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ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:40 PMPage 1Five DollarsDOCTOR’S GUIDE TO TOTAL HEALTHWinter 2009 SPECIAL ISSUEThe Hidden TruthWhy It’s So Hardto Lose WeightPlus, discover a new way to getas slender as you want.Tested by more than 500,000 people withreported weight loss of 20-72 pounds.“If you’ve HAD IT with extreme diets bland foods counting calories,carbs or points and weight losshype, I have surprising news for you.“It’s now possible for you to havethinner thighs, a skinnier waist and asexier body starting with one simple thing.“Even better, you’ll lose weight andgain health—in fact, you’ll give yourbody an 8-in-1 boost that’s great newsfor your cholesterol, blood sugar,digestion, joints and more.“It starts by taking everythingyou’ve heard about weight lossand throwing it out the window.If you do, I promise you’ll ” 2009 Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc.(continued on page 2)ACVC30Dr. Karen Yale“Open for an exciting weight lossbreakthrough, based on the latestfat-reducing nutritional discoveriesproven in my medical practice andin my own life.”

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:41 PMPage 2(continued from page 1 )“ NEVER FEAR THE“To prove it, give me 21 days, ahow to start getting thinner, s“Picture yourself this way: Yourstomach is flatter, your waistline is thinner, your body is sexier Youlove to wear shorts or a bathing suit Youfeel light on your feet You have a figure that takes his or her breath away Youfeel great all over—with a strong heart and healthy circulation Youlook so good and act so young, you turn heads.“Impossible? Not with a natural miracle guaranteedto give your health an 8-in-1 super boost!”By Dr. Karen YaleDear Friend,IDr. Karen Yale“This excitingbreakthroughburns fat, comfortsjoints, smoothesdigestion andboosts overallhealth”f you haveproblemslosing weightand keeping itoff, I have somesurprising newsfor you.For the pastten years, I’vebeen workingwith my patientsto help themlose weight, safely and naturally.I’ve recommended some of themost effective natural solutions forweight loss and calorie burningknown to science, and we’ve hadexcellent results. But recentlyI’ve come across somethingrevolutionary and exciting.It’s a major weight lossbreakthrough that combines anancient healing secret andmodern nutritional science.It’s called Apple Cider VinegarPlus (ACV Plus ).Here’s what makesit so specialFirst, Apple Cider VinegarPlus has been speciallyformulated to address the hiddencauses of weight gain, which I’lltell you about in this special issue.Next, it’s been proven effectiveby both traditional healingwisdom and medical science. Infact, it was developed based onmore than 25 clinical tests andscientific studies.Plus, it’s been “tested” by moreNOTE: Works best when used in conjunction with a reduced calorie and exercise

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:41 PMPage 3, and I’ll show yousexier and healthier!”than 500,000 people. They’vetried it, and believe in it somuch, they say things such as:“Helped me lose weightwonderfully—lost 72 pounds” “20 pounds vanishedin 12 days” “Felt relief from thefirst bottle” “Great for my whole body” And as a special bonus, thisformula gives your body an 8-in-1boost at the same time!The result? Apple CiderVinegar Plus may be the mostexciting natural health discoveryI’ve seen in all my years inmedicine. It starts with an ancient healingsecret—only made betterAs you may know, apple cidervinegar has been highly prizedfor its medicinal value.Since ancient times, applecider vinegar has been used tohelp people improve digestion r’scto toDo ide althGu l HetaToSCALE AGAIN!”Read this if you’re everconcerned about your: weight blood sugar digestion circulation vitality cholesterol joints heart energy overall healthbeautify hair, skin and nails fight off colds and increasefeelings of well-being. No wonderit’s been hailed by many as a“super tonic.”Maybe you remember applecider vinegar from your days past.But it isn’t just for your grandmaanymore.This timeless health producthas been rediscovered—and madeeven better—for all ages and alllifestyles.That’s because a daily dose ofApple Cider Vinegar Plus issaturated with 300 mg of pure,health-boosting apple cidervinegar and it’s combined withthe greatest advancesin modern nutritionalscience!The doctors and scientistswho formulated Apple CiderVinegar Plus started with a goodthing—apple cider vinegar.Call Toll-Free 1-800-644-83273

