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DOCUMENT RESUMEIR 057 035ED 418 733TITLEINSTITUTIONPUB DATENOTEAVAILABLE FROMPUB TYPEEDRS PRICEDESCRIPTORSIDENTIFIERSDirectory of Michigan Libraries, 1997-98.Michigan Library, Lansing.1997-00-00161p.Library of Michigan, Public Information Office, P.O. Box30007, Lansing, MI 48909.Directories/Catalogs (132)Reference MaterialsMF01/PC07 Plus Postage.Academic Libraries; Branch Libraries;. Depository Libraries;Elementary Secondary Education; Higher Education;*Libraries; Library Associations; Library Networks; *LibraryServices; Public Libraries; Regional Libraries; SpecialLibraries; State Libraries*MichiganABSTRACTThis directory provides information about' various types ofMichigan libraries. It is divided into 12 sections: (1) public and branchlibraries; (2) library cooperatives; (3) academic libraries; (4) regions ofcooperation; (5) regional educational media centers; (6) regional andsubregional libraries; (7) Michigan documents depository libraries; (8)federal documents depository libraries; (9) Michigan state agency libraries;(10) special libraries; (11) library associations; and (12) school libraries.Alphabetized in some sections by city and in some sections by titles oforganization, each entry includes address, phone and fax numbers, and acontact name, which is most often a director. For many of the listings,telecommunications-device-for-the-deaf (TDD) number and electronic mailaddress are offered as well. Hours of operation are provided for public andbranch libraries, and for many of the academic library listings, web sitesare included. Functioning as a search aid, an introductory section featurescross-references to city or town listings from many public library names thatdo not mention or describe the library's location. ***********************************Reproductions supplied by EDRS are the best that can be madefrom the original ***************************************

I 9 9 7- 98.1IIPBEST COPY AWAKEU.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONand ImprovementEDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATIONCENTER (ERIC)O This document has been reproduced asreceived from the person or organizationOffice of Educational Researchoriginating it.Library ofMichigan"PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE THISMATERIAL HAS BEEN GRANTED BYG.M. NeedhamO Minor changes have been made toimprove reproduction quality.Points of view or opinions stated in thisdocument do not necessarily representofficial OERI position or policy.JTO THE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCESINFORMATION CENTER (ERIC)."

LEGISLATIVE COUNCILSenator Dick Posthumus, ChairSpeaker Curtis Hertel, Alternate ChairSenator John D. Cherry, Jr.Senator Dan L. De GrowSenator John J. H. Schwarz, M.DSenator Virgil C. SmithSenator Glenn SteilRepresentative Tom AlleyRepresentative Pat GagliardiRepresentative Michael HanleyRepresentative Charles PerriconeRepresentative Kenneth SikkemaALTERNATE MEMBERSRepresentative Deborah CherrySenator Jon A. CiskyRepresentative Dan GustafsonSenator Michael O'BrienSenator Bill SchuetteRepresentative Samuel ThomasDianne M. Odrobina, SecretaryLIBRARY OF MICHIGAN BOARD OF TRUSTEESBonnie A. Gasperini, ChairLinda McFadden, Vice-ChairMaureen DerenzyBettina GraberRepresentative Thomas KellyChief Justice Conrad Mallettrepresented by Dennis DonohueThomas J. MooreDianne M. OdrobinaRepresentative Glenn OxenderBeverly D. PapaiLois S. PawlusiakFrances H. PletzSenator John J. H. Schwarz, M.D.Senator Alma Wheeler SmithDavid L. TateGeorge M. Needham, SecretaryLIBRARY OF MICHIGANGeorge M. Needham, State LibrarianJeffrey P. Johnson, Deputy State LibrarianBusiness Services, Janet Laverty, DirectorCollection Management Services, Kathleen Menanteaux, DirectorHuman Resources, Robin VanAlstine, DirectorNetwork and Information Systems, Paul Groll, DirectorPublic Services, Susan E. Nearing, Director3

Library ofMichiganP.O. Box 30007717 West Allegan StreetLansing, MI 48909http://www.libofmich.lib.mi.usA


