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Lake Sidney LanierNavigation Map Index GridLanier Project Management Office1050 Buford Dam RoadBuford, GA 4 6'0"WRussell A. LundstrumRyan D. Hartwig19 September 200584 0'0"W83 54'0"W83 48'0"W83 42'0"W34 30'0"N34 30'0"N1128337199381155331323334 24'0"N36353434 24'0"N22625262730282431893182952203692122231134 18'0"N1616171832334 18'0"N198213101112131415985600534 12'0"N0607081290934 12'0"N112110102030421120347855334 6'0"N14112434 6'0"N33220230284 6'0"W41241:262,8008 Miles84 0'0"W83 54'0"W83 48'0"W83 42'0"W

IntroductionThese maps are based on USGS Quad sheet data and aerial photography. They are intended to serve asonly a general guide to Lake Lanier. Lake bottom contours and depths are approximate and subject tochange. Buoy and hazard marker locations are also approximate and may not be in place due to changingwater elevations, storm and wave action, vandalism or other causes. Submerged objects such as trees,rocks, stumps etc. exist on the lake and may not be shown. Boaters should be observant and use cautionat all times. The US Army Corps of Engineers does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy ofnavigation data.To report damaged or missing navigation markers or unmarked hazards, contact the U.S. Army Corps ofEngineers at P.O. Box 567 Buford, GA. 30518 or call 770-945-9531.All maps are projected at 1:20,000 scale where 1 inch approximately 0.32 miles.Boat Ramp elevations are measured in relation to Mean Sea Level (MSL) at the lowest point of the endof the ramp. Ramps are usually closed when the lake level has dropped to within 3.5vertical feet of water which causes an unsafe condition for launching. To calculate rampclosures, add 3.5 feet to the ramp elevation. (Example: Lanier Park elevation 1058.7’ safe launching depth 3.5’ ramp will close at lake elevation 1062.2’ MSL.)Powerline crossings are measured in relation to Mean Sea Level (MSL) at the lowest point of the wireover the water. Subtract the current lake elevation from the powerline elevation tocalculate clearance. (Example: Big Creek Crossing 1110’ - Lake Elevation 1070’ 40’clearance.)Bridge Elevations are measured in relation to Mean Sea Level (MSL) at the lowest point of the bottomof the bridge. To calculate the clearance subtract the current lake elevation from thebridge elevation. (ex: Richard B. Russell Bridge 1085’ – Lake Elevation 1070’ 15’clearance.)i

Safe Boating TipsYour water fun depends on you, your equipment and other people who, like yourself, enjoy spendingleisure time on, in or near the water. Let's take a look at your responsibilities: Make sure the boat is in top operating condition and that there are no tripping hazards. The boatshould be free of fire hazards and have clean bilgesSafety equipment, required by law, is on board, maintained in good condition, and you know howto properly use these devices.File a float plan with a relative or friend.Have a complete knowledge of the operation and handling characteristics of your boat.Know your position and know where you are going.Maintain a safe speed at all times to avoid collision.Keep an eye out for changing weather conditions, and act accordingly.Know and practice the Rules of the Road (Navigation Rules).Know and obey Federal and state regulations and waterway markers.Maintain a clear, unobstructed view forward at all times. "Scan" the water back and forth; avoid"tunnel" vision. Most boating collisions are caused by inattention.Know the Rules of the Road!!!Crossing SituationsMeeting Head-On or Nearly So SituationsOvertaking SituationsStand-on VesselOvertakenGive-way VesselOvertaking (keep clear)You are the key to water safety!ii

Navigation AidsDescriptionBoats Keep Out!Nature of danger may be placed outside crosseddiamond, e.g. swim areas or restricted areas.Markers can be buoys or signs on Lake Lanier.Caution!Controlled area as indicated in circleSlow No Wake Zones are placed near Marinas,Boat Ramps or other public use areas. Boats arerequired by law to travel at idle speed thru theserestricted areas.No Ski Zones are placed in areas where it has beendetermined that these activities are too dangerousdue to the nature of the area. No waterskiing,tubing, wakeboard, kneeboarding or any otherdevice may be pulled thru these areas on plane.Markers can be buoys or signs on Lake Lanier .Danger!Nature of danger may be indicated inside thediamond shape, e.g. submerged hazards such asrocks, reefs, stumps, snags or blind point.Markers can be buoys or signs on Lake Lanier.Obstruction Marker!Underwater hazard. Represents an obstruction tonavigation extends from the nearest shore to thebuoy. This means do not pass between marker andnearest shoreline.Pole mounted markers are used on Lake Lanier.iiiMap SymbolBoats keep outbuoyBoats keep outsignSlow no wakebuoySlow no wakesignNo ski buoy

Navigation AidsDescriptionHazard Area MarkerRepresent a hazardous area of navigation, e.g. blindpoints, narrow channels or shallow water areas.Vessels should come down to idle speed to ensuresafe navigation in these locations.Starboard Day MarkHas even numbers that increase going upstream onriver channels and tributaries. Will be along theshoreline on your right when going upstream.Letters under numbers are creek nameabbreviations.Å The old metal type markers are being replacedwith the plastic markers above on Lake Lanier asthey deteriorate.Port Day MarkHas odd numbers that increase going upstream onriver channel and tributaries. Will be along theshoreline on your left when going upstream. Lettersunder numbers are creek name abbreviations.Å The old black metal type markers are beingreplaced with the green plastic markers above onLake Lanier as they deteriorate.ivMap Symbol

