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S T. J O H N ’ S R I V E R S I D E H O S P I TA L WE A R E G E T T I N G B E T T E R F O R YO UYO U R H E A LT H Y L I V I N G C O M M U N I T Y N E W S L E T T E R VO L U M E T H I R T E E N FA L L 2 014RON CORTIPRESIDENT AND CEOKEEPING IN TOUCHNAVIGATING TO BETTER HEALTHFor 145 years, St. John’s Riverside Hospital hasbeen a beacon of strength in our communityand will continue to provide exceptional carefor years to come.PROVIDING CARE FOR EVERYONESt. John’s Riverside Hospital is more than a hospital, we arean extension of our community. Our doctors have cared forfamilies for generations and many of our nurses were bornand raised here. Our staff is dedicated to serving the needsof our community.In this issue of Riverside we spotlight one of the hospital’smost important assets and the people who are on the frontline of healthcare: the Primary Care Physicians. Their medicalexpertise covers a very broad spectrum, yet they focus theirvast knowledge on one patient at a time. They are a trustedconfidant and partner in your healthcare.Your Primary Care Physician establishes a relationshipwith you that enables them to effectively deliver a diagnosisbased on information that goes well beyond your symptoms.Among their clinical strengths is the ability to troubleshootcomplex medical issues by investigating every contributingfactor to a patient’s health including family and social history,environmental conditions and physiological changes.Our Primary Care Physicians at St. John’s Riverside Hospitalhave developed strong connections with their patients withinthe St. John’s Riverside Community.Inside you will get to know some of our Preferred Primary CarePhysicians a little better.Also included in this edition is a listing of all our PreferredPrimary Care Doctors in the area. From the listing inside, youwill notice there is a Primary Care Doctor on just about everycorner of our community providing care for everyone.Be sure to mention to your doctor that you noticed them inRiverside or if you are in need of great Preferred PrimaryCare in your community give one a call.At St. John’s Riverside Hospital Life is Getting Better.914 . 9 6 4 . 4 D O C R i v e r s i d e H e a l t h . o r gIn order for us to remain successful, we mustadapt to changes required by the AffordableCare Act. Today, hospitals need to becomefinancially strong to assure their future viability.St. John’s Riverside Hospital continues to remainoperationally strong even with continued pressurebeing exerted upon us through Federal andState reimbursement reductions.Here at St. John’s Riverside Hospital we arecommitted to the community and continue torenovate the hospital including the addition ofmany new private rooms. We also have plans toexpand the Emergency Room to accommodateour growing community.AT ST. JOHN’S RIVERSIDE HOSPITAL, YOU’REGOING TO FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

R I V E R S I D E H E A LT H W E A R E G E T T I N G B E T T E R F O R YO UHowPatientTO BE A GREATPRIMARY CARE IS HEALTHY CARETraditionally when a person falls ill, they go to the doctor and receive medicine to treattheir condition. But the practice of primary care has evolved with physicians now taking ananalytical, broader approach to wellness. Today’s Primary Care Physicians (PCP) arelooking at the big picture and asking “what will keep this patient healthy?”This philosophy encompasses a combination of lifestyle andpharmacological solutions. For example, in addition toprescribing medicine to lower a patient’s cholesterol, aPrimary Care Physician may first prescribe dietary andlifestyle changes to see if that is a viable solution. At St.John’s Riverside Hospital, our network of Primary CarePhysicians understands that this approach to preventivecare is the foundation of good health. Leading by exampleare two Primary Care Physicians within the St. John’sCommunity:Dr. Dorian C. Tergis has been a PCP in Hastings-on-Hudsonfor over twenty-eight years. Dr. Tergis encourages complianceof a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. Among his clinicalinterests is preventive medicine which he teaches to hispatients in a style similar to the way a coach motivates hisathletes. Dr. Tergis incorporates lifestyle modifications withmedicine and gets his patients to become more active, andwill proactively introduce diet changes. “Often a simple dietchange and twenty minutes of daily exercise can makeall the difference in the world in an individual’s overallhealth,” affirms Dr. Tergis. Dr. Tergis’ steadfast and inspiringapproach is the main reason he has developed strongconnections with all patients, young and old.