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[imumr to “uam,“jam.7, 1838.]A Journal devoted to the Highest Interests of Humanity,both Here and Hereafter,“Lian! Mon LuarI"—CMtkt.Id. J.— annarg to gtember, 1881.LONDON:ECLECTIC PUBLISHING COMPANY,4, New Bridge Street, Ludgate Circus, E.C.LIMITED.


(«CTPLBX«»T TO “ UOHT," JAM. 7, 18S2.JINDEX.Mr. w. P.—Address at Belper, 402Adshead, Mr. W. P., Challenge by, 402AH.KpazI, Mr. W. P., Reply to Dr. Potter, 402Jjfrthatinfl and Spiritual Phenomena, 68Africa, Ghosts in, 33Agnosticism, 360Aknkof, Hon. Alex., in England, 249Alfred Boesel Wallace, Pension to, 20Alfred Russel Wallace on Tests, 13Spiritualism in, 34,50, 87, 299, 306, 346, 367Antithetic , Consciousness under, 77Anaesthetic and Pzychology, 82Ancient and Modern Spiritualism, 387Ancient Mysteries, 87Angels and Archangels —Do they Communicate ? 326,345,388Animals, Life of, 47Anticipations of 1881, 9Apparition, 303Archbishop of Canterbury and Dr. Davies, 93,100Archbishop of York and Dr. Davies, 103,117Arnold, Edwin—Poetry, “ After Death, ” 266Art and the Supernatural, 122Arondale, Miss, on Re-Incarnation, 83Asoeticism, 86, 94, 408Astrology, 15, 30, 76Australian Aborigines, Spiritualism amongst, 215Automatic Writing, 52, 84Y)ainbridge Holme—A Novel, 352Balfour Stewart, Professor, on the VisibloUniverse, 116Barnes, Miss, Stance with, 288Barrett, Professor, on Thought-reading, 222Barrett, Professor, on Spiritualism and Chris tianity, 341Bastian, H., Stances with, 21, 95Beaconsfield, Lord, 132Beard, Dr. G. M.—Clairvoyance, 237Beard, Dr. G. M.—Hypnotism, 260Beard, Dr. G. M.—Thought-reading, 211Bed, Strange Story about a, 339Bereaved, Consolatory Thoughts for the, 38Barney's * Religion of Jesus,** 145rfiriA, 334Bishop, Washington Irving, 4, 36, 143, 149, 204Bishop, Washington Irving, and the LeisureHoar, 114. 122Bishop, Washington Irving, at St. James's Hall, 203Bishop, Washington Irving, His Knuckle-jointTheory, 77,164Bishop, Washington Irving, How he LearnedThought-reading, 211,245Bishop, Washington Irving, Reply to Mr. Fowler’sChallenge, 412 JlAke, Dr. Carter, and the National Reformer, 117r* Blavatsky, Madame, 91Blind Man’s Buff, Sages Playing at, 153 * Bob and I,” by Miss F. J. Theobald, 207pSkme nd Swedenborg, 186,195“ Book of the Beginnings,” by Gerald Massey, 338,415Brisbane, Spiritualism in, 301British National Association, Annual Meeting andReport, 174British National Association, Memorial to HomoSecretary, 80, 120British National Association, Miss Burke, 6British National Association, Mr. Calder's Depar.ture, 80British National Association, Mr. 8. C. Holl at Con versazione, 363British National Association, Resignation of MrsFletcher, 6Britten, Mrs. Hardinge, to her Friends and Co workers, 238Britten, Mrs. Hardinge, on Organisation, 397Britten, Mrs. Hardinge, on Nature-Spirits andElementals, 382Broken Ranks, 25Brown, J. R., the Mind Reader, 172, 211Browne, Mr. W. R., at Church Congress, 314Buddhistic Philosophy, 52, 300, 308, 344, 369Bulwer Lytton’s Strange Story, Charles Diokens on,361, 369Burial of a Fakir, 14Butler, Colonel, 8trange Story by, 124alcutta, Spiritualism in, 223, 409, 417Calder, Mr. Alex., Departure for India, 76, 80Calder, Mr. Alex., at a Stance in Calcutta, 223Calder, Mr. Alox., Return to England, 324Campbell, Mr., on “ Psyohonomy,” 244Carlyle, Thomas, 52, 84,115Carpenter, Dr. and Mr. Irving Bishop, 204, 220Carpenter Family, Spiritualism in tho, 27Caste and Creed, 49Cataleptic Patient, 39Catastrophe at Sadler’s Wells, 20Challenge to Conjurers, by Mr. W. P. Adshead, 402Challenge to Conjurers, by Mr. J. Fowler, 353, 403,410, 412Challenge to Conjurers, by Mr. 8. C. Hall, 362Challenge to Conjurers, by