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2. INT. DYLAN’S CAR EVENINGDYLAN ON THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING. RAIN AND CARS SWARM PAST. JUSTAUDIBLE IS AMY’S RESPONSE.DYLANListen Amy, right, I want you to listen to me! Thereason I’m not coming into work tomorrow is because,because I don’t care. Alright?I don’t care about internal conglomeration, I don’tcare about theorised target reconciliation, andListen to me. I’m going to find her, and it’s actuallynothing to do with you because I don’t work for youanymore. SoShe phoned me. She phoned me-EVERYTHING FADES FOR A MOMENT AS DYLAN IS PULLED FROM REALITYINTO A MEMORY. THE OTHER SIDE OF A PHONE CALL. A PAINFULLY DRAWNBREATH. THE SOUND OF MACHINERY. A GIRL. CRAWLING ACROSS A FLOOR,PLEADING FOR HELP. SHE REACHES A PHONE AND MASHES THE BUTTONS.IT DIALS, SOMEONE ANSWERS.GINAHelp me please help me help help help please helpplease help please please help me please-THE SOUND OSCILLATES BETWEEN HOW IT SOUNDED IN THE ROOM ANDHOW IT SOUNDED DOWN THE PHONE. SUDDENLY DYLAN LURCHES OUT OFTHE MEMORY AND IS BACK ON THE ROAD, MORE DETERMINED.DYLANNo. NO. You can take everything that ever belonged tome, take that pile of proof that I ever worked there,internally conglomerate all that, and then you canshove it up your-AMY HANGS UP.DYLANAmy? Amy?2

3. INT. RENATUS NIGHTWE LURCH FORWARD.TRAINEEHello?A SMASH OF GLASS.Is someone there?DYLANHello?4. INT. RENATUS MORNINGLURCH BACK.TRAINEEHello?WE HEAR KEITH WASHING HIS HANDS IN THE NEAR DISTANCE,IGNORING THE YOUNG MAN.Hi, I think I’m meant to be here. I spoke to Karen, Ithink, on the phone and she said to come in for ten.My name’s-KEITHI don’t need to know your name.TRAINEEOh right.KEITHYou’re the new trainee?TRAINEEYeah.KEITHThat’s what everyone will call you. Trainee. You won’tneed a name.I’m Keith.3

TRAINEEHi.(BEAT)So, is there anything I should do, before I, you know,get started? Should I get a uniform or-KEITHWhy do you want to work at Renatus?TRAINEEWhy? I, well, you know, to give something back-KEITHNo.TRAINEEI, err, the older generation still have a lot to-KEITHNo.TRAINEEI need a job.KEITHOK.(BEAT)The hours are bad. The breaks are bad. The actual workis bad. You know that don’t you?TRAINEEThat’s totally, that’s fine with me. I’m happy to get-KEITHBecause I don’t want to train you if you’re going toleave after a couple of shifts.TRAINEEI- I won’t.(BEAT)Look, I really need the job.4

OK, as long as we’re clear about that.KEITHRight. We work on rotation in different sections. This means thatyou’ll do everything while you’re here, but one thing at a time.First section is moving and controlling the patients when theywake up. Second is feeding. Then medicating.This can take a lot of time, the dementia means half ofthem have no idea what they’re taking. Then putting them tosleep. Unless they’re already out this is when they’re normally attheir most distressed. Then there’s general maintenance of thebuilding. There’s also a lot of cleaning. A lot. Patients, machines,floors, equipment, yourself. Everything.TRAINEEOK. Yeah. Great.KEITHWe’ll put you on feeding today so you can watch. You’llbe doing it by tomorrow.(A BELL)You hear that bell? That guides you, from now on.Whenever you hear that it means you rotate on to thenext station. You’re gonna be hearing that in yoursleep, you understand?TRAINEEGot it. Rotating in my sleep.Sounds exhausting.KEITHGo.TRAINEEOK.5

5. INT. OFFICE MORNINGDYLAN AND RICHARD ARE SITTING AT DESKS, BOTH ON THE PHONE TOCLIENTS. AROUND THEM IS THE GENERAL OFFICE CLATTER OF PHONESRINGING, CHAIRS SWIVELING AND SOULS DYING. THEIR SPEECH OVERLAPSWHERE NECESSARY.DYLANI understand that Sir.I appreciate it must be difficult, and that is whywe’re doing everything we-RICH LAUGHING OBNOXIOUSLY CUTS THROUGH.Why we’re doing everything we-RICH LAUGHS AGAIN.Excuse me, for one second Sir. I’m just going to put you on hold.PHONE CLICKS.Rich.UNAWARE, RICH LAUGHS AGAIN.Rich. Can you just. Not. Do that.RICH (TO CLIENT) You’re absolutely right.Ha.Haha.No, you couldn’t be more right.DYLANOr could you ignore me? That would be great, wonderfulactually if-6

