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‘GCE Music – Difficulty LevelsAS/A2 Music6MU016MU04February 20151

IntroductionDifficulty LevelsThis guide is provided as an aid for checking grade levels of some of the more common pieceslikely to be offered on instruments frequently presented for examination. Where an instrumentis not covered by this list, teachers and examiners are advised to consult copies of recentgraded exam syllabuses, many of which are readily available for reference online. The inclusionof any piece on the following list is for grading purposes only; the guide is not a syllabus or alist of recommended repertoire – candidates may select any other appropriate repertoire forexamination. Where a piece exists now, or existed in the past, on the syllabuses of more thanone exam board, the higher or highest grade is that which Edexcel will accept for GCE AS andA2 level Music examinations.Difficulty Level CodesEdexcel uses three difficulty levels: S (standard), MD (more difficult) and H (higher). The markachieved by a candidate for each piece performed is dependent upon the difficulty of the musicoffered. Performances at MD or H level are scaled according to the grid to be found in theSpecification (page 37 for 6MU01, page 82 for 6MU04). Performances that are easier thanstandard level are unable to be credited with marks in the top mark bands for all markingcriteria. Detailed instructions for the marking process are set out in the Specification.At AS level (6MU01) the standard level of difficulty is Grade 5The following will apply at AS level:Grade 5 S levelGrade 6 MD levelGrade 7 or higher* H levelAt A2 level (6MU04) the standard level of difficulty is Grade 6The following will apply at A2 level:Grade 6 S levelGrade 7 MD levelGrade 8 or higher* H level* For some instruments and for voice the difficulty levels are occasionally given as Grade 9. Thisindicates the appearance of these pieces on diploma examination syllabuses. Grade 9 shouldalways be considered at H level; no extra credit is given for the performance of music frommore advanced syllabuses.February 2015- Updated by GL and RJ2

rinet116Saxophone141Trumpet170Voice187Voice (Popular)235Guitar (Classical)244Guitar (Popular)257Electric Keyboard264Drum Kit268Bass Guitar276Percussion279February 2015- Updated by GL and RJ3

PianoPianoAbsilHumoresque Op. 126 No.37AlbénizCastilla (Suite Espagnole Op 47: 7th movt)8AlbénizCordoba8AlbénizSous Le Palmier Op. 232 No.3 (Chants d'Espagne)8AlbénizTango Op. 165 No.26AlbergaIf The Silver Bird Could Speak (Spectrum)8AlbergaOnly A Wish Away4AlcockAlmand (Suite No 4 in Dminor: 1st movt)6AlcockGavot (Suite No 2 in B flat)4AlkanLa Vision Op.63 No.17AlkanLes Regrets De La Nonnette6AlwynPrelude and Fugue formed on an Indian Scale8AlwynThe Sun Is Setting4Andersson / Ulvaeus6Anon, ed Mozart, LThank You For The MusicAllegro moderato in F (No. 32, L Mozart NannerlNotenbuch)Anon, ed Mozart, LAllegro in F (No. 33, L Mozart Nannerl-Notenbuch)4ArenskyImpromptu No. 1 (Quatre morceaux Op. 25)8Arlen, arr. StapletonArlen, arr. CarsonTurnerOver the Rainbow6Over the Rainbow4ArmstrongCastle Ward - Temple Dancer in Blue6ArndtNola9ArneSonata in A: 1st movt Allegro6ArneSonata in A: 1st movt Presto7ArneSonata No. 1 in F: 1st movt6ArneSonata No. 2 in E minor: 1st movt Andante6ArneSonata No. 3 in G: 2nd movt7ArneSonata No. 6 in G: Presto5ArneSonata No. 8: Minuet with Variations5Arnold, M8AttwoodSonata (complete)Sonatina No. 2 in C: 2nd movt Minuetto and 3VariationsAubertRomance Op. 28Bach WFAllegro4Bach, CPEAllegro in A H338, Wq 116/167Bach, CPELa Caroline5Bach, CPESolfeggietto in C minor6Bach, CPESolo Per Il Cembalo in Eb H166Bach, CPESonata in A flat H.31: 3rd movt Allegro7Bach, CPESonata in A flat Wq49/2:1st movt Un poco allegro8February 2015- Updated by GL and RJAllegro544