Mr. A. Joy, 143Challenge to Spiritualists and Mediums, 102Chinese, Spiritualism amongst the, 349Christ Spirit, Power of the, 19Christian Spiritualists, 76Christianity and Spiritualism, 93, 341Church, Attitude of the, towards Spiritualism, 289,330Church, Spiritualism in the, 289, 330Church Congress on Spiritualism, 100, 242, 294, 313,328, 337, 345Clairvoyanoe, 60, 69, 82, 237, 273, 282Clairvoyant Dream, 31Clandestine Spiritualism, 213Clergy, Indifference of, 15Clergy, Spiritualism amongst the, 398Clergyman Converted by Mr. S. C. Hall, 36Clergyman’s Reason for Unbelief, 385Coal Miners, Second Sight amongst, 66CColour, Physiological Effect of, 350Condensed God, A, 408Confirmation of Spirit Messages, 407Conjurers, Challenge of Mr. W. P. Adshead, 402Conjurers, Challenge of Mr. Fowler, 353, 403, 410412Coujurers, Challenge of Mr. S. 0. Hall, 362Conjurers, Challenge of Mr. A. Joy, 143Conjurer, Hermann, The, 35Conjurers, Testimony of, 88Conjuring, or Spiritualism? 302Consciousness, Case of Double, 46Consciousness, Compound, 244Consciousness, Discrete States of, 34, 41Conscious Spirit Intercourse, Value of, 401Consciousness under Anseschetios, 77Consolatory Thoughts for the Bereaved, 38Conway, Moncure D., A Stirring Picture by, 19Cook, F. F., Chicago, on Spiritualism and Science,130, 138, 141Cooper, Mr. R., on Dr. Cumming’s Prophecies, 23 JCooper, Mrs. F. 0., Stances with, 392Cox’s (Serjeant) ** Mechanism of Man,” 90, 98, 110Crisis Pending in Spiritualism, 253, 262Croad, Mrs., Experiments with, 336Crosland, Newton, on Guardian Angels, 137,148, 157,166,189Crozier’s “ Religion of the Future,” 145Cumberland, Charles Stuart, 204, 220, 353, 403, 414Cumberland, Charles Stuart, at Ipswich, 420Cumberland, Charles Stuart, at Norwich, 410, 419Cumming, Dr., 236Cure by a Healing Medium, 291Cures by a Moulvie, 356Curious Coincidence, 324angers of Promiscuous Circles, 376Davey, Dr., “ Materialist ” and “ Spiritualist,”345, 352, 361, 362Davies (Rev. Dr.), to Archbishop of Canterbury, 93,100Davies (Rev. Dr.), and the Archbishop of York,103,117Davies (Rev. Dr.), Farewell Soiree to, 163Day Ghosts, 350Dead, An Hour’s Communion with the, 60, 61, 71Death and Sleep, 71Death, Premonitions of, 308, 388Death, President Garfield’s Premonition of,Death-bed seen Clairvoyantly, 82Delusion, A Waning, 121Delusion, Thirty-three Years of, 129Departed Friends, Why no Tidings from, 187Dickens, Cha«., on Bulwer Lytton’s “ StrangeStory, ” 360Diet of the Future, 117Diet, Pure, 141Dietz, Miss Ella, Departure for America,Diroct Writing, 17, 19, 45Discrete States of Consciousness, 35, 41Disease, Psycho-Magnetic Treatment of, 377, 389DDigitized byogle

INDEXVIDives and Lazarus, 233, 241Divination, Curious Forms of, 352Divine Humanity of Jesus, 407Dog, Spirit of a, 55Donne, John, Dean of St. Paul's, 354,365Double Consciousness, A Case of, 46Double, A Fluidic, 304Dreams and Visions, 70, 356Dreams in Delirium, 355Dream Realised, 362Dreams, Remarkable, 18, 20, 31, 53, 63, 362Dreaming, Speculations about, 297Drink, Spirits who Love, 151Dual Existence, Strange Case of, 247Dual Existence, Mr. T. Everitt on, 298Duke of Argyll in the Contemporary Review, 4Duke of Cumberland, Stance with, 14Du Potet, Funeral Obsequies of Baron, 295Dying, How People Feel When, 282arl of Caithness, Death of, 101Earnest Inquirer, 105, 113Eastern Spiritualism, 318Echoes from the Outer World, 259, 338Eglinton, W. Stances with, 21,45, 283,297,319, 409Eglinton, W., A Word for Mediums, 415Elemental Spirits, 292, 366, 376, 382, 394Eliot, George, by Mr. F. W. Myers, 360Emanations of the World-Soul, 399Emperors of Russia and France, 140English Mysticism, 85Enthusiast, Death of an, 338Epes Sargent, 34Epes