RICHOn the nose.Bullseye.DYLANFine.DYLAN EXHALES. CLICKS BACK INTO THE PHONE.Sorry about that, now. As I said earlier, if there wasany way that we could go back in time, andSir?He’s gone. He hung up.RICH NOTICES DYLAN AND STARTS ’PERFORMING’ THE CALL FOR HIM WITHINCREASING BRAVADO.RICHUhuh.I hope you’ve got an alibi because this is daylightrobbery right here!DYLANStop shouting. It’s a phone, not a cup on a string.RICHLook, I know what you want, which is a good deal. Andyou know what I want, which is for you to be happy. So,here today, just for you. I’m going to send overfifteen cases of the new momentorol. This is the goodstuff. It’ll go national in a few days, and I guaranteeyou are the first person I’ve spoken to about it.What do you say, think you can handle it?EXPLOSION IN RICH’S EGO. HE’S NAILED IT.That’s great! Great great great.Haha.Alright. Stay out of trouble.OK. OK, bye.HE HANGS UP.BOOM.7

DYLANBefore you even startRICHLike putty. Actual putty.DYLANI don’t care.RICHYou’re never gonna learn if you don’t try and pick upsome tips.DYLANFrom you? Sit down.RICHNumbers don’t lie mate.DYLANYeah, and I’m still ahead.RICHBut the gap is closing. It’s on. And if Amy got back intime to see that performance right there-DYLANTop marks for effort.RICHYou don’t even want the job!DYLANI don’t know. Probably should-RICHIt’d be like what you do now. But more.DYLANYeah that sounds awful.RICHBe a mate. Step down.DYLANReckon you’ll get it?RICHObviously. I can see it on my desk now - ’Rich Harway Coordinator of Conglomeration’.8

DYLANDo you even know what that means?RICHIt means respect.DYLANOh for-RICHCome on, lighten up. Have an apple.DYLANWouldn’t want to ruin your regime.RICHI can get another.DYLANSo does it matter what type of apple you have? Willfive Granny Smiths work as well as five Royal Galas?RICHYou can take the piss, but it’s practical and it works.DYLANIt’s not and it doesn’t.RICHBag of apples. Bang. My five-a-day. Done. Five minutes.DYLANRubbish.RICHLook, nutritionally-DYLANNo, I mean rubbish ’five minutes’. You reckon you caneat a whole apple in a minute?RICHCourse.(BEAT)DYLANGo on then.RICHHuh?9

DYLANYou’ve got sixty seconds, on the clock. Eat one ofthose now.RICHI don’t want to make you look like an idiot.DYLANI’m going to start timing.RICHSeriously, I’m not going to-DYLANIt’s going.RICHI don’t need to-DYLANYou’re losing valuable seconds.RICH GRABS ONE OF THE APPLES AND STARTS EATING VIGOROUSLY. ASLONG AS IT TAKES.And he’s off! Good work.Wow. That is a big bite. That is a big bite.Good. Good job.I didn’t think there would be this much chewing.RICH’S OFFICE PHONE STARTS RINGING. HIS MOUTH IS FULL.Oh no! That might be an important call!Nope, and the core. You said a whole apple.PHONE KEEPS RINGING. RICH STARTS PANICKING.AMY ENTERS.AMYAre you going to get that?RICH OBEYS, MOUTH STILL FULL.10

(BEAT)RICHAro?AMYIt’s me. I’m calling you, and I shouldn’t have to leavemy desk to do that. What’s wrong with your mouth?DYLANIt’s OK Amy, he was just making me look like an idiot.AMY PICKS UP A BIN.AMYSpit.RICH DOES.Right, we got in the numbers from yesterday. They’reall pretty high but I need you to be pushing theproducts that are looking for release later on in the year.RICHI just took a big order for-AMYI know, and you massively undercharged. All that stuffwent through the roof after the trial announced today.RICHRight. Sorry.AMYDon’t apologise, just make it happen. You know what I like.RICHResults.AMYResults.DYLANResults.AMY EXITS.11

