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The Royal Regimentof ScotlandMAY 2008Journal

The Royal Regiment of Scotland JournalMay 20085Contents23Newly Commissioned Officers26The Royal Scots Borderers Battalion– 1 SCOTSDesign and Typography: Method Publishing 2008Editorial Matter and Illustrations: Crown Copyright 200837Advertisement Office (UK):Method Publishing, Sutherland Press House,Main Street, Golspie,Sutherland, ScotlandKW10 6RATel: 01408 633871, Fax: 01408 633876The Royal Highland FusiliersBattalion – 2 SCOTS41The Black Watch Battalion –3 SCOTS49The Highlanders Battalion –4 SCOTS52The Argyll and SutherlandHighlanders Battalion – 5 SCOTS6152nd Lowland – 6 SCOTS6551st Highland – 7 SCOTS70Infantry Training Centre CatterickPublished by Method Publishing,a division of Scottish ProvincialPress Limited.Advertising:Christina PrydeTel: 01408 633871Email: Office (Germany):Method Publishing, Lumsden Kaserne (MB 55)Oerbke-Lager, 29683 Fallingbostel, GermanyTel: 05162 91005, Fax: 05162 91006Advertisement Manager (Germany): Doris TaylorViews expressed in this Journal, unless stated otherwise,are those of the author alone and do not necessarilyreflect the official opinion of The Regiment, the Army orthe Ministry of Defence.No responsibility for the quality of goods or services advertisedin this Journal can be accepted by the Publishers or Printersand advertisements are accepted on the express conditionthat the advertiser warrants that they in no way contravene theprovisions of The Trades Descriptions Act 1968 nor any otherprevailing legislation in the United Kingdom.Pte Shields walking with Penguins2Regimental Headquarters3Honours and Awards4Promotions and Appointments6Extracts From The London Gazette8Articles72Regimental Band20Obituaries78Army Cadet ForceContributionsWe welcome letters, articles and commentsfrom our readers. If you have an issue to raise,questions to ask or a story to tell that will be ofinterest to The Royal Regiment of Scotland, writeto us at The Castle, Edinburgh EH1 2YT.All contributions are accepted at the editor’sdiscretion and may be edited for length.Pte’s Hancock & MacDonald, taking a little rest

RHQ JournalThe Royal Regiment of ScotlandColonel in ChiefHer Majesty The QueenRoyal Colonels:The Royal Scots BorderersHRH The Princess RoyalThe Royal Highland FusiliersHRH The Prince AndrewThe Black WatchHRH The Duke of RothesayThe HighlandersHRH The Duke of EdinburghThe Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders,HM The Queen52nd Lowland, 6th BattalionHRH The Princess Royal51st Highland, 7th BattalionHRH The Duke of RothesayBattalions:The Royal Scots Borderers, 1st BattalionLieutenant Colonel CLG HerbertThe Royal Highland Fusiliers,2nd BattalionLieutenant Colonel NRM Borton MBEThe Black Watch, 3rd BattalionLieutenant Colonel SJ CartwrightThe Highlanders, 4th BattalionLieutenant Colonel J CampbellThe Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders,5th BattalionLieutenant Colonel DC Richmond52nd Lowland, 6th BattalionLieutenant Colonel CA Coull51st Highland, 7th BattalionLieutenant Colonel DW HayRegimental Lieutenant ColonelLieutenant Colonel ACB WhitelawHome Headquarters:Colonel RP MasonHome HeadquartersThe Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)The CastleEDINBURGH EH1 2YTRegimental Headquarters:Regimental SecretaryMajor (Retd) C A CampbellAssistant Regimental Secretary (1)Major (Retd) F Morton OBEAssistant Regimental Secretary (2)Major (Retd) GR Akhurst MBEColonel RL Steele TD DLHome HeadquartersThe Royal Highland Fusiliers(Princess Margaret’s Own Glasgow andAyrshire Regiment)518 Sauchiehall StreetGlasgow G2 3LWColonel of the RegimentLieutenant General AJN Graham CBELieutenant Colonel CGO Hogg OBEHome HeadquartersThe King’s Own Scottish BorderersThe BarracksBerwick-upon-TweedTD15 1 DGLieutenant Colonel RM RiddellHome HeadquartersThe Black Watch (Royal HighlandRegiment)Balhousie CastlePERTHPH1 5HRTel: 0131-310-8530Major M Gibson MBEHome HeadquartersThe Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons andCamerons)Cameron BarracksINVERNESS IV2 3XDMajor R Elliot BEMHome HeadquartersThe Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders(Princess Louise’s)The CastleSTIRLINGFK8 3PANext EditionThe Next Edition will not be published until early in 2009, and will record in detail the activities of the whole Regiment throughoutthe calendar year 2008. Thereafter there will be a mid year ‘Journal’ along the lines of this edition intended to provide articles andother matters more of interest rather than military archive and record.Units are asked to submit material for the next Journal, covering activities throughout the whole of 2008, by 1st December2008. Further details will be provided nearer the time.Articles, letters, photographs etc can be submitted at any time.THE ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND JOURNAL – MAY