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:41 PMBut then they took a giant leapforward by combining it withseven cutting-edge herbs andnutrients that enhance the benefitsof apple cider vinegar and giveyou even more health benefits. Allin one remarkable natural pill.As you’re about to read, eachof these seven additionalingredients—ginger, cayenne,green tea extract, apple pectin,citrin, bromelain and fenugreekseed extract—helps boost yourhealth in multiple ways.But when they’re combinedinto one special formula—in theexacting amounts of eachingredient—they work even betterthan taking the individualingredients alone!The result?Apple Cider VinegarPlus gives yourhealth an 8-in-1 boost—guaranteed!As you’re about to read in thisspecial Doctor’s Guide to TotalHealth, great things will start tohappen once you start takingApple Cider Vinegar Plus .What kind of things? ApplePage 4Cider Vinegar Plus is guaranteedto 1Accelerate your weight lossefforts—when used with ahealthy diet and regularexercise—so you lose allthe weight you want, andmaintain it2Stimulate calorie and fatburning so you get as thin asyou want to be—withoutextreme diets, calorie countingor expensive meal plans34Ease your stiff, sore joints andimprove flexibility and comfort5678Keep your cholesterol healthyand within the normal range,without worrying about sideeffects or big health billsSupport your blood sugarwithin the normal range,the safe and natural wayBoost the health and strengthof your heart, whilesupporting healthy circulationPromote smooth digestion andrelieve occasional heartburnand upset stomachRegulate the pH balance inyour body for super healthBottom line: Never beforehave I seen one naturalA leader in natural supplements for nearly 100 yearsBack in 1910, Indiana Botanic Gardens began as a small, independent supplier of hardto-find herbs and herbal formulas. Since that time, its Botanic Choice line has become thepremier brand of exclusive formulas based on pharmaceutical-grade, superior-quality herbaland natural ingredients that have been tested and proven effective by its research team.The result? The highest-quality natural supplements, guaranteed for quality, potencyand effectiveness.Apple Cider Vinegar Plus is manufactured at a NSF cGMP certified laboratory.NSF cGMP practices are set up as guidelines for integrity of a finished product.4Doctor’s Guide to Total Health

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:41 PMPage 5Meet a pioneer in natural medicine and weightloss, Dr. Karen Yale, B.A., D.C., C.C.N., D.A.C.B.N. Leader in a new revolution in the science ofnutritional healing Co-director and weight loss specialist of the IntegratedMedical Center in Bonita Springs, FL, who’s gained afollowing of thousands of grateful patients since 1987 Chiropractic physician Treats the whole person, not just symptoms, lookingat diet, exercise, nutrients and emotional factors Now introduces one of Botanic Choice’s newesthealth discoveries—a natural breakthrough thatboosts your body’s health eight ways at oncesupplement give you so manygreat health benefits.But the news is evenbetter, for two reasons First, Apple Cider VinegarPlus is even more effective! Theoriginal formula now includes thefat-incinerating, healthsupercharging benefits of greentea extract and even more precisedosages of ingredients.Second, because Apple CiderVinegar Plus has been so popularamong health-conscious people,special arrangements have beenmade for you to try it yourself—at alow, discounted price and withoutrisking one cent. Plus, you’llreceive exciting gifts with yourorder, including two FREE bottlesof Apple Cider Vinegar Plus .Give me 21 days,and I’ll show how youcan get thinner,healthier and sexierIf you want to turn your healtharound—I mean get slimmer,healthier, stronger, moreenergetic—then Apple Cider VinegarPlus is a great way to start.In just 21 days, you’ll start tosee and feel the difference.Imagine, one remarkablenatural formula that gives yourbody and your health an 8-in-1boost—guaranteed!How does it all work? Andwhy are people all across Americaraving about it? Just turn thepage and see why Apple CiderVinegar Plus is nature’s miraclethat does wonders for your bodyeight ways at once.Yours for total health,Dr. Karen YaleP.S. Don’t just take my word forhow great Apple Cider VinegarPlus is. Read comments byfolks all over America whowouldn’t miss a day taking thisremarkable formula—then decidefor yourself.P.P.S. Let’s get started with thetruth about weight loss, andhidden reasons why it’s so hard tolose fat Call Toll-Free 1-800-644-83275

