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CMB-SeriesThermal Circuit BreakerP ROD UC T W E BP A GErequest sample, configure partThe CMB-Series is a compact, single pole, push-toreset family of thermal circuit breakers designed toprotect equipment. Utilizing simple, precision design withfew moving parts, these breakers offer cost effective,extremely reliable circuit protection with high resistanceagainst shock and vibration.1Pole3-20Amps125-250VAC Max32VDC MaxTypical Applications Household Appliances On/ Marine Power Strips and Supplies860.793.9281 Medical Equipment Audio Visual Exercise Equipment ROHS Complaint

Ordering SchemeSamplePart NumberCMB - 10 3 - 11 C 3 N - B - A / 101Selection231. SERIES08101213143 amps4 amps5 amps6 amps7 amps1516208 amps10 amps12 amps13 amps14 amps15 amps16 amps20 amps4. MOUNTING HOLEsee next page for diagramM11 1M12 2Snap In Style 33/8” 27 UNS 153/8” 27 UNS (double flatted) 12B910,11,15WWhitesee next page for diagramJKRType EType FType GType HType JType KType R10 BUTTON MARKING (IF BLANK, NO MARKING)METALJType J 87see next page for diagram5678Type 5Type 6 14Type 7 9Type 8 9030405060720133 amp4 amp5 amp6 amp7 ampload08101213148 amp10 amp12 amp13 amp14 amp15162015 amp16 amp20 ampNotes: Tolerance .005 [.127] unless otherwise specified.1Used with bushing C or D only.2Used with H bushing only.3Used with bushing E only.4Used with M11 mounting hole only.5Used with mounting hole 00 only.6Used with M12 mounting hole only.7All hardware available separately. Consult factory.8Available with mounting hole 27 only.9Available with G, J or K bushing only.10 Amp rating must match button marking(ex: 20 will be marked on the button ofCMB-203-27G3N-W-A/20)11Includes molded in “PRESS TO RESET” marking.12 Available with K bushing only.13 Available with mounting hole 28 only.14 Thickness is 3.0 mm, .118 in.15 Available with G or J bushing only.Configure Complete Part Number 2.10Silver Printing on BlackRedEFGHType AType BType CType D9see next page for diagramBRBlacklinesee next page for diagram6. MOUNTING NUTNoneType 1Type 2Type 3 11Type 48Button Marking Orientation:PLASTICCType C 4DType D 4EType E 5GType G 8HType H 6KType K 13N12348. BUTTONABCD125-250VAC / 32 VDC5. BUSHING7NoneEmbossed Legend9. TERMINAL3. VOLTAGE11120027286NA2. RATING357. INDICATOR PLATECMB03040506074*Manufacturer reserves the right to change product specification without prior notice.Browse Standard Parts

Ordering Scheme Diagrams4. MOUNTING HOLE .008-.000 .20-.00 .008-.000.441[11.2] .008-.000 .20-.00 .008-.000 .20-.00Panel CutoutThickness:[0.8] - [2.5]mm.032 - .098.623[15.8].481[12.2] .008-.000 .20-.00 .008-.000 .20-.0011 .20-.00 .008-.000.343[8.7]12 .20-.00.382[9.7] .20-.00 .008-.000.544[13.8].433[11.0].394[10.0] .008-.000 .20-.00 .008-.000.382[9.7]2700 .20-.00.302[7.7]285. TYPE C.118[3.0].382[9.7]TYPE DMETALTYPE CTYPE 1.110[2.8].382[9.7].067[1.7]TYPE D.382[9.7]METAL.741[ 18.8].067[1.7]TYPE 7HEX BOOT.591[ 15.0].118[3.0].319[8.1]TYPE HTYPE ETYPE 2/ TYPE 6TYPE JCMB SERIES.094[2.4].472[12.0].067[1.7]TYPE KPLASTIC.562[14.3].118[3.0].472[12.0].067[1.7]TYPE GMETAL PAL.552[14.0].382[9.7].472[12.0].067[1.7]TYPE HTYPE EPLASTIC.099[2.5].067[1.7].319[8.1].067[1.7]6. MOUNTING NUTBushing.591Type[ 15.0]METAL.067[1.7].118[3.0].472[12.0]TYPE GTYPE 3.067[1.7]TYPE 4.472[12.0]TYPE K.472[12.0].067[1.7]TYPE 5/TYPE 8TYPE JType 5 is clear hex boot. Type 8 is black hex boot (available for bushings G, J & K only); Type 3 nut includes molded in “PRESS TO RESET” marking.7. INDICATOR PLATEEmbossed(ALUMINUM).887[22.5]Silver PrintingOn Black.887[22.5].016[.4].016[.4]All indicator plates are marked “Suppl. Prot. press to reset”.9. TERMINAL3.2[.126].126[3.2].250 Tab.250 Tab.126[3.2].250 Tab.126[3.2].250 TabTYPE A :TYPE B :TYPE C :TYPE D :StraightLine PinLoad Pin90 Bend10.41[.41].250 Tab.126[3.2].250 TabTYPE E :90 BendBackwardTYPE F :ScrewTerminalTYPE G :Mixed Terminals90 Bend LineF,G,H,J terminals are 8-32 UNC3.*Manufacturer reserves the right to change product specification without prior notice.3.2[.126]3.2[.126]10.41[.41]TYPE H :Screw Terminal90 Bend10.41[10.41]TYPE J :Screw Terminal90 BendTYPE R :Screw Terminalwithout3.2[.126]10.41[.41].250 TabTYPE K :Mixed Terminals90 Bend Load