Regimental InformationForewordYou will notice a slightly re-designedJournal. It has been decided that toproduce two editions annually of whateach Battalion, and indeed what eachCompany and Department withineach Battalion, is doing is unnecessary.Therefore, once per year, we will producean annual ‘Year Book’, giving all thedetails. The second publication willconsist of a brief summary from eachunit, and then concentrate more onphotographs, articles and the less formal.All members of the Regiment,the wider Regimental family, and anycontributors, are asked to consider thisas their Journal, and to submit articlesfor it. Submissions are always welcomeand can be received any time andmay be on any topic which may be ofinterest to readers.Much has been achieved over thelast 2 years. The Regiment has clearlycome of age, and this will doubtlessbe proven in the months to come withall Battalions either on operations, orpreparing to deploy. In the backgroundare a number of smaller matters, but allof which point to an organisation thatis rapidly maturing. Inside this Journalthere is a short article on the newlycompleted Regimental War Memorial.The One Day’s Pay scheme is workingwell with a healthy take up right aroundthe Regiment. This helps the Regimentalwelfare work which is required and issetting up the Regimental finances forprovision of welfare into the future, whilstprovision is also being made for thewelfare of those serving to-day.The Scottish soldier continues to beregarded as second to none both withinthe British Army and in the world at large.General Andrew Graham, in his recenttalks around the country, quoted fromthe book Sword of Scotland by GeneralAnthony Leask late of the Scots Guards.In it he says:“Scottish battalions of whateverRegiment have always had many capableofficers, non-commissioned officers andsoldiers who took and continue to takereal pride in the Regiment to which theybelong, the battalion in which they serveand in their profession. Loyalty, courage,resilience and pride define the Jock; prideis a consequence of self-confidence, ofconfidence in others and of absoluteconfidence in the Regiment. Thesecharacteristics are part inherited fromprevious generations and part inheritedthrough the regiments; combined theymake the Jock a formidable adversaryin any organisation. Those who join, orserve with, a Scottish regiment, and witha Scottish battalion within a ScottishRegiment, are instilled with these samequalities; the Jock is both born andmade, to be firm friend and feared andrespected; it has always been so.”This is as true to-day of the RoyalRegiment of Scotland, as it ever was ofall of our predecessors. There is a clearspirit of ‘strong battalions with clearidentities in a strong Regiment’ and thisis understood all round the Regiment.The phrase the Golden Thread is oftenquoted and means different things todifferent people. The Golden Threadbuilds and supports Battalions withstrong, clear, individual identities anda sense of shared purpose within theRegiment. Separate, mutually exclusiveGolden Threads which are parochial andself-serving will build battalion stovepipes which can fall over. Everyonecan be assured of the Regimentalcommitment to maintaining the GoldenThread, provided the detail meets thecriteria above.Scotland, and its wider environs,including, reportedly the First Minister,have now accepted the Regiment is areality and welcome its arrival. It is nowthe task of all of us within it to assurethe public what we all know; that it is aspotent an entity as all those Regimentswho have gone before, carrying with itthe many years of shared heritage andis worth supporting and talking up. Let’sall do it.Honours and AwardsCBE496219 Col Alan Keith McCulloch Miller OBELate The Argyll and Sutherland HighlandersMiD25030683 Cpl (A/Sgt) Scott William McLEODThe Royal Regiment of ScotlandMBE523823 A/Maj Margaret Eleanor WaltersOrkney Independent Cadet Battery Army Cadet ForceMSM24716219 WO2 Ewen Robert StuartQCVS514877 Brig Michael Lawrence RIDDELL-WEBSTER DSOLate the Black Watch25022558 WO2 Paul Robert James DARGAVELThe Royal Regiment of Scotland541524 Maj James Christopher RODDISThe Royal Regiment of ScotlandC IN C’S CERTIFICATE FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE563287 Capt Thomas McElroy BrassJOINT COMMANDER’S COMMENDATIONS – OP TELIC24626473 Sgt Kevin O’HARA – 7 SCOTSBRONZE STAR MEDAL –Decorations conferred by the President of the USA510175 Col AWB Loudon OBELate the Black Watch

