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Asiaʼs largest tradeshow & conference dedicated tothe design & manufacture of medical devices2017Care Welfare Robot & Device ExpoTest Kit ExpoMedical Electronics ExpoMedical ICT / Home Healthcare Expo19th 21stwedfriApril 2017@Tokyo, Japanwww.medtecjapan.comOrganized by : UBM Canon Japan G.K.Supported by : Japan Association for the Advancement of Medical EquipmentThe Japan Federation of Medical Devices AssociationsHarnessing Japanese technology to save livesSponsored by : Japan Medical Manufacturing Technology Commons

The largest medical device manufacturing and design showin Asia is the best opportunity to show your technologiesand products to medical device manufacturersWith the aging population and the government back up, the Medical Device industry is one of few marketsthat is expected to continue growing. More and more suppliers are entering the stable, growing and highlyprofitable market each year through MEDTEC Japan.Facts & FiguresHighly TargetedVisitor CategoryVisitors byJob FunctionOriginal EquipmentManufacturer ofMedical elfare DeviceManufacturer62%6%Product Development/Design, including R&DOthersPurchasing18%10%7%8%Quality edExhibitors206257302383430530 50435,000Visitors28,1371064,301 6,4572009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016Expected20177,37410,57732,020 34,01813,2102009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 20162017Main VisitorsAtom Medical Corporation/Create Medic Co., Ltd./FujiFilm Corporation/Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd./GC Co., Ltd./Hitachi Aloca Medical, Ltd./HOYA Corporation/J. Morita Mfg. Corp/JMS Co., Ltd. /Kawasumi Laboratories Inc./Konica Minolta, Inc./Nihon Kohden Corporation/Nipro Corporation/Olympus Corporation/OMRON Corporation/Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd./Pioneer Corporation/RION Co.,Ltd./SAKURA SEIKI Co.,Ltd./Senko Medical Instrument Mfg. Co.,Ltd./Siemens Healthcare K.K./Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc./Sysmex Corporation/Terumo Corporation/Toray Medical Co., Ltd./Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation /YOSHIDA SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD.and many moreBiggest Ever! Over 50,000spmExhibition Space!The Five Trade Shows in thePharmaceutical IndustryEast 1・2・3 HallFree AccessThe Five Trade Shows in the MedicalEquipment IndustryEast 4・5・6 HallPutting the Global Spotlight on Japanʼs Leading Edge Medical TechnologiesIn April 2017, ten highly-focused life science related exhibitions will be held concurrently in Tokyo. It will be a unique platform for thecreation of new business opportunities as well as focusing world attention on Japan ʼs leading-edge medical technologies.

Asiaʼs largest tradeshow & conference dedicatedto the design & manufacture of medical devicesCare Welfare Robot & Device Expo2017Plastics Technology AreaHigh Performance Plastics, Injection Molding and Extrusion Techniques forMedical Manufacturing, Pumps & Extrusion Technology and SpecialtyTubing, Plastics Processing Technology, Resins and Raw Materials, PlasticCeramic Materials, Plastic Components Disposable Products, Various Tooland Parts, Automation & Robot TechnologyMetal Processing & Machine Tool AreaMedical Metal Implants & Instruments Technology, Multi-Axis CNC Technology,Micro-machining, Lasers and Ultrasonic Technology for the Manufacture ofOrthopedic & Dental Implants, Surgical Devices and