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The ASHRAE Bookstore OffersFormats toFit Your NeedsIn addition to the classic print and digital PDF options, the ASHRAEBookstore offers multiple formats for custom single- and multi-user solutions.Print PDF: Make sure your preferred format is at your fingertips;the classic desk reference in print, plus anytime, anywhere accessto the PDF. Buy together and save.Redline: Identify standards additions, deletions, and updates ina fraction of the time. See at a glance exactly what changed toreduce implementation time and costs.Multi-User SolutionsMulti-User PDF: Small teams are power users, too. Multi-userPDFs ensure access to everyone in your small firm at a reducedprice.Enterprise: Tame the cost and complexity of documentmanagement and give everyone in your organization access with acustom solution. For more information on Enterprise, see page 10.ASHRAE has partnered with Techstreet to provide members and customerswith state-of-the-art web technologies that help you acquire, share and managetechnical information.1800-527-4723

HandbooksThe ASHRAE Handbook is published in a series of four volumes, one ofwhich is revised each year, ensuring that no volume is older than four years.2021 ASHRAE Handbook—FundamentalsProduct Code: (I-P) 81210, (SI) 812112020 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Systemsand EquipmentProduct Code: (I-P) 81200, (SI) 812012019 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC ApplicationsProduct Code: (I-P) 81190, (SI) 811912018 ASHRAE Handbook—RefrigerationProduct Code: (I-P) 81180, (SI) 81181 230 (Student Member 54)Also Available:ASHRAE Pocket Guide for Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation,Refrigeration, Ninth EditionAvailable in I-P and SI units, this ninth edition includes data fromthe 2017 ASHRAE Handbook and from ASHRAE Standards 15,34, 55, 62.1, 62.2 and 90.1.Product Code: (I-P) 90077, (SI) 90079 68 (ASHRAE Member 51)Students Save 42!Members save 25%2

h anniversary from the first edition’s original1994–1995. It includes commentary of importaward recipients and cites notable papers andits history.n reading the history of ASHRAE, and the storyogy has contributed to a healthy and sustainableMany of the stories are about innovations that required considerable personal sacrifice, as withphysician John Gorrie, who essentially invented comfort air conditioning but who died at ayoung age, despondent over a lack of acceptance of what he considered was a humanitarianideal. Then there are stories about David Boyle and Constance West, who had ideas thatrequired the help of their spouses to achieve success. There are stories of people who were sodevoted to innovation that their ideas took precedence over financial gain, as in the cases ofFrederick Jones and Charles Tellier, and there are stories of people who saw success with theirideas in the professional and corporate world, namely Henry Galson, Margaret Ingels, andRoderick Kirkwood. Some stories concern individuals who did not initially have great interestin the fields of air conditioning, heating, or refrigeration but had related ideas that requiredcommitment to new careers, as was the case for shoemaker Benjamin Sturtevant, textile engineerStuart Cramer, and farmer Madison Cooper. Some of the stories tell of individuals who wereintensely active in one area for a short time then move on to different interests or careers, likeMarcel Audiffren, Helen Donnelly, and Robert McNary. And of course there are also stories ofthe geniuses—Carlyle Ashley, Ole Fanger, Mary Pennington, and Gardner Voorhees.Every story herein is about someone who made a contribution to make life better. These storieswill inform, entertain, and hopefully inspire you to innovate and make life better, as well.Air conditioning for comfort in buildings developed rapidly over the 20thcentury. From the earliest approaches of blowing air through cheeseclothfilters and over blocks of ice, through the movie theatre boom of the 1920sthat spurred advancement in ventilation technologies, to the sophisticatedmechanical refrigeration systems of the mid and late century, air conditioninghas driven change in many of the world’s institutions of industry and leisure.Adventures inHeat and ColdISBN 978-1-947192-43-0 (PDF)ISBN 97819471924239 781947 192423Product