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Deaf Catholic NewsNovember 2013 - February 2014Volume 14 No 5A Christmas ReflectionChristmas is a time of mixed ideas and images– all the world around us is obsessed with shoppingand Christmas sales and what seems to be sometimes forgotten is the birth of Jesus! It is odd thatthe birth of Jesus as a poor and humble baby to parents far from home has become a time forshopping sprees and over-eating!So each year we decide “this year it will be different!” But nothing will change unless we, ourselves,become different. Unless we do, out of habit we will be more caught up than ever in the Christmasfrenzy, until we reach the point where we have “shopped until we drop”. And then we are tired andfed up and disappointed. Not a very Merry Christmas!That is why it is important to keep in mind “the reason for the season.” When we do this, we movecloser to the true meaning of Christmas and the true meaning behind Christmas traditions. GivingChristmas gifts goes back to a time when Christians gave one another small gifts— honouringGod’s great gift to us, the birth of Jesus.God could have sent Jesus to the world in a very different way - He could have come bounding fromthe heavens as a magnificent, awesome, kingly figure in rich clothes with money and jewels. Or hecould have been sent as a tall adult soldier, armed ready to fight. Instead, God chose to send hisson to be born to a poor couple, far from home. The greatest gift to the world was born in a stable.The simplicity of that birth reminds us as Christians of what is important - it is not money or power.God chose to communicate the great mystery of His love by sending us a small baby, born in astable, totally dependent on his parents.Today in our world we are surrounded by images and ideas that having lots of money and havinglots of expensive things is the sign of success and power. It is Christmas which reminds us, thatpower and strength start withweakness and humility. Itreminds us that what reallymatters is love.So in the middle of all ourChristmas preparations weshould take time to think of Jesusin the manger. Christmas is atime when God shows us whatwe should try to be and how weshould live. So with each gift wegive and receive, let usremember the greatest gift theworld has ever received – thebirth of Jesus.An edited excerpt from Bishop Thomas P ry/view.cfm?recnum 7339Page 1

FROM THE KNIGHT’S DENeagerly followed Fr John Paul’sprogress to priesthood when, asa seminarian, he began his workexperience at the EphphetaCentre in 2009. We thencelebrated his ordination as aDeacon in November 2012 andthen again to the priesthood inSeptember. Fr John Paul hasalways had a soft spot for ourcommunity and he has includedour community in his journey topriesthood. We ask for God’sMy dear Friends,blessing on his journey as aOur Christmas newsletter – a time priest and that he will continue toto reflect on the joys and sorrows faithfully preach the good News.of the yearCMy thanks to everyone for yourWe are grateful that rain hasfinally come to quench the earthafter the bushfires of the last fewweeks that devastated parts ofNSW. Many homes were lost ordamaged especially in the BlueMountains but thankfully no liveswere lost from the fires. However,we see a different story of therecent tornado that swept throughthe Philippines where lives werelost and many thousands madehomeless, bringing unimaginablegrief. Please pray for the victimsand their loved ones, for thosewho care for them and for all theaffected communities. Please givegenerously to the appealsespecially at this time of the year.This year we celebrated the Yearof Faith in the Church which hasbeen an inspiration. We alsowelcomed the wonderful news ofour new Pope Francis in March.Many people are inspired by hisdown to earth attitude to lifeespecially to the poor. One of hisquotes “My people are poor and Iam one of them” typifies his desireto live in an apartment and cookhis own supper. Let us pray for hisleadership and guidance.One of the highlights was theordination of John Paul Escarlanin September 2013. We haveno ordinary baby. The prophetshad told of His coming forhundreds of years. The starstopped over Bethlehem to markthe way for those looking for thisspecial child. Please remember allthe families and friends who maymiss out on the joy of Christmasespecially our many deaf friendswho have passed on to eternal lifethis year.It is with sadness that I tell you, FrPeter Woodward will be leavingthe Ephpheta Centre at the end ofthe year due to health reasons.Pete (as I fondly call him) hasstruggled with his health over thewonderful support over the past last few years and it is through hisyear, especially our volunteers- determination, faith andcommitment that he has continuedboth Pastoral and our Catholicto provide his priestly duties at theDeaf Community. I also thankthe Deaf Society of NSW and its Ephpheta Centre. I have knownhim since his ordination into theMoU agencies for theirpriesthood and his work at thecooperation and supportEphpheta Centre. It was Pete whothroughout the year. Myinvited me to work at Ephphetacongratulations go to the DeafSociety of NSW for the success Centre back in 2000. We haveexperienced our ups and downsof the recent WFD conferenceththroughout the 12 years we’veand 100 Year Anniversary.been together. I offer Pete prayersDecember is once again upon us and God’s blessings that he maywith all the joys of Christmas. But return to good health in the nearwhat is the meaning offuture.Christmas? Gifts under the tree,decorations, dinners? Is thisSo on Christmas day, when youreally Christmas?are gathered with your family andfriends, please say grace andFor many people, Christmas can thank God for all He has providedbe a time of sorrow. Moneyfor you. Also think of all the poor,might be a problem. Manyhomeless, isolated andpeople are sad when they think disadvantaged people that Popeof their loved ones who are notFrancis strongly spoke about.around them. Yet, Christmas canbe a season of great joy. It is aOn behalf of myself and the team,time of God showing His greatI wish you all a Happy and Holylove for us. It is a time of healing Christmas and a Prosperous Newand renewed strength. Christmas Year. Enjoy your holidays and beis when we celebrate the birth of safe.Christ. God sent His Son, Jesus,God Bless you,into the world to be born. Hisbirth brought great joy.Ephpheta to you – Be Open.Shepherds, wise men, andangels all shared in theexcitement. They knew this wasBig Steve KSSPage 2

