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L&T FORGED STEELGATE, GLOBE & CHECKVALVESASME Class 150 - 25008mm - 50mm (1/4” - 2”)api 602 bs 5352BS 6364asme b16.34 mss sp 84Authorised Stockists:-Oriental Trading Co.3575, Netaji Subhash MargDaryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 23269588email : sales@orientalgroup.co.in sales@orientalvalves.com

L&T Valves Limited is a leading valve manufacturer, with a strong presence in India and overseas. The company has twomanufacturing facilities located in Southern India - in Manapakkam, Chennai and Kancheepuram. The plants are equippedwith modern manufacturing facilities including special-purpose machines, automatic welding equipment, heat treatmentfurnaces and testing equipment for total control of all manufacturing operations. In-house metallurgical and NDE laboratoriesand calibration facilities with modern equipment provide support to ensure the quality of products manufactured.L&T manufactures a wide variety of industrial valves. The Quality Management System of the plants is certified to complywith ISO 9001:2008.requirements Complying with the Codes,Standards,     Customer Specifications,Statutory and Regulatory requirementsas applicable to our Products Continually improving the effectivenessof Quality Management System to addvalue to our ProductsAuthorised Stockists:-Oriental Trading Co.3575, Netaji Subhash MargDaryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 23269588email : sales@orientalgroup.co.in sales@orientalvalves.com02FB - Full Bore - bore conforms to BS 5352 Standard BoreSP - Standard Port - bore conforms to API 602 Standard PortL&T Manufacturing Programmequality consistent with the customerapi 602 / bs 5352 Maintaining a high standard ofbs 5352We achieve this by1/4” 3/8” 1/2” 3/4” 1” 11/4” 11/2” 2”BS API5352 602Total Customer SatisfactionASMEClassbs 6364L&T Valves Limited is commit ted toEndConn. screwed/800 RB sock.wld Fbsock.wld 1500 SP 150 RBGate Valves FB flanged300 RB FB 600 RB FB screwed/ 800 RB sock.wld Fb 150 RB FBGlobe & Check Valvesflanged300 RB FB 600 RB FB Bellows-Sealed800 RBGate Valves screwed/ FB Bellows-Sealed sock.wld 800 RBGlobe Valves FB screwed/ 800 RB sock.wld FB Cryogenic150 RB FB Gate & Globe flangedValves300 RB FB 600 RB FB Y-patternscrewed/ 1500 FB Globe Valves sock.wld/ 2500 FB Y-pattern1500 FB butt.wldCheck Valves 2500FB RB - Reduced Bore - bore conforms to BS 5352 Reduced Bore and API 602 Standard Portd e s i g n st a n d a r dQQuality PolicyValveTypeaSME B16.34/mss sp 84IntroductionL&T Forged Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves have established themselves the world over for their quality, reliabilityand long service. Rugged and compact in design, these valves are manufactured to the latest international designs usingadvanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control checks. The valves are regularly supplied to major Indianand international clients including oil refining companies and EPC contractors. They are available in a range of sizes startingfrom 1/4” to 2” (in reduced-bore design) and from 3/8” to 11/2” (in full-bore design).

