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SamsungMemorySolutions forIndustrial &AutomotiveReliable memory solutions for nextlevel business and driving experienceBrochure

The new generation of Memory Solutionsfor Industrial & Automotive applicationsAdvanced memory leads the way to optimised performanceWith Samsung’s wide selection of DRAM and Flash memory, you can build optimized systems with absolute confidence. Samsungmemory provides exceptional speed and ample capacity with outstanding energy efficiency.Maintain uptime with reliability and controlA small data error can cost millions of dollars in sales. With Samsung DRAM and Flash memory, system performance is robustand stable even in extreme high and low temperatures. To keep your business ahead of issues, NAND’s top ECC engine detects andcorrects data errors. In addition, Samsung’s industry-best 20 – 200 DPPM(Defective parts per million) delivers product integrityyou can trust.Whether your business uses robotic, aerospace, medical or other industrial devices, Samsung Industrial Memory is the solution forworry-free performance.Guarantee longevity matching industrial and automotive life cyclesSamsung guarantees extended support to enable sufficient safety testing and defect resolution that meets the needs of themarket, through dedicated manufacturing lines for its industrial- and automotive memory products. This means safe, continualproduct supply and sustained support for device users.Product development and manufacturing lifecyclesProductionAutomotive anufacturingProductionTimeProductionSemiconductor IndustryTime

Design your next-level business withSamsung's highly reliable product lineupsComprehensive portfolio for enhanced connected carsAs the connected car market grows, electronics play an increasingly important role in the automotive industry. Consumers aredemanding an increasing variety of intelligent features, and the challenge for OEMs is to deliver impeccable service and enhancedcustomer experience in a timely manner while reducing costs.Samsung offers a wide range of products for connected cars, highly satisfying diverse demands of the market with reducedcompatibility issues and customization concerns. Furthermore, Samsung provides dedicated technical support to effectivelyspeed up the time to market for automotive manufacturers. Our memory portfolio spans DDR2/3, LPDDR4 and eMMC/UFS thatare all compliant with AEC-Q100 grade 2/3.Leading the industry with complete product portfolioAs a dedicated leader in the semiconductor industry, Samsung offers an enormous range of products. Samsung represents asingle point of contact for almost all memory components, maximizing work efficiency and failure response time. We are yourideal partner to design the future of innovations.Product availabilities for commercial, industrial and automotive grade 4Gbavailablerecommend to use automotive gradeavailable-40 C 95 C-40 C 95 C/105 C1/2/4/8Gbavailableavailable-4GBavailable--8/16/ 32/64GBavailablerecommend to use automotive gradeavailableUFS64/128 GBavailable-Q3 2017SSD240 6400GBavailable---40 C 85 C-40 C 85 C/105 CDDR3DRAMTemperatureSLCeMMCFLASHTemperature

The new generation of Memory Solutionsfor Industrial & Automotive applicationsSamsung automotive & industrial DRAM MemoryThe ideal dream of using electronics to improve driver experiences can quickly turn into a nightmare when ECU-relatedcomponents fail. Samsung follows the high standards of AEC-Q100 to ensure reliability and guarantees support for all automotiveproducts for at least 5 years.To provide the reliable high quality automotive memory solutions on the market, we are actively engaged in the automotivememory business and are committed to supporting AEC-Q100 compliant products and an automotive-friendly business model,maintaining a long-term supply as well as a two-year Product Change Notification (PCN) rule.Also in the new, highly connected industrial paradigm, we ensure robust performance in client devices and system operation evenin extreme conditions with our industrial memory products. Device sensors, actuators and databases must dependably transmitdata to help detect potential hazards or failures and our industrial DRAM products ensure quality and safety with smart errordetection.Supporting required automotive/industrial grade industry ade 2/3x324/8/12/16/24Gb200 FBGAx84Gb78 FBGADDR3Grade 2/3x161/2/4Gb96 FBGAx16512Mb/1Gb84 FBGAx84Gb78 FBGAx168Gb96 FBGAx81/2/4Gb78 FBGAx161/2/4/8Gb96 FBGAx81Gb/512Mb60 FBGAx161Gb/512Mb84 FBGADDR2Grade 2/3DDR4IndustrialDDR3industrialDDR2

Design your next-level business withSamsung's highly reliable product lineupsAutomotive-specific product longevity (DDR2, DDR3, LPDDR4)TemperatureGrade 2*Longevity105 C3 yearsAutomotiveCommercial1 yearsGrade 3-40 C95 CCommercialWarranty3 yearsAutomotiveCommercial1 years0 C Meet AEC-Q100Automotive ScreeningAutomotive specialized Burn-in/TestWide voltage range (1.35V – 1.5V) for DDR3 Low Power (IDD6/2P) for DDR3* Longevity for 3 years is based on same dieIndustrial-specific product longevity (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4)TemperatureGrade 3-40 C*Longevity3 yearsIndustrialCommercial1 yearsIndustrial1 yearsCommercial1 years95 CCommercial0 CWarranty

