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Cambridge University Press978-0-521-18809-8 – Nice Talking With You Level 2 Student’s BookTom KennyExcerptMore informationLong time no seeLikes and dislikesWhen you meet an old friend, what do you like to talk about? Look at the topicsbelow and put checks ( ) in the boxes.TopicLikeNotsureDon’tlikeWhere you liveYour family/romantic lifeYour jobHow much money you makeYour friend’s appearanceFriends you both knowwww.nicetalkingwithyou.comShare your likes and dislikes with other people like you.Words and phrasesCheck the meaning of these words and phrases. Then use them to do the activitieson the next page.ageanyoneat homebirthcollegedatingdeathfiancé(e)full-time jobgrad ook greatlostnew ytravelingweightworn-out7 in this web service Cambridge University Presswww.cambridge.org

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-18809-8 – Nice Talking With You Level 2 Student’s BookTom KennyExcerptMore informationMatch itMatch the word on the left with the meaning on the right. Write the letter on theline. Then check your answers with a partner.1.iancé(e)a) the end of life2.kidsb) when the body or mind is not well3.grown-upc) someone who is engaged to be married4.deathd) not normal or usual5.speciale) children6.illf) not childishFill it inUse the words and phrases on page 7 to complete the sentences. Then check youranswers with a partner.in the same apartment for ive years.1. I have beenthat guy I was with? He2. Do youYear’s Eve!3. Sarah was hoping for a, but her company had a bad year.4. I was hired as a part-time worker, but once Ito give me athey have promised.a lot for his work.5. John has really been6. You aresuits you.! That newreally, and his wife is trying hard7. My brother has ato exercise.8. Max is workingkneeto me on Newthis month because he had.Put it togetherDraw a line to put the sentences together.1. Tell me,why don’t you come over to my house?2. I don’t really like change. I’ve livedwith Britney at all since graduation.3. I want to teach at a college level, soin the same city since birth.4. When you have some time,are you seeing anyone special?5. I haven’t spokenI am applying to grad school.Listen to check your answers.82 in this web service Cambridge University Presswww.cambridge.org

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-18809-8 – Nice Talking With You Level 2 Student’s BookTom KennyExcerptMore informationConversation questionsHow have you been?What have you been doing?How long has it been?Practice asking and answering the questions above with different partners.Watch out!Be careful not to make these common mistakes. I have been doing working.I have been working.I got baby girl/boy.I have a baby now, a little girl/boy.You look same.You look the same. / You haven’tchanged a bit.Practice saying these out loud so you can remember them!Language pointForms of be:am/is/arewas/werehas/have beenI am working part-time.We were in the same class at high school.He has been working at a big company since last year.Write the correct form of the verb be on the lines below.1. Wegoing to have a baby next month.in 4th grade.2. My daughterin a band for two years.3. Her boyfriend4. Theytraveling in Southeast Asia since March.5. My parentsvery pleased when I graduated.Long time no see in this web service Cambridge University Press 9www.cambridge.org

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-18809-8 – Nice Talking With You Level 2 Student’s BookTom KennyExcerptMore informationGetting someone’s attentionUse the expression below to begin talking with someone. It’s a polite way to gettheir attention.Excuse me . . .Excuse me, aren’t you Jane?Yes, I am. Do weknow each other?With a partner, use Excuse me to get someone’s attention. Then practice thesequestions and responses.Question1. Don’t I know you?2. Aren’t you . . . ?3. Haven’t we met before?ResponseUm, I’m not sureYes, I am.Yes, I think so.TIPUse Pardon me? if youwant your partner torepeat something.Starting a “catch-up” conversationUse the expressions below to begin a conversation to catch up on an old friend’s life.Wow, long timeno see!It’s been a while.It’s been a long time.It’s been ages.How are things?How have you been?Jane! Oh my gosh, long timeno see! How have you been?Great. I’ve been travelingaround the world.Look at the list of topics below. Match them to the sentences on the right.AppearanceJobRelationshipsWhereI’m living in Tokyo.I’m married now, and we have two kids.These days, I’m working for Google.You haven’t changed a bit! You look great!Now practice short catch-up conversations using the sentences and expressions above.102 in this web service Cambridge University Presswww.cambridge.org

