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See What’sNEW!Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269DEVELOP THE INNOVATORSOF THE FUTURE.TECHNOLOGY: TAKE ENGINEERING ANDCREATIVITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITHREMOTE-CONTROLLED TECHNIC VEHICLES.PAGES 24-27ROBOTICS: TEACH KIDS ABOUT CODING ANDENGINEERING WITH LEGO BOOST CREATIVETOOLBOX AND MINDSTORMS EV3.AGES 16 1,023 PIECESExplore the finer details of iconic engineeringwith the LEGO Creator Expert 10269 HarleyDavidson Fat Boy motorcycle. Developed inpartnership with Harley-Davidson, this highlydetailed LEGO motorcycle captures the magic ofthe real-life machine, from its solid-disc Lakesterwheels with beefy tires to its teardrop fuel tankwith printed logos and inbuilt speedometer.Other features include a Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons, dual exhaust pipes,handlebar steering, moveable gearshift pedaland brake levers, kickstand and a sturdy displaystand. Finished with a dark red and black colorscheme, this amazing display model makes atruly iconic centerpiece for the home or office.This advanced LEGO set provides an immersiveand rewarding building experience.LEGO Creator Expert2LEGO Harry Potter 10AGES 12 Measures over 7" high,7" wide and 12" long!AGES 7 LEGO IdeasAGES 10 LEGO Stranger ThingsSpin the rear tire to see theMilwaukee-Eight engine pistonsspring to life! 99.99AGES 16 LEGO BOOSTAGES 7 LEGO Architecture17LEGO Star Wars 18LEGO Featured Sets23AGES 6 AGES 6 PAGES 50-52LEGO Technic AGES 9 POWERED: MOTORIZE LEGO SETSAND INCREASE THEIR PLAY VALUEWITH POWERED-UP FUNCTIONS.1616AGES 12 INTERACTIVE: DISCOVER A NEW WAY FORKIDS TO PLAY BY DIGITALLY ENGAGINGIN THE HIDDEN SIDE OF LEGO SETS.14LEGO MINDSTORMS AGES 10 PAGES 16, 221424 LEGO NINJAGO AGES 6 PAGES 8-9, 23LEGO FriendsAGES 4 LEGO.COM/PAGE/TECH-AND-PLAYTHE LEGO MOVIE 2 AGES 6 LEGO CityAGES 5 SCAN THE QR CODESTHROUGHOUTTHE CATALOG FORADDITIONAL CONTENT,VIDEOS AND MORE!2SCAN ME! ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652384042LEGO DCSuper Heroes46LEGO MarvelSuper Heroes48LEGO Hidden Side 50AGES 4 AGES 7 AGES 7 2019 H-D or its affiliates. HARLEY-DAVIDSON, HARLEY, H-D, and the Bar and Shield Logo are among the trademarks of H-D U.S.A., LLC.Third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.34LEGO Jurassic WorldAGES 6 Features solid-discLakester wheels with beefytires, teardrop fuel tankwith Harley-Davidson logosand inbuilt speedometer,Milwaukee-Eight enginewith moving pistons, dualexhaust pipes, handlebarsteering, moveable gearshift pedal and brake levers,kickstand and a sturdydisplay stand!30FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 3

AWESOME VEHICLESLondon Bus10258AGES 16 Measures over7" high, 13" longand 5" wide!1,686 PIECESEnjoy a nostalgic journey with this highlyauthentic reproduction of the iconic LondonBus, featuring classic curved bodywork,panoramic windshield, specially madestandard-tread tires and a detailed interior.Ford Mustang10265AGES 16 Measures over 3" high,13" long and 5" wide!1,471 PIECES 149.99 139.99Adjust the lift ofthe rear axle fora real mean look!Remove the roofand upper deck forfull access to thedetailed interior!Ford Trademarksand Trade Dressused under licenseto the LEGO groupof companies.Volkswagen BeetleJames Bond Aston Martin DB51025210262AGES 16 1,167 PIECESAGES 16 1,295 PIECESExperience the James Bond Aston MartinDB5 with a wealth of sophisticated detailsand 007 gadgetry, including rotating licenseplates, ejector seat, tire scythes and frontwing machine guns. 99.99VW Beetle includingsurfboard and coolermeasures over 5" high,11" long and 4" wide!Officially licensedby Volkswagen4 ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652Measures over 3" high,13" long and 4" wide! 149.99Open the trunkto reveal theauthentic,4-cylinder aircooled engine!Aston Martin, the Aston Martin Wings logo and the model name DB5 are trademarks owned, licensed or used by Aston Martin Lagonda Limited. All rights reserved.and related James Bond Trademarks 1962-2019 Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation.and related James Bond Trademarks are trademarks ofDanjaq, LLC. 2019 EON Productions Limited and Danjaq, LLC. All rights reserved.FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 5

