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Add DistinctiveFlavor to your Applicationswith the quality and diversity of Condiments & Saucesby Kraft Heinz m

THE FLAVORS OF AMERICA’S FAVORITE BRANDS,MADE FOR MANUFACTURINGCHEESE & DAIRYCONDIMENTS & SAUCESCONFECTIONS.AND MORE Process & Natural Cheese Heinz Ketchup Caramel Sauces Bacon Bits Pasteurized Specialty Cheese Grey Poupon Mustard Caramel Bits Corn Nuts Modified Melt Process Cheese Mayonnaise Enrobing Caramel Tapioca Soft Cheese Miracle Whip Marshmallows Specialty Powders Italian-Style Cheese Lea & Perrins Marshmallow Crème Dairy Flavors Cheese Powders Worcestershire Sauces Dehydrated Marshmallows Dry Cheese Sauce Mixes Barbecue & Steak Sauces Cheese Slices VinegarINGREDIENTSwww.kraftheinzingredients.com

WHAT ARE CONDIMENTS & SAUCES?With a focus on innovating the next generation of cleaner-label products, KHI leverages an extensive five-plant assetnetwork to manufacture its product portfolio. The KHI condiments and sauces portfolio is divided into four families:1 TOMATO-BASED 2ENHANCERS3SPECIALTY4VINEGARMAYONNAISE ANDSALAD DRESSINGWORCESTERSHIRESAUCEA range of tangy, tart, andslightly sweet mayonnaises(regular, extra-heavy, cleanlabel) and product similar tothe iconic MIRACLE WHIP.A complex marinade saucewith notes of anchovies,chilies, cloves and tamarind.TOMATO SAUCEPRODUCTSA.1. SAUCEMellow-flavored, made from the juice of apples,reduced to 5% acidity, filtered and pasteurized.MUSTARDRED WINEAvailable if contracted by theNovember before harvest season.Leverages theGREY POUPON brand’spopular mustard varieties.Fruity, piquant, and tangymarinade made from a blendof 11 herbs and spices.KETCHUPTwo available options:Conventional (high-fructosecorn syrup)Simply (cane sugar)Classic mustard is moreyellow in color, with asmooth texture.Country mustard is morebrown in color, with acoarser texture and visiblemustard seeds.BBQ SAUCEWHITECrisp, distilled with a uniform pickling and tablestrength of 10% acidity.APPLE CIDERA rich and flavorful vinegar made from grapes thatis reduced to 5% acidity.Versatile tomato-based sauceswith bold and traditional aceticand sweet flavor notes.CHILI SAUCEA zesty sauce seasoned withonions, spices, and garlic.Visible tomato seeds.INGREDIENTSwww.kraftheinzingredients.com


FEATURES & BENEFITSHigh quality andconsistency of productDiverse portfolio, with acondiment sure to meetyour application needsCleaner label optionsto meet ingredient linerequirementsIndustrial size packaging,ideal for com

KETCHUPApplicationsAMERICA’s FAVORITE KETCHUP made from red, ripe tomatoes grown only from HEINZ seeds, available inHEINZ or SIMPLY HEINZ a variety of industrial configurations!SpecificationsProduction: Muscatine, IAShelf Life: 365 daysPackaging*: HEINZ: 60 gal bag-in-box; 55 gal drum; 260 gal toteSIMPLY HEINZ: 60 gal bag-in-box; 260 gal CHESBBQSAUCESTOPPINGSLead Time: 10 days - MTS15 days - MTOCertifications: Kosher (Pareve)NOTES: *Variable WeightMade with ingredients you can pronounce for quality they’ll remember, SIMPLY HEINZ Ketchupprovides the product you need to confidently meet the demand for greater ingredienttransparency all with the trusted brand power that consumers remember.No GMOingredientsNo High-FructoseCorn Syrup100%HEINZ tasteINGREDIENTSwww.kraftheinzingredients.com

