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NETXTEND JUICEBOX SERIESFEATURES AND BENEFITSyy UL 891 Listed enclosureand system — meets orexceeds industry standardsfor electrical requirementsyy UL type 3R rainproof — meetsor exceeds industry standardsfor rainproof protectionyy Available in numerousconfigurations — each utilizingcomponents from an array ofworld-class manufacturers forapplication flexibilityyy Wall or pad-mount options —allow for flexible installationyy Three-point locking systemwith padlock provisions —offers greater securityyy All aluminum construction —for durability, light weight andlow maintenance costsyy Our multistage powder coatfinishing process — meets orexceeds EPA standards andprovides a tough corrosionresistant finish for longer life2DescriptionThe NetXtend JuiceBox Series PPCEnclosures with NTI Technology fromVertiv offers full-service power transferpedestals for use with outdoor electronicequipment closures, especially for thewireless market (i.e., base stations, remoteterminals). The hinged deadfront designprovides 120/240V single phase service,and offers a commercial AC/generatorpower transfer point through amechanical transfer circuit breakersystem. A load center is provided forpower distribution. One position isreserved for the GFCI outlet anddepending on configuration, one for thesurge suppressor. This load center isprotected by SAD/MOV surgesuppression designed with NTITechnology. The Deadfront design isavailable in 100 and 200 amp sizes. AllPPC products are UL 891 Listed to meetindustry and safety standards. Thepedestal can be rated suitable for serviceentrance or non-service applicationsmaintaining a rating up to 42,000 ampsAIC and 65kAIC with upline class J fuse.The PPC Series is designed with a sidemounted telco compartment. Thiscompartment has a plywood backboardfor equipment mounting, a 12-positionground bar and GFCI outlets that protrudethrough from the AC cabinet. Optionsinclude a thermostatically controlled fanand optional T1 protection.The NetXtend PPC Series is co-located with active electronicclosures in wireless networks to provide AC power transfer,surge protection, distribution, and T1 terminations for cellular,PCS, and all wireless markets.

Side-by-Side ModelStandard Features – Side-by-Side ModelyyAC and telco demarcation togetheryyNeutral-ground bonding pointyyManual transfer switchyyTransient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS)yyGenerator receptacleyyLoad centerNOTE: For cabinet specifications, refer to the AC and TelcoModels on the following pages.Ordering Information – Side-by-Side ModelA small selection of products is listed below.Please refer to the PPC Ordering Matrix on page 9 for additional S2S2W201200A mechanical transfer device, 24-position load center, AR20044RS,SAD/MOV with 20" telco cabinet (no TCS-T1DS)NS2S1W203200A mechanical transfer device, 24-position load center, AR20033RS with45 degree angle adapter, SAD/MOV with 20" telco cabinet, fire retardantplywood backboardNS2S1W101200A mechanical transfer device, 24-position load center, AR20044RS,SAD/MOV with 10" telco cabinetLS2S1W201100A mechanical transfer device, 12-position load center, PM4100B12W,SAD/MOV with 20" telco cabinet3

NETXTEND JUICEBOX SERIESAC ModelStandard Features – AC ModelyyNeutral-ground bonding pointyyManual transfer switchyyTransient Voltage SurgeSuppression (TVSS)yyGenerator receptacleyyLoad centeryyOptional telco cabinetSpecifications – AC ModelENCLOSURECabinet Dimensions (H x W x D)59.00" x 24.00" x 10.00"WeightApprox. 150 lbs.External MaterialAluminum with polyester powder coat paintMountingWall or pad mounted*ELECTRICALOperating Voltage240/120, single phaseAmperage100 or 200 Amp utility/standby (square D breakers)AIC Rating100 Amp - 10,000 AICManual Transfer SwitchSquare D walking beam interlockStandby Generator Inlet100 Amp McGill part #PM4100B12W200 Amp Appleton part #AR20044RSPeak Pulse Current RatingPrimary SAD - 20kA at 8/20sSecondary MOV - 200kA per phaseLoad Center12 or 24 position, Square D, Type QO breakers1-60 Amp double pole (AC TVSS)1-15 Amp single pole (GFI receptacles)1-10 Amp single pole (auxiliary cabinet cooling fan)* Install neoprene base gasket when pad mounting.4200 Amp - 22,000 AIC (65,000 with class J fuse)