MUST-HAVE LEGO SETS Downtown Diner10260AGES 16 Measures over13" high, 9" wideand 9" deep!2,480 PIECESDrop in for a nostalgic brunch atthe Downtown Diner, complete withdiner, gym, recording studio and awealth of brick-built details, plus funcelebrities and surprises. 169.99Includes 6 minifigures: a chef,waitress, boxer, rock star,manager and a bodybuilder!Corner Garage10264AGES 16 2,569 PIECESThis amazing model comes withremovable building sectionsfor easy access to the highlydetailed interior and comprises3 stories. On the ground level,there’s a 1950s-style gas stationwith fuel pump, kiosk and avehicle workshop; at the midlevel, animal clinic; while on theupper level, you’ll discover awell-equipped apartment and astaircase that leads to a rooftopterrace. The exterior of thebuilding features a classic 1950sfacade, plus a sidewalk area witha tree and an ornate streetlamp.Also includes a scooter, tow truckand 6 minifigures, plus parrot,bunny, dog, frog and fish figures.Measures over12" high, 10" wideand 9" deep! 199.99Assembly Square10255AGES 16 4,002 PIECESEnter the magical world ofthe Assembly Square, with itselaborate facade and host ofshops and amenities featuringunsurpassed details and surprises.Measures over13" high, 14" wideand 9" deep!Parisian Restaurant10243AGES 16 2,469 PIECES 159.99Measuresover 11" high,9" long and9" wide! 279.99Includes 8 minifigures:a dentist, barista, baker,florist, music store assistant,dancer, photographer and aLEGO fan, plus a baby figure!Each LEGO modular buildingcan be displayed individuallyor connected to each other!See moremodular sets, like theAssembly Square,online!6 ONLINE shop.LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 7

HARD-TO-FIND LEGO SETS Roller Coaster10261AGES 16 4,124 PIECES 379.99NASA Apollo 11Lunar LanderMeasures over20" high, 34" wideand 16" deep!10266AGES 16 1,087 PIECESIncludes2 astronautminifigures withNASA decorationand golden helmets!Measures over7" high, 8" wideand 7" deep! 99.99Build a replica display model ofApollo 11’s Eagle lunar landerwith separate ascent anddescent stages, plus a depictionof the lunar surface with crater,footprints and a U.S. flag!SCAN ME!LEGO Roller Coaster360 experience!POWEREDNASA insignia and identifiers provided and used with permission of NASA.Carousel10257AGES 16 2,670 PIECESTake a ride on the wonderfulCarousel with a 2-tier deck,moving animals, ornate, reflectiverounding boards, ticket booth anda wealth of magical details.Includes 7 minifigures: a rideoperator, mom, dad, boy, girl,grandmother and granddaughter! 199.99Vestas Wind Turbine10268AGES 12 826 PIECESThis LEGO Creator Expert VestasWind Turbine set also featuresadjustable wind turbine blades,detailed tower, movable nacellewith aircraft warning lights, Vestasservice vehicle, trees, greenery anda house with garden, flowers, picketfence and a patio with 2 chairs,table and a parasol. 199.99Motorize the Carouselwith the LEGO PowerFunctions 8883 MediumMotor and 88000AAA Battery Box(not included)!Measures over12" high,14" wide and13" deep!8 ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652Turn the nacelleleft or right andswitch on theincluded PowerFunctions motorto activate theadjustable windturbine bladesand workingporch light!Measuresapproximately39" high, 24" wideand 12" deep!Celebrate renewableenergy technology with thisbuildable science toy! 2019 Vestas Wind Systems A/S.All rights reserved.Includes 3 minifigures:a woman and 2 Vestas servicetechnicians with V-printedtorsos, plus a dog figure!FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 9