Sargent, “Scientific Basis of Spiritualism,” 24Epes Sargent, his Decease, 28, 29Evenings at Home in Spiritual Sfanoe, ” 320Evenings with Mr. Morse, 391, 409Everitt, Mr. Thos., on Sleep and Dual Existence, 298Everitt, Mrs., Stfanoe with, 37Evil Spirits, 55Exalted Spirits, Communications from, 326, 345, 386Experiences in Open Vision, 342Eakirs, Apparent Death of. 4, 14,385Fakirs, How they are Made, 22Farmer’s “New Basis of Belief,” 145, 375Farmer’s “ Present Day Problems,” 274Fast for Seven Months, 32Fasting Girl, A, 363Fate and Free Will, 254Fate, or What ? 20Firman, Mr., Seances with, 275, 290FitzGerald, Mr. Desmond G., on Spiritualism inRelation to the Press and the Public, 188Fletcher Case, The, 79, 84, 87, 101,116,125, 126, 128,134, 142, 146,182, 198, 279, 294Fletcher, Mrs., and the B.N.A.S., 6Fletcher, Mrs., Seance with, 11Fluidic Double, A, 304Ford, Miss Emily, on the Religious Bearings ofSpiritualism, 373,383, 393, 400Foster, S4anoe with Mr., 212Fourth Dimension of Space, 12,15, 23, 31Fowler, Mr. Jno., at Church Congress, 316Fowler, Mr. Jno., his Challenge to Conjurers, 353,403, 410, 412Free Distribution of “ Light,” 337Free Library at Leamington, 36Freemasonry, 344Free-thinker’s Investigation of Spiritualism, 39Free Will and Fate, 254Funeral of a Spiritualist, 332, 396Funeral of Baron dn Potet, 295Future, Religion of the, 102,145F/"I alton, Mr. Francis, on Mental Images, 164Gal ton, Mr. Francis, on Visions of Sane Per sons, 188Garfield, President, Premonition of, 308General Ney and Table-Tipping, 112Gerald Massey's “ Book of .the Beginnings,” 338, 415Ghost at Noon-day, 321Ghost—The Gwenap, 268Ghost—The Micklegate, 23, 60Ghost-seeing, in North American Review, 307Ghost, Solitary Visit by a, 367Ghosts by Day, 350Ghosts in Africa, 33Ghosts, The Truth about, 325, 343Ghosts, What I Know About, 375Guardian Angels, 166, 189, 228Guild of the Holy Spirit, 4, 22, 28, 76,101Gutch, Rev. Charles, on Spiritualism, 384Gwenap Ghost, The, 268[SUPPLEMENT TO '‘LIGHT,’* JAN. 7, 1882.]Lowe versus FitsGerald, 8Lucid Magnetism, 273Lull in Phenomenal Spiritualism, 73, 81,89, 97Rev. Peter, on a Condensed God, 408Spiritualism in, 140Madame Blavatsky, 91Magistrate’s Testimony to Materialisation, 11Magnetism—See MesmerismMagnetism, Experiments in, 355Magnetism, Lucid, 273Magnetism, Organic, A Teacher of, in 1550, 888 *Magnetism, Vital, 288“ M.A. (Oxon’s) ” Spirit Teachings—149,165,181, 205, 229, 278,301, 809, 334, 359, 378,394, 418Marriage in the Spirit World, 235Marshall, Mrs. Mary, Stances with, 285, 289, 319Martineau, The Late Harriet, 821Marvellous Tale, 310Maskelyne and Cooke, Challenge to, 143, 362Masonry, 344Massey's, Gerald, “ Book of the Beginnings,” 338Matter Moved by Will, 842Matter, Passage of, through Matter, 290, 366Matter, Thoughts on, 115Matter—Spirit—Mind, 227Materialisation—A Magistrate’s Testimony, 11Materialisation, Remarkable Cases of, 259, 284, 379,392Materialisation, The Molus Operandi of, 400Materialised Card, 309Materialising Mediums, 202Medical Men, Important to, 146“ Mechanism of Man,” Serjeant Cox’s, 90, 98,110Medium, Six Months with a Healing, 291Mediums, A Word for, by One of Them, 415Mediumship, Conditions of Harmonic, 850Mediumship, Development of, 370Mediumship in the East, 120Mediumship, Health in Relation to, 153,162. 