International Combined Signed Church ServiceinspiringOn Sunday morning,theatre20th October, inpresentationcelebration of theby DarrenWFD ConferenceKirkegardbeing held in Sydney,and athere was aInternationalbeautifully gracefulCombined Signedsong/dance by YoungChurch Service for allJoo Byun along withChristian churches insome lovely verses,the Deaf Community, which was coordinated bypsalms,7 churches - some were Deaf churches like thereadingsEphpheta Centre and others wereand a homily by Stephen Lawlor,“mainstreamed” churches (Deaf groups that goMargaret Drabsch, Peterto hearing churches).Mundy, Danni Wright andWe were also generouslyStanley Grimmet.supported by the ACBC(Australian Catholic BishopsThe EphphetaConference) who covered the costCentre would like toof the beautiful logo design andgive heartfeltthanks to all thepeople involved inplanning this eventincluding ds. We have plenty of these prayer cards/supportersbookmarks so if you missed out or would like to and the 300share them withplus peoplefamily and friends,that attended!please ask!The service wasvery visual withAuslan,International Sign andPowerPointpresentations. Therewas also a wonderfullyRydeLiverpoolFr Peter Woodward is retiring from Ephpheta CentreAs you may know, Fr Peter Woodward has been struggling with health issues for along time. He now needs to retire from duties at the Ephpheta Centre so he can focuson improving his health.He will continue to say Mass for the Deaf Community at Punchbowl and Seven Hillsuntil the end of this year. His last Mass with the Deaf Community will be ourChristmas Eve Vigil.Fr Peter Woodward would appreciate your prayers for his health.Page 3