NEW LEGO HARRY POTTER SETS Hungarian HorntailTriwizard Challenge75946AGES 8 265 PIECES Hungarian Horntailwith wings openmeasures over2" high, 10" longand 13" wide!Includes 4 minifigures:Harry Potter , Fleur Delacour,Cedric Diggory and Viktor Krum,each with their own wand!Hogwarts Clock Tower75948AGES 9 922 PIECESThis LEGO Harry Potter toyplayset features the 3-levelHogwarts Clock Tower, EntranceHall, Defense Against theDark Arts classroom, HospitalWing, Prefects’ Bathroom,Dumbledore’s Office and asection of icy decorations forthe Yule Ball. Recreate Harry Potter andthe Goblet of Fire’s TriwizardTournament, and helpHarry get the golden egg!Armed only with a wand,you must outsmart Harry’scompetition—Viktor Krum,Fleur Delacour and CedricDiggory—then battle one ofthe most dangerous dragonsin the wizarding world, theHungarian Horntail. So hangon to your wand and summonyour Firebolt It’s going totake all your skills to be firstto reach the egg!Includes 8 minifigures:Harry Potter , RonWeasley , HermioneGranger , Fleur Delacour,Cedric Diggory, ViktorKrum, Albus Dumbledore and Madame Maxime! 89.99 29.99Hagrid’s Hut:Buckbeak’s Rescue75947AGES 8 496 PIECESLEGO Hagrid’s Hut’s mainroom includes a table with2 chairs, buildable armchair,chimney with light brick, eggin a bowl, bag, display case,Hagrid’s pink umbrella,shovel, teapot, spoon, pan,meat cleaver, lasso, broomand a bucket. 59.99Includes 6 minifigures:Hagrid , Harry Potter ,Ron Weasley , HermioneGranger , Executioner andthe Minister of Magic plusa Buckbeak the Hippogrifffigure with moveablewings and head, restrainedby a removable chain!Hogwarts Clock Tower measures over13" high, 13" wide and 7" deep!Expecto Patronum75945AGES 7 121 PIECESHelp Harry Potter save Sirius Black from the Dementors ! Summon yourhappiest memories and cast Harry’sstag Patronus with Expecto Patronum,as seen in the Harry Potter and thePrisoner of Azkaban movie. WillHarry succeed? Only you can decide. 19.99Includes 4 minifigures: Harry Potter ,Sirius Black and 2 Dementors !10 ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652HARRY POTTER characters, names and related indicia are & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. WIZARDING WORLDtrademark and logo & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights JKR. (s19)Stag Patronus figurestands over 2" tall!FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 11

MAGIC AND ADVENTUREThe Rise of Voldemort 75965AGES 7 184 PIECES 19.99Includes 4 minifigures:Harry Potter with wand andTriwizard Challenge outfit,Lord Voldemort with wand,Peter Pettigrew with wandand a Death Eater !Hogwarts Castle71043The Knight Bus 75957AGES 8 403 PIECESThis 3-level LEGO bus featuresan opening hinged side paneland a removable roof tomaximize play potential. 39.99Includes a slidingbed and swingingchandelier thatmove as the busswerves and turns!AGES 16 6,020 PIECESThis highly detailed LEGO Harry Potter collectible hasover 6,000 pieces and offers arewarding build experience. Itcomes packed with highlightsfrom the Harry Potter series,where you will discover towers,turrets, chambers, classrooms,creatures, the Whomping Willow and Hagrid’s hut, plus manymore iconic features. And with4 minifigures, 27 microfiguresfeaturing students, professors andstatues, plus 5 Dementors , thisadvanced building set makes theperfect Harry Potter gift.The WhompingWillow includes thebuildable blue FlyingFord Anglia car in itsspinning branches!Hagrid’s hut featuresAragog the spider andbuildable pumpkins! 399.99Beauxbatons’ Carriage:Arrival at Hogwarts 75958AGES 8 430 PIECESIncludes 4 minifigures:Hagrid , Madame Maxime,Fleur Delacour andGabrielle Delacour! 49.99Includes 4 minifigures!Find moreLEGO Harry Potter products online!12 ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652HARRY POTTER characters, names and related indicia are & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. WIZARDING WORLDtrademark and logo & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights JKR. inRowenaRavenclawFREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 13

FAN FAVORITESMeasures over5" high, 10" longand 5" wide!Steamboat Willie21317AGES 10 21318751 PIECESAGES 16 3,036 PIECES 199.99 89.99Tree foliage features over180 botanical elements made fromplant-based polyethylene plastic usingsustainably sourced sugarcane. Assortedplant elements around the tree are alsomade from this plant-based plastic. Thisis the first milestone in the LEGO Group’sambitious commitment to make all productsusing sustainable materials by 2030!Includes2 minifigures:Mickey Mouseand Minnie Mouse,each withsilver-coloreddecoration, plusa parrot figure!The Upside DownAGES 16 2,287 PIECESIncludes4 minifigures:mom, dad and2 children, plusa bird figure!The treetopand cabin roofsare removablefor easy accessand play!Boat does not float. Disney75810Tree HouseFlip the Byers’ housebetween the real world andthe Upside Down world!The Flintstones21316AGES 10 748 PIECESThe Flintstones home features aremovable rooffor easy play! 199.99 59.99Rear view!Measures over 12" tall,17" wide and 8" deep! NETFLIX14 ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652THE FLINTSTONESand all related charactersand elements & Hanna-Barbera. (s19)FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 15

