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ETSI GS NFV-MAN 001 V1.1.1 (2014-12)GROUP SPECIFICATIONNetwork Functions Virtualisation (NFV);Management and OrchestrationDisclaimerThis document has been produced and approved by the Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) ETSI Industry SpecificationGroup (ISG) and represents the views of those members who participated in this ISG.It does not necessarily represent the views of the entire ETSI membership.

2ETSI GS NFV-MAN 001 V1.1.1 ion, management, network, NFV,orchestrationETSI650 Route des LuciolesF-06921 Sophia Antipolis Cedex - FRANCETel.: 33 4 92 94 42 00 Fax: 33 4 93 65 47 16Siret N 348 623 562 00017 - NAF 742 CAssociation à but non lucratif enregistrée à laSous-Préfecture de Grasse (06) N 7803/88Important noticeThe present document can be downloaded from:http://www.etsi.orgThe present document may be made available in electronic versions and/or in print. The content of any electronic and/orprint versions of the present document shall not be modified without the prior written authorization of ETSI. In case of anyexisting or perceived difference in contents between such versions and/or in print, the only prevailing document is theprint of the Portable Document Format (PDF) version kept on a specific network drive within ETSI Secretariat.Users of the present document should be aware that the document may be subject to revision or change of status.Information on the current status of this and other ETSI documents is available at you find errors in the present document, please send your comment to one of the following services: support.aspCopyright NotificationNo part may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopyingand microfilm except as authorized by written permission of ETSI.The content of the PDF version shall not be modified without the written authorization of ETSI.The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media. European Telecommunications Standards Institute 2014.All rights reserved.TMTMTMDECT , PLUGTESTS , UMTS and the ETSI logo are Trade Marks of ETSI registered for the benefit of its Members.TM3GPP and LTE are Trade Marks of ETSI registered for the benefit of its Members andof the 3GPP Organizational Partners.GSM and the GSM logo are Trade Marks registered and owned by the GSM Association.ETSI

3ETSI GS NFV-MAN 001 V1.1.1 (2014-12)ContentsIntellectual Property Rights .9Foreword.9Modal verbs terminology.91Scope .102References tive references . 10Informative references . 10Definitions and abbreviations .11Definitions . 11Abbreviations . 11NFV Management and Orchestration: objectives and concepts .13Overview . 13Management and Orchestration aspects of Network Functions Virtualisation Infrastructure . 14Management and Orchestration aspects of Virtualised Network Functions . 15Management and Orchestration aspects of Network Services . 16Other management and orchestration aspects of NFV framework . 16Fault and performance management . 16Policy Management . 17Testing aspects of Network Services . 17Relation of NFV management and orchestration with existing operations and management systems . 17Overview . 17NFV-MANO Interworking with OSS/BSS to deliver NFV business benefits. 18Key Challenges and Considerations . 18Administrative Domains. 19Management and Orchestration architectural framework .20Overview . 20Principles of NFV-MANO . 20NFV-MANO architectural framework overview . 21NFV-MANO architectural framework functional blocks . 24NFV Orchestrator (NFVO) . 24VNF manager (VNFM) . 25Virtualised infrastructure manager (VIM) . 26NS Catalogue . 27VNF Catalogue . 27NFV Instances repository . 27NFVI Resources repository . 27Other functional blocks . 27Element management (EM) . 28Operations Support System/Business Support System (OSS/BSS) . 28Network Functions Virtualisation Infrastructure (NFVI) . 28Network Controllers . 28Overview . 28NFVO, VIM and Network Controllers . 29Roles and responsibilities . 31NFVI network EMS/NMS vs. Network Controllers . 32NFV-MANO reference points . 32Os-Ma-nfvo. 32Ve-Vnfm-em . 33Ve-Vnfm-vnf . 33Nf-Vi . 34Or-Vnfm . 34Or-Vi . 34Vi-Vnfm. 35ETSI GS NFV-MAN 001 V1.1.1 (2014-12)Interfaces description approach . 35Overview . 35Producer-consumer paradigm . 36NFV management and orchestration information elements .376.1Introduction . 376.2Network Service information elements . 406.2.1Network Service Descriptor (nsd) . 416.2.1.1nsd base element . 416.2.1.2Connection Point (nsd:connection point). 426.2.1.3Service deployment flavour (nsd:service deployment flavour) . 426. element. 426. VNF (nsd:service deployment flavour:constituent vnf) . 436.2.2Network Service Record (nsr) . 436.2.2.1nsr base element . 436.2.2.2Connection Point (nsr:connection point). 436.3Virtualised Network Function information elements . 446.3.1VNF Descriptor (vnfd) . 446.3.1.1vnfd base information elements . 446.3.1.2Virtual Deployment Unit (vnfd:vdu) . 456. base elements . 456. information elements related to CPUs . 466. information elements related to memory . 486. information elements related to security. 486. information elements related to hypervisors . 496. information elements related to PCIe . 496. information elements related to network interfaces . 506. information elements related to virtual switches . 516. information elements related to general reliability and availability . 516. information elements related to storage . 526.3.1.3VNF internal Virtual Link (vnfd:virtual link). 526.3.1.4Connection Point (vnfd:connection point) . 526.3.1.5Deployment flavour element (vnfd:deployment flavour) . 536. VDU (vnfd:deployment flavour:constituent vdu) . 536.3.2VNF Record (vnfr). 536.3.2.1vnfr base elements . 546.3.2.2VNF internal Virtual Link (vnfr:virtual link). 556.3.2.3Connection Point (vnfr:connection point) . 556.3.2.4Virtual Deployment Unit (vnfr:vdu) . 566. base element . 566. instance (vnfr:vdu:vnfc instance) . 566. Point (vnfr:vdu: vnfc instance:connection point) . 576.4Virtual Link information elements . 576.4.1Virtual Link Descriptor (vld) . 586.4.2Virtual Link Record (vlr) . 586.4.3Relation between internal Virtual Links and Virtual Links . 596.5Virtualised Network Function Forwarding Graph information elements . 606.5.1VNF Forwarding Graph Descriptor (vnffgd) . 626.5.1.1vnffgd base element. 626.5.1.2Network Forwarding Path (vnffgd:network forwarding path) . 636.5.2VNF Forwarding Graph Record (vnffgr) . 636.5.2.1vnffgr base element. 636.5.2.2Network Forwarding Path (vnffgr:network forwarding path) . 636.6Physical Network Function information elements . 636.6.1PNF Descriptor (pnfd) . 646.6.1.1pnfd base element . 646.6.1.2Connection Point (pnfd:connection point) . 646.6.2PNF Record (pnfr) . 646.6.2.1pnfr base element . 64ETSI

. GS NFV-MAN 001 V1.1.1 (2014-12)Connection Point (pnfr:connection point) . 65VNF Instantiation input parameter . 65Network Service Instantiation Input Parameters . 65NFV-MANO interfaces .66Interfaces concerning Network Services . 66Network Service Descriptor management . 66Description .

ETSI 2 ETSI GS NFV-MAN 001 V1.1.1 (2014-12) Reference DGS/NFV-MAN001 Keywords configuration, management, network, NFV, orchestration ETSI 650 Route des Lucioles

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