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UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESEstablished in 1977Headquarter and main production is in Konya, TurkeyApproximately 340 people work full time in the companyvTurnover is approximately 40.000.000 Euro (2017)Exporting currently more then 10 countriesTfon Metal is a brand of Telefoncular Metal Ltd. Co.vv15.000 m2Total Area41Years of Experience20.000 ton/yearProduction Capacity

ityControl of AllProcessesSalesPRODUCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESShot BlastingCNC Laser CuttingCNC Plasma CuttingCNC Oxygen CuttingCNC Guillotine ShearsQualityControl ofRaw MaterialRaw MaterialClientPlanningProductionCNC Press BrakeCNC MachiningProjectNestingCostingWelding BendWeldingTransportFinish Quality ControlPackingREFERENCES

DUCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESvDesigningBidding ProcessTechnical drawings of our customers are initially entered into thefeasibility process by the project department.Our offer form does include the quality of the product, the thickness, thenumber of pieces, net and gross weights. The main purpose here is toshow all the details of the offer. Together with this information, ourcustomers have both with and without wastage

UCTSvQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESvPlanningAfter Sales ServiceThe planning department leads a detailed work for all products to beproduced. Production is relevant to our customers ordering from thebeginning; net kilogram, gross kilogram, quantitative amount, with andwithout wastage.The online portal on our website provides instant access to a lot ofinformation;. Such as ; Information about order status Current transactions Measurement reports Mill Test Certificates Online Payment (Mail Order)

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESShot BlastingAutomatic shot blasting unit, processing parts up to 3m width x 0,8mheight. Also available: Manual shot blasting cabin for bigger parts.vvv

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESCnc Laser Cutting Minimum lost with 6 Kw Fiber Laser Technology Precise Cutting With the Bevel cutting method, up to 12 mm welding preparationvCutting Table DimensionsCutting Ranges2.500x12.000mm4KW0.30-25mm Black Sheet2.500x15.000mm4KW2.500x12.000mm6KW /5 Axial2.00-15mm Hardox Sheet2.00-20mm Strenx Sheet0.30-25mm Stainless Steel Sheet0.30-10mm Aluminium Sheet0.30-05mm Galvanised Sheetvv0.30-05mm Copper Or Brass Sheet0.30-03mm Titanium Sheet

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESCnc Plasma Cutting With our experienced technical workers , Nesting process with Autocad, Solidworks programs for minimum loss, High precise cutting.vCutting Table DimensionsCutting Ranges3.000x14.000mm1.50-40mm Black Sheet3.000x14.000mm3.000x12.000mmvv400Amp2.00-15mm Hardox Sheet260Amp(2 pieces) 3.00-20mm Strenx Sheet260Amp(2 Pieces) 0.30-25mm Stainless Steel mm Aluminium Sheet0.30-05mm Galvanised Sheet0.30-05mm Copper or Brass Sheet0.30-03mm Titanium Sheet

UCTSQUALITYCnc Oxygen Cutting Cutting sizes 3.500x14.000mm Thickness between 30mm-300mm Minimum loss with high precise cuttingvvvINDUSTRIESREFERENCES

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESCnc Guillotine Shears Cutting ranges between 1 mm to 9 mm with 9 pieces CNC and NCGuillotine Shears Up to 10.000mm lengthvvv

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESCnc Press Brake Forming all kind of metal sheets between 1,5mm to 40mm with our 12press brake machines 15 m length , Up to 2500 Tonsvvv

UCTSQUALITYPlate RollingDiameter from 450mm up to 50mm thicknessvvvINDUSTRIESREFERENCES

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESMachiningCNC Machining (325 x1500x 800 mm machining sizes, 0,1 mm Tolerance )Some of Operations ; Tapping Counter boring Chamfering Bevelingvvv

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESBevelingBeveling between 16 and 60 degrees, either laser or with oxygen cutting.vvv