THEY BOTH WORK AT THEIR COMPUTERS.RICHYou’d think a holiday would make her relax a bit?DYLANDon’t think she was on holiday mate.RICHHuh?DYLANThink she was looking after her parents. Or parent.RICHNo.DYLANNo what?RICHCan’t imagine her having a family.DYLANWell, I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.RICHHuh?DYLANShe’s bound to be the apple of someone’s eye.RICHOh very funny.DYLANSorry mate.(BEAT)I didn’t mean to upset your apple cart-RICHSHUT UP-12

6. INT. RENATUS DAYTRAINEE IS PUSHING MR MERTON IN A WHEELCHAIR.MR MERTONI was on the telly last night.TRAINEEReally?MR MERTONYes I was. My little finger. There was a program aboutthis man, an engineer, I remember him he was a friendof my uncle’s. And they showed this picture of him, onewe used to have in the house too. I’m a young lad inthe photo and I’m waving, and my hand just got in onthe TV show. My little finger.TRAINEEAmazing! I’m wheeling around a celebrity.MR MERTONThis one right here.TRAINEEWe’ll make sure you get the VIP treatment from now on.MR MERTONWhere’s the one with the hair? I meant to be having asession with her.TRAINEEStill a few people with hair around here, you mighthave to narrow it down.MR MERTONThe one we do the tests with?TRAINEEAgain, quite a few of them.MR MERTONAre we going the right way?TRAINEEI thought you were the one steering this thing?13

MR MERTONCan I steer it to the pub?TRAINEENot today I’m afraid.MR MERTONCome on, just you and me?TRAINEEDon’t think it’ll help me pass probation if I lose a patient inthe first week.MR MERTONYou need to relax a bit.TRAINEEHey!MR MERTONI just want a pint and a fag. I don’t care about losingmy marbles.TRAINEEWell you sit tight and I’ll see what I can do.MR MERTONBollocks.TRAINEEWhere’s that language come from?!MR MERTONI can tell you exactly where it’s from because I wasusing it before you were born.TRAINEEFair enough.MR MERTONYou’ll never guess what. Last night, when I waswatching TV, I saw my little finger. It was on thescreen.TRAINEEOh.That’s great.BELL RINGS.14

Right, time for me to hand you over. I’ve got to cleanTRAINEEup Room 13. My lucky day.MR MERTONPub! Next time.MR MERTON IS TAKEN TO A DIFFERENT WARD. TRAINEE TURNS A CORNERTO THE COMPLETE STATE LEFT IN ROOM 13.INT ROOM 13TRAINEE (TO HIMSELF) Wow. That is- almost impressive.HE GETS TO WORK ON HIS HANDS AND KNEES. APPEARING FROMNOWHERE:GINAHave they got you cleaning the floor?TRAINEEHa. Yeah. I don’t really mind though. Quite like it.GINAOK.TRAINEENot, like, actually doing it, but. It’s mindless isn’t it?Can just switch your head off.GINADid someone tell you to say that?TRAINEEWhat? No?GINAI’m not gonna tell anyone. It’s OK that you don’t wantto be cleaning the floor.TRAINEEIt’s not- I mean, I really don’t mind-15

GINAOh yeah? Do you also think it’s ’sort of therapeutic,cleaning away the dirt’?TRAINEE (BEAT)GINASorry. I’m not taking the piss. I just lost my keys, I think in thisroom. I’m not very good at, keeping things.Have you.?TRAINEETaken them?GINANo! No, have you seen them?TRAINEEOh. Right. No.We can, you know, do you wanna dive in?GINADon’t mind if I do.THEY BOTH DIG THROUGH THE RUBBISH.Thanks for this.TRAINEEIt’s alright.Just try not to think about what you might be touching.GINAWell now I’m thinking about it.(BEAT)Gross.TRAINEESo. What do you do here?GINAInteresting question. Why do you ask?TRAINEEI dunno. It’s what you say isn’t it. I don’t knowanything about you. You don’t know anything about me.16

GINAI know that you know that I don’t know. But knowingwhat I do doesn’t mean you know who I am, you know whatI mean?TRAINEEWell.GINAIt’s fine.I’m an intern.TRAINEEWhat, here?GINAYeah. That and they’re trialling some new dementia stuffthat needs extra bodies. Not ideal, but sort of a stepin the right direction.TRAINEECool. Are you going to uni?GINAAhh. Been there, done that, didn’t get the t-shirt.TRAINEEWhat do you mean?GINAIt’s a bit- basically my third year wasn’tstraightforward, because of other stuff, non-uni stuff,so I had to leave.TRAINEEOh right.GINASo I’ve got the crippling debt and no qualifications.Hence why I’m interning, and doing the trials. Andworking.TRAINEEWorking where?17

