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Eagle ClawBased on:EQD TalonsEffect type:High Gain OverdriveBuild difficult:AverageAmount of parts:Average, total 42 componentsTechnology:Dual op amp active EQ sectionPower consumption:9v-18v (9mA)Enclosure type:125bGet your board at:Eagle ClawGet your kit at:Das Musikding (Europe)Project overview:The Eagle claw is really powerful and versatile high gain drive that doesn’t need to emulate the sound ofany era nor any particular amp to shine with its own color of aggression. It’s really one of thosemultipurpose tools that you can use on any situation, whether you need a transparent boost or a highsaturated drive. Also to add more versatility, this pedal features a 3 band active eq section and presencecontrol that allows you to really sculpt your tone at any need!Eagle Claw by PCB Guitar ManiaDocument version 1.0v, 22th October 20191

Index1. Project overview2. Index, Introduction & Controls3. Bills of Materials, BOM4. Shopping Lists5. Components Recommendations6. Build Notes7. Schematic8. Wiring Diagram9. Drill Template10. Licensing and UsageIntroductionBased on the EQD Talons comes the eagle claw and does exactly what the name promises. It willsnatch you from behind and lift you to the Rock heaven. From mild drive with a well thought andtweakable 3 band EQ, to meaty rock rhythms and singing leads this thing got you covered. Pairs best withyour single coil equipped guitars. But don’t underestimate this circuit just because I said single coils.There is plenty of anger in this six knob drive that even gives you a presence control to round thatpackage off.Controls Level: Master volume control. There is a lot of level on tap, please adjust accordingly.Gain: Preamp volume control. Controls the amount of dirt available, from clean to heavy crunch.Presence: Adjusts the top end and upper mids to control the amount of “sizzle” in the dirt. Turnclockwise for a brighter tone, counter clockwise to mellow it out.Bass: Noon is flat, boost is clockwise from noon, cut is counter clockwise from noon.Mids: Noon is flat, boost is clockwise from noon, cut is counter clockwise from noon.Treble: Noon is flat, boost is clockwise from noon, cut is counter clockwise from noon.Eagle Claw by PCB Guitar ManiaDocument version 1.0v, 22th October 20192

Bill of 9C10Value100p100n100p3n347n22n4n74n7Eagle Claw by PCB Guitar ManiaDocument version 1.0v, 22th October 2019Electrolytics TREBLEB100KVOLUME lueLED (yourchoice)LED.REDLED.RED1N58173

Shopping listResistorsQtyValue5 10K5 n100p22n3n347n4n7PartsR11,R12,R13,R16, R17R2, R5,R6, R14,R15R3R9, R10R7, R8R1R4, RLEDPartsC2C1, C3C8C5C7C9, C10Eagle Claw by PCB Guitar ManiaDocument version 1.0v, 22th October 2019Electrolytics CapacitorsQtyValue1 100u1 10u2 1u1 00KB100KB50KPartsC12C13C4, C6C111 B5KPartsVOLUMEGAINTREBLEBASS,MIDPRESValue1 TL072PartsIC1Value1 1N58172 LED.RED1 LED (yourchoice)PartsD4D2, D3D14

Components RecommendationsAs many people like to experiment some pedals with higher voltage, always ensure the max tolerance ofyour electrolytic capacitors is over 25v.This board has been tested using Film box capacitors for most of the values over 1nf, and ceramics discsfor the ones under 1nf. However, high quality components such as Wima’s Capacitors and Panasonic’selectrolytics can deliver a better performance.All the resistors used for testing this project are 1/4W Metal Film.The BOM and Shopping list are exclusively regarding this project. It doesn’t include all the hardware likethe 3PDT bypass switch, audio/dc jacks, enclosure, etc.Build NotesIf this is one of your first projects I recommend you to take a look on our Pedal Building GuideFor a successful and tidy build it’s recommended the following order: & diodesCapacitors, starting with the smaller ones and the ceramic ones.Electrolytic capacitors (always check the polarity)TransistorsWiresPotentiometers and switchesOff board wiringEagle Claw by PCB Guitar ManiaDocument version 1.0v, 22th October 20195

SchematicEagle Claw by PCB Guitar ManiaDocument version 1.0v, 22th October 20196

Wiring DiagramAll our projects include a free 3PDT Board to make the wiring easier and tidier. Also all of our PCBsfeature the status LED on board.The pad named “Ctrl” or “LED” is the one that controls the status of the led, wire it to the “LED”pad onthe 3PDT board, or in control slug of your 3PDT.This board has been designed to match our EZ 3PDT PCB check it here to access to our Pedal WiringGuideDrill TemplateThis Project has been planned to fit into a 125b enclosure type.Check the Attached “Drilling templates” to drill the box properly. The files are on Scale 1:1, ready to printin an A4 page.Licensing and UsageWe really appreciate your trust and support buying this PCB, as well as your will to dive into the DIYelectronics world. That’s why for us is really important that you can make this project work properly andto enjoy not only the building process, but also to experiment and play with it on your rig.We try to reply to every question we receive on our email or in our social media, but we try to encourageall our customers to join our PCB Guitar Mania – Builders Group on Facebook, in order to post all yourdoubts, issues, suggestions or request, as well to share your builds and have some feedback from usand other fellow builders!All of our projects have been tested following this same guide on their standard configurations. Although,not all of the variations and mods have necessarily been tested. These are suggestions based on theschematic analysis, and on the experiences and opinions of others. Feel free to share with us youropinions and suggestions regarding the mods your own personal experimentation.These boards may be used for commercial endeavors in any quantity unless specifically noted. Noattribution is necessary, though accreditation or a link back is always greatly appreciated.If you are a builder planning to make your own run of pedals we also offer the service of custom madeboards with your brand and logo, design according your specifications.The only usage restrictions are that, first, you cannot resell the PCB as part of a kit without priorarrangement with us, and second, you cannot scratch off the silk screen, or other way of trying to hideour logos and the source of the PCBs. Like it’s written above, if you want to have your own designs, withyour brand and logo we could certainly reach an agreement.Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in tune with the latest projects!Eagle Claw by PCB Guitar ManiaDocument version 1.0v, 22th October 20197

Eagle Claw by PCB Guitar Mania Document version 1.0v, 22th October 2019 2 Index 1. Project overview 2. Index, Introduction & Controls 3. Bills of Materials, BOM 4. Shopping Lists 5. Components Recommendations 6. Build Notes 7. Schematic 8. Wiring Diagram 9. Drill Template 10. Licensing and Usage Introduction

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