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A1 Box 1111111111111111111111111111112211 21Bob Bartlett and crewman on deck, smoking. Pouch of Granger Pipe Tobacco on Sunkist Oranges cratephoto232411 2211 23Bob Bartlett and crewman on deck playing checkers, smoking. Each holds Granger Pipe Tobacco pouchTwo men seated on ground; one spoons out Horlick's Malted Milk (Chocolate) 303132333435363738394041Two men seated on ground; one opening box Jack Frost Granulated Sugar. Two others nearMan handing box Jack Frost Granulated Sugar to Inuit woman. Children watchMother of Inuit family holds box Jack Frost Granulated SugarInuit kayaker has three boxes Jack Frost Granulated Sugar on kayak deckCrewman on deck by packages KLIM Powdered MilkCrewman on deck spooning out KLIM Powdered MilkCrewman with cans of KLIM whole milk, has one hand on musk-ox calf in penCrewman feeding musk-ox calf from pail. Cans of whole KLIM Milk beside penCrewman in pen with walrus pup and feeding bottle. Can powdered KLIM Milk on benchInuit family. Father holds two cans Kraft Pimento Processed CheeseEight school children with can of Mazola Corn OilSeven school children with can of Mazola Corn OilCrewman offering cup of Nestle's Milk to musk-ox calf in penCrewman, with cup, pets musk-ox in pen. Cans Nestle's Evaporated Milk on floorCrewman, with cup, pets musk-ox in pen. Cans Nestle's Evaporated Milk on floorCrewman offering cup Nestle's Evaporated Milk to musk-ox calfCrewman offering cup Nestle's Evaporated Milk to musk-ox calfMusk-ox calf feeding; crewman pours Nestle's Evaporateed Milk into 445464748495051525354Musk-ox calf looks up from drinking milk. Crewman pours more Nestle's Evaporated Milk into cupSchool children with Hershey Chocolate: Mr. Goodbar, Mild Mellow, Hershey BarCrewman gives Inuit couple (with baby) bars Octagon SoapCrewman scrubbing deck. Bars Octagon Soap in foregroundBob Bartlett on deck by case Pepsi-ColaBob Bartlett on deck, leaning on case of Pepsi-ColaBob Bartlett sitting on deck with bottle Pepsi-ColaBob Bartlett sits on deck among Pepsi-Cola cases, drinking one.Crewman sitting on rocks, spooning Premier Peaches from canCrewman sitting on rocks eating Premier PeachesCrew at mess table eating River RiceBob Bartlett and ? on deck beside Socony Oil Company logo? And Bob Bartlett stand by Socony Oil logo, Bartlett pointing to tophotophotophotoacc. Numbertitle1Arm & Hammer Washing Soda being used on deck2Bakes All Boxes held by Inuit woman; others near3Women and children with Bakes All boxes4Man on deck using Benjmin Moore Marine Paint on geometric trim panel5Close-up, painting with Benjamin Moore Marine Paint6Using Benjamin Moore Marine Paint7Crewman ready to use Benjamin Moore Enamel Paint on life preservers8Crewman painting life preservers with Benjamin Moore Enamel Paint9Crewman painting small deck panel with Benjamin Moore Paint10Crewman using Benjamin Moore Imperial Enamel Paint on canvass11Broadcast Corned Beef Hash held by Inuit woman by house.12Crewman, below, shows Burgess Super B Battery W10XDA, and other large batteries13Crewman, below, shows large Burgess Battery and portable spot light14Crewman, below, looks at Burgess Batteries on shelf. Little Six Batteries15Inuit women and children hold Campbell Soups16Inuit women and children hold Campbell Soups17Blank18Deck scene with carton of Campbell Soup. Loading supplies19Will Pritchard, cook, with Gorton's product20Crewman and Bob Bartlett playing checkers on deck. Granger Pipe Tobacco on wman behind is sewingNote wide fringe2 copiesWooden box used as supportNets and ropes piled beyondShe wears western dress and sealskin bootsEmergency lamp on table2 copiesWill was former cabin boy with R.E.Peary3 copies2 copies2 copies2 copiesOther supplies on deck include Rippled WheatBreakfast Food

