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mediakit.construction.comenr.com2012 media kitAT A GLANCE POWER OF THE ENRMEDIA NETWORKThe MarketEditorialAUDIENCE, CIRCULATION AND READERSHIP ADVERTISING ANDMARKETING SERVICESMEDIA PLANNING RESOURCESConferences and EventsAbout McGraw-Hill ConstructionENR Media Network - Our Reach,Your ResultsENR provides a full suite of integrated advertising and marketing servicesdriven by the brand construction professionals trust most.When you need to reach the construction market, ENR is there for you witha comprehensive or targeted solutionthat’s tailored to meet your specificneeds and objectives. ENR’s provenaccess to and engagement with theprofessionals driving the industrymeans your marketing messages getnoticed in print, digital and event mediadelivery platforms.MEETING YOURUNIQUE OBJECTIVESENR will help you prioritize, thenrecommend a solution to address yourspecific marketing objectives Build your brand awareness andpreference Launch a new or updated product orservice Become a subject matter expert,drive “thought leadership” Create and nurture lasting customerrelationships through regular communication Generate sales leads, and increaseyour qualified prospect pipelines Promote your company’s qualifications Attract the best talent and build yourworkforceEFFECTIVE TARGETINGENR works with you to identify the keymanagerial and professional audiences,geographies, and markets most important to you. We’ll use our research andknowledge of the purchasing processto help you uncover the primary as wellas the hidden buying influencers foryour products and services.Prioritize your targets, or reach theentire connected construction team: Owners General contractors, constructionmanagers Designers/ engineers/architects Specialty contractors Suppliers/distributors, educatorsand the financial community protect,expand, and develop new or existinggeographies or vertical marketsProtect, expand, and develop new orexisting geographies or vertical markets Global, national, regional Commercial building, institutionalbuildings, education/schools, government projects, plants and manufacturing, public works, power andutilities, transportation, roads andbridges, multifamily housing19

ENR 2012 Media kitmediakit.construction.comenr.comENR media network National impact regional focusAT A GLANCE POWER OF THE ENRMEDIA NETWORKThe MarketEDITORIALAudience, Circulation and Readership ADVERTISING ANDMARKETING SERVICESMEDIA PLANNING RESOURCESConferences and EventsAbout McGraw-Hill ConstructionEXTENSIVE TOOL KITListed below is a sampling of the ENRtools and capabilities ready to serveyour marketing communications needsand objectives today.your company as a thought leader andgenerate leads. What’s more, editorial webinars qualify for professionaldevelopment hours, maximizing attendeebenefit and increasing attendance.Display AdvertisingBuild brand awareness and loyalty,announce product launches or educatereaders with display ads in print, onlineor in ENR’s daily, weekly and biweeklye-mail newsletters.Bonus: ENR conducts advertising readership studies in selected print issues,scoring your ad’s performance andgiving you valuable “verbatim” readercomments on your perceptions aboutyour ad message and company.White PapersAccessible via the McGraw-HillConstruction Research Library andpromoted online and in McGraw-HillConstruction’s e-mail newsletters,ENR’s cost-per-lead white paperprogram offers turnkey lead generation. Optional lead filters help qualifyrespondents so your sales team canfocus on the contacts with the highestrevenue potential.Special Ad SectionsENR’s special sections provide construction professionals with focusedinformation direct from industry sourcesand associations on specific verticalindustry topics. ENR’s special sectionsthe perfect opportunity to presentopinions, case studies, projects andproducts.Beyond print, ENR Special Ad sectionscome alive in digital format on enr.comand offer optional participation in leadgenerating, multi sponsor CustomerConnection e-mail blasts.Custom PublishingENR works with you to create customcompany, project or product profiles/brochures that can be delivered to targeted audiences within the ENR MediaNetwork. Overruns and digital copiescan be provided to support your collateral and sales support requirements.WebinarsENR offers both editorial and sponsorsupplied-content webinars. Promotedvia our award-winning websites, e-mailnewsletters and ENR’s e-mail databases,these live, 60-minute online eventsprovide turnkey brand exposure, positionDirect MarketingWith nearly 800,000 postal addressesand more than 500,000 e-mail addresses, McGraw-Hill Construction’s andENR’s direct marketing databases linkyour company to your target audience.In addition to traditional e-mail blasts,ENR offers single-sponsor, CustomerConnection e-mails. These customcontent e-mails not only provide brandexposure and drive traffic to your site,they generate leads whenever a recipient clicks on the links within.Networking and EventsENR provides a variety of in-personnetworking events throughout the year.These events provide sponsors andvaluable face-to-face time with ouraudience. Check our calendar for thelatest event opportunities.Continuing EducationMcGraw-Hill Construction’s ContinuingEducation Center is the largest providerof CEU credits within the AEC community.Promoted in the pages of ENR, onlineand across the McGraw-Hill Construction portfolio, ENR Continuing Educationcourses receive premium exposure andprovide unrivaled exposure, thoughtleadership and lead generation.20