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:42 PMPage 6hy . 1tla oHe st NoBoGive your weight lossefforts a kick in thepants (or dress) and getas slender as you’d likeThis may be the best news ever if you’ve struggled to lose weightand you want a flatter stomach, thinner waistline and sexier body.Do you know the hiddenreasons why it’s so hard tolose weight and keep it off?Here’s what really causesunwanted weight gain, plusexciting news of how Apple CiderVinegar Plus addresses each ofthese unseen problems tosupercharge your weight lossefforts.HIDDEN REASON NO. 1:Insulin imbalanceThis dynamic formula, plus a healthy dietand regular exercise, slims you downMany people are overweightand can’t lose weight even withextreme dieting because of theirinsulin/blood sugar imbalances.If your body’s insulin levels areThe 3,000 year secret of Samurai warriorshe use of apple cider vinegar goes back more than 3,000 years.It’s been traced to ancient Egyptian urns, and the Babyloniansused apple cider vinegar as a condiment and preservative.TJulius Caesar’s Roman army used an apple cider vinegartonic to help ward off disease. Plus, for centuries JapaneseSamurai warriors drank it for strength and power.Now, this legendary, traditional, health-boosting secrethas been combined with the latest breakthroughs innutritional science to boost your weight loss effortsand your health. All in the exclusive, even morepowerful Apple Cider Vinegar Plus .6Doctor’s Guide to Total Health

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:43 PMPage 7A hot tip for melting off fatAccording to Barbara Gibbons, an expert inlow-calorie cooking, hot chilies can boost yourmetabolic rate. She says they don’t just causeyou to sweat—they’ll help you effortlesslyburn away 45 calories of a 700 calorie meal.Whether you can’t stand to eat hot chiliesor you can’t get enough of them, you can enjoythe weight-reducing benefit of cayenne in AppleCider Vinegar Plus .normal, you’re able to quicklyutilize glucose (sugar) andcarbohydrates to stay slim andtrim. But without enough insulin,your blood sugar will rise, you’lleat more, and you’ll constantly feelhungry. The result? Extra pounds.HIDDEN REASON NO. 2:A sluggish liverDoctors know that the liver isthe most important organin the body for removingand eliminating toxicchemicals from the blood.But the liver can alsobecome clogged withexcess fat.The problem is, ifyour liver remains sluggish due totoxins and fat, it’s very hard, if notimpossible, to lose weight.HIDDEN REASON NO. 3:Slow metabolismYou’ve probably heard aboutsluggish metabolism before. Yourmetabolic rate is the rate at whichyour body uses energy. So if yourmetabolism is slow, it takes muchlonger for your body to burn fat.But what you may not know isyou can kick start yourmetabolism and accelerate yourweight loss efforts with a littlehelp from Mother Nature, asyou’ll now see.Apple Cider VinegarPlus is the answer foreach of these problemsWhy has Apple Cider VinegarPlus helped so many people loseweight when so many othersolutions have failed?The answer is simple: Itaddresses the real causesof weight gain. And whenyou combine Apple CiderVinegar Plus with ahealthy diet and regularexercise, you can get asslender as you’d like.Let me explain some of itsunique weight-reducingingredients: Cayenne—nature’s spicyslenderizing secret: Forcenturies cayenne pepper hasbeen used as a spice for foodsand as a traditional medicine.But now medical science isdocumenting its value toanybody who wants to loseweight—safely and naturally.For example, a study(1) ofrunners by sports scientists(1)Lim, K., et al. Dietary Red Pepper Ingestion IncreasesCarbohydrate Oxidation at Rest and During Exercise inRunners. Med Sci Sports Exerc. Mar 1997; 29(3): 355-61Call Toll-Free 1-800-644-83277

