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3: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsSpoke Wheel Assemblies . 2Spoke Wheels . 3Hub & Drum Assemblies . 4Hubs . 6Brake Drums . 8Steel Disc Wheels . 10Steel Demountable Rims . 12Spacer Bands . 13Wheel Studs & Nuts . 14Inner Cap Nuts for Mounting Dual Wheels . 15Outer Cap Nuts for Mounting Stud Piloted Disc Wheels . 15Miscellaneous Wheel Nuts & Clamps . 16Valve Stems & Accessories . om3: Wheels, Drums & :3.11:3.12:3.13:3–1

3.1 Spoke Wheel Assemblies3.1 Spoke Wheel Assemblies3.1.1: 3-SPOKE WHEEL & DRUM ASSEMBLIESBearing CupsPart NumberSizeInnerOuterWheelDrumNotesSee Section 9.2.1 3-spoke wheels3: Wheels, Drums & Components3.1.2: 5-SPOKE WHEEL & DRUM ASSEMBLIESBearing CupsPart 53HM212011WEB85203--AWEB67518Note 1Note 7DAY03-122222-002Note 3DAY03-122222-002Note 0Note Y03-122126-002Note Y03-122126-002Note 03-122126-002Note 8Note 7DAY03-122222-002Note Note 03-122126-002Note 2Note 1: Complete with cups, 4'' corrugated channel spacers, clamps, nuts & studsNote 2: Has cups, studs & nuts onlyNote 3: Has cups, clamps, studs & nutsNote 4: Has cups, clamps, studs & nuts—set up for ABS3.1.3: 6-SPOKE WHEEL & DRUM ASSEMBLIESBearing CupsPart 841056822--AWEB68765Note 1WEB5682ZHDATNote 1: Cups, studs & nuts included.Part number with a 3 digit prefix are stocking parts. All others may be special

3.2 Spoke Wheels3.2 Spoke Wheels3.2.1: 3-SPOKE WHEELSBearing CupsPart 12011UsesDrumsWEB# 63647Dayton# 03-120882NotesNote 13: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsNote 1: Clips, studs & nuts included.3.2.2: 5-SPOKE WHEELSBearing CupsPart 53HM212011WEB67518DAY03-122222-002Note 2-002Note 2-002Note 22-002Note 122222-002Note 22-002Note 122222-002Note 26-002Note 22126-002Note 26-002Note 22126-002Note 2Note 1: Complete with cups, 4'' corrugated spacer, clamps, studs & nuts.Note 2: Has cups, studs & nuts.NOTE: Part numbers with a 3 digit prefix are stocking parts. All other parts may be special intl.com3–3

3.3 Hub & Drum Assemblies3.3 Hub & Drum Assemblies3.3.1: HUB & DRUM ASSEMBLY DIFFERENCE3: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsStud Piloted Outboard MountHub Piloted Outboard Mount1. Hub cap kit2. Stud3. Inner capnut4. Outer capnut5. Hub6. Drum1. Hub cap kit2. Stud3. Flange nut4. Hub5. Drum6. Outer bearing cupOutboard Mount: Drum is easily accessible.Do not need to remove hub to get to drum.Inboard Mount:3–4Refers to stud piloted style only.Need to remove hub to get to

3.3 Hub & Drum Assemblies3.3.2: STUD PILOTED HUB & DRUM 0HM212011DAY04-15501-00503-123363-02210 holeOutboard 0210 holeOutboard -10 holeOutboard -10 holeInboard Mount3: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsBearing CupsPart Number3.3.3: HUB PILOTED HUB & DRUM ASSEMBLIESBearing CupsPart NumberStyleInnerOuterHubDrumNotesDAY14-15501-35210 hole ABSHM218210HM212011---------------16-1/2'' x 7''DAY03-123207-002Outboard MountDAY14-15571-11410 hole utboard MountWEB20231UQ3T10 hole ABSHM218210HM212011WEB20231--316-1/2'' x 7''WEB66864ABSOutboard MountDAY14-15501-35310 hole ABSHM218210HM212011---------------16-1/2'' x 7''DAY03-123207-002Outboard Mountlong studs*FRUACF9740-3B10 hole utboard Mountlong studs*MTR1090030410 Outboard MountWEB20231UQ310 holeHM218210HM212011WEB20231--316-1/2'' x 7''WEB66864Outboard MountWEB20271CW3T8 hole ABSHM218210HM21201120271--012-1/4'' x 8''63680Outboard MountWEB20271CW5T8 hole ABSHM218210HM21201120271--0---------------Outboard Mountlong studs*WEB20271CW38 holeHM218210HM21201120271--012-1/4'' x 8''63680Outboard MountWEB20271CW58 d Mountlong studs*WEB23231UQ310 hole ABSHM518410HM5184102323-016-1/2'' x 7''WEB66884FOutboard MountDAY14-15593-08110 hole ------Outboard MountDAY14-15593-08210 hole ------Outboard MountMTR3577072810 Outboard MountFRUAVA0163-1B10 holeHM518410HM518410---------------16-1/2'' x 7''DAY03-123365-002Outboard Mount*Long studs used to mount aluminum ntl.com3–5