56ABFGHIKM11 55Two crewmen on deck by cases Socony Mobilgas. One paints case coverphoto575859606111111111115657585960Crewman on snowy deck pouring Socony Kerosene into lamp base. Case Socony motor gasoline by himCrewman giving #10 can Sun Rayed Tomato Juice to Inuit woman, by house. Others watchInuit woman holds #10 can Sun Rayed Tomato Juice . Others watchCrew on deck by case of Sunshine BiscuitsCase of Sunshine Biscuits on deck. Socony Oil logo sign 11111616263646566Two crewmen on deck with cases of supplies: Swift's Silverleaf Brand, Gargoyle C. I.E. Oil, Wic , more.Crewman presenting Tetley Tea packages to two Inuit women. Children watchFour crewmen on ground, eating. Large tea pot on burner. Tetley Tea packages nearCrew at breakfast. One pours out WheatiesInuit woman outside rock/sod house holding Wheaties boxInuit woman holds two Wheaties boxes, showing back and front. Children 3104105106107108109110Crewman in foul weather gear on deck by bolt of Woodberry Canvass. 22" wide, 104 yards longInuit woman holding two bottles, each label differentThree crewmen and three White girls on deck with beverage bottlesInuit woman holds two cans. Three children watchVegetation by stone wall. Man in distanceVegetation in bloomVegetation in bloomVegetation in bloomVegetation in bloomArctic poppiesVegetation with berriesVegetation with berriesPolar bear on ice floePolar bear on ice floe; crewman watchingPolar bear swimmingPolar bear swimmingPolar bear on ice floePolar bear clinging to side of boatPolar bear on deck, draped over railPolar bear in pen, aboardCrewman beside hanging polar bear, aboardWalrus herd on ice floes and in waterWalrus herd on ice floes; crewman watchingWalrus herd on ice floeLarge walrus herd on ice floeLarge walrus herd on ice floeLarge walrus herd on ice floeWalrus herd on ice floeTwo walrus on ice floeTwo walrus on ice floeOne walrus on ice floeMan holding walrus, on deckWalrus pup in pen, aboardWalrus pup in pen, aboardWalrus pup in pen, aboardWalrus in pen, net over headWalrus in pen, with net - bellowingPile sperm whale teeth on groundSeal (?) swimmingSeal (?) swimmingBearded seal (?) in iceSeal faceNarwhal on deck, showing head and neckNarwhal on deck, showing head and hotophotophotophotophotoGreenlandNW GreenlandNW GreenlandSmith SoundKarnahKarnah1938N2 copies(1) "Art Young and ? Stowing" (2) "Dec. 2 issueTHE YOUTH'S COMPANION"2 copiesproducts not discernibleproduct not discernibleproduct not discernible2 copies2 copies2 copiesDupe is 19.196. 2 copiesNote light-colored, furry coat. Dupe is 15.110.Neg is 14.110Dupe is 19.208. See dupe for long remark

162163164165166167168169FSeven musk-oxen in snow patch on hillsideHarry Whitney bottle-feeding two musk-ox calves on deckHarry Whitney bottle-feeding two musk-ox calves on deckTwo musk-ox calves in grassy yard, by picket fenceTwo musk-ox calves in grassy yardMusk-ox calf and man in grassy yardMusk-ox calf in grassy yardTwo musk-ox calves in grassy yardCrewman cleaning fish, on deckCrewmen handling net with fish, on deckFour krill (Eupahusiid shrimp)Whale tethered to boatWhale held, with ropes from shipWhale tethered to boatWhale fetus on deck. Umbilical cord and placenta attachedWhale fluke (?) partially submergedWhale, captured, along side boatWhale, captured, along side boatWhale in shallow water, capturedWhales in shallow water, capturedWhale in shallow water, capturedWhale in shallow water, capturedWhaling station. Whale in foregroundWhaling station. Whale on rampWhale at shoreline by whaling stationWhale in shallow water by whaling stationTwo men on whale, processing it; at stationTwo men at station cutting whaleGroup of men examining whale at stationWhale on ramp at stationWhale on ramp at stationCutting up whale at stationCutting up whale at stationProcessing whale at stationTwo men at station cutting whaleTwo men and whale on ramp at stationThree men cutting whale at stationWhale meat on ramp. Workers nearWhale section against wall at stationCutting up whale at stationMan touching whaleMan looking at baleenDog team at rest on rocky shoreDog among rocks, near beachTwo dogs playingDogsDog sleeping on deckPuppyPig in farmyardCow in wooden pen being unloaded from boatCow in wooden pen being unloaded from boatCow on dock, with manMurres on rocks, and in airMurre rookeryThree Dovekies, swimmingFive Dovekies on small ice floe. Two flapping wingsGulls and Murres on bird cliffsInuit woman netting DovekiesLong-tailed Jaeger in breeding plumage, on rigusBrigusBrigusBrigusBrigusBrigusPandora tophotoNDupes are 18.44, 19.212Dupe is 19.2432 copies2 copies2 copies2 copies2 copies2 copies2 copies2 copies2 copiesDupe is 19.89 2 copies2 copies. Good feather detail. Good reflection2 copies2 copies