Mayonnaise / Salad DressingApplicationsOur portfolio includes a variety of mayonnaise and salad dressings under the KRAFT andMIRACLE WHIP brands, to meet your applications.SpecificationsProduction: Champaign, ILMIRACLE WHIP SKUs: 430 lb drumSANDWICHESMARINADESPOTATODISHESDELISALADS6 weeks - MTOCertifications: Kosher (Pareve)Extra Heavy MayoPure MayonnaiseSalad DressingThis smooth-textured mayo isideal for recipes requiring highheat application and blends easilywith other ingredients forsuperior cling.Our Pure Mayonnaise is crafted to be more like homemade.We use only the highest-quality ingredients, like 100%cage-free eggs, lemon juice, and carefully selected oil andvinegar to craft a deliciously creamy mayonnaise.A delightful mix of tangy, tartand slightly sweet flavors;medium body and a creamyconsistency. Superior bindingand cling make it versatileacross a variety of applicationssuch as dressings and spreads.Available with and withouthigh-fructose corn syrup.No Artificial Colors, Flavors,or PreservativesNo High-Fructose Corn SyrupCage-Free EggsDRESSINGSLead Time: 4 weeks - MTSShelf Life: 120 daysPackaging: Mayonnaise SKUs: 390 lb .com

MUSTARDApplicationsOur mustard options are anchored by GREY POUPON, an award-winning, premium, robust mustard made withfine white wine, mustard seed and a special blend of spices.SpecificationsProduction: Holland, MIShelf Life: 120 daysPackaging: GREY POUPON Classic Dijon: 286 lb drumGREY POUPON Country Dijon: 290 lb d Time: 4 weeks - MTOCertifications: Kosher (Pareve)Classic MustardCountry Dijon MustardMade from an intriguing blendof mustard seeds, white wineand spice.This traditional French-style mustard witha coarse grain is a blend of spices, yellow& brown mustard seeds, and white redients.com

Worcestershire SauceApplicationsTwo iconic brands that can be utilized in a variety of applications.SpecificationsProduction: Holland, MI (HEINZ)Muscatine, IA (L&P*)Packaging: HEINZ: 56 gal drumShelf Life: 900 days (HEINZ)LEA & PERRINS: 55 gal drum730 days ead Time: 3 weeks - MTO (HEINZ)10 days - MTS (L&P*)Certifications: HEINZ: Kosher (Pareve)LEA & PERRINS: Kosher (Fish)NOTES: *L&P LEA & PERRINSLEA & PERRINSWorcestershireHEINZWorcestershireLEA & PERRINS, the originalWorcestershire sauce, has a complexflavor including an aged balancedblend of anchovies, onions, garlic,tamarinds, cloves, and chilies.HEINZ Worcestershire Sauce isa tangy blend of soy sauce,vinegar and spice ents.com

SPECIALTY SAUCESApplicationsWe offer a variety of specialty sauces to suit your various applications.HEINZ Chili SauceA.1. Steak SauceBULL’S-EYE BBQ SauceOPEN PIT BBQ SauceMuscatine, IAChampaign, ILGarland, TXGarland, TX450 days180 days360 days360 daysLead Time10 days (MTS)4 weeks (MT0)6 weeks (MT0)3 weeks (MT0)Packaging60 gal Vol-pak278 lb drum460 lb drum460 lb drumCertificationsKosher (Pareve)Kosher (Pareve)Kosher (Pareve)Kosher (Pareve)SpecificationsProductionShelf LifeSAUCESSOUPSMARINADESFROZEN MEALSChili SauceSteak SauceBBQ SauceBBQ SauceHEINZ Chili Sauce is a zesty,tomato-based sauce madewith tomato puree, onions,spices, and garlic that canspice up any application.A.1. Steak Sauce features ablend of 11 herbs and spicescan be used as a marinade,sauce or spread in frozen orrefrigerated entrees.BULL’S-EYE BBQ Sauce offersa sweet molasses flavor anddark, rich color that blendswell with meats, seafood andpoultry and it’s also perfect asa dipping sauce.OPEN PIT BBQ Sauce is atraditional tomato and vinegarprofile, offering great glazingcharacteristics, perfect forroasting, baking and basting.INGREDIENTSwww.kraftheinzingredients.com

VINEGARApplicationsWe offer a variety of vinegars in industrial size packaging from the HEINZ brand.SpecificationsProduction: Holland, MIPackaging: 55 gal drumShelf Life: 900 days (white vinegar)365 days (other ELISALADSLead Time: 3 weeks - MTSCertifications: HEINZ Apple Cider Vinegar: Kosher (Pareve)HEINZ White Vinegar/HEINZ Red Wine Vinegar: Kosher (Pareve)Apple Cider VinegarWhite VinegarClean, mellow-flavored vinegar that ismade from the juice of apples and reducedto 5% acidity, filtered and pasteurized.Clean, crisp distilled white vinegarwith a uniform pickling and tablestrength of 10% acidity.DIPSRed Wine VinegarA rich and flavorful vinegar madefrom grapes that is reduced to5% acidity.INGREDIENTSwww.kraftheinzingredients.com

