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ANNUAL REPORT2016INSIDE Lee Moffitt shares thoughtson the next 30 years NCI Cancer Center SupportGrant is renewed Ranked No. 6 cancer hospitalin the nation McKinley Outpatient Center opensto patients3 0 Y E A R S O F CO U R AG EMOFFITT CANCER CENTER

LEADERSHIP MESSAGETABLE OF CONTENTSLeadership Message3Historical Timeline4H. Lee Moffitt’s Legacy5Patient Care7Community Benefit82016 Highlights10Accolades & Recognitions12New Appointments13Leadership Listing14Alan F. List, M.D.President and ChiefExecutive OfficerRobert RothmanChairmanDear Friends,As Moffitt Cancer Center reaches its 30th anniversary in October 2016, we are encouraged by thenumerous exciting accomplishments of the past three decades. As you’ll read in the pages thatfollow, Moffitt once again has had an impressive year. Here are a few of the highlights. Ranked No. 6 cancer hospital in the nation in U.S. News & World Report and one of the“Best Hospitals” for cancer care since 1999. Opened the six-story, 207,000-square-foot McKinley Outpatient Center, meeting a criticalneed for expanded outpatient services. Joined communities across the U.S. with Vice President Biden as he convened a CancerMoonshot Summit. Moffitt hosted the local Cancer Moonshot Summit to share updates anddiscuss efforts to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.OUR MISSIONMoffitt’s mission is to contribute to the Received renewal of the National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant designatingMoffitt as an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center for another five years. This distinctionrecognizes Moffitt’s excellence in research, clinical trials, prevention and cancer control.prevention and cure of cancer.VISIONOur vision is to transform cancer care throughAs we celebrate 30 years since the cancer center admitted its first patient, it is most appropriateto include a feature on our founder H. Lee Moffitt, whose vision, courage and tenacity transformedthe dream of establishing a cancer center here in Tampa into reality.service, science and partnership.OUR HISTORY AND FOUNDERWe hope you enjoy reading this annual report. While we have much to celebrate, clearly morework remains to be done. Thank you for joining us as together we contribute to the preventionand cure of cancer.Moffitt Cancer Center was established in 1981by the Florida Legislature to address the state’scancer burden. The center was named after H.Lee Moffitt, former Speaker of the Florida Houseof Representatives. In 1977, Moffitt lost threefriends to cancer — each of whom had to seeksophisticated cancer treatment outside of Florida.Alan F. List, M.D.Robert RothmanPresident and Chief Executive OfficerChairmanOut of Moffitt’s sadness was born a resolve thatwould direct his efforts for years to come. In 1982,as the incoming speaker of the Florida Houseof Representatives, Moffitt worked tirelessly toinfluence legislation that established a cancercenter in Tampa.H. Lee MoffittOpening 19863 0 Y E A R S O F CO U R AG EMOFFITT CANCER CENTER3

Moffitt Cancer Center breaks ground19831984Moffitt Cancer Center opens its doorsto the first patients 409 employees 9,843 outpatient visits30-YEARTIMELINEMOFFITTCANCER CENTERThe first Magnolia Ball is held,raising millions over the yearsfor patient care, research andeducation as well as the MagnoliaLodging ProgramOver the past 30 years,Moffitt Cancer CenterTed Couch Sr. and his businesspartner George Cortner fund anendowed chair in cancer researchRESOLVE FUELS MOFFITT’S VISION FOR CANCER CENTERIncorporation and first Board meeting19861989Blood & Marrow Transplant Program opens1994Moffitt expands its basic researchprograms and creates CancerControl Program1995Moffitt Research Center openshas seen exponentialgrowth, in terms of newlycreated space and thedevelopment of newclinical and researchMoffitt receives National CancerInstitute designation; receives itsfirst Cancer Center Support Grant.The Florida Legislature funds 100million to expand research andclinical areas.programs and initiatives.We’ve highlighted