Pressuretesting as per API 598 - for ASTM A105 and 02112200155800- for other materialsH y d r o st a t i cSeat ClosureBack SeatShell30002112200155-2200-155---* Test pressure values are for ASTM A105 and LF2 materials of construction.For other materials, substitute corresponding figures from the table alongside. Forcheck valves, low pressure hydrostatic closure test is carried out at 25% of the highpressure closure test.Authorised Stockists:-Working Pressure (in psi)ASMEF304,F5,F9F304L,F316,ClassAI RHigh Pressure Low Pressurepsikg/cm2 al InformationValve 033006.3Oriental Trading Co.3575, Netaji Subhash MargDaryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 23269588Compliance Standardsemail : sales@orientalgroup.co.in sales@orientalvalves.comFace-to-faceEnd ConnectiondimensionValve Type Valve DesignASME B1.20.1 (NPT) BS 21 / ISO 7API 602*L&T StandardGate Valves(screwed - taper)BS 5352(screwed/socket-weld/BS2779/ISO 228 BS 21 / ISO 7butt-weld)(screwed - parallel)Globe andBS5352*Check ValvesASME B16.11ASME B16.10(socket-weld)BS 2080Cryo Gate &(flanged)ASME B16.5 RF 125-250 RaBS 6364Globe Valves(flanged)Y-Globe and ASME B16.34see page 10L&T StandardCheck Valves mss sp 84Pressure / Temp.rating**Valve inspectionand testingAPI 602ASME B16.34API 598BS 5352BS 5352ASME B16.34API 598BS 5352BS 6364BS 6364API 598 BS 5352ASME 16.34API 598For Class 150 valves, the flange drilling dimensions will be as per Class 150 and all other dimensions as per Class 300.End flanges are welded onto the body.Bellows-Sealed Gate and Globe valves conform to BS 5352.Socket-weld Class 800 Reduced Bore valves conform to Class 3000 (or Sch.80/Sch.XS) fit tings of ASME B16.11.Socket-weld Class 800 Full Bore valves conform to Class 6000 (or Sch.160) fit tings of ASME B16.11.Socket-weld Class 1500 Standard Port valves conform to Class 9000 (or Sch.X XS) fit tings of ASME B16.11.*Full Bore design also conforms to ASME B16.34 ** API 602/BS 5352 for Class 800 and ASME B16.34 for Class 150/300/600/1500/2500.Ordering Information - Straight-pattern ��2”Valve TypePressure Class2 - Gate5 - Globe8 - Check13568-Class 150Class 300Class 1500Class 600Class 800End Connection1 - Screwed NPT2 - Socket-weld3 - Flanged4 - Screwed BSPparallel5 - Screwed BSPtaperOrdering Information - Y-pattern ValvesSize15 20 25 40 50 -15mm20mm25mm40mm50mmValve typeglobe6 - Scr. Bonnet7 - Seal-weldedBonnetcheck8 - Scr. Cap9 - Seal-weldedCapPressure ClassEnd Connection15- Class 150025- Class 25003 - Butt-weld4 - Screwed NPT5 - Socket-weldTrimBody Material01 - 13% Cr.05 - HF08 - 13% Cr. HFNIL - A105LF2F5F11F22F304 / F304LF316 / F316LF347MonelAPI Trim Nos.10, 12, etc.,also availableTrimU - HardfacedseatingsurfaceOptionsNILFBWBLAEBSCR- Reduced / Standard Bore- Full Bore- Welded Bonnet- Locking Arrangement- Electrical Actuator- Bellows-Sealed- CryogenicOptionsBody materialNIL - A105F11F22F316F316LF347NIL - StandardIBR - IBR-certifiedFamiliarity with our catalogue numbering is not necessary when specif ying or ordering our valves. A fulldescription of the valve provided by you is translated into a catalogue number as per the system shown.For any other special requirement, add SPL to the catalogue number and provide details.03

