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Pharmacology / Pharmacy Practice Pharmacology Pharmacy Practice Pharmacology PracticalDrug DiscoveryPathophysiology & Human PhysiologyClinical Trails and Clinical ResearchScreening Methods & ToxicologyReferencePharmaMed PressPharmacovigilancePharmacoeconomicsHospital & Community PharmacyTherapeutic Drug MonitoringP HARMACOLOGYPharmacology: APharmacology: ACompanion Handbookwith IllustrationsComprehensive ApproachK. Ravi Shankar andG. V. N. KiranmayiContents: 1. Drugs Affecting Autonomic Nervous System, 2. DrugsAffecting Central Nervous System, 3. Drugs Affecting CardiovascularSystem, 4. Drugs Affecting Haemostasis and Thrombosis, 5. DrugsAffecting Renal Function, 6. Drugs Affecting Endocrine System, 7. DrugsAffecting Respiratory System, 8. Drugs Affecting Gastrointestinal Tract,9. Drugs Used for Other Therapies, 10. Biogenic Amines and Polypeptides,11. Chemotherapeutic Drugs, 12. Drugs Used in Skin and Eye Disorders,13. Miscellaneous.Rpt. 2018 9789383635894 510 pp PB Rs. * 225.00Advanced PharmacologyBikash Medhi and Ajay PrakashContents: Section – I 1. Essential Medicines2. Medication Errors 3. Chronopharmacology: DiurnalVariation of Drug Action 4. Over the Counter(OTC) Drugs 5. Rational use of Drugs 6. SelfMedication 7. Drug Information Unit (DIU) 8. DrugCompliance 9. Direct-to-Consumer Advertising:Benefaction or Affliction 10. Orphan Drugs: from Development to Market11. Drug Label 12. P-Drug 13. Drug Price 14. Clinical Relevance of DrugIsomerism (Enantiopure Drugs) 15. Counterfeit Medicines 16. Drug andSports 17. Expired Drugs 18. Drug Lag 19. Drug Policy Different Status inIndia 20. Narcotics 21. Drug and Off-Lebel Use Section – II 22. Drugsuses in Pregnancy 23. Drugs Uses In Pediatrics 24. Drugs Uses inGeriatrics 25. Drug and Hepatic Dysfunction 26. Drug and RenalDysfunction 27. Drug and Malnutrition 28. Clinical Implication of FixedDose Combinations (FDC) 29. Drug-Drug Interactions 30. Natural Productsand Drug Interaction 31. Clinical Relevance to Drug Interactions32. Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Surgery Section – III 33. Regenerative Medicine34. Nanomedicines 35. Computer Aided Drug Discovery (CADD): A QSARApproach 36. Electronic Prescribing (eRx) 37. Medication Reconciliation38. Tools for Patient Safety: Pharmacovigilance, Biovigilance, Materiovigilance39. Biologics and BiosimilarsRpt. 2018 9789383635634 529 pp PB Rs. 795.00Contents: 1. Branches and Divisions ofPharmacology, 2. Pharmacokinetics of Drugs,3. Drug Receptors and Pharmacodynamics, 4. DrugBiotransformation, 5. General Considerations ofAutonomic Nervous System, 6. Cholinergic Drugs, 7. Muscarinic ReceptorBlocking Drugs, 8. Adrenergic Drugs, 9. Adrenergic Blocking Drugs,10. Ganglionic Stimulating and Blocking Agents, 11. Skeletal MuscleRelaxants, 12. General Considerations of Central Nervous System,13. Neurodegenerative Diseases, 14. General Anaesthetics, 15. SedativeHypnotics and Anxiolytic Drugs, 16. Neuroleptics, 17. Antidepressants,18. Antiepileptic Drugs, 19. Opioid Analgesics, 20. Non Steroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs, 21. CNS Stimulants, 22. Drug Dependence and DrugAbuse, 23. Local Anaesthetics, 24. Drugs Used in Heart Failure,25. Antiarrhythmic Drugs, 26. Antianginal Drugs, 27. Antihypertensives,28. Hypolipidemic Drugs, 29. Drugs and Blood Coagulation,30. Hemopoietic Drugs and Plasma Volume Expanders, 31. Diuretics andAntidiuretics, 32. Pituitary Hormones, 33. Thyroid, Parathyroid Hormonesand Antithyroid Drugs, 34. Insulin and Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs,35. Estrogens, Progestins and Androgens, 36. Adrenal Hormones37. Drugs Used to Treat Asthma, 38. Drugs Used to Treat Allergic Rhinitis,39. Drugs Used to Treat Cough, COPD and Cystic Fibrosism 40. DrugsUsed to Treat Peptic, Ulcer Disease, 41. Drugs Used in Constipation,42. Emetics and Antiemetic Drugs, 43. Drugs Used in Diarrhoea,44. Digestants and GERD, 45. Drugs Used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction,46. Drugs Used to Treat Osteoporosis, 47. Drugs Used to Treat Obesity,48. Histamine and Antihistamines, 49. 