LIBRARY OF MICHIGAN(Area code 517 unless toll-free)717 West Allegan St., P.O. Box 30007, Lansing, MI 48909.httf)://www.libofmich.lib.mi.usEXECUTIVE DIVISIONCollection Development Coordinator373-1580373-5861Electronic Resources Coordinator373-1302Needham, George M., State Librarian . 373-5504Federal & State Documents Reference373-1300Library Law SpecialistJohnson, Jeffrey P.,Deputy State LibrarianContinuing Education & OutreachLibrary Services & Construction/Technology Act: ProgramPublic Information OfficeMichiCardStatewide Technology Training.Library of Michigan FoundationMichigan Center for the BookHUMAN 73-5578373-9487373-1297373-1297373-3610Administers human resources management functions for theLibrary, including employee compensation, classification,benefits, recruitment, staff development and training programs.VanAlstine, Robin D., HumanResources DirectorHuman Resources AdministratorLibrary Jobline373-1582373-1596373-1099BUSINESS SERVICES DIVISIONResponsible for preparing budgets, processing accounts payablesand receivables, and purchasing library materials. State aid topublic libraries, penal fines and library certification areadministered through this office. Federal Programs serveMichigan's libraries by planning, administration and fiscalmanagement of federal and other grant programs.Laverty, Janet, Business ServicesDirector373-1550373-1293Directory Changes373-9452Librarian Certification373-1296State Aid to Public Libraries/Penal Fines.373-7147State Programs Manager373-9593Telefax (State Programs)373-5815Federal Programs373-1587Federal Programs Manager373-5510Library Services & Construction/Technology Act: Fiscal & Administrative 373-5510Library Statistics373-5867Telefax (Federal Programs)373-5700Business OfficePUBLIC SERVICES DIVISION373-1300General Reference Coordinator373-1364Government Outreach373-1395Interlibrary Loan373-8926MI-only Telefax800-292-2431Out of State or Local Telefax373-3381Law Library Reference373-0630Michigan and Genealogy SpecialCollections Coordinator373-5860Reference Research Center373-1300Service for the Blind & Physically HandicappedToll-free statewide number800-992-9012SBPH SupervisorSBPH toll-free telefax (MI only)SBPH telefaxLansing-Based 73-8934COLLECTION MANAGEMENT SERVICESDIVISION373-5511Responsible for ordering, receiving and invoicing for books andmaterials for Main and Law; state and federal regional depositoryprograms; cataloging and processing of materials for Main andLaw collections; rare book program; preservation; bindery program.Menanteaux, Kathleen, CollectionManagement Services DirectorAcquisitionsCatalogingMichigan DocumentsAcquisitionsDepository LibrarianMichigan Newspaper ProjectPreservation/ConservationRare BookSerialsU.S. DocumentsAssisting SelectivesDisposal ListsRegional Librariancollections and circulating materials. Also provides library servicesHelp Deskto Michigan residents with visual and physical impairments.Internal Technology esponsible for computer networks and information systemsthroughout the Library of Michigan.and citizens of Michigan. Responsible for maintaining general and specialNearing, Susan E., Public 1373-9464373-9464373-3687NETWORK AND INFORMATION SYSTEMSDIVISION373-2549Groll, Paul, Network and InformationSystems DirectorDatabase ProgrammingProvides reference and research service to the legislature, state 373-2549373-5508Library Systems Specialist373-2497Microcomputer Network SupportSoftware Development373-5022373-1291