PianoBach, CPESonata in A H18b Wq 55/4:1st movt Allegro assai8Bach, CPESonata in B flat Wq 62/16, H116: 1st movt Allegro7Bach, CPESonata in C minor Wq 60:1st movt Allegretto7Bach, CPE8Bach, CPESonata in F minor Wq 57/6: 1st movt Allegro assaiSonata in F minor Wq 63/6:1st movt Allegro dimoltoBach, CPESonata in G minor Wq 62/18: 3rd movt7Bach, JCSonata in D Op. 5/2: Minuetto5Bach, JCFAllegretto in F (Musical Leisure Hours)5Bach, JCFAllegro in D minor (Musical Leisure Hours)6Bach, JCFAllegro in E flat (Musical Leisure Hours)5Bach, JCFAllegro in E minor (No 12, Musical Leisure Hours)5Bach, JCFPolonaise4Bach, JCFScherzo (Musicalische Neben Stunden)4Bach, JCFSonata in E flat: 3rd movt Allegro7Bach, JSAllegro in E minor from BWV 1019English Suite No. 2 in A minor BWV 807: Couranteor Allemande8English Suite No. 3 in G minor BWV 808:AllemandeEnglish Suite No. 3 in G minor BWV 808:Allemande and Courante79Bach, JSEnglish Suite No.5 in E minor BWV 810: PreludeFantasia and Fughetta in B flat BWV 907: FantasiaonlyBach, JSFantasie in Cm BWV 9069Bach, JS5Bach, JSFrench Suite in G BWV 816 No.4: GavotteFrench Suite No. 2 in C minor BWV 813: 5th movtMenuetBach, JSFrench Suite No. 2 in C minor BWV 813: Sarabande6Bach, JSFrench Suite No. 3 in B minor BWV 814: Gigue7Bach, JSFrench Suite No. 6 in E BWV 817: 7th and 8th mvts8Bach, JSFrench Suite No. 6 in E BWV 817: Allemande7Bach, JSFrench Suite No. 6 in E BWV 817: Gigue8Bach, JSFrench Suite No. 6 in E BWV 817: Polonaise4Bach, JSGoldberg Variations: Aria and 1st variation8Bach, JSItalian Concerto: 1st or 3rd movts8Bach, JSLittle Prelude in D minor BWV 9405Bach, JSLittle Prelude in No. 4 in D BWV 936March in E flat BWVAnh 127 (Anna Magdalena BachBk. 1725)64Bach, JSOverture in F BWV 820:5: BourréePartita No. 1 in B flat BWV 825: Praeludium andGigaPartita No. 2 in C minor BWV 826: 6th movtCapriccioPartita No. 2 in C minor BWV 826: Sarabande andRondeauxBach, JSPartita No. 4 in D BWV 828: Allemande8Bach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSFebruary 2015- Updated by GL and RJ6786448885