“Often times a simple dietchange and twenty minutes ofdaily exercise can make all thedifference in the world in anindividual’s overall health.”- Dorian Tergis, MDDr. Martin Sayegh, located on McLean Avenue, is a passionate, take-charge PCP that believes in the accurate, hands-ontreatment of his patients. His thorough approach to primaryhealthcare leaves no stone unturned.The key to a successful doctor patient relationshipis creating a partnership between the doctorand the patient. A doctor is the expert at providinghealthcare, but patients also have a responsibilityto improve their own health and well-being. Inaddition to any medications your doctor mayprescribe, patients should make an honest andsincere effort to lose weight, exercise and stopsmoking. These lifestyle changes will support anoverall healthy lifestyle and may also save youmoney on visits and prescriptions.Dr. Sayegh utilizes his unique listening skills and reviewsthe patient’s entire history through a broader perspective.He incorporates in-office testing as needed (for example anEKG to further investigate a heart problem). His practice offers an extensive array of in-office tests that provide a sometimes life-saving convenience to his patients.“I thought I had indigestion. I didn’t think I needed that EKGbut Dr. Sayegh thought otherwise. Turns out I had a mildheart attack - the early stages of the kind my generation callsthe ‘widow maker.’ Had I not received the diagnosis then, Iwouldn’t be here to talk about it. Thank God Dr. Sayeghinsisted on the additional testing.”“Dr. Sayegh was there at theER at 4am for me when I hadchest pains.”- P. Brown, patientWithin the St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s medical community,proactive preventive care and open-communication is themantra for every Primary Care Physician. Each PrimaryCare Physician provides compassionate customized primarycare with multi-faceted solutions for today’s patients. That isthe St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s Difference.To contact a Preferred Primary Care Physicianat St. John’s Riverside Hospital call (914) 964-4DOC (4362).914 . 9 6 4 . 4 D O C R i v e r s i d e H e a l t h . o r g- Iyad Annabi, MD“We are here to listen to your concerns and workwith you to understand your symptoms andaddress your problems because we care,” continuesDr. Annabi. “Your Primary Care Physician knowsyour health the best, they know your family andunderstand how all of these factors relate to yourconcerns,” so be sure to keep your doctor current.In order for patients to make the most of theirtime with the doctor they need to be prepared,pay attention and ask questions during the visits.Take notes and be proactive with your care oncethe doctor provides a plan. Consider makingmultiple appointments if needed so you have thetime to discuss different problems until all yourconcerns are addressed.If you are in need of a great Primary CarePhysician call (914) 964-4DOC (4362).

R I V E R S I D E H E A LT H W E A R E G E T T I N G B E T T E R F O R YO UTHE COCHRAN DIFFERENCEYou will always be sure to have a great nurseat St. John’s Riverside Hospital.Apple Cider Vinegarfor Healthy LivingSome smallhinted thatstudies havear could helpgeinvreidcappleconditions,with severalbetes andincluding diaobesityFor centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used as an ancient folk remedy to help with allsorts of health problems. It’s no wonder that today it is being sold in the health supplementaisles of your local grocery store. The most potent form of cider vinegar is unpasteurized ororganic which contains the “mother” of the vinegar; a cobweb-like appearing substance thatmakes the vinegar look slightly congealed.It is believed that apple cider vinegar enhances the way the digestive and circulatory systemsfunction, making them more effective. Apple cider vinegar contains high concentrations ofacetic acid, B Vitamins, Vitamin C and a host of other nutrients. All of these nutrients togetherseem to help treat sickness and alleviate illness.NOW ACCEPTINGAPPLICATIONSSome preliminary research suggests that apple cider vinegar (and other types) may benefitpeople