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIES WHOSE NAMES DO NOT INDICATE THEIR LOCATIONSALPHABETICAL LIST OF PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIESWHOSE NAMES Do NOT INDICATE THEIR LOCATIONSBeecher Community Library, Mt. MorrisAddison Branch Library, Addisonsee FLINTsee ADRIANBement Public LibraryAddison Township Public Librarysee ST. JOHNSsee LEONARDBenton Twp.-Potterville District LibraryAlcona County Librarysee POTTERVILLEsee HARRISVILLEBenzie Shores District LibraryAlfred Noble Branch LibrarySee FRANKFORTsee LIVONIABetsie Valley LibraryAlgansee Branch Library, Quincysee THOMPSONVILLEsee COLDWATERBlair Memorial LibraryAlgonac-Clay Township Library, Algonacsee CLAWSONsee PORT HURONBliss Township Branch Library, LeveringAllen Park Public Library, Allen Parksee MACKINAW CITYsee WAYNEBloomfield Township Public LibraryAlpine Branch Library, Comstock Parksee BLOOMFIELD HILLSsee GRAND RAPIDSBloomingdale Branch Library, BloomingdaleAlto Branch Library, Altosee DECATURsee GRAND RAPIDSBlue Bush Branch LibraryAlvah N. Belding Memorial Librarysee MONROEsee BELDINGBlue Water District LibraryAntwerp Sunshine Branch Library, Mattawansee PORT HURONsee DECATURBowen Branch LibraryArcadia Township Branch Library, Arcadiasee DETROITsee MANISTEEBoyne Falls Branch Library, Boyne FallsArcher A. Claytor Branch Librarysee WALLOON LAKEsee SAGINAWBranch District LibraryArthur J. Miller Branch Librarysee COLDWATERsee WARRENBrandon Township Public LibraryAuburn Area Branch Library, Auburnsee ORTONVILLEsee BAY CITYBrevort Township Library, MoranAu Gres Branch Library, Au Gressee SAULT STE. MARIEsee TAWAS CITYBritton Branch Library, BrittonAurelius Branch Librarysee ADRIANsee MASONBronson Branch Library, BronsonBacon Memorial District Librarysee COLDWATERBryant Branch Librarysee WYANDOTTEBaker Park Library, Burtonsee DEARBORNBuckley Branch-Wexford Librarysee FLINTBaldwin Public Librarysee CADILLACBullard Sanford Memorial Librarysee BIRMINGHAMBangor Branch Library, Bangorsee VASSARBurton Memorial Library, Burtonsee DECATURBay County Library Systemsee FLINTButman-Fish Branch Librarysee BAY CITYBayliss Public Librarysee SAGINAWByron Branch Library, Byron Centersee SAULT STE. MARIEBear Lake-Pleasanton Branch Library, Bear Lakesee GRAND RAPIDSsee MANISTEECai Branch LibraryBeaverton Branch Library, Beavertonsee WATERFORDsee GLADWINCaledonia Branch Library, CaledoniaBedford Branch Library, Temperancesee GRAND RAPIDSsee MONROECaledonia Branch Library,Hubbard LakeBeech Woods Reading Centersee SOUTHFIELDsee HARRISVILLE-5-7

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIES WHOSE NAMES DO NOT INDICATE THEIR LOCATIONSCampbell Branch LibraryCrawford County Librarysee DETROITsee GRAYLINGCapac Public Library, CapacCreston Branch Librarysee PORT HURONsee GRAND RAPIDSCarl Sandburg Branch LibraryCrockery Township Library, Nunicasee LIVONIAsee HOLLANDCarleton Branch Library, CarletonCromaine District Librarysee MONROEsee HARTLANDCarnegie Branch LibraryCrooked Tree District Librarysee JACKSONsee WALLOON LAKECaroline Kennedy Library, Dearborn HeightsCroton Public Librarysee WAYNEsee NEWAYGOCarp Lake Township LibraryCrystal Community Library, Crystalsee WHITE PINEsee CARSON CITYCascade Branch LibraryCurtis Library, Curtissee GRAND RAPIDSsee SAULT STE. MARIECass District LibraryCurtis Township Librarysee CASSOPOLISsee GLENNIEChandler Park Branch LibraryDalton Branch Library, Twin Lakesee DETROITChaney Branch Librarysee MUSKEGONDansville Branch Library, Dansvillesee DETROITCharles A. Ransom District Librarysee MASONDavison Area Library, Davisonsee PLAINWELLChase Branch Librarysee FLINTDelta Township Branch Library, Lansingsee DETROITChestnut Towers Librarysee MASONDickinson County Librarysee DOWAGIACClark Township Library, Cedarvillesee IRON MOUNTAINDorothy Hull Library of Windsor Townshipsee SAULT STE. MARIEClark lake Branch Library, Clark lakesee DIMONDALEDorothy M. Busch Branch Librarysee JACKSONClarksville Branch Library, Clarksvillesee WARRENDorsch Memorial Branch Librarysee SARANACClayton Branch Library, Claytonsee MONROEDowling Public Librarysee ADRIANClifford Branch Library, Cliffordsee HASTINGSDowntown Librarysee LAPEERClinton-Macomb Public Librarysee DETROITDrummond Island Library, Drummond Islandsee CLINTON TOWNSHIPClinton Township Public Librarysee SAULT STE. MARIEDuffield Branch Librarysee CLINTONClio Area Library, Cliosee DETROITDundee Branch Library, Dundeesee FLINTCody Branch Librarysee MONROEDunham Memorial Library, Shaftsburgsee FLINTCoe Township Branch Library, Shepherdsee PERRYDurand Memorial Library, Durandsee MT. PLEASANTColumbia Township Librarysee OWOSSOsee UNIONVILLEColumbiaville Branch Library, ColumbiavilleEast Bay Branch Librarysee LAPEERsee TRAVERSE CITYComstock Park Branch Library, Comstock ParkEast Grand Rapids Br. Lib., East Grand Rapidssee GRAND RAPIDSsee GRAND RAPIDSConcord Branch Library, ConcordEast Tawas Branch Library, East Tawassee JACKSONsee TAWAS CITYEastern Branch LibraryCone ly Branch Librarysee DETROITsee JACKSONCovert Branch Library, CovertEastwood Branch Librarysee KALAMAZOOsee DECATUR-6-