Number of MarkersCreek NameChattahoochee RiverChestatee RiverBald Ridge CreekLittle RidgeYoung Deer CreekSix Mile CreekFour Mile CreekTwo Mile CreekShoal CreekBig CreekFlowery Branch BayOrr CreekMud CreekFlat CreekShort CreekSardis CreekAda CreekWahoo CreekLittle RiverLatham CreekJohnson CreekTaylor CreekThompson 9v

Boat RampAqualandBald Ridge CreekBelton BridgeBolding MillBurton MillBald Ridge MarinaBalus CreekBethelBig CreekChestnut RidgeCharlestonClarks BridgeDuckett Mill Day UseEast BankGainesville MarinaHolly ParkKeith's BridgeLake Lanier Islands BridgeLake Lanier Islands CoveLanier Park RightLanier PointLaurel ParkLulaLumpkin County ParkLittle HallLittle RidgeLittle RiverLong HollowMountain ViewMary AliceNix BridgeOld Federal Day UseOld Federal CampgroundRiver ForksRobinsonSawnee CampgroundShady Grove CampgroundShoal Creek Day UseShoal Creek CampgroundSimpsonStarboard MarinaSunrise Cove MarinaSardis CreekSix Mile CreekThompson BridgeTwo Mile CreekThompson CreekTidwellToto CreekVan Pugh NorthVan Pugh SouthVanns TavernWahoo CreekWar HillYoung DeerBridgesBolding BridgeBrown's BridgeClark's BridgeFlowery Branch BridgeFour Mile CreekLanier BridgeLula BridgeRichard B. Russell BridgeSix Mile CreekThompson BridgeToto CreekTwo Mile CreekWilkie BridgeFish AttractorsBolding Mill CampgroundBoy Scout CampBuford Dam ParkCharlestonClarks BridgeDuckett MillLanier ParkLanier PointLimestone CreekLittle HallLittle RiverOld Federal CampgroundOld Federal Day UseRiver ForksSardis CreekShoal Creek CampgroundSix MileThompson BridgeThompson CreekToto CreekTwo MileVan Pugh MiddleVan Pugh NorthVan Pugh SouthWar HillWest BankGas Docks/LandmarksAqualand Gas DockBald Ridge Gas DockDNR Operation OfficeDNR Regional OfficeGainesville Marina Gas DockHabersham Gas 12223621223, 28251325, 3121231112917119, 232921289141822212282425888820185823225

Holiday Gas DockLan Mar Gas DockLanier Harbor Gas DockLazy Days Gas DockRadio Tower 300'Starboard Gas DockSunrise Cove Gas DockWater TowerPowerlines6 Mile CreekAACBig CreekBig Creek2Big Creek3Big Creek4Black CreekChattahoocheeChestatee RiverFlowery Branch BridgeFlowery BranchFlowery Branch1Lanier Bridge NorthLanier PointLanier Point2Lanier Point3Laurel ParkLimestone CreekLongstreet BridgeLula Bridge ParkNix BridgeThompson BridgeThompson CreekToto CreekWahoo BridgeWilkie BridgeYellow CreekStreamsAda CreekBald Ridge CreekBalus CreekBig CreekChattahoochee RiverChestatee RiverCry CreekDog CreekEast Fork Little RiverFlat CreekFlowery BranchFour Mile CreekFourmile CreekGarner CreekGin BranchHagen CreekHaw CreekJohnson CreekLatham CreekLimestone CreekLittle Ridge CreekLittle RiverLittle Yellow CreekLong BranchMartin CreekMud CreekNorth Oconee RiverOrr CreekPitts CreekSardis CreekSawnee CreekShoal CreekShort CreekSix Mile CreekSplit Oak CreekSquirrel CreekTaylor CreekThalley CreekThompson CreekTimber CreekToto CreekTwo Mile CreekWahoo CreekWest Fork Little RiverYellow CreekYoung Deer CreekParks/Marinas/IslandsAmerican LegionAqualand MarinaAthen's Boat ClubAthens ParkAurariaBald Ridge MarinaBald RidgeBalus CreekBeaver RuinBell's MillBelton BridgeBethelBig CreekBig Junction IslandBolding BridgeBolding MillBrown's Br. IslandBrown's BridgeBuford Dam ParkBurton 09923191919292928362528242533313223, 2701, 05, 06, 1014, 1503, 04, 07, 0801, 06-09, 13,14, 17-19, 22,23, 28-30, 35,36, 3817, 20, 21, 25,31, 37283528, 2914, 15, 18, 19,3504, 08, 0907, 1212vii36,21, 22,21,23,21,14, 15,08,22,05,01, 02,16,07, 11,27,20, 21,20, 24,25,07, 08, 13,27, 123233241025253116333432112808, 0920133755156293808, 13317, 18212114141311, 12

