Gillespie County 4-H 2018 Major Stock Show Season Program

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Gillespie County 4-H2018Major StockShow SeasonProgramIncludes information for the following stock shows:Sandhills Stock Show and RodeoFort Worth Stock Show & RodeoHill Country District Junior Livestock ShowSan Antonio Stock Show & RodeoSan Angelo Stock Show & RodeoHouston Livestock ShowRodeo Austin

Sandhills Stock Show and RodeoOdessa, TXJanuary 3-13, 2018http://sandhillsstockshowandrodeo.comGillespie County Youth Livestock ShowRules and entry forms will be posted on our website as soon as the GCYLS Board makes them available tous.Fredericksburg, TXJanuary 11-13, 2018Hill Country District Junior Livestock ShowKerrvilleJanuary 14th—20th, 2018www.hcdjls.orgFort Worth Stock Show & RodeoJanuary 12th - February 3rd, 2018www.fwssr.comSan Antonio Stock Show & RodeoFebruary 8th – 25th, 2018sarodeo.comSan Angelo Stock Show & RodeoFebruary 2nd – 18th, 2018www.sanangelorodeo.comHouston Livestock Show & RodeoFebruary 27th—March 18, 2018 AustinAustinMarch 10th – March 24th, 2018 booklet is provided only as a tool to assist you inplanning for the major stock shows. Exhibitors areencouraged to use the websites listed to confirm anyinformation concerning the major shows.

Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show (Kerrville) - judges are listed on pg. 11 of this bookFt. WorthLambsGoatsBarrowsSteersHeifersBreeding SheepTodd Wise, COKolby Burch, NEBen Moyer, OHDoug Husfeld, TXGerald Young, TX (Brahman, Brangus, Charolais, Santa Gertrudis)Kyle Perez, NM (Angus, Beefmaster, Shorthorn, Simmental, and Simbrah)Matt Claeys, IN (Hereford, Limousin, Maine-Anjou, Polled Hereford, Red Angus, ORH)Junior—Travis Hoffman, NDOpen— TBASan Angelo Stock ShowLambsGoatsBarrowsSteersHeifersBreeding SheepTexas Stars Dam ShowEwe Lamb FuturityBreeding GiltsBoer GoatsAngora GoatsTexas Stars Doe ShowHouston Livestock ShowLambsGoatsBoer GoatsBarrowsSteersHeifersDr. Clay Burson, TXDr. Mark Hoge, ILTBD after December 1stDr. Mark Hoge, ILMark McClintock, TX and Carl Muntean, TXDr. Mike Salisbury, TXSteve Sturtz, TXTBDBlane Olson, ILWarren Thigpen, TXTBDJamie Osbourn, TXBreeding GiltsBreeding SheepTurkeysBroilerDr. Scott Greiner, VABrandon Callis, OKTodd Swift, TXGrant Grebner, IL; Andy Rash, ILJack Ward, MOBlake Nelson, MO (Grey Brahman, Red Brahman, Beefmaster, Hereford, & Santa Ger.)Chris Mullinix, KS (Main-Anjou, Simm., ARB, Lim., Chia., Short., Char. & Simbrah)Deb Core, IA (ORB, Red Brangus, Polled Hereford, Red Angus, Angus, & Brangus)Jason Hirschfeld, NEMarvin Ensor, TXHens Brian Lowe, TXTomsMallori Williams, TXPullets Jacob Prukop, TXCockerelsKeith Scott, TXRodeo AustinLambsGoatsBarrowsSteersHeifersBroilersJake Thorne, TXCody Sloan, MONick Mauck, INBlake Nelson, MOMarcus Arnold, IA (American ); Tim Fitzgerald, PA (British/Continental Breeds)Brian Lowe, TX2018 Major Stock Show JudgesSan Antonio Livestock ShowLambsBrad Angus, ILGoatsJosh Taylor, OKBarrowsJustin Rodibaugh, IN (Chester White, Crossbred, Dark Crossbred, Poland China, Spot)Seth Swenson, IL (Berkshire, Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace, Yorkshire)SteersDr. Scott Greiner, VA; Brady Jensen, KSWether DamClay Weber, ORWether DoeBarrett Carlisle, KSBreeding GoatsBoer: Ron Dilley, OKAngora Dale Brandenberger, TXBreeding SheepClay Weber, ORBreeding HeiferJeff Bedwell, OK (Brahman, Beefmaster, Charolais, Chianina, Hereford, Limousin)Christie Gabel, CO (Angus, ARB, Maine-Anjou, ORB, Red Brangus, Shorthorn)Josh McCurry, KS (Brangus, Red Angus, Santa Gertrudis, Simbrah, Simmental)Breeding SwineDr. Dan Shike, IL; Lee Rincker, CATurkey HensDale Hyatt, TXTurkey TomsKeith Scott, TXBroilersJacob Coppedge, TX