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:43 PMsuggests cayenne’s ability tostimulate and acceleratemetabolism, thus providing moreenergy to the body.Another study(2) documentscayenne’s ability to decreaseappetite and energy loss incertain types of people. Thiseffect may be due to the increasein nervous system activity withthe red pepper.Page 8In addition, research nowshows that cayenne helps toincrease liver enzymes. Theseenzymes help your body burnmore fat and reduce the depositsof fat in the liver caused by a highfat diet. Apple pectin—a sweetsurprise for weightloss: Pectin is thegummy carbohydrateThe Four Biggest Weight Loss MythsMyth No. 1Extreme diets work.NOT TRUE! In fact, extremedieting can be harmful to your health.When your body is deprived of food, two thingsautomatically kick in: One, your metabolic rate slowsdown to make up for fewer calories; and two, yourdesire to binge increases.In addition, extreme dieting may lead to the bloating of fat cells,shrinking of muscle cells, accumulation of toxic fats and fatigue.Myth No. 2Counting calories is the best way tolose weight.NOT SO! Most people think the best way to lose weight is to eatfewer calories. But this actually promotes the “yo-yo” effect ofstarvation diets. You lose some weight, only to gain it back—andmore—soon after.Myth No. 3Your weight woes are due toovereating or lack of exercise alone.FALSE! Too many overweight people figure they can lose weightsimply by “fixing” their diet and exercising regularly. Butunfortunately, they ignore the hidden causes of weight gain I justmentioned—and fail to lose weight.Myth No. 4It’s impossible to lose weightsuccessfully and maintain it.DON’T BELIEVE IT. You can lose weight—and maintain it—withnatural breakthroughs such as Apple Cider Vinegar Plus a healthydiet and regular exercise. People are proving it all over America.(2) Yoshioka M, St.-Pierre S., Drapeau, V, et al. Effects of Red Pepper on Appetite and Energy Intake. British Journal ofNutrition, Aug 1999; 82(2): 115-23.8Doctor’s Guide to Total Health

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:44 PMfound in many fruits. But thepectin found in apples isspecial.One of the key benefits applepectin gives you is that it helps youkeep your blood sugar balancedwithin a normal range (more aboutthis in a moment).Plus, the relationship betweenblood sugar and insulin is criticalfor weight loss and great health. Apple cider vinegar —theold-time remedy for unsightlyfat: Apple cider vinegar is oneof the oldest and most widelyknown home remedies.It’s widely used as a dietarysupplement. But it does somuch more.Apple cider vinegar also givesyou essential minerals, traceelements, vitamins, enzymes andamino acids to make up fornutritional deficiencies whichcould cause unwanted weight gain.Page 9Does losing weightseem to take forever?Not anymore!With the exclusive Apple CiderVinegar Plus you’ll Speed up your weight lossefforts—what may have takenmonths and months or evenyears now may be accomplishedin just a few short weeks! Get thin and slender the rightway—safely and naturally,without extreme dieting orpunishing programs Start seeing and feeling theresults in 21 days—guaranteed! What kind ofresults? A flatter stomach.Thinner waistline. Shapelierhips. Smaller butt. Leanerlegs. Sexier body.But as you’re about to see,Apple Cider Vinegar Plus doesmore than jumpstart your weightloss efforts. You’ll also Proof Apple Cider VinegarPlus clobbers fat!Lost a whopping 72 pounds!“Apple Cider Vinegar Plus has helped melose weight wonderfully. I weighed 285 lbs.I now weigh 213 lbs.”*—R.E., Anniston, AL27 pounds gone in a flash!“In addition to cutting outsoda pop and fat, I’ve takenApple Cider VinegarPlus and have lost 27pounds seven weeks.”*—Claudia T., Max Meadows, VA*Your results may vary. Apple Cider Vinegar Plus works best when taken regularly and combined withsensible eating and regular exercise.The exclusive, evenmore powerfulApple CiderVinegar Plus See page 32 for special savings,plus how you can receive twoFREE bottles withyour order andthree FREE Gifts.Call Toll-Free 1-800-644-83279