Chattahoochee Country ClubChestatee Bay PointChestnut RidgeClark's BridgeCool SpringsDavis BridgeDogwood ParkDuckett MillEast BankFlat Creek IslandFour Mile IslandGaines Ferry IslandsGainesville MarinaGainesville ParkGirl ScoutsGwinnett ParkHabersham MarinaHoliday MarinaHolly ParkJohnstown ParkKeith's Bridge IslandKeith's BridgeKemp Road EndLpmoLake Lanier IslandsLake Lanier Sailing ClubLan Mar MarinaLanier Harbor MarinaLanier ParkLanier PointLatham CreekLatham IslandLaurel ParkLazy Days MarinaLights Ferry IslandsLittle HallLittle Junction IslandLittle MillLittle Ridge IslandLittle RidgeLittle RiverLittle ShoalLockheedLonghollowLongstreet AccessLongstreet BridgeLongwood ParkLower OverlookLower PoolLulaLumpkin CountyMary AliceMountain ViewNix Bridge ParkNix IslandOld Federal C/GOld Federal D/UPea RidgePirate's AdventurePleasant HillPowerhouseRiver ForksRobinson Crusoe's IslandRobinsonRocky PointSardis CreekSawneeScout LandShady GroveShoal Creek C/GSilver ShoalsSimpsonSix MileStarboard MarinaSunrise Cove MarinaTaylor Creek IslandThompson BridgeThompson CreekThree Sisters IslandTidwellToto CreekTwo Mile CreekUniversity Yacht ClubUpper OverlookVan Pugh NorthVan Pugh SouthVann's TavernWahoo CreekWar HillWest BankWest Bank OverlookWhite SulphurWildcat CreekWilderness IsleWilliam's FerryY.M.C.AYoung Deer2316, 1703, 08292517, 182817, 211147822, 2318, 1961502, 0323, 281217175101, 02, 03, 07913, 1421192121, 2628, 2938211812505, 062821616282819, 231136315142520, 25viii09, 141420, 24118118218, 2201, 0622122, 237212221204, 091420, 2123, 27, 282407, 0862507, 08, 1331803, 081327, 332011302006, 0713, 1456

84 4'23"W84 3'47"W84 3'11"W0684 2'35"W7070Rocky Point070584 4'59"W34 10'48"NHitt Rd70orameRidgdDDrRdSawnee701060Ctware keSwee70B aldfBu1BR1058.5te r6Ct70Larkspur2BR707034 10'48"N5Pirate's AdventureHallLake Lanier Islands470rdBu fo70370hoalchee Rhat t ah oo022709070Lower Pool2SCiv e r110012C ree kHaw CLower Overlook34 9'36"NCS1West Bank Overlook34 9'36"N1SC70Sweetwater DrWest BankBirchwood Ct34 10'12"NRd34 10'12"NDa mForsythGreen RdLPMOreekUpper OverlookPowerhousee RdRadio Tower 300'rhousPoweBuford Dam ParkrdGarre1058.7Rd34 9'0"Nh o oc hee1055ll Rdtt aGwinnett ParkrdFoRdEast BankLakeside LnsenJan34 8'24"NDrSycamore RdStewart RdSuwaneeDamndIslaRdCha34 9'0"NRd70mnePanDaPasstt RdfoBuGwinnettLanier ParkmyJim84 4'59"WLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 200584 4'23"W84 3'47"WPage0100.1584 3'11"W0.3ddDoRd84 2'35"W1 inch equals 0.32 miles0.61:20,000Miles

84 1'59"W84 0'47"W700884 1'23"W070684 2'35"W34 10'48"N7034 10'48"N7070Lake Lanier Islands701060Water Towerssell (1085')Richard B. Ru1055Holiday Marina9SC7034 10'12"N34 10'12"NHall10SC11SC3SCRobinson Crusoe's Island5SC7SC4SC6SCShoal Creek C/G34 9'36"NRdFerry1049.8Shadburn1061.4Little ShoaleLakOldGarrett Rd34 9'36"N03018SCiLaneiger HDrurstehRidgTreeLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 200584 1'59"WaShoAnchorWay84 1'23"WPage0200.15eel CrdkR84 0'47"W0.31 inch equals 0.32 miles0.61:20,000Miles34 8'24"NHarborDrRd34 8'24"NeWhitElmayWddRDod84 2'35"W34 9'0"NPine Tree DrTere DrhasamyJimdcWinDrCteTredyRerrnFburinarMElmv eradShnEnchantress en Hill LsBaBrandRdRdringSpDolvin LnirdCwooDoge DrWoodlakameyprings CirdsRtsHgRddDi ere ttarrBu foraneLOld Shadburn Ferryi mnChLanier Harbor MarinaillBills HRockSkLadGOl34 9'0"NRdRdh tsltoFelnP