ENR 2012 Media kitmediakit.construction.comenr.comENR media network National impact regional focusAT A GLANCE POWER OF THE ENRMEDIA NETWORKThe MarketEDITORIALAudience, Circulation and Readership ADVERTISING ANDMARKETING SERVICESMEDIA PLANNING RESOURCESSpecialty AdvertisingENR also provides several specialtyadvertising solutions to meet nicheindustry needs. ENRProjectWire is an integratedprogram that enables you to getcontract awards, project completionsand other announcements out tothe market quickly and easily in bothprint and digital formats. Official Proposals/Bid Noticesfeature announcements of construction project activity and other legalnotices from the public and privatesector. Career Center provides AEC andrelated companies a contextually relevant location for posting jobs whileproviding our readers a vital tool intheir job searches. ENR Classified offers space withinthe pages of ENR for selling products, equipment and services to theAEC community. Training and Certification providesprint and digital exposure for schoolsand training/certification programsto showcase their courses and curricula. The ACE Mentor Program isguiding thousands of talented anddeserving students into the fieldsof architecture, construction, andengineering. By advertising in ENR’sannual ACE Mentor Yearbook, you’llraise your profile among your peersas one of the companies leading theway for the next generation.Conferences and EventsAbout McGraw-Hill ConstructionENR Pre-packaged and CustomIntegrated SolutionsAn integrated campaign doesn’t needto be complex. The ENR Media Network makes it easy to participate ininnovative packages created aroundthe essential content that makes theENR Media Network unique. The following are a sampling of some of ourturnkey and custom built packages.Please consult your sales representative for details.ENR News SponsorshipsThe ENR Media Network provides thelatest news in engineering and construction. Position your company alongside relevant editorial features witha print, online and e-mail newslettercombo targeted nationally or regionally.Vertical Market SponsorshipsAlign your brand with the constructionverticals that matter most to your business, and be seen alongside relevanteditorial features with a print, onlineand e-mail newsletter package in thefollowing verticals: BuildingsBusiness eOpinionsPeoplePolicyTechnology (FutureTech)21

ENR 2012 Media kitmediakit.construction.comenr.comENR media network National impact regional focusAT A GLANCE POWER OF THE ENRMEDIA NETWORKThe MarketEDITORIALAudience, Circulation and Readership ADVERTISING ANDMARKETING SERVICESMEDIA PLANNING RESOURCESENR Top List and SourcebookSponsorshipsReceive 360 degree “ownership” of selected ENR Top List(s) with print, web,e-mail and webinar exposure. Top listsand sourcebooks available for sponsorship include: Top 200 Environmental Firms Top 400 Contractors Top 500 Design Firms Top 600 Specialty Contractors Top CM Top Contractors Sourcebook Top Design Firms Sourcebook Top Design/Build Top Global Sourcebook Top Green Contractors Top Green Design Firms Top International Contractors Top International Design Firms Top Owners SourcebookSmartMarket Reports MaximumImpact PackagesPosition your company as a thoughtleader while generating leads with acustom-created SmartMarket Reporton the industry topic of your choiceand with a corresponding, credit-earning, live webinar revealing findings ofthe report.Conferences and EventsAbout McGraw-Hill ConstructionENR Award and RecognitionSponsorshipsHelp recognize those making adifference in the industry as a sponsorof McGraw-Hill Construction awardprograms in print, online and at events.Opportunities available for sponsorshipinclude: 6 Companies to Watch ENR Award of Excellence ENR Best Projects Images of the Year Top 20 Under 40 Top 25 Newsmakers Top Women in Construction ENR Workforce RecruitmentPackagesRecruit top talent with McGraw-HillConstruction’s workforce recruitmentpackages. Opportunities include: Career Center (online and print)Annual Education IssueACE Mentor SectionCEUsWorkforce Ad SectionAnnual Job FairsTraining/Certification CenterMonthly Workforce EditorialTo further expand the program andadd additional lead-generating opportunities, white papers and case studiesmay be developed from the reportand posted within the McGraw-HillConstruction Research Library, andrun as special inserts within the ENRMedia Network.22