L&T Straight-pattern ValvesStraight-pat tern Gate/Globe/Check ValvesSalient features Bolted body-bonnet design for valves up to Class 800.Valves with welded bonnet also available on request Screwed with seal-welded body-bonnet designfor valves of Class 1500 Bellows-sealed Gate and Globe valves available in Class800 Bolted body-bonnet joints provided with spiral-woundstainless steel gasket and graphite filler for maximumprotection against leaks Die-formed graphite inner packing rings and braidedgraphite end rings with Inconel wire reinforcement andcorrosion inhibitor T-head stem-disc connection of gate valve fully meetsstrength requirements of API 602 and API 598 Rolled ACME thread on stem for smooth operation Tapered shoulder on the stem for back seating Self-aligning type gland assembly with stud-and-nuttightening Integral hard-faced body seat for globe and check valves Spring-loaded disc on check valves suitable for nonhorizontal applications too Gate and globe valves can be of fered with electricalactuators Austenitic SS forging for body and bonnet of Cryogenicvalves, resulting in excellent impact strength, minimal heatloss and resistance to corrosion Valves can be of fered to NACE MR-0175 and other specialNACE requirements Valves can be supplied with IBR certificationBody and Trim CombinationsBody & Bonnet/CoverASTM A105ASTM A182 Gr. F5ASTM A182 Gr. F9ASTM A182 Gr. F11ASTM A182 Gr. F22ASTM A182 Gr. F304ASTM A182 Gr. F316ASTM A350 Gr. LF2Trim numbers01 / 08 / 0508 / 0508 / 0508 / 0508 / 0502 / 1510 / 12 / 16Authorised Stockists:-08 / 16Oriental Trading Co.3575, Netaji Subhash MargOther materials of construction such as F316L / F304L also available.Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 23269588Trim MaterialsL&T Forged Steel Valves are of fered with trims shown below, to suit a variety of services.Trim No.(API 602)StemMaterialDiscBody Seat13% Cr. Steel13% Cr. Steel01Gate ValvesASTM A479 Type 41008Gate, Globe and Check ValvesASTM A479 Type 41010Gate ValvesASTM A479 Type 3160502121504Valve Type16Gate, Globe and Check ValvesGate ValvesGate, Globe and Check ValvesGate, Globe and Check ValvesGate, Globe and Check Valvesemail : sales@orientalgroup.co.in sales@orientalvalves.comSeating SurfacesASTM A479 Type 410HFHFASTM A479 Type 304SS 304SS 304ASTM A479 Type 316ASTM A479 Type 304ASTM A479 Type 316HF - Hard Faced with Cobalt-Chromium-Tungsten alloy (Stellite #6)13% Cr. SteelSS 316SS 316SS 304 HFSS 316 HFHFSS 316HFHFHF

Material Specification (Typical for Fig No. 28101)Sl. No.Part DescriptionSpecification1 Body ASTM A1052 Bonnet ASTM A1053StemASTM A479 Type 4104Wedge Disc ASTM A217 Gr. CA155 Body Seat RingASTM A276 Type 410Graphite moulded rings withbraided top / bottom rings6Stem packingSpiral-wound SS type 3047Gasketwith graphite filler8Cap Screws ASTM A193 Gr. B79Gland BushASTM A276 Type 41010Gland Flange ASTM A105ASTM A276 Type 410 /11Gland Stud / NutASTM A194 Gr. 2H12Yoke SleeveASTM A582 Type 41613Identification Plate Aluminium (anodised)14HandwheelSG Iron / Steel15Handwheel NutSteelScrewed/Socket-weld ends (in inches, unless specified)Class800CValve size1/4 (8)**3/8 (10)1/2 (15)3/4 (20)1 (25)11/4 .946. (50)** 5.1211.44.70FB-0GD (min)E0.5550.381/2 0.8553/4 1.0651 1.33011/4 1.67510.0-03/8 0.6906.27.54.7011/2 (40)aBAinch (mm)l211/2 1.915-2.406ateVAuthorised Stockists:-Oriental Trading Co.3575, Netaji Subhash MargDaryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 23269588email : sales@orientalgroup.co.in sales@orientalvalves.comC l a ssValve sizeinch (mm)A1/2 (15)1 (25)3/4 (20)11/4 (32)11/2 (40)2 .5010. a t eøD1.007.510.0-4.625.256.500.750.821.252.00-inch (mm)A1/2 (15)1 (25)11/4 (32)11/2 (40)2 (50)9.1øFApp. Wt. 57.113.5-C l ass 1 5 0 / 3 0 0 Gate V a l vesValve size3/4 (20)6.0FB0.811.611.44RB0.621.381.19V a lv e sEFlanged ends (in inches, unless specified)Class 0.501.65.506 0 0C0.385.50FBFB0.25-0.50RBRBsApp. Wt. (kg)FBRBFB3.250.50eRB0.380.38lvGFlanged ends (in inches, unless specified)Class 600aFL&T Straight-pattern ValvesGate ValvesBCClass 150Class 300ø D .004.620.825.25 1.386.12 50.810.883.255.505.507.254.005.507.25-05