ove LnMisty C70Van Pugh South34 10'48"NStringer Ln3BCDrChestnut RidgeSeaGals1055eetSwtewar PtwVieubClCtGainesFerryRdSunset Ct705BClub DrAthletic C34 10'48"N83 58'23"W090883 58'59"W7083 59'35"W0784 0'11"WDartmoo70Yacht Club Rd70Lazy Days Marina1058.5701110'6BCBurton Mill8BCllSneDrreekur CirB igCRd1110'HallRdWaterworksDrllsMiTuggle DrCol esRdreek34 9'36"NBig Creek Rd0234 9'36"NrCiHolidayhWbyiddill R04eLerrMeritt DBigCBlackberry LnBig CreekSeymoMing1110'1050.7ssParDrirnCUniversity Yacht Club347Rdnso7BCJoh34 10'12"NHoliday MarinabClu34 10'12"NYatchBay View DrMount WaterrwWa teRork sd34 9'0"NHolidadMi347347Holiday Rd13dll RntaHwyGwinnettAtla34 8'24"NyRd84 0'11"WLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 200583 59'35"WPage0383 58'59"W00.150.383 58'23"W1 inch equals 0.32 miles0.61:20,000Miles34 8'24"Nm RdemThunder RdeshoreRdDrl esCoBu ford DalehRdrchRdthBeuChCarterBeards Rdi ewsVDrLakrRveJoyDrRdllFadore RhaseDusty Ridge TrlHoliday RdanyhLakesdcWinEnchantress LnLecECtLnMsideBayGreen RdDr141hellMisreDe thWindrushTrltty CwBNeDrRidgehurst34 9'0"NnCoundDrDrDrrelai ewdVinsShonIslatc hHu

83 55'59"WStarboard MarinaPine CirDreLakgSprinlDrHorizon DrHog MoeCtRidgRoseDrPoaOhrt CirraLn985rnTu13Lrry34 9'0"NbeDrCarterBen34734 8'24"NoowogDFrieLndLnLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 2005tttogHidrkPaRdCirHolly83 57'47"WneingnhlandshipR34 8'24"NCherrywoodlmWiaynWHog Mountain RdRdAtlantaHwynvoDeehi rns34 9'0"NCirHillsdaleFrazer RdGlen34 9'36"NDrle HeaMarbportBigCreekCodD dWayrDrthSouPortCapesmouthCirBack BayOrrRdCompStartSal eMoun03rkDOamCirenGlWadeRdtetic PMagnuntaineDrridgWoodbleRdOrvilFerryRdHall34 9'36"N34 10'12"NBelRderEvMckTrlesWillowbroorrt DFirelight LnCirpomsTrlGainassDrSaturnDr1115'WayChel seaRdMillDrWayner to nNoingFlowery WayDrmlliaWirldTDrtg uLake Run DrStrynetDWaesCrneopll THiStooWeeSwSnellhyileBa141lre34 10'12"Nry StancuLaGlenBryWadnt RVistaryHall DrPoiChestnut Hill RdPkyRderMulbF lowediselub DrAthletic CDeep Wood CtutChestnesCtaPar34 10'48"NCreekRdrkPa1115'Jon34 10'48"N70St Ln tille ie l Ssv ebb heleinD i tcGaM1055StriDFijyTrl WaoodoamldwiWSach83 56'35"W09Chur83 57'11"W0883 57'47"Wd83 57'11"WPage0483 56'35"W00.150.383 55'59"W1 inch equals 0.32 miles0.61:20,000Miles

84 5'35"WImperiad DrSa wCasaroga DrBeaver Cove RdRdngerr LoRdntLingePoirimPilg34 12'36"NPinecrest PlkMerritt DrRdreshoclairSRSi i d ge CnBaldBald Ridge DrBald Ridge Dr1LI5LI1055.3 Little streFoneTrl70CarltpDover BeKemp Road Endac hi dgesreFo70Habersham Marina34 11'24"NekreeCHamilton RdRdsWayRidgLockridg2LILittle Ridge IslandL i t tle RLnk4LIdey Rn34 12'0"N70Drrk RdeeGr6BRC ree7BRDrMaryAlicePad geMary AliceY.M.C.AMerryCovepLanier PlRdakerLForsyth9BRRiDrbe8BRLakeview Lne DrRdSandersBald RidgeRdbelRePark1058.6ld34 11'24"NBald Ridge Marina10550'GrovePark RdBa34 12'0"NLakewood RdTimber Lake TrlBuford Dam RdBald Ridge105506Skyline Dr0'Timber LakeSouthbEdgewaterLakeview TrlMooringlld VaWooPtre eRdeAdmirals PointAllendale DrMercedes DrNewport StHawk Creek TrlerreDrOld Corinth RdChrysler DrStill RdBernice DrCove TrlSawnee TrlFenceRoser RdrRudders DweFloMgsin ParkRiShorina RdLakesideTrlWoodland TrlGoldmine RdLnDriftwood Cirge MaShaffer RdPeachtree RdreezeCtEaglecreek Trl34 12'36"NBald Ridistsod DrDogwoWatercrestDrTurnedePilgrimrCiBelvedere StCild R MercDrCedar RdmsBaillCirHawk StonDrdMill RrelliaWiBald Ridge Acres DrMurnEssex DrCord St34 13'12"NTrleC19rimekredg eAubHStutz St udsPhoenix StlarneekPilgMonterey StimPilgrOakwoorimdpPogPilMill Rl Dr34 13'12"Nayill WBonneville DrmMRiviera DrriPilgFord StIvy Lnlley CtApple Va84 4'59"W1110Brookwood Dr84 6'11"WOlds St84 6'47"WSouthshore Cir84 7'23"WeetrePinRd0184 7'23"W84 6'47"WLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 200584 6'11"WPage0500.1584 5'35"W0.384 4'59"W1 inch equals 0.32 miles0.61:20,000Miles