171Mediumship, Hereditary, 164Mediumship, Materialisation, 202 dentity of Spirits, 139, 156, 221Memorial from B.N.A.S. to Home Secretary, 80,120Indian Fakirs, 4,14, 22,385Mental Images, by Mr. Franeis Galton, 164IngersoU, Colonel, and Dr. Parker, 214Mesmerism—See MagnetismImagination, Power of, 227, 236Mesmerism, Curious Phenomena, 103Imagination and Will, Creative Powers of, 277, 409Mesmerism, Cure by, 291Immortality, Proofs of, 6Mesmerism Exhibited in a Court of Justice, 36Impressions, Origin of, 179Mesmerism, Quotation from the Lancet, 12Independent Writing, An Established Fact, 19Messianic Pretenders, 411Independent Writing, Attested Experiments, 17Methodist, Spirits seen by a, 276Inquirer, Earnest, 105,113Meutrens, Mr. J. G., at Stances in Calcutta, 223, 409Instantaneous Communication between London and417Caloutta, 409, 417Meugens, Mr. J. G., Instantaneous Communicationfrom London, 409, 417Interpreter, The, 10, 26, 50Intervention of Spirit, 284Micklegate Ghost, 23, 60Investigators, Mistakes of, 13Milner Gibson, Mrs., 156Invisible Beings, The Fourth Dimension of Space, 12 M1 Miracles and Modern Spiritualism,” by Alfred R.Wallace, 868encken, Mr. H. D., on Spirits Floating in the Air,21 Miracles, Rev. H. R. Haweis on, 56Miracles, Mr. F. W. H. Myers on, 220Jencken, Mr. H. D., Decease of, 386Miracles, Nonconformist on the Mystery of, 408Jesus, Divine Humanity of, 407Journal of Science on A. R. Wallace’s Essays, 368 Missiles thrown by Unseen Agency, 82,101,115, 182,292Journal of Psychological Medicine, 387Mistakes of Spiritualists and Investigators, 13Joy’s, Mr. A., Challenge to Conjurers, 143Monck, Dr., at Ladbroke Hall, 239Moody, Mr., Teachings of, 257, 264abbalah, The, 131More, Sir Thomas, His Winding Sheet, 253Kabbalist, Explanation by a 130Morse, Mr., Complimentary Soiree to, 48Kabbalistic Teachings, 143Morse, Mr., Evenings with, 391, 409Knockings, The Seaford, 237Morse, Mr., on Health and Mediumship, 153, 162,171Knuckle-joint Theory of Raps, 77,164Mother Shipton, 92, 236Koot Hoomi, 292Muscle Reading, 161, 245Music at Death, 342aughing is Catching, 294Law (The) in Relation to Spiritualism, 70,107, Music of the Spheres, 55117Myers, Mr. F. W. H., on Scientific Scepticism, 220Law (The) in Relation to Spiritualism in America, 124 Myers, Mr. F. W. H., on George Eliot, 360Laws of Spirit Communion, 90,101,118Mysteries, Ancient, 87“ Lay of the Higher Law,” 52Mysticism, English, 85Leamington Free Library, 36Mystery of Miracles, Nonconformist on, 408Leisure Hour on Spiritualism, 114,122, 236Mystery, Possible Key to a, 58Letters Carried by a Spirit, 309, 409, 417Lewis Cornaro, 86joleon a Spirit Seer, 40Life of Animals, 47Nathaniel Hawthorne, 210“ Light,” Free Distribution of, 337Nature-Spirits, 366, 376, 382, 394Lillie’s “ Buddha and Early Buddhism,” 300, 308Negro Spiritualist Meeting, 306London and Calcutta, Instantaneous Communica “ New Basis of Belief,” Farmer’s, 145, 375tion between, 409, 417Nichols, Dr. T. L., on Proofs of Immortality, 6Long-suffering Spiritualist. 133Niohols, Mrs., Accident to, 306Love and Marriage in the Spirit World, 235Hirrtna, 30 gjtjzeiTIM*ackenzie,all, Mr. 8. C., converts a Clergyman, 36Hall’s, Mr. 8. C.,“Rhymes in Council,” 180,3433Hall, Mr. 8. 0., at the B.N.A.8. Conversazione, 363Hall, Mr. 8. C., Message from his Deceased Wife, 391LHall, Mr. S. C., on Charles Stuart Cumberland, 414Hall, Mr. 8. C., Pamphlet on the Use of Spiritual ism, 390Hall, Mr. 8. C.» the Devon and Cornwall Fencibles, 293,309Hall, Mrs. 8. 0., Decease of, 37,42Harmonic Mediumship, 350Hart-Davies, Mrs., 133, 164Haunted ChAteau at Baden-Baden, 369Haweis, Rev. H. R., on Miracles, 56Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 210Healer, A Wonderful—Sauda Effendi, 414Healing Medium, Six Months with a, 291Health in Relation to Mediumship, 153, 162, 171Heaven and HeU, 233, 241, 257, 264HeU and Heaven, 233, 241, 257, 264Help to a Better Life, Spiritualism a, 197Hermann, tho Conjurer, 85 Hindoo Doctrine of Karma, 252Holy Spirit, The Guild of the, 4, 22, 28, 76, 101Home, D. D„ 132Home, D. D., Stance with, 260Home Lesson for All, 259Hopps, Rev. J. Page, on “ The Safe Path,” 5Hopps, Rev. J. Page, on Spirit Communion, 213Hopps, Rev. J. Page, at Cardiff, 824Houghton's, Miss,“Evenings in Spiritual Sdanoe,’ 32CHour’s Communion with the Dead, 60, 61, 71Hundred Years, Howto Live a, by Lewis Cornaro, 86Husk. Mr., Stances with, 269, 274,290, 293, 309Hutchinson, Dr. Berks T., 215, 253Hypnotism, 260HMacmillan’s Magazine,IJKLoogle