PianoBach, JSPartita No 5 in G BWV 829: 3rd movt Corrente7Bach, JSPartita No 6 in E minor BWV 830: Air5Bach, JS8Bach, JSPartita No.5 in G BWV 829: 1st movt PreambulumPraeludium in G BWV 902 (Little Preludes andFugues)Bach, JSPrelude and Fuge in A BWV 888 (WTC Bk. 2)8Bach, JSPreludePreludePreludePreludeNo. 20)PreludeNo. 21)Preludeonly9Bach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSand Fugue in A flat BWV 886 (WTC Bk.2)and Fugue in A minor (WTC Bk. 1 No. 20)onlyand Fugue in A minor BWV 889 (WTC Bk. 2and Fugue in B flat BWV 866 (WTC Bk.1and Fugue in C (WTC Bk. 1 No. 1) Prelude878858Bach, JSPrelude and Fugue in C minor (WTC Bk. 1 No. 2)Prelude and Fugue in C minor BWV 871 (WTC Bk.2)Bach, JSPrelude and Fugue in D (WTC Bk. 1 No. 5)8Bach, JSPrelude and Fugue in D BWV 874 (WTC Bk. 2)9Bach, JSPrelude and Fugue in D minor (WTC Bk. 2 No. 6)8Bach, JSPrelude and Fugue in E BWV 854 (WTC Bk. 1)9Bach, JSPrelude and Fugue in E BWV 878 (WTC Bk. 2)9Bach, JSPreludePreludePreludePreludeonlyand Fugue in E flat (WTC Bk. 2 No. 7)and Fugue in E minor (WTC Bk. 1 No. 10)onlyand Fugue in E minor BWV 855: Fugue9Prelude and Fugue in F BWV 880 (WTC Bk.2)Prelude and Fugue in F minor BWV 857 (WTC Bk.1)99Bach, JSPrelude and Fugue in F# BWV 858 (WTC Bk.1)Prelude and Fugue in F# minor BWV 859 (WTC Bk.1)Bach, JSPrelude and Fugue in G (WTC Bk. 2 No 15)8Bach, JSPrelude and Fugue in G BV 860 (WTC Bk. 1)Prelude and Fugue in G minor BWV 861 (WTC Bk.1)Prelude and Fugue in G minor BWV 885 (WTC Bk.2)95Bach, JSPrelude in C minor BWV 934 No.2Prelude in D BWV 925 (Klavierbüchlein für WFBach)Prelude in D minor BWV 935 (No 3 Little Preludesand Fugues)Bach, JSPrelude in E BWV 9376Bach, JSSinfonia No. 10 in G BWV 7967Bach, JSSinfonia No. 13 in A minor BWV 7996Bach, JSSinfonia No. 3 in D BWV 7897Bach, JSSinfonia No. 11 in G minor BWV 7976Bach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSBach, JSFebruary 2015- Updated by GL and RJ9779999656

PianoBach, JSToccata No. 3 in D BWV 912Bach, JSToccata No. 5 in E minor BWV 914Bach, JSTwo-part Invention No. 1 in C BWV 7724Bach, JSTwo-part Invention No. 13 in A minor BWV 7846Bach, JSTwo-part Invention No. 15 in B minor BWV 7866Bach, JSTwo-part Invention No. 4 in D minor BWV 7755Bach, JSTwo-part Invention No. 8 in F BWV 7795Bach, JSTwo-part Invention No.14 in B flat BWV 7856Bach, JS arr. KeverenAir on the G String6Bach, JS trans. AlkanSiciliano7Bach, WFAria in G minor4BacharachRaindrops Keep Falling On My Head4Badelt / ZimmerHe's a Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)6BadingsRondo-Finale (Reihe kleine Klavierstücke)6BadingsScherzo Pastorale (Reihe kleine Klavierstücke)5BainesWater Pearls7BalchWhat To Do When It Rains5BallDance Music5BallEasy Music (Miriam's Music)5BarberExcursion Op. 20 No. 28BarnettOde To A Princess8BartokPaprikajancsi (Mikrokosmos vol. 5 No.139)7BartokRomanian Folk Dance No. 3: Der Stampfer4BartokVariations (Mikrokosmos vol. 3)4BartokOstinato9BartókAllegro (For Children vol. 1 No. 12)5BartókDances in Bulgarian Rhythm (any)9BartókFrom The Diary Of A Fly (Mikrokosmos)8BartókHarmonics (No. 102, Mikrokosmos)5BartókHommage a JSB (Mikrokosmos)4BartókJeering Song (For Children vol. 1 No. 32)4BartókMelody In The Mist (Mikrokosmos)4BartókRoumanian Folk Dance No. 1 Joc cu bata6BartókRoumanian Folk Dance No. 45BartókSonatina: 1st movt Bagpipers7BartókStamping Dance (Mikrokosmos vol. 5 SZ107)6BartókSuite Op. 14: 1st movt Allegretto8BartókSuite Op. 14: 4th movt Sostenuto7BartókTen Easy Pieces: No. 5 An Evening in the Village5BartókVillage Joke (No. 130 Mikrokosmos)6Batchelor, ChrisChops5Batchelor, ChrisBatchelor, ChrisHeading HomeSo Long45BaxCountry-Tune8BeachPantalon (from Op. 25)5BeachTwo Pieces Op. 54: No.1 Scottish Legend8February 2015- Updated by GL and RJ97