Save the DatesSome very important things tobook in to your diary now so youdon’t miss out! See below for moreinformation.1st December - Ephpheta Christmas Party1st & 15th December - Giving Mass15th December - Club Lunch after Seven Hills Mass18th and 19th December - Charity Project24th December - Christmas Eve Vigil MassEphpheta Centre CLOSED dates16th February - Mass at Wentworthville2nd March - Community Presentation5th March - Ash Wednesday Mass7th March - Lenten Groups start27th to 29th March - MMK Retreat (see page 9)Ephpheta Christmas Party – 1st DecemberAs usual, after the Punchbowl Mass in December, we’ll have our Ephpheta CommunityChristmas Party.All are welcome and there is no need to bring a plate as lunch will be provided for 10per person or 20 per family (under 16 years free). There will be tickets on sale for a raffle.When: Sunday 1st December at 10.30amWhere: 4 Turner St, Punchbowl.After Mass: Lunch for 10 or 20 per family. Beer & wine also available.RSVP: By Thursday 28th November to Liz on office@ephpheta.org.au or fax to 9709 5638 so weknow how many for lunch.Giving Mass-1st AND 15th DecemberWe will have two (2) Giving Masses at our December Deaf Masses.When: Sunday 1st December at Mass, Punchbowl AND Sunday 15th December atMass, Seven Hills.Bring: a gift like packets of Rice, Spaghetti or Pasta sauce (no pasta please), Canned vegetables(not baked beans), Christmas cakes/desserts with a Christmas theme, to help the poor ordisadvantaged to be blessed. PLEASE REMEMBER - you cannot donate pre-used things. OnlyNEW and NOT OPENED things. Food cannot be old or past use-by date.CDC-NSW RSL Lunch - 15th DecemberAs usual, CDC-NSW will have a club lunch at the end of the year so come jointhe Community!When: Sunday 15th December about 12.30pm (after Seven Hills Mass finishes)Where: Seven Hills RSL, Corner Best Rd & William St, Seven HillsAfter Mass: Buy your own lunch at Seven Hills RSL, chat with friends & CDC-NSW!Charity Project - 18th & 19th DecemberAdvent is a time for preparing for the coming of Christ at Christmas. This year, for our CharityProject during Advent, we will be nearby - at St Jerome’s church (next door to the EphphetaCentre), helping with things St Vinnies in Punchbowl need to support the poor and disadvantagedlocal families during Christmas. There are two (2) times you can come and help. You are welcometo choose which one to come to or come to both. Please let us know beforehand what you will do.1. When: Wednesday 18th December, 2.00pm-5.00pmWhat: The food donations are to be sorted in the church meeting room.2. When: Thursday 19th December, 6.00pm-9.00pmWhat: The hampers are packed, there are around 25 hampers to pack.RSVP: to Nicole on nicole@ephpheta.org.au or fax to 9709 5638.Ephpheta Centre CLOSEDThe Ephpheta Centre office will be closed for Christmas from 12pm Friday 20th December 2013until Monday 27th January 2014. The Centre will re-open from Tuesday 28th January 2014.Page 4

Christmas Eve Vigil Mass - 24th DecemberWe welcome you all, once again, to our Christmas Mass. Many people come who don’tregularly come to other Masses through the year and are very welcome. We love tosee everyone at our Christmas service - from any religious background.Our Mass and supper is a great time to catch up with old friends and wish peoplewell for the Christmas break. We encourage you all to bring your families, bringyour friends and of course bring a plate of food to share for supper!!When: Tuesday 24th December, 6pm - 9pmWhere: Ephpheta Centre, 4 Turner St, Punchbowl.After Mass: Please bring a plate to share for supper after Mass.Children's LiturgyWe will have Children’s Liturgy this year for any young children, both hearing and deaf children, thatcome to Christmas Eve Vigil. Children’s Liturgy will happen at the same time as Mass so theirparents can be more comfortable during Mass, knowing the kids are learning about baby Jesus too!Mass at Wentworthville - 16th FebruaryThe usual Mass at Seven Hills on the 16th February has changed addressand time. It is now at Wentworthville, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, BennettSt, Wentworthville at 10.30am.When: Sunday 16th February, 10.30amWhere: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Bennett St, WentworthvilleThis will be an Integrated Mass with the hearing parish. Afterwards you arewelcome to join in for lunch at Wentworthville Leagues Club, a short walk away.First Community Presentation for 2014 - 2nd MarchThe Irish Roots of St Gabriels by Sean SweeneyWhen: Sunday 2nd March after Mass, about 11.30amWhere: Ephpheta Centre, 4 Turner St, Punchbowl.Sean Sweeney has researched and recorded some amazinghistory of Deaf schools in Ireland which have connections withSt Gabriels school here in Sydney, and will present about what he’sdiscovered on his travels!Ash Wednesday - 5th MarchThere will be two Ash Wednesday Masses this year.Punchbowl - Ash Wednesday morningWhen: Wednesday 5th March.Where: Time and place To Be ConfirmedPenrith - Ash Wednesday nightWhen: Wednesday 5th March, 7.00pmWhere: St Nicholas’ Catholic Church,326 High St, PenrithLenten GroupsThe Lenten groups will begin on Friday the 7th March after Ash Wednesday. If you would like tohost a group (of up to 8 people) in your home please contact Nicole as soon aspossible and we will arrange a group for your home. More information about thiswill be the next Newsletter. You can talk to Nicole about any questions orinformation about this Lenten group. If you want to come, or have the group atyour place, please talk to Nicole or email her on nicole@ephpheta.org.auPage 5