GINABar. I work in a bar. I’m such a cliche.TRAINEENo. It’s cool.So. What do you do? As an intern?GINABit of everything. Some transfusions, cognitive tests,shadowing the actual lab assistants. I’m not reallyallowed to talk about it, but, science, you know?TRAINEENice one.GINAThe little door, round the corner. The one that looks too small forregular people. That’s my little office. That’s where the sciencehappens.TRAINEECan I see it?GINAI mean, I could show you but I’d have to kill you.And right now I don’t have the key to get in.TRAINEEMaybe next time.GINAI’m Gina.TRAINEEHi, my name’s-BELL RINGS.GINAOoo So close! Maybe next time.18

7. INT. OFFICE DAYRICHI reckon it might be worth us synchronising our targetreconciliation again.(SILENCE)Dylan?DYLANHmm?RICHDo you want to?DYLANI don’t care.RICHDon’t be like that. It’s boring.DYLANYeah. It is boring. I’m very bored.RICHOK.I could eat another apple? Reckon if Amy didn’tdistract me I could have done it way-DYLANDid you know that abattoirs, like slaughterhouses, theyall get built the same way, so that the lanes thecattle line up in when they’re about to, you know, allthe lanes are curved. Because then the cows can onlysee the back legs of the animal in front of them,instead of seeing what’s happening ahead of them.RICHAre you. Is this like a vegetarian thing?DYLANNo, I’m just saying, every new target, or promotion,whatever. It sometimes feels like we’re only everconcentrating on what’s directly in front of us.19

RICHSo? You’ve got to live in the moment, everyone saysthat.DYLANYeah but. What about everything else?RICHHave you looked at getting a new job?DYLANI can’t leave now.RICHWhy not?DYLANStart at the bottom?RICHCourse. Go be a plumber, or a vegan.DYLANI mean, don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of stuffwrong with this place, but-RICHDisagree, but go on.DYLANReally?RICHWe’re changing the world.DYLANWe sell drugs to the highest bidder. We aren’t changingthe world.RICHSo do it. Something else.Be much easier for me to get the Conglomeration job ifyou’ve pissed off.20

8. INT. RENATUS CORRIDOR DAYGINA AND TRAINEE ARE WALKING TOWARDS EACH OTHER FROM EITHEREND.TRAINEEAlright?GINAOh, thank God.TRAINEEWhat?GINAI could see you from the other end of the corridor and I thought itwas you so I waved but then I didn’t know if it was you becauseyou were actually really far away and then I thought if it wasn’tyou then I’d just waved at a total stranger who I was then goingto have to walk past but I couldn’t stop walking towards thembecause they would have seen me waving and it’d be evenmore weird if I waved at them and then turned around andwalked the other way.(BEAT)TRAINEERight.Well it’s just me.GINASorry. I’m tired. What are you doing?TRAINEEGoing home.GINAYeah? What you up to tonight?TRAINEEDunno. Haven’t really thought that far ahead. You?GINAWork. work work work.TRAINEEDon’t know how you’re still standing.GINAI drink a lot of coffee.21

TRAINEEYou’re going to have a breakdown or a hernia or something.GINAYeah. It’s looming. Last night, when I was going to bed, Icouldn’t get my jeans off because they’d rolled around myankles, and I was so tired I cried.TRAINEEMate! I’m sorry. I’m not laughing.GINAIt’s funny. I woke up this morning in the same position with mylegs hanging off the bed, and just rolled my jeans back up.TRAINEEVery efficient. Think of that extra weight in your pocket though,that’s a lot of coffee.GINAYeah when I actually get paid.TRAINEELet me know if you need a spare guinea pig, I wouldn’t mind abit of-GINAYou don’t want to do it.TRAINEENo, I’m pretty sturdy, reckon I’d be fine.GINAIt’s not about that.TRAINEEI know, I don’t mean-GINAI think they’re full anyway. So.TRAINEEOK.(BEAT)GINALook-BELL RINGS.22