BUILD, CODE, PLAYFAMOUS LANDMARKSBuilding instructions for 5 robotsincluded. Download 12 bonus buildinginstructions developed by real fans andendorsed by the LEGO Group atLEGO.com/MINDSTORMS!LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 AGES 10 601 PIECESCombining the versatility of the LEGO buildingsystem with the most advanced technology we’ve everdeveloped, unleash the creative powers of the new LEGOMINDSTORMS EV3 set to create and command robotsthat walk, talk, think and do anything you can imagine!Includesremotecontrol! At the heart of the product is the Intelligent EV3 Brickwith powerful ARM9 processor, USB port for WiFiand Internet connectivity, Micro SD card reader,back-lit buttons and 4 motor ports. Intuitive software (PC and Mac) with iconbased drag-and-drop programming interface.Measures over 4" high,9" wide and 7" deep!1,197 PIECESFeatures the National Gallery,Nelson’s Column flanked by4 lions, 2 fountains, 4 sculptureplinths, 10 trees, 6 lampposts,and a tiled baseplatedepicting the squareand road areas completewith 2 London buses and2 black cabs.What is LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3?Includes a decorativeTrafalgar Squarenameplate! 349.99The iPod, iPad, and iPhone are trademarksof Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. andother countries.The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created andshared by Google and used according to terms described in theCreative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.ROBOTICSEmpire State BuildingLEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox21046847 PIECESCHOKING HAZARD (1,3). Not for under 3 yrs.Take your LEGO play to the next level withthe amazing LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox.Build and code interactive, motorized robots,models and creations with distance, color andtilt sensor technologies. 159.99AGES 12 SCAN ME! Follow the step-by-step 3D building instructionsto create up to 17 LEGO MINDSTORMS modelsand bring them to life with an easy, intuitiveand icon-based programming interface.AGES 7 21045 79.99 Includes 3 interactive servo motors, remotecontrol, improved and redesigned color sensor,redesigned touch sensor, infrared sensor and550 LEGO Technic elements.17101Trafalgar SquareBuilding instructions for all 5 models areincluded with the free LEGO BOOST app!SCAN ME!Bring LEGO BOOSTto Life!AGES 16 1,767 PIECESElevate your LEGO building skills to a higher levelwith this LEGO Architecture 21046 Empire StateBuilding set. Located at the heart of New YorkCity, the Empire State Building towers above thesurrounding skyscrapers. Construction of the buildingbegan on March 17, 1930 and just one year and 45days later, on May 1, 1931 it was opened for business.The height of the structure was increased in 1950with the addition of the iconic antenna tower. At 21”(55cm), the tallest LEGO Architecture model to date(July 2019), this highly detailed, collectible replicaaccurately recreates the symmetrical lines of thebuilding’s 4 curtain wall facades and art deco antennatower. The tiled baseplate depicts Fifth Avenue andsurrounding roads complete with yellow cabs, andthe model is finished with a decorative nameplate.This 360 -displayable model delivers an interestingand rewarding building experience and makes atruly iconic centerpiece for the home and office. Ithas been developed for all with an interest in travel,architectural culture, history and design.At 21" high, this EmpireState Building model is thetallest LEGO Architecturemodel to date! 129.99ROBOTICS16This product requires6 AAA batteries(not included)!Tablet not included. ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652The Empire State Building name and images are registered trademarksof ESRT Empire State Building, L.L.C and are used with permission.FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 17

20 ANNIVERSARY SETSthImperial Dropship –20th Anniversary EditionSlave l –20th Anniversary Edition7526275243AGES 6 125 PIECESAGES 10 1,007 PIECESRotatingside wings! 19.99 119.99Includes5 minifigures!2000HAN SOLO Collectible MinifigureAnakin’s Podracer –20th Anniversary Edition75258AGES 7 Each set onpages 18 and 19includes a bonus20th anniversaryminifigure!279 PIECES 29.99Includes3 minifigures!1999LUKE SKYWALKER Collectible MinifigureIncludes3 minifigures!1999DARTH VADER Collectible MinifigureClone Scout Walker –20th Anniversary Edition75261AGES 6 250 PIECES 29.992000PRINCESS LEIA Collectible MinifigureSnowspeeder –20th Anniversary Edition75259AGES 7 309 PIECESIncludes5 minifigures! 39.99Includes4 minifigures!18 ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652Boba Fett 2003LANDO CALRISSIAN Collectible Minifigure & Lucasfilm Ltd.4-LOM Zuckuss Han Solo Han Solo in carboniteFREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 19