with diabetes. For example, in a 2007 study published in Diabetes Care, researchersfound that type 2 diabetes patients who consumed two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar atbedtime showed favorable changes in blood sugar levels the following morning.Another study (published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry in 2009) foundthat obese people who consumed one tablespoon a day of acetic acid (apple cider vinegar)daily for 12 weeks experienced significant decreases in body weight.Apple cider vinegar’s effectiveness has not been fully researched by the medical community.Although not a “miracle” or a “cure-all” like some people seem to believe, apple cider vinegarclearly has some important nutritional benefits, is packed with vitamins and can be a safeand nutritious complement to your diet. Try it today in a homemade salad dressing!OPEN HOUSE THURS, OCT 9, 2014 7PMOPEN HOUSE THURS, NOV 13, 2014 sWe don’t just expect compassionate care, we teach it.The Cochran School of Nursing is accredited by the National Leaguefor Nursing. It is the only school in Westchester that combinesuse of a Human Patient Simulator in a classroom setting withvaluable clinical training at the bedside.Pursue your dream of helping people and serving thehealthcare needs of your community. An integral part of St. John’sRiverside Hospital, Cochran focuses on clinical practice experienceand preparing our graduates for employment. Computerizedlearning is integrated into all aspects of your education toenrich and expand your knowledge.OUR EVERYDAY SALAD DRESSINGn1 cup of extra virgin olive oiln1/2 cup of unpasteurized or organic apple cider vinegar1 tsp of onion powdernn2 tbs of whole grain mustardor Dijon type mustardn2-3 cloves of garlic mincedn1/2 tsp of dried thymen1/2 tsp of dried or choppedfresh basiln1 tsp salt (sea salt preferred)NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS.At the renowned Cochran School of Nursing, patient careis at the heart of how we teach nursing care.100% of our 2013 graduates have nursing jobs.967 North Broadway Yonkers, NY 10701 cochranschoolofnursing.usRecipe Source: The Nourishing Gourmet914 . 9 6 4 . 4 D O C R i v e r s i d e H e a l t h . o r g 2014 St. John’s Riverside Hospital All Rights Reserved.

R I V E R S I D E H E A LT H W E A R E G E T T I N G B E T T E R F O R YO UTHE FIRST LINE OFMEET ST. JOHN’S PRIMARY CARE DOCTORSANA ANDRONE, MDAMMIR RABADI, MDPUSHPINDER SINGH, MDSOFIA DIN, MDWHY DO I NEED A PRIMARYCARE PHYSICIAN?CAN’T I JUST GO TO THESPECIALIST OR SURGEONI KNOW?WHAT DOES MY HISTORY HAVETO DO WITH ON-GOING CARE?SHOULD I BE SEEING A FEMALEDOCTOR?“Your Primary Care Physician knowsyour entire medical and family history.They know you. This is the person whoknows that certain medications makeyou dizzy or raise your heart rate. Theyask how you’ve been feeling since yourlast illness. They know about yourstruggle to lose weight and your familyhistory of diabetes. They maintain yourhealthcare records and monitor yourcholesterol, blood sugar, and bloodpressure. This information is imperativeto treat, diagnose and prevent illness.”Dr. Ana Androne of Hudson MedicalGroup focuses on communicating withher patients the necessary lifestylechanges that serve as the first line ofdefense to preventing illness.“Patients who self-diagnose themselveswill often request unnecessary testingwhich can waste a great deal of time andmoney as well as provide inconclusiveresults. We’ve seen many patients comeback to us with no solution or diagnosisto their illness. Your Primary CarePhysician can see the big picture, orderthe appropriate tests and send patientsto top-rated, specialized physicians inthe area. As the point person in yourhealthcare network, the Primary CarePhysician manages your well-beingthrough our vast network of elitespecialists.”Dr. Ammir Rabadi is an inspiringPrimary Care Physician with a coachlike energy and connection within hiscommunity who specializes in chronicissues including pain management,diabetes, cardiology and weight loss.