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Transforming Distribution for Partnersto Enhance Customers Experience

New DistributionCapability Launched by IATA to address the industry’s current distribution limitations: productdifferentiation and time to market, access to full and rich air content, and atransparent shopping experience Improves airline end to end distribution process and enhances the customer’sexperienceAirline: Typical CustomerExperienceOther industries: TypicalCustomer Experience

Industry Landscapebefore NDCSummary of painpoints in IndirectDistribution via GDS today Takes longer/not possible to roll out products/services (eg. SeatSelection) already available on direct channels Limited to Fares/Content available in 3rd Party Databases (eg. Can’taccess personalised fares, products not filed in 3rd Party Databases)BEFOREAIRLINE3RD PARTYDATABASESF AR E SSCHEDULEAV A I L A B I L I T YE-COMMERCEENGINETraditional Flight DistributionINDIRECT DISTRIBUTIONDIRECT ERS

Quicker rollout of products/services available in Airline SystemsIndustry Landscapeafter NDCSummary of benefits ofDirect Distribution via NDC/APIsAFTER Access to additional fares/content (NDC/API exclusive productscreated by MP) Agent can still connect via a Content Aggregator (eg. GDS, New NDCAggregator) or to connect directly with Airline (Agent must haveContent Aggregation/UI ATFORMBEFOREAir Retailing in NDCFigure from IATA Readiness GuideDIRECT DISTRIBUTIONTRAVELLERS

SIA MerchandisingPlatformOverview In line with our merchandisingand personalisation objective,SQ has procured amerchandising platform tobetter tailor our productofferings to the customers. The Merchandising platformallows SIA to createcustomised offerings (fares,ancillaries), bundles that aretailored based on customers’needs and preferences Offers can be launched inreal-timeSTANDARD AIRFAREMERCHANDISING PLATFORM P E R K S AN DBENEFITSAN C I L L AR I E SC R E ATEPRODUCTBUNDLESD Y N AM I CPRICINGCUSTOMISEDOFFERS

SIA MerchandisingPlatformOverviewSTANDARD AIRFARE These customised offersare already available to SIADirect Channels such as theSIA website and mobile app To distribute the content toSIA’s partners in the indirectchannel, a NDC gatewayhas been developed tofacilitate connections withthe trade.MERCHANDISING PLATFORM P E R K S AN DBENEFITSAN C I L L AR I E SC R E ATEPRODUCTBUNDLESNDC GATEWAYSIA IndirectChannels (agents,aggregators etc)D Y N AM I CPRICINGCUSTOMISEDOFFERSSIA DirectChannels(website, mobileapp)


SIA NDCTechnology andCapabilitiesAmadeus Altéa NDC is powering our NDC solution.Current supported version: 18.1Singapore Airlines is IATA Level 4 certified since Oct 2019Member of IATA Leaderboard since 2018Altéa NDC supports an end-to-end shopping / ordering flowand servicing through NDC messaging.

NDCFeaturesON THE WAYAVAILABLE NOW Flight Bookings OfferPrice from flightdetails with upsell Seat Selection(sale of chargeable seats) Enhanced fareconditionswith Krisflyer validation Sale of Ancillaries(e.g. Excess Baggage) Rich media via FileRetrieve Packs of Services Airfare Discounts Enhanced Shopping(Open Jaw, Multi-Cityitineraries) Airfare Promo Codes Calendar search Ancillary Discounts Agent notifications forinvoluntary changes(OrderChangeNotif) Servicing (Refund,Change Bookings) Split an order BSP settlement Large shopping volumehandling Personalisation byCorporate ID Enhanced deferredpayment flow for marketswith CC fees Ancillary Promo Codes ARC settlement IFG connectivity Personalisation byIATA agency code


4 Main PillarsPrice: Access NDC-exclusive preferential fares anddeals.Fare Bundles: Offer customised and richer bundlesto better address the needs of your customers.Ancillaries: Offer and sell a complete shoppingexperience with NDC-enabled ancillaries.Incentives: Enjoy incentives for sale of ancillariesand unlock preferential incentive scheme uponreaching agreed NDC target*Some features / benefits may be market dependent