Promotions and AppointmentsOFFICERS SELECTED FOR PROMOTION TOMAJOR ON 31 JUL 08557939Capt A Brown548553Capt DC Close553467Capt A Cann554923Capt PWA Crosbie552376Capt GF Giles552392Capt RSJ Hedderwick548978Capt AD Lumley551793Capt DI MacIntyre547544Capt TJ Petransky548530Capt JS Prowse545443Capt AP Richards553402Capt GF Sefton550066Capt SJ Stanley550831Capt JR Tweedie557731Capt G Tait552508Capt ARW Watson555795Capt CA Whitehead3 SCOTSHQ 7 Armd BdeOP SP GPHQ 1 Mi Bde4 SCOTSHQ 52 Inf BdeHQ 16 Air Asslt Bde4 SCOTSHQ ARRC3 SCOTSHQ 2 Inf BdeDGSHQ 1 UK Armd DivHQ 12 Mech BdeAPC Glasgow (Selected toattend ICSC(L)5)3 SCOTS5 SCOTSPROMOTION TO WO1 IN PROMOTION 124759501247434932474370324824648WO2 D TaitWO2 LJ McDougallWO2 DG CampbellWO2 M JamesWO2 M GreenWO2 RM PenmanWO2 AD SteeleWO2 DL GrantA/WO1 N Hall1 SCOTS3 SCOTS5 SCOTS5 SCOTS2 SCOTSHQ InfTPS OsnabruckPJHQ NorthwoodASBM EdinburghCOMMISSIONSThe following have been selected for commission in the year 1Apr 08 to 31 Mar 09:IRC 71247725492458794324738964WO1 LI CampbellWO1 SG CochraneWO1 AJ CuthbertsonWO1 GR HoggWO1 D HoodWO1 WC McAuleyWO1 D McCutcheonWO1 MJ PearsonWO1 SA RaeCommissioned into AACIRC (LE)24849997 WO2 EC McGilp24716219 WO2 ER StuartSelected for ACSC 12 Lt Col’s(and Maj’s for Lt Col 08)528409528213537291Maj MJF EwingMaj AI GrayMaj EG JonesSelected to attend ICSC(L)5557731552508Capt G TaitCapt ARW WatsonDCDS (EC)4 SCOTS3 SCOTSAPC Glasgow3 to The Ministry of Defence and to Army Garrisons andEstablishments throughout the worldMETHOD PUBLISHINGSutherland Press HouseMain Street . GolspieSutherland KW10 6RATelephone . 01408 633871Facsimile . 01408 633876Email . ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND JOURNAL – MAYWorking40 yearswith theArmed Forces