PianoBeale, CharlesOscar's Boogaloo4Beale, CharlesShh!4BecvarovskyTheme and 3 Variations6Bedford, DavidSunset Over Stac Pollaidh4Beethoven32 Variations in C minor WoO 809BeethovenAllemande in A WoO 814BeethovenAndante favori in F, WoO 579BeethovenBagatelle in C Op. 33 No.27BeethovenBagatelle in F Op. 33 No.35BeethovenBeethovenBagatelle in Gm Op. 119 No.1Für Elise55BeethovenLustig Und Traurig4BeethovenMinuet in D WoO7 No.75BeethovenMinuet in G (No 2, Six Minuets WoO 10)4BeethovenRondo in A WoO 497BeethovenRondo in C Op. 51 No.19BeethovenRondo in G Op. 51 No.28Beethoven9BeethovenSix Variations in F Op.34Sonata in C minor Op. 13 (Pathétique): 2nd movtAndante cantabileSonata in C minor Op. 13 (Pathétique): 3rd movtRondoBeethovenSonata in E flat Op. 7: 3rd movt Allegro7BeethovenSonata in E minor Op. 90: 1st movt8BeethovenSonata in G Op. 79: 1st movt Presto alla tedesca8BeethovenSonata in G Op.79: 2nd movt Andante6BeethovenSonatina in F: 1st movt4BeethovenSonata in A flat Op. 26: 1st movt or 4th movt8BeethovenSonata in B flat Op 22: Minuet & Trio6BeethovenSonata in C minor Op. 10 No.1: 1st movtSonata in C# minor Op. 27 No.2 (Moonlight): 1stmovt88BeethovenSonata in D Op. 10 No.3: 1st movtSonata in D Op. 10 No.3: 3rd movt Menuetto andTrioBeethovenSonata in D Op. 28: 1st movt8BeethovenSonata in E flat Op. 31 No.3: Minuet and TrioSonata in E flat WoO 47 No.1: 1st movt Allegrocantabile78BeethovenSonata in E Op. 14 No.1: 1st movt AllegroSonata in F minor Op.2 No.1: 1st movt Allegro or4th movt PrestissimoBeethovenSonata in F Op. 10 No. 2: 1st movt Allegro8BeethovenSonata in G minor Op. 49 No.1: 2nd movt7BeethovenSonata in G Op. 1 No.2: 1st movt Allegro8BeethovenSonatina in F: 2nd movt Rondo4BeethovenSonatina in G Op. 79: 3rd movt Vivace7BeethovenVariations in F: Op. bruary 2015- Updated by GL and RJ7866798