5- Hydroxytryptamine, its Agonistsand Antagonists, 50. Angiotensin, Kinins, Leukotrienes, Prostaglandins,Cytokines, Nitric Oxide and Platelet activating Factor Angiotensin51. Sulfonamides, Trimethoprim and Cotrimoxazole, 52. Cell Wall Inhibitors,53. Protein Synthesis Inhibitors, 54. Quinolones and Urinary Antiseptics,55. Antimycobacterials, 56. Antifungal Drugs, 57. Antiprotozoal Drugs,58. Anthelmintic Drugs, 59. Antiviral Drugs, 60. Anticancer Drugs,61. Antiseptics and Disinfectants, 62. Drugs Used to Treat Glaucoma,63. Drugs Used to Treat Psoriasis and Acne Vulgaris 64. Introduction toToxicology, 65. Heavy Metal Intoxication and Chelators, 66. Managementof the Poisoned Patient, 67. Drugs Used to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis andGout, 68. Drugs that Affect Uterine Function, 69. Immunosuppressantsand Immunostimulants, 70. Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants, 71. DrugTherapy in Pregnancy, 72. Drugs Use during Lactation, 73. Multiple Choice,Linked and Match the Following Questions of Previous GATE and GPATExaminations along with Answers, Appendix – 1: Gene Therapy, Appendix2: Drug Discovery and Development, Appendix – 3: Abnormal Actions ofDrugs, Appendix – 4: Classifications of Medications, Appendix – 5: DrugInteractions.2015 9789383635566 1320pp PB Rs.Phone : 040-23445688 Fax: 91 40-23445611 e-mail: website: s are subject to change without prior notice995.001Visit our website: / www.bspublications.netK. Ravi Shankar andG. V. N. KiranmayiRevised Edition

PharmaMed PressPharmaclogy / Pharmacy PracticeP HARMACOLOGYD RUG D ISCOVERYQSAR: Hansch Analysisand RelatedNEWApproachesDatabook for ClinicalPharmacologyTapan Kumar ChatterjeeContents: Introduction 1. Clinical Data Text,Clinical Data Tables 2. Pharmacokinetic DataText, Pharmacokinetic Data Tables 3. Drug InteractionsText, Drug Interactions Tables 4. Adverse DrugReactions (ADR) Text, Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)Tables2016 9789383635924 252 pp PB Rs. 450.00Hugo Kubinyi, Raimund Mannhold,Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen and HendrikTimmermanPCI Recommended MPL203Contents: 1. Biological Data 2. The Additivity of Group Contributions.Parameters 3. Quantitative Models 4. Statistical Methods 5. Design of TestSeries in QSAR 6. Application of Hansch Analysis 7. Applications of FreeWilson Analysis and Related Models 8. 3D QSAR Approaches 9. Summaryand Conclusions 10. References.Rpt. 2018Visit our website: / www.bspublications.netA Pharmacology Primer: 252 pp HB Rs. 3495.003rd Ed.Biological Drug Products:DevelopmentNEWand StrategiesKenakin Terry P.Wei Wang and Manmohan SinghTheory, Applications, and Methods,Contents: 1. What is Pharmacology 2. How DifferentTissues Process Drug Response 3. Drug-ReceptorTheory 4. Pharmacological Assay Formats: Binding 5. Agonists: TheMeasurement of Affinity and Efficacy in Functional Assays 6. OrthostericDrug Antagonism 7. Allosteric Drug Antagonism 8. The Process of DrugDiscovery 9. Pharmacokinetics 10. Target- and System-Based Strategiesfor Drug Discovery 11. “Hit” to Drug: Lead Optimization 12. Statistics andExperimental Design 13. Selected Pharmacological Methods 14. Exercisein Pharmacodynamics and PharmacokineticsRpt. 