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-18809-8 – Nice Talking With You Level 2 Student’s BookTom KennyExcerptMore informationPre-closing a conversationUse these phrases to show that you’re ready to end a conversation.Well, I betterget going.Anyway, I guessI should go.Well, I better getgoing. It’s getting late.Yeah, me too.Fill in the blanks with your own sentences. Then practice saying them with apartner.I’ve really got to . . .Time to cook dinner!1. get home.2. go to work.TIP3. meet someone.4. catch a train.Remember to sayHow about you? ifyou want to ask yourpartner the questionthey asked you.Closing a conversationThese are some useful phrases to close your conversation.Nice talkingwith you.Great seeingyou again.It was nice talking with you.Yeah, great seeing youagain. Take care.You too. Bye!Work with a partner. Use all the strategies on pages 10 and 11 to practice acomplete conversation.Long time no see in this web service Cambridge University Press11www.cambridge.org

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-18809-8 – Nice Talking With You Level 2 Student’s BookTom KennyExcerptMore informationConversation listeningAFirst listeningListen to the conversations. Is the main speaker married, single, or divorced? Howmany children do they have? Put checks ( ) in the boxes and write on the lines.1. married single divorced3. married single divorcedno. of childrenno. of children2. married single divorced4. married single divorcedno. of childrenBno. of childrenSecond listeningWhat other information do the speakers give about themselves? Read thestatements below. Write T if they are true and F if they are false.1. a) They used to work together.b) She hasn’t changed her appearance.2. a) He loves his job at Auto Zone.b) He has been working weekends for 10 years.3. a) They lived in the same neighborhood when they were children.b) He exercises for 30 minutes a day.4. a) They knew each other in high school.b) She is working for a training company.CNoticing the conversation strategiesListen for the pre-closing phrases. What reasons do the speakers give for endingthe conversation? Number the reasons in the order you hear them. One is not used.meeting someonenot being late for workgoing home for dinnergoing to the gymcatching a train122 in this web service Cambridge University Presswww.cambridge.org

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-18809-8 – Nice Talking With You Level 2 Student’s BookTom KennyExcerptMore informationGet ready!Organize your questions, answers, andvocabulary here to get ready for yourLong time no see conversation.Questions to askWords to useThings to sayDo it!Practice some timed conversations with partners. When you hear something good,write it on this page after your conversation so you can remember it!Noticing my partner’s English13 in this web service Cambridge University Presswww.cambridge.org

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-18809-8 – Nice Talking With You Level 2 Student’s BookTom KennyExcerptMore informationReal conversationsAListeningListen to three short conversations between old friends meeting again after severalyears. Are the speakers married or not? Circle Y for Yes or N for No. How manychildren do they say they have? Write on the lines.Married?Y/NY/NY/NConversation 1Conversation 2Conversation 3BChildren?VocabularyListen again. Match the information with each conversation. Write the number ofthe conversation on the lines below.Conversationa) got married youngb) has her own companyc) live nearby each otherd) looks the same as beforee) loves childrenf) is a studentThinking about . . .What people really thinkHow interested are we in others’ lives, and how honest are we about our own?Read the statements below. Write A if you agree and D if you disagree. people ask you about your life, they’re just being polite. They’re notreally interested.Success means having a steady, high-paying job, a family, and a nice home.It’s natural for people to compare their status or appearance with others.People often exaggerate or lie about their lives in “Long time no see”situations.It’s impolite to ask someone why they’re not married or why they don’thave children.Share your opinions with your partner.I think a high-status job is one of the best things to have.Really? I think having a family matters most.www.nicetalkingwithyou.com142 in this web service Cambridge University PressShare your opinions with people your age. Listen to Global Voicesto hear what English speakers around the world have to say.www.cambridge.org