Sandhills Stock Show and RodeoJanuary 3-13, 2018JudgesSteersHeifersLambsGoatsBrandon Callis and Scott SchaakeBrandon CallisRobert ScottTaylor OsbournHereford SteersArriveWeigh InShow12:00noon Wednesday, January 3rd —9:00am Friday, January 5th10:00am Friday, January 5th8:00am Saturday, January 6thHeifersArriveCheck InShow12:00noon Wednesday, January 3rd– 1:00pm Thursday, January 4th1:00pm Thursday, January 4th1:00pm Friday, January 5thFine Wool Lambs ArriveCheck InShow1:00pm Friday, January 5th—5:00pm Friday, January 5th6:00pm Friday, January 5th8:00am Saturday, January 6thGoatsArriveShow12:00noon—4:30pm Thursday, January 4th8:00am Friday, January 5thSaleJunior livestock sale is 6:00pm on Saturday, January 6thHeifers— exclusively Hereford cattle, health papers are not required for heifers to show, no limit to the number of heifers shown by one exhibitor, Exhibitors must have the original registration certificate for each animal at check in. Theheifers must have been recorded in the registry of the American Hereford Association in the name of the exhibitor byNovember 1, 2017.Steers—exclusively Hereford Cattle, each exhibitor can only enter 2 steers, an auction sale will be provided for approximately 25 junior steers, the Grand Champion steer must sell. The calves must exhibit purebred horned or polled Hereford characteristics. Animal must have been owned by June 30, 2017. Steers must weigh 850 lbs. and there is no maximum weight.Lambs—exclusively Fine Wool lambs, wethers only, each exhibitor is limited to 4 lambs, entries having shed lamb teethor with permanent teeth in view are not eligible to show. Lambs must have been owned by November 1, 2017. 100 lb.minimum. Lambs must be shorn slick and with a uniform length of fleece. Boots may be left on lambs.Goats— each exhibitor is limited to five goats of any breed or crossbreeds in this show. Only wether goats may beshown. Goats must be shorn to 3/8” or less above the knee and hock joints, goats may have longer hair on end of thetail. There is a 50 lbs. minimum and no maximum weight. Goats must have been owned and cared for continuouslysince November 1, 2017.”*Information taken from the Please see show website for full descriptionsand additional information.

Sandhills Stock Show and RodeoLambs2017Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 7 139 133-15320172016201620152014Class 150-7556-7952-76Class 276-8481-9077-85Class 385-9693-11986-95Class 497-12196-127Class 5Class 6Steers2017Horned HerefordPolled 51315-13692016