PianoBendaSonata in A minor: Presto4BendaSonatina in A minor4BendaSonatina in B flat6BendaSonatina in F5BendaSonatina in G minor5BendaSonatina in G: Un poco allegretto4BendaSonatina No.164BenjaminHaunted House5BenjaminSoldiers in the Distance4Bennett, RRDiversions No. 25Bennett, RRDiversions No. 34Bennett, RRDiversions No. 55Bennett, RREight Maids-A-Milking6Bennett, RRTaking a Line for a Walk6Bennett, RRTwo Turtle Doves6BeresfordFred's Rose6BerkeleyConcert Study in E flat Op.48 No.29BerkeleyFive Short Pieces No. 2: Allegro moderato7BerkeleyFive Short Pieces No. 3: Moderato6BerkeleyFive Short Pieces No.5: Allegro6BerkeleyNo 1 from Six Preludes Op. 238BerkeleyNo 3 from Six Preludes Op. 238BerkeleyNo 4 from Six Preludes Op. 236BerkeleyNo 5 from Six Preludes Op. 238Berkeley8Berlioz, arr. JohnsonNo 6 from Six Preludes Op. 23Hungarian March (Damnation of Faust) (11 MarchMelodies)BernsteinFor Helen Coates 19/7/1899 (Four Anniversaries)7BernsteinFor Johnny Mehegan7BernsteinSomewhere6Berry, arr. LittonChristopher Columbus5BertiniStudy in E minor4BlacherWhat About This, Mr Clementi?7BlakeChaconne & Toccatina (8 Character Pieces09BlakePrelude (Andantino) (No. 1, Lifecycle)6BlochDream (No. 10, Enfantines)5BlochJoyous March (No. 5, Enfantines)5BlochWaves (No. 1, Poems of the Sea)8BlumenfeldBerceuse Op. 23 No.38BodorovaCarousel7BolckSonatina in G Op.59 No.2: 3rd movt Allegro vivo5BonsorDreamy6BonsorFeelin' Good6Borisova-OllasSilent Island5BorodinIntermezzo Op. 1 No. 26BortkiewiczErster Schmerz Op. 14 No. 56February 2015- Updated by GL and RJ49

PianoBortkiewiczRussian Peasant Girl Op. 54 No. 14BoulangerD'un Vieux Jardin8BourgeoisMarch of the Kilobytes8BourneIndians6BoutryLe Voleur d'Etincelles: 3rd movt Allegro vivace7BowenFinale (from Op. 3)9BowenNocturne (from Op. 3)9BowenPrelude in E flat (No. 7, 24 Preludes Op. 102)8BowenBoyleReverieAiken Drum84BrahmsBallade in D minor Op. 10 No. 19BrahmsBallade in G minor Op. 118 No. 39BrahmsCapriccio in B minor Op. 76 No. 28BrahmsCapriccio in F# minor Op. 76 No. 19BrahmsIntermezzo in A minor Op. 76 No. 78BrahmsIntermezzo in A minor Op. 116 No. 29BrahmsIntermezzo in A Op. 118 No. 29BrahmsIntermezzo in B flat Op. 76 No. 48BrahmsIntermezzo in B minor Op. 119 No. 19BrahmsIntermezzo in E flat Op. 117 No.19BrahmsIntermezzo in E Op. 116 No. 68BrahmsIntermezzo in E Op.116 No. 49BrahmsIntermezzo Op. 119 No. 38BrahmsRhapsody in G minor Op.79 No. 29BrahmsRomanze Op. 118 No. 59BrahmsWaltz in A flat Op. 39 No. 156BrahmsWaltz in B minor Op. 39 No. 116BrahmsWaltz in D minor Op. 39 No. 95BrahmsWaltz in E Op. 39 No. 126BrahmsWaltz in E Op. 39 No. 26Brahms, arr. GraingerCradle tu (Miniature Suite: 2nd movt)6BridgeNo. 2 (Miniature Pastorales Set 3)6Bridge6BridgeNo. 8 (9 Miniature Pastorales)No.1 Allegretto con moto (Miniature pastorals set1)BridgeRosemary8BridgeNo. 2 (Miniature Pastorales Set 1)4BrittenCharacter Piece No. 2: Daphne8BrittenFun-Fair Op. 5 No. 39BrittenNo.1 from Five Waltzes6BrubeckDad plays the Harmonica8BrubeckFor Lydia5BrubeckTake Five6February 2015- Updated by GL and RJ510