84 4'23"W84 2'35"WLnandHollDrrDe eFields DrendHeseronYoung Deer6YDkHeard RdPine Valley RdCr34 13'12"N1055eFleming DrHeardLnY oun gStill RdDrTrlresNatuSereni ty PlGentry Way5YDTimbersoernTrldRLnFawnCovve RdSha dy GroteTadenHHarbourWalke TrlTamiami Trl4YDdRnAvBeaver RuineDrChestnut Hill RdRuinrveadRBendseveteraLSanRobin RdWayenoCEtcFull Hous eFarmRdChinquapin LnRdkrlooFAARdFFoo rr ssyy tt hh3YD70OverAv eheRdnAltoHeat70GoldDrDrolilM34 12'36"NillLakeside CirBamby Rdy DrMLacemriAltLani errgWilliamsbeilgPRdHope34 13'12"Nrr y84 3'11"W1134 12'36"NbeawStrCates Ave84 3'47"W121084 4'59"WBay CtRidgCgnrDeek70ur5BRDogwood Trlt RdanDe9Ct2YDRdroYeoinurneeDP34 12'0"NClayborne70aldsbClayBFowlerTrl700534 12'0"NrBay Ci6BRKim07Girl ScoutsLeaning Rock PlriSun71YDTidwellLnse1048.2Little RidgeWhite Oak Wayorehas DreeRiver8707034 11'24"Ns ShC70Longview DrLnceTr70eLani ereokHHaa ll ll703BRWilliamo chhotta34 11'24"NerCh4BRPine Cir7070Rocky Pointdt RHit5Lake Sidney LanierSep 19, 2005010184 3'47"W84 4'23"WPage0600.157084 3'11"W0.30.6Miles0284 4'59"W70707084 2'35"W1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000

84 1'59"W84 1'23"W7SM84 0'47"W13121184 2'35"W70ek1FMFloweryBranch2FM34 13'12"NeFou r M i l e C rShadow Lnd RdRdColonyDr6SMFour Mile IslandBreeze Bay Rdve RdSha dy Dr34 12'36"N705SM3TMKingsPoint4SM34 12'36"N34 13'12"NHearFFoo rr ssyy tt hhTw911ekThree Sisters Island4TM7070137070707070e2TM7034 12'0"N7070Cr34 12'0"N1SMo Mi le081059.8CreekSix M ile06Shady Grove7010B34 11'24"Nerekiva t t a h oo c h e e RreC34 11'24"NigCh12Wilderness Isle70HHaa ll ll70Lake Lanier Islands7003017084 2'35"WLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 20050284 1'23"W84 1'59"WPage0700.1584 0'47"W0.30.6Miles1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000

Bethel83 59'35"W83 58'59"W83 58'23"W13Bethel141284 0'11"W70Rd9TM10TMTwo Mile CreekC34 13'12"N34 13'12"N191058.68TMLights Ferry Islands707TMwoilere70TMCekD6TMC hatta hoFFoo rr ssyy tt hhocheeRiv erX18Three Sisters Island34 12'36"N2OCo oc hParkee Ri ver1058.4Aqualand34 12'36"N17ta h15CAqualand Marina09Aqualand70Dr7070707034 12'0"N167034 12'0"N07hatDNR operations3FB5FBFlowe r y Bra70nchRHHaa ll llt tah oivo che e Rer70Ch a34 11'24"N34 11'24"NH704FB14Gaines Ferry Islands1060.7CVan Pugh SouthreekChestnut Ridge70igGainB1057.3esFerryRdVan Pugh NorthStringer Ln3BC84 0'11"WLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 200504027003 83 58'59"W83 59'35"WPage0800.150.383 58'23"W0.6Miles1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000

83 57'11"W83 56'35"WkOaOldederalRdermanDrWestRivPitt3OCFRdF34 13'12"NrdRhens RdegcphintrHillDroCannLakeCos taldOSuoCSteLake Lanier Sailing ClubnPt1OCRd70dRLnFFoo rr ssyy tt hhOld Federal Rdxa34 Old Federal D/U1061.5Old Federal C/G83 55'59"W1514701383 57'47"WRdX34 12'36"Nown MeadGreewroCirCdR2OCAqualandRoselight LnowstodePnsulaR operationsrDxoCdPenninsaConner RdlaaEvRdGarTerraceLake PtlkBrookdaRCtforddRwi DrintoProArboWaCirrbnmss 4 12'0"NTrudNichodRKahardRdoFHHaa ll llylsAqualand MarinaDrRd34 12'0"NRipRd08CrestwooKenny PlParkreCinSampson RdrDRroorMwrDy34 11'24"NayWrDKeekreCa Dr141nce DrIndependeytSlleJon83 56'35"W0.15bienLyverM cE1115'031115'0tSbeDdR09erkSep 19, 2005PageinillvaPLake Sidney Lanier0483 57'11"WaGRdstSdR83 57'47"WseretPine Ciren1055tchStarboard TateaPluBaewrDwaWFlo113wery0'Branc hl70Fo1135'6FBBri dogele(1083 ') DrWayCtSaratogwamttlereergFoveReBateau DrrDWig34 11'24"Ntd rlTtan0.3Atl34 12'36"NwmJidoowEeaMdea4OCMkdrby ROveLnnereOr r CewViereGCir7083 55'59"W0.6Miles1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000