TRAINEERight, I’ve got to go, so I’m going to wave goodbyebefore things start getting confusing.GINA (RUSHING OFF) Nope not risking it.9. INT. OFFICE DAYDYLAN AND RICH WORKING.RICHMate my stomach’s eating itself, can we go for lunch?DYLANYeah. I’m one short on target though.RICHI’m way short. Come on, we’ll make it up afterwards.DYLANCan you wait-RICHLet’s go! We can swing by pervy Tom’s office. See howquickly he can delete his internet history?DYLANYeah. That does sound fun.THEY PACK UP TO LEAVE. DYLAN’S PHONE RINGS ON HIS DESK.I’ve got to get it mate.RICHNo! Come on. You’ve left your chair. You’re on your break!DYLANI’ve got to do it.RICHWhatever. I’m going back in.DYLAN ANSWERS THE PHONE. THE OFFICE CLATTER BRIEFLY GETSSUCKED FROM THE ROOM IN A SHARP DISTORTED INHALE. A HEARTBEATQUICKENS AND FALTERS.23

DYLANHello.Hello?Sorry, can you say that- You’ll have to slow down. Is everythingOK?Are you alright?!HE STANDS.Try and slow down, I’m sorry I can’t hear you. Why do you needhelp? What’s wrong?! Hello?THE SOUNDS OF THE OFFICE RETURN.RICHDylan? What’s up?DYLANUmm. I don’t really know what to do?RICHOK.?DYLANThat was a girl.RICHRight.DYLANShe was.RICHWhat?DYLANShe was asking for help? She needed help.RICHWell. I guess she got the wrong number then.DYLANThat was- I should do something.RICHHa!DYLANI dunno, I could24

RICH’I dunno, I could’DYLANI could try and contact her or-RICH’I could try and contact her or, or offer to walk herhome or-’DYLANWhy are you being a dick?RICHI’m not being a dick, I’m just- Come on. Are you seriously gonnado anything about it? Or is it much more likely that you’re gonnathink about it really hard for a couple of minutes, realise it’s notyour responsibility, sack it off, and then watch me smashanother apple.DYLANI could do something.RICHYeah?DYLANI could!RICHYeah, maybe. But. You know? It’s you.DYLANSo?RICHYou won’t.RICH’S PHONE RINGS.I’m gonna take this while you’re stressing. But if I die ofmalnutrition it’s on you.HE TAKES THE CALL.Hello?Oh, one second, I’ll just see if he’s available.HAND OVER RECEIVER, WHISPERING.Always make them wait.25

DYLANI’m calling the number back.DYLAN DIALS BACK.RICHNo don’t- Oh for God’sHi, Rich speaking, what can I do for you today?COVERING RECEIVER.Put that phone down!I would love to discuss that with you. You’ll just haveto bear with me for one second while I excuse myselffrom this meeting.DYLANIt’s- It’s not going through.RICHOK then, problem solved.DYLANBut I’ve got the number.RICHHi, I’m so sorry about that. We’re currently transitioning aprocess of intense re-facilitation and are consequentlyexperiencing a high volume of employee competency.So, what can I do to make your day better?You did already tell me, you’re absolutely right. But I mean on apersonal level. I want to know that you’re OK. And this is mewithout my tie and jacket on, I’m just a guy, interested in anotherguy. I mean, person. You. I want to know about you.Yes, I am.Yes.OK, well I apologise if that’s what I - You’re absolutely right. Iapologise again. I’ll put you through to themnow.HE HANGS UP.Or will I actually hang up on you?!Come on. Food.DYLANThat’s. This is really odd.26

RICHWhat?DYLANUh. The number that girl called me from, it’s from oneof the people we supply to. A trial centre aboutfifteen miles away.RICHSo?DYLANWell, that’s weird isn’t it. Why would they call here?RICHI don’t-DYLANWhy wouldn’t she call the police?RICHI don’t know mate! Maybe because she’s not actually inany danger.DYLANShe sounded pretty endangered to me.RICHLook. OK, I understand why you’re worried, and I don’tmean to be insensitive. I get it. But she hung up onyou, you called her back, and there are no other waysof contacting her. You’ve done everything.DYLANYeah, no, I know but-RICHAnd it’s not your problem. We’re not a helpline.DYLANShould I tell someone at the centre?RICHNo! Just drop it. Come on. Let’s go for lunch.ENTER AMY.27