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIES WHOSE NAMES DO NOT INDICATE THEIR LOCATIONSEcorse Public Library, Ecorsesee WAYNEFruitport Branch Library, Fruitportsee MUSKEGONEcorse/Peters Branch LibrarySee YPSILANTIEdgar A. Guest Branch Librarysee WARRENEdison Branch Librarysee DETROITEdna C. Bentley Memorial Librarysee PERRYEdwardsburg Branch Library, Edwardsburgsee CASSOPOLISEgelston Branch Librarysee MUSKEGONElba Branch Librarysee LAPEERElk Township Librarysee PECKEllis Reference Information Centersee MonroeElmwood Park Branch Librarysee DETROITEngadine Library, Engadinesee SAULT STE. MARIEErie Branch Library, Eriesee MONROEEsper Branch Librarysee DEARBORNG. Lynn Campbell Library, Kimballsee PORT HURONGaines/Cutlerville Branch LibrarySee GRAND RAPIDSGarfield Memorial Librarysee CLAREGenesee District Librarysee FLINTGenesee Township Library, Geneseesee FLINTGeorgetown Township Libarysee JENISONGerrish-Higgins School District Public Librarysee ROSCOMMONGlen Lake Community Librarysee EMPIREGob les Branch Library, Gob lessee DECATURGood land Branch Libary, Imlay Citysee LAPEERGoodrich Library, Goodrichsee FLINTGrace A. Dow Memorial Librarysee MIDLANDGrand Blanc-McFarlene Library, Grand Blancsee FLINTFarmington Branch Library, Farmingtonsee FARMINGTON HILLSFarmington Community Librarysee FARMINGTON HILLSFenton-A.J. Phillips Library, Fentonsee FLINTFlat River Community Librarysee GreenvilleFlint Township-McCarty Librarysee FLINTFlushing Area Library, Flushingsee FLINTForest Township Library, Otisvillesee FLINTGrand Lake Branch Library, Presque Islesee ROGERS CITYGrandville Branch Library, Grandvillesee GRAND RAPIDSGrass Lake Branch Library, Grass Lakesee JACKSONGray Branch Librarysee DETROITGreenland Township Library, Mass Citysee ONTONAGONGrosse Pointe Park Branch Librarysee GROSSE POINTE FARMSGrosse Pointe Woods Branch Librarysee GROSSE POINTE FARMSForsyth Township Public Librarysee GWINNFoster Community Center Branch Librarysee LANSINGFranklin Branch Librarysee DETROITFred C. Fischer Public Library, Bellevillesee WAYNEFrederic Community Librarysee GRAYLINGFrederick Douglass Branch Librarysee DETROITFremont Township Branch Library, Winnsee MT. PLEASANTFrenchtown-Dixie Branch Librarysee MONROEHack ley Public Librarysee MUSKEGONHadley Branch Library, Hadleysee LAPEERHall-Fowler Memorial Librarysee IONIAHall Memorial Library, Ridgewaysee ADRIANHanover Branch Library, Hanoversee JACKSONHas lett Branch Library, Has lettsee MASONHelena Township Librarysee ALDENHenika Public Librarysee WAYLAND