code: 403071/20ISBN 978-1-947192-60-7 (paperback)Men and Women WhoMade Your Lives BetterISBN 978-1-947192-42-3 (paperback)An Illustrated History of ASHRAE1/20ASHRAE1791 Tullie CircleAtlanta, GA 30329-2305Telephone: 404-636-8400 (worldwide)www.ashrae.orgThe pioneers and innovators among air-conditioning design engineers,equipment manufacturers, mechanical contractors, and the teams ofmaintenance engineers that keep the systems operating have allowedarchitects to design buildings that would not have been possible before them.This book tells their story—what they accomplished and how they did it.ISBN 978-1-947192-61-4 (PDF)Product Code: 90359by Bernard A. Nagengastwith Randy C. Schrecengost1/21David ArnoldASHRAE180 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA 404-636-8400 (worldwide)Book cover Print.indd 120 thCenturyA irConditioningArnold9 781947 192454Product code: 40304Second EditionAdventures in Heat & Cold: Men and Women Who Made Your Lives Better answers these questionsand more. This book tells the stories of 18 men and women whose pioneering innovations havehad far-reaching influence, detailing their technical advances and sharing interesting aspects ofthe lives of these inventors who in many cases are relatively unknown and whose contributionsare either unknown or forgotten.NagengastISBN 9781947192454How did a cobbler design the basic air-side heating and ventilating system we still use today?Why do we call it “air conditioning”? How did refrigerators come to have door shelves? Doesthe invention of the hermetically sealed compressor really trace back to a monk who wantedto cool wine?An Illustrated History of ASHRAEISBN 978-1-947192-45-4 (paperback)ISBN 978-1-947192-46-1 (PDF)Air ConditioningTransformed theModern WorldIdeas Ahead of Their Time. or Right on Time2 0 th C en t ury A i r C on di t io n in gunparalleled contributions to energy efficiency,ties, equipment, systems, and building perforhive, this history of the Society has been comthe founding of its two predecessor societies—Engineers (ASHVE) and The American Societyer, and the Society’s continuing evolution as aAdventures in Heat and Coldtory of ASHRAEProclaiming the Truth, Second EditionDESIGN AND APPLICATION125th Anniversary Publications1/9/2020 10:15:17 AMProclaiming theTruth, 2nd Ed.Product Code: 40304 95 (ASHRAE Member 71)20th CenturyAir ConditioningAdventures in Heatand Cold: Men andWomen who MadeYour Lives BetterProduct Code: 90359 69 (ASHRAE Member 51)Product Code: 40307 61 (ASHRAE Member 46)Expert Guidance on Cold-Climate ChallengesBuildings in arctic and subarctic climates face unique challenges, not only the cold,but also remoteness, limited utilities, permafrost, and extreme temperature shifts. Builtstructures must meet these challenges while maintaining occupant comfort and, if possible,minimizing impact on the environment. Harmonizing human comfort with the climaticrealities of these environments can be a delicate balancing act. Strategic design is key to building,commissioning, and operating efficient and long-lasting cold-climate structures. This unifiedguide to cold-climate design provides expert knowledge on the issues commonly faced inarctic and subarctic climates.Aimed at each member of the building team, from the designer and architect to thecommissioning authority, Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide will serve as a valuableresource from the initial planning to completion of cold-climate buildings.This publication funded in part with support from:Cold-Climate BuildingsDesign GuideCold-Climate Buildings Design GuideIn addition to cold-climate considerations in HVAC calculations and system design, this book’schapters cover sustainability, controls, building design, and commissioning, all from thisdistinctive climatic perspective. The book also includes an appendix with seven casestudies of buildings located in cold and extreme cold climates. These buildings areleaders in their field with regard to both efficiency and cold-climate design.Second Editionsustainability controls commissioning case studiesCOMINGSOONISBN 978-1-939200-00-61791 Tullie CircleAtlanta, GA 30329-2305Telephone: 404-636-8400 (worldwide)www.ashrae.orgASHRAE DesignGuide for Air TerminalUnits: Selection,Application, Control,and CommissioningProduct Code: 90571 100 (ASHRAE Member 