Fort Worth Stock Show & 7:00pm Monday, January 29thby 10:00am Tuesday, January 30th8:00am Wednesday, January 31st8:00am Thursday, February 1stTerminalBreeding Sheep:ArriveShowRelease8:00am Thursday, January 18th—10:00am Sunday, January 20th8:00am & 1:00pm Monday, January 22nd1:00pm Monday, January 22ndHeifers:ArriveShow:7:00 am Thursday, January 18th—9:00am Friday, January 19th8:00am Saturday, January 20th (Maine-Anjou, Brangus, Shorthorn)1:00pm Saturday, January 20th (Beefmaster, Polled Hereford, Hereford, Charolais)8:00am Sunday, January 21st (Santa Gertrudis, Red Angus)1:00pm Sunday, January 21st (Limousin, Angus)8:00am Monday, January 22nd (Brahman, Simmental)1:00pm Monday, January 22nd (Other Recorded Heifers, Simbrah)6:00 am, Monday, January -InShow7:00am—6:00pm Tuesday, January 30thby 8:00am Wednesday, January 31st (Angus, Hereford, Polled Hereford, Shorthorn, andAmerican Breeds and Crossbreds)by 10:00am Wednesday, January 31st for European Crossbreds and Other Breed8:00am Thursday, February 1st8:00am Friday, February 2nd6:00 am, Friday, February 2nd8:00am, Wednesday, January 24th—6:00pm Thursday, January 25thby 12:00noon on Friday, January 26th10:00am Saturday, January 27th10:00am Sunday, January 28th6:00 am Sunday, January 28thRelease8:00am, Wednesday, January 24th— 6:00pm Thursday, January 25thby 10:30am Friday, January 26th8:00am Saturday, January 27th8:00am Sunday, January 28th6:00 am Sunday, January 28thJunior Sale of Champions9:00 am, Saturday, February 3rdGoat Judging ContestSaturday, January 13thDairy Cattle JudgingSunday, January 14thWildlife ContestMonday, January 15thRange & Pasture Plant ID ContestSaturday, January 20th4-H & FFA Meat Judging ContestSunday, January 28thJunior Agricultural Mechanics Project Show8:00am Saturday, January 13thHorse JudgingSaturday, February 3rd*Information taken from the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Livestock Premium List which can be found on their official show websiteat: Please see show website for complete rules and guidelines.

NOTE: If an exhibitor has shown an animal which was placed as a Grand Champion Steer, Wether Lamb, WetherGoat, or Barrow at Fort Worth, the exhibitor cannot center another animal in the same species in the Junior Division.Lambs: Exhibitors may enter 8 wether lambs, but no more than 2 allowed in each weight class. 90 lbs. minimumweight for fine wool, fine wool cross, and medium wool; southdowns and Dorpers have an 80 lbs. minimum, no maximum. No tooth rule. All lambs must be shorn prior to arrival at Show. No electric clippers or blocking tables will beallowed in the Lamb barn. Exhibitors must have owned their lambs prior to November 1, 2017. All champions andreserve champions must sell!Goats: Exhibitors may enter only 1 wether goat. Wether goats are required to have horns tipped blunt prior to arrival. All goats must be shorn to the skin with uniform clip above the knee and hock joints prior to arrival at the show.No electric clippers or blocking tables will be allowed in the Goat barn. Hand shears may be used. Minimum weightis 50 lbs. Exhibitors must have owned their goats prior to November 1, 2017. All weight Division Champions & Reserve Champions will sell in the Sale of Champions.Barrows: Exhibitors may enter only 1 barrow. Exhibitor must have owned the barrow prior to December 1, 2017.230 lbs. minimum, 270 lbs. maximum. More than a 10 lb. weigh back will be disqualified. All champions and reserved champions will sell. Terminal Show.Steers: Exhibitors may enter only 1 steer . Must have owned the steer prior to July 1st, 2017. Minimum weight 900lbs. Any steer weighing more than 105% of its official weight will be disqualified. Fans are NOT Allowed!!!!Heifers: “Each exhibitor is entitled to enter one heifer. A copy of the original Registration Certificatemust be submitted with Junior Heifer entries. Exhibitors must have original registration certificate available for inspection at check in. “Animals entered in this department must meet the respective breed association requirements and must be registered in the records of their respective breed association in thename of the exhibitor on our before November 1, 2017. Heifers must be validated with the Texas HeiferValidation Program.”Breeding Sheep: Exhibitors may show 2 animals in each of the single classes, but will be restricted to only 1 entryin each group class. See premium book for all tooth rules. “To be eligible for a group class, the animals must be entered and shown in a single class. Animals must be registered in the name of the exhibitor and must have beenowned by the exhibitor prior to November 1, 2017, as evidence by the date of transfer to the breed association.”Passes: 1 complimentary pass per exhibitor.*Information taken from the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Livestock Premium List which can be found on their official show website at: Please see show website for complete rules and guidelines.

