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INDUCTION COOKTOP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSINSTALLATION AND SERVICE MUST BE PERFORMED BY A QUALIFIEDINSTALLER.IMPORTANT: SAVE FOR LOCAL ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR'S USE.READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.FOR YOUR SAFETY: Do not store or use gasoline or otherflammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INFORMATION All electric cooktops run off a single phase, three-wire or four-wire cable, 240/208 volt, 60 hertz, AC onlyelectrical supply with ground. Minimum distance between cooktop and overhead cabinetry is 30" (76.2 cm).* 30" (76.2 cm) min. forunprotected cabinet and24" (61 cm) min. forcabinet with protectedbottom surface.Cooktop Dimensions4" X 8" (10.2 cm x 20.3 cm)opening to route armored cableif a panel is presentCooktop CutoutDimensionsFigure 1COOKTOP DIMENSIONSA. WIDTHB. DEPTHC. HEIGHTD. WIDTHCUTOUT DIMENSIONSE. DEPTHF. WIDTHG. DEPTHMin.Max.Min.Max.H. HEIGHT305/8 (77.8)213/8 (54.4)27/8 (7.3)281/4 (71.8)193/8 (49.2)281/2 (72.4)297/8 (75.9)195/8 (49.9)201/2 (52.1)35/8 (9.2)363/4 (93.4)213/8 (54.4)27/8 (7.3)335/8 (85.4)187/8 (47.9)337/8 (86.0)361/8 (91.8)191/8 (48.6)201/2 (52.1)35/8 (9.2)All dimensions are stated in inches and (cm).P/N A01705203 (1603) Rev. BAllow 2" (5 cm) space below the armored cable opening to clear the electric cable andEnglish – pages 1-8allow space for installation of the junction box on the wall at the back of the cooktop.Spanish – pages 9-16Français – pages 17-24Printed in China1

INDUCTION COOKTOP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSOverhead Cabinet Should Not Exceed aMaximum Depth of 13" (33 cm)L Min.K Min. Recommended30" (76.2 cm) Min. ClearanceBetween the Top of theCooking Platform and theBottom of an UnprotectedWood or Metal CabinetDistance Between RearEdge of Cutout andNearest Combustible10"Surface Above( 25.4 cm)CountertopF18"(45.7 cm)24" (61 cm) Min. when Bottomof Wood or Metal Cabinetis Protected by Not LessThan 1/8" (0.3 cm) FlameRetardant Millboard CoveredWith Not Less Than No. 28MGS Sheet Steel, 0.015" (0.4mm) Stainless Steel, 0.024"(0.6 mm) Aluminum or 0.020"(0.5 mm) Copper.* Letters on this figure refer to charton front page except for J and K.HGJ Min. From Edge ofCooktop to NearestCombustible Wall(Either Side of Unit).12"(30.5 cm)24"(61 cm)Approximate Location ofJunction Box2½" (6.4 cm) Min. FromEdge of Cutout to FrontEdge of CountertopIt is not recommended to usedrawer underneath cooktop.Empty space is needed forinstallation purpose.Figure 2 – COUNTERTOP CUTOUT OPENINGCAUTION To eliminate the risk ofburns or fire by reaching over heatedsurfaces, cabinet storage space locatedabove the cooktop should be avoided.If cabinet storage is provided, risk canbe reduced by installing a range hoodthat projects horizontally a minimum of5" (12.7 cm) beyond the bottom of thecabinets.MODELJKL30"2" (5.1cm)1 1/2" (3.8cm)30 5/8" (77.8cm)36"2" (5.1cm)2" (5.1cm)36 3/4" (93.4cm)Model and Serial Number LocationThe serial plate is located under the cooktop.When ordering parts for or making inquires aboutyour cooktop, always be sure to include the modeland serial numbers and a lot number or letter from theserial plate on your cooktop.Serial plate is locatedunder the burner boxof cooktop.2