The new generation of Memory Solutionsfor Industrial & Automotive applicationsSamsung automotive & industrial Flash MemoryIt’s Samsung’s highest priority to supply high quality hardware for automotive and industrial applications. The longevity of ourhardware is best displayed by our long-term support with dedicated manufacturing lines to ensure optimum performance andtotal cost of ownership.Samsung industrial and automotive grade Flash memory components are essential to industries that require a more robust andrugged digital storage option to ensure repeatable and reliable operation. They are built to endure severe operating environmentssuch as extreme cold and hot temperatures, continuous vibration, high shock impact, and many more factors distinguishingthem from their consumer grade cousins. Besides automotive applications, our industry grade Flash has also been designed foruse in demanding environments such as industrial PC, gaming, safety/security, instrumentation control, aerospace, and medicalapplications.Supporting required automotive/industrial grade industry standardsMemoryTypeOrgUFSGrade 2/3G3 x 2LDensity64GB128GBPKG153 FBGA8GBAutomotiveeMMCGrade 2/3x816GB32GB153 FBGA64GB1GbIndustrialSLCIndustrialx82Gb4Gb48 TSOP8GbTomorrow’s cars will feature a smarter ride with virtually no traffic jams or driving accidents, in which the car anticipates thedriver’s needs. To build these more connected and intuitive cars, auto manufacturers need safety-focused, intelligent andinnovative memory products. Samsung automotive Flash Memory delivers high reliability, extensive product and technicalsupport to keep pace with the long auto production life cycle and a broad portfolio for enhanced customization and compatibility.

Design your next-level business withSamsung's highly reliable product lineupsAutomotive-specific product longevity (UFS / eMMC)UFS / eMMCWide operational temperature rangeLonger product longevity and warrantyGrade 2105 C*Longevity3 yearsAutomotiveCommercial1 yearsGrade 3-40 C85 CCommercialWarranty3 yearsAutomotiveCommercial1 years-25 C0 C Meet AEC-Q100 Automotive Screening In-house controller and firmware Automotive specialised Test* Longevity for 3 years is based on same dieIndustrial-specific product longevity (SLC)SLCTemperatureGrade 3-40 C*Longevity3 yearsIndustrialCommercial1 yearsIndustrial1 yearsCommercial1 years85 CCommercial70 C0 CWarranty

The new generation of Memory Solutionsfor Industrial & Automotive applicationsSamsung SSD for industrial applicationsIndustrial applications are all around us, supporting our everyday lives. With so many diverse and wide ranging applications theversatility and flexibility of the Samsung SSD product range meets the needs of almost any industrial application.Media Storage Appliances – Fast, multi-access performance for mediaProduction of media requires very large file sizes that need to be accessed very fast in order to keep to aggressive productionschedules. Furthermore there may be many simultaneous users accessing the same storage drives. Both of these key criteria arefulfilled by the performance and capacity of Samsung SSDs, with superior reliability thrown in.Digital Video Surveillance – Power efficient, high capacity video storageThe surveillance and CCTV industry has gone digital including cameras, local storage, networked storage, and servers. The resultis that significantly more data is generated by this industry and its only growing. As the amount of storage required increasesthe power needed to continue spinning up HDDs increases dramatically and costs begin to escalate. Samsung SSD low powersolutions can dramatically cut utility costs by reducing the power required for much larger storage capacity than HDD.Gaming Machines – Faster game loading and protected data, even in power lossThe latest gaming machines hold multiple high definition complex games and users don’t want to wait for these games to boot up.Gaming machine vendors also need to know that the machine will return to a safe state even under sudden power loss conditions,for example if it is unplugged. Samsung SSDs include Power Loss Protection meaning that the drive will shut down safely, evenunder sudden power loss conditions. The performance of Samsung SSDs mean that however complex and large the games arethey will be loaded quickly and operate with the required speed.Industrial Automation & PC – Rugged, robust, and long lastingIndustrial Automation and Industrial PC applications operate in hostile environments. Equipment needs to be rugged and reliable.Samsung SSDs have no moving parts, unlike HDD, and are therefore ideal for industrial environments. High reliability, availabilityand long MTBF also means industrial applications will benefit from lower maintenance and replacement costs.Professional & Broadcast Camera – Portable, high capacity, performance recording solutionsAs the DTV industry moves to 4K UHD resolution, film makers and professionals storage requirements will change. The higherbandwidth required to film at full resolution in 4K UHD means faster and higher capacity storage media than standard SD Cardand CompactFlash media can deliver. Samsung SSD is perfect for these applications enabling high performance storage with highcapacity in a small amount of space. Combine this with low power consumption and robustness and film makers can carry as muchstorage around with them as they like.Point-of-Sale – Excellent POS consumer experience, fast & reliableNo consumer likes to be kept waiting at a payment till. High performance, and highly reliable SSDs from Samsung ensure thatPOS terminals remain available and replacement drives kept to a minimum. MTBF is measured in millions of hours, orders ofmagnitude higher than HDD reducing total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a POS terminal. In addition overhead costs canbe reduced as well because Samsung SSDs are so energy efficient.Test, Measurement, and Data Logging – High speed storage for high speed data captureVery often test, measurement, and data logging equipment operates in real time and under harsh conditions. This mandatesconsistently high performance solutions from integrated storage systems. With the demand for more and more data collectionstorage capacity is only going in one direction, up. Samsung SSDs deliver higher performance than HDD, with greater reliabilityand more robustness, because there are no moving parts. Ideal for these applications.