Dry Mix, Corn Nuts & Bacon BitsApplicationsIn addition to Condiments & Sauces, KHI offers a variety of dry mixes, bacon bits, and cornnuts – adding the perfect finish to any application.SAUCESDry Mix & Corn NutsTapiocaCALUMET Baking PowderCORN NUTSProductionDover, DEMedina, NYFresno, CAShelf Life720 days450 days450 daysLead Time3 weeks (MTO)2 weeks (MTS)4 weeks (MT0)Packaging80 lb case30 lb case (6 - 5 lb bags)25 lb caseExcellent thickener & texturizer forpuddings/baby foodsDouble acting baking powder for avariety of recipes.Oiled, salted, toasted cornkernels, good in trail/snack mixesSpecificationsDescriptionBacon BitsSOUPSDRESSINGSAPPETIZERSKHI offers the color, flavor and aroma of well-cured bacon bits. Available in various moisture levels and smoke flavors.SpecificationsProduction: Frontenac, KSdays (low moisture hickory smoke)Shelf Life: 365420 days (all others)Lead Time: 4 weeks (MTO)Packaging: 20 lb (2 - 10 lb bags)TRAIL MIXINGREDIENTSwww.kraftheinzingredients.com

KETCHUPKOSHERSKUDescriptionWeight130005153300HEINZ Ketchup — 55 gal Drum550 lb130005150000HEINZ Ketchup — 60 gal Bag-in-Box574 lb570008299900HEINZ Ketchup — 260 gal Tote130005160000SIMPLY HEINZ Ketchup — 60 gal Bag-in-Box130005451200SIMPLY HEINZ Ketchup — 260 gal Tote2,488 lb574 lb2,470 lbMAYONNAISE/SALAD DRESSINGPareve KOSHERSKUDescriptionWeight210007895000KRAFT Extra Heavy Mayo — 390 lb Drum390 lb210000713200KRAFT Pure Mayo — 390 lb Drum390 lb210000417200MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing — 430 lb Drum430 lb210007055100MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing — 430 lb Drum430 lbMUSTARDPareve KOSHERSKUDescriptionWeight544000031700GREY POUPON Classic Dijon Mustard — 286 lb Drum286 lb544000032000GREY POUPON Country Dijon Mustard — 290 lb Drum290 lbPareve INGREDIENTSwww.kraftheinzingredients.com

WORCESTERSHIRE 500LEA & PERRINS Worcestershire Sauce — 55 gal Drum130005278000HEINZ Worcestershire Sauce — 56 gal DrumWeight 518 lb448 lbSPECIALTY SAUCES KOSHERSKUDescriptionWeight130005901000HEINZ Chili Sauce — 60 gal Vol-pak590 lb544000000700A.1. Steak Sauce — 278 lb Drum278 lb210000612600OPEN PIT Original BBQ Sauce — 460 lb Drum460 lb210006913200BULL’s-EYE BBQ Sauce — 460 lb Drum460 lbVINEGARPareve KOSHERSKUDescriptionWeight130005814000HEINZ Apple Cider Vinegar — 55 gal Drum474 lb130005859000HEINZ White Vinegar — 55 gal Drum473 lb130005876000HEINZ Red Wine Vinegar — 55 gal Drum496 lbPareve INGREDIENTSwww.kraftheinzingredients.com

DRY MIXSKUDescriptionWeight430001915500Granulated Tapioca80 lb430008458100CALUMET Baking Powder30 lb*CORN NUTSSKUDescription711590013600CORN NUTS, OriginalWeight25 lbBACON BITSSKUDescriptionWeight447000274500Bacon Bits, Hickory Smoke Flavor20 lb**447000297400Bacon Bits, Low Moisture Smoke Flavor20 lb**447000266300Bacon Bits, Low Moisture Hickory Smoke Flavor20 lb**447000739700Bacon Bits, Applewood Smoke Flavor20 lb**NOTES: *6 - 5 lb bags**2 - 10 lb bagsINGREDIENTSwww.kraftheinzingredients.com

For more products and recipe development, check out our Kraft Heinz Ingredients website:www.KraftHeinzIngredients.com 2020 H.J. Heinz Company Brands, LLC 2020 Kraft Foods

Apple Cider Vinegar Clean, mellow-flavored vinegar that is made from the juice of apples and reduced to 5% acidity, filtered and pasteurized. White Vinegar Clean, crisp distilled white vinegar with a uniform pickling and table strength of 10% acidity. Red Wine Vinegar A rich and flavorful vinegar

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