75)9 781939 20000 6Product code: 901369/15ASHRAE DesignGuide for Cleanrooms:Fundamentals, Systems,and PerformanceCold-Climate BuildingsDesign Guide, 2nd ed.Product Code: 90310 115 (ASHRAE Member 86)Product Code: 90455 171 (ASHRAE Member 128)Commissioning Stakeholders Guide Cover.pdf 1 11/12/2018 2:41:14 PMDESIGNERS OPERATORSCOMMISSIONINGRP-1592ned Heat and Poweroperational information about primectivated technologies; technical andign, site screening, and assessmentnd maintenance advice. As well as ailed case studies on implementationsation is presented in both Inch-Poundly developed ASHRAE CHP Analysiss only) for use in assessing sites forn essential resource for consultingctors who are involved in evaluating,intaining these systems.COMBINED HEAT AND POWER DESIGN GUIDEwritten by industry experts to giveon implementing combined heat andectricity and useful thermal energymally wasted in conventional powerg the losses that would otherwise beower. Recent advances in electricity—in particular, advanced combustiond for new configurations of systemsding opportunities for these systemsproduce. Combined Heat and Powere approach to assessing any site’sDESIGNERSCOMBINEDHEAT AND POWERDESIGN GUIDECMYCMMYCYCMYKOPERATORSCOMMISSIONING STAKEHOLDERS’ GUIDE KETTLEROWNERS ARCHITECTSSTAKEHOLDERS’GUIDEMANUFACTURERSOWNERS ARCHITECTSMANUFACTURERSDESIGNERSGuidance for Every Step and StakeholderThe Commissioning Stakeholders’ Guide, copublished by ASHRAE, a leader in thesustainable built environment, and BCxA, the authority on building commissioning, providesinformation distilled from all the major sources on commissioning in one convenientpackage.For every stakeholder and through every step in the commissioning process, this guideprovides best practices knowledge and concise requirements for new constructioncommissioning. Each facet of the commissioning process is outlined, from project initiationto the final commissioning report, with each role, from the owner to the design team to thecommissioning provider, defined in the most up-to-date and industry-standard language.System types covered include those found in commercial, medical, industrial, and educationfacilities.The guide also features more than 50 checklists designed to aid various professionals incarrying out commissioning tasks. These checklists are also available for download from asupplementary website.ASHRAE Design GuideDesigned to complement and enhance ASHRAE Guideline 0, ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard202, and other commissioning-focused consensus documents and standards, this guide isa practical and applicable resource for everyone with a vested interest in commissioning.forOPERATORSOWNERSCool Thermal StorageJason Glazer, PE, BEMPThis guide is suitable for the following stakeholders:Building Owners, Managers,Developers, and OperatorsMaintenance PersonnelProject and Program ManagersElected and Administrative OfficialsBuilding OfficialsCode and Standards n ManagersContractors and issioning Providers.among othersISBN 978-1-936504-87-9978-1-947192-05-8 (paperback)978-1-947192-06-5 (PDF)9 781936 50487 9Product code: 905555/15Gerald J. KettlerCCP, CIAQM, TBE, BEAP, REM, CEM, LIFE MEMBER ASHRAE1791 Tullie CircleAtlanta, GA 30329-2305404.636.8400 (worldwide)www.ashrae.orgSecond Edition9 781947192058Product code: 9030712/184/20/2015 3:09:24 PMCombined Heat andPower Design GuideCommissioningStakeholders’ GuideProduct Code: 90555 124 (ASHRAE Member 93)Product Code: 90307 84 (ASHRAE Member 63)SEE ALSOGuideline 0-2019 andStandard 202-2018, p. 113ASHRAE Design Guidefor Cool ThermalStorage, Second EditionProduct Code: 90410 124 (ASHRAE Member 93)800-527-4723

OWNER’S GUIDEfor BUILDINGS districtSERVEDCOOLINGby DISTRICT COOLINGguidesecond editionNEWComprehensive Reference for Building OwnersDistrict Cooling System Attributes Design Necessities Coping with DeficienciesComplete ReferencePlanning & System Selection Central Plants Distribution Systems Thermal Storage System O&M End User InterfaceASHRAE Design Guidefor Dedicated OutdoorAir SystemsProduct Code: 90304 100 (ASHRAE Member 75)District Cooling Guide,Second Edition andOwner’s Guide forBuildings Served byDistrict CoolingDuct SystemsDesign GuideProduct Code: 90556 137 (ASHRAE Member 103)Product Code: 90565 192 (ASHRAE Member 144)ASHRAE Duct FittingDatabase Ver. 