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:45 PMPage 10hy . 2tla oHe st NoBoBurn stubborn fatand turn heads againwith this calorieincinerating secretEnhancedFatBurning!The delicioustreat that burnsfat like crazyFor centuries,green tea hasbeen prized for itsmedicinalbenefits.It’s a potentantioxidant, up to200 percent more powerful thanvitamin E it helps maintainenergy and protects your heart.But it’s also an awesomenatural burner. Japaneseresearchers claim you burn an extra70-80 calories by drinking five cupsof green tea a day, as it stimulatesyour body’s fat burning actions.You may not want to drink thatmuch green tea, and that’s whyyou’ll want to take Apple CiderVinegar Plus for a slimmer, sexieryou!Green tea extract: Proven to Increase fat burning Boost 24-hour energy levels Suppress appetite Support healthy cholesterol Promote digestive health Burn more calories10Lose weight, successfully control your appetite and reduce cravings.Besides speeding up yourweight loss efforts, AppleCider Vinegar Plus helpsyou lose weight—and maintainit—in one other important way.It works to promote a simplebody function called thermogenesis,the burning of fat cells to createenergy. This is the key to successfulweight loss!Apple Cider Vinegar Plus helps turn your body into a lean,fat-burning machine—so you canmake those hard-to-lose poundsvanish—backed by sensible eatingand an exercise plan.Imagine for a moment You automatically burnmore calories You turn fat cells into100% pure energy You inhibit the formationof fat from sugar, helpingyou lose weight You control your appetite You have less cravingsWhat will this mean to you?You’ll be thrilled how you look inthe mirror. You’ll love to try onthat new dress or suit. You’ll Doctor’s Guide to Total Health

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:45 PMPage 11If they can doit, so can you!Wow! 70 lbs. lost!“Your products are the best andyour service is excellent. I haveintroduced many people to thebenefits of Apple Cider VinegarPlus and all love it. They all askme to order more for them.One lady has lost 70 lbs. andher feet and legs do not hurtanymore.”*Extra pounds vanished!“The Apple Cider Vinegartablets really helped when Iwas on a diet. I set a goal of 20lbs and lost it all. My diet andApple Cider Vinegar Plus tabletsmade me happy.”*—Pauline Dyar, Woodsville, NH—Phyllis Moore, Anacortes, WA*Your results may vary. Apple Cider Vinegar Plus works best when taken regularly and combined with sensibleeating and regular exercise.make your special someone say,“Wow!” You’ll turn heads again.And believe me, that’s one of thegreatest feelings in the world.shown to boost thermogenesis;other studies(4,5) suggest it inhibitsthe production of fat and boostsyour body’s “instant” energy.How is all this possible? Withtwo powerful fat-burning secrets:To cap it off, citrin evensuppresses your appetite. This isdue in part to citrin’s role in theproduction of glycogen in yourliver and small intestine. Whenglycogen is produced, your braingets a signal that your stomach isfull—even when it’s not. This alsomeans fewer cravings. Yes!A small fruit that deliversbig weight loss benefitsThe unique Apple Cider VinegarPlus is packed with 300 mgs of alittle-known Asian fruit that packsa wallop for weight loss. Citrin (or Garcinia cambogia)is a South Asian fruit, about thesize of an orange, that lookslike a small pumpkin.Citrin works wonders forweight loss by inhibiting fat,burning calories and curbingcravings.In one study(3), citrin was(3)McCarty M.F., Promotion of Hepatic Lipid Oxidation andGluconeogenesis as a Strategy for Appetite Control, MedicalHypothses, 1994(4)Sullivan A.C., Hamilton, et al., Inhibition of Lipogenesis inRat Liver bt(-)-Hydrixycutate, Archive of BioChem & BioPhy150(1972), 183-90(5)Guyton AC, Textbook of Medical Physiology, eighth editionSaunders Company, Philadelphia. Chap. 67, 1991Slim down and zap fatwith 250 mg ofgreen tea extractNew research shows green teais a super fat burner that speedsup your metabolism so you burnadditional calories reduceabsorption of fat and suppressyour appetite.One study(6) suggests green teahas thermogenic fat-burningproperties and promotes fatoxidation better than caffeine.Plus, it significantly increased24-hour energy expenditure—Call Toll-Free 1-800-644-832711

