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Time allowed: 03 HoursSample Question Paper 2016ScienceClass – X (SA – II)Issued by CBSEMaximum Marks: 90General Instructions:(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)The question paper comprises two sections, A and B. You are to attempt both the sections.All questions are compulsory.There is no choice in any of the question.All questions of Section-A and B are to be attempted separately.Question numbers 1 to 3 in Section - A are one mark question. They are to be answered in oneword or in one sentence.(vi) Question numbers 4 to 6 in Section - A are two marks questions. These are to be answered in 30words each.(vii) Question numbers 7 to 18 in Section - A are three marks questions. These are to be answered inabout 50 words each.(viii) Question numbers 19 to 24 in Section-A are 5 marks questions. These are to be answered in 70words each.(ix) Question numbers 25 to 33 in Section- B are multiple choice questions based on practical skills.Each question is a one mark question. You are to select one most appropriate response out ofthe four provided to you.(x) Question numbers 34 to 36 in Section B are two marks questions based on practical skills.These are to be answered in brief.SECTION – A1Name the process of converting vegetable oil to vegetable ghee.12Give reason for the statement- Since the ovary releases one egg every month, theuterus also prepares itself every month by making its lining thick and spongy.13Name the component of white light that has the greatest wavelength.14Which natural resource are the „biodiversity hot spots‟? Suggest what happenswhen there is a loss of biodiversity?25Write the name and molecular formula of an organic compound having its namesuffixed with „–ol‟ and having two carbon atoms in the molecule. With the helpof a balanced equation indicate what happens when its heated with excess ofconc. H2SO4.½ ½ 16A cube of edge 6 cm is placed over a printed page. At what distance from the topsurface of cube will the letters appear when seen from above?Refractive index of glass is 1.527What is meant by isomers? “We can not have isomers of the first three membersof alkane series” give reason to justify this statement.Draw the structures of two isomers of pentane, C5H121 1 18i)Name the following:Sample Question Paper – 2Pg 1 of 5

a) Third member of aldehyde seriesb) Second member of carboxylic seriesii)11Write the IUPAC name of the following:a)CH 3 CH 3 C CH 3½ CH 3b)½9Four elements A, B, C and D have atomic numbers 12, 13, 14 and 15respectively.Answer the following questions giving reasons i) What is the number of valence electrons and valency of D?ii) Which of them will have largest atomic radii?iii) Which of these elements will form the most basic oxide?10Differentiate between combustion and oxidation reactions of ethanol.311In a germinating seed, which parts are known as future shoot and future root?Mention the function of cotyledon.312What is placenta? Write any two major functions of placenta.313„Different species use different strategies to determine sex of a newbornindividual. It can be environmental cues or genetically determined‟. Explain thestatement by giving example for each strategy.314A 2 cm high object is placed at a distance of 32 cm from a concave mirror. Theimage is real, inverted and 3 cm in size. Find the focal length of the mirror andthe position where the image is formed?315A child while playing with his father‟s spectacles burnt a hole in a piece of paperby focusing a small image of the sun on it.(i) What defect of vision his father is suffering from?(ii) Write two causes for this defect?(iii) Draw a ray diagram to show image formation by the defective eye?(iv) Draw a ray diagram showing corrected eye using proper lens.316Explain the formation of rainbow in the sky with the help of a diagram. List thethree phenomena involved in proper sequence.317Which types of people are benefited from the development of differentresources? Why do we need to use the resources carefully?318Write any three characteristics of a food chain. Dharmesh always treated thechemical effluent before disposing it in the water body. Mention any three moralvalues possessed by Dharmesh.319In the following table. Six elements A, B, C, D, E and F of the modern periodictable with atomic numbers 3 to 18 are given:1 1 1 1 1Sample Question Paper – 21 1 1Pg 2 of 5

3A11Ba)b)c)d)e)456712C1314D158E16917F10G18Which of these is i) Noble gas ii) halogenWhich of these is the most active metal in 3rd period?Identify the most electronegative element in the third period.In the compound between B and F what type of bond will be formed?What would be the nature of oxide formed by C?20A. Draw a longitudinal section of a flower and label the following parts –a) Part that develops into a fruitb) Part that produces pollen grainc) Part that transfers male gametesd) Part that is sticky to trapB. Name the parts labeled A, B, C, D in the diagram given below:521A. How does speciation take place?B. Define the term GENE.C. The gene for red hair is recessive to the gene for black hair. What will be thehair colour of a child if he inherits a gene for red colour from his mother anda gene for black hair from his father? Express with the help of flow chart.522A. Mention any two point of difference between acquired and inherited traits.B. If the tail of a mouse is cut for twenty one generations, will the tail occur inthe twenty second generation of that mouse? Give reason to support youranswer.C. Define the term – Natural Selection.SECTION B(i) Rohit claims to have obtained an image twice the size of object with aconcave lens. Is he correct? Give reason for your answer.(ii) Where should an object be placed in case of a convex lens to form an imageof same size as of the object? Show with the help of ray diagram theposition and the nature of the image formed.(iii) With the help of ray diagram, illustrate the change in position, nature andsize of the image formed if the convex lens in case of (ii) is replaced byconcave lens of same focal length.5(i) Which property of concave mirror is utilized for using them as shavingmirrors?(ii) Light passes through a rectangular glass slab and through a triangular glassprism. Using proper ray diagram, explain in what way does the direction ofthe two emergent beams differs with respect to the incident beam of light.(iii) A concave lens has a focal length of 50 cm Calculate its power.52324Sample Question Paper – 25Pg 3 of 5