IMPRESSIVE STAR WARS SETS Death Star 75159AGES 14 Tantive IV 4,016 PIECES75244AGES 12 Measuresover 5" high,24" long and7" wide!1,768 PIECESTantive IV LEGO Star Wars construction toy features a radar that doubles as acarry handle, 2 detachable escape pods with space for a minifigure inside, openingcargo hold and removable cargo box, opening 2-minifigure cockpit, rotating andelevating stud-shooting turrets on top and 2 spring-loaded shooters underneath.The top hull detaches to reveal a detailed interior including a conference table,weapon rack and a control console with 2 seats for the minifigures. 499.99 199.99Includes 23 minifiguresand 2 droids!Includes 5 minifigures plus a Droid!PrincessLeia Millennium Falcon 75192AGES 16 Darth Vader’s Castle7,541 PIECESLARGESTLEGO SETEVER!Build, play and display the ultimateMillennium Falcon with amazingexternal detailing, large cockpit,detailed interior, 7,500 elementsand 2 crews! 799.99Includes 7 minifigures,BB-8 and 2 Porgs !Switch out thecrew and swap thesensor dish to createeither the Classicversion or The ForceAwakens/The LastJedi version of theMillennium Falcon !2075251AGES 9 1,060 PIECESThis building set of Vader’s mysterious strongholdfeatures lots of great details, including a brick-builtlava flow, an underground hangar with MouseDroid and docking station, ancient Sith shrine withholocron, racks for extra ammunition, and secretcompartments hiding more Sith relics. The hangaralso houses a buildable TIE Advanced Fighter modelwith stud shooters and space to seat the DarthVader minifigure. There’s also a bacta tank, DarthVader’s meditation chamber with holographiccommunication unit, and a meeting platform atthe top with a defensive stud-shooter cannon. 129.99Rebel FleetTrooper C-3PO R2-D2 BailOrganaRearview!Darth Vader’sCastle measuresover 16" high,11" wide and9" deep!Find moreLEGO Star Wars products online!Measures over8" high, 33" longand 22" wide! ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652CaptainAntilles & Lucasfilm Ltd.FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 21

CONTROL THE DROIDSDroid Commander75253AGES 8 1,177 PIECESBecome a LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commanderas you build, code and play your way throughchallenging missions with amazing droids! Downloadthe free LEGO BOOST Star Wars app and build lovableastromech Droid R2-D2 , a Gonk Droid and a MouseDroid. Travel to Alderaan , the Death Star and loadsmore exciting locations in the app as you commandyour droids to solve over 40 challenging missions forthe Rebel Alliance or the mighty Empire. Build andattach rocket boosters, a catapult and much more.Then code your droid to life using the app tospy on the Empire, train for battle and evendecode a message for Princess Leia . whoknows which other LEGO Star Wars charactersyou’ll meet on your journey across the galaxy.Prepare your droids, Commander!Kids will learn to code anddevelop creative problemsolving skills as they playwith this interactive STEM toy,featuring 3 buildableLEGO Star Wars droids andover 40 interactive missions!AWESOME SETSPassenger Train60197This funLEGO Star Wars tech toy for kidsincludes a color &distance sensor,interactive motor, MoveHub and 1,177 pieces– enough to build all3 lovable R2-D2 , GonkDroid and Mouse DroidLEGO figures!AGES 6 Operate the train withthe 10-speed Bluetoothremote control!677 PIECES 159.99Motorized enginesection measures over4" high, 10" longand 1" wide! 199.99SCAN ME!Bring yourtrain to life.Includes 4 minifigures:2 passengers, a trainconductor and a trainattendant!POWEREDDragon Boat Race80103SCAN ME!How to commandyour droids.Tablet not included.22Free LEGO BOOST Star Wars Droid Commander app is availablefor selected iOS, Android and Firesmart devices. Ask your parents’permission before going online. ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652ROBOTICS & Lucasfilm Ltd.AGES 8 643 PIECESJoin in the fun and excitement at theDragon Boat Festival! Buy a snack atthe food stall. Watch the race fromthe viewing area or judge’s stand.Compete against your friends andfamily in races. Guide your boat withthe helmsman and play the drumsto encourage the paddlers to paddlefaster! Which team will cross thefinishing line first and win the trophy? 49.99Boats do not float.FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 23