t invited to take Tea, 32Spirit, Last Tear of a, 62Spirit, Letters carried by a, 309, 409,418Spirit Messages Confirmed, 407Spirit, Seizing a, 284Spirit, Strange Freak of a, 64ocult World, by A. P. Sinnett, 156, 283, 292Spirit Teachings by " M.A. (Oxon),” 149, 165, 181, 205Occultism, 194, 206, 218, 236, 261, 292229, 278, 301, 309, 334, 359, 378, 394, 418Open Virion, Experiences in, 342, 358Spirit, The, during Sleep, 267, 285, 298Organisation, 305, 333, 357, 382Spirits Appearing after Death, 92, 124, 172, 268, 276Organisation, Mrs. Hardinge Britten on, 397Spirits, Communications from Exalted, 326, 345, 386Origin of Impressions, 179Spirits, Evil, 55O’Sullivan, Hon. J. L.—Reoord of Remarkableadler's Wells Theatre, Catastrophe at, 20Spirits Floating in the Air, 21Stances, 269,274, 286, 290Safe Path, The, by Rev. J. Page Hopps, 5Spirits, Purgatorial, 125Our Principles and Purposes, 1Sages Playing at Blind Man's Buff, 153Spirits, Sensuous, 147Oxley, Mr. W., on Messianic Pretenders, 411Sauda Effendi—A Wonderful Healer, 414Spirits, Six Months with the, 10 2) 43, 59Scandals, Spiritualistic, 57Spirits, What They Ought to Tell Us, 345 paralysed by a Prayer Meeting, 320Sceptics, Attitude of, 13, 400Spirits Who Love Diink, 151Parker, Dr., on Colonel Ingersoll, 244Sohallehn, Miss Ada, Decease of, 64Spiritual Experiences in the 18th Century, 53Pension Conferred on Alfred R. Wallace, 20Science of Spiritualism, 54Spiritual Manifestations, Material Conditions of,Personal Experiences, 158.170,189,285Scienoe in Relation to Spiritualism, 130 138, 141, 146,79, 86225,252Personal Recollections, 178Spiritual Phenonema and ./Esthetics, 63” Scientific Basis of Spiritualism,’' 24Phelps, Sir Arthur, on Spiritual Phenomena, 351Spiritual Phenonema, Sir Arthur Phelps on, 351Scientific Scepticism, Mr. F. W. H. Myers on, 220Phenomenal Spiritualism, Lull in, 73, 81, 89, 97Spiritual Stray Leaves, by Peary Chand Mittra, 28 JSeafordKnockings,237Phillips, Mr. A. J., Stance with, 213Spiritual Telegraphy, 298Stance with Miss Barnes, 288Physiological Effect of Colour, 350Spiritualism, Ancient and Modern, 387Stance with Mrs. F. 0,'Cooper, 392* Pith,” by Mr. Newton Crosland, 137,148,157Spiritualism, Attitude of the Church towards, 289Stance with Mrs, Everitt, 37PorriY—Spiritualism a Help to a Better Life, 197StancewithMr.Foster,212After Death, 266Spiritualism, a Retrospect and an Outlook, 17Stance with Mr. D. D. Home, 260 Little Child's Monument, 74Spiritualism, a Science or a Religion ? 225Stance with Mr. Powell, 125Death's Chiefest Surprise, 294Spiritualism, a Secularist Converted to, 46,135StancewithaPrivateMedium,45Easter (1881), 128Spiritualism amongst Australian Aborigines, 215Stance with Mr. Rita, 151E Ccelo, 35Spiritualism amongst the Chinese, 349Stance with Mrs. Simpson, 132Heaven, 67Spiritualism amongBt the Poets, 8StancewithJesseShepard,321Helen in the Wood, 68Spiritualism amongst Uncultured Peoples, 68StanceswithMr.H.Bastian,21,95I sleep, I dream, 286Spiritualism amongst the Clergy, 398Stances with Mr. W. Eglinton, 21, 45, 283, 297, 309.Launch out into the Deep 44Spiritualism and Christianity, 93, 341319, 409L’Envoi, 5Spiritualism and Secularism, 177,185,193, 201Sdanoes with Mr. Firman, 275, 290Light Within the Dark, 279Spiritualism and Swedenborgians, 