PROMOTIONS AND APPOINTMENTSRoyal Regiment of ScotlandCommand Appointments:Scottish Division533080 Lt Col CLG Herbert525859 Lt Col SJ Cartwright528845 Lt Col AJ Aitken MBE533531 Maj (Lt Col 08) AWA Griffiths MBEInfantry Training Commands524309 Lt Col MP HayE2 Training Commands525870 Maj (Lt Col 08) TAS Hill MBEE2 Misc Commands521455 Lt Col DG SteelUOTCsMaj (Lt Col 08) SLEL Jackman TDAppointments:Lt Gen J Cooper DSO MBE (Late KOSB)517898Brig JM Cowan OBE517407Col PAS Cartwright OBE509202Col RJK Bradford508839Lt Col J Garven MBE525834Lt Col (Col 08) RB Bruce515763Lt Col NHDR Channer529739Lt Col LR Macduff521744Maj (Lt Col 08) MPD Onslow535764Maj (Lt Col 08) DSG GrahamBelated Appointments:527175Maj JD Tink553402Capt GJ Sefton548554Capt CMB Broadbent552313Capt DGH Bolas553391Capt AJS Rodgers24738268WO2 GA Bruce24757307WO2 TD Sweeney24743493WO2 AD Steele24712774WO2 L Robertson1 SCOTS3 SCOTS4 SCOTS5 SCOTSFeb 08Mar 08Mar 09Jun 09Support Weapons SchoolJun 092nd Bn ATC PirbrightJan 09MCTCAug 08Glasgow & Strathclyde UOTCJul 08Deputy CommandingGeneral Multi-National force –Iraq and Senior British MilitaryRepresentative (Iraq)Comd 11 Light BdeDep Asst COSCombat Eqpt,HQ LAND CommandAsst COS G3HQ NATO,Rapid Deployment Corps, FranceSO1 COS Joint Staff DivJ3 HQ BF CyprusCOS HQ 6 Div YorkSO1 G7 Ex Plan StaffHQ ARRCSO1 Pers Ops/PlansPers DivSO1 Ch Ops Coord/BSM NRDC HQ ITALYSO1 LAND (GM) DCDCMar 08SO2 J5 PLANS 6th UK DivSO3 GS DGS MODSO3 CTb HQNISO3 J5 JACIG RAF HenlowSO3 J3 Coord HQ 16 AA BdePSO ASDC LichfieldRCMO ATR PirbrightSO3 Infrastructure HQOsnabruck GarrisonSO3 G7 Trg HQ 4 DivOct 07Nov 07Dec 07Oct 07Apr 08Jul 08Apr 08Feb 08Apr 08Feb 08Aug 07Aug 07Aug 07Aug 07Oct 07Jan 08Oct 07Jan 08