NEWPRICE%Access to NDC-exclusive fares & sales Preferential fares in NDC vs EDIFACT Exclusive year-round lead-in RBD fare (market dependent) Dynamic adjustments which enhance fare attractivenessI. Intermediate price points based on seat availabilityII. Dynamic advance purchase faresIII. Tactical fares for weaker day of operations Regular airfare promotions & flash sales Higher discounted corporate fares for select accountsAvailable from Market LaunchAgent exclusive offers% Access tailored and special deals Dependent on agent readiness

NEWANCILLARIES &FARE BUNDLESSeat selection Select and sell preferred seats Standard, Forward and Extra LegroomAvailableExcess baggage Sell prepaid excess baggageAvailableCustomised fare bundles Tailored for different traffic segments (e.g.corporates, students, VFR, MICE) E.g. option of No-Bag fare for corporatesAvailable from market launch

NEWEarn Incentive on AncillariesANCILLARYINCENTIVES Payout starting from first of ancillary revenue Payout as a percentage of ancillary revenueNote: Ancillaries can only be purchased via KrisConnect/NDCNDCINCENTIVEEarn Bonuses for Achieving High NDC Usage Tiered structure Higher ancillary incentive payout with higher NDC revenuepenetration rate

RECAPPrice: Access NDC-exclusive preferential faresand deals.Fare Bundles: Offer customized and richerbundles to better address the needs of yourcustomers.Ancillaries: Offer and sell a completeshopping experience with NDC-enabledancillaries.Incentives: Enjoy incentives for sale ofancillaries and unlock preferential incentivescheme upon reaching set NDC target



4 WAYS TO CONNECTMethod ofConnectionControl overIntegrationEffort Required byPartnerCost of IntegrationUsage CostsDirect ConnectGood control overwhen and what tointegrateRequires ContentAggregation, UICapabilities, etcIT investment andresources requiredNil usage costAgent 360Nil integration effortrequiredNil integration effortrequired.Nil integration costNil usage costContentExclusiveNDC ContentConnect via SIANDC TechPartnerConnect viaGDS ServiceProviderDependent onPartner integrationroadmapDependent on TechPartnerDependent on TechPartnerNil integration costNil usage costDependent on Partner


Process for DirectConnectionAccess to genericsandboxenvironmentAccess to partnerspecific sandboxenvironment1) Submit NDA 1) SIA will prioritise set-upImplementationof partner specificQuestionnaire tosandbox environmentbased on om.sg2) Once the NDA iscompleted and reviewed,a SIA representative willbe in touch to grant youaccess to a genericsandbox environment.3) Begin integration ingeneric sandboxenvironment (optional)2) Once the partnerspecific sandboxenvironment has beenset-up, partner tobegin/completeintegrationAccess to SIA’slive/productionenvironment1) Demonstrateevidence ofsuccessful integration;SIA to conduct UAT2) Partner to signnecessary contracts3) Live environmentdetails to be provided3) Dedicated support willbe provided during thisintegration[1] UAT has to be done in partner-specific environment.[2] Factors taken into consideration include projected NDC volumes, alignment in commercial model betweenSIA and partner, proven capability to integrate with NDC, etc

Direct Connect Any agent is free to adopt a direct connection method with us especially if you transactsignificant volumes on SIA. SIA KrisConnect Passenger Sales Agreement needs to be signed with our local team Process to get connected may take 3-5 months for integration Agents who connect before market launch date will gain access to NDC exclusivecampaign faresAGENT 360 (at launch) Both IATA and TIDS agents can register for access to A360, though booking portalonly available to IATA agents at launch. BSP Cash FOP accepted only with BSP CC FOP in the pipeline. Travel agents can only service NDC bookings which are made directly on the AGENT360 Booking Portal. Servicing of EDIFACT & other NDC channel bookings is in the pipeline.