183184185186Long-tailed Jaeger in breeding plumage, on groundLong-tailed Jaeger in breeding plumage, on groundLarge flock Gulls on waterBlack Guillemot in flightGull in flightTwo young Glaucous GullsTwo young Glaucous GullsEider (?) nest with three eggsGroup of chicks34 ivory carvingsInuit man aboard, wearing knit cap and anorakInuit man in furs and knit capSmiling Inuit man with moustache, in fur-trimmed anorakInuit man in western clothes with small trunk strapped to his backInuit man with inverted pipe, wearing knit cap with large tasselFive men by frame building. Each wear different style hatInuit 25226227Nils, 16-yr.- old son of Danish fatherInuit woman in western dress, by frame building, looking at jar of preserves.Inuit woman with jars of preserves.Three Inuit women with white dog.Inuit womanThree Inuit women aboard (?) scraping skins with ulusInuit woman and two young children aboardTwo Inuit children and a man in oomiak beside open boatCrewman holding candy bar for Inuit boy to bite. A girl is holding large Mr. GoodbarTwo young Inuit boys and white dogTen Inuit children outside sod/frame houseEight Inuit boys and one White one with man by frame buildingTen Inuit women and children near shoreInuit woman and four children by stone houseInuit women, children and dog outside tupikInuit man by two-level stone/sod hutWoman and two men work at drying fish by large frame house.Greenlandic woman wearing beaded collar; two White men, one in fur parkaFour Polar Inuit aboard, smokingSeven Inuit men and boys aboard; three eating from common panMen and boys aboardFour Polar Inuit men aboard. Canoe in foregroundTwo Polar Inuit men aboard by sledgeThree Inuit men and a boy aboardSix West Greenlandic women and three men in open boat by schoonerSix Inuit men and boys, three White women in open boat by ice floeInuit and crewmen by beached kayak. Sledges nearInuit by beached kayakInuit and dog by beached kayakInuit and crewmen by beached kayakInuit in kayak. Schooner beyondKayakerTwo kayakers; decks loaded with gearThree kayakers; man watching from schoonerThree kayakers; harpoon holder on decksThree kayakers approaching. One man raises paddle in greeting. Fish on deckFour kayakers side-by-side. Gear on one deckKayaker, large rowing boat with seven InuitMan aboard watching two Inuit on ice floe, with kayaksMan aboard watching three Inuit on ice floe, with kayaks. Fourth kayak in waterThree Inuit on ice floe with kayaksGHPandora HarborPandora HarborGreenlandGreenlandParker Snow BayParker Snow BayNW GreenlandNW GreenlandKarnahMelville PeninsulaW. GreenlandNW GreenlandNW GreenlandNW GreenlandW. andE. GreenlandNW GreenlandNW GreenlandNW photophotoNDupe is 19.113Dupe is 19.109. 2 copiesDupe is 19.110Dupe is 19.86sledge, kayak on rack, people, animals, seal,tools2 copiesTrunk has equipment on its topOriginally from South Greenland. See "DavidGoes To Greenlend" (Putnam), p. 113Note bell hanging from corner of buildingBow-saw on woodpile. Schooner beyondOomiak frame beyondNote ornate parker of oneOne boy has Hershey Bar in pocketNote differences in constructionNote rusted,discarded"Eskimosummerplace cannearina foregroundgood salmonstream."Note whale vertebra2 copiesDupe is 20.203Dupe is 20.200