Design your next-level business withSamsung's highly reliable product lineupsOur current SSD lineup includes the following models:ModelDensities (GB)SegmentInterface,Form FactorPM863a240 - 3.840MainstreamSATA 6Gb2.5“SM863a240 - 1.920PerformanceSATA 6Gb2.5“PM1633a480 - 15.360MainstreamSAS 12Gb2.5“PM963960 - 3.840 (2.5“)960 - 1.920 (M.2)MainstreamPCIe Gen3 NVMe2.5“ M.2SM963480 - 1.920 (2.5“)480 - 1.920 (M.2)PerformancePCIe Gen3 NVMe2.5“ M.2PM1725a800 - 6.400 (2.5“)1.600 - 6.400 (HHHL)PerformancePCIe Gen3 NVMe2.5“ HHHLOperating temperature is 00C - 700C which is measured by SSD temperature sensor (SMART Attribute 194), proper airflow recommended.Samsung offers an outstanding new technology to further enhance the performance and endurance of the drive: our innovativeVertical NAND (V-NAND) technology, the first commercially available 3D NAND solution which is exclusively available fromSamsung.Samsung V-NAND technology overcomes the capacity limitations of traditional 2D NAND technology with its revolutionaryvertical design. V-NAND also applies innovative Charge Trap Flash (CTF) technology which prevents data corruption caused bycell-to-cell interference. The synergy of both structural and material innovations leads to improved speed, power efficiency, andendurance.Compared to conventional 2D NAND, this new technology boosts write performance by up to 100%, while the endurance of yourSSD increases between a factor of 3x up to 10x depending on your target application.All our Enterprise SSDs are built with V-NAND.

The new generation of Memory Solutionsfor Industrial & Automotive applicationsSamsung as a trusted partnerThe component businesses of Samsung Electronics come together under the title Device Solutions. As a leading company inthe global electronics industry, Samsung Electronics has one of the widest range of products for its key component businessesMemory and System LSI, which are core elements of the company’s well-balanced business portfolio.Samsung initiated its semiconductor operations in 1974, mostly developing and producing ICs and peripherals for consumerelectronics. The pivotal turning point in our evolution into a leading semiconductor manufacturer was the successful developmentof the 64Kb DRAM in 1983.Global pioneer, Global leaderSince 1993, Samsung has been the undisputable, long-time leader in the DRAM sector. We produce the most up-to-date DRAMsolutions including components and modules for PC, server, mobile, and industrial applications. Starting from 2013, Samsunghas been the first manufacturer producing DDR4 devices based on 20 nanometer process technology. As the pioneer of advancedDRAM technologies, Samsung offers DDR3 as well as DDR4 solutions with the highest performance and the highest density aswell as the lowest power consumption.Samsung is also a leading manufacturer of NAND flash and has firmly established its NAND flash solutions as the key componentsfor a diversity of mobile and consumer electronics. Samsung offers a broad portfolio of high-performance, high-density NANDflash solutions combined with its preceding controller technologies that encompass embedded and non-embedded memorystorage solutions as well as solid state drives that can be used as data storage for PC and enterprise systems. By introducingthe industry’s first 3D V-NAND, which vertically stacks the cells, Samsung has redesigned the half-century paradigm in NANDtechnology in 2013.Engaging with Samsung Semiconductor means to engage with 52.000 dedicated semiconductor professionals around the world.And our strategic alliances between industry leaders and top universities, both domestic and international, lay the foundation forvisionary researchers and our robust network of next-generation technologies.For more informationFor more information about the Samsung Industrial Memory Q1 - 17, visit Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the worldsof TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, printers, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LEDsolutions. For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at 2017 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Specifications and designs are subject to changewithout notice. Nonmetric weights and measurements are approximate. All data were deemed correct at time of creation. Samsung is not liable for errors or omissions. All brand, product,service names and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby recognized and acknowledged.Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.129 Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 16677,

Automotive-specific product longevity (DDR2, DDR3, LPDDR4) Design your next-level business with Samsung's highly reliable product lineups Temperature 0 C Grade 2 Grade 3 Commercial 105 C-40 C 95 C Industrial-specific product longevity (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4) Temperature *Longevity Warranty Automotive 3 years Automotive 3 years Commercial 1 years .