Interventional CardioDevices from Specialty Medical Alloys, Processing Machines, Machine Tools,Wire and Springs, Various tools & Parts, Surface Treatment Technology,Deburring, Ultrasonication, Vapor Deposition, Cleaning Machine/Equipment,Detergent/TechniqueMeasurement & Inspection AreaMeasurement Devices, Inspection Devices, Specified Equipment, SensorsRapid Prototyping Technology & CAD / CAM AreaRP Technology, 3D Printing, Scanner, CAD/CAM/CAE Software, CT, MRI DataProcessing Technology, Medical Simulator, Training Machine, Organ Model/Manufacturing Technique, SoftwarePackaging / Sterilization / Disposable AreaManufacturing and Development of Care SupportRobot Machine, Independence Support RobotMachine, Communication, Security Robot Machine,Artificial Limb, Materials, Parts, Processor,Electrical Parts, Robot Technologies, Software, OEMTest Kit ExpoManufacturing, Development Technologies andMaterials of Blood Test Kit, Flu Kit, Hay Fever TestKit, Allergy Test Kit, Sexually Transmitted DiseaseTest Kit, Cancer Test Kit, DNA Test Kit, Reagent TestKitMedical Electronics ExpoPackaging Materials, Packaging Machines, Sterilization, Printing, LabelingTechnology, Disposable ProductsCertification / Consulting AreaCertified consultant, FDA/ISO, Certified Inspection /Test, Quality ManagementRobot / Mechatronics AreaIndustrial Robots, Assembly Robots, Automation Systems, Sensors, LabelingMachines, Bearing, Actuator, Drive, Positioning Device/System, Hydraulic andPneumatic EquipmentNano Tech & TERM AreaCarbon Nanotube, Photonics Materials, Composite Materials, High-PerformanceMagnetic Materials, Ultra-High Purity Materials, Nanostructured Coating,Nano-Ink, Nanocomposite Materials, Nanoparticle, Biocompatibility Materials,Graphene, Cellulose Nanofiber, Nanoparticle Mixture/Dispersion/ComminutionTechnology, Electron/Ion Beam Processing, Fusion Technology, Micro DischargeProcessing, Thin-Film Fabrication Technology, Ultra-Precision SurfaceProcessing Technology, Micro Transistor Technology, Fine Pattern PrintingTechnology, 3D Printer, Automatic cultivation Apparatus, Cell Separation Device,Centrifugal, Flow Cytometry, Cell Storage/Transportation, CellCulture/Manufacturing, OEM Cell Sheet, Articular Cartilage, Human Cells andTissues and Cellular and Tissue-Based ProductsSemiconductor, IC, Sensors, Processor, EDAs,Laser technologies, Batteries, Power & Adaptors,Camera/Lenses, MEMS, Monitor/Graphics,Graphics-Interface, ICs Motor, Communications &Networking Devices, X-rays/CT/MRI, OEM etc.Schedule for ExhibitorsMay 2016 End of Feb. 2017Middle of March 2017Exhibit ApplicationStartExhibit ApplicationDeadlineSubmission FormDeadline17th-18th April 201719th-21st April 2017Move-InMEDTEC Japan 2017

The only media dedicated to thedesign & manufacture of medicaldevices in JapanMedical ICT / Home Healthcare ExpoMedical Device Magazine JapanDigital NewsTelecommunications Carrier CommunicationEquipment Manufacturers, Health Entertainment,Research and Development of Peripheral Equipmentand Telecommunications Equipment, Design,Manufacturing, Sales, Installation Work, ConsultingServices for Telecommunications Carriers VariousServices such as Network Optimization,Development of Applications and Solutions forMobile Communication Company, Carri er andEnterprise Systems, Integration, ProcurementElectronic Components and OEM Products, Wireless,OS, Interface Hardware, SoftwareJapan OnlineIt is the only media that you can diffuse yourmessage unerringly to