2-IN-1 MACHINESCar TransporterCompact Crawler Crane4209842097AGES 11 2,493 PIECESIntroduce young LEGO builders to the basics of engineering with this highlydetailed LEGO Technic 42098 Car Transporter toy. This authentic replica modelcomes with a host of realistic features and functions for hours of play anddesign exploration. You can raise and lower the car decks and rear ramp forseamless navigation to the upper and lower levels, lock vehicles into positionfor safe transportation, and tilt the driver’s cab to access a detailed V6 enginewith moving pistons. This 2,493-piece building set also includes a blue carwith working steering and V8 piston engine and is compatible in scale with the42093 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (sold separately). It comes with a classic red, grayand black color scheme with stickers for additional detailing. Rebuild this 2-in-1vehicle transporter to create the LEGO Technic Truck and Show Cars model.AGES 9 Compact Crawler Crane,with boom and legs extended,measures over 20” high,19” long and 15” wide!920 PIECES 99.99Lower the deck, drive on board,apply the transportation lock andyou’re ready to roll!This fun toy crane has rugged crawler tracks,working outriggers, an extendable boom, ahoist with extensive cabling and safety lock,a 180 -rotating superstructure and a classicyellow and black color scheme! 179.992-in-1 model:rebuilds intoa CompactTower Crane!Remote-ControlledStunt Racer42095AGES 9 324 PIECESMeasures over6" high, 8" longand 5"wide!This tough model featureslarge ground-gripping trackswith large rear sprockets foroptimal acceleration, plus amodern design with a freshyellow and blue color schemeand decorative stickers. Driveforward, backward, left orright and make 360 turns.Car Transportermeasures over 8" high,33" long and 5" wide! 99.99SCAN ME!Blue car measuresover 3" high,10" long and4" wide!24Amazingtech set.Rebuild this 2-in-1vehicle transporterto create the LEGO Technic Truck andShow Cars model! ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652TECHNOLOGY2-in-1 model:rebuilds intoa RemoteControlled Racer!FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 25

SMART OFF-ROADER4X4 X-treme Off-Roader42099AGES 11 958 PIECESAre you ready to take your LEGO play experienceto another level? The LEGO Technic 4x4 X-tremeOff-Roader is powered by an advanced smart hubwith 3 motors and controlled via the intuitiveLEGO Technic Control app. The sophisticatedapp technology enables super-precise movementand functionality, while delivering endlessauthentic digital play combinations withauthentic sound effects. Users can choose fromdifferent control screens to drive forward, reverse,steer, accelerate, brake and traverse obstacles.You can also get real-time feedback, such as aspeed and tilt log or test out your skills in theapp’s challenges and achievement section. Thissturdy 4x4 app-controlled truck comes withhigh-rise independent suspension, large wheelswith chunky tires and a fresh color schemewith intricate sticker detailing. Its complex gearmechanisms and technologies introduce LEGObuilders to advanced elements of engineering,while improving reaction times, cognitive thinkingand creative problem-solving skills.This cool toy truck model is controlledvia the LEGO Technic Control appand powered by an advanced SmartHub with 2 XL motors and 1 L motorfor a more immersive play experience,authentic movements and hours of fun!MULTI-FUNCTION CONTROLDrive forward, reverse, steer, accelerate, brake,traverse obstacles, play sound effects and getreal-time feedback, such as a speed and tilt log! 249.99ONE-TOUCH CONTROLDrag a direction on the screen andsee the 4x4 carry out the maneuver!4x4 X-treme Off-Roadermeasures over 7" high,12" long and 8" wide!The app-controlled LEGO 4x4 X-tremeOff-Roader is operated via a smartdevice with 3 alternative screens.Go to LEGO.com/devicecheck for a listof compatible smart devices!CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTSComplete challenges to unlockachievement badges!SCAN ME!Challenging set forexperienced builders.TECHNOLOGY26 ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 27