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIES WHOSE NAMES DO NOT INDICATE THEIR LOCATIONSHenrietta Branch Library, Pleasant LakeKent District Librarysee JACKSONsee GRAND RAPIDSHermansville Branch Library, HermansvilleKentwood Branch Library, Kentwoodsee STEPHENSONsee GRAND RAPIDSHerrick Public LibraryKnapp Branch Librarysee HOLLANDsee DETROITHillman-Wright Memorial Library, HillmanKrause Memorial/Rockford Library, Rockfordsee ATLANTAsee GRAND RAPIDSHolt-Delhi Branch Library, HoltL. S. Navarre Branch Librarysee MASONHolton Branch Library, Holtonsee MONROELawrence Branch Library, Lawrencesee MUSKEGONHome Township Librarysee DECATURLawrence Memorial Librarysee EDMOREHoward Branch Library, Nilessee CLIMAXLeelanau Township Librarysee CASSOPOLISHoward Miller Public Librarysee NORTHPORTLeighton Township Librarysee ZEELANDHowe Memorial Librarysee MOLINELenawee County Librarysee BRECKENRIDGEHoyt Public Librarysee ADRIANLenox Township Librarysee SAGINAWHubbard Branch Librarysee NEW HAVENLeslie Branch Library, Lesliesee DETROITsee MASONIda Branch Library, IdaLevering Branch Library, Leveringsee MONROEsee MACKINAW CITYIndependence Township LibraryLewiston Branch Library, Lewistonsee CLARKSTONsee ATLANTAIngham County LibraryLincoln Branch Librarysee MASONsee DETROITInkster Public Library, InksterLincoln Branch Library, Lincolnsee WAYNEsee HARRISVILLEIosco-Arenac District LibraryLincoln Park Public Library, Lincoln Parksee TAWAS CITYsee WAYNEIra Township Library, Fair HavenLincoln Township Public Librarysee PORT HURONsee STEVENSVILLEIsabella Township Branch Library, RosebushLinden Library, Lindensee MT. PLEASANTsee FLINTLoutit LibraryJ. C. Wheeler Librarysee GRAND HAVENLovells Community Librarysee MARTINJacquelin E. Opperman Memorial Librarysee GRAYLINGLowell Branch Library, Lowellsee KINGSTONJames E. Wickson Memorial Librarysee GRAND RAPIDSLuella Reynolds-Onsted Comm. Library, Onstedsee FRANKENMUTHJamestown Township Library, Jamestownsee ADRIANLyon Township Branch Library, Higgins Lakesee HOLLANDJefferson Branch Librarysee ROSCOMMONLyon Township Public Librarysee DETROITJohannesburg Branch Library, Johannesburgsee NEW HUDSONsee GAYLORDJohn F. Kennedy, Jr. Library, Dearborn HeightsM. Alice Chapin Memorial Librarysee MARIONsee WAYNEJordan Valley District LibraryMacDonald Public Librarysee EAST JORDANsee NEW BALTIMOREMackinaw Area Public LibraryKaleva Branch Library, Kalevasee MACKINAW CITYMacomb County Librarysee MANISTEEsee CLINTON TOWNSHIP-8-10

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIES WHOSE NAMES DO NOT INDICATE THEIR LOCATIONSMorrice Village Library, MorriceMadison Square Branch Librarysee CORUNNAsee GRAND RAPIDSMorton Township Public LibraryManton Public Library, Mantonsee MECOSTAsee CADILLACMount Morris Library, Mt. MorrisMarguerite de Angeli Branch Librarysee FLINTsee LAPEERMunicipal Reference LibraryMarine City Public Library, Marine Citysee DETROITsee PORT HURONMuskegon Heights Branch Lib., Muskegon HeightsMark Twain Branch Librarysee MUSKEGONsee DETROITMary Johnston Memorial Library, StandishNapoleon Branch Library, Napoleonsee TAWAS CITYMarysville Public Library, Marysvillesee JACKSONNellie S. Loving Branch Librarysee PORT HURONMason Branch Librarysee ANN ARBORNorth Flint Librarysee MASONMason County District Librarysee LudingtonMason-Union Branch Library, Edwardsburgsee FLINTNortheast Branch Librarysee ANN ARBORNortheast Ottawa District Librarysee CASSOPOLISMaud Preston Palenske Memorial Librarysee COOPERSVILLENorthfield Township Area Librarysee ST. JOSEPHMaybee Branch Library, Maybeesee WHITMORE LAKENorton Shores Branch Librarysee MONROEMaybelle Burnette Branch Librarysee MUSKEGONNottawa Township Librarysee WARRENMcGregor Public Librarysee CENTREVILLEsee HIGHLAND PARKOakland County Research LibraryMcMillan Township Librarysee PONTIACsee EWENOakland Park Towers Branch LibraryMeijer Branch Librarysee TROYsee JACKSONOgemaw District LibraryMelvindale Public Library, Melvindalesee ROSE CITYsee WAYNEOgemaw East Branch Library, PrescottMemphis Public Library, Memphissee PORT HURONsee ROSE CITYOkemos Branch Library, OkemosMenominee County Librarysee MASONsee STEPHENSONOmer Branch Library, OmerMesick Public Library, Mesicksee TAWAS CITYsee CADILLACOnaway Branch Library, OnawayMetamora Branch Library, Metamorasee ROGERS CITYsee LAPEEROnekama Branch Library, OnekamaMikado Township Branch Library, Mikadosee MANISTEEsee HARRISVILLEOrion Township Public LibraryMissaukee District Librarysee LAKE ORIONsee LAKE CITYOsceola Township School Public LibraryMitchell Public Librarysee DOLLAR BAYsee HILLSDALEOscoda County LibraryMontague Branch Library, Montaguesee MIOsee MUSKEGONOshtemo Branch LibraryMontgomery Librarysee KALAMAZOOsee CAMDENOtsego County LibraryMonteith Branch Librarysee GAYLORDsee DETROITOttawa Hills Branch LibraryMontmorency County Public Librarysee GRAND RAPIDSsee ATLANTAOtter Lake Branch Library, Otter LakeMontrose-Jennings Library, Montrosesee LAPEERsee FLINTMoore Public Librarysee LEXINGTON-9-