65Stances with Mr. Husk, 269, 274, 290, 293, 309More Light, 11Spiritualism and the Leisure Hour, 114,122,236S/5anoes with Mrs. Mary Marshall, 285, 289, 319Nature s Voices, 234Stances with Miss Wood 43, 104, 168, 243, 280, 312, Spiritualism and Utilitarianism, 249Out of the Ark, 3Spiritualism at Church Congress, 100, 242, 294, 313,364, 370, 412Spirit Music, 39328, 329, 337, 345Stances with Mrs. Thayer, 416The Angel Mother, 66Spiritualism at San Francisco, 28Second Sight amongst Coal Miners, 66The Holy Dead, 191Spiritualism, Clandestine, 213Second Sight, Evidenoe of Lord Clarendon, 3The Last Tear, 63Spiritualism, Daily Telegraph on, 354Seoond Bight, Evidence of Dr. Hioks, 3The New Achilles, 26Spiritualism, Fact, Fraud, or Fancy ? 209, 217Second Sight, Evidenco of Lord Talbot, 2The Tomb of the Rose, 78Spiritualism Investigated by a Free-thinker, 39Second Sight, Lord Reay's Testimony, 2Wings, 64Spiritualism in America, 34, 50,87, 299, 306, 330, 3 46Seoond Sight, Remarkable Instances of, 2367” Post Mortem ” on the Wanderings of a Spirit, 276Secret Discipleship, 205Spiritualism in Brisbane, 301Potter, Rev. Dr.—Reasons for Unbelief, 385Secularism and Spiritualism, 177, 185, 193, 201Spiritualism in Calcutta, 223. 409Potter, Rev. Dr.—Reply by Mr. W. P. Adshead, 402Secularist Converted to Spiritualism, 46,135Spiritualism in High Places, 150Powell, Mr., Stance with, 125S eizing a Spirit, 284Spiritualism in Macmillan’s Magaxine, 140Power of the Christ-Spirit, 19Select Circle for London, 383Powers of the Air, The, 245, 250Spiritualism in Relation to the Press and the Public8ensation, Transfer of, 336, 344188Prayer Meeting, Paralysed by a, 320Sensuous Spirits, 147Spiritualism in Relation to Modern Scepticism, 490Prayer, The Value of, 173, 186, 196, 206Serjeant Cox’s “ Mechanism of Man,” 90, 98, 110Spiritualism in Relation to Religion, 225, 247, 251,Premonitions of Death, 308, 388Seven Months' Fast, 82261,270,352, 368, 373, 381, 383, 393, 398,400, 405 * Present Day Problems,” by Mr. J. 8. Fanner, 274Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, 320Spiritualism in Relation to Science, 130,138, 141,1466Princess Dolgorouki a Seeress, 92Shepard, Jesse, Stance with, 321225,252 Prince's Quest" and other Poems, 55Signs and Passwords, 219Spiritualism in the Carpenter Family, 27Principles and Purposes, 1Similar Messages through Different Mediums, 41,54,63 Spiritualism in the Church, 330, 398Problem, A Psychological, 39Simplicity of Light, 322Spiritualism in Tennyson, 8Promiscuous Circles, 376Simpson, Mrs., and Hermann, the Conjurer, 35Spiritualism in the East, 120, 318Prophetic Utterances, 229, 236Simpson, Mrs., Sdanoe with, 132Spiritualism, Lull in Phenomenal, 73, 81, 89, 97Psycho-Magnetic Treatment of Disease, 377, 389Sinnett, Mr. A. P., The "Occult World,” 156,283Spiritualism, Mr. Newton Crosland on, 137Psychography, An Established Fact, 198ister Dora, 158, 163, 174Spiritualism, or Conjuring ? 302Psychography—Attested Experiments, 17Six Months with a Healing Medium, 291Spiritualism, Pending Crisis in, 253, 262Psychological Problem, 39Six Months with the Spirits, 10, 29, 43, 59, 180Spiritualism, Public Testimony for, 79Psychological Review, Re-appearanoe of, 214Skipsey, Joseph, Coal Miner, Poet, and Seer, 66Spiritualism, Rev. Charles Dutch on, 384Psychology and Ansesthetios, 82Slade, Dr., 12Spiritualism, Rev, C. H. Spurgeon on, 284Psychology, Dr. Lyttleton Winslow on, 887Slate Writing, W. Eglinton, Medium, 283Spiritualism, Scientific Basis of, 24Psychometric Medium, 401Slate Writing, Mr. Phillips, Medium, 213Spiritualism, Scienoe of, 54Pyeehonomy, Mr. Campbell on, 244Slate Writing, W, H. Powell, Medium, 125Spiritualism, Theological