some ofthe key milestones here.Moffitt achieves NCI ComprehensiveCancer Center status 1,700 employees 161,515 outpatient visitsSince its inception 100% of allregistration fees from the Miles ForMoffitt community event supportcutting-edge research projectsCCSG is renewed for another 5 years19981999200120032006M2Gen , Moffitt's first wholly-ownedsubsidiary is created2009Moffitt At International Plaza opensCCSG is renewed for another 5 yearsTed Couch Cancer ResearchLectureship is created.A new outpatient clinic facility named theMuriel Rothman Building and the VincentA. Stabile Research Building openTotal Cancer Care research initiativeis established, with the promise ofdelivering personalized therapyNational Board of Advisors is created;Sam Donaldson serves as first chairMoffitt adds the Faculty OfficeBuilding, home to a new radiationoncology center, clinical lab space anda 36-bed bone marrow transplant unitand additional office space and parking2011McKinley Outpatient Center opensis ranked No. 6 cancer hospital inthe nation and is listed in U.S. News& World Report as one of the “BestHospitals” for cancer care since 1999CCSG is renewed for another 5 years 5,200 employees 351,421 outpatient visits42015201630 YEARS OF COURAGEMoffitt earns Magnet Recognition for its nursing excellence“The grief of watching my friends die – coupled with beingelected to the legislature, coupled with the high incidenceof cancer in Florida and the advice of friends and peoplethat I respected – were the reasons why I felt that itwould be a noble quest to create what I hoped wouldultimately become an NCI [National Cancer Institute]Comprehensive Cancer Center in Florida,” says Moffitt.Mark Foley Photograph Collection, Florida Historic Capitol Museum1981Florida Legislature passes bill tocreate Moffitt Cancer CenterLEGISLATIVE HURDLES OVERCOMEMoffitt held fast to his vision as he became more influentialin the Legislature. As the incoming Speaker of the FloridaHouse of Representatives, he was able to push throughthe necessary legislation to establish a cancer centerin Tampa. He inspired his fellow legislators to fund thecancer center in a most appropriate way – by diverting apercentage of Florida’s cigarette tax revenue. The centerwould become the first free-standing cancer treatmentand research facility authorized by the state and the onlysuch institution in the nation directly financed by a taxon tobacco.The steadfastness of Moffitt Cancer Center’s mission“to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer” isa perfect match for founder H. Lee Moffitt’s unwaveringefforts to bring his envisioned Tampa cancer center toreality. Although the first patient walked through the doorsof the newly opened Moffitt Cancer Center 30 years agoin 1986, the groundwork was laid years earlier through Mr.Moffitt’s tireless funding advocacy, planning, old fashionedpersistence and hard work.While serving as a State Representative, Moffitt lost threefriends to cancer in 1977. That year he mourned the deathsof Joseph Lumia, a prominent accountant and Moffitt’scampaign treasurer; George Edgecomb, an attorney, afellow Big Brother, and the first African-American judgein Hillsborough County; and Moffitt’s legislative aide, JudyBarnett.“All three had to seek sophisticated cancer treatment notonly outside Tampa, but outside the state of Florida,” Moffittrecalls sadly. A Tampa native, he watched throughout the1970s as Florida became one of fastest growing states inthe nation - one with a very high incidence of cancer.Moffitt Cancer Center celebrates30 years of contributing to theprevention and cure of cancer3 0 Y E A R S O F CO U R AG EThat achievement finally took place in 1981, and one mightthink that Moffitt felt on top of the world. “Well, it was prettylonely,” he recalls, “and frankly back then when word gotout that I was planning to advocate for the creation of acancer center, I thought that people would join me. Quiteto the contrary, I found almost 99 percent opposition.”Overcoming legislative hurdles led to even more planningand more years of hard work. In January 1983 Moffittcelebrated the groundbreaking for the 70 million, 162bed facility. Construction continued throughout 1985, withfinishing touches completed in early 1986. The cancercenter was formally dedicated on Oct. 18, 1986, and on Oct.27, 1986, – 30 years ago – Moffitt Cancer Center admittedits first patient.IT WAS AN EMOTIONAL MILESTONEFOR MOFFITT.