FORT WORTH WEIGHT 01411-1675GOAT2017201620152014Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6Class 7Class 8Class 9Class 10Class 11Class 89-9293-9697-100101-107108 98-103107 1102-108109-133


Hill Country District Junior Livestock ShowKerrville, TXBreeding Gilts:ArriveWeigh-InShow12:00pm Sunday, January 14th District Gilts Arrive6:00pm Sunday, January 14th All district gilts in the barn. Weights and registration papersturned in9:00am Monday, January 15thAngora GoatsArriveCheck-InShow3:00pm Sunday, January 14th6:00pm Sunday, January 14th Angora goats must be in the barn8:00am Monday, January 15th Texas Open Commercial and Registered AngoraBreeding SheepArriveShow12:00pm—7:00pm Tuesday, January 16th8:00am Wednesday, January 17thGoatsArriveWeigh-InShow12:00pm Thursday, January 18th3:00pm Thursday, January 18th7:00am Friday, January 19thLambsArriveWeigh-InShow12:00pm Thursday, January 18th3:00pm Thursday, January 18th7:00am Friday, January 19thBarrowsArriveWeigh-InShow9:00am Thursday, January 18th3:00pm Thursday, January 18th7:00am Friday, January 19thSteersArriveWeigh-InShow12:00pm Thursday, January 18th5:00—6:00pm Thursday, January 18th8:00am Friday, January 19thHeifersArriveCheck-InShow12:00pm Thursday, January 18th5:00—6:00pm Thursday, January 18th8:00am Friday, January 19th or immediately following steersDEADLINE FOR AUCTION SIGN UP FOR AUCTION ANIMALS IS THIRTY (30) MINUTES AFTER THE LAST MARKET DIVISION HAS BEEN JUDGED.SATURDAY, January 20th, 20189:00-10:00 A.M. All other Floor Animals to their designated areas1:00 P.M. Auction*Information taken from the Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show catalog available online see show website for full descriptions and additional information.

