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UofT SCSONLINEDATA ANALYTICSBOOT CAMPCurriculum OverviewCompanies today have access to more data than ever before. The problem? Finding employees who can turnthat data into actionable insights that improve processes and drive company growth. UofT SCS Data AnalyticsBoot Camp is the solution.This intensive 24-week online program is fast-paced and focused on the technical skills needed to solve realworld data problems. Throughout the course, you will gain proficiency in numerous in-demand technologies,including Excel, Python, JavaScript, SQL Databases, and Tableau, gain an understanding of machinelearning principles and applications, and more.This program is designed to give you the flexibility you need to balance your work-life schedule by providingyou with the structure and support you need to be successful in achieving your career goals.UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC

IS THIS PROGRAM RIGHT FOR YOU?Are you a creative, curious, and ambitious professional looking to join the data revolution? If so--or ifany of the following describes your situation--enrolling in our program could be a smart career move:You are currently a professional working with data but are looking to advance your career bybuilding technical skills.You are a manager or professional in a business where data can be used to boost yourcompany’s bottom line.You have interests in visualizing social, consumer, or popular trends.You are looking to enter a new field in Financial Services, IT & Services, Healthcare,Government, Research, or Media and are looking for a way to jump in.You are a full-time learner, hungry to learn more and expand your skill set.You need the flexibility of at-home study.You have a bachelor’s degree or at least two years of experience in business, management,finance, statistics, or a related field.UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC1

ABOUT THE ONLINE DATA ANALYTICS BOOT CAMPUofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp is a part-time program taking place over the course of 24weeks. You will learn the same skills and technologies as those covered in the classroom program,but with extra emphasis on project-based instruction, with the goal of creating a compelling portfolioof relevant project work by the end of the program.The total program commitment time is 25-30 hours per week, and you are expected to spend 1020 hours per week outside of the online sessions on homework, group projects, and self-study. Youare supported in this journey by your dedicated cohort of staff, which includes Instructors, AssistantInstructors, Tutors, Success Teams, and Career Coaches. You’ll also benefit from peer-to-peerassistance throughout the program.UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC2

ADVANCE YOUR SKILLSThroughout the program, you will gain experience with a host of tools required for roles in DataAnalytics and Visualization including:Intermediate ExcelFront-End Web Visualization Pivot Tables HTML VBA Scripting CSS Bootstrap Dashboarding JavaScript Geomapping with JavaScript librariesFundamental Statistics Modeling ForecastingPython ProgrammingBusiness Intelligence Software Tableau Python 3 NumPy Pandas Matplotlib R API Interactions Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Web Scraping Amazon Web Services Machine LearningAdvanced TopicsDatabases Postgres/pgAdmin MongoDB Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)*Note: These topics are subject to change based on local market demand and the input of hiring partners.UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC3

BUILDINGON THE BASICSFor those entering the field of data analytics,knowing where to start can be a dauntingtask. That’s why our curriculum is designedto provide you with a deep foundation onthe core technical skills needed to succeedin the field. Throughout the program, expectto learn brand new skills and be challengedin completing difficult real-world problemsto demonstrate your new abilities. By theprogram’s end, you will have a strongprofessional portfolio showcasing your work.UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC4

REAL PROJECTS, REAL JOBSThose who complete the online data analytics boot camp are then qualified for many differentroles, including:Data AnalystDatabase Administrator (Entry Level)Data EngineerBig Data Engineer (Entry Level)Data Scientist (Entry Level)Business Intelligence AnalystData JournalistResearch AnalystBusiness AnalystSoftware Engineer (Entry Level)SQL DeveloperComputational ScientistData ArchitectUofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC5

WHAT YOU WILL LEARNThe Online Data Analytics Bootcamp is designed to teach you to:Employ statistical analysis to model, predict, andforecast trendsWrite SQL commands to perform Create, Read,Update, and Delete operationsExpertly build VBA scripts in Excel to automatetedious manual processesUse advanced SQL and Mongo techniques tocombine multiple datasets into one to create an evenmore comprehensive databaseUtilize real-world data sources to showcase social,financial, and political phenomenaCreate basic interactive websites and applications toshow your work to the entire worldCreate Python-based scripts to automate thecleanup, re-structuring, and rendering of large,heterogeneous datasetsCreate web applications and visualize datasetsthrough a variety of chartsInteract with RESTful APIs using Python Requestsand JSON parsing techniquesScrape information from web pages in order tocollect data from a wide variety of online sourcesCreate in-depth graphs, charts, and tables utilizing awide-variety of data-driven programming languagesand librariesCommunicate and glean new business insightsusing enterprise-grade tools like TableauUse geographic data to create visually exciting,interactive, and informative mapsBuild custom interactive data visualizations usingJavaScript librariesWork in a collaborate group on a complex datamining projectUnderstand the basics of troubleshooting andenhancing legacy codeUofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC6