Extracts From The London GazetteInfantry Scottish DivisionRegular Army:To be Brig:517898 Col JM Cowan OBE (Seniority 30Jun 07) 31 Dec 07Retirals:494927 Brig AJM Durcan 01 Sept 07505287 Brig DC Kirk CBE 31 July 07507236 Brig DNF Stewart 02 July 07496685 Brig AJC Campbell 02 Sept 07496219 Col AKM Miller CBE 26 June 07Colonel Commandant:495192 Lt Gen GCM Lamb CMG DSOOBE late The Queen’s Own Highlanders isappointed Colonel Commandant SmallArms School CorpsRegular Commisions (LE):539994 Maj CM MacFarlane MBE to be LtCol 22 Sep 07552534 Capt SJ Garmoury fromIntermediate Regular Commission 08Feb 07 to be Capt with seniority (BelatedEntry) 12 Oct 03Intermediate Regular Commissions(IRC):556751 Capt GJ McGhie from ShortService Commission 23 Oct 07To be Capt with seniority 10 Feb 05Short Service Commissions:562103 Lt SD Chalmers to be Capt11 Jun 07560841 Lt NC Claydon – Swales to beCapt 11 Jun 07562205 Lt TA Lewington to be Capt11 Jun 07562274 Lt RA Smith to be Capt11 Jun 07562310 Lt CM Wood to be Capt 11 Jun 07564616 2Lt DJW Morgan (Belated Entry)13 Apr 0725227058 OCdt ABC Barclay to beSubaltern 2Lt 15 Dec 07N029751T OCdt DR Clark to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniority11 Jun 0625173819 OCdt RJ Colquhoun to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniorityTHE ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLAND JOURNAL – MAY11 Jun 0625228864 OCdt RJ Donaldson to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniority11 Jun 0625233047 OCdt SACH Du Boulay to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniority11 Dec 0625147402 OCdt EB Gorrie to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniority11 Jun 0625166236 OCdt JD House to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniority11 Dec 0625196786 OCdt GC MacGregor to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniority11 Dec 0625203518 OCdt MD Oladjins to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniority11 Sep 0525166899 OCdt HTM Pearce to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniority11 Dec 0625166496 OCdt AJ Phillips to beSubaltern Lt 15 Dec 07 With seniority11 Dec 06Awarded Long Service and GoodConduct Medal (Military):24757307 WO2 TD Sweeney25004897 CSgt ACR Lambert25009149 Sgt GM Murray25012374 Sgt CT Anderson25023256 Cpl M DuncanAwarded The Meritorious ServiceMedal:REGULAR ARMY RESERVE OFOFFICERS:Class 1551637 Capt JCH Combes from TerritorialArmy Group A to be Maj 10 Aug 07Short Service Commissions:559617 Capt D Kennedy from TheActive List 24th September 2007 tobe CaptTA:To be Maj:514180 Maj EP Maxwell SCOTS fromRoyal Corps of Signals19 Jun 2007 to be Maj with seniority01 Oct 07553729 Capt SJ Kerr to be Maj01 Aug 07To be Capt:546169 Capt JR McElhinney fromRegular Army Reserve of Officers ClassI 12 Aug 06 to be Capt with seniority12 Apr 2000 (Belated Entry)548262 Capt GWH Patterson fromRegular Army Reserve Officers Class I30 Apr 07 to be Capt with seniority12 Oct 2000Awarded the Volunteer ReserveService Medal:527104 Lt Col CA Coull546453 Maj MA Edwards24179197 SSgt MTA Paton24971263 LCpl SC GibsonAwarded 1st Clasp to the VolunteerReserve Service Medal:23909417 SSgt JP MacDougallAwarded 3rd Clasp to theVolunteer Reserve ServiceMedal:24633081 WO2 WR CooperAwarded the Efficiency Decoration(Territorial) 1982:543830 Maj DG StimpsonResignations:563744 Maj MA Mclelland-Jonesresigns commission 23 Mar 07560739 2Lt DM Fraser (Belated Entry)resigns commission 30 Jun 06Retirals:525768 Capt (NRPS) A Beveridge15 Nov 07ACF:West Lowland Battalion:563105 Lt HE Arbuthnott resignscommission 07 Aug 07528191 Lt I Middleton from A&SH Bnto be Lt 26 Dec 07565046 2Lt (on probation) ST Gray isconfirmed as 2Lt 10 Oct 05 to be Lt 10Oct 07C35918 GG Burns to be 2Lt (onprobation) 17 Sep 07

