Lubrication Free Gear Set Quiet Operation 68-70 DbA .

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QE Quadra-Eccentric VibratorsLubrication Free Gear SetQuiet Operation 68-70 DbAChangeable EccentricityEngineering

AJAX QE Quadra-Eccentric VibratorsThe AJAX Quadra-Eccentric vibrator was developedfor all oil drip free and sound sensitive applications inthe food processing industry. Gear set that requires no lubrication,therefore no oil leaks Units operate in the range of 68-72 DbA Nickel plated shafts Polyamide 12 plastic driver gear Changeable eccentric weights Models 512 and 675 create a force output rangefrom 400-4,774 lbs. with an operating frequencyrange of up to 1200 RPM. See rated RPM.All eccentric weights are manufactured in cast steel.Both model ranges have only two different sizecastings to cover the range from A to G. Simplyselect which force output you require and remove theappropriate mass by drilling the weight. This gives you the ability to change theforce output very quickly, either on your shop floor prior to dispatch or when in use.Lubrication-free Gear Set VibratorThe QE Vibrator was introduced to themarket after two years of development andrigorous testing, both in the plant and inthe field. Increased quality and value havebeen achieved as a result. For example,stress relieving of the nylon gear blanksand hobbing the gear teeth individuallyto AGMA 9 standard, improved thequality and performance of the QE range.Today, the QE Vibrator not only meetsindustry expectations, but will out-performcompetitive models when correctly selectedand operated in line with the informationgiven in this brochure.2

Selecting a QE VibratorWhen a QE Vibrator is directly attached to a trough it isreferred to as a “Brute Force” design. It is very simple tocalculate the necessary vibrator by finding the requiredforce output (Fo) projecting the desired stroke. The stroke,also referred to as amplitude (peak to peak), is the resultantaction produced by the vibrator when properly isolated.As a general rule, brute force conveyors should operateat 0.375” stroke at 900 RPM under load. The feed rate willmost likely be considered to be approximately 35 FPM.Stroke Where:Fo C Twt f2 ppcf * DRILL (2) 3/8” HOLES IN BOTHPLASTIC COVERS, SEE NOTEFurther:Fo 3.41 x 10 -4 x f 2 x ERFo x CTwt x f 2OrER the total force output of the vibrator(s)a constant having a numerical value of 70470.91total weight, combined value of the trough,vibrator(s) weight and loadfrequency squaredpound per cubic foot (bulk density)If you supplement 1653 lbs for Fo the required ER(unbalance, ft. lb.) value is 5.98.Refer to the QE Vibrator chart on page 6 and selectthe vibrator on unbalanced ER value equal to the valuecalculated, which is a model QE 675A.Pre-DesignExample: Find the QE vibrator size for a conveyor needingto deliver 5 TPH of sand at 100 ppcf. Assume the panwidth to be 18” wide and 72” long. Also for this example,assume the trough weight is 205 lbs and the QE Vibratorat 150 lbs.5 TPH Once the QE Vibrator is mounted on the trough, operatethe unit and check the feed rate and stroke. If parametershave changed after the “pre-design” such as troughweight, vibrator and loads, you may find it necessary toincrease or decrease the eccentricity, thereby changingthe stroke. Simply remove the covers and change out theweights. QE Vibrators can be purchased as core units andeccentric weights sold separately. Refer to pages 4-5 asweights can be drilled, changing the ER value by simplydrilling and removing mass. Consult the factorywhen doing this.60 sec. x 1.0 x 18” wide x depth x 100 ppcf x 35 FPM144 in.2 x 2000 lbsThe resulting depth is 0.38”. The sides of the trough shouldbe a minimum of twice this value. This depth is the end ofthe dynamic angle of repose as it leaves the trough. Theinlet will be much greater.*Note: Do not exceed the maximum RPM shown on page6. The maximum ambient room temperature of all units is100 F or 37.7 C. Always drill (2) 3/8” diameter holes at thelowest point through each of the plastic covers to allow forwater drainage when units are subjected to wash down. Ifholes are not drilled, this will cause corrosion and washoutof the bearing grease, thus voiding the warranty ofthis product.Find the load of material in the trough:.38” X 18” x 72”X 100 ppcf 28.512” x 12” x 12”Find the total vibrated weight Twt:205 lbs 150 lbs 28.5 lbstrough vibratorsloadStroke .375” Fo3.41 x 10 -4 x f 2 383.5 lbsFo x 70470.91383.5 x 900 2Fo 1653 lbs minimum for a vibrator3