84 7'23"W84 6'47"W84 6'11"W84 5'35"W84 4'59"W19kPleerrC369BaldHammond RdgelaDrRidValleyprimTrlRd34 15'36"NSpotPunchHeard Dr34 15'36"NPilgssPoBurruAshlee LnGravitt Rd369TeC19reekRdltonBoallBailey DryJohnson DrhHammond DrtaSDrteAllenaBLnKnollrnudRMontain630Rd34 15'0"N30611FFoo rr ssyy tt hhnAtiClaybuDrc laltzHoDrDr34 14'24"NnMorga934 14'24"NDavisDrowkodMil layW050584 6'11"WLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 20051000.15AuburnDr84 5'35"W0.30.6Miles84 4'59"W1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,00006Pilgrim Mill CirPageDrey StMonterRiviera DrrDri mCentury DrWinchester DrdFairlane DrtwoRei lllgPi84 6'47"WValiant DrDrdMStill RdrimorDImperial DrilgPMFlerak84 7'23"WoStdRLnaOCreeturimillIv yenTiner CteVPilgrim MillCirMagnolia PlPilgrim WayWhispering CirilgPeoImpala DrLarkS a wnhRdBelaire DrveCoLemans Stll yHoaContinental DrRdttDrNova StrimahCdRrDlgPirald19DrePoplar LneEmcheyrranBrllyHohcLak eridgelTrheCBw RdHoltzclarDieCapri DrrForest CirteosFnAn34 13'48"NwDrsrndRehhcoHug34 13'48"N34 15'0"N9

84 3'11"W84 2'35"WniMilTrKenekrtinMaSix mMssrruBuill Rdi leCreenlsokWallace DrwoodPinedarleChBrook DrChattahoocheeD!([¡¡(![1050.5[¡¡!Æ ([p(!Rd(!D(!kalWCirekewoodTanglYXrovHamilton CtCoveeRdTurner Cove RdCagle DrRdeeYXre e!(YX!(Young Deer5!!(0684 3'47"W84 4'23"WPage1100.15dll RHeard RdHeardLn!(84 3'11"W0.30.6Miles0707!(Lake Sidney LanierAug 28, 2006YX!(!(0684 4'59"WYXYXYX YXXY06Still RdDr!(wVieYXkLnkOarCrrybewraStianKnogDMountainView Trl!(Y o unHalifax DrGrrRobbs DCates Ave05dyPine RidgeCirLakeside Drre!(Glasco DrMangum DrrCWinchester DrShaDrHollandVirginia DreeCapri Dr5!HollandAdams RdgD!(CharlestonnWayAPWBrowne CirPilgrim Mill RddLooryDnFairlane est CirSouthlake LnsopShadewater WayDuckcoun11SM)"Shadewater DrshBi34 14'24"NStone Creek CirMagnolia Ave34 13'48"N1212r11Charleston LnRdthy D10D or oarknPst oMashburn DrForsyth!(34 13'48"NwR!(deRCovclanesCainLkytSghiN!(ir34 15'0"NElrodCablesSix Mile DrltzHo!(Six Mile Ridge RdGCtHighYoeAv34 14'24"N30610er369VU34 15'0"NWichArDrInd34 15'36"N369Club DrRd63034 15'36"NC reChrisRdVirginiaAvePliPoplarMRdScottSi xleVU054RdParksLn84 3'47"WValley Dr84 4'23"W19 1984 4'59"W84 2'35"W1 inch equals 0.3 miles1:20,000

84 2'35"Wsimer84 0'47"WMeadow Brook DrNoah Rdve Cter CorlinOveLanieEdison LnrlookAppaloosa TrlValley Forest DrValley LanddWooing Ctn Drhav eQuarter HoCove ViewCt34 15'0"NayJonsw36936 9rMFouaCirdsRForsythCedar Knoll DrSix MileLake Hollow Dr10SMLittle MilleBarb8SMCr3FMLisaLake Sidney LanierAug 28, 2006Four Mile Island0784 1'23"WPage1200.15Two Mile Creek84 0'47"W0.30.6Miles1 inch equals 0.3 miles1:20,00008080784 1'59"WCir1FM7SM84 2'35"WeekrsDRdBragg06WalnutlellinCo70RdCollins Point Rd34 13'48"NFo urTurner CtFairlane TrlnlCirDriskelJohnstown ParkLark TerFour Mile Creek RdMi34 13'48"NImpala StFleetwood TrlBelaire Strill DyHerrbrBa9SMllskeDrilill Prry HBethel RdeekCrCharlestonBryant DrCoveLleMi70Six34 14'24"N11SMDrSilver Shoals RdnLawso13Silver ShoalsnCir34 14'24"NLawsoDr1213sRaineSix Mile11ile C5')(108reekDianiveRe1093'1057Six Mile Creek (1081')11use Ln34 15'0"NDrSaddle Creek TernisoEd34 15'36"NLittle Mill RdhDrAkins WayyDrValleRancills Rdkory Hbee ekCrHicTimi leornDRdurmDriversLnVirginCrow DrParksasomTh0684 0'11"WFo34 15'36"N84 1'23"WRdChrisia ARd Ken LnveklePic84 1'59"W