3.4 Hubs3.4 Hubs3.4.1: STUD PILOTED HUBSBearing Cups3: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsPart NumberStyleInnerOuterUses DrumNotesDAY04-09747-00310 hole653HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' DAY03-012582-002Inboard Mountno studsWEB122110 hole653HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' WEB6220016-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' WEB68891Inboard Mountno studs or cupsWEB12213--MR10 hole RH653HM212011WEB12213--ML10 hole LH653HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' WEB6220016-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' WEB68891Inboard Mountwith studsDAY04-14059-00110 holeHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' DAY03-012582-00216-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' 03-120882-002Inboard Mountno studsWEB10209--N10 holeHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' WEB6686416-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' WEB68891Inboard Mountno studs20231--010 holeHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' WEB6686416-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' WEB68891Outboard Mountno studsWEB20231--N10 holeHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' WEB6686416-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' WEB66814Outboard Mountno studsWEB100110 holeHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' WEB6220016-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' WEB68891Inboard Mountno studs or cupsWEB10019--MR10 hole RHHM218210HM212011WEB10019--ML10 hole LHHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' 6330016-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' WEB68891Inboard Mountwith studsWEB20231--MR10 hole RHHM218210HM212011WEB20231--ML10 hole LHHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' WEB6686416-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' WEB66814Outboard Mount withstudsDAY04-14802-00110 hole RHHM218210HM212011DAY04-14802-00210 hole LHHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' DAY03-122607-002Outboard Mount withstudsFRUACC5227-110 holeHM518410HM518410---------------Inboard Mountno studsDAY04-14131-00110 holeHM518410HM51841016-1/2'' x 7'' DAY03-120877-002Outboard Mountno studsWEB133110 holeHM518410HM51841016-1/2'' x 7'' WEB6873016-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' 68927Inboard Mountno studs or cupsDAY04-09179-03810 hole RHHM518410HM518410DAY04-09179-03910 hole LHHM518410HM51841015'' x 7'' 12029916-1/2'' x 7'' DAY03-122126-00216-1/2'' x 8-5/8'' DAY03-120376-002Inboard Mountwith studsDAY04-14131-00610 hole RHHM518410HM518410DAY04-14131-00710 hole LHHM518410HM51841016-1/2'' x 7'' DAY03-120877-002Outboard Mount withstudsNOTE: Part numbers with a 3 digit prefix are stocking parts. All other parts may be special

3.4 Hubs3.4.2: HUB PILOTED HUBS & ACCESSORIESStyleInnerOuterUses DrumNotesCMT10577510 hole Alum.ABSHM218210HM212011---------------Outboard Mountwith studsWEN10-00011-10110 hole ABSHM218210HM212011---------------Outboard Mountwith studsDAY04-15501-00510 holeHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' DAY03-123365-002Outboard Mountwith studsWEB20231--310 holeHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' WEB6686416-1/2 x 8-5/8'' WEB66814Outboard Mountwith studsDAY04-15501-00110 holeHM218210HM21201116-1/2'' x 7'' DAY03-123365-002Outboard Mountno studsWEB20281--38 holeHM218210HM21201115'' x 7'' 61576F16'2'' x 7'' WEB66875F16'2'' x 8-5/8'' 66816FOutboard Mountwith studsCMT10622910 hole Alum.ABSHM518410HM518410---------------Outboard Mountlong studs*DAY04-15656-01810 hole ABSHM518410HM518410---------------Outboard Mountlong studs*DAY04-15656-00210 hole ABSHM518410HM518410---------------Outboard Mountno studsCMT10126510 Hole Alum.HM518410HM518410---------------Outboard Mountlong studs*thread hubcapCMT10178110 th studsthread hubcapCMT10622610 hole Alum.HM518410HM518410---------------Outboard Mountlong studs*10 holeHM518410HM51841016-1/2'' x 7'' DAY03-123365-002Outboard Mountno studs10 hole Alum.ABSNP593561NP174964---------------Outboard Mountwith studsDAY04-15502-001CMT106275***Long studs used to mount aluminum wheels.1. CMT105459www.martecintl.com3: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsBearing CupsPart Number** denotes Preset Premium hubTone ring1-800-8MARTECinfo@martecintl.com3–7

