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APPLIEDPHYSICSThe University of South Florida (USF) isthe only university in the state of Floridathat offers a Ph.D. in Applied Physics.College of Arts & Sciences Department of PhysicsApplied physics provides the bridgebetween theoretical, fundamentalphysical concepts and their practical,engineering applications.Three integrated components serve thismission:RESEARCH FOCUSOur emphasis is on solid-state & materialsphysics, biophysics and medical physics,atomic, molecular physics and optics, andcomputational physics.TAILORED COURSE WORKResearch specific, customizable, smallclasses.INDUSTRIAL PRACTICUMAll students have the unique opportunity tospend 2 - 12 weeks in national companies orlabs.Graduation PlacementMore than 95% placement since the programwas established in 1999. Diverse profileexpanded from traditional physicist toentrepreneur and healthcare specialist.Ouralumni are employed nationally and globally.2

YOURFUTUREA New Era Begins as USF Achieves PreeminenceThe Florida Preeminence Program rewards high-achieving universities based on 12 metrics, including graduationrates, student retention rates, research expenditures, and the number of patents awarded. USF is just the third Floridauniversity to earn preeminence, joining the University of Florida and Florida State University - a remarkable achievementfor a university that’s half the age of its peers.SOME HIGHLIGHTSUSF has been named America’s Fastest Rising Research University 2020.It is classified as “R1: Doctoral Universities – very high research activity” (only 2.5% of all post-secondary institutions.)The physics department has 25 tenure-line research faculty and 65 graduate students.The American Physical Society (APS) has chosen to fund USF Physics as one of two inaugural Bridge Program sites in thenation. The program makes a significant contribution to the inclusion of under-represented minorities in graduate physicseducation, a pressing national need.3

OURGRADUATEPROGRAMSM.S. in Applied PhysicsPh.D. in Applied PhysicsPh.D. in Applied Physicswith Emphasis onMedical PhysicsI FELT VERY WELCOME IN THEPROGRAM. PROFESSORS,FELLOW-STUDENTS, AND STAFFARE ALL FOCUSED ON THESTUDENTS’ SUCCESS AND CREATECOLLABORATIVE, FRIENDLY,AND ACADEMICS-ORIENTEDATMOSPHERE.”These programs encompass the researchareas of Biophysics & Biomedical Physics,Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics, SolidState & Materials Physics, and MedicalPhysics, in collaborative research with USFMoffitt Cancer Center.4

SOLID STATE & MATERIALS BIOPHYSICS &PHYSICSBIOMEDICAL PHYSICSBasic and applied research in Solid-state andMaterials Physics at the University of SouthFlorida aims to improve the understanding ofphysical phenomena and to develop advancedmaterials and processes for technologicallysignificant applications. The range of topicalareas of interest include new crystal growthand synthetic approaches, thermal transport,phonon-scattering mechanisms, surface andinterface phenomena, quantum and electroncorrelation effects in low dimensional materials,fundamentals of catalytic conversion at surfaces,epitaxy, thin films and heterostructures,nanomagnetism, nanospintronics, biosensors,medical nanodevices, magnetocaloric materials,functional magnetic oxides, multiferroic materials,atomically thin heterostructures, spin frustrationin strongly correlated materials, spin dynamicsat GHz & THz frequencies, unconventionalmagnetism at molecular interfaces, fabricationand characterization of 2D materials forapplications in optoelectronic devices,photosensors, ferroelectric and thermoelectricmaterials, multiferroics, superconductors,electronic structure simulations, thermoelectrictransport, models for Hall effects, topologicalmaterials, photovoltaic materials and non-linearoptical materials.Physics cluster in our department is engagedin a wide range of basic and appliedresearch projects. Research interests includelipid-protein interactions, biomolecularsimulation techniques, machinelearning, polypeptide induced membranetransformation, phase separation in modelmembranes, neuronal disorders, calciumdynamics, and cell signaling pathways.ATOMIC MOLECULAR &OPTICAL PHYSICSAtomic, molecular and optical physics ispursued within the Department of Physics andcovers a wide range of theoretical andexperimental research in low energy studiesof atomic and molecular materials often usinglaser, optical, phonon, and electrical excitationand subsequent spectroscopic analysis of theresultant response, optoelectronic propertiesand device physics of low dimensionaland solution based semiconductors, spinphotocurrent from two dimensional flexiblemultiple quantum wells.MEDICAL PHYSICSMedical Physics is the application of physicsand related sciences to the practice ofmedicine. Our Ph.D. program in AppliedPhysics Emphasis in Medical Physicswith the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center andResearch Institute has been accredited bythe Commission on Accreditation of MedicalPhysics Education Programs (CAMPEP). Thiswill provide a national point of distinction forour Applied Physics doctoral program andgenerate opportunities for our graduates inthis option to pursue clinical residencies inradiation oncology physics and achieve boardcertification in medical physics.RESEARCHAREAS5

WHY CHOOSEAPLLIED PHYSICSAT USF? Unique Applied Physics programRanked among top US programs for student criteria (NRC)High graduation rate and graduation placement ( 95%)Average graduation time 5.5 years (a year ahead of the national average)Multidisciplinary researchComprehensive financial assistance (competitive stipend tuition waiver health insurance)Tailored course workIndustrial practicumUSF is one of only three Preeminent State Research University in FloridaLocated in the beautiful Tampa Bay area6