Out and About in the Deaf CommunityWomen’s Day Out – High Tea at QVBThe Deaf Ladies got together once again to enjoy a fancy High Afternoon Tea(some with Sparkling wine!) at the QVB Tea Room, on Thursday 14thNovember. This Tea Room took us back tothe old Victorian days, hidden away fromthe hustle and bustle of the city andwith charming old fashionedcrockery and cutlery used!There also was so muchyummy food, with a varietyof savouries and sweets.Grandchild #5 for Denise BerbariJohn Paul’s OrdinationNew grandson (and 5th grandchild) forDenise Berbari, namedMatthew Leon born onWednesday 21st August2013. Mother, Denise’sdaughter Vivian, familyand baby Matthew doingwonderfully.On the 13th September,members of the EphphetaCommunity were invited tothe ordination of John PaulEscarlan. This was held at StPatrick’s Cathedral atParramatta. The church was full withstanding room only! We were veryexcited to be able to join in thiswonderful celebration. Bishop Fisherled the Mass, supported by manypriests. John Paul acknowledged the presence of theDeaf community by asking me to signone of the readings. I was very proud ofthis on behalf of the community. AfterMass we enjoyed supper with JohnPaul’s family and the congregation. Itwas a very happy night.Congratulations Fr JohnPaul, may God continueto bless you on yourjourney in the priesthood.New Uniform!The Ephpheta Centre, for the first time,has a uniform! You will know weupdated our lovely logo recently, thislogo is now on our uniform shirts, whichyou will see worn by our fantastic teamaround ourCommunityEventsthroughoutthe year.By Stephen LawlorMen’s Day Out - The RocksOn a cloudy day on Friday the 15th November, we met atthe Circular Quay wharf in the morning and we all walkedup on the Argyle St to the Observatory Hill next to theharbour bridge. This tour was based on a great SydneyObservatory app on my iPad! We had a little tour of theSydney Observatory site and how the buildings have beenused since 1858. This site had a role in astronomy, meteorology andtime keeping. We then walked back to the Rocks and we had a longdelicious lunch at the Lowenbrau Keller, a German restaurant. Itwas a wonderful day for all of us.By David ParkerPage 6

Sculpture by the SeaOn Saturday 26th October, we had a great Bondi to Tamaramaslow coastal walk, stopping to see Sculpture by the Seasculptures & beautiful views! It was a nice sunny day with somebreezes. We were also lucky to bump into Stefan watering his“tree garden”! We ended the lovely long day with lunch with aview, atTamarama!Fr Cyril receives Order of British Empire!It is with great honour andhumility that ReverendCyril Axelrod announcesthat he will be awardedan OBE (Order of theBritish Empire) by QueenElizabeth II on 22ndNovember for hiswonderful work indeafblind services aroundthe world and his workwith the Hong KongSociety for the Blind for the past 5 years. He willbe the first deafblind person in the world to beawarded such a titleOur own Deaf Australian, Robert Adams, hasbeen invited to watch the special ceremony atBuckingham Palace.the British war effort. From 1918 onwards therewere Military and Civil Divisions, as George Valso intended that after the war the Order shouldbe used to reward services to the State in amuch wider sense.Today the Order of the British Empire is theorder of chivalry of British democracy. Valuableservice is the only criterion for the award, andthe order is now used to reward service in awide range of useful activities.Once every four years, approximately 2,000members of the order attend a service tocelebrate the Order. Many people who havebeen awarded an honour from overseas attendthese services, and each person attendingwears their award.CBE, OBE and MBE cannotuse the title of Sir or Dame.What is the OBE? The Order of the BritishEmpire recognises outstanding service to theThe motto ofarts and sciences, public services and work with the Order ischaritable and welfare organisations of all kinds. 'For God andthe Empire'.It was created during the First World War in1917 by George V.The King recognised the need for a new awardof honour which could be more widely awarded.This was to recognise the many people in theBritish Isles and other parts of the Empire whowere helping the war effort.For the first time, women were included in anorder of chivalry. It was decided that the Ordershould also include foreigners who had helpedPage 7