5025125225325425525625725825926026126219 kayakers, man in row boat near shoreBob Bartlett aboard with men and childrenBob Bartlett aboard with men and childrenBob Bartlett on deck with Inuit manBob Bartlett aboard with three Inuit menBob Bartlett and White man on deckBob Bartlett, crewman and Inuit man on deckInuit man, Bob Bartlett and crewman on deckBob Bartlett and crewmen on deckBob Bartlett and crewmen relaxing on deckCrewman and Bob Bartlett on deckMan and Bob Bartlett on deckCrewmen and Bob Bartlett on deckBob Bartlett and crewman on deckCrewman and Carl Dunrid on deckCrewman and Bob Bartlett on deckBob Bartlett and guests aboardBertie Bangs (?) and Bob Bartlett at wheelBertie Bangs (?), ?, and Bob Bartlett at wheelBob Bartlett with sextant, ? at wheel , and ?Bob Bartlett and ? On deck. Departure festivities? And Bob Bartlett on deck ready to raise flagBob Bartlett and visitors on deck? and Bob Bartlett on deck at Frank McWilliams DocksBob Bartlett and ? sitting by frame buuildingWoman and Bob Bartlett by ornate gateBob Bartlett and woman by ornate gateWoman and Bob BartlettBob Bartlett in riggingBob Bartlett at rail with sextantBob Bartlett on deck using sextantBob Bartlett on deck, looking to shoreBob Bartlett on deck in foul weather gearBob Bartlett sitting at wheelBob Bartlett, laughing, in room with instruments and memorabilia26426526626711111111263264265266Bob Bartlett and three men on deck. He holds Whole Wheat-Shredded WheatCarton: Hospital Liquids - Filtrair Solutions. City Island, NY address on cartonBob Bartlett on deck with cases of Hospital Liquids - Filtrair SolutionBob Bartlett and ? on deck looking at supplies: Hospital Liquid - Filtrair Solut4ionsphotophotophotophoto26811 267Bob Bartlett and three Inuit men on deck with 81282283111111111111111111111111111111Bob Bartlett and three Inuit men on deck with suppliesBob Bartlett and two men on whaling station ramp, by whaleBob Bartlett, a man, two women sitting in mouth of whale at stationCeiling lamp with large funnel and small bottle.Wooden barrel and pailMachinery, detailMachinery, detailPlaster maskDogs, skins (?) hangingSmall house "Benville 1935"Benville Tea Rooms and Gardens. Jack Angel on rightGardens of Benville Tea RoomsTwo-story frame house, two men in yardTwo-story frame house, women and children in doorwayTwo-story frame house with picket fence and ornate gate photopost 6277278279280281282E. GreenlandW. GreenlandNew YorkAngmagssalikStaten IslandW. tophotophotophotophotophotophotophotophotoNDupe is 23.76 "A fleet of kayakers welcome theMorrissey to Angmagssalik"2 copies2 copies2 copies2 copiesNote plankton netBeyond is launch, dressed, with group aboardDupeis 23.31Two menwith rifles; one in army jacket, furpants, seal-skin boots; one in fringed jacket andseal-skin bootsHershey, India Tea, Condor Coffee, Crown PilotCrackers from National Biscuit Company, andmoreHershey,India Tea, Condor Coffee, Crown PilotCrackers from National Biscuit Company, andmoreIn the MORRISSEY?2 copiesTea rooms owned by sisters of Bob BartlettNote canoe

293294295Large frame house with picket fencenHouse, yards, fenced fieldHawthorne HouseTwo-story frame house, boarded up. Man on porchUnited Church of CanadaChurchFlag pole by house. Topped with crownStone fireplaces, bookshelves above onePlankton net being trawledPlankton net being trawledSurf and white capsOlder woman and Bob BartlettHearn family, including Sister Mary Gertrude abeth Angel (Soper,) Sister Mary Gertrude Hearn, Rupurta (Paddy) Angel (Murphy)Andrew, David, Roger, Peter, John and a womanJane Elizabeth held by ? Age 2 monthsThe first family groupRoger's first haircutAndrew, Roger, JohnRoger, age 16 monthsBob Bartlett and two women aboard, by dockBob Bartlett and four men sitting on bench. Two boys on rocks in foregroundBob Bartlett and four men sitting on benchBob Bartlett and five men by flagpole. One kneels to stroke a setterDr. Knud Rasmussen and Bob Bartlett aboardDr. Knud Rasmussen aboardC. Vetter aboardWill Pritchard by stove holding large box BrilloWill Pritchard in galley slicing breadWill Pritchard, Inuit man and Bob Bartlett on deck looking at canned product 44Will Pritchard, Inuit man and Bob Bartlett on deck examining contents of landNewfoundlandNewfoundlandNewfoundlandBrigusNW 2313MORRISSEY by ice. Bob Bartlett and three crewmen by rail; David Nutt prone on ice using sextantDavid Nutt and ? washing ? in basin on deckBob Bartlett and David

11 91 Large walrus herd on ice floe photo 11 92 Large walrus herd on ice floe photo 11 93 Large walrus herd on ice floe photo Dupe is 19.196. 2 copies 11 94 Walrus herd on ice floe photo 11 95 Two walrus on ice floe photo 11 96 Two walrus on ice floe photo 11 97 One walrus on ice floe photo

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