Ordering Information – AC ModelA small selection of products is listed below.Please refer to the PPC Ordering Matrix on page 9 for additional S2S2W000200A mechanical transfer device, 24-position load center, AR20044RS, SAD/MOVBN2S2W000200A mechanical transfer device, 24-position load center, SAD/MOVAC Model shown with interior deadfront panel open (left) and closed.5

NETXTEND JUICEBOX SERIESTelco ModelStandard Features – Telco ModelyyWall-mount or grade LevelyyPlywood back boardyyTransient voltage surge suppressor fortelco T1 service optionalyyCooling fan with thermostatyyTerminal block with remote indicationyyMetal mesh electrostatic air filteryyNEMA 3R rainproofSpecifications – Telco ModelENCLOSURECabinet Dimensions (H x W x D)59.00" x 24.00" x 20.00"WeightApprox. 110 lbs.External MaterialAluminum with polyester powder coat paintMountingWall or pad mounted*Plywood backboard for equipment mounting (39" x 20")Ground barCoolingElectric cooling fan with thermostat**Remote Indication (optional)8-position terminal block with wire harnessGrounding12 position, double lug master ground barSurge Suppression (optional)T1 TVSS service, Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD)SecurityThree point latch (padlock hasp), continuous stainless steel hingeSafety ComplianceNEMA 3R type enclosure****Install neoprene base gasket when pad mounting.**Fan leads must be connected to power using the wire harness provided, 120 VAC, 10A breaker.***All penetrations of the cabinet must utilize NEMA 3R rated components to maintain the cabinet rating.Ordering Information – Telco ModelA small selection of products is listed below.Please refer to the PPC Ordering Matrix on page 9 for additional TNN00W20120" telco cabinet with TCS-T1DSTNN00W23820" telco cabinet (no TCS-T1DS)TNN00W27020" telco cabinet with 2000048 multi T1, isolated ground (no terminal block)TNN00W10110" telco cabinet with TCS-T1DS

Combo Cab ModelStandard Features – Combo Cab ModelyyAC and telco equipment in asingle enclosure saves space andinstallation timeyy24-position load centeryySuitable for use as service equipmentyyTVSSyyFlexible mounting options include wall,H-frame, bracket and pad mountyyTelco demarcationyySlide bar mechanical interlockyyUL891 Listedyy200 amp generator receptacleOrdering Information – Combo Cab ModelA small selection of products is listed below.Please refer to the PPC Ordering Matrix on page 9 for additional configurations.CATALOG NUMBERPARTNUMBERDESCRIPTIONCS2S2W736200A slide bar transfer device, 24-position load center, AR20044RSSAD/MOV, over/underCS7S2W836200A slide bar transfer device, 24-position load center, AR20044RSMOV, over/underNOTE: Other options, configurations and components are available for the Combo Cab Series.7