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIES WHOSE NAMES DO NOT INDICATE THEIR LOCATIONSParkman Branch LibraryRobert J. Parks Library, Oscodasee DETROITsee TAWAS CITYParma Branch Library, ParmaRoberts-Ingold Memorial Library, Deerfieldsee JACKSONsee ADRIANPathfinder Community LibraryRockland Township Library, Rocklandsee BALDWINsee ONTONAGONPellston Branch Library, PellstonRolland Township Branch Library, Blanchardsee MACKINAW CITYsee MT. PLEASANTPeninsula Community LibraryRomulus Library, Romulussee TRAVERSE CITYsee WAYNEPerkins Branch Library, PerkinsRothburg Branch Librarysee ESCANABAsee SHELBYPerkins Library of Lennon, LennonRoyal Oak Township Librarysee CORUNNAsee FERNDALEPeter White Public LibraryRudolph C. Zauel Memorial Librarysee MARQUETTEsee SAGINAWPinconning Branch Library, PinconningRuth Brady Wickes Branch Librarysee BAY CITYsee SAGINAWPlainfield Branch LibraryRuth Hughes Memorial Librarysee GRAND RAPIDSsee IMLAY CITYPlainfield Township Branch Library, HaleSage Branch Librarysee TAWAS CITYPortage Lake District Librarysee BAY CITYsee HOUGHTONSt. Clair Public Library, St. ClairPosen Branch Library, Posensee PORT HURONSalem-South Lyon District Librarysee ROGERS CITYPowell Branch Librarysee SOUTH LYONsee KALAMAZOOSalem Township LibraryPresque Isle District Librarysee BURNIPSSand Lake Branch Library, Sand Lakesee ROGERS CITYPutnam Public Librarysee GRAND RAPIDSSanilac Township Librarysee NASHVILLEsee PORT SANILACQuincy Branch Library, QuincySaugatuck-Douglas District Librarysee COLDWATERsee DOUGLASSchultz-Holmes Library, BlissfieldRasey Memorial Branch Library, Luna Piersee ADRIANsee MONROEScottville Library, ScottvilleRauchholz Memorial Librarysee LUDINGTONsee HEMLOCKSeville Township Public LibraryRavenna Branch Library, Ravennasee RIVERDALESeymour Branch Librarysee MUSKEGONRawson Memorial Librarysee GRAND RAPIDSSherwood Branch Library, Sherwoodsee CASS CITYRedford Branch Librarysee COLDWATERsee DETROITSherwood Forest Branch LibraryReynolds Township Librarysee DETROITShiawassee County Librarysee HOWARD CITYRichard Branch Librarysee CORUNNAsee DETROITShiawassee District LibraryRichfield Township Public Librarysee OWOSSOShiawassee Township Library, Bancroftsee ST. HELENRichland Township Librarysee CORUNNASkidway Lake Branch Library, Prescottsee VESTABURGRichmond Township Librarysee ROSE CITYSleeper Public Librarysee PALMERRiver Rouge Library, River Rougesee UBLYSnow Branch Librarysee WAYNERobert A. Vivian Branch Librarysee DEARBORNsee MONROE-10-12