For AMADEUS SubscribersConnectionthrough GDSPriortoto11ststofofnextnextPriorPrior to the 1st of amonthmonthnew month Discussions and formalization of agreement betweenSIA and partner. Only partners that have signed theagreement will proceed to the next stage.Priortoto11ststofofnextnextPriorstEvery1 of themonthmonthmonth SIA will update list of signed partners in Amadeus’database. Amadeus to trigger subscriber agreementprocess with the onthmonth end Amadeus to update SIA on list of partners that havecompleted the subscriber agreement. SIA will take overto complete setup and configuration. Partner to be activated with new content.Priorto11ststofofnextnextPriortost1 of the nextmonthmonthmonth

For SABRE SubscribersConnectionthrough GDSPriortoto11ststofofnextnextPriorPrior to the 1st of amonthmonthnew month Discussion and finalization of agreement between SIAand partner. Only partners that have signed theagreement will proceed on to the next stagePriorto 1st of nextEverythemonthPrior monthto1st of nextmonth SIA will inform Sabre of the list of agencies that haveonboarded the programmePriorto 1st of nextThroughoutthemonthmonthPrior to 1st of nextmonthPrior to 1st of nextWhenreadymonth Sabre Account Managers to approach agency fortraining, activation and testing Sabre to update SIA with list of agents that have gonethrough the necessary training and testingPrior to 1st of nextmonthPrior to 1st of next Within a week aftermonthSabre’s noticestSIA to complete setup and configuration and partner togo live.

Connectionthrough GDSFor TRAVELPORT SubscribersPriortoto11ststofofnextnextPriorPrior to the 1st of amonthmonthnew month Discussions and formalization of agreement betweenSIA and partner. Only partners that have signed theagreement will proceed to the next ery1st of themonth SIA to inform Travelport of the list of agencies that haveonboarded the program. Agency partners are requiredto enter into related terms and conditions withTravelport to secure access to SQ NDC content by 15thof the nthmonth end SIA to complete set up and configuration process forsigned partners, who have entered the related termsand conditions with Travelport. Partner to be activated with new content.Priorto11ststofofnextnextPriortost1 of the nextmonthmonthmonth


ConnectionthroughAggregators*coming soon

ConnectionthroughAggregatorsSubmit Application Form toKrisConnect Mailbox Review and finalize chosen technology partner Submit “NDC via Tech Partner” form [email protected] Approval from localSQ station SQ local station rep will contact you within twoweeks of form submission for further discussion If/when SQ local station gives the approval, sellerneeds to sign SIA’s NDC agreementDemonstrate evidence ofsuccessful integration Demonstrate evidence of making successfulbookings via your platforms SQ local station to give approval for sale in localmarketStart selling in ProductionEnvironment Gain access to SIA’s NDC content!

GDS / Aggregator Different partners have different integration timeline with SIA. At point of launch, allGDS and Aggregators mentioned will be able to support prime booking flow. For agents connected to aggregators who are unable to perform servicing flow (atlaunch), NDC bookings requiring assistance will be handled by our contact centre /local sales office. Agents are recommended to kick start discussions with your preferred technologypartner on commercials, before informing your SIA account manager of your choiceof partner. Agents who onboard via aggregators before official market launch date will have earlyaccess to SIA NDC exclusive fare products

AggregatorsAgency workflows Aggregators capability CAA 1 Jun ravelfusionTravelNDCBook NDC Exclusive FaresBook Corporate FaresIn progressIn progressBook AncillariesIn progressRefund/VoidReissue/RevalidateSettle through BSPIn progressIn progressIn progressIn progressIn progressIn progressSettle through Direct CreditCardSupport Air DiscountsSupport Ancillary DiscountsSupport PromocodesIn progressIn progressIn progressVerteil

GDS/A360 GDS/A360 capability CAA 1 Jun 2020The availability of KrisConnect content in your agency’s GDS console is subjectto your GDS’ deployment schedule.Agency workflowsBook NDC Exclusive FaresBook Corporate FaresIn progressIn progressBook AncillariesIn progressIn progressIn progressRefund/VoidReissue/RevalidateIn progressIn progressIn progressSettle through BSPSettle through Direct Credit CardIn progressN/AIn progressSupport Air DiscountsSupport Ancillary DiscountsIn progressIn progressSupport PromocodesIn progressIn progressIn progress


Dynamic adjustments which enhance fare attractiveness I. Intermediate price points based on seat availability II. Dynamic advance purchase fares III. Tactical fares for weaker day of operations Regular airfare promotions & flash sales Higher discounted cor

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