NETXTEND JUICEBOX SERIESVertiv provides a complete range of communications network infrastructure solutions andservices built on an industry-leading reputation for quality, reliability and value.Specifications – Combo Cab ModelCABINET CONFIGURATIONCS2S2-W736CS7S2-W836Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D)66" x 30" x 10"60" x 25" x 10"WeightApprox. 150 lbs.Approx. 150 lbs.External Material0.125" thick aluminum w/ gray powder coat paint0.100" thick aluminum w/ gray powder coat paintFront DoorSS hinge, 3 point latching handle, 180 wind stopSS hinge, 3 point latching handle, 90 wind stopMountingWall, H-frame, bracket or pad mountWall, H-frame or pad mountSafety ComplianceUL 891 dead front switchboards, NEMA type 3RUL 891 dead front switchboards, NEMA type 3RDimensions (approx.)30" x 30" x 10"30" x 25" x 10"Voltage240/120 Vac, single phase240/120Vac, single phaseAC COMPARTMENTAmperage200A200AFault Current Rating65kAIC65kAICMain Breakers200A square D, QG type200A square D, QG typeTransfer TypeSlide bar mechanical interlockSlide bar mechanical interlockDistribution24 position, square D load center24 position, 200A load centerBranch Breakers60A, 240Vac, square D (TVSS)15A, 120Vac, square D (Convenience Outlets)10A, 120Vac, square D (Cooling Fan)60A, 240Vac, square D (TVSS)20A, 120Vac, square D (Convenience Outlets)Generator Receptacle200A Appleton AR20044RS (left or right mount)200A Appleton AR20044RSGroundingAC power ground bar (#14 - #2)AC power ground bar (#14 - #2)TVSSSAD primary 20kA, MOV secondary 200kAMOV only 200kATELCO COMPARTMENTDimensions (H x W x D)36" x 30" x 10"30" x 25" x 10"GroudningGround bar (#14 - #2)Ground bar (#14 - #2)Equipment MountingPlywood back boardClimate ControlFilters819" x 19" plywood back boardHeavy duty cooling fan with thermostatMetal mesh electrostatic filters (reusable)Convenience OutletGFCI, standard duplex receptacle (exterior)GFCI, duplex receptacle (interior)T1 TVSSNone(1) TCS-T1DS - T1 line surge suppression

PPC Ordering MatrixCabinet ConfigurationLNAB 100A (10kAIC w/ walking beam)200A (22/65kAIC w/ wkg. beam)100A AC cabinet only200A AC cabinet onlyCDG 200A (65kAIC with slide bar)200A (10kAIC with slide bar)100A (10kAIC with slide bar)HTE 200A (25kAIC w/ slide bar)Telco cabinet onlyECC cabinet onlyGenerator ReceptacleSABC Standard45 angleAR20034RSAR20033RS, 45 angleDEGH AR20044RS with 45 angleADR1033RS (100A)AR20033RSNo receptacle, breaker, interlockTMN Custom (wiring #1)ADR1033RS (field install)NoneTVSS Level26 20KA TVSSMOV only 400kA/Phase7 MOV only (1 - 6M120V/phase)200kA/PhaseN NoneTVSS ConnectionS Standard (breaker)0 NoneLoad Center1 12 position2 24 position0 NoneAuxiliary Cabinet12 10x24 Telco (10" cabinet)20x24 Telco(20" cabinet)78 Combo (AC/Telco)Combo Lite, 60Hx25Wx10DG/R on right (facing)0 None2X3436 6364 66 37 67 3862 Qty. 2 TCS TIDSNo fans, no TCS-T1DSNew combo PPC configurationG/R on left (facing)Telco, no plywoodor TCS-T1DSNo TCS-T1DS (Sprint)AC status relay on utilitybreaker 22kAIC70 AC status relay on utility breaker 65kAICAC status relay on generatorbreaker 10kAICAC status relay on utility& generator 22kAICAC status relay on utility& generator 65kAICIncludes multiline T1product (custom)Mounting OptionsW Wall / in-line cabinetsAuxiliary Options0123 None (AC cabinet only)Telco, standard plywoodTelco, plywood 2 sidesTelco, flameretardant plywoodTelco, flame retardantplywood 2 sidesPass through lugson load center41X 9