AJAX QE Vibrator Means Flexibility“Core” units can be purchased. Included are the basicIf flexibility in your conveyor design is a necessity on thefour eccentric weights and plastic covers with seal.your stock the “Model D” machined weight for either 512lower end of an A through D range, simply purchase forhousing sub-assembly and fastener hardware kit less theor 675 QE Vibrators. The “Model D” machined weights canComplete models can also be purchased. You must bebe transformed into a model A through C version by drillingaccurate in your designs to predict the required stroke.the appropriate diameter hole through the weight. AlwaysIf you find that design needs change as your projectre-stamp the new weight for future identification. All fourprogresses, the QE Vibrator will provide maximum flexibilityweights fitted into the one QE Vibrator must be identical.very quickly since it is so easy to change the weights andtherefore the force.4

The Model E to G weight cannot be used unless it is drilledThe warranty of the Renold AJAX QE Vibrator is valid onlybe specially drilled at the factory and filled with lead.set forth in this brochure. If you have any questions onif they are selected and operated within the guidelinesfor either a Model E or F weight. The Model G weight mustselection or operation please contact the Renold AJAXIf you do not have the capability of accurately drilling thesefactory for assistance.holes, you must purchase weights from the factory.Refer to page 3 for calculating the required stroke.Remember the total weight (Twt) is the combined weightof the trough, vibrator and dynamic load.5

Ajax QE Quadra-Eccentric VibratorsQE 512 Specificationsand DimensionsModelUnbalance (ER)Motor HP*LB.FT.Force @700 RPMForce @850 RPMForce @ Max.Rated RPMUnit WeightQE512-G6.001.0100314782946 @ 120096QE512-F5.201.086912812553 @ 120086QE512-E4.501.075511142220 @120081QE512-D3.85.756439481891 @ 120086QE512-C3.35.755608251645 @ 120079QE512-B2.90.754837121419 @ 120076QE512-A2.50.754186161228 @ 120073Force @700 RPMForce @850 RPMForce @ Max.Rated RPMUnit Weight*HP requirement may vary with application—value given is guide for estimating.QE 675 Specificationsand DimensionsModelUnbalance (ER)Motor HP*LB.FT.QE675-G14.02233934494774 @ 1000180QE675-F12.251 1/2204730184694 @ 1060166QE675-E10.751 1/2179626494436 @ 1100159QE675-D9.251 1/2154622793817 @ 1100152QE675-C8.01133719713301 @ 1100161QE675-B7.01117017252888 @ 1100152QE675-A6.01100314782476 @ 1100146*HP requirement may vary with application—value given is guide for estimating.The warranty of every QE Vibrator is valid only when the guidelines set forth in this text are exercised for operation.If you have questions regarding the operation of these models, please consult the factory immediately.6

Conveyor PartsBelt GuardKitsWhen purchasing your QE Vibrator, complete your designwith complimentary parts such as pan arm isolators orfiberglass belt guards. A single pan arm is capable of loadsup to 75 lbs, while pan arms with booster springs arecapable of 125 lb loads.Renold AJAX stocks threesizes of fiberglass beltguards with metal backsand posts. The metalplate is provided withsufficient clearanceholes for the motorand shaker shafts.It requires fitting afterthe motor/ shaker isassembled. A stiffener is then welded to the metal plateand secured to the base. After the sheaves and belts arefitted the fiberglass guard can be bolted to the post.Renold also provides other isolation devices such asfiberglass leaf springs, coil springs, booster springsand repair kits for your vibrator-shaker needs. ContactCustomer Service at 800-879-2529 for more information.The 26W-3 One piece Pan Arm Assembly replaces the25W-3 three piece assembly. Items 8 and 9, coil springsare used for amplification of stroke only. Booster springsare used with applications to hold up the pan underheavy loads.DrawingPart NumberMild Steel304SSItemNo.RequiredDescription1126W-3 Pan Arm1026421Bolt701-037-16-55031Hex r Bushing1011162Cotter Pin789-009-00-15071Stepped Washer1020781Coil Spring1020391Coil Spring10206Part �5, 6, 8, 5129W-420104011040416-1/2”10, 12, 6759W-421104011040425”20

Renold Ajax100 Bourne StreetWestfield, NY 14787-0546Toll Free Tel: 1-800-879-2529Renold Canada622 Rue De HullVille La SalleQuebec, Canada H8R 1V9Toll Free Tel: 1-800-265-9970Tel: (514) 367-1764Fax: (514) 367-4993QE-15 / Printed in

to AGMA 9 standard, improved the quality and performance of the QE range. Today, the QE Vibrator not only meets industry expectations, but will out-perform competitive models when correctly selected and operated in line with the information given in this brochure. When a QE Vibrator is directly attached to a trough it is referred to as a “Brute Force” design. It is very simple to calculate .

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