EXTRACTS FROM THE LONDON GAZETTEExtracts From The London Gazette1 Highlanders Battalion:564294 2Lt (on probation) S Mezals isconfirmed as 2Lt 18 July 2005 to be Lt21 July 07541267 Lt J Marshall resignscommission (Belated Entry)02 Feb 0730042933 M C Whyte to be Lt 05Jun 07With seniority 05 Jun 04 (formerlyArmy Cadet Force) (Belated Entry)Lothian and Borders Battalion:563460 Lt J Ross resigns commission01 Aug 07544791 BJ Maxwell to be Lt withseniority 19 May 1996 08 Jun 07(formerly Army Cadet Force)562396 Kt KG Trotter resignscommission 30 Nov 06(Belated Entry)489551 Lt DN Lawson to be Lt withseniority 02 May 1982 03 May 07(Belated Entry)Black Watch Battalion:C31270 Victoria Margaret Ross to be2Lt (on probation) 30 Apr 07555410 2Lt (on probation) JR Macraeresigns commission 01 Jan 08564946 2Lt (on probation) MW Littleis confirmed 2Lt 05 Dec 05 To be Lt05 Dec 07Argyll and SutherlandHighlanders Battalion:544755 Lt DM Hutchins resignscommission 01 Nov 07Angus and Dundee Battalion:556032 Lt SE Gray from GreaterLondon (South West Sector) 01 May07 to be Lt (Belated Entry)Glasgow and LanarkshireBattalion:509966 Maj AJ Bissett (Belated Entry)resigns commission 8 Jun 06503744 NA Archibald at ownrequest in the rank of Lt(on probation) 01 Oct 07 withseniority 04 Oct 1980 (formerlyRegular Army)549722 Lt K Dunn resigns commission31 Oct 07565184 2Lt (on probation) B Sweeneyis confirmed as 2Lt 05 Dec 05 To be Lt05 Dec 07CCF:Glasgow Academy Contingent:565162 2Lt (on probation) AWMathewson is confirmed 2Lt 14 Dec 05To be Lt 14 Dec 07Dundee High School Contingent:547014 Lt CE Hulbert resignscommission 14 May 07555868 2Lt (On Probation) AL Laingresigns commission 09 May 0730044244 HEM Hamilton to be 2Lt (onprobation) 24 Aug 07George Heriot’s School Contingent:510264 Lt LJ Peddie relinquishescommission 17 May 07Merchiston Castle School Contingent:496395 Lt DC Syme retires 30 June 07Morrison’s Academy Contingent:550767 Lt AWS Mair relinquishescommission 01 Aug 07Robert Gordon College Contingent:565161 2Lt (on probation) KL Hastie isconfirmed 2Lt 14 Dec 05 To be Lt 17Dec Forces1Active PeopleVisit The Active Forces Leisure Directory online forinformation on activities that will be of interest tomilitary personnel and their families.

ArticlesTHE REGIMENTAL MEMORIAL AT THE SCOTTISH NATIONAL WAR MEMORIALThe Scottish National War Memorial is within EdinburghCastle. With the kind permission of the Board of Trustees forthe Memorial a Column (the last column on the left hand side)was allocated to The Royal Regiment of Scotland on which toplace our Regimental Memorial. Planning initially began on thedesign and inscription in July 2006. Itis a lengthy process and the designrequired the approval of theTrustees of both the Memorial andthe Regiment. Once that had beengained the designs were passed toHistoric Scotland for approval, andfinally the agreement was requiredof the First Minister.The Memorial is astone disc with the Regimental badgeand motto carved in relief. Both are painted. Below the stonedisc is a bronze plaque containing the simple inscription:THE ROYAL REGIMENT OF SCOTLANDFORMED ON 28th MARCH 2006FROM THE SCOTTISH INFANTRY REGIMENTSOF THE LINEThe stone masonry and carving was carried out by JohnLaidlaw and Son Ltd of Jedburgh and the stone wasquarried especially in theBorders. The plaque wasproduced by PowderhallBronze and the paintworkwas completed byJohn Nevin, both localcompanies in Edinburgh.Beside the Memorialon an oak table is aleather bound bookcontaining the Roll ofHonour. This contains the names of our soldiers killedon

the Royal Regiment of scotland Colonel in Chief Her Majesty The Queen Royal Colonels: The Royal Scots Borderers HRH The Princess Royal The Royal Highland Fusiliers HRH The Prince Andrew The Black Watch HRH The Duke of Rothesay The Highlanders HRH The Duke of Edinburgh The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, HM The Queen 52nd Lowland, 6th Battalion

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British allied regiment The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) ! now, through amalgamation, The Royal Regiment of Scotland ! whose badge, in turn, was based on that of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, the highest order of chivalry in Scotland. The diamond-cut star, the thistles

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1959 to form the Royal Highland Fusiliers (Princess Margaret's Own Glasgow and Ayrshire Regiment) which later merged with the Royal Scots Borderers, the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), the Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons) and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to form the Royal Regiment of Scotland, becoming the 2nd .

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