NETXTEND JUICEBOX SERIESCAC ModelStandard Features – CAC ModelyyTelco demarcation with optional telcocabinetyyNEMA 3R rainproof enclosureyy3-point door closure with continuoushinge and heavy duty door gasketyyUL891 listed rain/drip hood providesprotection against the elementsyy0 .1" thick aluminumyyCorrosion resistant powder coat paintyyWall/bracket or pad-mountableyyOptional N-G bonding jumperyyMechanical interlock preventssimultaneous use of utility andgenerator poweryyBrute force metal oxide varistor surgesuppression with easy to read LEDand remote status indicationyyGenerator receptacle optionsinclude: 100A or 200A, 10kAICor 22kAIC, 65kAICSpecifications – CAC ModelENCLOSUREAC CABINETTELCO CABINETCabinet Dimensions39.00" H x 20.00" W x 10.00" D39.00" H x 20.00" W x 10.00" DWeightApprox. 75 lbs.Approx. 20 lbs.External Material0.1" thick aluminum0.1" thick aluminumMountingWall or pad-mount (with optional pad-mounting base)Wall or pad-mount (with optional pad-mounting base)Cabinet Enclosure TypeOne AC Power TVSS cabinet (NEMA 3R type enclosure)Single cabinet (NEMA 3R type enclosure)Weather ProtectionRain/drip hood, rain tested per UL 891UL 50ELECTRICALOperating Voltage120/240 VAC, single phase, 3 wire and groundService100 Amp or 200 Amp. utility/standbyDisconnectSlide bar mechanical interlockAIC Rating10kAIC, 22kAIC, 65kAICLoad Center200 Amp, 24 position1-30 Amp double pole (AC TVSS)1-15 Amp single pole (GFI receptacles)Bonding JumperOptional N-G bonding jumperStandby Power ReceptacleAppleton AR20044RS Standard (100A or 200A), 10kAICTVSS with Indicator LightsMetal oxide Varistors (MOV) (160kA/Phase)Remote alarm contactsGroundingTelco ground barSecurity (padlockable)3-point door closure with 1/4 turn handle, SS hinge1/4 turn handle, SS hingeSafety ComplianceUL 891, dead front switchboardsUL 50, cabinets and cutout boxesOptions10,000 or 22,000, 65,000 AIC series ratedPad-mounting base (8" thick)Various generator receptacles offeredTelco transient surge suppressionPad-mounting base (8" thick)20" deep cabinet baseCooling fans with thermostatNOTE: AC cabinet is suitable for use as service equipment10

Ordering Information – CAC ModelA small selection of products is listed below.Please refer to the CAC Model Ordering Matrix for additional configurations.CATALOG NUMBERPART NUMBERDESCRIPTIONCACA22204090100A slide bar transfer device, 24-position load center, ADR1044RS, MOVCACA45201090200A slide bar transfer device, 24-position load center, AR2044RS, MOVCACA45201190200A slide bar transfer device, 24-position load center, AR20044RS with 45 degree angle adapter, MOVCACA75201090200A slide bar transfer device, 30-position load center, AR20044RSOrdering Matrix - CAC ModelAC Power Configuration247 100A main, 24 pos. LC200A main, 24 pos. LC200A main, 30 pos. LCAIC Rating25 10K AIC65K AIC Series RatedMain Breakers (Transfer Device)12 Single disconnectSlide bar mechanical interlockGenerator Inlet00010203040508091011121314 NoneAR20044RS (Appleton 200A)AR20034RS (Appleton 200A)AR20033RS (Appleton 200A)AR1044RS (Appleton 100A)HBL2715SW (Hubbell 30A)M4100B12W (McGill 100A)HBL4100RS2WR (Hubbell 100A)HBL4100RS1WR (Hubbell 100A)HBL4200RS1WR (Hubbell 200A)4100B12W (Hubbell 100A)ADR1033RS (Appleton 100A)Custom OptionGenerator Inlet Accessories01 No angle adapter45 degree angle adapterTVSS Options09 NoneIG120S200RK-WWCabinet Mounting0 None11 Vertiv Headquarters, 1050 Dearborn Drive, Columbus, OH, 43085, USA 2016 Vertiv Co. All rights reserved. Vertiv and the Vertiv logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vertiv Co. All other names and logos referred to are trade names, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. While every precaution has beentaken to ensure accuracy and completeness herein, Vertiv Co. assumes no responsibility, and disclaims all liability, for damages resulting from use of this information or for any errors or omissions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.OE-12830 (R12/16)

available in 100 and 200 amp sizes. All PPC products are UL 891 Listed to meet industry and safety standards. The pedestal can be rated suitable for service entrance or non-service applications maintaining a rating up to 42,000 amps AIC and 65kAIC with upline class J fuse. The PPC Serie

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Engagement CS also includes complete integration with PPC’s Checkpoint Tools (including PPC’s SMART Practice Aids and PPC’s Workpapers, and PPC’s Reference Library – now known as PPC’s Interactive Disclo