REALISTIC CARSBugatti Chiron42083AGES 16 Porsche 911 RSR3,599 PIECES42096Build and experience thisquintessential super sports car,featuring aerodynamic bodyworkwith an active rear wing, spokedrims with low-profile tires, anda detailed cockpit with movablepaddle gearshift. 349.99Find moreLEGO Technic products online!Lift the hood to access a compactstorage compartment containing astylish Bugatti overnight bag!Exclusive 1:8 scale LEGO Bugatti Chiron replica modelwith a wealth of luxuriousfeatures, including aerodynamicbodywork with an active rearwing and logoed spoked rimswith low-profile tires!AGES 10 1,580 PIECESCelebrate an icon of engineering excellencewith the Porsche 911 RSR. Developed inpartnership with Porsche, this authentic replicacaptures the vehicle’s powerful appearance withits sharp contours and aerodynamic detailing.Porsche 911 RSRmeasures over5" high, 19" longand 7" wide! 149.99Under license of Porsche AGOpen the doors toaccess a cockpitpacked with realisticdetails, includinga radar screen,working steering, fireextinguisher systemand a track map ofthe Laguna Secacircuit printed ontothe driver’s door!Chevrolet Corvette ZR142093Bugatti Chiron measures over5" high, 22" long and 9" wide!Insert the top-speedkey to switch theactive rear wingfrom handling totop-speed position!Rear view!AGES 9 579 PIECESExclusive Chevrolet Corvette ZR1replica model with a wealth ofrealistic features, including alarge rear wing, 4 tailpipes, blackspoked rims with low-profile tires,working steering and a detailedV8 engine with moving pistons. 49.992-in-1 set:rebuilds intoa Hot Rod!General Motors Trademarks used under license to the LEGO Group.28 ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652The Bugatti logo and Bugatti wordmark are trademarksof Bugatti International S.A. and are used under license.FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 29

NEW LEGO NINJAGO SETS Cole’s Dirt BikeLand Bounty7067270677AGES 8 212 PIECESCole’s armored Dirt Bike toy features a minifiguredriver’s seat, 2 stud shooters, caterpillar treads atthe front, a big rear wheel with gold-colored rims,and a ninja flag element.AGES 9 1,178 PIECESIncludes 9 minifigures: Wu, Kai, Jay, Nyaand Cole FS (Forbidden Spinjitzu) ninjaaction figures, plus Aspheera, Char, PyroDestroyer and Pyro Slayer!The Land Bounty ninja truck toy features wheels with goldcolored rims and a steering function, 2 gold-colored shurikenslicers, detachable flyer, rotating shooting cannon, retractablespring-loaded shooter, 2 decorated textile sails (1 on thedetachable flyer), detailed interior room with a dual minifigurecockpit, dojo with 2 weapon racks, buildable arcade game,teapot element, and an opening rear compartmentwith small quad bike. 19.99 129.99Lloyd’s Titan Mech70676AGES 9 876 PIECESFace off against General Vex’s Blizzard Samuraiarmy. But beware—Vex has his powerful Scrollof Forbidden Spinjitzu weapon. Smash theBlizzard Samurai with the robot ninja mech’sshuriken slicer and giant katana. Detach theflyer, jump into the cockpit with Lloyd and firethe spring-loaded shooters. Create a Spinjitzutornado with Zane’s ninja spinner. Togetheryou must defeat this dangerous enemy! 79.99Minifigure Set –LEGO NINJAGO 201940342Titan Mech toymeasures over14" high, 5" longand 13" wide!Lloyd’s Titan Mech featuresa minifigure cockpit, posable armsand legs, gripping hands andspinning shuriken slicer/shield!30 ONLINE LEGO.com IN-STORE The LEGO Store PHONE 1-800-453-4652AGES 6 59 PIECES 12.99Includes4 minifigures:Clutch Powers,Kai (in Legacyoutfit), BlizzardArcher andPyro Destroyer!FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 35 31


Super Heroes AGES 4 . AGES 5 LEGO 10 Harry Potter AGES 7 LEGO Creator Expert AGES 12 LEGO Friends AGES 4 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes . This advanced LEGO set provides an immersive and rewarding building experience.

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8 Beste Freunde / 8 amis adorables / 8 Amigos Especiales 8 Amigos especiais / 8 Különleges Barát / A Minha Cidade LEGO DUPLO / LEGO DUPLO Város / Meine LEGO DUPLO Stadt / Ma ville LEGO DUPLO / Mi Ciudad LEGO DUPLO Meine LEGO DUPLO Starter-Se

62 21142 21144 21141 21139 21143 21138 21140 Expand your LEGO Minecraft world Erweitere deine LEGO Minecraft Welt! Agrandis ton monde LEGO Minecraft Amplia il tuo universo LEGO Minecraft Amplía tu mundo LEGO Minecraft Expande o teu mundo LEGO Minecraft

9580 LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set The 9580 LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set enables students to build LEGO models that attach to the LEGO USB Hub and then control the models using computer programs. The set contains 158 elements including a LEGO Hub, motor, tilt sensor and a motion sensor that add