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESWeldingEquipped with modern welding equipment enabling us to manufactureyour components utilising MIG, MAG, or TIGIGM Welding Robot Station with 2 positioners. 48 Certified Welders(Certified by TUV SUD) Column Boom Welding Robot; 3 Column BoomUnit . Processing up to 30 m length with Under Gas and Under PowderOption.vvv

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESPackingWe are using pallet , stretch, etc. For packing according to our custumerrequests and volume of products.vvv

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESShipping Loading carefully with Cranes and Forklifts against to damage Shipping to all over the world.vvv


UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESHigh Strength SteelWith high strength steel products, stronger, lighter, moredurable manufacturing can be achieved. In this respect,work machines are showing high performance. Usingareas like this telescopic boom manufacturing, vehiclechassis manufacturing, bridge and road projects,vibration valves and sieves. Surface quality anddimensional and geometrical accuracy are guaranteed.vvvvS 690 QLvS 960 QLvS 960 MCvS 500 MCvS 700 MCvDOCOL 1000

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESAbrasion Resistant SteelAbrasion resistant steels are available in various sizes from 2mm to100mm. Hardox, Raex 400-450-500 is designed to withstand even thevmost demanding conditions, where steel structures are exposed tohighly abrasive wear and tear. The wear resistance properties of cansignificantly prolong the service life of your equipment and reducethe expenses in time and money.vvvHardox 400vHardox 450vHardox 500vRaex 400vRaex 450vRaex 500

ABOUTwww.tfonmetal.comvBlack anised SheetINDUSTRIESREFERENCES

ABOUTwww.tfonmetal.comvAluminium nless Steel SheetINDUSTRIESREFERENCES


UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESQualityWith honest and moral structure; we have adopted our policy as being afirm that meets legal regulatory requirements, aims to keep customersatisfaction at the highest level, and continually improves its capacity andproductivity.vQuality OperationsInspection of raw Materialat EntryProcess ControlRegular Calibration ofMeasurement EquipmentUT Hardness MeasurementRegularly Calibration ofProduction EquipmentCompliance to the Qualityand StandardsvvvvvvControl od Productionvvv

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESQualityvvvWe already have ; ISO 9001:2008 Certification and Product Liability Insurance PolicyInsurance. Certification for ISO 3834 Competency in Welding Manufacturing Certification of EN 1090 CE Marking of Structural MetalAnd also process for ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security ManagementSystems is on going.vvv

UCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESProduct Liability Insurance PolicyWe are the only manufacturer in this sector in Turkeywith a Product liability Insurance.This insurance provides guarantees within the termsand limits agreed upon by the contract, for claimsissued by the clients regarding damages arising fromthe defects of the products, as defined in the contractand for reasonable costs.

e,Platformand Fire ServiceCars Boom,Chassis andequipmentsGabbage TrucksPartsConcrete MixerPartsWaggon and RailTransportationVehicles PartsBuilding andSteelConstructionPartsDefense IndustriProduction PartsAutomotive andSub-IndustryProduction PartsvvvvvvPRODUCTSQUALITYINDUSTRIESREFERENCESMine and StoneQuarryMachines partsAgriculturalMachines PartsTrailer (TruckBed, Tipper)Chassis Structureand Covers PartsConctrete PlantProduction PartsConstructionMachines andAttachmentsPartsMachine andMachine SpareParts ProductionAlternate EnergyStation PartsTotem, Ligthingand Flag PolesProductionvvvvvvvvv


Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi 10730 Sokak No: 4/1 Karatay / Konya / [email protected] 90 332 346 39 39 90 533 349 88 90 332 346 39 44

ABOUT ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING PRODUCTS QUALITY INDUSTRIES REFERENCES . ABOUT ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING PRODUCTS QUALITY INDUSTRIES REFERENCES ... 0.30-05mm Copper Or Brass Sheet 0.30-03mm Titanium Sheet : 2.500x12.000mm 4: KW ... the defects of the products, as defined in the contract