Entry Fees - 10.00 for county show. 25.00 for District market and breeding entries; 5.00 processing fee per exhibitorLambs - May enter 6 total with no more than 2 entries per breed. 100 lb minimum, 160 lb maximum, 85 lb minimum forSouthdowns. Only wether lambs can be shown. No pre-set weight breaks. Must be shorn slick from knee & hock up beforearrival on the grounds. No powered clippers, blow dryers, trimming or blocking tables allowed on the grounds. Exhibitormust have possession and primary care of the animal throughout the feeding period and on feed prior to November 1, 2017.Judges: County - Aaron Jennings, District - Brian MayeGoats - Each exhibitor may enter up to two goats. 60 lb minimum, 115 lb maximum. Wethers only. Must be disbudded ordehorned. All goats must be evenly slick shorn from the knees and hocks up prior to arrival on the grounds. No electric clippers or blow dryers will be allowed on the grounds. Goats with hair over 3/8" will be sifted. Any goats with signs of blocking,with adhesives of any kind or powder of any kind will be sifted. Shavings will be allowed in the meat goat barn. Exhibitormust have possession and primary care of the animal throughout the feeding period by November 1, 2017.Judges: County - Aaron Jennings; District—Kyle StricklandBarrows - May enter 6 total with no more that 2 entries per breed. 220 lb minimum, 280 lb maximum. Only barrows are eligible to show. Self-feeders and/or water trough/water apparatus will NOT be allowed. See show catalog for class divisions.Exhibitor must have possession and primary care of the animal throughout the feeding period and on feed prior to December 1, 2017.Judges: County - Mike Fischer, District - David AmmannSteers - May enter 6 total with no more than 2 per breed. 950 lb minimum, no max. No British Crosses. No adhesives ortrimming chutes allowed! Finishing clippers are allowed. Generators will be allowed in designated areas only. Hay andshavings will be allowed in the barn. Steers with permanent teeth are allowed to show. Exhibitor must have possession andprimary care of the animal throughout the feeding period prior to July 1, 2017. Only the state validation tag can be presentin the animal’s ear; no breeder’s tags are allowed.Judges: County - David Groschke, District - Joe RathmannHeifers - All registration papers must be submitted by 6:00 p.m. Thursday, January 18th. Exhibitor is allowed 2 entries perbreed and no more than 6 per department. Must show ownership on or before November 1st of the previous year. No adhesives or trimming chutes allowed! Use of adhesives or trimming chutes will result in disqualification of the exhibitor and animals. Finishing clippers are allowed. Generators will be allowed in designated areas only. Hay and shavings will be allowedin the barn.Judges: County - David Groschke, District—Joe RathmannAngoras - Commercial: May enter 2 per class. A group will consist of 3 goats of the same class & must submit a separateentry. Must show ownership on or before November 1st of the previous year. Must be machine shorn on or after August 1 ofthe previous year. Must have a ranch ear mark made with either a knife or ear notcher.Judges: County—TBA, District—Eddie HollandRegistered: May enter 2 per class. All registration papers must be submitted between 3:00 - 6:00p.m. Sunday, January 14th. May enter 2 per class. Must show ownership on or before November 1st of the previous year. Must be machineshorn on or after August 1 of the previous year. Must show 2 of the 3 accepted methods of identification.Judges: County—TBA, District—Eddie HollandBreeding Sheep— Registered: May enter 2 per class. Registration papers must be submitted upon arrival on the grounds.Ownership must have taken place by October 1, 2017. Medium Wool Breeds, Hair Sheep, Southdowns, and Dorper-Allsheep must have been slick-shorn, with the exception of boots, within one week prior to the show. See full guidelines onshearing and tooth rules in the HCDJLS Catalog.Judges : County - Brad Roeder, District—Jessup YeamanBreeding Gilts - May enter 6 total with no more than 2 per breed. Animals must be registered in the Herdbook of their Association in only the name of the junior owner on or before December 1, the year preceding the show. Non-pedigreed (cross)and pedigreed gilts must be tagged with an official Texas Swine Tag and validated as approved by the Texas EducationAgency Department of Agricultural Education and the Texas Agriculture Extension Service. Pedigreed gilt classes are foranimals farrowed between JULY 1 and SEPTEMBER 10 of the previous year. There will be a 10 pound weigh-back on boththe top and bottom. If a gilt does not weigh within 10 pounds of turned in weight, it will be disqualified. A gilt can only beentered in the Registered Breeding division or the Non-Pedigreed division, not both. Registration papers must be turned inby 6:00pm on Sunday, January 14th for district show.Judges: County - Wayne Rode, District - Miles Toenyes***Information taken from the Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show catalog available online Pleasesee show website for full descriptions and additional information.