“I felt like that I had fulfilled a promise that I had madeto those friends that lost the battle. And I had hopesthat the cancer center from its early days would growinto being one of the world-class cancer research andtreatment institutions in America.”MOFFITT CANCER CENTER5

PATIENT CARE HIGHLIGHTS“It’s a testament tothe wonderful teamthat we have here at thecancer center and thefabulous researchersthat have worked so hardto get us to the pointwhere we are now.”For the past 30 years physicians andscientists at Moffitt, Florida’s cancercenter, have worked tirelessly in theareas of patient care, research andeducation. Moffitt offers a level of servicethat stands above the rest – to win thefight against cancer.2016PAYER MIXCommercial1%HMO/PPO42%Medicaid3%Medicaid Managed Care 4%Medicare35%Medicare Managed Care 11%Other3%Private Pay1%PATIENT CARE VOLUMES 2016Early Board photo; L-R: H. Lee Moffitt, Ted Couch, Terrell Sessums, Bill Fuchs, Dr. John Lott BrownNEVER A DOUBTMoffitt says he never doubted that the center would becreated – nor that it would succeed.I always thought we had the potential, if I could get theresources, we could make this cancer center one of the greatinstitutions in the world,” says Moffitt. “And fortunately overthe history of the cancer center we were able to get theresources to grow and prosper and to hire the extremelytalented people that have made us the success that weare today.”With such an outlook, Moffitt was pleased – but certainly notsurprised – to see Moffitt Cancer Center ranked the nation’sNo. 6 cancer hospital in 2016 by U.S. News & World Report,which has listed Moffitt as one of the “Best Hospitals” forcancer care since 1999.2016 also marked NCI renewal of Moffitt’s Cancer CenterSupport Grant, thus renewing its Comprehensive CancerCenter status. “It’s a testament to the wonderful teamthat we have here at the cancer center and the fabulousresearchers that have worked so hard to get us to the pointwhere we are now,” says Moffitt, “and I could not be moreproud of all of them.”- the next few decades - I expect that the cancer center willcontinue to meet a vital need, and that with our researchoperation’s continued success, we will have opportunity toreally impact how cancer is treated, not only in Florida butin the United States and around the world.“The legislature and thecommunity and our friendshave been very generousover the years. But I thinkthat they would not be asgenerous as they havebeen were it not for thewonderful reputation andthe success that this centerhas shown over the years.“We have come so far –but we have a long way togo – and we will.” It wouldbe impossible for H. LeeMoffitt to think otherwise.3 0 Y E A R S O F CO U R AG EBeds19,128New Patients351,421Outpatient Visits9,384Admissions9,631Surgical Cases56,258Patients seen2016MOFFITTPATIENT %6%4%201512 MOST FREQUENTCANCER SITES*Breast12.5%Skin**11.2%Bronchus and lung9.9%Prostate6.0%Leukemia5.9%Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 5.2%Bladder4.3%HernandoSarasotaOther FloridaNon Florida3%4%27%3%FPOKidney and renal pelvis 3.6%Myeloma3.5%Pancreas3.4%Other Hematopoietic3.2%Colon2.9%Other sites 28.3%*Includes analytic and non-analytic cases for accession year 2015There were a total of 9735 analytic and non-analytic cases for accession year 2015**Excludes basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma does not include historical case count [n 1555]Source: Cancer RegistryLooking forward to the next 30 years and beyond for thecancer center, Moffitt says, “We have growing pains. We’regoing to need additional space. For the foreseeable future6206MOFFITT CANCER CENTER3 0 Y E A R S O F CO U R AG EMOFFITT CANCER CENTER7