AMYWhich one of you is less competent than a breeze block?RICHLove this game-.AMYI know it was you who took that call.RICHI’m not being funny, but that guy was rude, and I thinkpossibly a little bit drunk?AMYThat ’guy’ is the CEO of one of our leading distributors, and I’vejust had to cut him a very lucrative deal to smooth over thehaemorrhoid you just left on his doorstep.RICHLook, maybe we don’t want to be dealing with someonewho’s going to be so touchy?AMYIs that a result?RICHHuh?AMYResult. Is that a result?RICHWell, kind of, but probably not the one-AMYIS IT A RESULT RICH?RICHNo. Right. No. Sorry.AMYYou are on the thinnest ice.You better make some sales today. Alright? Big ones.RICHYeah. Of course. I always do.28

AMYShow me.That’s enough pissing about for today. Don’t think you’ve reallydeserved a lunch break at this rate.RICH GRITS HIS TEETH AND GOES BACK TO WORKING AT HIS COMPUTERSCREEN.AMY GOES TO LEAVE.DYLANAmy?AMYYep?DYLANCan I just check something with you?AMYGo.DYLANI just got this call, from this girl. She was asking for help? Not,like, customer help, like she actually needed help.AMYOK?DYLANWell, I checked the number back and it came fromRenatus, we deal to them for dementia trials.AMYRight.DYLANWell, I just thought it was a bit odd?AMYWhat did she say?DYLANI couldn’t really make it out, but- it sounded bad.AMYDid you get a name?29

DYLANNo.AMYOK.DYLANOK, so should we, do something about it? Should we callRenatus or go over there-AMYI’ll have a word with our contact there.DYLANDo you want me to help? I can describe what she soundedlike-AMYYou’ve done the right thing. Leave it with me. We’re announcingthe Conglomeration Coordinator role very soon. Have youapplied?RICHHey, what about-AMY(TO DYLAN)You’ll probably find yourself in a strong position.DYLANOK, great. Thank you. It’s just, she really-AMYLeave it.OK?Think about what’s in front of you. The next step.30

10. INT. RENATUS EVENINGTRAINEE SHOWING GINA AROUND.TRAINEEOK this is where we hang up our coats, and stuff, afterwe’ve finished doing deep cleans.GINADo we have to do this now-TRAINEECome on, you can sleep when you’re dead. This, this iscool. I mean, it’s kind of cool, it’s also horrible.We’ve got like this massive, giant incinerator. Forwhen we have to get rid of people’s stuff when they’ve.Gone. And yeah it’ll burn anything. You could put abrick down, and you knowSCCCCCCHHHHHRRRRR.GINAWhat was that?TRAINEEFurnace. You knowSCCCCCCHHHHHRRRRR.GINAObviously.TRAINEEWhat noise does your furnace make?GINAMine’s more of RRRRRRRRRRRVV.TRAINEESCC- yeah actually yours does sound more like it.31

GINAHow long are you down here for?TRAINEEAt a time? I dunno.Longest was probably about ten hours. But that’s justbecause someone else was sick or something so I had to cover.GINATen hours of, burning?TRAINEESchr.Yeah.It’s a bit messed up isn’t it?GINAI’ve heard worse.TRAINEEYeah me too.GINAWhy here?TRAINEEWhat, Renatus?Just, need money don’t I.Same as everyone else. Rent, food, whatever. Same asyou.GINAYeah the money bit sounds good.TRAINEEThey still not paid you?GINANot until the trial’s over. That’s the rules.TRAINEEThat’s crazy.GINAYeah, but I don’t have a choice. You could be anywherethough. Have you looked for anything, else?32

TRAINEENo.(BEAT)No.GINAWhy?TRAINEEI don’t know! Well I do, I just don’t like thinking about it.I guess, this, yeah, the stuff I do here. Who cares?It’s fine.It’s absolutely fine.Someone sends me some money at the end of the month,and I go home and do what I like.It’s just a trade isn’t it. Money for time.The things I want are outside, they’re with my friends,they’re separate. That’s what matters to me.Doing this lets me do that.GINASo how do you do it?Ten hours of burning if it doesn’t matter to you?TRAINEEYou’ve just got to find those silver linings mate!This box gets filled with anything that the patientscan’t use anymore, or that families don’t want to takehome, after. So that’s kind of fair game.GINAYou take stuff?TRAINEENo! We just play with it.GINAYou’re playing with dead people’s stuff.TRAINEENo, see I’m not, I did think about that. We’re givingit new life.33

