPN-85, FSP/FSPN-250,the BFN-12, and all multi-hole vessels.

PONG 1 PONG 3 PONG 5 PONG 10 PONG 25 PONG 50 PONG 100PENG 1 PENG 3 PENG 5 PENG 10 PENG 25 PENG 50 PENG 75 PENG 100 PENG 200PONG/PENG FELT FILTER BAGSHOW TO ORDERExample:BPONG10P2PCType of Filter:B BagMaterial:PE Felt, PolyesterPO Felt, PolypropyleneHT Felt, High Temp.TFE Felt, TeflonN Felt, NylonN Non-inserted feltI Inserted feltProviding Consistent PerformanceStandard Bag Sizes (Continued)SIZE 3:Diameter: 4” (10.2 cm)Length:8.25” (20.9 cm)Compatible with FSI Filter ModelFSP/FSPN-20and the BFN-13.SIZE 4:Diameter: 4” (10.2 cm)Length:14” (35.5 cm)Compatible with FSI Filter ModelFSP/FSPN-35and the BFN-14.Micron Rating:PO: 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100PE: 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200(refer to Pg. 11 for other felt materials)Cover:P Plain (no cover)PEM Polyester multifilamentNMO Nylon monofilamentSize:1: 7”2: 7”3: 4”4: 4”xxxx16”32”8.25”14”5*: 6 7/8” x 34”6*: 6 7/8” x 16 1/2”7: 5 1/2” x 16”8: 5 1/2” x 22”9: 5 1/2” x 33”BAGSThe FSI PONG filter bag is one of the most versatileand popular bags on the market. Made from a noninserted polypropylene felt with a glazed surface finish,the standard bag incorporates the PolyWeld weldedseam design. The Polyloc ring provides hermetic sealing, preventing steel ring bypass problems. And thewelded seam eliminates unfiltered liquid bypass occurring due to needle holes. The PENG filter bag is madefrom non-inserted polyester, and can be ordered withthe polyester Polyloc ring.These bags c

entire manufacturing process. No matter how large or small the project, FSI achieves the highest levels of quality for all of our filters and vessels! From our beginnings in 1972 in Michigan City, Indiana, FSI has grown into a worldwide supplier of both high quality and economical filtration prod-ucts. We now serve customers from our production

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