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1 BANKING FACTSRemittance Inflows400376.59376.992075 Mangsir2076 Mangsir350Amount in Billion300287.66271.40285.482502001501002072 Mangsir2073 Mangsir2074 MangsirSource: Nepal Rastra BankNon Performing 1.61%1.00%0.50%2072 Asoj2073 Asoj2074 Asoj2075 Asoj2076 AsojSource: Nepal Rastra BankJANUARY 2020

3BANKING FACTS 2Budget Expenditure till 2076 Poush1200957Amount in Billion100080071.36%60040840020016788.73 %27590.42%460RecurrentCapitalTarget Budget16FinancingBudget ExpenseBudget left to CoverSource: Financial Comptroller General Office (FCGO)Number of Deposit & Loan Account1230010.819.84Amount in .50115.70100450202072 Mangsir2073 Mangsir2074 MangsirNumber of Loan Account2075 Mangsir2076 MangsirNumber of Deposit AccountSource: Nepal Rastra BankJANUARY 20200

3 BANKING FACTSTop 5 Goods Exported till 2076 Mangsir1412 756.03%11.52Amt in Billion10863.81420-5.54%3.43.61-2.22% 2773.38%3.082.88-8.37%3.332.641.340.1Refined Palm OilSynthetic YarnWoolen Carpet2075 mangsirRefined Soybean OilClothes2076 mangsirSource: Ministry of financeYearly Receipt of Suspicious Transactions by NRBTrend Analysis of 75/76Source: FIU NepalJANUARY 2020

BANKING FACTS 4Number of TTRs Received by NRB from BFIsTrend Analysis of 74FY-2074/75FY-2075/76Source: FIU NepalForiegn Trade700607Amount in 0.62072 Mangsir2073 Mangsir37.533.747.602074 MangsirImport2075 Mangsir2076 MangsirExportSource: Nepal Rastra BankJANUARY 2020

5 BANKING FACTSPROMOTINGENVIRONMENTALAND SOCIALSTANDARDS IN THEHYDROPOWERINDUSTRY IN NEPALNovember 22, 2019 KathmanduNepal Bankers’ Association &Independent Power Producers'Association Nepal together joined in thecommitments to drive long-termsustainable growth, safeguard theenvironment and to deliver measurablebenefits to society and the real economythrough hydropower activities,responsible financing decisions.The approaches to attain such desirable outcomes include:Making and getting uptake of the business case for why sustainability matters in Nepal.Communicating progress for transparency and accountability.Building the capacity required to improve environmental, social and economic performancethrough awareness raising and practical training across both sectors.Developing a process to engage relevant government agencies, industry, civil society andinternational-institutions to create an enabling environment for success.JANUARY 2020

5 BANKING FACTS6 BANKING FACTS33rd ANNUALGENERALMEETINGOF NBA05 December, 2019: Nepal Bankers’ Association heldits 33rd Annual General Meeting on 5th December.The AGM unopposedly elected Mr. Bhuvan Kumar Dahal,Chief Executive Officer, Sanima Bank Ltd. as President.Mr. Anukool Bhatnagar, Managing Director, Nepal SBIBank Ltd. as Vice-President. Ms. Anupama Khunjeli,Chief Executive Officer, Mega Bank Ltd., Mr. JanakSharma Poudyal, Chief Executive Officer, Sunrise BankLtd., Mr. Krishna B. Adhikari, Chief Executive Officer, Nepal Bank Ltd., Mr. Ramesh Raj Aryal, Chief Executive Officer,NCC Bank and Mr. Sunil K.C, Chief Executive Officer, NMB Bank Ltd., as members in the Executive Committee of theAssociation.During the AGM function, Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank, officials from Ministry of Finance, Nepal Rastra Bank, Banks& Financial Institutions and representatives of various institutions were also present.Felicitation by NBADecember 05, 2019, Kathmandu: Givingcontinuation to NBA’s tradition of felicitating oneeminent person during the AGM, who hassignificantly contributed towards the developmentand promotion of financial/banking sector, thisyear the Association decided to felicitaterenowned and pioneer banker Mr. Prithvi BahadurPande, Chairman, Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.Mr. Pande is the Chairman of Nepal Investment Bank.He has been contributing towards the development ofbanking industry over the last four decades and hasplayed an active role in strengthening the financialsector of Nepal. He had held different positions inNepal Rastra Bank and had worked as Director ofRastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. He also was the Founder,Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer ofHimalayan Bank Ltd. before being the Chairman ofNepal Investment Bank Ltd.During the AGM function, the Chief Guest of theprogram, Dr. Chiranjibi Nepal, Governer, NepalRastra Bank; Special Guest Chintamani Siwakoti,Deputy Governor, Nepal Rastra Bank, Mr.Gyanendra Pd. Dhungana, President of NBA and2019 newly elected PresidentMr. BhuvanOCTOBERKumar Dahal,of NBA jointly presented Mr. Pande with a mementoin recognition of his significant contribution in thebanking and financial sector of Nepal.Speaking after the felicitation, Mr. Pande sharedsome of his insights and experience, and thankedNBA for the recognition.JANUARY 2020