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIES WHOSE NAMES DO NOT INDICATE THEIR LOCATIONSSolomonson Branch Library, NorwayUnity District Librarysee IRON MOUNTAINsee REESESouth Rockwood Branch Library, South Rockwoodsee MONROEVan Buren District LibrarySouth Side Branch Librarysee BAY CITYsee DECATURVanderbilt Branch Library, VanderbiltSouthgate Veterans Library, Southgatesee WAYNEsee GAYLORDVest Pocket Librarysee LIVONIASpies Public Librarysee MENOMINEEVeterans Memorial LibrarySpring Arbor Branch Library, Spring Arborsee MT. PLEASANTsee JACKSONSpringfield Township Public LibraryWalker Branch Library, Walkersee GRAND RAPIDSsee DAVISBURGSpringport Branch Library, SpringportWalker Memorial Branch Library, North Muskegonsee MUSKEGONsee JACKSONStair Public LibraryWalt Whitman Branch Librarysee WARRENsee MORENCIStockbridge Branch Library, StockbridgeWalton Erickson Public Librarysee MORLEYsee MASONSummerfield-Petersburg Branch Library, PetersburgWarner Baird District Librarysee SPRING LAKEsee MONROESummit Branch LibraryWashington Branch Library, Washingtonsee ROMEOsee JACKSONSurrey Township Public LibraryWashington Square Branch Librarysee KALAMAZOOsee FARWELLSwartz Creek-Perkins Library, Swartz CreekWashtenaw County Librarysee ANN ARBORsee FLINTWatertown Township LibraryTahquamenon Area School Public Librarysee NEWBERRYsee FOSTORIAWebberville Branch Library, WebbervilleTamarack Public Librarysee LAKEVIEWsee MASONWeidman Branch Public Library, WeidmanTaylor Community Library, Taylorsee WAYNEsee MOUNT PLEASANTWellston Branch Library, WellstonTaymouth Township Librarysee BURTsee MANISTEEWest Branch LibraryTheodore A. Cutler Memorial Librarysee ST. LOUISsee ANN ARBORWest Flint LibraryThomas Township Librarysee SAGINAWsee FLINTWest Iron District LibraryThomas E. Fleschner Memorial Librarysee BIRCH RUNsee IRON RIVERWest Side Branch LibraryThompson Home Public Librarysee ITHACAsee GRAND RAPIDSWestacres Branch LibraryThornapple Kellogg School-Community Librarysee MIDDLEVILLEsee WEST BLOOMFIELDWheatland Township LibraryTraverse Area District Librarysee TRAVERSE CITYsee REMUSWhite Pine LibraryTrenton Veterans Memorial Library, Trentonsee WAYNEsee STANTONWhitefish Township Public LibraryTustin Public Library, Tustinsee CADILLACsee PARADISEWhittemore Branch Library, WhittemoreTwin Township Public/School Library, New Lothrupsee CORUNNAsee TAWAS CITYWilder Branch LibraryTyrone Township Branch LibrarySee GRAND RAPIDSsee DETROITWillard Librarysee BATTLE CREEKUnion Township Branch Library, Union CityWilliam H. Aitkin Memorial Librarysee CROSWELLsee COLDWATER3

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIES WHOSE NAMES DO NOT INDICATE THEIR LOCATIONSWilliam P. Faust Public Library of Westlandsee WESTLANDWilliamston Branch Library, Williamstonsee MASONWyoming Branch Library, Wyomingsee GRAND RAPIDSYale Public Library, Yalesee PORT HURONYankee Clipper Branch Librarysee GRAND RAPIDSABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS DIRECTORYBr. - BranchPub. PublicDist. DistrictLib. - LibrarySch.Dist. School DistrictCo.CountyElem. ElementaryMem. MemorialTwp. - TownshipComm. - CommunityVill. - Village* Must call before sending telefacsimile documents14-12-