H.C.D.J.L.S. Weight BreaksSwine2017 District2016 District2015 District2014 0-266267-280220-236237-249250-270Dark 41243-270White ctDistrictDistrictDistrictClass 165-6865-6765-6765-69Class 269-7468-7168-7170-73Class 375-7772-7372-7474-77Class 478-7974-7575-7778-79Class 580-8176-7778-7980-82Class 682-8478-8080-8183-84Class 785-8781-8282-8485-86Class 888-8983-8586-8787-89Class 990-9286-8888-9090-92Class 1093-9489-9191-9493-94Class 1195-9692-9495-9795-96Class 1297-9995-9898-10097-99Class 13100-10199-101101-104100-103Class 14102-105102-106105-109104-107Class 15106-115107-115110-115108-115

LambSouthdownFinewoolFinewool CrossMedium 1273-13061312-14051310-13451364-14481350-1476

San Antonio Stock Show & RodeoBreeding GiltsArriveCheck InShowSaleRelease5:00am—12:00pm Wednesday, February 7th; 7:00am—12:00noon for Crossbred Gilt Show8:00am—4:00pm Wednesday, February 7th for Purebred & Crossbred Gilt Shows7:00am Thursday, February 8th (Duroc, Landrace, Hampshire, Berkshire); 9:00am for Crossbred Show7:00am Friday, February 9th (Spot, Chester White, Poland China, Yorkshire)1:00pm Friday, February 9th for Crossbred Gilt Showafter show; must be out by 8:00pm on February 10thJunior Breeding Angora Goats ArriveCheck InShowRelease7:00am—12:00pm Sunday, February 11th9:00am—1:00pm Sunday, February 11th8:00am Monday, February 12thafter show, must be out by 7:00pm on Monday, February 12thJunior Breeding Boer GoatsArriveCheck InShowRelease7:00am—12:00pm Sunday, February 11th9:00am—1:00pm Sunday, February 11th8:00am Monday, February 12thafter show, must be out by 7:00pm on Monday, February 12thJunior Wether Doe ShoeArriveCheck InShowRelease7:00am—12:00noon Sunday, February 11th9:00am—1:00pm Sunday, February 11th6:00pm Sunday, February 11thafter judging; all wether does must be out of barns by 7:00pm Monday, February 12thJunior Breeding SheepArriveCheck InShowRelease7:00am—12:00pm Saturday, February 10th9:00am—1:00pm Saturday, February 10th8:00am Sunday, February 11thafter show, must be out by 10:00am Monday, February 12thJunior Wether Dam ShowArriveCheck InShowRelease7:00am—12:00noon Saturday, February 10th9:00am—1:00pm Saturday, February 10th6:00pm Saturday, February 10thall wether dams must be out of barns by 10:00am Monday, February 12thGoatsArriveCheck InShow3:00am—12:00noon Tuesday, February 13th8:00am—3:00pm Tuesday, February 13th9:00am Wednesday, February 14th (Division I & II)9:00am Thursday, February 15th (Division III & IV)1:00pm Thursday, February 22ndAuctionLambsArriveCheck InShowAuctionBreeding HeifersArriveCheck InShowReleaseBarrowsArriveCheck InShowAuctionSteersArriveCheck InShowAuction3:00am—12:00noon Tuesday, February 13th8:00am—3:00pm Tuesday, February 13th8:00am Wednesday, February 14th (Southdown, Fine Wool, & Fine Wool Cross)8:00am Thursday, February 15th (Medium Wool)5:00pm Thursday, February 22nd3:00am—3:00pm Tuesday, February 13th11:00am—6:00pm Tuesday, February 13th; 8:00am—11:00am Wednesday, February 14th8:00am Thursday, February 15th (Hereford, ORB, Brahman, Maine-Anjou, Simbrah, Limousin, Brangus, ARB,Simmental)8:00am Friday, February 16th (Beefmaster, Shorthorn, Red Angus, Charolais, Red Brangus, Santa Gertrudis,Chianina, Angus)after judging, must be out by 10:00am on Saturday, February 17thGroup 1—Berkshire, Dark Crossbred, Duroc, Hampshire, Poland China, SpotGroup 2— Chester White, Crossbred, Landrace, YorkshireGroup 1: 1:00am—7:00am Saturday, February 17thGroup 2: 5:00am—12:00noon Tuesday, February 20thGroup 1: 7:00am—2:00pm Saturday, February 17thGroup 2: 7:00am—3:00pm Tuesday, February 20thGroup 1: 7:00am Sunday, February 18th (Berkshire, Spot, Hampshire)Group 1: 7:00am Monday, February 19th (Duroc, Poland China, Dark Crossbred)Group 2: 7:00am Wednesday, February 21st (Chester White, Landrace, Yorkshire, Crossbred classes 85-90)Group 2: 7:00am Thursday, February 22nd (Crossbred classes 91-110)4:00pm Friday, February 23rd7:00am Monday, February 19th—5:00am Tuesday, February 20th8:00am—3:00pm Tuesday, February 20th8:00am Wednesday, February 21st (Simmental, Limousin, Maine-Anjou, Shorthorn, Red Angus, Angus, Hereford)8:00am Thursday, February 22nd (Charolais, Simbrah, Santa Gertrudis, Brangus, Brahman, ABC, Red Cross)8:00am Friday, February 23rd (Black Cross, Other Cross)10:00am Saturday, February 24th*Information taken from the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Premium List which can be found on their website by going to: http://