INDUCTION COOKTOP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSImportant Notes to the InstallerWARNING An extension cord must not be usedwith this appliance. Such use may result in a fire,electrical shock, or other personal injury.1. Read all instructions contained in these installationinstructions before installing the cooktop.2. Remove all packing material before connecting theelectrical supply to the cooktop.3. Observe all governing codes and ordinances.4. Be sure to leave these instructions with theconsumer.5. Only certain cooktop models may be installed overcertain built-in electric oven models. Approvedcooktops and built-in ovens are listed by the MFG IDnumber and product code.3. The appliance should be connected to the fuseddisconnect (or circuit breaker) box throughflexible armored or nonmetallic sheathed cable.The flexible armored cable extending from thisappliance should be connected directly to thegrounded junction box. The junction box should belocated as shown in Figure 2 with as much slackas possible remaining in the cable between the boxand the appliance, so it can be moved if servicingis ever necessary.4. A suitable strain relief must be provided to attachthe flexible armored cable to the junction box.Important Note to the ConsumerKeep these instructions with your Use and Care Guidefor future reference.IMPORTANT SAFETYINSTRUCTIONS Be sure your cooktop is installed and groundedUnpacking Instructions1. Unpack and visually inspect the cooktop.2. Be sure the bottle of cleaner conditioner packedin the literature bag is left where the user canfind it easily. It is important that the ceramic-glasscooktop be pretreated before use. See CooktopCleaning and Maintenance section in the Useand Care Guide.properly by a qualified installer or servicetechnician. This cooktop must be electrically grounded inaccordance with local codes or, in their absence,with the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA No.70—latest edition in the United States.Electrical ConnectionConnect the flexible armored cable that extends fromthe surface unit to the junction box using a suitablestrain relief at the point the armored cable enters thejunction box. Then make the electrical connection asfollows.WARNING The electrical power to the cooktopmust be shut off while line connections are beingmade. Failure to do so could result in seriousinjury or death.Electrical ground is required on this appliance.Provide Electrical ConnectionThis appliance is equipped with acopper conductor flexible cable. If connectionis made to aluminum house wiring, use onlyspecial connectors which are approved for joiningcopper and aluminum wires in accordance withthe National Electrical Code and local codes andordinances. Improper connection of aluminumhouse wiring to copper leads can result in a shortcircuit or fire. Follow the connector manufacturerrecommended procedure closely.Install the junction box under the cabinet and run120/240 or 120/208 Volt, AC wire from the main circuitpanel. NOTE: DO NOT connect the wire to the circuitpanel at this time.Electrical RequirementsObserve all governing codes and local ordinances.1. A 3-wire or 4-wire single phase 120/240 or120/208 Volt, 60 Hz AC only electrical supply isrequired on a separate circuit fused on both sidesof the line (time-delay fuse or circuit breaker isrecommended). DO NOT fuse neutral.2. A circuit breaker or fuse rated at 40 Amp isrequired for 36" models and 30 Amp for the 30"model.This appliance is manufactured with a supply wire anda frame connected green or bare copper groundingwire.DO NOT ground to a gas supply pipe.DO NOT connect to electrical power supply untilappliance is permanently grounded. Connect theground wire before turning on the power.NOTE: Wire sizes and connections must conform withthe fuse size and rating of the appliance in accordancewith the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA No.70–latest edition and local codes and ordinances.3