Public andBranchLibraries

PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIESADRIANSchultz-Holmes Library/brAdrian Public Library/city407 South Lane StreetBlissfield, MI 49228-1232Barbara Klump, Branch Librarian517-486-2858143 East Maumee StreetAdrian, MI 49221-2703Jule J. Fosbender, DirectorEmail: adrian@monroe.lib.mi.us517-265-2265Fax: 517-265-8847M-Tu,Th 10-9; W, F 10-5:30; Sa 9:30-5:30County: LenaweeCoop: WoodlandsFAX: 517-486-3565M-Tu,Th 10:30-8; F-Sa 10:30-4:30ALANSONAlanson Area Public Library/dist7631 Burr AvenueAlanson, MI 49706-0037Mary M. Ivey, DirectorEmail: Alansonl@Northland.lib.mi.us616-548-5465Fax: 616-548-5465*Tu 12-7, W-Th 10-5County: EmmetCoop: NorthlandLenawee County Library/co4459 West U.S. 223Adrian, MI 49221-9461Karen E. Lindquist, DirectorEmail: Lenawee@Monroe.lib.mi.us517-263-1011Fax: 517-263-7109M 10-9; Tu-Sa 10-6County: LenaweeCoop: WoodlandsALBIONAlbion Public Library/city501 South Superior StreetAlbion, MI 49224-2137Karen Sherrard, DirectorEmail: albion@monroe.lib.mi.usURL: www.forks.org/library517-629-3993Fax: 517-629-5354Kathleen R. Seidl, Fax ContactTDD: 517-629-3994M-Tu 10-9; W-Th 10-7; Sa-Su 1-5Addison Branch Library/br102 South Talbot StreetBox 234Addison, MI 49221Janet Thomas, Branch Librarian517-547-3414FAX: 517-547-3414*M,W 11-5; F 4-7:30; Sa 10:30-4Britton Branch Library/brCounty: Calhoun120 College AvenueBox 309Britton, MI 49229-9705Donna Price, Branch Librarian517-451-2860FAX: 517-451-2860*M 12:30-8; W 12-6; F 12-5; Sa 1-4Coop: WoodlandsALDENHelena Township Public Library/twp/Michicard8751 Helena RoadAlden, MI 49612-9703Gay I. Anderson, DirectorEmail: aq185@traverse.lib.mi.us616-331-4318Fax: 616-331-4245M-F 9-5:30County: AntrimCoop: Mid-MichiganClayton Branch Library/br1102 Center StreetP.O. Box 116Clayton, MI 49235-0116Virginia Wentz, Branch Librarian517-445-2619FAX: 517-445-2619*M 10-6; W 10-8; Sa 10-4:30ALLEGANAllegan Public Library/city/Michicard331 Hubbard StreetAllegan, MI 49010-1258Ann Perrigo, DirectorHall Memorial Library/brP.O. Box 609Ridge HighwayRidgeway, MI 49275-0609Rose DeJonghe, Branch LibrarianM, W, F 5:30-8:30; Sa 1-5Email: perrigoa @mlc.lib.mi.us616-673-4625Fax: 616-673-8661M-Th 12-9; F-Sa 9-5:30County: AlleganCoop: Southwest MichiganLuella Reynolds-Onsted Commission Library/br108 South Main Street, Box 248Onsted, MI 49265-9763Barbara Hess, Branch Librarian517-467-2623ALLENDALEAllendale Township Library/twp/Michicard6410 Lake Michigan DriveAllendale, MI 49401-9510Janice Sall, DirectorEmail: alljgs@lakeland.lib.mi.usFAX: 517-467-6298M 1-8; Tu, F 1-5; W 9-12,1-5; Sa 9-1Roberts-Ingold Memorial Library/brURL: 616-895-5178M,F-Sa 9-5, Tu-Th 1-9170 Raisin Street # 248Deerfield, MI 49238-9717Regina Holubik, Branch Librarian517-447-3400County: OttawaCoop: LakelandFAX: 517-447-3400*M,F 12-5; W 12-5,7-9; Sa 10:30-3:3016-14-

PUBLIC AND BRANCH LIBRARIESNortheast Branch Library/brALMA2713 Plymouth RoadAnn Arbor, MI 48105-2427Shutta Crum, Branch ManagerEmail: crum @tln.lib.mi.us313-996-3180Alma Public Library/city/Michicard351 North Court AvenueAlma, MI 48801-0278Bryan E. Dinwoody, DirectorEmail: dinwoody@alma.lib.mi.usURL: http://www.alma.lib.mi.us517-463-3966FAX: 313-994-1856M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5Fax: 517-466-5901M, F 12-9, Tu-Th 9:30-9, Sa 9:30-5:30West Branch Library/br2503 Jackson AvenueAnn Arbor, MI 48103-3818Robert R. Pilkerton, Branch ManagerEmail: rpilker @tln.lib.mi.us313-994-1674FAX: 313-994-1857M-Th 10-9; F-Sa 10-6; Su 1-5County: GratiotCoop: CapitalALMONTAlmont District Li

Delta Township Branch Library, Lansing. see MASON. Dickinson County Library. see IRON MOUNTAIN. Dorothy Hull Library of Windsor Township. see DIMONDALE. Dorothy M. Busch Branch Library. see WARREN. Dorsch Memorial Branch Library. see MONROE. Dowling Public Library. see HASTINGS. Downtown Library. see DETROIT. Drummond Island Library,

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