PianoBrubeck, trans. HBrubeckKing For A Day8BruchKlavierstück in D minor Op. 12 No. 46BruchSchwedischer Tanz in A minor Op. 63 No. 147BullAlman6BullardTapping Heels4BurgmullerBallade in C minor Op. 1004BurgmullerBarcarolle (25 Easy & Progressive Studies Op. 100)4BurgmullerCloche des matines6BurgmullerHeimkehr Op. 100 No. 235BurgmullerLa Styrienne4BurgmullerLa Tarentelle Op. 1005BurgmullerL'orage Op. 109 No. 135BurgmullerVelocity Op. 109 No. 106BurrellConstellations 1 and 29BusoniEtude Op. 16 No. 38CageTwo pieces for piano c1935CamilleriBanyoro Celebration (Little Africa Suite)6CamilleriShadows of Silence5CapersBillie's Song4CapersMr 'Satchmo'6CapersSweet Mister Jelly Roll5CarmichaelOne Morning In May6CarmichaelCarmichael / Arodin,arr. MyhillStardust6Up A Lazy River4CarrollAlone Sunset (No. 10, Sea Idylls)4CarrollFrom Ship to Shore4CasellaBolero (11 Pezzi Infantil)6CasellaGalop final6CashianLandscape8CashianSlow Moon4CaustonNon Mi Comporto Male9ChabrierIdylle (No. 6, 10 Pieces Pittoresques)8ChabrierRonde Champetre9ChabrierHabanera8ChamberlainKing of the Castle4ChamberlainTickety-Boo4ChaminadeElegie Op. 126 No. 66ChaminadeIdylle Op. 126 No. 14ChaminadePas des Echarpes7ChaplinSmile6ChappleNo. 2 and No. 3 from Bagatelles Diverses9ChappleParade4ChappleThe Blue Pool5February 2015- Updated by GL and RJI slowlyII quite fast811

PianoChappleLazy Days (Lazy Days)4ChappleWashtub Rag (On the Cool Side)5ChavezMeditaçion (1918)8ChilcottJigg (Suite No. 3)6ChopinBerceuse in D flat Op. 579ChopinCantabile in B flat6ChopinEtude in A flat8ChopinEtude No.1 in F minor9ChopinImpromptu in A flat Op. 298Chopin9ChopinImpromptu in G flat Op. 51Introduction and Variations in B flat on a themefrom Herold's 'Ludovic' Op.12ChopinMazurka in A flat Op. posth.6ChopinMazurka in A flat Op. 24 No. 36ChopinMazurka in A minor Op. 7 No. 26ChopinMazurka in A minor Op. 59 No. 19ChopinMazurka in B flat Op. 7 No. 16ChopinMazurka in C Op.33 No.36ChopinMazurka in C# minor Op. 30 No.48ChopinMazurka in C# minor Op. 50 No. 39ChopinMazurka in F minor Op. 63 No. 27ChopinMazurka in G minor Op. 67 No. 26ChopinNocturne in B Op. 32 No. 18ChopinNocturne in C# minor Op. posth.9ChopinNocturne in E minor Op. 72 No. 18ChopinNocturne in E Op. 62 No. 29ChopinNocturne in F minor Op. 55 No. 19ChopinPolonaise in C minor Op. 40 No. 18ChopinPrelude in A flat Op. 28 No. 178ChopinPrelude in B minor Op. 28 No. 67ChopinPrelude in C# minor Op. 458ChopinPrelude in D flat Op. 28 No.15 (Raindrop)7ChopinPrelude in E minor Op. 28 No. 45ChopinValse Brillante No. 4 in F (Op. 34 No. 3)9ChopinWaltz (Sostenuto) in E flat5ChopinWaltz in B minor Op. 69 No. 28ChopinWaltz in D flat Op. 64 No. 18ChopinWaltz in F Op. 34 No. 38ChopinWaltz in A flat Op. 69 No. 1 (Fontana's version)8ChopinWaltz in A flat Op. 70 No. 27ChopinWaltz in E minor Op. posth.9Cimarosa6CimarosaAllegro in G (No. 12, Cimarosa Sonatas Bk. 2)Larghetto in C minor (No. 15, Cimarosa SonatasBk. 2)CimarosaSonata in B flat6CimarosaSonata in G C344February 2015- Updated by GL and RJ9512