6.00.05Product Code: D-94607 147 (ASHRAE Member 110)ASHRAE GreenGuide:Design, Construction,and Operation ofSustainable Buildings,Fifth EditionProduct Code: 90326 145 (ASHRAE Member 109)Students Save 74!Members save 25%Procedures forCommercial BuildingEnergy Audits,Second EditionProduct Code: 90450 139 (ASHRAE Member 104)SEE ALSOStandard 211-2018, p.11HVAC Design Manualfor Hospitals andClinics, Second EditionProduct Code: 90550 163 (ASHRAE Member 122)SEE ALSOStandard 170-2017, p. 11Geothermal Heatingand Cooling: Design ofGround-Source HeatPump SystemsProduct Code: 90318 163 (ASHRAE Member 122)Students Save 91!ASHRAE Guide forBuildings in Hot andHumid Climates,Second EditionProduct Code: 90442 147 (ASHRAE Member 110)4

DESIGN AND APPLICATIONMost building designs provide minimally acceptable indoor environments through compliance with requirements inbuilding codes and standards. Enhancing IAQ can improve occupant health, comfort, and productivity while increasingbuilding value and reducing risk for owners. As the industry moves toward high-performance green buildings, buildingprofessionals must become more knowledgeable about principles and methods for achieving enhanced IAQ.This Guide bridges this gap by focusing on the major IAQ issues: moisture management, ventilation, filtration and aircleaning, and source control. Equally important, it highlights how design and construction teams can work together toensure that good IAQ strategies are incorporated from initial design through project completion.Indoor Air Quality GuideWritten by experts in the field of indoor air quality (IAQ), the Indoor Air Quality Guide is the most comprehensive andpractical resource ever developed on design and construction for enhanced IAQ. For architects, engineers, and buildingowners who want commercial and institutional buildings with high-quality indoor environments, this Guide provides thestrategies needed to achieve good IAQ using proven technologies and without significantly increasing costs.Indoor Air Quality GuideBest Practices for Design, Construction,and CommissioningPart I of the Guide provides summary guidance and is ideal for a general understanding of the importance of thesemajor IAQ issues. Part II provides the detailed guidance essential for practitioners to design for and achieve good IAQ.Throughout Parts I and II are numerous case studies, illustrations, and photographs.The Part I summary guidance is included in the printed book, and both Part I and Part II are included on the CD in pdfformat. The CD not only provides the information in a searchable and printable form but also includes interactivehyperlinks from the summary information in Part I to the relevant detailed information in Part II, making the guide bothcomprehensive and easy to use.FREEDeveloped by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in collaboration with AmericanInstitute of Architects (AIA), Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Sheet Metal and Air-Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA), and U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).Prepared by ASHRAE and funded by EPA.American Society of Heating, Refrigerating andAir-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.1791 Tullie CircleAtlanta, GA 30329-2305Telephone: 404-636-8400 (worldwide)www.ashrae.orgFor more information on similar productsavailable from ASHRAE, visit our onlinebookstore at by:American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning EngineersThe American Institute of ArchitectsBuilding Owners and Managers Association InternationalSheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National AssociationU.S. Environmental Protection AgencyU.S. Green Building CouncilISBN: 978-1-933742-59-5IAQ62.19 781933 74259 5Product code: 90408 11/09Humidity Control DesignGuide for Commercialand Institutional BuildingsResidential Indoor AirQuality Guide: BestPractices for Home Design,Construction, Operation,and MaintenanceProduct Code: 90421 213 (ASHRAE Member 160)ASHRAE Design Guide forNatural VentilationASHRAEDesign Guide forPeter Simmonds Erin McConaheyExpanded since the first edition published in 2015, this new design guide covers broadenedscope and updated content that reflects current standards and industry practices.Natural VentilationPeter Simmonds Erin McConaheyMajor