NoticeboardDeaf Cafe500 Clubfor Deaf and Hard of Hearing people!If you like playing cards & (ofcourse) chatting with old & newfriends, you’re welcome to jointhis new group - 500 Club! Ononce a month on the fourthTuesday of the month.Deaf Café is for anybody, no need tobook just turn up, we will have the coffee hotand the cake and biscuits waiting!You can meet & chat with new people or catchup with old friends over a cuppa.When: Fourth Tuesday of the month,10.00am-2.00pmTea & coffee available all day! Gold coindonation. Bring your own lunch or you can buyyour lunch for 3.Next Dates: 25th February & 25th March(No December & January)The next dates are:13th December 2013 (BBQ LUNCH),14th February & 14th March 2014Where: Ephpheta Centre,4 Turner St, Punchbowl(always on the 2nd Friday of the month)More information:Morning tea, coffee &biscuits provided.Please bring own lunch.Time: 10am to 2pmAt: the Ephpheta Centre, 4 Turner St,Punchbowl.See you there! Readers Roster 2014If you come to Mass regularly and would like to continue being a Reader at Massor if you would like to join the Readers’ team, please contact us before or atMass on 1st December. We will have a Readers’ Workshop early next year &will contact the Readers team with more information. If you are a 2013 Reader,please return your Reader Folders ASAP.Central CoastDeaf CuppaSkype Access at Ephpheta Centrefor Deaf and Hard of Hearingpeople! For everybody, just turnup! There are a few coffeeshops around the food court at Erina Fairshopping mall. Bring your money if you want tobuy a drink or morning tea.CC Deaf Cuppa is a great place to meet & chatwith new people or catch up with old friendsover a cuppa. Meet at middle of food court.Always on the LAST Friday of every SECONDmonth. The next date is:28th FebruaryWhere: ERINA FAIR, 620-658 Terrigal DriveTime: starts 10.30am til 2.00pmContact: Donovan SMS: 0408 697 773Email: donovan@ephpheta.org.auSee you there! Do you like to useSkype but don’t haveit at home? Or maybeyou would like a“Pastoral Visit” athome on thecomputer?You’re welcome to Skype any of the staff at theEphpheta or you can come to the EphphetaCentre and use our big TV to Skype yourfriends, maybe they live far away in the country you can chat with them and it will feel like they’rein the same room!Contact Donovan ondonovan@ephpheta.org.auif you would like to Skype usor make an appointment touse our Skype.Page 8