3.5 Brake Drums3.5 Brake Drums3.5.1: DISC WHEEL BRAKE DRUMS & CROSSOVERDrums with a 3 letter prefix are stocking partsBrake Size3: Wheels, Drums & Components16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 8-5/8''16-1/2'' x 8-5/8''16-1/2'' x 8-5/8''16-1/2'' x 8-5/8''16-1/2'' x 8-5/8''15'' x 7''15'' x 7''Dayton NumberWebb -----------6157103-123466-002WEB61988*Replaces Trailmobile 7-4-264Motor WheelNumber1GuniteNumberDayton X-30 ---------------------1.)Centrifuse Drum2.)Steelite X-30 ---------------------------------------3.5.2: SPOKE WHEEL BRAKE DRUMS & CROSSOVERDrums with a 3 letter prefix are stocking partsBrake Size16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''16-1/2'' x 7''12-1/4'' x 7-1/2''12-1/4'' x 7-1/2''12-1/4'' x 8''12-1/4'' x 8''15'' x 4''15'' x 4''15'' x 4''15'' x 4''3–8Dayton NumberWebb NumberMotor WheelNumber1GuniteNumberDayton X-30 6543MOT88870BK ----------------------------*Replaces Trailmobile 7-4-2401.)Centrifuse Drum2.)Steelite X-30

3.5 Brake Drums3.5.3: TRACTOR DRUM APPLICATIONS & CROSSOVERSBrake SizeDayton NumberWebb NumberMotor WheelNumber1GuniteNumberDayton X-30 Number2ReycoNumber51961-1016-1/2'' x /2'' x -----------52890-1116-1/2'' x -----52878-0116-1/2'' x 2647-1116-1/2'' x 565-00252705-3016-1/2'' X --------51952-0116-1/2'' X -----------------------16-1/2'' X 7''DAY03-122683-00216-1/2'' X -------------------------------------16-1/2'' X -------------------------------16-1/2'' X ---------------------------------16-1/2'' X -------------51971-3116-1/2'' X ---------------------------------16-1/2'' X ------16-1/2'' X 8-5/8''03-123428-00215'' X --------53030-0115'' X --------------------------------------------15'' X trifuse Drum3: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsDrums with a 3 letter prefix are stocking parts2.)Steelite X-30 DrumsNOTE: Part numbers with a 3 digit prefix are stocking parts. All other parts may be special intl.com3–9

3.6 Steel Disc Wheels3.6 Steel Disc Wheels3.6.1: STUD PILOTED STEEL DISC WHEELSALSO REFERRED TO AS BALL SEAT MOUNT3.6.1.1: STUD PILOTED TUBELESS 15 STEEL DISC WHEELSAccuride NumberMotor WheelNumber17.5'' x 6.00''ACC28145PG----------Gray62Extra Service17.5'' x 6.50"ACC28112PG----------Gray102Extra Service17.5'' x 8.25"ACC28324PG----------Gray102Extra Service22.5'' x 7.50''ACC27403PG----------Gray102Extra ServiceACC27404PGMOT87905GGray102Extra ServiceMOT87905EWhite102Extra ServiceExtra Service3: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsSize22.5'' x 8.25''22.5'' x 8.25''ACC27404PWColorMountingHolesHand HolesNotes22.5'' x 8.25'ACC27833CPW----------White10522.5'' x 8.25''ACC28549PG----------Gray102Heavy Load22.5'' x 9.00''ACC28510PG----------Gray102Heavy Load22.5'' x 9.00''ACC28510PW----------White102Heavy Load24.5'' x 8.25''ACC27406PGMOT87897GGray102Extra Service24.5'' x 8.25''ACC27406PWMOT87897EWhite102Extra Service24.5'' x 8.25''ACC28410PG----------Gray102Heavy Load24.5'' x 8.25''ACC28410PW----------White102Heavy Load3.6.1.2: STUD PILOTED TUBE TYPE 5 STEEL DISC WHEELSSizeAccuride NumberMotor WheelNumberColorMountingHolesHand HolesNotes20'' x : STUD PILOTED DUPLEX STEEL DISC WHEELSSize3–10Accuride NumberMotor WheelNumberColorMountingHolesHand HolesNotes----------22.5'' x 12.25''ACC28132----------Gray10222.5'' x 12.25''ACC29218PG----------Gray105----------22.5'' x