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the/sont des marques de commerce du/son marcas registradas de LEGO Gr

8 Beste Freunde 8 amis adorables 8 Amigos Especiales 8 Amigos especiais 8 Különleges Barát Meine LEGO DUPLO Stadt / Ma ville LEGO DUPLO / Mi Ciudad LEGO DUPLO A Minha Cidade LEGO

Recently he invited me over to the LEGO Idea House to meet with one of these people; his old boss Jens Nygaard Knudsen, creator of the mini-figure and LEGO space! Jens worked for the LEGO Group from 1968 until his retirement in 2000. “Thirty-two years I worked with LEGO” he told me pr

Both the LEGO Family House (page 44) and Bigger Bridges (page 66) instructions in The LEGO Ideas Book give young builders plenty of tips and tricks on how to plan and build well-thought-out structures. Before constructing a LEGO family house or bridge, have kids create a LEGO blueprin

Lego Man Template from Home Grown Learners #2 Lego Can Memory Game Sign 10 Circle Cans Table Cloth TJ Free Printable: Lego Memory Can Game How to Make: Print 2 copies, cut out, and place inside the can. #2 Lego Can Memory How to Play Make a match! Find each of the 5

LEGO Creator and LEGO Star Wars were once again the most successful lines, but the two new product lines LEGO Power Miners and LEGO Games also generated significantly higher sales than expected. License and royalty expenses License and royalty expenses increased

continued and computers were become smaller, as in 1998 Lego introduced the first Lego Mindstorms and Robotics Invention System. This kit included not only the usual Lego parts, but also a programmable brick, called the RCX. The main component of the RCX is a Hitachi H8 microcontroller. In 2000 Lego relea

LEGO s response to a need for an improved microcontroller system is addressed in t heir new LEGO Mindstorms NXT product. LEGO Mindstorms RCX is already over eight y ears old (introduced in 1998) and LEGO stopped its production and any further developments in favor

First LEGO Mindstorms was the LEGO RCX: Successful LEGO intended it to be a closed source product, but. It was soon hacked:-) The open source strategy was pursued even more with the present LEGO Mindstorms A Goldplated NXT and a limited edition Blac

First LEGO Mindstorms was the LEGO RCX: Successful LEGO intended it to be a closed source product, but. It was soon hacked:-) The open source strategy was pursued even more with the present LEGO Mindstorms A Goldplated NXT and a limited edition Blac

of Yankee Stadium Once constructed models as a “master model builder” at LEGOLAND Nicknamed his most popular LEGO figures Red, Yellow, and Blue Makes LEGO products as his full-time job Sells her own LEGO creations online 8 Amazingly, the appeal of LEGO products continues to grow. Today, there are LEGO video games, theme parks, and stores .

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the/sont des marques de commerce de/son marcas registradas de LEGO Group. 2020 The LEGO Group. STARWARS.COM

A LEGO WeDo Construction Set [4] is a classic set designed by Lego. It is a set of pieces and mechanical parts used to build and design LEGO models. The construction contains robot bricks, two sensors, LEGO USB hub and a motor. The set comes with easy-to-use icon-based software providing an intuitive programming

Death, Star Wars , and the LEGO Pooper Trooper Before LEGO Star Wars : The Video Game crashed onto the scene, raking in millions and redefining what it meant to be a LEGO game, a Star Wars game, and a family-friendly game, it was a mostly overlooked project by Lucasfilm. While TT Games and the LEGO Group had faith that the title would do well, those at

LEGO, the LEGO logo, the minifigure, DUPLO, the SPIKE logo, MINDSTORMS and the MINDSTORMS logo are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO . Book about astronauts : Outline of Day Tasks Time Materials : 9:00 - 10:30 Introductions 30 min LEGO bricks . collect ideas. Ideas fo

LEGO Friends: Pages 6 7 ACTIVITY SOLUTIONS LEGO Star Wars : Page 4 1. True 2. False 3. True 4. False Bonus: True LEGO Technic : Page 15 1. Backhoe 2. Bulldozer 3. Crane 4. Dump Truck 5. Forklift 6. Excavator LEGO City: Pages 12 13 9

A. China B. North Korea C. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia D. Latin America. The Cold War VIII. Fears of Communism at Home A. During the Great Depression many Americans joined the Communist party because they had serious doubts about the American capitalist system. But after the war, many saw the Communist party as an association with Stalin and the Soviet Union. The Cold War B. Anti-Communist Crusade .