“Because we have our patients’ medicalbackgrounds documented, we have theintimate knowledge and expertise tomanage chronic and on-going medicalconditions. We provide continuing preventive care and teach healthy lifestylechoices, identify and treat commonconditions and recommend tests for earlydetection of potential illness. Whenneeded, we will refer patients to theproper specialty care within the St. John’sRiverside Healthcare Community. Wehave many patients who have reachedthe wonderful age of over 100 due toour constant care and long history astheir Primary Care Physicians.”Dr. Pushpinder Singh is a seasonedPrimary Care Physician whose compassionate and thorough approach toprimary care and his long term patientrelationships have given him thereputation from peers and patients alikeas the ‘comfort physician’“Choosing a Primary Care Physicianthat one is comfortable with is anindividual’s own decision. All PrimaryCare Physicians are trained to treatboth men and women. However we allunderstand a patient’s need to developa long-standing relationship with amedical professional you trust. Formany, this may be a Primary CarePhysician of the same gender. Womenrelate to other women on all levels,including our mind-to-body connectionand the effects our family and careershave on our health.”Dr. Sofia Din has generated respect andacclaim based on her journey from aMiddle Eastern upbringing to a modernday physician. Her tenacity and perseverance is evident from her backgroundas well as her trusting relationships withall patients. She serves as a role modelfor many.“Comfort is critical when it comes to Primary Care.For many, this may be choosing a physician of the same gender.”914 . 9 6 4 . 4 D O C R i v e r s i d e H e a l t h . o r g

R I V E R S I D E H E A LT H W E A R E G E T T I N G B E T T E R F O R YO UF DEFENSE“Always see your Primary Care Physician first.This is the cardinal rule for a preemptive strikeagainst illness.”ANDREW FADER, MDROLANDO CHUMACEIRO, MDWHAT AGE SHOULD I CONSIDERA GERIATRIC PHYSICIAN?IS IT TOO LATE TO START WITHA NEW PRIMARY CARE DOC?“There is no specific age or timeframeto switch from your current doctor, it’smore a question of ‘how are you doing?’If you experience age-related medicalcomplexities and frailty, you may wantto consider a geriatric physician. Talk toyour Primary Care Physician, becausehaving an open relationship with amedical professional who is qualifiedto address your evolving healthcareneeds is an important part of healthyaging. If you decide on a geriatricphysician, set up an appointment tobegin an open dialogue about yourhistory as well as your current andfuture wellness goals. A geriatricphysician demonstrates compassionwith commitment including end-of-dayphone calls, and generous appointmenttimes.”“It’s never too late to begin a relationshipor reconnect with your Primary CarePhysician. Invest the time to meet withyour Primry Care Physician for yourannual visit, or whenever a health concernarises. As a Primary Care Physician,we provide trusted, reliable and experthealthcare from a person you can counton. A great Primary Care Physician isdriven by an innate curiosity to solvehealth issues and actively keep patientswell, accommodate our patients’ busywork schedules, and host preventativeevents. We guide our patients and offerleadership in their medical needs. Thatis our mantra.”Dr. Andrew Fader’s compassion andmedical prowess combined with hispragmatic approach to wellness motivates his elder patients to embrace theGolden Years and maintain the healthiestlifestyles possibleYOUR PRIMARY CAREPHYSICIAN CAN:nnnnnnProvide preventive careand teach healthy lifestylechoicesIdentify and treat commonmedical conditionsRecommend tests tosupport early detectionof potential illnessAssess the urgency ofyour condition and createa plan for treatmentMake referrals to medicalspecialists when necessaryManage chronic and ongoing medical conditionsDr. Rolando Chumaceiro is fluent inSpanish and for many in the Hispaniccommunities within Yonkers, Hastingsand Ardsley, he is the go-to resourcefor prevention and health concerns.Dr. Chumaceiro is committed to givingback to his community in the form ofeducation, guidance and wellness services.THE PRIMARY CAREPHYSICIAN.COMMITTED TOYOUR HEALTHCAREAt St. John’s Riverside Hospital, the Primary Care Physiciansare one of the most important health care providers in thecontinuum of care. Their knowledge of medicine extendsacross a very broad spectrum enabling them to effectivelydiagnose and treat their patients.The Primary Care Physician takes the time to know you andyour family. They are your partner in health and are dedicatedto keeping you healthy. Primary Care Physicians go wellbeyond medicine, they develop strong connections with theirpatients. Your Primary Care Physician is the doctor that mayshow up at your bedside in the ER at 4:00am to be sure theattending physicians know your history.Your Primary Care Physician listens, empathizes and advises.Consider choosing one of our Primary Care Physicians andwork together to take good care of yourself. At St. John’sRiverside Hospital we have the best patients and we continueto provide the best doctors.Ronald J. CortiPresident and CEO914 . 9 6 4 . 4 D O C R i v e r s i d e H e a l t h . o r g