Material Specification (Typical for Fig No. 25101)Sl. No.Part DescriptionSpecification1 Body ASTM A1052 Bonnet ASTM A1053Stem4ASTM A479 Type 410Wedge Disc ASTM A217 Gr. CA155 Body Seat RingASTM A276 Type 410Spiral-wound SS type 304with graphite filler6GasketGraphite moulded rings withbraided top/bottom rings7Stem packing8Gland Bush9ASTM A276 Type 410Gland Flange ASTM A105ASTM A276 Type 410 /ASTM A194 Gr. 2H10Gland Stud / Nut11Yoke Sleeve14Handwheel Nut12Identification Plate Aluminium (anodised)13Class 1500 Standard Port (in inches)Valve size1/23/41SG Iron / SteelSteelfl a n g e de n d sBCD 507.251.102 11.00 10.926.251.252.4060.6214.00 1.500 14.50 19.108.502.00(15)(25)11/4 (32)11/2 (40)2HandwheelAinch (mm)3/8scr e w e d / s o c k e t - w e l d e n d sASTM A582 Type 07.250.3758.509.000.625 10.007.327.501.102 12.00 50 14.00 1.500Authorised Stockists:-For weights, refer to L&TL&T Straight-pattern ValvesGate ValvesOriental Trading Co.3575, Netaji Subhash MargBellows-Sealed Gate and Globe ValvesDaryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Class 800 - Reduced Bore and Full Bore (for dimensions, refer to L&T)Material Specification (Standard)Sl. No.06Part DescriptionPh : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 23269588email : sales@orientalgroup.co.in sales@orientalvalves.comSpecification1 Body ASTM A105, in-situ stellited seat2Pipe (top/bottom) ASTM A1053Stem ASTM A479 Type 316ASTM A351 Gr. CF8M,4Discseat face stellitedASTM A276 Type 316,5Seat Ringseat face stellitedSpiral-wound SS 3166Gasketwith graphite filler7 BellowsSS 316L8Cap Screw ASTM A193 Gr. B79Guide ASTM A276 Type 31610 Bonnet ASTM A10511PackingGraphite rings with braided end rings12Gland ASTM A276 Type 31613Gland Flange ASTM A10514Stud ASTM A276 Type 41015Nut ASTM A194 Gr. 2H16Yoke Sleeve ASTM A582 Type 41617HandwheelSG Iron / Mall. Iron18Plug (1/16 NPT)Carbon SteelNote : Valves are available with screwed and socket-weld ends.For dimensions, refer to L&T

Material Specification (Typical for Fig No. 58108)Sl. No.Part DescriptionSpecification1 Body ASTM A105, in-situ stellited seat2 Bonnet ASTM A1053Stem4ASTM A479 Type 410Plug Disc ASTM A217 Gr. CA15Graphite moulded rings withbraided top / bottom rings5Stem packingSpiral-wound SS type 304with graphite filler6Gasket7Cap Screws ASTM A193 Gr. B78Gland Bush9ASTM A276 Type 410Gland Flange ASTM A105ASTM A276 Type 410 /ASTM A194 Gr. 2H10Gland Stud / Nut11Yoke Bush14Handwheel Nut1213Class800ASTM A582 Type 416Identification Plate Aluminium (anodised)HandwheelSG Iron / SteelSteelScrewed/Socket-weld ends (in inches, unless specified)CValve sizeinch (mm)A1/4 (8)3.203/8 (10)1/2 (15)1 (25)11/4 (32)2 (50)Class 600Authorised Stockists:-Oriental Trading Co.3575, Netaji Subhash MargDaryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 09.611.69.6-GLOD (min)E0.5550.381/2 0.8553/4 1.0651 1.33011/4 1.6759.611.603/8 0.6906.44.85211/2 1.915-2.406ABinch (mm)RBFBRBFB1/2 (15) (25)*9.611/4 (32)11/2 (40)2 6.7-App. Wt. 620.811.004.005.507.25ABC4.005.50-ø D EFBRBFBClass 150Class 3001/2 (15) (25)*9.5511.602 (50)6.71.17RB11/2 (40)3.65.411.419.17.413.5-C l ass 1 5 0 / 3 0 0 GLO B e V a l vesValve size11/4 -0.940.500.50App. Wt. (kg)FBRBFB3.250.50vesRB3.250.38lG0.38Flanged ends (in inches, unless specified)inch (mm)eC l ass 6 0 0 GLO B e V a l vesValve size3/4 (20)BFFlanged ends (in inches, unless specified)3/4 (20)* Greater thanASME B16.10 / BS 2080FB4.00email : sales@orientalgroup.co.in orientaltrading@rediffmail.com* Greater thanASME B16.10 / BS 20800RB5.88.808C5.86.4011/2 (40)assB3.203.203/4 (20)lL&T Straight-pattern ValvesGlobe 507.254.005.507.25-07