PianoCimarosaSonata in G minor4Clementi8ClementiSonata in A: 1st movt AllegroSonata in C Op. 34 No.1: 1st movt Allegro conspiritoClementiSonata in D Op. 25 No. 6: Rondo8ClementiSonata in D Op. 25 No. 6: Un poco andante5ClementiSonata in E flat Op. 11: 1st movt7ClementiSonata in F Op. 4 No. 6: 1st movt5ClementiSonata in F Op. 4 No. 6: 2nd movt AllegrettoSonata in F# minor Op. 25 No. 5: 1st movt Piùtosto allegro con espressioneSonata in G Op. 37 No. 2: 1st movt Allegro or 3rdmovt Allegro65ClementiSonatina in C Op. 36 No. 3: 3rd movtSonatina in D Op. 36 No. 6: 1st movtspirito or 2nd movt Allegro spiritosoSonatina in F Op. 36 No. 4: 1st movtspiritoSonatina in F Op. 36 No. 4: 3rd movtvivaceClementiSonatina in G Op. 36 No. 2: 1st movt Allegretto4ClementiSonatina in G Op. 36 No. 5: 3rd movt Rondo4ClementiStudy in A (Gradus ad Parnassum)8ColeValse Mélancolique4ConfreyDizzy Fingers7ConfreyKitten on the Keys9CookeSarabande (Suite in C)7CoplandJazzy (Three Moods)9CoplandMazurka Humoristique8CoplandPiano Blues No. 38CoplandScherzo Humoristique: The Cat and the Mouse9CoplandSentimental Melody (Slow Dance)7CoreaReverie6CoreaWhere Have I Known You Before?7CornickBossa Nova (No. 4 Easy Jazzy Piano)5CornickFirst Impressions (Blue Piano)5CornickHoneysuckle Rag4CornickIn the Shed4CornickLast Summer5CornickRe: Peter's Rag5CornickRococo rt Invention4CoryI Left My Heart in San Francisco5CouperinLa Lutine (Pieces de Clavecin Bk. 1 Ordre 3)6CouperinLes Petits Moulins a ary 2015- Updated by GL and RJAllegroAllegro conAllegro conAllegro98864513

PianoCouperinLes Roseaux7CramerStudy No. 83 Op. 1007CroslandCucumber Jam4CuiSpanish Puppets5CuiWaltz Op. 31 No. 27CzernyEtude in A minor Op. 740 No. 318CzernyEtude in A minor Op. 740 No. 418CzernyEtude in D minor Op. 740 No. 377CzernyExercise in B flat Op.823 No. 604DaquinLa Mélodieuse4DaquinLe Coucou7Davis, arr. MichaelAll Blues5Davis, arr. MichaelFreddie Freeloader4Davis, arr. HarrisPride and Prejudice: Main Theme6De FallaDanse du Meunier8De SennevilleBallade pour Adeline5DebussyArabesque No. 1 in E8DebussyArabesque No. 29DebussyBruyères (Préludes Bk. 2)9DebussyCanope7DebussyClair de Lune8DebussyDanse Bohemienne8DebussyDr Gradus ad Parnassum (Children's Corner)8

Bach, JS Two-part Invention No. 4 in D minor BWV 775 5 Bach, JS Two-part Invention No. 8 in F BWV 779 5 Bach, JS Two-part Invention No.14 in B flat BWV 785 6 Bach, JS arr. Keveren Air on the G String 6 Bach, JS trans. Alkan Siciliano 7 Bach, WF Aria in G minor 4 Bacharach Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head 4

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Teacher Support Booklet: Contract Law. 1 of 40 GCE Law Contents Contents 1 Exemplar Candidate Work: Contract Law (G155) 2 Exemplar Candidate Work: Law of Contract Special Study (G156) 16 Sample Classroom Activity: GCE Law (H534): Law of Contract (G155) Bunge Corp New York v Tradax Export SA Panama 30

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