2011 9789380931524 389 pp PB * Rs. 1795.00P HARMACOLOGY P RACTICALRodents forPharmacologicalExperimentsPCI Recommended MRA202Contents: Part 1. General Aspects 1. An Overview ofDiscovery and Development Process for Biologics2. Nonclinical Safety Assessment of Biologics, Including Vaccines 3. ClinicalAssessment of Biologics Agents 4. Key Regulatory Guidelines forDevelopment of Biologics In The U.S. And Europe 5. Landscape andConsideration of Intellectual Property for Development of Biosimilars6. Scientific Aspects of Sterility Assurance, Sterility, Asepsis, and SterilizationPart 2. Proteins/Peptides 7. Cell Cell Culture Processes in MonoclonalAntibody Production 8. Protein/Peptide Purification and Virus Reduction9. Chemical and Genetic Modification 10. Analytical Characterization ofProteins/Peptides 11. Protein/Peptide Formulation Development12. Regulatory Strategies and Lessons in the Development of BiosimilarsPart 3. Vaccines 13. Vaccine Development – History, Current Status andFuture Trends 14. Role and Application of Adjuvants and Delivery Systemsin Vaccines 15. Methods for Characterizing Proteins in Aluminum AdjuvantFormulations Part 4. Novel Biologics 16. The State of the Art and Future ofGene Medicines Chapter 17. Nucleic Acid Vaccines 18. MultifunctionalPolymeric Nano-Systems for RNA Interference Therapy 19. Advent andMaturation of Regenerative Medicine Part 5. Product Administration/Delivery20. Conventional and Novel Container Closure/Delivery Systems21. Controlled-Release Systems for Biologics 22. Routes of Delivery forBiological Drug ProductsRpt. 2018 9788126577606 744 pp HB Rs. 5995.00Target Discovery andValidation Reviews andProtocols, Vol. 2NEWTapan Kumar ChatterjeeMouldy SioudPCI Recommended MPL103PCI Recommended MPL203Contents: SECTION - A: GENERAL DISCUSSION ABOUT MICE ANDRATS The Laboratory Mouse Data Related to Mice (Tables) TheLaboratory Rat Data Related to Rats (Tables) SECTION - BEXPERIMENTS ON MICE AND RATS Instruments used for Mice andRats Experiments Drug Doses used on Laboratory Mice and RatsRpt. 2018 9789383635313 304 pp PB Rs. 395.00Essentials ofExperimental PharmacologyGeneral ConceptsSunil B BotharaRpt. 2018 9788188449903 234 pp PB Rs. 275.002Contents: 1. Druggable Signaling Proteins 2. DNAMethylation and Histone Modifications in Patients WithCancer: Potential Prognostic and Therapeutic targets 3. Wnt Signaling as aTherapeutic Target for Cancer 4. The NG2/HMP Proteoglycan as a CancerTherapeutic Target 5. Heterotrimeric G Proteins and Disease 6. High-MobilityGroup Box-1 Isoforms as Potential Therapeutic Targets in Sepsis 7. AntisenseOligonucleotides: Target Validation and Development of Systematically DeliveredTherapeutic Nanoparticles 8. Nucleic Acid-Based Aptamers as PromisingTherapeutics in Neoplastic Diseases 9. Guidelines for the Selection of EffectiveShort-Interfering RNA Sequences for Functional Genomics 10. Suppressionof Apoptosis in the Liver by Systemic and Local Delivery of Small-InterferingRNA 11. Target Validation Using RNA Interference in Solid Tumors 12. Validationof Telomerase and Survivin as Anticancer Therapeutic Targets Using Ribozymesand Small-Interfering RNAs 13. Collagen-Induced Arthritis in Mice: A Major Rolefor Tumor Necrosis factor-a 14. Novel Opportunities for Therapeutic Targetingin Systemic Autoimmune Diseases 15. Considerations for Target Validationand Industrial Approaches 16. Regulatory RNAs: Future Perspectives inDiagnosis, Prognosis, and Individualized Therapy 17. Treatment Options andIndividualized MedicineRpt. 2018 9781588298904 354 pp HB Rs. 5995.00Phone : 040-23445688 Fax: 91 40-23445611 e-mail: website: s are subject to change without prior notice

Pharmacology / Pharmacy PracticeD RUG D ISCOVERYStructure-basedLigand DesignNEWKlaus Gubernator, Hans-Joachim Böhm,Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi andHendrik TimmermanPCI Recommended MPL203Contents: 1. Rational Design of Bioactive Molecules 2. Examples ofActive Areas of Structure-Based Design 3. From Renin to HIV-1 Protease4. Zinc Endoproteases: A Structural Superfamily 5. Structure-Based Designof Potent Beta-Lactamase Inhibitors 6. Inhibition of Sialidase 7. RationalDesign of Inhibitors of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase 8. New ComputationalApproaches to Predict Protein-Ligand Interactions 9. The Future ofStructure-Based Design: A Worthy Precept?Rpt. 2018 97893527293438P ATHOPHYSIOLOGY ANDH UMAN P HYSIOLOGYEssential’s of HumanPhysiology for PharmacyMc CorryContents: 1. Physiology and the Concept ofHomeostasis 2. Plasma Membrane 3. MembranePotential 4. Electrical Signals 5. Synaptic Transmission6. The Nervous System 7. The Spinal Cord 8. Pain9. The Autonomic Nervous System 10. The EndocrineSystem 11. The Reproductive System 12. Skeletal Muscle 13. SmoothMuscle 14. Cardiac Physiology 15. Cardiac Output 16. The CirculatorySystem 17. Blood and Hemostasis 18. The Immune System 19. TheRespiratory System 20. The Digestive System 21. The Renal SystemRpt. 2011 9781420043907 496 pp PB NEWPCI Recommended MRA202Contents: Part 1 Immunogen Design 1. MicrobialVaccine Design: The Reverse Vaccinology Approach 2. Design andDevelopment of Recombinant Vaccines With Viral Properties 3. Tools forVaccine Design: Prediction and Validation of Highly Immunogenic andConserved Class II Epitopes and Development of Epitope-Driven VaccinesPart 2 Vaccine Platforms 4. Virus-Like Particle Vaccines: Advantagesand Challenges 5. Design Platforms of Nanocapsules for HumanTherapeutics or Vaccines 6. Designing Immunogens for VaccineDevelopment in Reference To HIV 7. Expression and Purification ofRecombinant Proteins for Vaccine Applications 8. DNA Vaccines forInfectious Disease 9. Developing Stable Cell Lines for the Production ofVaccine Antigens Part 3 Characterization of Immunogens10. Spectroscopy of Vaccines 11. Biophysical Characterization of ProteinAntigens within Vaccine Formulations Part 4 Formulation Optimizationand Stability Evaluation 12. Structural Characteristics Predict the Stabilityof HIV 13. Selection of Optimal Adjuvants and Product Factors thatAffect Vaccine Immunogenicity 14. Lyophilization and Stabilization ofVaccines 15. Effect of Buffers and Stabilizers on Vaccine Stability andEfficacy Part 5 Clinical and Manufacturing Issues 16. Selection ofFinal Product Containers 17. From the Lab to the Clinic: Filing A Phase I Indfor an Investigational VaccineEssentials ofPathophysiology forPharmacyZdanowicz Martin M.Contents: 1. Cellular Injury 2. Cancer 3. Disorders ofHemostasis and Coagulation 4. Alterations inHematologic Function and Oxygen Transport 5. Immuneresponse and Inflammation 6. Acquired ImmuneDeficiency Syndrome 7. Diseases of the Vascular System 8. Alterationsin Blood Pressure 9. Diseases of the Heart 10. Myocardial Ischemia11. Myocardial Infarction 12. Heart Failure and Shock 13. Abnormalities ofCardiac Conduction 14. Disorders of the Respiratory System15. Abnormalities of the Kidney and Urinary Tract 16. GastrointestinalDisorders 17. Disease of the Liver and Exocrine Pancreas 18. EndocrineDisorders 19. Diabetes MellitusRpt. 2017 9781138049420 228 pp PB * Rs. 750.00C LINICAL T RIALS ANDC LINICAL R ESEARCHClinical Trials andNEWHuman Research:A Practical Guide toRegulatory ComplianceRpt. 2018 9788126577590 480 pp HB Rs. 4995.00P ATHOPHYSIOLOGY ANDH UMAN P HYSIOLOGYPathophysiology forPharmacy A Concise ReviewFay A. Rozovsky, Rodney K. AdamsPCI Recommended MPH104 MRA103NEWSujesh M. and Jyoti HarindranContents: 1. Introduction 2. Cellular Injury and Adaptation3. Inflammation 4. Diseases Related to Immunity5. Neoplasia – Cancer 6. Shock 7. Biological Effects of Radiation8. Environmental and Nutritional Diseases 9. Pathophysiology of CommonDiseases 10. Infectious Diseases9789386819970 275pp PB Rs.250.00Contents: 1. The Evolution of Human Experimentation Regulation2. Current Federal Regulation and Agencies Involved in Human Research3. State Regulation of Human Research 4. Selection nad Recruitment ofResearch Subjects 5. Informed Consent in Clinical Trials 6. Confidentiailyof Clinical Trials Information 7. The Investigator 8. Research Protocols9. The Institutional Review Board 10. Patient Safty in Cinical Trials Researh11. Human reserch Under the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act 12. BehaviorResearch 13. Muitisite and Collaborative Studies 14. Medical Malpactice Liability in Human Research 15. Quality Improvement, Accredition, andRisk Mangement in Clinical Trials 16. Corporate Compliance and HumanReseach 17. Ethics in Human reserach 18. International ResearcRpt. 