INDUCTION COOKTOP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSIf the cable from appliance is equipped with 3 wires:Where local codes permit connecting theappliance-grounding conductor to the neutral(white) wire (see figure 3):1. Disconnect the power supply.2. In the circuit breaker, fuse box or junction box,connect appliance and power supply cable wiresas shown in figure 3.If cooktop is used in a new branch circuitinstallation (1996 NEC), mobile home, recreationalvehicle, or where local codes DO NOT permitgrounding to the neutral (white) wire (see figure 4):1. Disconnect the power supply.2. In the circuit breaker, fuse box or junction box,connect appliance and power supply cable wires asshown in figure 4.You may not ground the cooktopthrough the neutral (white) wire if cooktop is usedin a new branch circuit installation (1996 NEC),mobile home, recreational vehicle, or where localcodes do not permit grounding to the neutral(white) wire.Cable from Power SupplyWhite WireGround WireRedWiresCable from Power SupplyBlackWiresWhite ted ConduitConnectorCable from applianceGreen Wire (Ground)Junction BoxGreen Wire (Ground)Figure 4 - 4-WIRE GROUNDED JUNCTION BOXU.L.-ListedConduit ConnectorWARNING If connecting to a 4-wire power supplycable electrical system, the appliance frameconnected ground wire MUST NOT be connected tothe neutral wire of the 4-wire electrical system.Cable fromapplianceFigure 3 - 3-WIRE GROUNDED JUNCTION BOXNOTE TO ELECTRICIAN: The armored cable leadssupplied with the appliance are UL-listed for connectionto larger gauge household wiring. The insulation ofthe leads is rated at temperatures much higher thantemperature rating of household wiring. The currentcarrying capacity of the conductor wire is governed bythe temperature rating of the insulation around the wire,rather than the wire gauge alone.When grounding to the neutral (white) wire isprohibited, you must use a 4-wire power supplycable. See Figure 4. Failure to heed this warningmay result in electrocution or other seriouspersonal injury.4

INDUCTION COOKTOP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSIf the cable from appliance is equipped with 4 wires:Where local codes permit connecting theappliance-grounding conductor (wire) to theneutral (white) wire (see figure 5):If cooktop is used in a new branch circuitinstallation (1996 NEC), mobile home, recreationalvehicle, or where local codes DO NOT permitgrounding through the neutral (white) wire (seefigure 6):1. Disconnect the power supply.2. Separate the green (or bare copper) and whiteappliance cable wires.3. In the circuit breaker, fuse box or junction box:connect appliance and power supply cable wiresas shown in figure 6.1. Disconnect the power supply.2. In the circuit breaker, fuse box or junction box,connect appliance and power supply cable wiresas shown in figure 5.Cable from Power SupplyWhite Wire(Neutral)RedWiresBlackWiresCable from Power SupplyGroundWireJunctionBoxGround Wire(Bare or Green Wire)RedWiresWhite Wire(Neutral)U.L.-Listed ConduitConnector (or CSA listed)Cable from applianceFigure 53-WIRE GROUNDED JUNCTION BOXGround Wire(Bare orGreen Wire)WhiteWiresBlackWiresU.L.-Listed ConduitConnector (or CSA listed)Cable from applianceFigure 64-WIRE GROUNDED JUNCTION BOXJunction BoxThis appliance is manufacturedwith a white neutral power supply and a frameconnected copper wire. The frame is grounded byconnection of grounding lead to neutral lead atthe termination of the conduit, if used in USA, in anew branch circuit installation (1996 NEC), mobilehome, recreational vehicles, where local code donot permit grounding trough the neutral (white)wire or in Canada, disconnect the white andgreen lead from each other and use ground leadto ground unit in accordance with local codes,connect neutral lead to branch circuit-neutralconductor in usual manner see Figure 6. If yourappliance is to be connected to a 3 wire groundedjunction box (US only), where local code permitconnecting the appliance-grounding conductor tothe neutral (white) see Figure 5.WARNING If connecting to a 4-wire powersupply cable electrical system, the applianceframe connected ground wire MUST NOT beconnected to the neutral wire of the 4-wireelectrical system.NOTE TO ELECTRICIAN: The armored cableleads supplied with the appliance are UL andCSA-recognized for connection to larger gaugehousehold wiring. The insulation of the leads is ratedat temperatures much higher than temperature ratingof household wiring. The current carrying capacity ofthe conductor is governed by the temperature ratingof the insulation around the wire, rather than the wiregauge alone.5