sections cover the following subjects: Architectural design Climate data Façade systems Stack effect Heating and cooling loads Indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort Water distribution and plumbing systems Energy modeling and authentication Vertical transportation Life safety Residential occupancy needs Electrical system interfaces Intelligent buildings and controlsCOMINGSOONAlso included are appendices with examples documenting climatic calculation for fourrepresentative climates, energy analysis, and HVAC design criteria and systems descriptionsfor a multiple-tenant office building. There are also nine new case studies illustrating realworld tall buildings across the globe.ASHRAE Design Guide for Tall, Supertall, and Megatall Building Systems, Second Edition, isaccompanied by helpful spreadsheets, which can be downloaded for free online.1791 Tullie CircleAtlanta, GA 30329-2305Telephone: 404-636-8400 (worldwide)www.ashrae.orgProduct code: 90135RP-1821Best Practices for Designing, Operating, and OwningMultifamily BuildingsMultifamily buildings have long been overlooked in the broader industry pushfor high-performance buildings. In recent years, indoor environmental quality,especially indoor air quality, has become a greater concern for multifamily buildings.ASHRAE Design Guide for Low- to Mid-Rise Multifamily Residential Buildingsbrings together information from codes, standards, and other guidance to outlineASHRAE Design Guide forbest practices to achieve high-performance multifamily residential buildings andTall,Supertall,and Megatallimprove energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality of both dwelling unitsand common spaces. The guide focuses on new construction but touches onretrofits and renovations as well. Topics include the impetus behind designing andbuilding sustainable multifamily buildings, the varying cultural and demographicfactors that might influence building design, and the codes that regulate multifamilybuildings as well as additional guidance for design teams. The book also includesaccess to sample design process forms in Microsoft Excel format that enablemodification by individual users.ASHRAE Design Guide for Low- to Mid-Rise Multifamily Residential Buildingsprovides practitioners with foundational guidance for improving the energyperformance, indoor environmental quality, sustainability, and overall quality oflow-rise and mid-rise multifamily projects. The recommendations in this guide mayalso be useful to building operators and owners seeking better energy performanceBuilding Systems,and indoor environmental quality in their multifamily projects.Second EditionISBN 978-1-947192-19-5 (paperback)ISBN 978-1-947192-20-1 (PDF)Peter SimmondsSimmondsISBN 978-1-947192-50-8 (hardback)ISBN 978-1-947192-51-5 (PDF)Product Code: 781947192195ProductCode: 904065/20ASHRAE DESIGN GUIDE FOR LOW- TO MID-RISE MULTIFAMILY RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGSThis guide not only focuses on the efforts of designers of the HVAC systems but alsoaddresses the importance of the design team and their collective efforts and concerns thatare the critical elements in determining the ultimate solutions to the project needs of a tallbuilding. This guide addresses design issues for tall commercial buildings, which are veryoften mixed use, with floors for retail, offices, residences, and hotels.The Indoor Air QualityGuide: Best Practicesfor Design, Constructionand CommissioningProduct Code: 90458 159 (ASHRAE Member 119)ASHRAE Design Guide for Tall, Supertall, and Megatall Building Systems, Second EditionThe Guide to Meeting the Challenges of Tall BuildingsTall (taller than 300 ft [91m]), supertall (taller than 984 ft [300 m]), and megatall (tallerthan 1968 ft [600 m]) buildings present unique and formidable challenges to architectsand engineers because of their size, location in major urban areas, and the multiple,complex occupancies they often contain. ASHRAE Design Guide for Tall, Supertall, andMegatall Building Systems, Second Edition, is a unique reference for owners; architects;and mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers as well as other specialized consultantsinvolved in designing systems for these buildings.IAQ62.1ASHRAE DESIGN GUIDEFORLOW- TO MID-RISEMULTIFAMILYRESIDENTIALBUILDINGSASHRAE1791 