Words and phrases Check the meaning of these words and phrases. Then use them to do the activities on the next page. age anyone at home birth college dating death . www.nicetalkingwithyou.com. Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-18809-8 Nice Talking With You Level 2 Student s Book Tom Kenny

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Decodable Text for Phonics Intervention 3 Freddy and the Fly Long Vowel /ī/ y A Fly on My Pie Long Vowel /ī/ ie Rabbit and Mole Long Vowel /ō/ o-e A Vole Finds a Home Long Vowel /ō/ o-e Gather Around (1-5) Instructional Focus Seeing the Sights Long Vowel /ī/ igh The Light Fight Long Vowel /ī/ igh Daisy Long Vowel /ā/ ai

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84. Sentences with au and aw words 85. a as in ma and car 86. Sentences Lessons for First Reader 8 87. Long e as ee 88. Sentences 89. Long e as ea 90. Sentences 91. Long e as ee 92. Long e as ie; sentences 93. Long e as y 94. Sentences 95. ies in verbs and plural nouns 96. Review of long e words 97. Sentences 98. Long i as I, y, ie, uy .

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up, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a tim

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Anatomy of response time Response time consists of two elements: 1. Suspend time: the time a task is not executing (waiting). 2. Dispatch time: the time that CICS thinks the task is executing. This time is further divided into: A. CPU time: the time the task is executing on CPU. B. Wait time: the time the CPU has bee

Sort 1: Initial Consonant Blends sm, dr, tr, sk, br Sort 2: Consonant Digraphs ch, sh, wh, th Sort 3: Short and Long Vowel a Sort 4: Short and Long Vowel i Sort 5: Short and Long Vowel o Sort 6: Short and Long Vowel u Sort 7: Short and Long Vowel e Sort 8: Review Long Vowels a, e, i, o, u Sort 9: Final /k/ Sound Spelled -ck, -ke,or -k Sort 10:

ENCE717 – Bridge Engineering Long-Span Bridges Chung C. Fu, Ph.D., P.E. (http: www.best.umd.edu) Classification Based on Main Span Length Short Span Bridges (up to 15m) Medium Span Bridges (up to 50m) Long Span Bridges (50-150m*) Extra Long Span Bridges (over 150m*) * (or 200 m) Long & Extra Long

Two sounds for oo: long /oo/ and short /oo/ Spelling test: Is the sound long or short? Spelling choices for long /oo/: oo, ou and ui Spelling test: oo, ou and ui More spelling choices for long /oo/: u-e, ue and ew Spelling test: u-e, ue and ew Rules and rule breakers Homophones short The long /oo/ sound The short /oo/ sound Long

Long vowel patterns 6 33 –36 254 57 3—Miss Long in Open Syllables 4—Miss Long and Marker e 5—Miss Long and Miss Silent Phonics: demonstrating knowledge of the long vowel patterns: open syllable V as in go, VCe as in cake, VV as in goat reading words with long vowels

Lystrosaurus Africa 1 metre long Extinct Lystrosaurus India 1 metre long Extinct Lystrosaurus Antarctica 1 metre long Extinct Mesosaurus Africa 71 centimetres long Extinct Mesosaurus South America 71 centimetres long Extinct Cynognathus Africa 1 metre long Extinct . EXTREME EARTH Maite Cózar 34 Cy

Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner" See other formats THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG-DISTANCE RUNNER Alan Sillitoe Published in 1960 AS soon as I got to Borstal they made me a long-distance cross-country runner. I supp ose they thought I was just the build for it because I was long and skinny for my age (an

Tulang rawan yang paling banyak dijumpai pada orang dewasa. Lokasi : - Ujung ventral iga - Larynx,trachea, bronchus - Permukaan sendi tulang - Pada janin & anak yg sedang tumbuh pada lempeng epifisis Matriks tulang rawan hilain mengandung kolagen tipe II, meskipun terdapat juga sejumlah kecil kolagen tipe IX, X, XI dan tipe lainnya. Proteoglikan mengandung kondroitin 4-sulfat, kondroitin 6 .