L&T Straight-pattern ValvesMaterial Specification (Typical for Fig No. 88108)Check ValvesSl. No.Specification1 Body ASTM A105, in-situ stellited seat2Cover ASTM A1053Piston Disc ASTM A276 Type 4104SpringSS 302Spiral-wound SS type 304with graphite filler5Gasket6Cap Screws ASTM A193 Gr. B77Identification Plate Aluminium (anodised)Authorised Stockists:-Oriental Trading Co.3575, Netaji Subhash MargDaryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 23269588Minimum differential pressure of 1 bar required for operating the valve.email : sales@orientalgroup.co.in orientaltrading@rediffmail.comScrewed/Socket-weld ends (in inches, unless specified)C l a ssValve sizeinch (mm)1/4 (8)3/8 (10)1/2 (15)3/4 (20)1 (25)11/4 (32)11/2 (40)2 (50)AFBRB3.208 0 56.402.63.58.803.54.18.80-3.54.1CD (min)E1/40.5550.380.8550.383 /80.6901 /22.36.406.406.402.1C HE C K3 /41.06513.511/4-2C l a ssValve sizeA6 0 0Binch (mm)RBFBRBFB1/2 (15) (25) (20)11/4 (32)11/2 (40)2 .9150.501.171.444.36.80.500.940.621.44-4.46.8V a lv e søDC1.17EApp. Wt. 6.500.620.811.612.00-1.00CH ECKB4.ø D ERBFBRBFBClass 150Class 3001/2 (15) 3/4 (20)11/4 (32)11/2 (40)2 6006.2V a l vesCClass8001.52.4C HE C K4.62-0.942.406C l ass 1 5 0 / 3 0 0Valve sizeRB0.69Flanged ends (in inches, unless specified)inch (mm)App. Wt. (kg)FBRBRB2.63.5G0.501.67511/2V a lv e s1.330Flanged ends (in inches, unless specified)08Part Description* Greater thanASME B16.10 / BS 2080Class150/3000.620.750.810.88* Greater thanASME B16.10 / BS 2080