84 0'11"W83 59'35"WuCla83 58'59"W83 58'23"W16RanDrrtinMadedRdDrMeadow BrookJernTurtleback DrCreek Point Cirnigaip Rd70RdDurandCollis aCtsleLaguEagna Pl34 15'36"NWaldrndiLaCreek Point LnMeadow Brook DrLee Cir34 15'36"NDrDrintngok PDreeCry DrEmerMathis ens Park RdeiloydAthensnirCDr13TMk34 14'24"NBend21Vann's iver70ABethelHHaa ll lleBCreeke RdRd11TMOldHawks Nest DrCovdthel ROld BeHawksB34 13'48"NLark Ter12TM34 13'48"NCentury TrlrDWilliam's FerryPonderosa TrlaBwHol loensPlHor ses hoeLakepVanCain CirDogwoodRdpoC14FFoo rr ssyy tt hhBethelprildLan Mar MarinairC34 15'0"Nnt369aWnL34 14'24"NLnPleasa(1083')TrlSapphire LnEmerald Point Lne CirGrovLy nnDrFloy d LnKimBenrs12eBeavernRnowDTwo MileCreekWilkins on Rd34 yisMvesgeethdlRTwoMil7084 0'11"WLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 20050910TM70079TMTwo Mile Creek0883 58'59"W83 59'35"WPage1300.150.383 58'23"W0.6Miles1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000

83 56'35"W83 55'59"W17Va70TrudlinPineSherri Dr41Annde RCovRdHbrRdrDonnes1Jones CirPondeOldRaldL36927LnirC9rnyseulH63teRdDrBrown's BridgeLaneid gini reDrPtmWhi ppoorwi llrs ByrrghiW(1088')irCwneMshArD34 15'36"NrestRdnriaaDrirrBrown's gwooa34 15'36"N83 57'11"W16rosa Dr83 57'47"W3FC281058.6Mountain View705FC6FCtigeLnLanMar34 15'0"N34 15'0"N70Pres25Rd4FC26Flat Creek IslandidR2FCLan Mar MarinadevoCeetoprDdR1513idHng7070FlatCreFFoo rr ssyy tt hhekBrown's Br. Island105523CirHeadNagsFlat34 14'24"N70HHaa ll llCreek Rd2434 14'24"NWilliam's Ferry70Sunrise Cove Marina7070703MCChattahooceheRiver34 13'48"N34 DrdRontehiWSep 19, 2005n0983 57'11"W14Can08Lake Sidney LanierillOld Federal C/GPageM1061.583 57'47"WrdHillRdDrk0foofWere70Old Federal D/UC20dA83 56'35"W0.150.3OakrD83 55'59"W0.6Miles1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000

83 55'23"W83 54'47"W17wPleasant HillDreekalaF8FC FltrDRedFoxTrlxTrlDrivewayyceyGradr Blvieli daHoLannkLaeeigy MerlinrDValleync eStStirCStdRndCaisV0.150.309DrreclukLnCrowRd83 53'35"W0.6Miles1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000rD0ora1583 54'11"WtarobaTSep 19, 2005wnnk LticlesrDiphsnwoTAllen Dr83 54'47"WtaStCirieSnkcJLake Sidney LanierDrDre141AllePageevEaJr83 55'23"WPriv atetinirCRailekreDRdNesdRnrLeecrertMeRdldsppF hthvalroBlveCoellHeron LnuOSundJpesndRKoriaSRaintreeLyDrateees t DrPoint 34 14'24"NteaDrOldBalus DrHolidayVilla DrHiddenHarborDroDrkegHearths toneCreBa34 15'0"N14WaDrth34 14'24"NerlyFloreJay34 13'48"NvCtgsKineacTrust DrFlat Creek RdteSMudeknerLnDrdArthur CtthooduSoirClewRDrwieVnntMapreWaoStoaasr CtHarboHighgnLalePrdr PtTimbercreaMallHarboill53CHHaa ll llroMlMillHighasWhiterbaHinlusCsluRdaere krDllysekendureil ls MCBXiteWhsdOBu34 13'48"N70Lnn Lav eMluDryodhWo1054.3BadaidolHRdSequoia DrdRwVietainres DBalus Creek6FCoo34 15'36"NreDrtaSFoSt70irCoHillunMopProrkwroveT Mor CoBenTukDM7FCeisvenC reraThSelliLT34 15'36"Niat34 aye Wnri s83 53'35"W18roaG36983 54'11"WnL

83 59'35"W83 58'59"W83 58'23"W83 57'47"WeP53Porter RdyrrdRtighKnRdruTeidlsanuntaayWryerChes Ln34 18'0"NinOldbillHaiTrmoMge34 18'0"NKnightRd53RddR630ororbkeDr34 17'24"NayB34 17'24"NBayDrTimbeCtneySy d306rDBayhi ll DrRdLonghollowCrestview TerntWindsor WayyaBrntLn1060Chestatee Bay Point34 16'48"N3SH34 16'48"NBryaParkway LnLndRManor LnPltNalleyipdrnBryant LnalWa17BryBayLnFFoo rr ssyy tt hhResort CirckBarron CirlotClBuewviJensen Trld RdBullock LnDow n RdJot EmWallaceWooLockheedKnLoyLn2SHollsaCDr70Waldr ip RdrlT1SHShortCreek34 16'12"NClearwaterRduCladertinMaTDrwom29rings RdCrystal SpileCJot Em Dow n RdrtinMa7034 16'12"NMarieDrrTerekeCreek Point CirCreekTurtleback DrPoindd Rr anDut RdCreek Point Dr83 59'35"WLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 2005131383 58'59"WPage1683 58'23"W00.150.383 57'47"W0.6Miles141 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000