ENR 2012 Media kitmediakit.construction.comenr.comENR media network National impact regional focusAT A GLANCE POWER OF THE ENRMEDIA NETWORKConferences and EventsAbout McGraw-Hill Construction ADVERTISING ANDMARKETING SERVICESMEDIA PLANNING RESOURCESThe MarketEDITORIALAudience, Circulation and ReadershipConstructorA PArtneriThe Magazine of theAssociated Generalwww.constructormagazine.comContractors of AmericaJuly/August 2010Creative coalitionng Missiontackles a key California hospital projectspecial feature:Howsweets news anda publication ofthe mcgraw-hillproducts/ marchcompanies februaryfourarchitectsGetprodumadectspage 182011Congress GivesGreen Stamp toU.S. Hardwoodpage 12BuildingSecurityLatestHigh-TechSolutionsOne Of theSub head headlhere then here ine will gosub wOrld’sgreat pOllembracesuterssustainable desigsteven hOlln in’s vankeheadquarters2010 regionaresource guidlece guidepage 37PLUS:LEDsGo Organicchinnew Grae’sethosen2010 regional resourFrom thought leadership and brandawareness to lead generation andvertical market solutions, McGraw-HillConstruction is your one stop shop forreaching the AEC community. Whetheryou’re looking for turnkey packages oroutside-the-box, custom solutions, ourportfolio of products has what you needto succeed.ConstructorMaximize your impactwith McGraw-HillConstruction’sIntegrated Solutionspage 29www.agc.orgwww.agc.orgC 0708 2010cover.indd18/17/10 5:49:42PMSolarmotionControllableSunshades fromConstructionSpecialtiespage 14SmarterSunshadesAnd More of Our Jury’sYearTop Picks of theon page 14startinggreen soura publication ofthe mcgrawcemag.com-hill companiesmarch april 2011PlatformsPrint McGraw-Hill Construction’s portfolioof award-winning magazines reachesdesign and construction professionals.Digital McGraw-Hill Construction’s industryleading websites and e-mail newsletters provide up-to-the-minuteindustry news.Mobile Tablet-optimized digital magazinesand mobile applications provideMcGraw-Hill Construction’s audiencethe content they need in the formatthey prefer.Events Bringing together the leaders inthe AEC workplace, McGraw-HillConstruction events provide faceto-face marketing opportunities forour sponsors.TacticsDirect Mail McGraw-Hill Construction’s databasesprovide postal and e-mail direct marketing solutions.Custom Publishing As a leader in the AEC market,McGraw-Hill Construction helps youdevelop custom-publishing piecesthat connect and resonate with ouraudience.Research Supported by a world class researchand analytics team as well as theworld’s largest database of NorthAmerican construction projects,Dodge, McGraw-Hill Constructionconducts and provides the researchyou need and positions you as athought leader in the process.Continuing Education Keeping current on industry trendsis essential in the AEC industry.McGraw-Hill Construction providesour audience with the largest selection of continuing education coursesand provides our sponsors with leadsfor those attending these courses.Career CenterThe McGraw-Hill ConstructionOnline Career Center offers avariety of options for employers andrecruiters to take job searching andrecruitment to the next level. Reachour qualified audience to hire andretain talent for your next job opening. Conduct resume searches andbuild awareness for your company.23

Continuing education McGraw-Hill Construction’s Continuing Education Center is the largest provider of CEU credits within the AEC community. Promoted in the pages of ENR, online and across the McGraw-Hill Construc-tion portfolio, ENR Continuing Education courses receive premium exposure and provide unrivaled exposure, thought

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Las vegas March 4-8 & AGC National, ENR Healthcare feb 26 2/3 2/10 MTN mar 10 Q1 Tech focus Underground and Underground Equipment I Workforce: Training & Certification March Project Delivery I - Design build DbIA I 2/17 2/24 SE mar 17 Active Markets Technology Today I (ENRfutureTech) / Steel I (Steel Conf Preview) bONUS: ENR futureTech West San .

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Nov 10, 2009 · For example, in the sequence the consisted of “reach high, reach low, reach high, reach low,” the pattern was “reach high, reach low” and the sequence was the whole thing together as actions. (What came next in the sequence of actions) Use prepared cards/papers with examples to show what is the pattern and what is the sequence.

Knight Frank’s specialist Automotive team is a leading advisor to the automotive and roadside property sectors. We operate across the UK and overseas, advising occupiers, developers, landlords and lenders on car dealership, service area, petrol station and roadside retail assets. We provide unparalleled advice and support to our clients and back this up with industry-leading technology and .