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AbstractBasicScrumhandbookfortheb )aspirants.SudaRamakrishnaThiparthyCSM ,ITIL alliance.orgBASICSOFSCRUMINAGILE

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DefinitionofSCRUMScrumisoneoftheA singoneormorecross- ‐functional,self- ‐organizingteamsofabout7 /- ‐2peopleoneachteam.StandardsofScrum ions.Scrumusesfixed- fourweeks(or30dayslong).Scrumteamsshouldconsistof7 /- ‐2people.Sprintcannotexceedm ilyScrum/Stand- ‐upmeetingshouldbeonlyfor15m ,theirabilitytoestimatetheuserstoriesbecomesm ringplanningm eetingstom onT- etoswitchtoanon- ‐numericestimationtechnique.WithT- ortintermsofextra- ‐small,small,medium,large,extra- ‐large,ordoubleextra- einvolvedwiththismethod.Non- ptions,itm bovereason,theT- odideatom termsofsmall,m toChangeoverFollowingaPlan

Scrum  Roles  and  ResponsibilitiesnerP ro duct  ow Responsiblepersonforreleaseburn- ‐downchart. Responsiblefortheproductvision.Personwhom lyreprioritizetheproductbacklog.Scrum M ast er FacilitatoroftheScrumprocess. team. ions. Createsapositiveenvironmentfortheteamtobeself- ‐organizing. Enforcestimeboxes. Personwhom aintainssprintburn- ‐down/burn- ‐upcharts. Personwhofacilitatestherequiredmeetings. shecannotcommandtheteamtodoaspecifictask). Promotesimprovedpracticesofengineering. OnlyPOCforescalations. pmanagement.D evelo pment  T eam Shouldbeaself- ‐organizingandcross- kills). Shouldself- ‐managethetasksamongtheteam. theteam’scontrol. klogitems. Consistsof7 /- ‐2members. Responsibletocompletethecommittedtaskforthesprint.

Typical  Sprint  Phases1. productbackloglieswiththeproductowner.3.Sprint artofthatparticularsprint.4. urthersprintsaccordingly.

ntBacklog- g4YES3SprintPlanning4Day2:SprintBacklog- g4YES3SprintPlanning4.

.Day3.SprintBacklog- g4YES3SprintPlanning4YES.Day5SprintBacklog- g4YES3SprintPlanning4YESSprint  Burn- ‐down  charts :Day1E10sg 8m6ag 4o 2nSprintVelocityDay- ‐1IdealLine0012345Days

EstimationDay310SprintVelocityDay- ‐386IdealLine420012345DaysEs 10t 8i 6m4at 2i 00onDay5SprintVelocityDay- rsprint1.ReleaseBurn- ‐downchart:EstimationWeek- ‐140SprintVelocityWeek- ‐130IdealLine2010001234Weeks

Week- ‐4Es 40t30im 20at 10io 00nSprintVelocityWeek- toriesandexecutethem.Inthisscenario,thesprintburn- int.

5 . D aily trictlytimeboxedmeetingof15m ssed/answeredbyeachteammember.a. WhatIdidyesterday.b. WhatIamgoingtodotodayc. ImpedimentsImayhave8.6 . M VP  (Minim um  V iable  P dcanaddtoROI.Allteamm umMasterareexpectedtoattendthemeeting.7 . Sprint  R oldsasprintreviewm issuediscussionandproblem- yScrumtoaddressanyissues.Sprint  R etros pectiveNom Typical  Sprint  Flow  DiagramInput from C ustomers,65B urndown / upchart sStakehol ders , etc.ScrumMasterD ai ly ScrumEvery24 hours1 – 4WeekSpri ntProduct ownerD ev el opment teamSpri ntPl anningMeeti ng7Sprint Backlog4Potentiall yShippabl e Product2319Spri ntretrospectiv e8Spri nt revi ew

Scrum onbelow( kenrolesinanAgile- mconsistsof7 /- orthefollowingreasons:a. rojectaccordingly.b. to3sprints. .Thankyou

BASICS!OF!SCRUM!IN!AGILE! Abstract(Basic!Scrum!handbookfor!the!beginners!in! the!Agile!world!and!CSM!(Certified!Scrum! Master)!aspirants.! SudaRamakrishna((Thiparthy .

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This Scrum and Scrum Master Guide is a free, quick reference material designed to help aspiring scrum masters discover the ins and outs of Scrum. It throws light on the fundamental principles of the scrum, scrum terminologies, Agile Manifesto, scrum theories, scrum tools, different roles, responsibilities, and more. SCRUM & SCRUM MASTER

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Training Formal Change Management training for key positions Agile certification -Product Owner -Scrum Master Agile team -Led by Scrum Master -Two day, self-paced Agile frameworks -Kanban: maintenance -Scrum: enhancements Scrum teams -Size: 7 2 -Team members Dedicated Scrum room Master Scrum Master

EXIN Agile Scrum Master is a certification that looks to confirm both skills and knowledge of the Agile framework and Scrum methodology. Agile Scrum is about working together to successfully reach a goal. Agile methodologies are popular approaches in software development and are increasingly being used in other areas.

Agile Software Development with Scrum Jeff Sutherland Gabrielle Benefield. Agenda Introduction Overview of Methodologies Exercise; empirical learning Agile Manifesto Agile Values History of Scrum Exercise: The offsite customer Scrum 101 Scrum Overview Roles and responsibilities Scrum team Product Owner ScrumMaster. Agenda Scrum In-depth The Sprint Sprint Planning Exercise: Sprint Planning .

Scrum framework, the Scrum Master and the Scrum Product Owner share the role and responsibilities of a typical project manager. Nonetheless, a Scrum Master or a Scrum Product is never allowed to overrule the democratic decision-making capability of a Scrum Team. For instance, only the Scrum team members can

enacted. Scrum Masters do this by ensuring that the Scrum Team adheres to Scrum theory, practices, and rules. The Scrum Master is a servant-leader for the Scrum Team. The Scrum Master helps those outside the Scrum Team understand which of their interactions with the

Method Scrum Scrum Scrum Scrumban Scrum Scrum Scrum Scrum Size 24 PM 30 PM 30 PM 100 PM 30 PM 12 PM 72 PM 120 PM Duration 3 M . Continuous delivery Delivery on time testing on unit le