TurkeysArriveSiftShowAuction6:00am—10:00am Wednesday, February 21st8:00am—11:00am Wednesday, February 21stHens: 9:00am Thursday, February 22ndToms: 1:00pm Thursday, February 22nd1:00pm Friday, February 23rdBroilersArriveSiftShowAuction6:00am—10:00am Wednesday, February 21st8:00am—11:00am Wednesday, February 21st1:00pm Wednesday, February 21st1:00pm Friday, February 23rdLambs: May enter 1 wether lamb. Lambs must be state validated. Must be shorn slick to the skin above knee and hock joints before arrival.Lambs must weigh between 100 –175 lbs. There will be a 5 lb. weigh-back. No pre-set weight breaks. All placing lambs must sell at auction.Goats: May enter 1 wether goat. Must be state validated. Horns must be blunt tipped before arrival. Must weigh between 60lbs. & 115 lbs.inclusive. 4 lb. weigh back at time of judging. Must be shorn slick, with no indication of blocking, to the skin above knee and hock joints, toinclude the head, excluding tail switch, before arrival. All placing goats must sell at auction.Barrows: May enter 1 barrow. Must be state validated. Must weigh between 240 lbs. and 280 lbs. All barrows penned for placing considerationwill be re-weighed. 10 lb. weigh-back. No pre-set weight breaks. All placing barrows must sell at auction.Steers: May enter 1 per exhibitor. Must be state validated. Minimum show weight is 1000 lbs and maximum show weight is 1500 lbs. Steerswill be weighed at the time of judging, steers weighing greater than or less than 5% of the weigh-in weight will be disqualified. Steers must bedehorned, polled, or scurred. Scurs/horn growth must not exceed 3 inches from the base of the head. Must have 1/4“ or less hair except on thetail switch upon arrival on the grounds. Not required to have both temporary central incisors in place. All placing steers must sell in the JuniorMarket Steer Auction.Breeding Boer & Angora Goats: Exhibitors may show as many as two (2) animals in each single class. Angora goats will be shown by the ageon the Registration Certificate. For Boer goats, the age listed on the Registration Certificate will be used to determine class divisions. OnlyABGA Original Registration Certificates will be accepted for the Junior Boer Breeding Goat Show. Angora goats must be machine shorn to theskin on or after August 1, 2017. The clipping of Boer goats will be left to the discretion of the exhibitor. Angora goats must be registered inyouth owner’s name by November 1, 2017. Boer goats must be registered in the owner’s name by October 1, 2017. Breeding Boer goats mustbe state validated. Angora goats are not required to be state validated.Breeding Sheep: Ewes must be re-validated each year preceding the show, must have legible ear ID number corresponding to registrationcertificate. Exhibitors may show as many as two (2) animals in each single class. Must show ownership on or before Oct. 1st, 2017. Sheep willbe shown according to tooth development (see premium book for full description of tooth rules). See premium book for sheari