GINAA second chance?TRAINEEExactly! It would just get burnt anyway.Here, I found this the other day. It’s like a voicebox, to help with speech stuff. You can type here and-TRAINEE TYPES INTO LIGHT WRITER. MACHINEHello Gina.GINAShould you be playing with that?TRAINEE GIGGLES AND TYPES SOME MORE.MACHINEI am a tiny man trapped in this machine.GINAYou. Idiot.TRAINEEYou’ve got to laugh at this stuff! The old lot do, theythink it’s hilarious. Spent an hour making it swear yesterday.Have a go!GINAGive me that.SHE LOOKS AT IT FOR A WHILE. IT BEEPS. THISSTARTLES GINA.TRAINEEIt’s just the battery. Go on, write something.THE BATTERY BEEP SOUNDS LIKE THE HEART MONITOR. IT BEEPS AGAIN,GINA’S BREATH QUICKENS.TRAINEEAre you-GINAShh.34

GINA TYPES, SLOWLY AT FIRST.MACHINEHELPTRAINEEWhat?MACHINEHelp.Help. Help. Help. Help.Help help help help help help help help lphelphelp.11. INT. AMY’S OFFICE DAYKEITHShe’s struggling.(LONG PAUSE)Amy.She’s strug-AMYI heard you.(PAUSE)KEITHWell?AMYShe can’t stop. We haven’t finished.KEITHWell it might be that we have to.AMYHow bad is she now?KEITHOne week. Maybe two.35

AMYI think we’d only need one more week.KEITH EXHALES.What?We can keep a close eye on her, and there are things wecan give her.KEITHWe can’t put more drugs in her. I mean, first off, allthat stuff in her system will affect the results of thetrial so it’ll be pointless. But second, you know,she’s a young girl. We can’t just fill her with drugsand drain her until she can’t- until it goes too far.AMYWe’re not going to let that happen.But. If there’s a chance the trials work, even thetiniest, smallest, most infinitesimal chance.It’s thousands of lives. Not just one.KEITHAmy.AMYYes?KEITH-AMYWhat?KEITHLook. I’m sorry about your dad. But it’s not asstraightforward as that.AMYI know-KEITHYou can’t just swap one-AMYI know! It’s not straightforward.36

KEITHExactly, and right now, our priority has to be thesituation in front of us.AMYLet me talk to her.KEITHIt’s not about talking to her! You’re not going to convince her tostay alive.AMYI’m going to give her the choice.She knows she won’t get paid until she finishes the trial, and sheneeds the money.KEITHThat’s not a choice.AMYAnd we can monitor her closely-KEITHOh come on.AMYI’m not going to let her get hurt. OK?12. INT. OFFICE DayDYLAN WORKING HARD. RICH DAYDREAMING.RICHWould you rather have legs for fingers or fingers for legs?DYLANI think I’ve found something.RICHYou’d have to buy so many shoes.DYLANThere’s loads of stuff on our database, about the trial centre.RICHBut it would be easier to balance.DYLANLoads of reports that don’t make sense.37

RICHMate?DYLANLoads of money going in-RICHOI.DYLANHuh?DYLAN LOOKS UP.RICHFinger-legs or leg-fingers?DYLANObviously I would have legs for fingers. I’d learn how to canter.Like a spider horse.Can you concentrate for a second?RICHWhy are you being so weird?DYLANBecause this is weird! There’s loads of stuff on this file I don’trecognise.RICHHow do you have access to that?DYLANThere’s stacks of money going into it, but it’s all under differentcodes from what we usually use.RICHYou’re getting really into this aren’t you?DYLANNo, I just want to-RICHYes you are. You’re getting a kick out of doing something thatisn’t work.DYLANIt is work.38

RICHHow?DYLANShe called me. At work. That’s a customer relations issue.RICHIt’s fine that you’re enjoying it. That’s allowed.DYLANNot sure ’enjoying’ is the right word.RICHHave you asked Amy about it? What you’ve found?DYLANNo.(BEAT)Fingers for legs would be ridiculous. You’d be tiny.RICHSo tiny.DYLANWhoah?!What’s going on?HE TAPS AT HIS KEYBOARD.My computer’s just-RICHMate. My PC’s just frozen.DYLANSame.RICHAhh wait, I’m back.DYLANWhere’s everything. Where have all my files gone?RICHHuh?DYLANThere’s nothing in my folders.39