2018 9788126577583 656 pp HB Rs. 4495.00Phone : 040-23445688 Fax: 91 40-23445611 e-mail: website: s are subject to change without prior notice3Visit our website: / www.bspublications.netManmohan Singh andIndresh K. Srivastava * Rs. 1195.00 167 pp HB Rs. 2995.00Development of Vaccines:From Discovery to ClinicalTesting2018PharmaMed Press

Pharmaclogy / Pharmacy PracticePharmaMed PressS CREENING M ETHODSC LINICAL T RIALS ANDC LINICAL R ESEARCHPharmacologicalScreening Methods andToxicologyPrinciples of Clinical ResearchGiovanna di Ignazio and Gareth HayesNEWPCI Recommended MPP104Visit our website: / www.bspublications.netContents: 1. The drug Development Process 2. MedicinalProduct Regulations in the 21st century 3. Ethical Issues4. Liability and indemnity in clinical Research 5. Clinical trialdesign 6. Early phase studies, pharmacokinetics and adverse drug interactions7. Phase IV Studies 8. The clinical trial protocol 9. Case record form design10. Clinical trial supplies 11. Investigator selection 12. Monitoring 13. Drugsafety in clinical studies and pharmacovigilance 14. Outcomes research andhealth economics 15. Data management, now and in the future 16. Statisticalthinking for clinical trials 17. Project management of drug development18. Communication effectively 19. Audits and inspections 20. Trial master file21. Archiving 22. Outsourcing clinical research projects 23. New direction:regulations for biotechnology products and medical devices 24. Fraud andmisconduct in clinical researchRpt. 2018 9781871816457 576 pp HBLawrence M. Friedman, Curt D.Furberg and David L. DeMetsBestSellerContents: 1. Introduction to Clinical Trials 2. EthicalIssues 3. What Is The Question? 4. Study Population5. Basic Study Design 6. The Randomization Process7. Blindness 8. Sample Size 9. Baseline Assessment10. Recruitment of Study Participants 11. Data Collectionand Quality Control 12. Assessing and Reporting AdverseEffects 13. Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life14. Participant Adherence 15. Survival Analysis 16. Monitoring ResponseVariables 17. Issues in Data Analysis 18. Closeout 19. Reporting and Interpretingof Results 20. Multicenter TrialsRpt. 2015 9788132233312 463 pp PB * Rs. 1995.00Textbook on ClinicalResearch: A Guide for AspiringEd.NEWGuru Prasad MohantaContents: 1. Introduction 2. Clinical Research in India3. Drug development process 4. Clinical trials 5. EthicalIssues in Clinical Research 6. Good Clinical (Research)Practices (GCP) for Clinical Research in India 7. QualityAssurance in Clinical Research 8. Bioavailability and BioequivalenceStudies 9. Data Management in Clinical Research2017 9789352301669 348pp Contents: 1. Drug Discovery 2. Laboratory Animals3. Alternative to Animals 4. Bioassay 5. ScreeningMethods 6. Toxicology 7. Poisons2014 PB Rs.450.00A Practical Guide toBest SellerHuman Researchand Clinical TrialsCRC Press Taylor & Francis Group4 351pp HB *Rs.995.00352pp PB Rs.295.00PCI Recommended MPL103 MPB204Contents: Volume - I : 1. Introduction 2. A BriefReview of the Biochemistry of the Nervous System3. The Organization of Screening 4. General Methods5. Quantal Responses, Calculation of the ED50 6. Depressants of theCentral Nervous System 7. Ataractic (Tranquilizing, Neuroleptic) Agents8. Analgesics 9. Oxytocic Agents 10. Anti-serotonin Agents11. Parasympatholytic Agents 12. Sympatholytic Agents 13. AntiInflammatory Agents 14. Anticonvulsants 15. Sympathomimetic Agents16. Central Stimulants 17. Muscaring Agents 18. Ganglion-Blocking Agents19. Antifibrillatory Agents 20. Cardiotonic Agents 21. Histamine-Like Agents22. Antihistamine Agents 