Tullie Circle, NE, Atlanta, GA 404-636-8400 (worldwide)4/20Tall, Supertall, Megatall Buildings iCube.indd 14/20/2020 12:02:06 PMASHRAE Design Guidefor Tall, Supertall, andMegatall BuildingSystems, Second EditionASHRAE Design Guidefor Natural VentilationProduct Code: 90306 132 (ASHRAE Member 99)Students Save 70!Product Code: 90135 159 (ASHRAE Member 119)This guide is the first and only overview of its kind in the UnitedStates. It covers the proper design, engineering, installation,operation, and maintenance of safe and effective heating,ventilation, pressurization, dilution, filtration, and air-conditioningsystems for hazardous spaces. The book places particular emphasison toxic chemicals, asphyxiants, flammable gases, and combustibledusts; it does not touch on radioactive or pathogenic substances.PsychrometricAnalysisThis guide presents various techniques and methods developedand refined over time by countless experts within specific fieldsinterest. Readers will gain insight into the best possible meansProfessional toofEditionensure that a space is effectively ventilated and conditionedASHRAE Guide for HVAC in Hazardous SpacesVersion 7Ensuring Safety and sSpacesASHRAE DesignGuide for MultifamilyResidential BuildingsProduct Code: 90406 103 (ASHRAE Member 77)ASHRAE Guidefor HVAC inHazardous SpacesMichael K. Baucomfor various levels of occupancy while preserving all aspects ofthe safety and health of the occupants as well as the protectionof surrounding facilities. It also serves as a reference to criticalstandards, recommended practices, and related publications.BaucomNEWISBN 978-1-947192-85-0 (paperback)ISBN 978-1-947192-86-7 (PDF)180 Technology ParkwayPeachtree Corners, GA 30092www.ashrae.org1791 Tullie Circle NE Atlanta, GA 30329 Telephone: 404-636-8400 www.ashrae.orgPsychro CD Cover & Insert.indd 1Product code: 904756/2112/16/2019 3:14:15 PMPsychrometricAnalysisProduct Code: 94915 299 (ASHRAE Member 224)5ASHRAE Guide forHVAC in HazardousSpacesProduct Code: 90475 39 (ASHRAE Member 31)Smart Grid ApplicationGuideProduct Code: 90479 109 (ASHRAE Member 79)SEE ALSOStandard 201-2016, p. 11800-527-4723

TEXTBOOKS AND FUNDAMENTALSSave 10%NEWUFAD Guide andO&M Guide SetHVAC Fast Facts (I-P)Product Code: 40306 12 (ASHRAE Member 9)Product Code: B90452 139 (ASHRAE Member 104)Air-Conditioning SystemSimplifying the Essentials of Sustainable Building DesignDESIGN MANUALHigh-Performance Buildings Simplified breaks down the basics of high-performancebuilding design using familiar language and practical exercises. It is perfect for useby engineering students, students from other disciplines, the new engineer juststarting out in their career, or anyone interested in resource-efficient andenvironmentally friendly building principles.With a significant basis in the ASHRAE GreenGuide, now itself in its fifth edition,High-Performance Buildings Simplified introduces readers to the fundamentals of:Howard J. McKew, Editor Building design and commissioning Sustainability, including water and energy conservation Indoor air quality and indoor environmental quality Materials selection, construction, and operations and maintenance Energy informatics, smart grid, and resilience Future trendsEach chapter includes a list of industry-standard terms, as well as self-guided andinstructor-led exercises. Case studies and more than 30 supplemental files containingadditional in-depth information and relevant articles round out the practicalcontent.More than just an introductory text, High-Performance Buildings Simplified is a conciseresource for anyone looking to keep the basics of sustainable buildings close athand.High-Performance Buildings SimplifiedTHIRD EDITIONApplySAVE10at checkout.High-PerformanceBuildings SimplifiedDesigning, Constructing, and OperatingSustainable Commercial BuildingsTom Lawrence Julia KeenLawrence KeenISBN 978-1-947192-32-4 (paperback)ISBN 978-1-947192-33-1 (PDF)1791 Tullie CircleAtlanta, GA 30329-2305Telephone: 404-636-8400 (worldwide)www.ashrae.orgProduct code: 90467Hi-Perf Bldgs Simplified Cover Spread.indd 1Air-ConditioningSystem Design Manual,Third EditionProduct Code: 90340 119 (ASHRAE Member 89)Students Save 67!Load CalculationApplications Manual,Second EditionProduct Code: (I-P) 90662,(SI) 90664 151 (ASHRAE Member 113)Students Save 99!Members save 25%9/1910/4/2019 10:43:53 AMHigh-PerformanceBuildings SimplifiedProduct Code: 90467 132 (ASHRAE Member 99)Students Save 70!Principles of Heating,Ventilating and AirConditioning, EighthEditionProduct Code: 90567 133 (ASHRAE Member 100)Students Save 63!HVAC SimplifiedProduct Code: 90439 100 (ASHRAE Member 75)Students Save 68!UnderstandingPsychrometrics,Third EditionProduct Code: 90167 125 (ASHRAE Member 94)Students Save 77!6