COMMUNITY BENEFITn CHARITY CARETotal cost of services incurred by Moffitt to providemedical services to patients who are unable to pay 15,623,977n COMMUNITY BENEFIT OPERATIONSCosts associated with assigned staff, communityhealth needs and assessmentsCOMMUNITY BENEFITCOMMUNITY BENEFIT BY CATEGORYCOMMUNITY BENEFIT INITIATIVES*July 2014 – June 2015The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010requires all non-profit 501(c)(3) hospital organizationsto conduct a community health needs assessment(CHNA) every three years and adopt an implementationstrategy to meet the needs identified in the assessment.Moffitt Cancer Center’s Community Benefit initiativesupports patients, families and clinicians throughadvancing cancer prevention, early detection,clinical care and research, especially for those at-riskpopulations disproportionately impacted by cancer. 61,077n COMMUNITY BUILDING ACTIVITIESCost of programs that address the root causes ofhealth problems, including in-kind donations andexpenses for the development of community-buildingprograms and partnershipsIn fiscal year 2016, Moffitt Cancer Center conductedits second CHNA to fulfill these requirements. Moffittcollaborated with the Florida Department of HealthHillsborough County to establish Healthy Hillsborough,a committee of local hospitals, the Department ofHealth, and Federally-Qualified Health Centers, tocomplete the CHNA. Below is a summary of the datacollection and results of the most pressing healthneeds within our community.* 66,0022016 COMMUNITY HEALTH NEEDS ASSESSMENTn HEALTH PROFESSIONS EDUCATIONCost associated with clinical education and trainingfor physicians and medical students not includinggovernment fundingIMPROVEMENT SERVICESCost of activities carried out to improve communityhealth beyond patient careTOTAL COMMUNITY BENEFIT DOLLARS: 61,179,175 853,045Moffitt’s CHNA Steering Committee identifiedthe following most pressing health needs, whichMoffitt will address within the next three years: United States Census, AmericanFactFinder Centers for Disease Control andPrevention, Community Health StatusIndicators 4,076 residents responded inHillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Polkcounties.The Medicaid program pays Moffitt less than itcosts the organization to provide care to itsMedicaid patients. 10,399,9023. Key informant interviews1. Screening and Preventiona. Lung cancer/Smoking cessationb. Breast cancerc. Colorectal cancerd. Prostate cancer2. Access to Carea. Transportation for the disadvantagedb. Healthcare navigation 58 interviews among individualsrepresenting the broad interests of thecommunity and with knowledge of healthissuesn RESEARCHClinical and community health research, as wellas general health care delivery studies shared withthe public and funded by the government or atax-exempt entity4. Focus groups 24,375,951 Input from five focus groups ofcommunity members*2016 Community Benefit figures can be provided upon request after January 2017.3 0 Y E A R S O F CO U R AG E1. Publically-available health data2. Community online surveyn MEDICAID SHORTFALLS8RESULTS Florida Department of Health, FloridaCHARTS 9,799,221n COMMUNITY HEALTHDATA COLLECTIONMOFFITT CANCER CENTER* A full report of the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment can be found on Moffitt’s website at 3 0 Y E A R S O F CO U R AG EMOFFITT CANCER CENTER9

HIGHLIGHTS 2016MOFFITT HOSTS OPENING CELEBRATIONS FORMCKINLEY OUTPATIENT CENTERIn November2015 Moffittopened itsnew McKinleyOutpatientCenter, followinga grand openingcelebrationthat includedThe Honorable H. Lee Moffitt, Rep. Will Weatherford andBeth Houghton, chair of the Moffitt Hospital Board ofDirectors.In December Moffitt held an opening reception of theGruden Huddle Room at the Moffitt McKinley OutpatientCenter in honor of Jon and Cindy Gruden for theirgenerosity anddedication to thecancer center, ourpatients and thefamilies we serve.The Grudens’ giftalso supportsclinical applicationof immunotherapy,pioneered by JamesMulé, Ph.D.NCI GIVES 10.4 MILLION AWARD TO STUDYEVOLUTION AND CANCER THERAPYThe pioneering work of Moffitt’s Integrated