Emotions And Stress

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Emotions and StressEmotions and Stress1. In the space provided answer the following questions: What are emotions? Are emotions good or bad? Can you control emotions? Should you control emotions? Is it always healthy to let your emotions out? Who is more emotional, men or women? Why?1. What are Emotions?2. What are the two kinds of emotions?3. What are Primary Emotions?4. What is an example of extreme sadness?5. What is the difference between learned emotions and primary emotions?6. Why is guilt a learned emotion?Identifying emotions1. with emotions1. What is a coping strategy?2. List three positive coping strategies you’ve used:a.b.c.3. List three negatives coping strategies you’ve used:a.b.c.4. What is a defense mechanism?5. Give 3 defense mechanisms that you’ve seen others usea.b.m ÖÉ N çÑ ON

c.Emotions Quiz1. Causes Stress?1. Should people avoid all types of stress? Explain your answer2. List 10 causes of stress in your lifei.ii.iii.iv.v.vi.vii.viii.ix.x.m ÖÉ O çÑ ON

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NameSection 3-1ClassDateEnrichFamily Involvement: Ranking Major Life ChangesExperts have created stress scales for many major life changes. The scales rankthe changes based on how stressful they are to most people. The chart below liststen major life changes in order from most stressful (10) to least stressful (1).Stress Rankings of Ten Major Life ChangesLife ChangeDeath of parent or spouseSerious personal illness or injuryChange in health of family memberNew baby in familyDeath of close friendImportant personal achievementParent loses jobMove to new house or apartmentChange to different schoolOlder brother or sister leaves homeRanking10987654321Write each life change on an index card, shuffle the cards, and ask one or more membersof your family to place the cards in order from most to least stressful. Use the chart belowto record how family members ranked the changes, with 10 being most stressful and 1being least stressful.Family Stress Rankings of Ten Major Life ChangesLife ChangeRanking10987654321 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved.38m ÖÉ Q çÑ ON

NameSection 3-1: EnrichClassDate(continued)Answer the following questions in the spaces provided.1. What differences are there between your family chart and the first chart?2. If the charts differ, what are possible reasons for the differences?3. Pick one of the changes ranked 1, 2, or 3 on the first list. Explain what couldbe stressful about the change. Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved.39m ÖÉ R çÑ ON

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WorKeys Math:Based upon the graph:1. By what factor did the number of vehicle/ boat complaints increase from 2001/022002/03?1.2. By what percent did barking dog complaints decrease from 2000/01-2003/04?1.3. Since noise pollution can be a stressor, what would you propose to decrease noisepollution in this area?1.How Stress affects your bodyHow Stress affects your body1. What do you think stress will do to your body in the short term (0-1 week)?2. What will stress do to your body in the long run (years)?3. List 5 careers that have high stress levels1. ÖÉ T çÑ ON

4. Choose one of these careers and write a short paragraph (4-5 sentences) describing why youbelieve this career it the most stressful careerm ÖÉ U çÑ ON

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Stress and IndividualsStress and Individuals1. Answer the questions in the space provided. How would you react if:a. The teacher gave a surprise quiz?b. You had to give a speech in front of the class?c. You got in a car accident?d. You were running late for an important appointment?2. Now pick a friend you know well and describe how they would react in thesesituations.a. The teacher gave a surprise quiz?b. They had to give a speech in front of the class?c. They got in a car accident?d. They were running late for an important appointment?3. How are they different?Stress Reaction QuizAnswer true or false for each question.1. I need to be the best at everything I do2. If something doesn’t go as planned, I feel like a failure3. I tend to expect the worst in most situations4. I want to be liked by everyone5. I really enjoy competitionm ÖÉ NO çÑ ON

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Coping With StressCoping with stress1. List 5 positive/ healthy ways you cope with stress 2. List 5 negative/ unhealthy ways you cope with stress 3. Advice line answer: m ÖÉ NS çÑ ON



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Aug 28, 2011 · Emotions and Stress Emotions and Stress 1. In the space provided answer the following questions: . Page 12 of 21. Chapter 3, Section 3 Notes Page 13 of 21. Page 14 of 21. Chapter 3, Section 3 Review Page 15 of 21. Coping With Stress Coping with stress 1. List 5 positive/ healthy ways you cope with stress . Chapter 3 Managing Stress Workbook .

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chology, e.g., Ekmans emotions [13] and Plutchik's emotions [45]. Our work is based on the popular Parrott's wheel of emotions [42] which organizes emotions in the form of a tree with primary, secondary and tertiary emotions. This hierar-chical grouping is more interpretable and can potentially help to learn a better

Emotions can be mild, intense, or anywhere in between. The intensity of an emotion can depend on the situation and on the person. There are no good or bad emotions, but there are good and bad ways of expressing (or acting on) emotions. Learning how to express emotions in acceptable ways is a separate skill — managing emotions — that

No such thing as good emotions or bad emotions Everyone shows their emotions differently They are the best way for people to communicate with one another especially if language is a barrier You need to understand how your emotions affect others Emotions can be mild or intense -or anything in between

1.4 importance of human resource management 1.5 stress management 1.6 what is stress? 1.7 history of stress 1.8 stressors 1.9 causes of stress 1.10 four major types of stress 1.11 symptoms of stress 1.12 coping with stress at work place 1.13 role of human resource manager with regard to stress management 1.14 stress in the garment sector

12 34 Hormones and Aggression 35 Stress A multidimensional concept that includes the stress stimuli, the processing system and stress responses. The rate of wear and tear caused by life (Selye, 1956). Negative emotions are one important source of that wear and tear. 36 Stress Selye (1956) talks about three stages of stress and

1. Stress-Strain Data 10 2. Mohr Coulomb Strength Criteria and 11 Stress Paths 3. Effect of Different Stress Paths 13 4. Stress-Strain Data for Different Stress 1, Paths and the Hyperbolic Stress-Strain Relationship 5. Water Content versus Log Stress 16 6. Review 17 B. CIU Tests 18 1. Stress-Strain Data 18 2.

2D Stress Tensor x z xx xx zz zz xz xz zx zx. Lithostatic stress/ hydrostatic stress Lithostatic stress Tectonic stress Fluid Pressure-Hydrostatic-Hydrodynamic Lithostatic Stress Due to load of overburden Magnitude of stress components is the same in all

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