7 BANKING FACTSFINTECH SUMMIT & EXPO 2019BANKING SUMMITDecember 13, 2019, Kathmandu: United Business Compliance in coordination with Nepal Bankers’Association organized "Nepal FinTech Summit & Expo" on 13-14 December 2019 with the theme " DrivingInnovation in the Financial Industry".The 2 days' event aimed to innovate the FinTech & Cyber Security ecosystem in Nepal by bringing inleading FinTech Leaders and Innovators from around the world. The event also helped in creatingtop-notch accelerator programs and immersive dialogue between speakers and participants. TechLeaders, Academicians, Central Bankers, Insurers, Government Agencies were invited to the to the Summitto discuss on various Innovations, Cutting Edge Technology and Latest Trends.During the Summit, the participants engaged on several FinTech related issues and opportunities ofFinTech in Nepalese financial industry.Round TableDiscussion onOPEN DATA FOBUSINESS (OD4B)December 19, 2019, Kathmandu: Nepal Bankers’ Associationin partnership with World Bank organized a Round TableDiscussion on “Open Data for Business (OD4B)” in thepresence of Dr. Gunakar Bhatta, Executive Director – ResearchDepartment, Nepal Rastra Bank and senior executives fromthe member banks representing different departments.The roundtable primarily focused on how banks in Nepal areusing data in their decision making; existing barriers to acquiredata and ways to leverage the data driven decision makingpractice for prudent financial system in Nepal.JANUARY 2020

5 BANKING FACTS8 BANKING FACTSDiscussion Session onUNDERSTANDING THESOCIAL SECURITY FUND:OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGESDecember 22, Kathmandu: Samriddhi Foundation hosted a publicdiscussion session on “Understanding the Social Security Fund:Opportunities and Challenges” to advdress significant concernsand confusions regarding its operationalization and administrationthat have been raised recently.The event held a moderated panel discussion wherein the ExecutiveDirector of NBA, Executive Director of Social Security Fund andVice-President of CNI were among the panelists. The paneldiscussion was followed by Q&A with the audience where variousClauses incorporated in the SSF Procedure were discussed.MOU SIGNEDBETWEEN NEPALBANKERS’ASSOCIATION ANDCONFEDERATIONOF NEPALESEINDUSTRIES30th December 2019, Kathmandu: Nepal Bankers’ Association (NBA) and Confederation of NepaleseIndustries (CNI) entered into the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a mutually beneficialstrategic alliance and evolve and formalize a process of understanding and co-operation for developmentof knowledge sharing, training and research.The MoU was signed by Mr. Gynanedra Prasad Dhungana, President of NBA and Mr. Satish Kumar More,President of CNI. This initiative is expected to help in identifying, developing and conducting events, jointtraining programs, conferences, symposiums in various specialties. Jointly lobbying with differentstakeholders on financial policies procedures and creating favourable environment that will benefit bothparties.JANUARY 2020

9 BANKING FACTSInteraction Session on:ENVIRONMENT & SOCIAL RISK MANAGEMENTJanuary 13, Kathmandu: Standard Chartered BankNepal Ltd, in coordination with Nepal Bankers’Association organized an interaction session on“Environment & Social Risk Management”. Thesession focused on the changing landscape ofsustainability in international financing and how itmay apply to the future projects developments inNepal. Mr. Heath Gibson, Director within StandardChartered’ s Sustainable Finance Division made apresentation highlighting the work conducted by theBank in the area, and also shared some insights onthe subject matter.Honorable Governor Dr. Chiranjibi Nepal, along withExecutive Director Mr. Dev Kumar Dhakal fromNepal Rastra Bank, and CEOs from member banksparticipated in the program.NEPAL BANKERS’ ASSOCIATION2nd Floor, Central Business Park,Thapathali, Kathmandu-11 977-01-4101542/4101543nba@nepalbankers.com.np

BETWEEN NEPAL BANKERS’ ASSOCIATION AND CONFEDERATION OF NEPALESE INDUSTRIES 30th December 2019, Kathmandu: Nepal Bankers’ Association (NBA) and Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) entered into the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a mutually beneficial

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Bankers Life was the only party who did not file a position paper or response. On April 14, 2005, Bankers Life, the Maine Attorney General, and the Superintendent of Insurance entered into a Consent Agreement resolving, among other issues, the charges against Bankers Life in the Petition to Enforce. On that date, the Superintendent issued an Order

Abrasive water jet can do this with quality results but, generally is too expensive compared to plasma, laser or punching. 5. Cut Geometry Abrasive waterjet cuts have straight edges with a slight amount of taper. Kerf width is controlled by the orifice/nozzle combination. Cuts in thicker materials generally require larger combinations with more abrasive usage. The kerf width can be as small as .