25A student is given equal amount of three samples A, B and C of water withtemporary hardness. He keeps the three samples at different temperatures. A atroom temperature, B at 50oC and C at 80oC.Which sample will give maximum amount of lather with soap solution?a) Ab) Both B and Cc) Only Cd) Both A and B126Soaps are formed by alkaline hydrolysis ofa) Carboxylic acidsb) Esters of long chain fatty acidsc) Esters of small chaind) Inorganic acids127On addition of Na2CO3 to hard watera) the foaming capacity increasesb) the foaming capacity decreasesc) the foaming capacity increases then decreasesd) the foaming capacity decreases then increases128In finding the focal length of a distant object by concave mirror, you are requiredto draw the ray diagram of nature.129While performing the experiment to trace the path of a ray of light passingthrough a rectangular glass slab, four students labeled their ray diagrams in themanner shown below. The correct labeling has been done by students.130A convex lens forms a virtual image when an object is placed at a distance of20cm from it.The focal length(a) f 40 cm(b) f 20 cm(c) f 20 cm(d) f 20 cm1Sample Question Paper – 2Pg 4 of 5

31In a dicot seed, the pore through which the seed absorbs water during seedgermination is calleda) Micropyleb) Hilumc) Funicled) Radical132For the experiment – To prepare temporary mount of yeast to study buddingprocess; Yeast granules are made to first grow by adding them toa) Hydrochloric acidb) Distilled waterc) 10% sugar solutiond) Alcohol133Two slides were shown to four students, and they labeled them as following.1StudentIIIIIIIVSlide ABudding in YeastBinary fission in AmoebaBinary fission in AmoebaBudding in AmoebaSlide BBinary fusion in AmoebaBuds of AmoebaDaughter cells of AmoebaDaughter cell of YeastThe student who made the correct labeling is:a) IIb) Ic) IVd) III34With regard to turnip, carrot, sweet potato and potato, three belong to the samecategory. Identify those three modifications and mention whether they arehomologous or analogous. Also mention the reason why the fourth modificationsdo not belong to the same category.235A student has to perform an experiment on tracing the path of a ray of lightpassing through a rectangular glass slab for three different angles of incidence.Two of his friends suggest the following options to him:(A) Draw the incident rays corresponding to 20o, 50o and 70o as angles ofincidence and fix the two pins on the incident ray just 2 cm apart.(B) Draw the incident rays corresponding to 30o, 45o and 60o as the angles ofincidence and fix two pins on the incident rays nearly 8 cm apart. Whichis the better option he should follow?Give reason in support of your answer.A student obtained a sharp image of a lighted candle on a screen using a convexlens. Now he wants to focus a distant lamp on a far away electric pole. In whichdirection should the lens be move for this purpose with respect to the screen, toget a sharp image on the screen? Justify your answer.236Sample Question Paper – 22Pg 5 of 5

Marking Scheme 2016ScienceClass – X (SA – II)1Hydrogenation12Required for nourishing the embryo if fertilization takes place andreaches the uterus.13Red14ForestsLoss of ecological stability115Its ethanol, its molecular formula is C2H6O and structural formula isC2H5OH (CH3CH2OH)1CH 3CH 2OH Conc.H 2 SO4 CH 2 CH 2 H 2OheatEthanol67Real depthApparent depth½ ½Ethane App depth 6 4cm1.5Isomers are those compounds which have same molecular formula anddifferent structural formula.In first three members of alkane, branching is not possible, thereforeisomers are not --CH---CH2----CH3 CH 321112-methyl butane8i)a. Third member of aldehyde series- Propanal ( CH3CHO)b. Second member of Carboxylic series- Ethanoic acid(CH3COOH)11a. 2,2-dimethyl propaneb. 2 Butanol½½ii)9i)ii)iii)Marking Scheme – 2Valence electrons in ‘D’- 5Valency of ‘D’ – 3‘A’ will have largest atomic radii.‘A’ will form the most basic oxide as it is most metallic.111Pg 1 of 6