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The transformers can be equipped with enclosures of different protection level according to IEC 60529 for different services conditions. The enclosures are specially designed that the heat is dissipated properly Elsewedy Transformers can offer enclosures with IP20 to IP44 indoor and outdoor Accessories Elsewedy Transformers 9 Enclosures

Single door enclosures up to 63” x 48” x 16” (1600 x 1200 x 400mm) Flush mount enclosures Eagle enclosures with a sloped water shedding design Ex-Cell-T / XL-T terminal boxes: Ex-Cell enclosures are available assembled as custom configured and certified

Product Types Vertical Clamp Top Line Post Insulators PPC Insulators offer vertical clamp top line post assemblies for ratings 15 kV through 45 kV. PPC vertical clamp top line post insulators are mounted upright on crossarms and structures. Rated at 2800 lb. cantilever strength these insulators offer strength with excellent mechanical as well as electrical characteristics. The one–piece .

21,000 gallons, a Spill Prevention Response (SPR) plan is required. This SPR plan, in addition to the contents of a PPC plan, requires a specific downstream notification requirement. Those storage tank facilities that already have a PPC plan need only update the PPC plan and include the downstream notification requirement.

on the PPC for Japan then we will look at the production statistics for the United States and Japan. Usually a class will pick a PPC for Japan which lies outside of that for the U.S. because there is a misconception that the Japanese out-produce the U.S. Wewill then discuss underlying factors that influence the PPC for the Japanese economy.

Yes, it can. Unlike in Google Adwords, Amazon PPC sales have a direct influence on a product’s organic ranking on Amazon. Therefore, more sales generated via Amazon PPC ads will have a positive effect on the org

Anders als bei Google Adwords haben Verkäufe über Amazon PPC direkte Auswirkun-gen auf das organische Ranking eines Produkts auf Amazon. Daher haben mehr Verkäufe, die über Amazon PPC-Anzeigen generiert werden, positive Auswirkungen auf das organische Ranking deiner FBA oder FBM-Produ

PPC’s SMART Practice Aids – Audit Essential is an innovative and easy-to-use workflow tool that provides the essentials you need for any audit engagement. With PPC’s SMART Practice Aids – Audit Essential, you’ll be able to document audit planning, assess risk, tailor your engagements and complete your audit programs with ease. TakeFile Size: 1MB

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Essay questions 1 The diagram below shows typical production possibility curves (PPCs). B 1 B 2 B 3 B 4 B 5 PPC 1 PPC 2 X Y Z A 1 A 4 A 5 A 3 A 2 0 Good B Good A Figure A1.2 Production Possibility Curves PPC 1 shows the various possible combinations of the two goods, A and B, that can be produced. Any point on this curve is the maxim

Note: The content of this guide was originally produced by PPC’s SMART Practice Aids and has been modified for Workpapers CS users who integrate with PPC’s SMART Practice Aids when performing audit engagements in the field.File Size: 508KB


Pima Pineapple Cactus Survey March 11, 2009 of the Proposed Rosemont Project Waterline Alignment Page 6 Q:\Jobs\1000's\1049.10\PPC\Rosemont Waterline PPC Survey 031109.doc WestLand Resources, Inc. Engineering and Environmental Consultants various vegetation communities, including mesquite–

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PPC prod brochure portrait 2017_1.indd 16 2017/04/11 3:09:55 PM. GENERAL CONCRETE MIXES 2. Manual Mixing For larger batches: Measure out the sand and spread it on a flat, clean, hard surface Pour PPC SUREBUILD 42,5 N or IDM 32,5 cement on top of the sand and mix to a uniform colour

1. Consult ASCO for dimensions on enclosures other than UL type 1. 2. Open weights include transfer switch and control panel. 1200-4000 amp enclosures require ventilation openings, refer to drawings for details. 3. Enclosures are free-standing with removable top, sides, and back. 4. Order accessory 40MY for 1600A and 40NY for 2000A front .

academic writing, the purpose of which is to explore complex concepts and issues. Terms like Zin essence or to summarise, are more appropriate. The use of the word Ztalking [ is unsuitable because the law is a concept and concepts are not capable of talking! Words that could be used instead include state, articulate or describe. Sentences Try to express a single idea or point in each sentence .