Dimensional Specsinches ntage of Rated CurrentTime DelayTrip Time in SecondsOverloadTrip Time135%Trip in 1 hr100%200%300%No Trip-10 C4.0 40 sec.0 C0.9 8.0 sec.-5 C5 Cx 1.7030 C x 0.90x 1.5040 C x 0.8050 C x 0.70x 1.60x 1.40400%0.42 5.0 sec.10 Cx 1.30600%0.01 1.8 sec.20 Cx 1.10500%4.Trip Time Factor 10.25 3.0 sec.15 C25 Cx 1.20x 1.0035 C x 0.8545 C x 0.7555 C x 0.6560 C x 0.60Notes:1.Trip Time factor isa guideline thatindicates ambienttemperature effecton trip times atvarious overloadvalues.*Manufacturer reserves the right to change product specification without prior notice.

Authorized Sales Representatives and DistributorsClick on a region of the map below to find your local representatives and distributorsor visit ut CarlingFounded in 1920, Carling Technologies is a leading manufacturer of electrical andelectronic switches and assemblies, circuit breakers, electronic controls, powerdistribution units, and multiplexed power distribution systems. With six ISO9001 andIATF16949 registered manufacturing facilities and technical sales offices worldwide,Carling Technologies Sales, Service and Engineering teams do much more thanmanufacture electrical components, they engineer powerful solutions! To learn moreabout Carling please visit view all of Carling’s environmental, quality, health & safety certifications please ons.5.

04 4 amp 05 5 amp 06 6 amp 07 7 amp 08 8 amp 10 10 amp 12 12 amp 13 13 amp 14 14 amp 15 15 amp 16 16 amp 20 20 amp line load20.887 [22.5] .016 [.4].887 [22.5] .016 [.4] Silver Printing On Black Embossed (ALUMINUM) 6 MOUNTING NUT 7 N None 1 Type 1 2 Type

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bulk. Thus KA-B suggested measuring the dipole component of δ ν(y). Below we use the notation for C 1,kin normalized so that a coherent motion at velocity V bulk wouldleadto C 1,kin T 2 CMB τ 2V2 bulk /c 2,whereT CMB 2.725K is the present-day CMB temperature. For reference, C 1,kin 1(τ /10 3)(V bulk/100km/sec) µK. When computed from .

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3MA UL, CUL 4S1 46,48 4SS 46-49 4M1 E UL, CSA 4PM 52 I Series circuit breakers, thermal circuit protectors, digital switching systems R O C K E R T O G G L E P U S H B U T T O N S L D 27-28, 31-32 27-28, 33-34 35-36, 38-40 35,37, 41-42 35,37, 43-45 46,47, 50-51 Surface Mount Sub-Carling Technologies’ Products Miniature

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best suited for your military solutions. If you can imagine it, Carling Technologies can create it. From a minor modification to an existing product to a co-development concept, no one can develop, design and manufacture a custom engineered product with greater ease, more efficiency, or more cost effectively than Carling Technologies.

- V. Evans, Round-Up (English Grammar Practice), Longman, 1995 - M. Carling and S. Jervis, Grammar Time 4, Longman, 2003 - S. Jervis, Grammar Time 5, Longman, 2003 - M. Carling, Grammar Time 6, Longman, 2003. 4 EXERCISES 1. Complete the sentences with the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Present

The GCSE in Biology requires students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of working scientifically. Working scientifically will b e assessed through examination and the completion of the eight core practicals . 1 Development of scientific thinking . a Understand how scientific methods and theories develop over time. b Use a variety of models, such as representational, spatial .