Getting to know your Saint St. Mary MacKillop, of theCross Retreat - Presented by KathEvans and Pat Egan rsj.You can attend for Friday onlyor Saturday only or the wholetime (including accommodationand meals). Day visits includemeals only.When: Thursday 27th March2014, 4.00pm until Sunday 30thMarch 2014, 9.00am (Or comefor the day!)Where: St Josephs Spirituality and EducationCentre, 8 Humphreys Rd, Kincumber SouthCost: Full 3 nights (all inclusive) 350 or DayVisitors 75 each dayMore information: Come and hear Kath’s journeywith St. Mary MacKillop, Time to reflect on the lifeof both St. Mary MacKillop and Fr Tenison Woods,Come aside and experience with others, thebeauty of the surroundings at Kincumber SouthContact: Email Nicole at nicole@ephpheta.org.auor contact Nicole at the Ephpheta CentreIn Memoir: LORRAINEYou must travel right through each event in Jesus’ life in theright order!1. Jesus is born at Bethlehem. 4. Jesus is crucified.2. Joseph teaches Jesus to work 5. Jesus is alive again.as a carpenter.6. Jesus ascends to heaven.3. Jesus heals a little girl.FRANCE BYRNE 23rd February 1941 – 26th July 2013Dear Friends of the late Lorraine Byrne nee Lyons,Here is the heart-touching story of how our dear friend Lorraine Byrne spent her lastfew months of suffering and how important the anointing ceremony was. Lorrainerealised that there was something wrong with her health so she saw doctor. Thecancer was positive. After few months of the treatment, pains continued to increaseso cancer had spread so fast that the operation could not be carried. Sheaffectionately loved Saint Mary of the Cross and prayed to her devoutly. Annettewould take Lorraine to Mass in her car on Sunday where possible as was her wont.Anointing ceremony officiated by Father John Fitzherbert was performed. Lorraine was up in theclouds feeling the highest and energetic blessing. We were deeply impressed by Lorraine’sacceptance of facing suffering and approaching death. When she saw a picture of an angelhanging on the wall near the “altar”, she said to me with a smile, “Soon I will finally see the angel inheaven and be with the angels.” Father John gave a beautiful speech asking God to strengthen herduring the time of suffering and to purify her soul. These inspiring words touched every heart soalmost every one cried. Lorraine started to become weaker and weaker. She never complained ofpains. Her sisters and daughters were very devoted to her taking care of her with much love. Whatamazed us was that she suffered in silence and surrendered herself to Jesus. Finally, her souldeparted quietly at 3.00 am. AfterRequiem Mass at Stella MarisChurch, we formed a guard ofhonour outside and farewelled herby lifting our arms up while twistingour hands. This was what Lorrainealways did. The reason is that wedeaf cannot hear the sound ofclaps.By Betty FosterLorraine Byrne with a group of ex-Waratah studentsPage 9

The Deaf Craft Group is always open to anyinterested ladies, meets every Wednesday(except when there’s something on) from 10amuntil 2pm at the Ephpheta Centre. Bring yourcrafts to work on. Lunch is provided for 3. Moreinformation? Contact the Ephpheta Centre!The Deaf Ladies Craft Group had a lovelyMelbourne Cup Lunch on 6th November & somehats were creatively home made! They each,brought a special plate to share. We had a lot ofenjoyable times & chats!Deaf Craft20 years AnniversaryWhen: Saturday 22nd March 2014Deaf Craft Group - Last DayThe date for this Celebration will now be in 2014 The Craft Group’s last day for 2013 will be& will be announced in invitations sent to allWednesday 4th December & they will return inDeaf Craft Group members (current & past).the New Year on Wednesday 5th February 2014.appointed Fr Malone apart-time chaplain to theFather William ‘Bill’ Malone was a chaplain toCatholic Deaf in Sydneythe Catholic Deaf in Sydney for 34 years fromArchdiocese and he1946 to 1979. He was much loved by the Deaf spent one year at Stcommunity for his religious care of the adultGabriel’s School for Deafdeaf.Boys, Castle Hill thatyear. He had his ownFr Malone was born William Clair Malone inhorse called ‘Prince’Melbourne, Victoria on 12 April 1915, son of adoctor, William Clair Malone and Isabella ‘Belle’. which he rode around StGabriel’s. His stay with St Gabriel’s boysHe had one brother, Desmond and one sister,enabled him to acquire a practical knowledge ofNoreen (Sacred Heart nun). When Fr Malonewas a baby his father took his family to England the special needs of the deaf as he developed afluency in the finger spelling and sign language.as he pursued special studies in Public Healthin London and Dublin for two years beforeIn 1966 the Pope allowed Fr Malone to use thesailing back to Melbourne insign language in the Mass for1917.the first time. This uniqueceremony in the crypt of StThe family moved to Sydney inMary’s Cathedral wasthe 1920s. He was schooled attelevised for national viewingSt Joseph’s College, Hunter’son Ephpheta Sunday in 1966.Hill till 1932. He was ordained apriest at St Mary’s Cathedral inFr Malone retired from the1938. He had worked atdeaf ministry in 1979 when FrConcord (1938), HurstvilleBob Hickman was appointed(1944), Naremburn (1947),a full-time chaplain. FrBroadway (1951), ElizabethMalone died on 10 DecemberBay (1954), Broadway (1955),2000 at the age of 85 yearsWaterloo (1956) and Beverlyand was buried in a familyHills (1965). Fr Malone hadgrave at South Headbeen with Regina Coeli Church,Cemetery, Vaucluse.Beverly Hills for 31 years beforeSources: Findmypast.com databases,‘Catholic Press’ newspapers, ‘Memories ofhe retired to St John ViannySt Gabriel’s School’ book and Regina CoeliVilla, Randwick in 1996.Church website.In 1946 Cardinal GilroyHistory CornerBy Brian JohnstonPage 10