Material Specification (Standard)Sl. No.Part DescriptionSpecification1 Body ASTM A182 Gr. F304/F3162Cover Flange ASTM A182 Gr. F304/F3163Extension Column ASTM A312 Gr. TP304L/316L4 Bonnet ASTM A182 Gr. F304/F3165Cap Screw ASTM A320 Gr. B8 Cl. 26Stem ASTM A479 Gr. 304/316ASTM A351 Gr. CF8/CF8M with7Wedge Discsuitable seating surfaceType 304/316 with8 BodySeat Ringsuitable seating surfaceSpiral-wound SS type 3049Gasketwith graphite fillerGraphite moulded rings with10Stem packingbraided top/bottom rings11Gland BushType 304/316 SS12Gland Flange ASTM A182 Gr. F304/F316ASTM A320 Gr. B8 Cl. 2/13Gland, Stud and NutASTM A194 Gr. 814Yoke SleeveType 416 SSSintered Bronze/SS-backed PTFE/15Thrust WasherCS-backed PTFE16Identification Plate Aluminium (anodised)17HandwheelSG Iron / Steel18Handwheel NutSteelCryogenic Globe Valves Material Specification (Standard)Sl. No.Part DescriptionSpecificationASTM A182 Gr. F304/F316,1 Bodyin-situ stellited seat2Cover Flange ASTM A182 Gr. F304/F3163Extension Column ASTM A312 Gr. TP304L/316L4 Bonnet ASTM A182 Gr. F304/F3165Cap Screw ASTM A320 Gr. B8 Cl. 26Stem ASTM A479 Gr. 304/316ASTM A351 Gr. CF8/CF8M with7Plug Discsuitable seating surfaceSpiral-wound SS type 3048Gasketwith graphite fillerGraphite moulded rings with9Stem packingbraided top/bottom rings10Gland BushType 304/316 SS11Gland Flange ASTM A182 Gr. F304/F316ASTM A320 Gr. B8 Cl. 2/12Gland, Stud and Nut ASTM A194 Gr. 813Yoke BushType 416 SS14Identification Plate Aluminium (anodised)15HandwheelSG Iron / Steel16Handwheel NutSteelClass 800 Screwed/Socket-weld ends (in inches, unless specified)C l ass 8 0 0Valve sizeinch (mm)1/2 (15)3/4 (20)1 (25)11/4 (32)11/2 (40)2 (50)GATE3.94AGLOBEFBRB3.204.00C R Y O Gate / GLO B .020.021.820.021.8FC D (min) E3.943.94V a l vesGATEB111/20.855 000.380.501.065 0.503.254.000.500.714.004.000.500.691.675 0.505.505.500.941.195.505.500.941.172.406 0.627.25-1.44-7.25-1.44-1.330 0.501.915 0.504.005.505.507.250.711.19Cryogenic valves are also available in Class 150, 300, 600 and 1500, with dimensions generally as percorresponding gate/globe valves in pages 5 - 7. For detailed dimensions, refer to L&TL&T Straight-pattern ValvesCryogenic Gate Valves0.941.444.005.505.507.250.691.170.941.4409

L&T Y-pattern ValvesY-pat tern Globe/Check ValvesL&T Forged Steel Y-pat tern Globe and CheckValves have established themselves in the industryfor their rugged and compact design, and reliableservice. These valves are of fered in Carbon Steeland Alloy Steel. They are available in a range of sizesstarting from 1/4” to 2” (in reduced-bore design) andfrom 3/8” to 11/2” (in full-bore design).The rugged construction ensures an ideal bodyand bonnet, suited to handle high pressure andtemperatures - up to 4250C in carbon steel and 5400Cin alloy steel.The Y-pattern design ensures a near-perfect straightflow which significantly reduces pressure drop andturbulence when compared to conventional designs.As a standard, valves are supplied with screwedbody-bonnet joint, which ensures ease of inspectionand in-line maintenance, thus minimising downtime.L&T Y-pattern valves can be of fered to NACE MR-0175and other special NACE requirements. They can also besupplied with IBR certification.Y-pat tern Globe ValvesDisc and SeatThe disc is provided with two integral rings to guide it throughoutits travel in the body. This minimises side thrust on the discand eliminates bending of the stem even at high flow velocities.Body and disc seats are hard-faced to ensure a long, troublefree life cycle.Disc-Stem ConnectionThe unique joint at the discand the stem provides for aflexible yet strong connectionthat enables the disc to freelyfloat on the stem. This resultsin per fect alignment of thedisc with the stem.Body-Bonnet JointThe bonnet is screwed to the body with ACME threads to ensureease of dismantling and resistance to galling. A graphite gasketis provided for tight sealing. This joint is tack-welded to preventloosening while in service. The bonnet can be easily removedfor inspection and maintenance of inner parts. The joint canalso be seal-welded on request.PackingDie-moulded graphite rings are used as packing to provide foroptimal performance at high pressures and temperatures. Twofilament rings provided at the top and bot tom of the graphitepacking rings act as anti-ex trusion rings. Moreover, a smoothsur face finish on the stuf fing box along with a precisionmachined stem ensure optimum sealing and packing life.StemThe stem is ACME-threaded and is ground for smooth operation.Gland ArrangementThe two-piece ball-type gland flange arrangementensures uniform loading on the packing even incase the gland is unevenly tightened.InstallationGlobe valves can be installed, either with the flowover or under the disc, depending on the servicecondition. However, in the case of steam andother such hot services that include drain lines,globe valves ought to be installed with flow overthe disc to avert unseating caused as an ef fectof dif ferential thermal expansion that wouldotherwise result in leakage and consequent wiredrawing.End ConnectionSocket-weld ends to ASME B16.11But t-weld ends to BS 5352 Annexure DScrewed ends (NPT) to ASME B1.20.1Bore DiameterBoth Class 1500 and Class 2500 valves have borediameters conforming to Class 1500-StandardBore of BS 5352, with the exception of 15mm Class2500 valve which has a bore diameter of 14.5mm.Y-pat tern Check ValvesY-pat tern Check Valves incorporate the samedesign and construction features as their globevalve counterpar ts. The spring-loaded discminimises chat tering and enables the valve to beinstalled either in a horizontal or vertical position.Authorised Stockists:-Oriental Trading Co.103575, Netaji Subhash MargDaryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 23269588email : sales@orientalgroup.co.in orientaltrading@rediffmail.com