INDUCTION COOKTOP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSCooktop InstallationWARNING Do not remove the spring spacers onthe edges of the cooktop. These spacers center thecooktop in the space provided. The cooktop mustbe centered to prevent excess heat buildup thatmay result in heat damage or fire (see Figure 10).1. Visually inspect the cooktop for damage. Also makesure all cooktop screws are tight (see Figure 7).4. Fix the cooktop to the bracket using the screwssupplied (see Figure 10).Hole locatedunder theburner box tofix the retainerbracket.SpringSpacer (8)ScrewsFigure 72. Install the retainer brackets. See Figure 8.The retainer brackets MUST be installed, to meetlocal codes or, in their absence, with the NationalElectrical Code ANSI/NFPA No. 70—latest edition(see Figure 8).CooktopPosition brackets onRetainer bracket (2)unit cutout center lineas shown.Figure 10CountertopGranite countertop Installation KitA Granite Countertop Installation kit # 903061-9010 canbe ordered through a Service Center or by phone at 1-877ELECTROLUX (1-877-435-3287).2mmChecking OperationSpringSpacerRefer to the Use and Care Guide for operation.CAUTION Do not touch cooktop glass or elements.They may be hot enough to burn you.Before You Call for ServiceRetainerBracketRead the Before You Call for Service Checklist andoperating instructions in your Use and Care Guide.It may save you time and expense. The list includescommon occurrences that are not the result ofdefective workmanship or materials in this appliance.Figure 83. Set the cooktop into the countertop cutout.ARefer to your Use and Care Guide for service phonenumbers.BFigure 9During the installation with a wide cutout make sure thecooktop is centered. A and B gap should have the samedimensions. The elongated holes on the bottom of theinstallation brackets are made to fit every cutout.6

INDUCTION COOKTOP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSFor typical under counter installation of an electric built-in oven see Figure below.Only certain cooktop models may be installedover certain built-in electric oven models.Approved cooktops and built-in ovens arelisted by the MFG ID number and product code(see the insert sheet included in the literaturepackage and cooktop installation instructionsfor dimensions).To reduce the risk ofpersonal injury andtipping of the walloven, the wall ovenmust be secured tothe cabinet (s) bymounting brackets.Note 1: 4” x 4” (10.2 X 10.2 cm) opening toroute armoured cable from cooktop to junctionbox.Approx. 3”(7.5 cm)208/240Voltjunction boxfor CooktopApprox. 3”(7.5 cm)Cabinet side fillerpanels are necessaryto isolate the unit fromadjoining cabinets.Cabinet side fillerheight should allow forinstallation of approvedcooktop modelsSeeNote 136” Min.(91.4 cm) Min.208/240 Volt junction boxfor built-in oven.Unit willoverlap cutout(minimum)edges by 1"(2.5cm)Cut an opening in wood base minimum 4” x 4”(10.2 X 10.2 cm), 2” (5 cm) from left side fillerpanel, to route armoured cable to junction box.Use 3/4” (1.9 cm)plywood, installed ontwo runners, flush withtoe plate. Base must becapable of supporting 150pounds (68 kg) for 27"models and 200 pounds(90 kg) for 30" models.4½” (11.5cm)Max.*Figure 11* If no cooktop is installed directlyover the oven unit, 5” (12.7 cm)maximum is allowed above thefloor.CUTOUT DIMENSIONSF. WIDTHG. DEPTHH. HEIGHT27" (68.6 cm)Wall Oven24 /8" (63.2 cm) Min.25¼" (64.1 cm) Max.23½" (59.7 cm) Min.27¼" (69.2 cm) Min.28¼" (71.8 cm) Max.30" (76.2 cm)Wall Oven28½" (72.4 cm) Min.29" (73.7 cm) Max.23½" (59.7 cm) Min.27¼" (69.2 cm) Min.28¼" (71.8 cm) Max.7Figure 10- TYPICAL UNDER COUNTER INSTALLATION OF A SINGLE ELECTRIC BUILT-IN OVENWITH AN ELECTRIC COOKTOP MOUNTED ABOVE7