START HEREA DMI S SION R E Q UIR E M E N T SFIN A NCI A L S UP P OR T Bachelor’s Degree in Physics or a related field with a minimumundergraduate GPA of 3.0 out of 4 (letter grade of B)General GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is required. GREPhysics Subject Test is recommended. GRE can be waived forexceptional applicants3 letters of recommendationStatement of PurposeStudents from non-english speaking countries are required totake either TOEFL (IBT 80), or IELTS ( 6.5) Teaching & Research Assistantships are usually limited to Ph.D.studentsFor non-english speaking countries TOEFL speaking ( 20), orIELTS speaking ( 6.5) is requiredStipend: 23,865/year Tuition Waiver & Health InsurancePresidential Fellowships (for exceptional Ph.D. Students)Stipend: 32,000/year tuition waiver (five-year award)Other USF and Summer Fellowships7

PROGRAMCURRICULUMThe curriculum for the Applied Physics program has been developedwith the premise that the students need to acquire a strong theoreticalbackground in advanced physical concepts first and then apply thisknowledge to technical challenges. In collaboration with the USF MoffittCancer Center, our graduate program also offers a separate PhD inApplied Physics with emphasis on Medical Physics.PH.D. DEGREE REQUIREMENTSM.S. DEGREE REQUIREMENTSThe degree requires a total of 72 credit hours distributed as follows:The MS degree requires 30 credit hours and offers a thesis and nonthesis option. Both options involve completion of three core courses (9credit hours).The average time to complete the MS degree is 3 years,with 5 years the maximum.Core Courses in Theoretical and Applied areas (12 credit hours)Electives (18 credit hours)Additional Credit Hours (15 credit hours)Industrial Practicum (3 credit hours)Dissertation Research (24 credit hours)YEAR 1YEAR 2COURSES4 CORE COURSES,2 ELECTIVES6 ELECTIVESRESEARCHJOIN LABEVENTSTHESIS OPTIONElectives (12 credit hours)Thesis research (9 credit hours)YEAR 3YEAR 4NON-THESISElectives (21 credit hours)YEAR 5RESEARCH TOWARDSPH.D.GRECREDENTIALS / QUALIFIER/ PRACTICUMGRADUATEFOR DETAILS, PLEASE VISIT:P H Y SIC S .U S F. E DU /GR A DU AT E8

INDUSTRIALPRACTICUMNATIONAL: Tucson (AZ) Silicon Valley, Berkeley, Livermore, Redondo Beach (CA) Rogers (CT) Washington (DC) Largo, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Dunedin,Alachua, Gainesville, Apopka (FL) Kolkata (IN) Baton Rouge (LA) Shrewsbury, Andover (MA) Adolphi, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Columbia, Gaithersburg, Aberdeen ProvingGround (MD) Bay City (MI) Bloomington (MN) Durham (NC) Hopewell (NJ) Los Alamos, Albuquerque (NM) Troy, Upton (NY) Oak Ridge (TN) Dallas (TX) FallsChurch (VA)INTERNATIONAL: Vienna (AS) China (CH) Dresden (DE) Dresden (GY) Bruyeres-le-Chatel, Gif-sur-Yvette, Orsay, Lyon (FR) Tel Aviv (IS) Trieste (IT) Totsukamachi,Shinjuku (JP) Kosice (SL) Faversham (UK) Hanoi (VM)The Industrial Practicum is a unique feature of our Ph.D. program. It is designed togive our Ph.D. candidates the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a nonacademicenvironment, develop relationship with potential future employers, and enhance theircareer opportunities. PhD students may complete the Industrial Practicum requirement at anynational or international industrial firm, company, private agency or government/state researchlaboratory. Industrial Practicum may last from four weeks to one semester, and is funded bythe department funds or research grants.9

BULL CITYFOR MORE INFORMATIONSTUDENTORGANIZATIONSGraduate students are active in thelife of the department, some might saythat they are the life of the department,through the Physics Graduate StudentCommittee and the Society of PhysicsStudents. USF grad students organizedthe Tampa-Orlando chapter of APS locallinks, a forum sponsored by the AmericanPhysical Society for local physicists inacademia and industry to get togethermonthly at coffee houses or pubs.Students also organize holiday parties,movie nights, departmental picnics, andphysics demonstrations for middle andhigh school students.LIFE IN TAMPA BAYA thriving business community, vibrant artsscene and intriguing historic districts makeTampa Bay a desirable place to live. Fromthe Salvador Dali museum to the thrillsof Busch Gardens theme park, there areattractions, sports venues, performancehalls museums, theaters, shopping locationsand restaurants galore to explore. Tampa iseasily accessible. Tampa International Airport,which is consistently voted one of the best inthe world, is just 14 miles from USF TampaCampus.About admissions, please contact:Prof. Inna PonomarevaDirector of Graduate Admissionsphyadmissions@usf.eduDepartment of Physics4202 Fowler Ave, ISA2019, Tampa, FL 33620Phone: (813) 974-2871physics.usf.edu10

strong Ph.D /strong . in Applied Physics strong Ph.D /strong . in Applied Physics with Emphasis on Medical Physics These programs encompass the research areas of Biophysics & Biomedical Physics, Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics, Solid State & Materials Physics, and Medical Physics, in

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