R I V E R S I D E H E A LT H W E A R E G E T T I N G B E T T E R F O R YO UYou can find a PreferredPrimary Care Physician onnearly every cornerSt. John’s Riverside Hospital is home to many great Primary Care Physicians in both FamilyMedicine and Internal Medicine. Primary Care Physicians who specialize in Family Medicinetreat the entire family and Primary Care Physicians who specialize in Internal Medicine focus oncaring for adults.St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s Preferred Physicians are literally on every corner of the community.Here are some examples of what patients are saying about our Preferred Primary Care Physiciansin your community:OUR NURSING STAFF.CHANGING ER FORTHE BETTERThe ER at St John’s Riverside Hospital has been going through atransformation. Our team has assessed the overall functionality of the ER and optimized many key areas to provide youwith one of the best ER experiences in Westchester.Katarzyna Jankowska, MDFamily Medicine 970 N. Broadway, YonkersTina Mathews, MD Internal MedicineBrian Gair, MD Family Medicine“I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Jankowskaalso included herbal teas as part of my treatmentfor migraines.”“I found Dr. Mathews to be sensitive andshe opened up to me easily because she isa mother and knows how to make a womancomfortable discussing family issues.”“My entire family gets first rate care fromDr. Gair. He saved my husband’s life by quicklydiagnosing a dangerous condition!! We have100% trust in Dr. Gair and his expertise.”970 N. Broadway, YonkersFamily Medicine, 18 Ashford Ave., Dobbs FerryThe changes focus on optimizing the overall process allowingthe ER staff to be more available to patient needs. Theseimprovements now move patients more fluidly and seamlesslythrough the department. We are improving the entire patientexperience and getting patients the care they need faster.The ER nursing staff is another area that has excelled. JosianeHickson, the ER Nursing Director holds several advanceddegrees including an Ed.D. from Columbia University.“We have put added emphasis on our nursing staff andtheir credentials,” Josiane said. This overall emphasis oncredentials is positively impacting the nursing staff whoare continuing to increase their education and pursuingadditional certifications.“WE HAVE A DEDICATED GROUP OF ERNURSES WHO CONTINUE TO RAISE THEMadhu Dagli, MD Family MedicineSudhukar Mettu, MD Internal MedicineAida Cruz-Soto, MD Family Medicine“Dr. Dagli is extremely knowledgeable andhelpful. She is also very convenient if you liveor work nearby. Her office tends to arrangenext day or even same-day appointments.”“Dr. Mettu is a brilliant doctor who is trulydedicated to the needs of his patients. Nicemanners and really willing to listen.”“Dr. Cruz-Soto takes the time to understandher patient’s concerns and needs while creatinga personalized approach to healthcare for eachpatient.”944 N. Broadway, Yonkers1010 N. Broadway, YonkersManuel Tejera, MD Internal MedicineInternal Medicine, 1019 Yonkers Ave., Yonkers“Dr. Tejera is a great doctor. He is veryknowledgeable in many areas of medicine.Most importantly-he listens to his patients.he explains the diagnosis.”200 S. Broadway, TarrytownTo find more informationabout a St. John’s RiversideHospital Physician use ourDoctor database go tothe Find a Doctor section.914 . 9 6 4 . 4 D O C R i v e r s i d e H e a l t h . o r gBAR ON PATIENT CARE.”-JOSIANE HICKSON, ER NURSING DIRECTORThe new ER department’s nursing team currently holdscredentials that rival any big city hospital and we will continueto make it even better. The added benefit is that most of ournurses live in the community and know many of their patients.According to data from the Center for Medicare and MedicaidServices the changes are working. St. John’s RiversideHospital now has one of the shortest ER wait times inWestchester.At St. John’s Riverside Hospital “You’re reallygoing to feel the difference!”