domestic and internationalmedical device manufacturers which are lookingfor relationship with medical device suppliers.Exhibit FeeStandard PackageRaw Space (9sqm/booth) 540,000 / booth (excl tax)Package Booth (including electricity and equipment)Elegance PackageRaw Space 200,000 / booth (excl tax)Upgrade PackageRaw Space 150,000 / booth (excl tax)Standard PackageRaw Space 100,000 / booth (excl tax)Upgrade PackagePlease contact for the Pavilion Booth and Special Designed Booth.ContactUBM Canon Japan G.K.Kanda 91 Building, 1-8-3 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0044TEL:03-5296-1034 an.com

2016 Exhibitor List#3M Japan LimitedAAbionic SAAccumoldAccurate Inc.ACHISEIKI Co.,Ltd.ACTMENT Co., LTD.Adamant.Co.,Ltd.ADVANEXAFI CorporationAIM Electronics Co.,Ltd.AION Co.,Ltd.ALL NIPPON NONWOVENS ASSOCIATIONALPHA TECH.CO.,LTDALPS ELECTRIC CO., LTD.Amelio IncorporatedAMEROM JAPANARAKI MANUFACTURING Co.,LtdARAM CORPORATIONArjowiggins HealthcareARRK CorporationARS Co.,Ltd.Artwork Co.,Ltd.ASAHI FIBER INDUSTRY CO., LTD.ASAHI INTECC CO., LTD.ATL TechnologyATLASAZ Science Co.,Ltd.AZUMA Co.,LTDBBeams, inc.BELLPACKBemis Japan GKBethel Co., Ltd.BioAlpsBlockwise Engineering LLCBSI Group Japan K.K.Bureau Veritas Japan Co.,Ltd.BW-TEC AGCC.C.AUTOPART CO.,LTDC.C.S. ENGINEERING CO., LTD.CAE Solutions CorporationCANON ELECTRONICS INC.Carl Zeiss Co., Ltd.Catana corporation LTD.CCS Inc.CHINO GIKEN Co.,LtdChiyoda Technol Corporationchuetsu industry co.,ltdChunichi Denchi Co.,Ltd.chuobanekougyouCITIZEN MICRO CO.LTD.CITY OF YOKOHAMAClinical Research, Innovation and EducationCenter, Tohoku University HospitalClinton Instrument CompanyCMIC Co., Ltd.Cobridge Co., Ltd.Commons for Medicine and Engineering JapanCompiere, LLCComtecs CO.,LTDConfluent Medical TechnologiesCo-op. HAMINGcorporationpearlstarCOSMIC ME.INCCOSMO MEDITEC LTD.COSMOSOUNDCovestro JapanCSEM SACSTEC CORPORATIONCYBERDYNE INC.DDAI NIPPON TORYO CO., LTD.Daicel EvonikDAIDO STEEL CO.,LTDDAIICHI JITSUGYO CO., LTD.DAITO ELECTRON CO.,LTD.DAIWA SHINKUDaiya Industry Co., Ltd.Data Design Co.,Ltd.DENSO CORPORATIONDiametal AGDicronite Japan Co.LtddispendixDM CARD JAPAN CO.,LTD.DNA FACTOR INC.DNA Genotek Inc.Document House Co., Ltd.Dow Corning Toray Co.,Ltd.Dr. Japan Co., Ltd.DUKANE JAPAN CO., LTD.DuPont-Asahi Flash Spun Products Co., Ltd.Dymax Asia (H.K.) LimitedEEastern Kyushu Medical Valley FrameworkMiyazaki PrefectureEastman ChemicalEbina Denka Kogyo Co.,Ltd.EDACEIWA Co.,LtdElectronics Research & Development CorporationEmbassy of Switzerland, Science & Technology Office TokyoEMERGO JAPAN K.K.ENWA Co.,LtdErgotron JapanESC Co.,LTD(Alphabetical Order)ETH ZurichEtigamEvonik Japan Co., Ltd.Excimer incExseal CorporationFFANUC CORPORATIONFDK CORPORATIONFESTO.KK.FINETEC CO.,LTDFort Wayne MetalsFORUM 8 Co., Ltd.FU ZHOU AMEROM MEDICAL SCIENTIFIC CO.LTDfuchuplaFUJI BAKELITE CO.,LTDFUJI FILTER MFG. CO., LTD.FUJII SEISAKUSHO Co.,LTD.FUJIIMPULSE CO.,LTDfujiiseikoFUJIKURA RUBBER LTD.FUJIMORI SANGYO CO.,LTD.FUKOKU BUSSAN CO.,LTDFUKUSHIMA MEDICAL UNIVERSITYFukushima Medical Device Industry Promotion AgencyFUNAKOSHI SEISAKUSHO CO.,LTD.Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.Furukawa Techno Material Co., Ltd.GGimac di Maccagnan GiorgioGlebar Company Inc.Globizz FDA ConsultinggohsyuGRAPE SYSTEMS INC.GVS Japan K.K.HHAGITEC Co.,LTDhakkoh denshi co.,ltdHakzo Medical CorporationHamamatsu Medical and EngineeringTechnology Innovation CoreHAMAMATSU PHOTONICS K.K.HARIKI SEIKO Co., Ltd.HellermannTyton Co., LtdHerrmann Ultrasonic Japan Corporationhirayama fine technoHiroshima University Research Institute for Nanodevice andBio Systems Research Center for Biomedical EngineeringHITPOINT INC.HIWIN CORPORATIONHOKOKU CO.,LTDHonda Plus Co., Ltd.HOTTY POLYMER Co.,Ltd.HOYA Service CorporationHydromerIIizuka Research and Development OrganizationikegamiseikiIkollabo HamamatsuImedex.,ltdIMS Japan K.K.INCOM Company Ltd.Industrie BORLA S.p.A.INNOPHYSInnova DesignInnovative Medical Manufacturing CompanyInotech CO., LTD.In-Tech Electronics Ltd.IPROSiryoukikisenntaISHIIHYOKI CO.,LTD.Itabashi Industrial Promotion Public CorporationIwai seisakushoIWAKI CO.,LTD.Iwate Industry Promotion CenterIWATSU ELECTRIC CO.,LTDIXIS corporationJJ.A.Woollam Japan CorporationJapan Association for Clinical EngineersJapan Dream Factory,Inc.Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits AssociationJapan Hygiene Products Industry Associationjapan industrial publishing co.,ltdJapan Material Co.,Ltd.Japan Quality Assurance OrganizationJAROCJBMJFE Techno-Research CorporationJMCJuken Kogyo Co., Ltd.JUMBO CO., LTD.KKanayamaSeisakushoKANEHIRO CO.,LTD.KANEKITA CO.,LTDKANEKO Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Kashima Bearings, IncKAWAICORPORATIONKEF CorporationKEIHIN VALVE CORPORATIONKelpac Medical Sdn BhdKen Block ConsultingKingparts, Limited.Kishimotokogyo Co., Ltd.KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.KIYOKAWA Plating Industry Co.,Ltd.KOA CORPORATIONKobe Biomedical Innovation ClusterKOBELCO RESEARCH INSTITUTE.incKOGA ISOTOPE LTD.Kokorotics Inc.KOKUGO Co.,Ltd.KOKUSAN RASENKAN COMPANY LTD.komaganedenkaKOMATSU PRECISION CO.,LTD.Komatsu Spring Industrial Co.,Ltd.KOMIYA&Co.,Ltd.KOTOBUKI KASEI CORP.KOUDEN INDUSTRY CO.,LTDKRONE CORPORATIONKT PACKAGING SOLUTION CO., LTD.KURASHIKI TEXTILE MFG. CO., LTD.KurodaseikiKyodo International Inc.KYOEI PRINT GIKENKyoritsu Seiko Co.,LtdKYOSEI CO., LTDKYOSHA Co.,LTDKYOSHIN Co.,Ltd.KYOWA FIN TECH Co.,LTD.KYOWA SEIKO CO., LTD.kyuken co.,ltd.LLEMO Japan Ltd.Linkers CorporationLiquid Design Systems Inc.,Luceo Co.,Ltd.MM1-Seiko Co.,Ltd.Machine SolutionsMartech MedicalMarubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd.MasterControl K.K.MATSUDA R&D CO.,LTD.Matsuura Machinery Corporationmaxon Japan corp.MC Healthcare Inc.MDK(Shanghai)Medical Packing Co., Ltd.Media Comfort CorporationMEDICAL DEVICE DEVELOPMENT PROMOTE OKAYAMAMedical Device Regulatory Science ConsortiumMedical Technology Association of JapanMedicalseed Co. Ltd.MEDITECH SOLUTION CO., LTD.meihoMeltex Inc.Merci Co.,Ltd.Micro Diamond CorporationMicro Systems Technologies Management AGMicrodia SAMicronarcMinco ProductsMISUZU CO.,LTD.MITAKAMito Kogyo Company LimitedMITOKOGYOMITSUMI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.MITSUYAMiyoshi Electronics CorporationMIZOGUCHI CO.,LTDMNES Inc.Moritex CorporationMSI - a Machine Solutions Co.Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.MUSASHI ENGINEERING,INC.MUSASHI Iken Ltd.MUSASHI OPTICAL SYSTEM CO.,LTD.NNABEYAco.,LTD.Nagano Small and Medium Enterprise Support CenterNAGASE & CO. LTD.Nagase chemteX CorporationNaigai Corporation Co., Ltd.Nakano&Co.Labsnakazawa foundry Company LimitedNAMSA JAPANnano grains Co., LtdNanolive SANanotec CorporationNara Seiko INC.NDC TechnologiesNHV CorporationNICHIAS CorporationNIHON DEMPA KOGYO CO., LTD.Nihon Dento Kougyo Co.,Ltd.Nihon Iko-Monodukuri CommonsNihon Pall Ltd.NIHONSEALBONDNiigata Co., LtdNikkei