83 57'11"W83 56'35"W83 55'59"W2183 55'23"W1060.1dRLnDuckett Mill10CteLarcheRahCdsateessirCDavis Bridge34 18'0"N34 18'0"NerivFielttaPWayFields Ford Rd70LnsFielddorF8CLn9C6CBig Junction Island7CTerryOld4CRdFord34 17'24"N35OldKeithBridgeHayes Dr5CRd2C34 17'24"NtsghtaeseiHChheCasteteNunnally Trl11CResort Cir70esideWayoBrok shtaete1CRdire34FFoo rr ssyy tt hhDrRive Trlgg33LoChestatee Bay PointKeith's BridgeCheroke34 16'48"NHollowKeith's Bridge IslandTwinRdEdg105531ChathtaoocheeR34 16'48"NesidekLaerwaCirterDrentsheCDre WatePoiBridgCrestview TerCoveLak1816r Dr3CtC70eriv32pSGoddards Ford RdainhillahC29lkham369lkWathnd geRdnriSuyWasedRB h CoVayrtFouTrud70Cir34 16'12"NFdR34 16'12"NestinP30rekirt CesororeeHillFCHHaa ll lletininPrdRSpaSho70shABrown's Bridge141483 56'35"W83 57'11"WLake Sidney LanierSep 19, 2005Page170irC151583 55'23"W83 55'59"W0.150.30.6Miles1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000

83 54'47"W2183 54'11"W83 53'35"W2283 52'59"WJay TerPointViewedRRobinsonirCrDrtBe431060.7eJLaura LngridonerBamCisavDDrew44llirCBridg34 18'0"NDav ise Rd34 18'0"NDavis Bridge37R70iver41hee40ttahooc42a39C38hChattahooc he e R iverWindingLittle Junction Island1062.3Lake DroLRiver ForkssivRterdrig17eRdLRdrCanrtt DLigteostLarnStPrDnolypCovemtersnHHaa ll llplighLaLamsouh thne LroBwnsBridgeR34 16'48"Ne TrledRlPleEng369dGlen HavenMonEsttgomeryhereLaSDrtDraSDrhat CinrlesveAMLntPdewoo9FCRidgLnSidSea151583 54'11"WSep 19, 2005Page18083 53'35"W0.15ekdRF83 54'47"WLake Sidney LanierFl a t C r eeklaeekgrereinitCF la t ChWtwyWaievnaDoneirlCkeaLnLa70CtrDLnhicMgerDnhyrt DPleasant HilliPakyaotr iterMerDreC34 eennaesidseorDrDdidHprildrFinc helloHLakseorDaWGould34 16'12"NHeidicEver RdCheroken19dRBeilPark34 16'48"NyhkroraTaeitehCeLIveK70MillrD34 17'24"N36Mill Rd34 17'24"NGainesville Park350.383 52'59"W0.6Miles1 inch equals 0.32 miles1:20,000 pag

Martin Creek 21, 22 Mud Creek 14, 15, 38 North Oconee River 30 Orr Creek 08, 09 Pitts Creek 38 Sardis Creek 22, 27 Sawnee Creek 05, 10 Shoal Creek 01, 02, 03 Short Creek 16, 17 Six Mile Creek 07, 11, 12 Split Oak Creek 32 Squirrel Creek 27, 33 Taylor Creek 20, 21, 24 T

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18 Pella Lutheran Church George Biebl 4518 W Main Street Sidney MT 59270 406-433-3350 No 19 Sidney Assembly of God 414 E Main Sidney MT 59270 406-433-3423 No 20 Sidney High School Thorn Barnhart 2 5th Ave SW Sidney MT 59270 406-433-4080 No 21 Trenton Indian Services Do

Jack Carr Bonar Lake . Troy Turley Center Lake . John Bender Diamond Lake . Sandra Buhrt Elizabeth Lake . Chuck Brinkman Irish Lake . Jeff & Pam Thornburgh James, Oswego, & Tippecanoe Lake . Debra Hutnick Palestine Lake . Sandra Buhrt Rachel Lake . Toney Owsley Ridinger Lake .

Aug 27, 2019 · Map 1 – Map Basics Map 8 – Sub-Saharan Africa Map 2 – Land Features Map 9 – North Africa & the Middle East Map 3 – Rivers and Lakes Map 10 – E Asia, C Asia, S Asia, and SE Asia Map 4 – Seas, Gulfs, and other Major Water Features Map 11 – Central and South Asia Map 5 – North America and the Caribbean Map 12 – Oceania

Vitae - Mark M. Lanier 1 of 33 MARK MURFEE LANIER, Ph.D. (407) 701-7460 . . August 18, 2015. PRESENT POSITION Profes

The Dr. Ronald Sass Science Award: Presented to those students who have shown commitment in their study of science while at Lanier. The Hughes Honor Award: Named in memory of W.L. Hughes, Jr., a former Assistant Principal at Lanier who lost his life in WWII

The Lanier MP 4002/MP 5002 is an easy-to-use multifunction device to help midsize workgroups manage everyday document-related workflow. Greater workloads. Fewer resources. Less time. Your business challenges are constantly changing, so choose the LANIER MP 4002/MP 5002 digital imaging system to stay ahead of the competition. The services-led