ASHRAE Technology PortalSearch ASHRAE’s vast information archiveMember access to ASHRAE Journal articles andASHRAE Research Reports. Other content on asubscription

mismatched with adjaconditions. How cancenter designers, andpractices that facilitatetry innovation?nts provides a frameequipment hardwareservers, and storageer designers, and facil-ooled equipmentpmenttrement reportinged information as wellficiency by allowing rec discharge. The guideat will empower datatermine the impact ofmes with a removablers and others. The ref-authored by ASHRAEata Centers, Technolvides comprehensiveacom Series, Book 1ullie Circle, NEGA ASHRAE Datacom Series provides a comprehensive treatment ofdata center cooling and related subjects, authored by ASHRAE TechnicalCommittee 9.9, Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, TechnologySpaces and Electronic Equipment.Other Titles in the ASHRAE Datacom SeriesThermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments Fourth Editionperator NeedsDatacom SeriesThermalGuidelines forData ProcessingEnvironmentsIT Equipment Power Trends, Third Edition Design Considerations for Datacom Equipment Centers,Second Edition Liquid Cooling Guidelines for Datacom Equipment Centers,Second Edition Structural and Vibration Guidelines for Datacom EquipmentCenters Best Practices for Datacom Facility Energy Efficiency,Second Edition High Density Data Centers — Case Studies andBest Practices Particulate and Gaseous Contamination in DatacomEnvironments, Second EditionFifth EditionNEW1 1ASHRAE Datacom SeriesThermal Guidelines forData ProcessingEnvironments, Fifth Edition The 5th edition of the 1sttitle in the Datacom Serieschanges the recommendedrelative humidity, removesclasses B and C, and adds anew class H1 for high-densityservers.Product Code:90579 79 (ASHRAE Member 59)Members save 25%Real-Time Energy Consumption Measurements inData Centers Green Tips for Data Centers PUE : A Comprehensive Examination of the Metric Server Efficiency — Metrics for Computer Serversand Storage IT Equipment Design Impact on Data Center Solutions Advancing DCIM with IT Equipment Integration8

EnterpriseA World of Technical Information for Every Member of Your TeamEnterprise is a fully-customizable platform, powered by Techstreet,created to meet the needs of firms big and small. Get web-based accessto ASHRAE and other industry publications and create a custom digitalcollection for your library, government agency, consulting firm, researchorganization, university or corporation.Collections ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines ASHRAE Handbook ASHRAE Design Guides Datacom Series Additional content from ASHRAE and other world-leading standardsauthorities: ASTM, ICC, NFPA, ASME, ASSE, IEEE, SMACNAand othersRequest a Quote Today1-855-999-9870 (US and Canada), 1-734-780-8000 723

STANDARD 62.1USER’S MANUALTHE DEFINITIVE COMPANION TO STANDARD 62.1This companion guide provides detailed information on the requirements ofANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019 and includes tables, illustrations, and examples to aidusers in designing, installing, and operating systems for ventilation in buildings.Standard 62.1 User’s Manual does not reproduce the require

Second Edition sustainability controls commissioning case studies RP-1592 COMBINED HEATANDPOWER DESIGN GUIDE Complete Guide to Combined Heat and Power Combined Heat and Power Design Guide was written by industry experts to give system designers a current, authoritative guide on implementing combined heat a

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ent labels by a multi-task learning framework. Ji et al. [28] devel- oped a general multi-task framework for extracting shared struc- tures in multi-label classification. The optimal solution to the pro- posed formulation is obtained by solving a generalized eigenvalue problem. Zhu et al. [29] proposed a multi-view multi-label frame-