INSTRUCCIONES DE INSTALACIÓN PARA LA CUBIERTA DE INDUCCIÓNLA INSTALACIÓN Y EL SERVICIO DEBEN SER EFECTUADOS POR UN INSTALADOR CALIFICADO.IMPORTANTE: GUARDE ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES PARA USO DEL INSPECTOR LOCAL DEELECTRICIDAD. LEA Y GUARDE ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES PARA REFERENCIA FUTURA.PARA SU SEGURIDAD: No almanece ni utilice gasolina u otros vapores y líquidosinflamables en la proximidad de este o de cualquier otro artefacto.INFORMACIÓN IMPORTANTE PARA LA INSTALACIÓN Todas las estufas eléctricas funcionan con una alimentación eléctrica con puesta a tierra de fase singular, 3 o 4alambres, 240/208 voltios, 60 hertz y sólo AC. La distancia mínima entre la superficie de la estufa y los gabinetes adyacentes y por encima son de 30" (76.2 cm).* 30" (76.2 cm) mín. para ungabinete desprotegido.24" (61 cm) mín. para unasuperficie protegida.Dimensionesde la EstufaDimensiones delRecorte4" X 8" (10.2 cm X 20.3 cm)apertura para el cable si existeun panel.Figura 1DIMENSIONES DE LA ESTUFAB.A.ANCHURA PROFUNDIDADC.ALTURADIMENSIONES DE RECORTADOF. ANCHURAD. ANCHOE.DE LA CAJA PROFUNDIDADG. PROFUNDIDADMin.Max.Min.Max.H. ALTURA305/8 (77.8)213/8 (54.4)27/8 (7.3)281/4 (71.8)193/8 (49.2)281/2 (72.4)297/8 (75.9)195/8 (49.9)201/2 (52.1)35/8 (9.2)363/4 (93.4)213/8 (54.4)27/8 (7.3)335/8 (85.4)187/8 (47.9)337/8 (86.0)361/8 (91.8)191/8 (48.6)201/2 (52.1)35/8 (9.2)Todas las dimensiones se dan en pulgadas (cm).* Deje 2" (5 cm) de hueco debajo de la estufa para espacio para el cable eléctricoy la instalación de la caja de empalmes en la pared detrás de la estufa.Impreso en China9P/N A01705203 (1603) Rev. BEnglish – pages 1-8Spanish – pages 9-16Français – pages 17-24

INSTRUCCIONES DE INSTALACIÓN PARA LA CUBIERTA DE INDUCCIÓNEl armario superior no debe sobrepasar unaprofundidad máxima de 13" (33 cm)LMin.k min. distanciarecomendada entre elborde trasero del cortey el compartimiento decombustible más cercano10"sobre la parte superior(25.4 cm)del armario30" (76.2 cm) min. de espacioentre la parte superior de cubiertay la parte inferior de un armario demadera o metal sin protección.18"(45.7 cm)24" (61 cm) min. cuando la parteinferior del armario de madera ometal está protegida por una placacortafuego de al menos 1/8" (0.3cm), cubierta con una lámina deacero msg no inferior al No. 28, deacero inoxidable de 0.015" (0.4 mm),aluminio de 0.024" (0.6 mm) o cobrede 0.020" (0.5 mm).FHGJ min. desde el bordedel corte hasta elcompartimiento decombustible (amboslados del artefacto)12"(30.5 cm)24"(61 cm)Ubicación aproximadade la caja de empalmes2 1/2" (6.4 cm) mín. desde el bordedelantero del corte hasta el borde delanterode la parte superior del armarioNo es recomendable utilizarcajones debajo de la estufa.Para las letras en este diagrama, refiérase a la página 9, excepto para J y K.Figura 2 – EL CORTE DE LA PARTE SUPERIOR DEL ARMARIOPara evitar riesgos dequemaduras o incendios al tocar superficiescalientes, se deben evitar los armarios sobrela superficie de los quemadores. Si existe unarmario, se pueden reducir los riesgos instalandouna campana que se extienda horizontalmenteen un mínimo de 5" (12.7 cm) por sobre la parteinferior de los armarios.MODELJKL30"2" (5.1cm)1 1/2" (3.8cm)30 5/8" (77.8cm)36"2" (5.1cm)2" (5.1cm)36 3/4" (93.4cm)Ubicación del número de modelo y de serieLa placa con el número de modelo y de serie estáubicada en el fondo de la estufa.Cuando haga pedidos de repuestos o soliciteinformación con respecto a su estufa, esté siempreseguro de incluir el número de modelo y de serie yel número o letra del lote de la placa de serie de suhorno.La placa de serieestá ubicada aquí.10