Mass TimesNOVEMBER23rd SaturdayREVESBY6.00pmChurch AddressesChapel ofSt Francis de Sales4 Turner StPunchbowlDECEMBER1st Sunday10.30amPUNCHBOWL & Christmas Party(for more information, see page 4)8thSundayNORTH GOSFORD9.30amOur Lady ofthe Rosary92 Glennie StNorth Gosford15th Sunday11.00amSEVEN HILLS & Lunch at RSL(for more information, see page 4)21st SaturdayREVESBY6.00pm24th Saturday Xmas VigilPUNCHBOWL6.00pmSt Mary’s6 Raglan StManlyIntegrated MassIntegrated MassOur Lady ofLourdes7 Grantham RdSeven Hills(for more information, see page 5)FEBRUARYSt Luke’s1 Beaconsfield StRevesby6pm2nd Sunday10.30amPUNCHBOWL(St. Francis de Sales Feast Day)9th SundayMANLY16th SundaySEVEN HILLS11.00amCANCELLED16th Sunday10.30amWENTWORTHVILLE(for more information, see page 5)22nd SaturdayREVESBYIntegrated Vigil Mass10.30am6.00pmMARCHWe pray For those who have died26 July 2013 - Lorraine Byrne2 September 2013 - Alan Stanton3 October 2013 - Jean Laker (Danni Wright’s Great Aunty)6 October 2013 - Onita Thornton21 October 2013 - Brian Mahoney (Jeanette Mahoney’sbrother)2nd Sunday10.30amPUNCHBOWL & Community Presentation For those who are sick(for more information, see page 5)(More Mass information in the next Newsletter)Campbelltown Mass Dates:At: St John the Evangelist, 35 Cordeaux St,CampbelltownWhen: 10th November, 8th December,Time: 9am12th January, 9th FebruaryStephen Dane (Orange)Grant KentMargaret NellChris Whitehead (Robyn Houston‘s brother)Brett BeathFr Peter WoodwardJanice AndrewThe Ephpheta Centre Team wishes everyone and their families a very MerryChristmas and all the best for a prosperous New Year! Take care on thoseroads over the Christmas Season and see you next year!Page 11

4 Turner St,PUNCHBOWL NSW 2196Phone: (02) 9708 1396TTY: (02) 9708 6904Fax: (02) 9709 5638Email: office@ephpheta.org.auWe’re on the Web!www.ephpheta.org.auJoin us on Facebook!http://www.facebook.com/deafcentreThe Ephpheta Centre is supportedby the Charitable Works Fund.Email addresses of our staffLiz- office@ephpheta.org.auDanni - danni@ephpheta.org.auDavid - david@ephpheta.org.auDonovan - donovan@ephpheta.org.auNicole - nicole@ephpheta.org.auPeter - peter@ephpheta.org.auStephen - stephen@ephpheta.org.auWEBSITE NEWSHave you seen our website recently?Our website is now being updatedweekly so it is always full of currentinformation - we hope everyone will getused to checking it!If you have any ideas for our websiteplease contact Danni.What does “Ephpheta” mean?Please send your news, stories,information and requests toDanni to be considered for thenext newsletter!The name Ephpheta of our Centre came from thebible - a story about Jesus curing a deaf man, hesays “Ephpheta” which means “Be open”. So wekeep that in our service to the Deaf Community!We are always open to you all!Page 12

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theory that reflection is necessarily a process embarked on after the event, is a long, ponderous undertaking and also on the content of reflection itself. Schon (1983, 1987, 1991) suggests two levels of reflection: (i) reflection-in-action and (ii) reflection-on-action, partly based on Dewey’s (1933) work.