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:46 PMwhich means more fat burned!Add it all up and the even more powerfulApple Cider Vinegar Plus givesyou a new, exciting way to loseweight and keep it off. All in anatural, sensible, practical wayWearing clothes I haven’tworn in nine years!“I’m a true believerin your products. Itried so many weightsupplements andnone worked for meuntil I tried yours.Within a week oftaking ACVPlus.I lost 10pounds.I’m 110 pounds now,wearing clothes I haven’t wornin nine years. I’m verypleased.Thank you so much.”*—Saprina Bailey, Tower City, PA*Your results may vary. Apple Cider Vinegar Plus works best when taken regularly and combined withsensible eating and regular exercise.Page 12that fits the way you live.No hype. No outrageouspromises. No extreme dieting.And no risky ingredients—noephedra, ma huang or Fen Phen.This is the best way I’ve foundto burn fat and calories and trimyour body down to its naturallyhealthy size.Best yet, Apple Cider VinegarPlus works wonders for adultsof all ages and all sizes—and anyweight loss goal.Now you can see why I’m soexcited about this breakthrough fornatural weight loss and slimming—and safe and effective way!But the news is even better ifyou take Apple Cider Vinegar Plus ,as you’ll now see.(6)Abdul G. Dulloo, et alThe exclusive, evenmore powerful AppleCider Vinegar Plus See page 32Where do you wantto lose the pounds?Compare Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with yourcurrent weight loss supplement/programApple Cider Vinegar Plus works wonders on your: chest hips arms stomach waist butt thighs legs calves shoulders and most anywhere elseyou want to lose weight!12Doctor’s Guide to Total HealthYour currentsupplement/program

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:46 PMPage 13hy 3alt o.He st NoBoPainful knees? Sorehips? Stiff joints?Tight muscles?Soothe them all!Natural secret could make you feel so good you’ll jump for joy!One of the great thingsabout taking Apple CiderVinegar Plus is it doeswonders for your whole body.And that includes your joints andmuscles.Chances are this is importantto you, as it is to many of mypatients.After all, having knees thatbend easily fingers that movefreely a neck that turnseffortlessly and a back that’s freeof discomfort are benefits that areworth their weight in gold,especially as you age.The good news is, the one-ofa-kind Apple Cider Vinegar Plus includes two special ingredientsStimulate your body’s ownpain relieversScientists(7) think the pain relief activityprovided by cayenne is linked to the stimulation of nerves in your body. Why is thisimportant? Because thesenerves in turn stimulate yourbody’s own natural painrelief mechanisms.(7)Purkiss J.R., et al.,CapsaicinStimulates Release of Substance P from Dorsal RootDanglion Neurons Via Two Distinct Mechanisms.Biochem Soc Trans. August 1997; 25(3): 5425.that are nature’s premier jointsoothers.The first is a unique enzyme that’schanging the way wedoctors treat discomfortYou’ll be glad to knowthat the Apple Cider VinegarPlus exclusive formulationcontains bromelain,because it is a top-sellingnutrient for stiff, sore jointsand muscles.Extracted from the juiceand stems of pineappleplants, bromelain is aprotein-digesting enzyme.For centuries, natural doctorsin Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii haveCall Toll-Free 1-800-644-832713

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:47 PMused bromelain, primarily to aidsore joints and digestiveproblems. Could this be whyseniors in Asia have fewer jointproblems and digestive disorders?More recently, bromelain hascaught the attention of Europeans,and it is now one of the bestselling nutrients in Germany.Why such interest in apineapple-based enzyme? For anumber of reasons.For one, bromelain reducesharmful compounds calledprostaglandins that cause painand inflammation. It also helpsyour body absorb nutrientsthrough the tissues to keep yourjoints flexible.Page 14A hidden causeof painful jointsIt is believed that jointstiffness may be due toa potassium deficiency.The good news is, youget potassium when you take Apple CiderVinegar Plus —further helping yourelieve aching joints and muscles.You’ll also be glad to knowthat science backs upbromelain’s jointsoothing powersIn addition, as bromelainreduces inflammation, it aids in thetransport of blood to traumatizedareas, speeding healing and easingpain more effectively.In one study(8), patientssuffering from swelling, pain andsoreness took bromelain. Theresult? 28 percent experienced aresolution of pain, 45 percentimproved and, overall, 72 percenthad good or excellent results.And if that’s not enough,bromelain also counteractshistamines which are a factor inswelling and joint aches.Bottom line: Bromelain offersyou powerful support foroptimum joint health and rapidrelief from soreness and stiffness.But the second key ingredientPicture yourself enjoying lifewithout joint stiffness18 holes aday? 36?No problem!Enjoy knittingor crochetingthe mostdetailedpatterns withno stiffness.Take aworry-freedreamvacation.Enjoy thosespecialmoments.(8)Cohen. A. Bromelain therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. Penn Med J., 67:27-30, 196414Doctor’s Guide to Total Health