Bearing of, 169Purity, Necessity of, 99Slate Writing, Mr. Rita, Medium, 151Spiritualism, The Law as Affecting, 70,107, 117Pure Diet, 141Slate Writing, Mrs. Simpson, Medium, 132Spiritualism, The Law in America, 124Purgatory, Spirit from, 40Sleep, The Spirit during, 267, 285, 298Spiritualism, The Spirit of, 281Purgatorial Spirits, 125Sorcery, Charge of, in Paris, 220Spiritualism, Universality of, 222Sothern and ” Lord Dundreary,” 28Spiritualism, Unpopularity of, 138,155 uestions and Answers, 7,14,30,40,55" Soul, The,” by Peary Chand Mittra, 318Spiritualism, Uses of, 202Spaoe, Fourth Dimension of, 12,15, 23, 31Spiritualistic Scandals, 57Spectator, The, on Professor Zdllner, 4Spiritualist, a Long-suffering, 133Spirit Communion, by Rev. J. Page Hopps, 243Spiritnalist, Funeral of a, 832, 396T tdiaat Boy, The, 36Spirit Communion, Laws of, 90,101,118Spiritualist Meeting of Negroes, 306Rapping—Knuckle-joint Theory, 77Spirit from Purgatory, 50Spiritualists, Broken Ranks, 26Rash Assumptions, 157Spirit of a Dog, 55Spiritualists before the Law, 70Recollections of an Old Spiritualist, 178Spiritualists, Distinguished, 88Ra-Incamation, 74, 76, 82, 94, 95, 108, 106, 107, 109, Spirit of Washington, 851162, 218, 230, 244, 399Spiritualists, Veteran( 214Spirit Identity, 139, 156, 221Religion of the Future, 102,145Spiritualists, What They Have Done,Spirit, Intervention of, 284Noel's (Hon. Boden) ” A Little Child's Monument/' 74Morth Walsham, Remarkable Incident at, 27Norwich, C. Stuart Cumberland at, 410Numbers, Curious, 100OReligion in Relation to Spiritualism, 247, 251, 261,270, 352, 368, 373, 381, 383, 393, 398, 400, 405Remarkable Instances of Second Sight, 2Remarkable Phenomena in the Light, 173Retrospect, A, and an Outlook, 17“ Rhymes in Council,” by Mr. 8. C. Hall, 180, 343Richmond, Mrs. Tappan, on the Pending Crisis*253, 262Rita, Mr., Stance with, 151Kogers, E. Dawson, in Reply to C. Stuart Cumber land, 410SDigitized by

INDEX.ViiiSpurgeon, Rev. C. H., on Spiritualism, 284Steiger, Madame de, on Art and the Supernatural, 122Stirring Picture, by Moncure D. Conway, 19Stones, Ac., Thrown by Unseen Agency, 82,101, 115,132, 292Strange Freak of a Spirit, 64Strange Story, by Colonel Butler, 124Swedenborg and Bbhme, 186,195Swedenborg, The Study of, 281Swedenborg, Thoughts on, 413Swedenborgians and Spiritualism, 65Sygxiznocism, 149ears, A Spirit Shedding, 62Tebb, Mr. W., Reception by, 251Tests, Mr. Alfred R. Wallace on, 13Tennyson’s “ Despair,” 360Thayer, Mrs., Seances with, 416Theobald, Mr. M., on Spiritualism from a ReligiousAspect, 405Theological Bearing of Spiritualism, 169Theosophy, 292, 827, 353, 376, 389Thomas Carlyle, 52,84,115Thornton, Rev. Dr., at Church Congress, 313Thought-reading, 58, 72, 78, 161, 172, 179, 181, 204,211, 222, 245Thoughts on Swedenborg, 413Towns, Mr. —His Mediumship, 75, 118Toser, Rev. W., in defenoe of Spiritualism, 420Transfer of Sensation, 336. 3i4Transmigration of Souls, 157Truth about Ghosts, 325, 343True Basis of Unity, 161Tnbelief, A Clergyman’s Reasons for, 385Unconscious Cerebration, 182, 191, 198, 211,219, 236Uncultured Peoples, Spiritualism amongst, 68Unitarianism and Liberal Christianity, 374Unity, True Basis of, 161United Work, Plea for, 187, 240Universality of Spiritualism, 222Unpopularity of Spiritualism, 138,155, 188Unreasonable Expectations, 277Unsatisfactory Stances, 302Uses of Spiritualism, 202Utilitarianism, 249Uaccination, 190Veteran Spiritualists, 214Visual Perception. 327Visiblo Universe, Physical or Spiritual, 116Visions of Sane Persons, by Mr. Francis Galton, 188Vital Magnetism, 238Vallace, Alfred Russel, on Tests, 13Wallace, Alfred Russel, Pension conferredon, 20Wallace, Alfred Russel, Essays on Spiritualism, 368Waning Delusion, A, 121Warning Dream and Apparition, 20Washington Irving Bishop, 4, 36, 143. 