INSTRUCCIONES DE INSTALACIÓN PARA LA CUBIERTA DE INDUCCIÓNNotas importantes para el instalador1. se debe usar una extensiónpara enchufar este electrodoméstico. Esto podríaresultar en un incendio, un choque eléctrico u otrotipo de daño personal.Lea todas las instrucciones contenidas en este manualantes de instalar la estufa.Retire todo el material usado en el empaque de la estufaantes de conectar el suministro eléctrico a la estufa.Observe todos los códigos y reglamentos pertinentes.Deje estas instrucciones con el consumidor.Solamente algunos modelos de cubierta de cocinapueden ser instalados sobre ciertos modelos de hornode empotre. Las cubiertas y hornos aprobados estanlistados por el número MFG ID y códigode producto.(Refierase a la hoja de información para ver los númerosde modelos).3. Este electrodomestico debe conectarse a lacaja de fusibles (o de cor

1. Read all instructions contained in these installation instructions before installing the cooktop. 2. Remove all packing material before connecting the 3. Observe all governing codes and ordinances. 4. Be sure to leave these instructions with the consumer. 5. Only certain cooktop models may be installed over certain built-in electric oven models.

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the induction cooktop is below 120 F. 3. This induction cooktop will only operate with suitable cookware. The most common types are those made from cast iron, enameled and stainless steel. The induction cooktop will not operate when using aluminum, ceramic, copper, glass or Pyrex cookware that has a concave bottom. READ AND FOLLOW THIS SAFETY INFORMATION CAREFULLY. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Use care when touching the cooktop. The glass surface of the cooktop will retain heat after the controls have been turned off. INDUCTIONSURFACE ELEMENTS Avoid scratching the glass cooktop. The cooktop can be scratched with items such as sharp instruments, rings or .

induction-compatible, hold a magnet to the bottom. If it clings, the cookware will work on an induction cooktop. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Before cleaning, please switch off the appliance first. Wait till the cooker plate of the induction cooker is not hot then you may start cleaning. Note: Please do not rinse it with water.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 5 Use This cooktop is intended for domestic use and use in other similar environments. This cooktop is not intended for outdoor use. The cooktop is intended for domestic use only to prepare food and keep it warm. Any other use may be dangerous. Persons who l

COOKTOP CONTROLS - ELECTRONIC TOUCH CONTROLS Cooktop Controls The electronic touch controls offer a variety of heat settings for optimal cooking results. For maximum element operation, all cooktop electronic touch controls can be set to High when bringing liquids to a rapid boil. When the cooktop is turned on or after power is restored to the

The induction cooker can be used with an induction pot/pan. Please remove the grill pan if using your own induction pot/pan. Note: To test if your pot/pan is induction compatible place a magnet (included with induction cooker unit) on the bottom of the pan. If the magnet adheres to the bottom of the pan it is induction compatible.

The induction cooker can be used with an induction pot/pan. Please remove the grill pan if using your own induction pot/pan. Note: To test if your pot/pan is induction compatible place a magnet (included with induction cooker unit) on the bottom of the pan. If the magnet adheres to the bottom of the pan it is induction compatible.

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