Material SpecificationSl. No.Part Description1 & 2 Body & BonnetSpecificationCarbon Steel Alloy SteelASTM A105,ASTM A182 Gr.F22,in-situ stellited seat in-situ stellited seat3Yoke Bush ASTM A439 Type D26Stem packing4578910111213DiscStemHandwheelGlandType 410 SS, in-situ stellited seatType 410 SSGraphite with braided end ringsSG IronType 410 SSGland Flange BS 970 : 709M40 COND RHandwheel NutSteelGland Stud ASTM A193 Gr. B7Gland Stud Nut ASTM A194 Gr. 2HGasketGraphiteDimensional details (in mm, unless specified)Class 14NPT6115 24515 97.5 2209.7 12822.2322.2327.0527.0520115 24512.7 1353/4”-14NPT7115 24527.5627.5633.7833.7825138 29512.7 1651”-11.1/2NPT10138 29534.2934.2948.6448.6440185 39212.7 238 11/2”-11.1/2NPT19202 41549.1549.1561.1161.1150185 39216.0 2382”-11.1/2NPT19202 41561.6261.62Class -11.1/2NPT2”-11.1/2NPTL&T Y-pattern ValvesY-pat tern Globe Valves72525Note : 40mm valves can be of fered with butt-weld and socket-weld ends to suit 32mm pipe. 50mm valves can be of fered with buttweld ends to suit 65mm pipe. Class 900 valves available on request.Y-pat tern Check ValvesMaterial SpecificationSl. No.Part Description1 Body & Bonnet2345CapDiscSpringGasketSpecificationCarbon Steel Alloy SteelASTM A105,ASTM A182 Gr.F22,in-situ stellited seat in-situ stellited seatASTM A105 orASTM A182IS 1875 Cl. 2Gr. F22Type 410 SS, in-situ stellited seatNimonic 90 / Inconel X 750GraphiteDimensional details (in mm, unless specified)Class 1500ValveApp.Wt.SizeABCDEABC(kg)21.7221.7215 97.5 719.71/2”-14NPT21158522.23 6 9 34.2948.6448.6440185 12012.7 11/2”-11.1/2NPT9202 13549.15 49.1561.1161.1150185 12016.02”-11.1/2NPT9202 13561.62 61.62Class NPT16.02”-11.1/2NPT12.73/4”-14NPT12.7 11/2”-11.1/2NPTEnd dimensions of 50mm valves can be machined to suit 65mm pipe. For details, refer to L&TClass 900 valves available on request. For dimensions, refer to L&T2.559911

Authorised Stockists:-Oriental Trading Co.3575, Netaji Subhash MargDaryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph : 011-23278849, 23279588, 23268849, 23269588email : sales@orientalgroup.co.in orientaltrading@rediffmail.comLarsen & Toubro Limited, ValvesMount - Poonamallee Road, Manapakkam, Chennai 600 089, INDIA.Tel. : 91 44 22498201. Fax: 91 44 22492794.valves@Larsentoubro.com; www.Lntvalves.comPublication Number: VC006/0513As we continuously endeavour to improve our products, the data given herein is subject to change. Please refer www.lntvalves.com for the latest catalogue.

aPI 598 bS 5352 Valve Type Valve Design. Face-to-face end Connection. Pressure / Temp. Valve inspection. dimension rating** and testing. aGate Valves PI 602 PI 598 aSME b16.34 bS 5352 Globe and bS 5352 aPI 598 Check Valves bS 5352* aSME b16.34 S 5352 Cryo Gate & bS 6364 Globe Valves .

