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4WS SERIESHEAVY-DUTY ELECTRIC POWER WINCHESPERFORMANCEHEAVY-DUTY, DIRECT-DRIVE GEARSEnhance Load Control and PositioningThe 4WS Series of power winches (800 to 26,000 pounds) is designed to lift, lower, pull,or position heavy loads. Heavy-duty spur and worm gears, plus direct-drive gearingenhance load security and positioning accuracy. Sealed cast-iron gearcase housingwith integral oil bath lubricates rotating gears for long service life. Ideal for long-lift orlong-pull applications with single-phase power.ASME B30.7Compliance AvailableContact Thern for detailsFlange-Mounted PremiumMotor & EnclosureReversible, three-phase, industrial-grademotor, endures continuous operation.Single-phase version also availableA totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) design,featuring IP44 and F-class insulation, resistsdebris and contamination for long service lifeStandard motors comply with industrystandards: UL, CSA, IEC, and NEMA MG1Integral Drum &Shaft DesignLarge-diameter, welded-steeldrum, featuring outsideflange anchors, promotesuniform winding and life ofwire ropeAnchors allow cable to beover or under wound andprovide multiple drum exitanglesFlange-style, self-aligningroller bearings with cast-ironhousing maintain smoothdrum rotationContinuous, solid-steel drumshaft and steel frame provideoptimal strength and securityComplete wire ropeassemblies available uponrequestDurable Gears &Gearbox DesignHeavy-duty spur gears,providing secondaryreduction, are guarded withgrease zerks for easylubrication and maintenanceLarge-capacity bearingsenhance smooth operationand durabilitySealed, cast-iron gearboxwith integral oil bath forprimary gears dissipates heatand provides continuouslubrication for enhancedservice lifeDirect-drive gearing,featuring spur and wormgears, enhance load controland positioning whileresisting wearPrimary speed reducers meetAGMA and/or DIN standardsIMPERIALProduct Shown:4WS6M12Load-Holding MotorDisk BrakeSpring-set, electrically-releasedbrake helps control loads andfacilitates safe apacityClutch4WS1M61,500 lbs.5–1.5 hp17–44 fpm260 ftYes4WS3M103,700 lbs1–3 hp8–23 fpm500 ftYes4WS6M126,400 lbs1–5 hp4–24 fpm660 ftYes4WS9M1810,000 lbs5–10 hp13–32 fpm1,500 ftNo4WS16M2016,000 lbs7.5–15 hp12–35 fpm1,530 ftNo4WS26M2626,200 lbs10–25 hp10–36 fpm1,480 CapacityClutch4WS1M6680 kg.37–1.1 kW5–13 mpm79 mYes4WS3M101,675 kg.75–2.2 kW2–7 mpm152 mYes4WS6M122,900 kg.75–3.7 kW1–7 mpm201 mYes4WS9M184,535 kg3.7–7.5 kW3–9 mpm457 mNo4WS16M207,255 kg5.5–11 kW3–10 mpm466 mNo4WS26M2611,880 kg7.5–18.5 kW3–10 mpm451 mNoNOTICE: These products are not forlifing people or things over people.Winona, MN USA (507) 454-2996 THERN.COMWinona, MN USA (507) 454-2996 THERN.COMRefer to technical pages for detailed performance information.Winona, MN USA (507) 454-2996 THERN.COMWinona, MN USA (507) 454-2996 THERN.COM

TECHNICAL DRAWINGS & SPECIFICATIONS4WS SERIESElectric Motor ControlsModelHEAVY-DUTY ELECTRIC POWER 5E410S20E410S40E44WS SeriesKDrum CLLJPDrum CLREMABS (Hole Dia.)electric motor controls 230/3/60 to 3 hpelectric motor controls 230/3/60 to 7.5 hpelectric motor controls 230/3/60 to 10 hpelectric motor controls 230/3/60 to 20 hpelectric motor controls 230/3/60 to 30 hpelectric motor controls 460/3/60 to 7.5 hpelectric motor controls 460/3/60 to 15 hpelectric motor controls 460/3/60 to 20 hpelectric motor controls 460/3/60 to 40 hpCWire RopeDiameter(in)(mm)NLead SheaveLoadRecommendedFleet Angle DistanceA1OD4WS Series Drum 08660Fleet AngleDistance(A)1(ft)293242(m)8.89.812.81 Recommended minimum distance between drum and lead sheave for smooth drum.Dimensions are for reference only and subject to change without notice.Please contact Thern for exact dimensions.Winona, MN USA (507) 454-2996 THERN.COM1212131328121213284WS Series Drum CapacitiesFleet AngleCenterLine(kg)252528286025252860Motor controls sold separately. Please contact Thern or nearest Thern Distributor for firm, fixed price and delivery.All prices include mounting and wiring to 800 26,67122.479,60025.4103,400 46,90228.7130,000 58,96831.8159,800 72,48534.9192,000 87,090IDWApprox. Ship Wt.(lb)Controls include NEMA 4 rated enclosure and NEMA 4X rated pendant control on 50-foot 0 204.2––––1,500 457.2––––7623.2––––520 158.5––––1,170 356.6––––6720.48927.1––420 128.0 690 210.3––930 283.5 1,530 466.3––59187823.8––340 103.6 560 170.7––760 231.6 1,250381––4814.66519.811033.524073.2400 121.9670 204.2540 164.6 880 268.2 1,480 451.1––5416.59428.7––29088.4 480 146.3––640 195.1 1,070 490 149.4 830 �–660 ��–––440 134.1Values based on 6x37 IWRC EIPS wire rope.Actual drum capacities 25–30% less due to nonuniform winding. Wire rope tension will also affect drum capacity.2 Wire rope should be selected based on the breaking strength to load rating ratio and application parameters.Industry standards suggest a 5:1 breaking strength to load rating ratio for lifting and a 3:1 ratio for pulling.Winona, MN USA (507) 454-2996 THERN.COM