10Complete burning of ethanol in the presence of excess of oxygen togive carbon dioxide and water is called combustion.1CH3CH 2OH 3O2½2CO2 3H 2OAddition of oxygen to ethanol in the presence of oxidizing agents togive ethanoic acid is called oxidation.CH3CH 2OH11121314Alk. KMnO4 CH3COOHHeatFuture shoot – PlumuleFuture root – RadicleCotyledon – Store food for the future plant or embryoA disc shaped organ or special tissue in the uterus of pregnantmammal, nourishing and maintaining the foetus through the umbilicalcord.ORAny other definitionFunctions of placenta: (Any two)a) Provides large surface area for glucose and oxygen to pass frommother to the embryo.b) Removal of waste generated in the developing embryo into themothers bloodor any other1½111111Environmental Cue – In some animals, the temperature at which fertilized eggs arekept determines whether the developing animal in egg is maleor female In some animals like snail, individual can change sex.1½Genetical Cue –A child who inherits an x chromosome from her father will be a girl andone who inherits a y chromosome from the father will be a boy.1½m v hehe 3cm ho 2cm u 32cm u hom he 3cm 1.5ho2cmor 3 v 1.5u v 48cmalso1 1 1115 f v u 48 3296 f 19.2cm focal length of concave mirror is 19.2cm and image is formed 48 cminfornt of itMarking Scheme – 2Pg 2 of 6

15(i) Hypermetropia(ii) This defect arises because either(a) focal length of eye lens is too large or(b) the eyeball becomes too short.(iii)½½1(iv)1161718The water droplets act like small prisms. They refract and dispersethe incident sunlight, then reflect it internally and finally refract itagain when it comes out of rain drop. Due to dispersion and internalreflection of light, different colours reach the observer’s eye alongdifferent pairs.Therefore the three phenomena involved are refraction, dispersion,internal reflection of light.Rich & Powerful people are benefited –We need to use resources carefully because – they are not unlimited the demand is increasingdue to human population rate increase because of improved healthcare – for sustainable development any other (Any two)312A.(i)(ii)(iii)UnidirectionalHelps in understanding the food relationship and interactionamong various organisms in an ecosystemHelps to understand movement of toxic substances and theproblem of their biological magnification½½½B.(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)Marking Scheme – 2Sensitive towards environmentPossess knowledge about biological magnificationScientific temperamentConscious(Any three)1½Pg 3 of 6

1920a) Noble gas- GHalogen - Fb) Most active metal – Bc) Most electronegative in 3rd period- Fd) Ionic bonde) Oxide formed by C would be basic.11111A.Diagram:1Lebellings:½x4B. A – Pollen grainB – Pollen tubeC – OvaryD – Female gamete21½x4A. Speciation may take place by(i) Migration(ii) Natural selection(iii) Mutation(iv) Genetic Drift(Any two)B. Segment of DNA which is functional and are made of nucleic acidsand protein(Any other definition)C. GivenRed hair – Mother – Recessive bbBlack hair – father Dominant 1Thus, the child will have black hair22A.1234Acquired TraitsTrait acquired during its lifetimeNot inheritableNot present in the genetic make upChange in DNA will not result inany change in such traitsInherited ePresent in the genetic makeupChange is DNA will bring aboutchange in such traits2(Any two difference)Marking Scheme – 2Pg 4 of 6

B. The mouse continue to have information for presence of tail in itsDNASo, will continue to have tail, because it is an acquired traitC. Nature selects the best trail in a species, leading to survival offittest and evolution of species(Any other difference)23(i)No, magnified image of an object cannot be formed by a concavelens ever.(ii) At 2f.1112½1(iii)124Image obtained is virtual, erect and diminished in case of concavelens½(i)1When an object is placed between the pole and focus of concavemirror a magnified, erect and virtual image is obtained.(ii) For glass slab refer:1Marking Scheme – 2Pg 5 of 6

For prism refer:1In case of a rectangular glass slab, emergent rays of light are alwaysparallel to the direction of incident rays. Whereas when an incident lightpasses through a prism, it bends towards the base of the prism henceincident ray and emergent ray are not parallel to each other.(iii) f 50cmp 100100D 2 Df 501125c) Only C126b) Esters of long chain of fatty acids127a) Foaming capacity increases128d) parallel beam of light, after reflection meet at focus129a)130c) when the oject is placed between F and P, virtual image is obtained131a) Micropyle132c) 10% sugar solution133d) III134Turnip, Carrot, Sweet Potato – are modified root – Homologous organsPotato – modified stem.1½½35B, for better result, the angle of incidence should be in the range 30o–60o and larger separation between pins will give better collinearity ofpin and accuracy of result.236He should move the lens towards the screen. As the distance of objectincreased, the image formed by a convex lens will be more close tothe focus.2Marking Scheme – 2Pg 6 of 6

Sample Question Paper – 2 Pg 1 of 5 Sample Question Paper 2016 Science Class – X (SA – II) Time allowed: 03 Hours Maximum Marks: 90 General Instructions: (i) The question paper comprises two sections, A and B. You are to attempt both the sections. (ii) All questions are compulsory. (iii) There is no choice in any of the question.

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