Sandhills Stock Show and Rodeo Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Houston Livestock Show . Goats 2017 2016 2015 2014 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 50-7

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Gates County 252-331-4650 Scotland County Guilford County -- Greensboro 336-412-7777 Transylvania County Guilford County -- High Point 336-822-6723 Tyrell County Henderson County 828-694-4270 Washington County Hoke County 910-878-4150. Wake County. Statewide Public Defender Offices . Office Location Telephone . Office of the Appellate Defender 9

OOP-POP-A-DA Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Gillespie Basic Hip (01:13) Del Close and John Brent . David Amram Quintet with Lynn Sheffield October in the Railroad Earth (07:08) Jack Kerouac Jack Kerouac / Steve Allen . (the Parson to the Conclusion)

lasted into early January. 1957. All gigs are with Dizzy Gillespie’s big band unless otherwise noted. DIZZY GILLESPIE ORCHESTRA TOUR . Jan 9–20 Chicago, IL Blue Note. CBS Radio broadcast live from the Blue Note on Wednesdays 10:00–10:30 (db. 12/12/1956). Ernie Henry replaced Phil Woods around this time, and E.V. Perry returned to the .

Alex Gillespie Malcolm X’s autobiography1, written in conjunction with Alex Haley, is a gripping narrative of identity transformation. It is the extraordinary story of a young Black child, Malcolm Little, adopted into a White household who then becomes the ghetto hustler, Detroit Red, who in turn converts to the Nation of Islam and becomes .

Basie, Straight Ahead Sammy Nestico 3:00 A Night in Tunisia John Dizzy Gillespie 3:40 Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) Antonio Carlos Jobin, Jon Hendricks, Jessie Cavanaugh 3:45 Groovin High John Dizzy Gillespie 2:30 15.40 hod. KATEGORIE DECHOVÉ ORCHEST

Division of Computer Research National Science Foundation James Decker Deputy Director U.S. Department of Energy Sidney Fernbach Consultant Control Data Corp. Robert Gillespie Gillespie, Folkner & Associates Ira Fuchs Educom Albert Brenner Director Consortium for Scientific Computing Paul Schneck Director Supercomputing Research Center .

Author. Title of Book. Publisher, Publication date. Books with Two Authors Entries of books with two authors format the second author's name as first name last name. Example: Gillespie, Paula, and Neal Lerner. The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring. Allyn and Bacon, 2000. In-text citation: (Gillespie and Lerner 43) Books with Three or .

registered agent Robert A. Stermer, Esq. Mr. Stermer represented the Gillespie Family Living Trust at the closing of the HECM reverse mortgage now in foreclosure. Failure of Judge Craggs to place on the record US Mail returned as undeliverable to ORHA. Failure to provide an ongoing request for disability accommodation made December 10,

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IV. Consumer Price Index Numbers (General) for Industrial Workers ( Base 2001 100 ) Year 2018 State Sr. No. Centre Jan., 2018 Feb., 2018 Mar., 2018 Apr 2018 May 2018 June 2018 July 2018 Aug 2018 Sep 2018 Oct 2018 Nov 2018 Dec 2018 TEZPUR

The Wharton School / Resume Books: Class of 2018 - 1st Year: Transportation i Resume Packet NO. STUDENT GRAD DATE 1 Barruol, Sebastien May 2018 2 Buhari, Abdul-Hakeem May 2018 3 Burshtein, David May 2018 4 Gillespie, Blair May 2018

ENERGY STAR Climate Zones by State and County State County Climate Zone Long Name Alabama Baldwin Southern Baldwin County AlabamaBaldwin County, Alabamay, Alabama Mobile Southern Mobile County, Alabama Ari onaArizona La Paz Southern La Paz County ArizonaLa Paz County, Arizonay, Arizona Maricopa Southern Maricopa County, Arizona