Business Publications, Inc.NIKKO KASEI CO.,LTD.NIKKOTECH CO., LTD.NIKON CO.,LTD.NIKON INSTECH CO.,LTD.NIPPO ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.NIPPON MEKTRON,LTDNIPPON SEIKO Co.,Ltd.NIPPON VISION ENGINEERING CO.,LTDNISHIJIMA MEDICAL CO.,LTD.Nisshin Rubber CO.,LTD.Nisshinbo Paper Products Inc.NITTO Co.,Ltd.NITTO KOHKINITTO YUMEX CO.,LTD.NKK SWITCHES CO., LTD.NLT Technologies, Ltd.NODA SCREEN CO.,LTD.NOK CORPORATIONNordson MEDCIALNR NARONG GROUP CO., LTD.NS TOOL CO.,LTD.OODU Japan K.K.OHBAKIKO CO.,LTDOHM ELECTRIC CO.,LTDOHSUZU Co., Ltd.OHTA INC,.OKAMOTO INDUSTRIES,INC.OKAMOTO KOKI CO.,LTD.Okayama UniversityOMRON CorporationONOX MTT CO.,LTD.Onyx Healthcare Inc.OrthemaOsaka Chamber of Commerce andIndustry (Medical Device Forum)Osaka Universityota city industrial promotion organizationOTEC Prazisionsfinish GmbHOTECCEC CO.,LTD.PPanasonic CorporationPARAMA-TECH Co.,Ltd.Parylene JapanPhyseon AGPlasticWeld Systems - a Machine Solutions Co.Porex CorporationPrent ThermoformingPROFIT Co.,Ltd.P's GUARD Co.,LTD.PUNCH INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.QQOSINARR.STONE CO.,LTD.RAYTECH,INC.realglobe, Inc.Renesas Electronics CorporationROFIN-BAASEL Japan CorporationRoland DG CorporationRoyal Master Grinders, Inc.Rozetta Corp.RYOKEN Co., Ltd.Ryokosha Co., Ltd.Ryowa Kogyo Co., Ltd.SS P T PLASTECH CO., LTD.SABUN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTDSADOSEIMITSU.CO.SAITAMA FUJI CO., LTD.Saitama Medical Innovation NetworkSAKAI THREADING TOOL CO.,LTDsaney seiko incSangyoTimes,Inc.SANKEMISankyo Intech co.,ltdSanritz Automation Co.,Ltd.SANWA ENTERPRISE COMPANY,LTD.sanyoseikoSATOSEN CO.,LTDSEIKO SANGYO CO.,LTD.SEKISHINSELCOSEMITEC CorporationSENSIRION Japan Co., Ltd.SGS Japan Inc.sgs rf technologies incSHEEN MAN CO.,LTDSHIBASE INDUSTRY CO.,LTDSHIGIYA MACHINERY WORKS LTD.SHIMIZU Laboratory Supplies Co., LTD.SHINAGAWA KOGAKU OPTICS CO., LTD.SHINANO SEIMITSU Co., Ltd.SHINKO SELLBICCO.,LTD.SHINWA SEISAKUSYO CO.,LTD.Shizuoka University Research Institute of ElectronicsResearch Center for Biomedical EngineeringSHOWA CO.,LTD.SilenceNet, Inc.SIMPLEX QUANTUM Inc.SK-Electronics CO.,LTD.SKK TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTDSMI Co.,Ltd.SND Company LimitedSocionext Inc.Specialty Coating SystemsSPG TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.STEEGER USAstellaSulzer MixpacSum Tech Innovations co.ltd.Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd.SunFlare Co., Ltd.,Sunningdale Tech LtdSUNNY SEALINGSuperior Scientific Inc.SURPASS INDUSTRY CO. LTD.,SUWA Optronics Co.,LTDSUZUDEN CORPORATIONSUZUKIPRECION CO.,LTDSuzuyoSVI Public Co.,LTD.SWCC GROUPSwiss Medtech PavilionSYNEO LLCSYSTEM APPLICATION CO.LTD / INADAMANUFACTURE COMPANY LIMITEDsystemfriendTT.Fukase & Co.,Ltd.TA INSTRUMENTS JAPANTABATA INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD.TAC COAT CO.,LTDTAIYO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTDTAIYO INK MFG.CO.,LTD.TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD.TAKASHIMA SANGYO CO.,LTDTAKAYA CorporationTAKEISHI ELECTRICTAKEUCHI PRECISION WORKS CO.,LTD.TANAC Co.,Ltd.TANAZAWA HAKKOSHATatsuta Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.TDK CorporationTECHNICAL ARTS Co.,LtdTECHNO MARTTECHNOVEL CORPORATIONTECOMETTelePower Inc.Terrabyte CorporationTeshima CorporationTexchem Life Sciences Sdn. Bhd.Thai Tool and Die Industry AssociationThe Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce and IndustryThe Japan federation