Reflection coefficient, r 1.0.5 0-.5-1.0 r r 0 30 60 90 Brewster’s angle Total internal reflection Critical angle Critical angle Total internal reflection above the "critical angle" crit sin-1(n t /n i) 41.8 for glass-to-air n glass n air (The sine in Snell's Law can't be greater than one!) Reflection Coefficients for a .

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WAL-MART YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS Wal-Mart you a merry Christmas! Wal-Mart you a merry Christmas! Wal-Mart you a merry Christmas! And a K-Mart New Year! Good Best Buys we bring to your Burger King! We Pet Mart a merry Christmas and a K-Mart New Year! Wal-Mart you a Macy’s Christmas! Wal-Mart you a Mac

Christmas Cowboy Style Michael Murphy . Blue Rose Is Donna Lent Blue Christmas Clay Walker Blue Rose Is Donna Lent Blue Christmas Willie Nelson . Caballero Ira Weisburd White Christmas Bellamy Brothers Cabo San Lucas Choreographer? Last Christmas Glee Cast

FOR CHRISTMAS . 50 Devotions from Sarah Young. 25 DAYS OF THE . CHRISTMAS STORY. An Advent Book for Busy Families. THE WAY TO THE MANGER. Bring the Christmas focus back to Jesus and family time with 25 devotions and talking points. KEEPING . CHRISTMAS . Reflections on A Christmas Carol. WOMEN’S . ADVENT S

Christmas Song Titles in Gobbledygook Answer Keys Set One 1. Frosty the Snowman 2. Here Comes Santa Claus 3. White Christmas 4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 5. All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth 6. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 7. The Christmas Song 8. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

KS2 Christmas Lyrics Rockin' around the Christmas tree At the Christmas party hop Mistletoe hung where you can see Every couple tries to stop Rockin' around the Christmas tree Let the Christmas spirit ring Later we'll have some pumpkin pie And we'll do some carolling You will get a sentim

before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. -Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1957) What is Advent?1 Dr. Seuss was right. Christmas means a little bit more than what comes from a store. Indeed, it means a lot more! Christmas is about the

association between self-reflection and math performance, (b) compare the patterns found in student self-reflection across elementary, middle, and high school levels, and (c) examine whether providing opportunities for self-reflection had positive impact on math performance in an online learning environment.

Reflection & Transmission of EM Waves Outline Reading – Shen and Kong – Ch. 4 Everyday Reflection Reflection & Transmission (Normal Incidence) Reflected & Transmitted Power Optical Materials, Perfect Conductors, Metals TRUE or FALSE . 1. Destructive interference occurs when two waves are

An important concept not covered in these web-notes is the "Optimum-offset" method of seismic reflection data acquisition. Normal Incidence Reflection Seismogram The principles of the normal incidence reflection seismogram are illustrated in the diagrams below.

Chapter 9 Answers (continued) 40 Answers Geometry Chapter 9 5. Reteaching 9-6 1. translation 2. reflection 3. rotation 4. glide reflection 5. rotation 6. glide reflection 7. reflection 8. translation Reteaching 9-7 1. 2. Sample: line symmetry across the dashed lines, rotational symmetry around points,translational symmetry,File Size: 672KBPage Count: 10

Pradeep Sharma, Ryan P. Lively, Benjamin A. McCool and Ronald R. Chance. 2 Cyanobacteria-based (“Advanced”) Biofuels Biofuels in general Risks of climate change has made the global energy market very carbon-constrained Biofuels have the potential to be nearly carbon-neutral Advanced biofuels Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA) requires annual US production of 36 .