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:47 PMNo aches or pains I also lost 35 pounds!“I decided to tryApple Cider VinegarPlus. I’m 76—have hada hip replacement andcan truthfully say I have nopain or ache anywhere. I’vealso lost 35 lbs. and have keptit off for 1 year.”*—G.M., Lancaster, PAin the Apple Cider Vinegar Plus may be even more exciting forsoothing your joints. It’s a naturalwonder best known as a spice.But it’s also one of theworld’s most powerfulnatural joint comforters!Apple Cider Vinegar Plus includes ginger because it’s trulyone of nature’s miracles forrelieving joint discomfort.You know ginger as a spiceand flavoring and likely use it incooking. But it’s much, muchmore, as you’ll see. Ginger is alsoa powerful natural remedy forjoint stiffness and muscle soreness.It helps relieve stiffness byblocking an enzyme that triggersdiscomfort and inflammation,and by inhibiting prostaglandinsthat cause the problems in thefirst place.Ginger’s effectiveness isdocumented in a study(9) of patientssuffering from joint problems. Bytaking powdered ginger, 75 percentgot relief from pain and swellingand 100 percent got relief frommuscular discomfort.(9)Srivastava, K.C., et al. Ginger (Zingiber official) in rheumatism and musculoskeletal disorders. Med Hypotheses.39(4): 342-348, 1992.Page 15Great for back discomfort!“Before I started takingApple Cider Vinegar Plus,I lost days of work due toextreme back discomfort.But now I have not had tomiss work Thank you formaking such an importantquality product.”*—Jeanette A., Hamtramck, MI*Your results may vary. Apple Cider Vinegar Plus works best whentaken regularly and combined with sensible eating and regular exercise.The end result?Freedom fromjoint discomfort!What will it mean to you tosoothe your stiff joints and soremuscles?It means not worrying aboutyour knees, hips, back, fingers,joints or muscles any more.It means doing all the littlethings you enjoy doing in lifewithout discomfort.It means having fun again.And it means enjoyingsoothing comfort and relief thesafe, natural way.Now that’s Mother Natureworking her magic!Yet, there’s even more that thematchless Apple Cider VinegarPlus can do for your overallhealth, as you’ll see in this nextsurprising benefit The exclusive, evenmore powerfulApple CiderVinegar Plus See page 32 for special savings,plus how you can receive twoFREE bottles withyour order andthree FREE Gifts.Call Toll-Free 1-800-644-832715

ACVC30 slijmim Nov 08:-12/2/0812:47 PMPage 16hy . 4tla oHe st NoBoNature’s forgottensecret for keepingyour cholesterolhealthyMeans you don’t have to worry about side effectsor big medical bills!low and healthy. These include: cayenne, the secretfrom India forhealthycholesterol:For centuries,cayenne has been afavorite remedy in Indianmedicine, and it’s prized for howit helps with cholesterol.Let’s face it, keeping yourcholesterol levels healthyand normal can befrustrating.But can nature give you safe,effective support for healthycholesterol?My answer is a resoundingYES, when you take the one-of-akind Apple Cider Vinegar Plus .Helps keep yourcholesterol normalnot one but five waysI’m excited to report that AppleCider Vinegar Plus includes fiveunique ingredients from nature’smedicine cabinet that all worktogether to keep your cholesterol16In three different medicalstudies(10,11,12), it was found thatcayenne significantly preventedthe expected rise in liver andserum cholesterol, even whencombined with foods high indietary cholesterol. Plus, cayenneenhanced the elimination of bothfree cholesterol and bile acids. citrin, the cholesterolfighter:The hydroxycitric acid (HCA)found in citrin is very similar to citric(10)Sambaiah, K & S

It’s called Apple Cider Vinegar Plus (ACV Plus ). Here’s what makes it so special First, Apple Cider Vinegar Plus has been specially formulated to address the hidden causes of weight gain, which I’ll tell you about in this special issue. Next, it’s been proven effective b

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Dr. Sunita Bharatwal** Dr. Pawan Garga*** Abstract Customer satisfaction is derived from thè functionalities and values, a product or Service can provide. The current study aims to segregate thè dimensions of ordine Service quality and gather insights on its impact on web shopping. The trends of purchases have

Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

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