3.6 Steel Disc Wheels3.6.2: HUB PILOTED STEEL DISC WHEELSALSO REFERRED TO AS UNI-MOUNT3.6.2.1: HUB PILOTED TUBELESS STEEL DISC WHEELSAccurideNumberMotor WheelNumber17.5'' x 6.75''ACC28656PG----------Gray84Extra Service17.5'' x 6.75''ACC28656PW----------White84Extra ServiceColorMountingHolesHand HolesNotes19.5'' x 7.50''ACC29195PW----------Gray105Extra Service22.5'' x 8.25''----------MOT88884GGray84Extra Service22.5'' x 8.25''ACC28484PWMOT88884EWhite84Extra Service22.5'' x 8.25''ACC28408PG---------Gray102Extra Service22.5'' x 8.25''ACC28408PW---------White102Extra Service22.5" x 8.25"----------MOT90541EWhite104Extra Service22.5'' x 8.25''22.5'' x 8.25''ACC28487PWACC29001PG---------White105Extra Service---------Gray105Extra Service24.5'' x 8.25''----------MOT88790EWhite84Extra Service24.5'' x 8.25''ACC28409PG----------Gray102Extra Service24.5'' x 8.25''ACC28409PW----------White102Extra Service24.5" x 8.25"----------MOT90542EWhite104Extra Service24.5'' x 8.25''ACC28827PW----------White102Heavy .com3: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsSize3–11

3.7 Steel Demountable Rims3.7 Steel Demountable Rims3.7.1: STEEL TUBELESS DEMOUNTABLE RIMS3: Wheels, Drums & ComponentsSizeAccuride NumberMotor Wheel NumberColorRim OffsetMaximum Load(lbs.)17.5'' x 6.75''ACC31868175PG----------Gray3.90''4805 lbs.17.5'' x 8.25''ACC31814175PG----------Gray4.75''6040 lbs.22.5'' x 7.5''ACC30371225PG----------Gray4.26''6610 lbs.22.5'' x 7.5''ACC30371225PW----------White4.26''6610 lbs.22.5'' x 8.25''ACC30391225PGMOT825225DVLGGray4.75''7300 lbs.22.5'' x 8.25''ACC30391225PWMOT825225DVLEWhite4.75''7300 lbs.22.5'' x 8.25''ACC32051PG----------Gray4.75''8,000 lbs.24.5'' x 8.25''ACC30391245PGMOT825245DVLGGray4.75''7300 lbs.24.5'' x 8.25''ACC30391245PWMOT825245DVLEWhite4.75''7300 lbs.22.5'' x 9.00''ACC32052PG----------Gray5.00''10,000 lbs.22.5'' x 9.00''ACC32052PW22.5'' x 12.25''ACC31658PG22.5'' x 12.25''ACC31677PG----------White5.00''10,000 lbs.Gray0.38''10,500 lbs.4.00''9,270 lbs.3.7.2: STEEL TUBE TYPE 3-PIECE DEMOUNTABLE RIMSSizeAccuride NumberColorSide RingLock RingMaximum Load(lbs.)20'' x 7.0''ACC240-5-1Gray----------LR240-55430 lbs.20'' x 8.0''ACC275-5-1Gray262D5SR240D5LR7600 lbs.22'' x 8.0''ACC276-5-1Gray263D5SR241D5LR7600 lbs.24'' x 8.0''ACC277-5-1Gray264D5SR242D5LR7600 lbs.24'' x 8.5''ACC313-5-1Gray313D5SR313D5LR8900 lbs.3.7.3: STEEL TUBE TYPE 2-PIECE DEMOUNTABLE RIMS3–12SizeAccuride NumberColorSide RingLock RingMaximum Load(lbs.)20'' x 7.5''ACC2

3: Wheels, Drums & Components 3–3 3.2 Spoke Wheels 3.2 Spoke Wheels 3.2.1: 3-SPOKE WHEELS Note 1: Clips, studs & nuts included. 3.2.2: 5-SPOKE WHEELS Note 1: Complete with cups, 4'' corrugated spacer, clamps, studs & nuts. Note 2: Has cups, studs & nuts. NOTE: Part numbers with a 3 digit prefix are stocking parts. All other parts may be .

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