R I V E R S I D E H E A LT H W E A R E G E T T I N G B E T T E R F O R YO UST. JOHN’SRIVERSIDEHOSPITAL911“He is out of the woodsthanks to the fabulousdocs and nurses at St. John’sRiverside Hospital and Mt.Sinai Hospital. Can’t thankthem enough.”*One of our very own Rivertown neighbors, MeredithVieira recently experienced a major health scare withher husband and she was very grateful to St. John’sRiverside Hospital for being so well versed inemergency care which led to saving her husbandRichard Cohen’s life.- MEREDITH VIEIRA & HUSBAND, RICHARD COHEN“Spent scary weekend in hospitalwith Richard after wediscovered he had ablood clot in his leg thathad partially gone tohis lungs.”*“It was sudden and serious. Very serious. A badlyswollen foot and a series of tests revealed a sizableblood clot in a leg. A CT scan indicated a pieceof the clot had broken off and reached my lungs,perched on a blood vessel close to my heart. Thiswas dangerous,” the former journalist and husbandof TV host Meredith Vieira blogged on his website.Quadruple Board Certified, Dr Mark Silberman,Chief of Emergency Medicine at St. John’s RiversideHospital Emergency Department said, “Becauseof recent changes in St. John’s ER procedures, ourteams are able to implement new interventionsquickly and communicate thoroughly during complex medical emergencies.”Thanks to an Emergency Room staff that is trained beyond the norm including multiple boardcertified doctors, nursing directors and staff with advance degrees. These optimizations in both ofour Emergency Rooms allow us to see success story after patient success story. The ER team is morefocused than ever before on patient solutions and split second thinking to solve complex emergencycare issues. Those split second decisions are saving lives and making every minute count in our EmergencyRooms today.Our best wishes go out to Meredith and her husband and we appreciate the kind words about our staff.Immediate, expert emergency care from a collaborative team of superiorhealthcare professionals - that is the St. John’s Riverside Difference.Source: *Twitter@meredithvieiraDmitry Gerber, MDOB/GYNDr. Dmitry Gerber completed his residency training inObstetrics and Gynecology at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is fluent inRussian and has a special interest in laparoscopic andminimally invasive surgery, contraceptive counseling,and pelvic pain.Why you will love him: In addition to expert medicalattention, Dr. Gerber believes patient comfort is a keycomponent of OBGYN care. “The hotel-like environmenton the maternity floor is important to a new mom’soverall experience,” says Dr. Gerber.914.963.0284 1022 N. Broadway, YonkersCharles Edelson, MDOrthopedic SurgeonDr. Charles Edelson, is a Board-Certified OrthopedicSurgeon and Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at St. John’sRiverside Hospital. He has been treating patients inWestchester County for over 35 years. He is an advocateof minimally invasive surgery techniques and has beenlisted in NY Magazine as one of Westchester’s “BestDoctors”.Why you will love him: Dr. Edelson is committed toexcellence by pledging to provide the highest qualityorthopedic care possible. He strives to help his patientslive normal, active lives and learn to prevent futuredifficulties.914.476.4343 970 N. Broadway #204, YonkersScott Newman, MDPlastic SurgeonDr. Scott Newman is a nationally recognized expert inthe field of Breast and Body Surgery. He performsfacial and a full range of reconstructive procedures.Dr. Newman’s vast experience performing Cosmeticand Reconstructive Breast surgery makes him one ofthe most sought after plastic surgeons in New York.Why you will love him: Dr. Newman views plasticsurgery as an extension of a complete wellness plan.As more people are becoming comfortable to includeimproved appearance as part of their physical healthand wellness, he provides several options to achieve hispatients’ goals.914.423.9000 1 Odell Plaza, Yonkers914 . 9 6 4 . 4 D O C R i v e r s i d e H e a l t h . o r g

R I V E R S I D E H E A LT H W E A R E G E T T I N G B E T T E R F O R YO UWENEEDYOURSUPPORT!ST. JOHN’SRIVERSIDEHOSPITALERHelp to expand the Emergency Room for our growing community. Make adifference, donate at aspxor call (914) 964-4648OR CALL914.964.4444LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!STAY ON TOP OF THELATEST HEALTH TIPSAND EVENTSJOIN US!32ND RIVERSIDE GALAIN SUPPORT OF THE EROCTOBER 24, 2014TWO GREAT LOCATIONS DOBBS FERRY & YONKERS SAME GREAT SERVICE914 . 9 6 4 . 4 D O C R i v e r s i d e H e a l t h . o r gSt. John’s Riverside Hospital967 North BroadwayYonkers, NY 10701

Apple cider vinegar’s effectiveness has not been fully researched by the medical community. Although not a “miracle” or a “cure-all” like some people seem to believe, apple cider vinegar clearly has some important nutritional benefits, is packed with vitamins

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