RICHNo no no.DYLANWhat?RICHI’ve got tonnes of prep for the Coordinator application on here.DYLANEverything. Everything’s gone.13. INT. RENATUS MEDICAL ROOM DayTHE SOUND OF AN ELECTRIC HEART MONITOR. GINA SLOWLY COMES TO,SHE IS HOOKED UP TO A MACHINE AND STRUGGLING TO BREATHE. SHETRIES TO CALL OUT BUT CAN’T. THE MONITOR GETS FASTER AND FASTER.SHE PANICS.SUDDENLY SHE WAKES UP FROM HER DREAM. SHE IS INRENATUS’ MEDICAL ROOM.TRAINEE IS SITTING NEXT TO HER.TRAINEEWell look who it is! Rise and shine sleepy head. Youalright?GINAMm.TRAINEESomebody had a bit of a tumble. Didn’t they?GINAReally?TRAINEEYeah man. You went really pale, just flopped. In the hall.GINAOh my God that’s so embarrassing.TRAINEEWhat are you talking about?! No it isn’t.I think maybe someone needs to stop burning the candleat both ends?40

GINAOhh. No!TRAINEEHey. Hey hey hey, it’s alright. You just need a bit of rest.GINAI’m meant to be working tonight.TRAINEEReally?GINAYeah, I’m on an eight ’til two.TRAINEEWell can you call in sick? I mean, you are actuallysick, so that’ll be easy.GINANo, they’re already down tonight.TRAINEEIf you can’t go in then you can’t go in. It’s not yourfault.GINAYeah.Eurgh.Sorry. I’m not feeling. That. Good. At the moment.TRAINEEWhat’s up?GINAJust feeling a bit overwhelmed. I don’t know how muchlonger I can keep this up for.Like, I know that this is something I have to do for a bit, but- It’sasking a lot of me.I don’t really know who to talk to. Who to ask for help.TRAINEEYou can ask me.(PAUSE)I mean it.41

GINAYeah.I know.Thanks.TRAINEEWhat?GINAWell, no offense, because I do appreciate i

GINA Help me please help me help help help please help please help please please help me please- THE SOUND OSCILLATES BETWEEN HOW IT SOUNDED IN THE ROOM AND HOW IT SOUNDED DOWN THE PHONE. . RICH Numbers don’t lie mate. DYLAN Yeah, and I’m still ahead. RICH But the gap is clos

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Less than daily spiritual direction 40/session plus 61/night; includes bedroom and meals Private Retreat at a Hermitage No spiritual direction 50/night 48/night (6 nights/7 days) Directed Retreat at a Hermitage Daily spiritual direction 95/night (4 nights or less) 92/night (5-night retreat) 90/night (6 nights or more)

Part II: Sleep History A. Nighttime Sleep 1. Please describe your sleep disturbance. 2. Estimate how many hours of sleep you get a) on a good night? b) on a bad night? 3. How long does it take you to fall asleep a) on a good night? b) on a bad night? 4. How many times do you wake up during the night a) on a good night? b) on a bad night? 5.

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EXERCISE BIKE INCSC, INCSX, INCDX, INCDSE, INCSSE, INCDST, INCST, CLUB SERIES , INT-UB, PF-INT-UB, INT-UB-CS, INT-UB-B1, INT-UB-CS-B1 Assembly Instructions 1006865-0001 REV AD. . Health-related injuries may result from incorrect or excessive use of exercise equipment. Life

character Name BackgrouNd aligNmeNt exPerieNce PoiNts atk BoNus damage/tyPe acrobatics (dex) animal handling (Wis) arcana (int) athletics (str) deception (cha) history (int) insight (Wis) intimidation (cha) investigation (int) medicine (Wis) Nature (int) casting your spells. Perception (Wis) Performance ( cha) Persuasion (cha) 16 religion (int .

Independent Personal Pronouns Personal Pronouns in Hebrew Person, Gender, Number Singular Person, Gender, Number Plural 3ms (he, it) א ִוה 3mp (they) Sֵה ,הַָּ֫ ֵה 3fs (she, it) א O ה 3fp (they) Uֵה , הַָּ֫ ֵה 2ms (you) הָּ תַא2mp (you all) Sֶּ תַא 2fs (you) ְ תַא 2fp (you

1.2 The modelling is intended to inform an investment strategy based on an active asset management approach where the Council seeks to make investment decisions that are informed by an understanding of the financial performance of the stock, and the extent to which it delivers the Council’s social housing objectives. In this way decisions can strengthen the Business Plan and contribute to .