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Volume 29, Issue 21 Virginia Register of Regulations June 17, 2013 2526 PUBLICATION SCHEDULE AND DEADLINES June 2013 through June 2014 Volume: Issue Material Submitted By Noon* Will Be Published On 29:21 May 29, 2013 June 17, 2013 29:22 June 12, 2013 July 1, 2013 29:23 June 26, 2013 July 15, 2013 29:24 July 10, 2013 July 29, 2013

GENERIC RISK ASSESSMENT INDEX: Risk Assessments Version Issue Date Mobile Scaffold Towers 3 May 2013 Working on Scaffolds 3 May 2013 Excavations 3 May 2013 Working in Confined Spaces 3 May 2013 Working Near Buried Spaces 3 May 2013 Crane Operations 3 May 2013 Maintenance & Repair of Plant 3 May 2013 Welding 3 May 2013 Demolition 3 May 2013 Work Involving Asbestos Products 3 May 2013 Excessive .

US 9,203,881 B2 Page 3 (56) References Cited 2013/0157699 Al * 6/2013 Talwar et al. 455/466 2013/0212497 Al 8/2013 Zelenko et al. U.S. PATENT DOCUMENTS 2013/0247216 Al 9/2013 Cinarkaya et al. 2013/0086245 Al * 4/2013 Lu et al. 709/223 2013/0091204 Al * 4/2013 Loh et al. 709/204 * cited by examiner

250-7614 2011-2013 Ford Edge Installation Instructions General Applicability: Ford - 2011-2013 Explorer, 2011-2013 Taurus, 2011-2013 Flex, 2013 Fusion, 2013 F-150/250/350 Lincoln – 2012-2013 MKZ, MKX, MKS, MKT For video installation instructions, please visit us online at www.rostra.com. INSTALLATION PERFORMED ON FORD EDGE FOR REFERENCE ONLY! Parts Identification Page 1 Vehicle Preparation .

Nissan Cube 1.6L 2009-2011 D-512-7 Nissan Cube 1.8L 2009-2013 D-512-7 Nissan Frontier 2.5L 2005-2013 D-512-7 Nissan Frontier 4.0L 2005-2013 D-512-7 Nissan Maxima 3.5L 2005-2013 D-512-7 Nissan Murano 3.5L 2005-2013 D-512-7 Nissan NV2500/NV3500 4.0L 2012-2013 D-512-7 Nissan NV2500/NV3500 5.6L 2012-2013 D-512-7 Nissan Pathfinder 3.5L 2012-2013 D-512-7

NEW 2013 FORD NEW 2013 FORD NEW 2013 FORD NEW 2013 FORD NEW 2013 FORD NEW 2013 FORD NEW 2013 FORD NEW 2013 FORD FOCUS FIESTA FUSION F-150 ESCAPE F-150 C-MAX EDGE 17,962 14,962 20,962 29,662 20,962 31,962 24,962 26,962 Stk #1300389 Stk #1300338 Stk #1300123 Stk #1300768 Stk #1300723 Stk #1300531 Stk #1300809 Stk #1300254 SiRiUS Radio .

The Ribbon is featured in all of the programs included in CIS courses; Microsoft Office Access 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Word 2013, Publisher 2013, and Outlook 2013. Users will notice the similarities in format of the Ribbon across 2013 programs, as well as the tabs unique to specific programs and tasks. Common Tabs Across ProgramsFile Size: 462KB

9 BCD to Excess-3 code converter 09-09-2013 BB 9 BCD to Gray code converter 16-09-2013 BB 10 Decoders, Multiplexer 23-09-2013 BB 11 Flip-flops 30-09-2013 BB 12 UP counter 07-10-2013 BB 13 Mod-3 counter 14-10-2013 BB 14 Down counter 21-10-2013 BB 14 Bidirectional counter 28-10-2013 BB .