MathematicalOncology Department was acknowledged through a 10.4 million award from the National Cancer Institute,designating Moffitt as one of the five Physical ScienceOncology Centers in the U.S.HEALTHCARE INFORMATION SOCIETYRECOGNIZES MOFFITT FOR SUCCESSFULLYADOPTING ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDSHealthcare Information and Management SystemsSociety (HIMSS) Analytics recognized Moffitt forachieving Stage 6 on its Electronic Medical RecordAdoption Model (EMRAM). Moffitt is one of only fourambulatory facilities in the state of Florida to achieve aStage 6 designation.HIGHLIGHTS 2016by AutoNation to support and raise funds for cancerresearch. With their help, Miles for Moffitt raised 647,000 for lifesaving cancer research this year. Since2006, more than 3 million has been raised.proactively studying data from cancer patients to identifyclinical trials that might benefit them.MAGNOLIA BALL RAISES 2.5 MILLION TOSUPPORT MOFFITTBristol-Myers Squibb Company and Moffitt have enteredinto a collaboration with the aim of creating treatmentsfor rare, difficult-to-treat cancers whereby BMS willprovide immunotherapy agents and Moffitt faculty willdesign clinical studies.Nearly 800 guestsattended Moffitt’s 23rdannual Magnolia Ball onApril 9, where guestswatched a powerfulvideo inspired by Moffitt’s new Courage advertisingcampaign. Chaired by Moffitt supporters, Harry andCarmen Barkett and honorary chairs, Frank and CarolMorsani, the ball raised 2.5 million for patient care,research and education. Contributions also benefit theMagnolia Lodging Program.COMMUNITY FUNDRAISING EVENTS SUPPORTMOFFITT’S LIFESAVING WORKEach year events raise funds for patient care, educationand research at Moffitt. Last year the followingcommunity events each raised more than 100,000:Swim Across America, Golfers Against Cancer, MartinisFor Moffitt, Richard’s Run For Life and Richard’s Father’sDay Walk/Jog.MOFFITT LEADERS AND WHITE HOUSEOFFICIALS DISCUSS “MOONSHOT”On Jan. 29, leaders from Moffitt and the OncologyResearch Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) metwith senior officials from the Office of the Vice Presidentand the Executive Office of the President to discusshow the ORIEN partnership could serve as a model fornationwide collaborations in cancer research.Since 2014 ORIEN has grown to 13 members with morethan 140,000 consented patients.And on June 29, Moffitt and communities across the U.S.joined Vice President Biden as he convened a CancerMoonshot Summit. Moffitt hosted the local summit toshare updates and discuss efforts to accelerate progressin cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.BUSINESS OF BIOTECHCELEBRATES 10TH ANNIVERSARYOn May 14 more than 5,000 community supportersparticipated in the 2016 Miles for Moffitt presentedThe 2016 “Science, Synergy, Success!” themed Businessof Biotech conference, attended by more than 330people, heralded 10 years of economic growth and impactfor the Tampa Bay area and beyond. This year, the Officeof Technology Management and Commercialization10MOFFITT CANCER CENTER11TH ANNUAL MILES FOR MOFFITT RAISES 647,000 FOR RESEARCH3 0 Y E A R S O F CO U R AG EBRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB AGREEMENTFORGES TRIALS FOR RARE CANCERSFormer ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson (right) hostsinterview-style keynote address with Dr. Arie Belldegrunchanged its name to the Office of Innovation andIndustry Alliances. The Innovation Office has brought innearly 35 million in new revenue to Moffitt over the pasttwo years, chiefly from industry alliances and licensing.MELANOMA DRUG TESTED AT MOFFITTCANCER CENTER GETS FDA APPROVALIn a Cancer Research cover article published on March15, Moffitt scientists, incl

27, 1986, – 30 years ago – Moffitt Cancer Center admitted its first patient. IT WAS AN EMOTIONAL MILESTONE FOR MOFFITT. “I felt like that I had fulfilled a promise that I had made to those friends that lost the battle. And I had hopes that the cancer center from its early days would grow into being one of the world-class cancer research and