4WS Series Winch 2701,0671,105CC(in) 4314DD(in) 21.75RS (hole dia.) Ship Weight(mm) (in) (mm) 5201,3931,411Dimensions are for reference only and subject to change without notice. Please contact Thern for exact dimensions.4WS Series Performance CharacteristicsModel Number 10203015203515202025351015Load RatingMotorMotorCodes3D, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, FD, E, F1st LayerLine SpeedMid DrumFull ,1303,0403,8563,8565,9885,9435,8526,9867,4851st LayerFull Drum(fpm) (mpm) (fpm) 413. contact Thern or nearest Thern distributor for firm, fixed price and delivery.3Motor CodesDEF230 volt3 phase460 volt3 phaseAll other voltages,please contact Thern.Winona, MN USA (507) 454-2996 THERN.COMWinona, MN USA (507) 454-2996 THERN.COM

MADE IN USAThern, IncorporatedWorld Headquarters5712 Industrial Park Road Winona, MN USAToll Free: 1-800-843-7648Phone: 1-507-454-2996www.thern.comPS4WS-A-0221Thern EuropeBedrijvenpark Twente 454e7602 KM Almelo The NetherlandsPhone: 31-546-898-380europe@thern.com

AGMA and/or DIN standards IMPERIAL Series Load Rating Drum Capacity METRIC Series Power Supply Line Speed Clutch Load Rating Drum Capacity Power Supply Line Speed Clutch PERFORMANCE 4WS9M18 4WS16M20 4WS26M26 4WS1M6 4WS3M10 4WS6M12 10,000 lbs 16,000 lbs 26,200 lbs 1,500 lbs 3,700 lbs 6,400 lbs 5–10 hp 7.5–15 hp 10–25 hp.5–1.5 hp 1–3 hp .

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The winch motor provides power to the gear mechanism which turns the winch drum and spools the winch cable in or out of the winch. Winch Drum: The winch drum is the cylinder onto which the winch cable is stored when the drum spools the cable in or out of the winch. The winch drum is driven by the winch motor and gear drive train. Winch Cable

Read manual before using any winch. Always use heavy gloves when handling winch cable. Never hook the winch cable back upon itself. The winch cable can break under tension and cause injury and damage. Stay clear of winch cable and keep others away when in operation or with load on winch cable. Inspect winch and winch cable before each use. Do not use winch if winch cable or .

ELECTRIC WINCH Manual and Safety Instruction MODELS: A9500 and A9500S A12000 and A12000S X9500 and X12500 *PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE OPERATING THE WINCH. CONTENT What’s Included _ 01 Safety Warnings & Precautions_ 1-5 Electric Winch Installation _5-7 Test Your Winch _ 7-12 Electric Winch Maintenance & Storage _ 12 Wireless Remote Instruction _13 Troubleshooting .

Think safety first, middle and last. WINCH MOUNTING Winch mounted out of alignment. Mounted so it is very difficult to remove or service Mounting bolt may vibrate loose Excessive wear on parts, may cause winch to seize, winch may work inefficiently. The harder the winch is to service, the less it may be looked after and if the winch is impossible to be removed without destroying things, the .

6 6.1 6.2 6.3 Winch System Overview Identification Winch Description Winch Features Winch System Components Winch Cable Gimbal Sheave Winch Drum Main Drive Motor/Gearbox Unit Hydraulic Disc Brake Auxiliary Motor/Gear Drive Auxiliary Generator Bilge Pump Fire Extinguisher Monitoring System Monitors Encoder Proximity Counter Rope Overtravel Switch

Safety notices 4 General 4 Fitting 4 Electrical 4 1. Installation 5 1.1 Identifying manual convertible winch 5 1.2 Preparing manual winch for conversion 5 1.3 Fitting a complete electric winch from new 5 1.4 Positioning winch above deck 5 1.5 Positioning winch ancillaries below deck 6 1.6 Fitting a convertible electric winch 34-65 6

ELECTRIC WINCH PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE OPERATE THE WINCH INSTRUCTIONS AND OPERATOR’S GUIDE STEALTH 13000. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Always Use Handsaver Keep clear of winch, wire rope and hook while operating Read Owner's Manual Never Use winch to lift or move people Never Use winch to hold loads in place CAUTION WARNING DANGER The responsibility for safe installation and operation of this .

Save this manual for future reference. CONTROLS AND FEATURES Winch (1) Motor – 3.6 HP 12V DC motor provides power to the planetary gear mechanism. (2) Winch Drum – The winch drum is the cylinder on which the wire rope is stored. It can feed or wind the rope depending on the remote winch switch. (3) Roller Fairlead – When using the winch at anFile Size: 1MBPage Count: 17