ONLINE COURSE STRUCTUREOver the course of 24 weeks, you will progress through a unique, blended experience of weekly, flexiblecontent and live online classes led by instructors in the field. Online modules allow you to work at yourown pace on real-world data problems and learn from wherever you are. You will come together with peersand a dedicated instructional team in a highly-interactive live video environment to build upon these skills.These live online classes are designed to give you the support of industry professionals while workingthrough interesting challenges and receiving real-time feedback.Projects cover real-world data examples, ranging from visualizing bike sharing data in New York City tomapping worldwide earthquakes in real-time.UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC7

SAMPLE PROJECTSEarthquake HistoryData isn’t just about finance and numbers. It can also be usedfor good as well. In this activity, you will create an interactivevisualization of historic earthquakes over time using Leaflet.js, apopular JavaScript geo-mapping library. Their final application willprovide a near-live feed of global earthquakes and their relativemagnitudes.Skills Needed HTML Leaflet.js CSS APIs JavaScript JSONObjectives Web Scraping ApplicationSometimes, data is just out of reach. Whether it’s a social mediawebsite that is guarding its information, a government agencythat has poorly organized records, or a cookbook website filledwith secret recipes -- data isn’t always accessible by externalapplications. This is where data scraping comes in. UtilizingPython libraries like Beautiful Soup, you will learn to convertdata straight from raw HTML into a queryable and storable form,opening up troves of data for your future applications.Harness the power of APIs and JSON to gatherearthquake data from USGS datasetsUtilize Leaflet.js library to create visually compelling,animated mapsEmbed the created map onto a live web page usingHTML and CSSSkills Needed Python CSS Beautiful Soup MongoDB HTMLObjectives Scrape your favorite social media website for otherwiseinaccessible dataParse through the retrieved information and store it intoa MongoDB databaseCreate new representations of the data using HTMLand CSSUofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC8

SAMPLE PROJECTS CONTINUED.PyCitySchoolsData is often used to drive action. In this activity, you will analyzea school district’s standardized test results over time using Pythonand one of its most popular analysis libraries, Pandas. Their finalapplication will showcase trends in school performance throughoutthe district.Skills Needed PythonPandas Jupyter NotebookGit/GitHubObjectives Clean and organize your data programmatically usingPython and PandasAnalyze your new data set through aggregationtechniques and find patterns and trends worthshowcasingDisplay your data live using a trending data analysistool, Jupyter NotebooksUofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC9

COURSE CURRICULUM BY MODULEModuleDescriptionModule 1:Excel Crash CourseModule 2:Python Data AnalyticsModule 3:DatabasesModule 4:Web VisualizationModule 5:Advanced TopicsModule 6:Final Group ProjectWhat You’ll LearnLearn to do more with Microsoft Excel. In thismodule, we’ll cover advanced topics like statisticalmodeling, forecasting and prediction, pivot tables,and VBA scripting. You’ll even learn to modelhistoric stock trends — and hopefully, learn to beatthe market!»»Statistics ModelingGain a strong foothold in one of today’sfundamental programming languages. In thismodule, you’ll gain deep proficiencies with corePython, data analytics tools like NumPy, Pandas,Matplotlib, and specific libraries for interacting withweb data like Requests, and Beautiful Soup.»Python»»»»»»Microsoft ExcelVBA ScriptAPIsJSONNumPyPandasMatplotlib»Beautiful SoupDive deep into the most prolific databaselanguages: SQL and NoSQL. Work with Postgres/pgAdmin and MongoDB to organize data into wellstructured and easily retrievable data formats.»SQL»MongoDBBuilding visualizations is of little benefit without away to communicate the message. In this module,you’ll be learning the core technologies of webdevelopment (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) tocreate new, interactive data visualizations that youcan share with everyone on the web.»HTML»LeafletIn this module, you’ll be immersed in new and indemand topics like Tableau, Hadoop, and MachineLearning.»TableauBring everything that you have learned in classtogether to create an impressive data-visualizationapplication with a small team. Get creative andcome up with something impressive to show off toemployers and managers.Dreaming up something fantasticand understanding the bounds ofreasonable and ScriptHadoopMachine LearningUofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC10

UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC 2 ABOUT THE ONLINE DATA ANALYTICS BOOT CAMP UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp is a part-time program taking place over the course of 24 weeks. You will learn the same skills an

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The GW Online Data Analytics Boot Camp - Powered by Trilogy Education Services LLC. 2 About the Online Data Analytics Boot Camp The GW Online Data Analytics Boot Camp is a part-time program taking place over the course of 24 weeks. You will learn the same skills and technologies as those covered in the classroom program, but

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