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PRIMARY EXPRESS CLASS IVAUGUST 2016Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s PublicSchool - VidyashramJubilee Hills - HyderabadFestivals and CelebrationsThe month of August was full of celebrations, festivals andevents that made it very special.Events of the MonthEnglish Literary CarnivalEnglish Literary Carnival was held on the 4th and 5th of Aug, keeping inpace with the celebrations in the high school. Class 4 students filled their corridordisplay boards with their poems and write ups. They read out thecontributions of various Indian writers in English literature. Interestingfacts were read out, as were biographies of Indian writers, in the specialassembly. Stickers and worksheets were distributed to the students on thisoccasion.

PRIMARY EXPRESS CLASS IVAUGUST 2016Art MelaThe Art Department had organized an Art Mela on 6th Aug, in the passage betweenthe Main Block and the Primary Block.The Mela was inaugurated by the chief guest - Shri Laxma Goud - renownedcontemporary artist.There were stalls in Wood carving, Pottery, Batik print, Lacquer toys, Bangles, Cheriyal mask making, Clay molding, Mehendi and Quilling jewellery.The students enjoyed seeing thework and learnt what goes intoeach type of art form. It was anendeavor to encourage andappreciate the local art forms.

PRIMARY EXPRESS CLASS IVAUGUST 2016Independence DayWas celebrated in a special assembly on 11th Aug. There was a small cultural program withpatriotic songs and a dance. The display boards were filled with articles on the 70thanniversary of Indian Independence. Aairah Unni and Samanvi Boppana of Class 4enlightened the gathering with the significance of the National Anthem, and the colorsof the Indian flag.Raksha BandhanThis is the festival that strengthens the bond between siblings was celebrated in the assembly.Little sisters tied Rakhis and fed sweets to their brothers in traditional dresses as theRakhi song was sung by the children.

PRIMARY EXPRESS CLASS IVAUGUST 2016Sri Krishna JanmasthamiWas celebrated on 24th Aug.There was a small cultural program withsongs in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi as well asan elegant dance by the girls of Class 4 tothe melodious tunes of Preenayamo. HathiGhoda Palki, Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki. rent theair, as the assembly dispersed after the NationalAnthem.

PRIMARY EXPRESS CLASS IVAUGUST 2016Awareness ProgramOn 26th July, a team from the NGO Young India Organization conducted anawareness program on good and bad touch in Nachiketa Bhavan, playing aself-explanatory video, cautioning students to be aware of different touches.Making Clay GaneshaOn 23rd Aug, the students participated in makingclay Ganesha in the gazebo.They were told to practice and spread the messageof worshipping eco-friendly Ganesh for the festival.

PRIMARY EXPRESS CLASS IVAUGUST 2016Field TripStudents went to Sanjeeviah Park near Tank Bund on 30th July. Thestudents went with their class teachers, and had a field dayobserving colorful butterflies in the Butterfly Garden, and cacti in theRock Garden and were in awe to see the biggest flag post that waserected in the park. All sang the National Anthem near the postand enjoyed their day. It was an enriching experience.FA 2Second Formative Assessment was conducted as scheduled.SA 1The school is gearing up for 1st Summative Assessment to beconducted in the month of September. Please refer your wards diary formore information. Time table and the syllabus will be given.

PRIMARY EXPRESS CLASS IVAUGUST 2016LaurelsScience Olympiad FoundationOn 29th July, a special assembly wassummoned to felicitate the students whoperformed outstanding in 6th SOF during theacademic year 2015-2016. This included all thefour streams - NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO.Varsha and Nivan of IV-B received a merit certificate, medal and an educationalDVD worth Rs.1000.Intra-Class competitionExtempore winners are as follows:Name of the Student Class/SecPrizeNandita NidadavoluIV-BIAairah UnniIV-DIIDhatri AnandIV-DIIISamanvi BoppanaIV-DConsolation

PRIMARY EXPRESS CLASS IVAUGUST 2016Relay RaceJuly month’s relay race, winners are:BOYSName of the StudentS.Adityavardhan,Kaushik.V,Datta Karthik.J andLakshmi Deepak.DSomnath.Ch,Anvesh.B,Mahith.D andRishi.ChAbhinav,Ansh,Rohith andSujousClass/SecPrizeIV-AWinnersIV-DFirst RunnersIV-CSecondRunnersGIRLSName of the StudentDaedeepya,Deekshitha,Shreya andAdithi AmaravadiSamanvi Boppana,Ananya.Ch,Aairah.N andUpasti.KJasmitha Ratnam.Ch,Thanu Sri.G,Taruni.R, andAdwitheya. ndRunners

Raksha Bandhan This is the festival that strengthens the bond between siblings was celebrated in the assembly. . academic year 2015-2016. This included all the four streams - NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO. Varsha and Nivan of IV

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