of Medical Devices AssociationsThe Japan Steel Works, LTD.the Japan Titanium SocietyThe Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and IndustryThe MagicpotThe Medical Industry Promotion Council inNorthern Part of Miyazaki PrefectureTHE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUNThe Workshop for Medical-related Industry of HiroshimaThermictechnoThink-Lands Co., Ltd.Three-In-One Enterprises. Co., Ltd.Tobii TechnologyTOCHIGI SEIKO CO.,LTD.TOHOKU STEEL Co.,Ltd.TOHOKU UNIVERSITY REDEEMTOKI Trading Ltd.TOKO CO.,LTDTOKUSEN KOGYO CO.,LTD.Tokyo Institute of Technology Precision and IntelligenceLaboratory Research Center for Biomedical EngineeringTokyo Medical and Dental University ResearchCenter for Biomedical EngineeringTokyo Titanium Co.Ltd,.TOMOE Engineering Co., Ltd.Toray Engineering Co.Ltd.Toray Industries, IncTORAY PRECISION CO., LTDToray Reserach Center, Inc.Toshima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.TOTAKU INDUSTRIES INC.Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd.TOYO Co.,LtdTOYO KIZAI KAGAKU Co.,LTD.Toyohashi University of TechnologyTrelleborg Sealing Solutions Japan K.K.TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd.TUV SUD JapanTyco Electronics Japan G.K.UUeki CorporationUkita Shirakawa Medical Design & Consultation Co., Ltd.ULVAC KIKO Inc.UNISIS CORP.JAPANUNITIKA LTD.U-TECHNOLOGYU-VIX CorporationVVante - A Machine Solutions Co.VirtaMed AGVS TechnologyWWATTYWORKS CO., LTD.YYamaauchi Matex CorporationYamada Jikougu Seisakusho CorpYAMADA SEIKO CO.,LTDYAMAGUCHI SANGYO CO., LTD.YAMANI SPRING CO.,LTDYamanouchi Co., Ltd.YAMASEyamato corporationYAMATO JUSHI CO., LTD.Yasojima Proceed Co.,Ltd.YASUIYASUI & CO.Yohwa.co.,Ltd.Yokohama National UniversityYONEYAMA MOLD .CO.,LTDYOSHIKAWA KASEI CO., LTD.YOSHITAMA SURFACE FINISHING CO.,LTD.YOSHITANI CLOTHINGYOSHIZAWA LA.Co.,LtdZZeus Inc

MEDTEC / MD&M Series of EventsUBM Canon is the Global Leaderin the exhibition for the medical device industryMEDTEC EuropeApril 4th-6th, 2017 Stuttgart, GermanyMD&M WestFebruary 7th-9th, 2017 Anaheim, CAPharmapack / BIOMEDeviceFebruary 1st-2nd, 2017 Paris, FranceMEDTEC IrelandOctober 4th-5th, 2016 Galway, IrelandMD&M EastJune 14th-16th, 2016 New York, NYPharmapack North AmericaJune 14th-15th, 2016 New York, NYMEDTEC JapanApril 19th-21st, 2017 Tokyo, JapanMD&M MinneapolisSeptember 21st-22nd, 2016 Minneapolis, MNBioMED Device BostonApril 13th-14th, 2016 Boston, MAMEDTEC ChinaSeptember 26th-28th, 2016 Shanghai, ChinaMD&M FloridaNovember 18th-19th, 2016 Orland, FLBioMED Device San JoseDecember 7th-8th, 2016 San Jose, CAMD&M TexasMay 4th-5th, 2016 Fort Warth, TXMEDevice San DiegoAugust 31st-September 1st, 2016 San Diego, CAMD&M PhiladelphiaOctober 5th-6th, 2016 Philadelphia, PAUBM Canon Japan G.K.03-5296-1034 medtecjapan@ubm.com

IWAKI CO.,LTD. Iwate Industry Promotion Center IWATSU ELECTRIC CO.,LTD IXIS corporation J J.A.Woollam Japan Corporation Japan Association for Clinical Engineers Japan Dream Factory,Inc. Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association japan industrial publishing co.,ltd

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March 30, 2017 3:30 PM (PST) April 11, 2017 3:30 PM (PST) April 24, 2017 3:30 PM (PST) May 1, 2017 – May 5, 2017 May 8, 2017 – July 14, 2017 July 17, 2017 3.2 Proposer Conference A Proposer conference is tentatively scheduled to be held at 10:00 AM (PST), March 13, 2017

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