23. Antitussive Agents 24. Antacid Agents25. Thyromimetic Agents 26. Hypoglycemic Agents 27. Choleretic Agents28. Antiparkinson Agents 29. Anti-Inflammatory and GlucocorticoidalAgents 30. Antiemetic Agents 31. Bronchodilatant Agents 32. CurariformAgents 33. Anabolic, Androgenic, and Antiandrogenic Agents34. Potentiators and Antagonists of Tryptamine 35. Vasopressive Peptides36. Diuretic and Natriuretic Agents 37. Anticholinesterase Agents38. Anticholestrerol Agents 39. Uricosuric Agents 40. Antishock Agents41. Hemostatic Agents 42. Local and Spinal Anesthetics 43. AbortifacientAgents 44. Thymoleptic Agents 45. Dermal Irritants 46. Teratogenic AgentsVolume - II : 1. α-Adrenergic Blocking Agents 2. β-Adrenergic BlockingAgents 3. Agents Acting on Coronary Blood Vessels 4. Agents withKinin-like Activity 5. Androgenic and Anabolic Agents 6. Estrogenic andAntiestrogenic Agents 7. Anovulatory Agents 8. Progestational Agents9. Antihyperlipidemic Agents 10. Immunosuppressive Agents 11. AgentsAffecting Mucociliary Activity 12. Antiperspirant Agents 13. AntidepressionAgents 14. Agents with Analgesic Activity and Dependence Liability15. Natriuretic and Antihypertensive Agents Screened by SequentialMethodsRpt. 2018 9788131216613 HB Set Price: * Rs. 4995.00Biological Standardization,2nd Ed.M. U. R. Naidu & P. Usha Rani2011 9788178002606 Robert A. TurnerCo-Published withContents: 1. Clinical Research – A Clinical Investigator’sPerspective 2. Drug and Device Development Process3. Preclinical Drug Development 4. Phases of ClinicalTrials 5. Phase 0 - Microdosing Studies 6. Clinical Research Planning7. Clinical Research Design 8. Clinical Research Protocol 9. DesigningCase Report Forms 10. Process of Randomization in Clinical Trials11. Investigational Medicinal Products 12. Multicenter Clinical Trials13. Good Clinical Research Practice 14. Role and Responsibilities ofSponsor 15. Role and Responsibilities of Principal Investigator 16. EthicalConsideration in Clinical Research – Special Reference to DevelopingCountries 17. Informed Consent in Clinical Research 18. Monitoring inClinical Trials 19. Quality Assurance in Clinical Research20. Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety 21. Data and Safety MonitoringBoard and Monitoring Plan 22. Standard Operating Procedures 23. ArchivingClinical Research Documents 24. Evidence Based Medicine 25. ClinicalResearch Data Management 26. Clinical Biostatistics9788178003344Screening Methods inPharmacology, 2 Vol. Set Rs. 3995.00Fundamentals ofClinical Trials, 4th Ed.Professionals &Professionals, 2ndAvanapu Srinivasa Rao andNamburi Bhagya LakshmiClassic ReissueJ.H. Burn,PCI Recommended MPL103 MPB204Contents: 1. Units of measurement 2. Theclassification of methods 3. Statistical analysis4. Pituitary (Posterior lobe) extract 5. Insulin 6. The hormones of thesuprarenal gland 7. Thyroid 8. Parathyroid extract 9. The ovarian hormones10. Male hormones 11. Anterior lobe of the pituitary gland 12. Vitamin D13. Digitals, strophanthus and squill 14. Antipyretic and analgesics15. Atropine substitutes 16. Local Anaesthetics 17. Gastric secretion18. Secretin and Pancreozymin 19. Quinidine substitutes 20. Curare-likecompounds 21. Anthelminthic substances 22. Trypanocidal substances2011 9780199694976 439pp HB Rs.1650.00Phone : 040-23445688 Fax: 91 40-23445611 e-mail: website: s are subject to change without prior notice