149, 204Washington, Irving Bishop,his Knuckle-joint Theory,77, 164Washington, Irving Bishop, and the Leisure Hour,114,122W[BUPPLHMEHT TO “LIGHT,” JAH. 7, 1662.]Washington, Irving Bishop, at St. James’s Hall, 203Washington, Irving Bishop, Reply to Mr. Fowler’sChallenge, 412Washington, Irving Bishop, How He LearnedThought-reading, 211, 215Washington, Spirit of, 351Who are these Spiritualists ? 88Why no Tidings of Departed Friends ? 187Wilberforce, Bishop, lr3,399Wilberforce, Rev. Canon, at Church Congress, 315Will, Matter Moved by, 342Winding Sheet of Sir Thomas More, 253Winslow, Dr. Lyttleton, on Psychology, 387Witchcraft, An Indictable Offenoe, 87Witchcraft, Trial for, 87Wood, MIbb, and the Newcastle Society, 404, 417Wood, Miss, Seances with, 48, 104, 168, 243, 280, 312,364, 370, 412World-Soul, Emanations of the, 899Writing on the Arm, 283Wyld, Dr. Geo., on Imagination and Will, 277,409Wyld, Dr. Geo., on Sleep, 285 Wyld, Dr. Geo., on Nature-Spirits and Elementala,376Wyndham, Hon. Percy, M.P., 148 y ounger, Mr. D., a Healing Medium, 291r bllner, Professor, Reviewed by theDigitized bySpectator, 4 .OOQlC

Gerald Massey's “ Book of.the Beginnings,” 338, 415 Ghost at Noon-day, 321 Ghost—The Gwenap, 268 Ghost—The Micklegate, 23, 60 Ghost-seeing, in North American Review, 307 Ghost, Solitary Visit by a, 367 Ghosts by Day, 350 Ghosts in Africa, 33 Ghosts, The Truth about, 325, 343 Ghosts,

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riod 1881 to 1965 dramatically shaped Cumberland Island. The first was the . and built in the Queen Anne and Stick styles. A tower at the east end was 90 feet high. The outer walls con-sisted of a light-colored granite and the roof was covered with Vermont 38 The Era of Rich Estates, 1881–1965.

Subseries 4.3: Invitations, 1881, 1896, 1908-1945, No Date Container Folder Folder Title Number Number Title, Dates William Moody Dinner, 1902 1 36 New Year’s Party, 1944-1945 1 37 Invitations, 1881, 1896, 1908-1945, No Dat

work/products (Beading, Candles, Carving, Food Products, Soap, Weaving, etc.) ⃝I understand that if my work contains Indigenous visual representation that it is a reflection of the Indigenous culture of my native region. ⃝To the best of my knowledge, my work/products fall within Craft Council standards and expectations with respect to

First Period Printings, 1881 to 1885, on European Paper pin-perforated 15, with brown or white gum 2. 1. 1a ultramarine, blue and milky blue shades (settings 1-3) 2. 2a bright purple shades (settings 1-3) a. tête-bêche pair (setting 3) 3. 4a bright yellow green shades (settings 1-2) 1. 3. imperforate, ungummed 4. 5. 6. Some of the initial sheets of stamps printed between April and June 1881 .

RIGHT OF PROTECTION IN MOROCCO Convention signed at Madrid July 3,1880 Effective from July 3, 1880 Ratifications exchanged at Tangier May 1, 1881 Senate advice and consent to ratification May 5,1881 R

GETTYSBURG (PENN.)--CIVIL WAR BATTLE--1863 Grand Army of the Republic . is one reel of microfilm containing the Records of Baker Post #9, Columbus, Nebraska. . v.3-11 Ritual Manuals, 1882-1930 v.12-23 Services Manuals, 1881-1914 SERIES TWO ACCOUNTING RECORDS, 1881-1944

“Cost accounting is a quantitative method that accumulates, classifies, summarizes and interprets information for three major purposes: (in) Operational planning and control ;( ii) Special decision; and (iii) Product decision.” -Charles T. Horngren. 2 “Cost accounting is the process of accounting for costs from the point at which the expenditure is incurred of committed to the .