Pharmacology / Pharmacy PracticeT OXICOLOGYR EFERENCEFundamentals of DrugMetabolism and DrugDispositionModern Toxicology:An Authoritative andComprehensive Resource forToxicology, 3 Vol. setP. K. GuptaSalient Features 2010 Bert N. La Du, H. George Mandel andE. Leong WayContents : 1. Transmembrane Movement of DrugMolecules 2. Drug Absorption 3. The distribution ofDrugs 4. Protein Binding 5. Drug Entry into Brainand Cerebrospinal Fluid 6. Placental Transfer ofDrugs 7. Pulmonary Disposition of Drugs 8. Renal Excretion of Drugs9. Extrarenal Excretion of Drugs 10. Pathways of Drug Biotransformation:Biochemical Conjugations 11. Species variations in drug Biotransformations12. Microsomal Enzyme Systems Which Catalyze 13. EnvironmentalFactors Influencing Drug Metabolism 14. Mechanisms of Induction ofDrug Metabolism Enzymes 15. Genetic Factors Modifying Drug Metabolismand Drug Response 16. The Value Determining The Plasma Concentrationof Drugs In Animals and Man 17. Application of Metabolic and DispositionStudies In The Development and Evaluation of Drugs 18. Techniques forStudying Drug Disposition In Vivo 19. Techniques for Studying DrugMetabolism In Vitro 20. Isolation Procedures – Liquid Extraction and IsolationTechniques 21. Isolation and Identification Procedures – Spectral Methods22. Qualitative and Quantitative Applications of Thin – Layer, Gas – Liquid,and Column Chromatography 23. Applications of Tracer Techniques InDrug Metabolism Studies 24. Autoradiography In Drug Disposition Studies25. Application of Computers In Drug Metabolism Studies 26. GeneralPrinciples and Procedures for Drug Metabolism In Vitro 27. ExperimentsIllustration Drug Metabolism In Vitro 28. Experiments Illustrating DrugDistribution and Excretion 29. Correlation of Drug Disposition WithPharmacologic Actions2011 9788188449217 615 pp HB * Rs. 895.00Drug-Drug Interactions:Scientific and RegulatoryPerspectivesAlbert P. Li9788191019209 HB 3 Vol. Set Rs. 3495.00Essential Concepts inToxicology:Compendium for Pharmacy,Medical, Forensic and VeterinaryToxicologyP. K. GuptaCo-Published withElsevierContents: 1. Introduction and Historical Background 2. Definitions andScope of Toxicology 3. Classification of Poisons / Toxicants 4. FactorsAffecting Toxicity 5. Natural Laws Concerning Toxicology 6. Hazard andRisk Assessment 7. Absorption, Distribution and Excretion of Toxicants8. Bio-transformation 9. Principles and Basic Concepts of ToxicokineticsUnit 3 Regulatory Requirements and GLP 10. Toxicological Testing:Genesis 11. Toxi-cological Testing: in vivo Systems 12. Toxicologicaltesting: in vitro models 13. Genotoxicity 14. Preclinical ToxicologicalInvestigations of Pharmaceutical Products 15. Preclinical safetyevaluation of biotechnology-derived products 16. Pre-clinical RegulatoryToxicology for Biomaterials and Medical Devices Unit 4 Toxic Agents17. Toxic Effects of Pesticides (Agrochemicals) 18. Toxic Effects ofMetals 19. Toxic Effects of Non-Metalics 20. Neurotoxic Agents21. Toxic Effects of Cardiac Poisons 22. Toxic Effects of Asphyxiants23. Toxic Effects of Caustics (Corrosives) 24. DRUG TOXICITY,DEPENDENCE AND ABUSE 25. Toxic Effects of Domestic Chemicals26. TOXIC Effects of Poisonous Plants 27. Food Poisoning and PoisonousFoods 28. Poisons of Animal Origin 29. Chemical FOOD Poisoning30. Health Effects of Radioactive materials Unit 5 Applications ofToxicology 31. Basic Concepts of Forensic Toxicology 32. AnalyticalToxicology 33. Clinical Toxicology 34. Treatment of PoisoningRpt. 2018 9789383635986 364 pp PB *Rs. 425.00Contents: 1. Overview: Pharmacokinetic Drug-DrugInteractions 2. Role of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes inDrug-Drug Interactions 3. The liver as Target forChemical-Chemical Interactions 4. Application of HumanLiver Microsomes in Metabolism Based Drug-DrugInteractions: In Vitro - in Vivo Correlations and The Abbott LaboratoriesExperience 5. Primary Hepatocyte Cultures as an in Vitro Experimental Modelfor the Evaluation of Pharmacokinetic Drug-Drug Interactions 6. Liver Slicesas a Model in Drug Metabolism 7. Use of cDNA- Expressed Human CytochromeP450 Enzymes to Study Potential Drug-Drug Interaction 8. Pharmacokineticsin Drug Interactions 9. Experimental Models for Enzyme Induction Potential ofNew Drug Candidates in Animals and Humans and Strategy for Their Use10. Metabolic Drug-Drug Interactions: Perspective from FDA Medical andClinical Pharmacology Reviewers 11. Drug Interactions: Perspective of theCanadian Drugs Directorate 12. Overview of Experimental Approaches forStudy of Drug Metabolism and Drug-Drug InteractionsRpt. 2011 9789380931043 304 pp PB * Rs. 995.00Drug Disposition andPharmacokinetics, 3rd Ed.Stephen H. CurryContents: 1. Chemical Introduction: Drug Sources,Drug Classification and Chemical Properties of Drugs2. Disposition and Fate 3. Binding to Plasma Proteins4. Drug Concentrations in blood and Blood Fractions5. Factors Affecting Plasma Concentrations6. Bioavailability 7. Developmental Pharmacology andAge-Related Drug Phenomena 8. Pharmacogenetics9. Effects of Disease on Quantitative Pharmacology 10. ElementaryPharmacokinetics 11. Quantitative Evaluation of Urinary Excretion 12. DrugInteractions 13. Quantitative Pharmacological Relationships 14. Drug Monitoringin Therapeutics 15. Drug ToxicityRpt. 2008 9788188449583 330 pp PB Rs. 495.00Phone : 040-23445688 Fax: 91 40-23445611 e-mail: website: s are subject to change without prior notice5Visit our website: / www.bspublications.netChapters are fully illustrated and extensivelyreferenced Language is simple to follow and format is designed to easilyunderstand Represents the collective expertise of several internationallyknown toxicologists Offers a unique text/reference source for those involved invarious specialized sections of toxicology Useful to those who involved in biomedical areas and Agriculture,Food Technology, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine and relateddisciplines Also Biologists, Pathologists, Ecologists and Environmentalistswill find this volume as useful reference bookContents: VOLUME I Basis of Organ and Reproduction Toxicity:1. Introduction and Brief History 2. Natural Laws Concerning Toxicology3. Absorption, Distribution and Excretion of Xenobiotics4. Biotransformation of Xenobiotics 5. Kinetic - analysis of Xenobiotics6. Behavioral and Neurotoxicity 7. Pulmonary Toxicology 8. Hepatic Toxicity 9. Reproduction Toxicity and Teratogenicity 10. Carcinogenicityand Mutagenicity VOLUME II The adverse Effects of Xenobiotics:1. Pesticides 2. Metals 3. Food Additives: A benefit/ Risk Dilemma4. Animal and Plant Toxins 5. Mycotoxins 6. Combustion Toxicology7. Toxicology of Synthetic Biomaterials 8. Environmental ToxicologyVOLUME III Immuno and Clinical Toxicology: 1. Immune System2. Hypersensitivity and Occu

Drugs Affecting Autonomic Nervous System, 2. Drugs Affecting Central Nervous System, 3. Drugs Affecting Cardiovascular System, 4. Drugs Affecting Haemostasis and Thrombosis, 5. Drugs Affecting Renal Function, 6. Drugs Affecting Endocrine System, 7. Drugs Affecting Respiratory System, 8. Drugs Affecting Gastr

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9788123923413 Sharma Essentials of Pharmacology: Basic Principles & General Concepts, 4e (PB) 2019 Rs. 595.00 9788123914251 Sharma Pharmacology and Toxicology: For Final Year Diploma in Pharmacy (HB) 2020 Rs. 320.00 9788123905549 Singhal K.C. Pharmacology

11. A Complete Textbook of Medical Pharmacology 2nd edition by Dr. S. K. Srivastava published by APC Avichal Publishing Company, 2017. 12. K.D. Tripathi, Essentials of Medical Pharmacology, 8th edition, Jaypee Brothers Medical Pub, 2018. 13. Modern Pharmacology with Clinical Applications, 6th edition, Craig Charles R. & Stitzel Robet E.,

Assistant Pharmacy Diploma - Degree Audit 3 Assistant Pharmacy Diploma - Evaluation Details 6 New Program – Grading System 8 Assistant Pharmacy Diploma – Course Details 1. Pharmacy Practice & Dosage Forms–I 10 2. Pharmacy Practice & Dosage Forms–II 12 3. Pharmacy Practice –

resume building tips. . Curriculum Pharmacy Technician Orientation Introduction to Pharmacy Technician Pharmacology, Drug Class, and Body Systems Pharmacy Practice Law and Regulations Math Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians . with

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